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Startljqg Exposure of a Political Crime by A^hich Candidate .Hearst Benefited. SULZER WAS FLIMFLAMMED rttiuinany J3ou Mnriihr by Atrocious Methods Secured the Nomination of the Independence L*eainie Man, Al­ though a Majority Was In Favor of the Conftrfwlunal Friend o f Labor. T!nt tit-» i.>-i:i ::Ut »ii of Hearst at ' i . in stolen by Murphy and tbo •.••wag\ WUJ paid for. by Hearst or Vmt he at least was the receiver of itolen goods Is the startling chargu. too keel by proof made by Democracy, a Democratic weekly of New Yortc city. The accusation conies with the fiuthorlty of several delegates to the Buffalo convention Tuey uc< use Mm- p'hy of fjtinflamniini; the r >iiniuaii\ jaucus and -.tMilIng the iiomiimtion fnr Hearst by tudhotls that cun he heii described by repeating Mr Hearst's declaration of u ye:ir ago thai Murphy should be In Slug Sug\ It Is now Unowu as a [I.IMMW fact that Congr#f.!u.in Aill.uiu Su|/..-r was die choice jjf, a tuiij >rity of the New York county- delegitwm, ami if he had uot been defrauded by Murphy he would have hhd a majority of the U)fi rotes In New York county After the adjournment ( >f the Tnni many caucus a representative of ft>< Heurst-MurilHy conspiracy tine it out ihut fifty Ave delegates h.-nl voted for Heaist ami thirty-six for Sulzer ami that fourteen n\fused to attend the run' 'tem-e Tus statement Is doelurtvl to he false and was known ta lw> false when It wus given out. The real \cite \vm forty eight for TIearst, thirty nine fiir Sulzer mid n abseutees. The ahUentis's wen- I'riei: Is of Sulzer an\ would have fitted for him 111 quiit-us but they remained away purposely so as not to he committed by caucus ac tion under the so <-all.si unit rule. It is charged thai Murphy ordered his cam us secret ir\ to falsify th/> e.iuiit and d-. lare II - ir «l the caucus ni/mlnee m matter hou the vote re­ sulted Xhe same high hundisl methods were iwed In the i-ominittec ou ^s)nte^tCjfl seats when the sp ikesin.in for the Kor- mel delegation proved that Hermel had received KDOO out of a possible 13.01)0 votes In the unnoirv elei tiou in Queens and Seiiato- <;rt. 1 > siting as chair man. retorted It wouldn't make au.v difference If he «irl Hil'lnn • In short Murphy ordcied thit > trick and de vice, by dan tig fraud. If need bo, a majority for Henrst must be declared irrespective of the actual vote. .'The committee on contested seats, nncfer orders from Mtirpby. threw out nine duly elected delegates from New York county who worts for Sulzer and seated nine rump delegates because they agreed to vote for Hearst. A little sum in arithmetic will gne the following results Add the niue Sul zer votes thrown out by the committee to the thirty ulne received in tlie Tam many caucus and you ha.ve forty eiSht votus for Sulzer. add to these the eight ecu votes of the Sulzer delegates wliu refused to go into the taucus, and }ou have sixty <ix votes for Sulzer and tlnrt) nine t >r Hearst <;iv.e these si\ ty six voles to Mr Sulzer anil he would lia\o been uuuiiuated ou the first ballot for governor Instead of Hearst. the documentary evideni e thut wouM have conclusively proved this larceny ou the part of Mnrpby was of course destroyed Tom Smith, secretary of Tammany Hall kept the tally tn th» caucus. Mr Smith suld that he gave the tally sheet to Mr Murphy Mr Murphy when asked If he had re­ ceived the tally sheet said, \Maybe but I lost it\ As the details of the crime commit ted at Buffalo by Murphy on behalf or Hearst become Known to the Demo <rat8 throughout the state the wave of Democratic indignation becomes great er and sweeps from one end of the commonwealth to the other As De radcraey puts It, \Mr Hearst has uo more right to have his name at the head of the Democratic column thau Max Ilucsen.\ The Democrats of the state have been tricked, and this ex­ pose reveals Hearst In his\ \t u> light- nh impostor masquerading as a Demo­ crat by grace of the well nigh criminal trickery of Murphy Every Democrat is absolved from the leust, vestige of .aUeglaucete- tw» trickster' The best Interests of the real Democracy de- maud the election of Charles E. Hughes. •''There is no. Democratic candidate la the ueldt\ Oscar S. Straus, a lifelong'Democrat?;: arraigns Hearst In the following powe¥5 tul letter addressed to the publishers of-v me Jewish Daily News In answer tOjg\C letter of Inquiry from them: V;'^; - \I beg to acknowledge recelpt^pfi- your letter asking me for an expression.-- of my views as to the candidates and the Issues In the present gubernatorial^' campaign. ''>• > \I will briefly give you some of the, J . reasons why, In my judgment, evety V3 1 honest and patriotic man who Is not.' blinded by sensationalism and lnslh : ' cerlty should vote for Mr. Hughes. ....J \First.—I am for Hughes because I' ! know him to b e fearlessly honest, up­ right and capable and not a n uncon­ scionable, sensational, Insincere sham-.-] \Second.—I am for Hughes because\ bis nomination was brought about not by self seeking and ollgarchal meth­ ods, but by the honest choice of a rep­ resentative convention. \Third.—I am for Hughes because he has been foremost in exposing the Abuses of corporations and 'In prepar­ ing the passage of most excellent laws correcting such abuse s \Fourth I am for 'Inches because I know when clis ted I ftSssfMurphy Charges Hearst's ||||j|ue With BlackmaC^ l|j||and Countercharges\ !li§ Are Made. ••i ;MAY GO TO SING. SING 1M other boss but an e ^'ightened con­ science and no other motive than the public welfare and that he will Inter­ pret his duties in the light of Justice to all the people without fear or favor \Klfth.—I am for Hughes because- he stands for the same h gh and noble principles which have guided President Roosevelt In the performance of his exalted duties ' Sixth - I am for Hughes because the Issues in this campaign are far more Important turni party Issues—Is­ sues that He at the very basis of our Aiperlcan Institutions' and because we want an American government and not a government by and for the New York American \I»am against Hearst — \First- Because his nomination was brought about by methods which are destructive of democratic government \Second —I am against Hearst be ?au8e one day he pillories Charles F Murphy, the boss of Tammany Hall, as a Jailbird, aud the next day he re­ ceives from him a nomination for of fice \Third.—I am ngninst Hearst be­ cause he was responsible for throwing out the Queens county delegates who were selected by 3.0(H) majority and other duly elected delegates and sub­ stituting his own men and because bis nomination was brought about by means that were autocratU and not democratic. \Fourth.—1 am against Hearst be­ cause he pretends to lie opposed to corporations and >et in order to escape the responsibility ot pet-Kotiul acts aud to avoid taxation be has placed his newspapers under a triple armor of corporations an d finally transferred them to New Jersey In order to escape taxation, \JjabJUty. and responsibility. Fifth.—I-.am-against Hearst because through his paper ho has systematical ly for years by every means that malice could Invent endeavored to stir up a strife and contention between the laborer and the employer and between one class and acfofher class of our peo pie I am against him because he hns done thi» leganlless of the welfare of Flie poopte in order that he might profit by li s own wrong. Sixth I am against Hearst because there is uo ai 'Use which he has con­ demned which tie IIHS not been willing to take advantage of when it serves his purpose Finally I am against Hearst be­ cause he has sacrificed the Judicial of­ fices to bis ambitions and I am for Hughes because, like liideon of old, he was summoned by the righteous voices of the people and because he fulfills the Injunction of Jethro to Moses— that the people should select capable men men of truth who hate eovetous- ness and place such men over them *t rule™. Hughes Is such a man.\ \'CMlBif -Epcti Other of JPenal OfTeiuea, AiwVBtaica Into Court — Ch«trm»» .CM^^DH Aitnek* the Nominee'* T ^Oiripi&twifion-Knfves Flying In A*t? -,F ^m ;^reJeiit Indications the double headed..' ^aluijaign for Mr Hearst for goverhorjlwijl. end as did the historic 8ght - betwse1S |tlie Kilkeniy' cats. 'New York'Olty'Vfijir t'ir rvn Into -i furore-of political exclfat:,'' it t -e ot er day by the declaration fr>m n >ss Murphy'of Tamma_ii £^rall to the effect that Hearet^lwys'ou'al orgmlzatiou. known aa i :l »esSj£udejieii'!eiii-e league, had. will have no througtbrtS'\m'anai;ei-s and candidates. YVftAT CLEVELAND THINKS. \it- - ' Nomination ot Ilcnr»t a Calamity to Democratic Party, Former President Cleveland, -In speaking of Sir. Hughes and the issues »f the campaign,-said: . \I think'the ciuesUo'n was; stfttod very concisely liyvMr. Huglies N JrIn ; liis' ^speech -at' ityoha^ye/iterdny^whelfjba, safd. an attenSptlik be!n£jmadel;to;mar- Blia'f the Itor ^rtCdl^p ^Jgar; peal td'passion,>i';p^ 'raf^on >) t i *; ; ,,^.f;~^ \Do I tntnte;Hedrst's;\veIec06tt would be a caflamHyi.AVhy,'^fr.^hoIe-Bltua tlptl -is an ab8urdftyV -Hl»|;n6minai,i6n a;ii>he -waif a- t c |i ^Ai^a^^D &B ^mae patty. •\tk-p^^^^^S^^i^&ad i There (are-a good many tens of thou­ sands of men and women throughout the Empire State who are policy hold­ ers In the big life Insurance companion. And of these tens of thousands of pol­ icy holders there is not one who has not been directly benefited t>y the ex­ posure of the evils existing in the Infenr unce corporations made at the Instance of the Republican legislature and prose-, cuted so successfully by Charles E Hughes. The searching Janulry of Mr. Hughes led to legislation correcting many or these evils, and this legislation was largely prepared under the direction of Mr. Hughes. For these reasons every-polley holder In the state of New York as well as throughout the United States will feel that he o-wes.fl. debt of gratitude to Mr. Hughes, and .this feeling will manifest Itself on election day by a unanimous vot* for Mr.' Hughes by the policy hold­ ers of Ne-j^Xprk, state; ...i -,, liberty'* Candidate. i. T^> ; Bocheater;,-Hera.ld, an independ­ ent' tn ;pdUti <M ^'pnnts \a.^strong cartoon $g2lcting,-^ the- vlcellke . grlji.or^npjay^'fist and with the fol- -Iowin^\cap'tipn\f.take'n from a Hearst rspeech beneath) .^^^b. ; ;tWhgS/are of special Jmpor- \-^Q» , ; aj£r)yi^'*fii' : tajs* campaign, lib- ^iWtTf\rrin /i. &vmimiirlfv.<- TKv far fKA m .nntA. attempte^^to 'ola) Lmnil the Tammany candidates forilssenililij - . congress and the Judiciary,' Sir -MutpUjcj^ve out this statement to the rt'^QJltCEs .unl charged that Hearst r v epi'e'ge||'t|llve.s hart been try­ ing to IttrrflL 'i.a^ii.-i nominations for sums \iriglng#t^pi yi'.OtM) to $g5&M. I I\ ViU^saldislt. Murphy, \that our caiv -ttes haveifriec'-ived very stroug Int ••> iHons UiatTtfltliev want to get on tin- Independenc&ileitfue ti< ket tlfey will have t «--pu \0t1p money to get'the le-iguo men ibffiiyiTlie .se IntlinnttnuR <onie from mon ^n authority—Mr llcii-st 'H re\pre %h \tati>e» although I must say tlmfTtTiij-liar 1 to tell jtlrt b« the He'irst'nSttnafi-, are Evfrry one pretends, to bV ?a ?Sn'iiiii:er \ In the enses ofSsdme of the'candi­ dates Mr Murphy-'s'i'eliiirgps were spe- itl< and his actiusafl'tins threw the In- lepeiidencp lenBue'tiimatiiu'ers int> n panic Iteuinls -WjB^.^nnde but they were not given \Pltfc;a'ttnir ; of sincerity nor were they convindHg < oiiutercliarges •TJ'breialso made by the Independence lea'gye -nien -who de- la red that Tninhiariy-ipandiiliites hnd .iffered tin-inelal raduceioents tft lea^tlc caudidates to get out'bf /^he way As som as these charts - rem-hed tlwrj ears of the c instlttitedfjegaI authori­ ties subpoe-ias w -er ^S.'.l8&lietl by tue dis- tn. t aft e for M*.^tfurpb> snd-aovi >>iil of the leigue managers and can- lnint<»-- hi np'ioar be'foreC; thp grand nrv \ll p.irtiea-to- ttfeS ^ljtirues and •onntercliarges clalmed^toj'havi' abuu* l.int evidence to 8U8taiit |;Jhcir nllegtt tions If this is rraB ;.i $^fkeI.v ir ^t some candidates now^b %Coijig»Uie yeo-' pie will serve terms Itt>'!Sln ^i Sing.JnV- stead of the halls ofotggtgjatitfn. i : t^yj The penal, code Is- s vcry^8w^ulug^i4j' matters- of this bln\d *pjfy %krjif, guards placed around \the fran^Igeliy^ the ncent Itepubltcnrr leglslanjre/.mSjJ get into action very- quickly^'^,U^iL ; crimes as those alleged by ^efjT^UTO-, many and Independence Ieft%p ^§moh are punisliablc b> two yenrsr,'impi|soin- ineut and W.uifl line or bothr'S^ti^M' In the meantime the fight^betsvitjn, Mr- pohtici' backers nf ..tf^HeaWt campaign is g^lng on trn I 00 o tl §u ^..th'» -tine Chainiiau • Finny\ Cpprief&.;Of tli.- Hemocratic state commlttqeillB.-wWl with indiguatiim over what ne.'^SHs the pei rtily of the Hearst peopIe'MnJ'.^hlS • • in s|rft&6f\lm» home town of IHiffu l<> deal made Henrst at by the -••Mf. Inwsesjy Muffitlo the for ^ej ^ihyrge bad faith against the lafte §ln,put|tfng np rival tickets against thfr^cmocnttic nominees m H iffalo a nd other 'aili state cities, aa v. el UK lu N'ewt ^oii&iCou- ners. In his own newspiiper^fspeafes rtf ti»e \corru |it d-itl\ w-herehjicfth &VInilfe- pendence league people are \^UeKed 'to ! have sold out to the Itepriblfcan-prgau- Izatlon in his town ^V ^'v? o'- : \' The Itievttahle oiifcwne ^^|thW:row- wltliin the ranks of toe Se^r ^tJTSlOiTf- Ing will be the w lioiesalefimtan ^o^jthe: head of the ticket tlirougfe^jt-j^eisujle. It is exp< ctei) that Mtn ^y^U}fqllp>i' the exnn >f .s^imtor^'^arwffl ^fthe Democrt Ii leader of ;iBfooklJ5T £''>jiiiid. Instruct Us foil.overs &%fffip$$tfcp(. aud rru t win -i-ver po^jbleftli^ihKJt- of the t. let for votes tv8*ejiffii$tffi ' Murphj is i.r.>pirmg 7 Jb>f|fficJi 'l »fM'e the board of • ,ti tioiis ^^eVyrSndepeti?!- ent league ii.)Lniiatlon ^U ^^cSi2rauT many men •. ore not'^am ^^i^ttLi' league. 'II . in. lud ^nfilClIry ^eolU gress. K.-H .1 4 „ud ayfemhlxSJib 'uima- mm®? HEARST ON mi ^^i .^^rj^ny ^man-a 't^aii-'; ^TfiVrhl .s^MMrJafoVwe^-Stand gIiOftMs^e^rialgi\?we--Stand for the- Bnrln Vllr Rplth line Den Hearst ha« fthown ^RtlS 'eSblitTenJesiC aguiiiMt the [«-^»—»—jj-f--. support hi for Mr Hugln„. . „ „ vocabulary of Vlt8^%$%^$$* epithets with whfe^fe ^nWaceStbp Independent has Indorsed the bolting „,.— . cockroaches.\ BJSjM^ Attoruey Jemm^^-'^^ 1 ^- has failed of la his hatred and ker. former noi the United Stnti as-a \coekromfcl This speech khown as his \I The old offlciw cratle party W< - WO MA W . \Woman\ is thfe name of a new magazine for vomen. TRe first number is just issued. Your. newsdealer_has;it. You can get it fronvhim^and it is ^prth,your while, getting it. There is nothing startling afeout this magazine. There should be. nothing startling about a .decent magazine for, \Womennand the holne. But this particular magazine is unique among all the so-called publications for women. You might not like it a little bit, and then, again, it might hit your fancy good and. hard. I If you like fiction— good,, wide-awake, snappy stories— ^ * tooth serials and short stories—you will like \ Woman.\ ^ In fact, fiction is the big feature of the magazine. All the other magazines for women are cast on the same model—a little bit of fiction, a few articles, more or less chit chat, some wise advice, a fashion department and a smattering of general miscellany. \WOMAN\ doesn't look any more like this conventional model than a yellow dog looks like a race horse. It is built on new lines for a strictly woman's publication. To know what-k is like\ you will have to get a copy of it. It would cost too much to tell you all about it in this advertisement. The price of « WOMAN \ is TEN CENTS A COPY, and the magazine is a very big one—192 pages. 5 By the way, two rattling good serial stories begin in this first num­ ber and it contains a big lot of other good things. You would do well ,to ask your ^dealer for it before his supply is exhausted. THE FRANK A. MUNSEY COMPANY, New York. Courier Ads. Pay. Try One | MEM B ER OF THE FAMILY I taM^-Mil^aii^ Goal YarM* Oil -I— i sell the best Coals that are mined. Every pound is screened and\ full weight guaranteed. Place your orders now before cold weather. Grain, Flour Feeds, Hardware, Paints,- Oils, Etc. Custom grinding promptly done. Full line of Poultry Supplies, Shells, Beef Scraps; also International Stock Food. Write or *phone your orders. New Pure Buckwheat Flour. W. J. LORD, Prop., Canaan 4 Cors. Long Distance and Co-operative Telephones. iguB volume for 1907 H give for $1.75 an amount ;6f3good reading equivalent to twenty 400-page books—history, |ficfion r science, biography and\ I /inkcellajay costing ordinarily ' ;^i$5o -each. Sample Copies of i^h^-Ypjitii's Companion and IAnnouncement- forI907 will be r^f 'i ^nt to at ^r address^ free. OBTery New SabscrUier. --A-'^,.-<- t . ' . •iS^.wfcocuti oatud'HBlf'tUi »Up.«t ?>.V ><4u^ CteUWtf- UIIIW.TMC'I SMU*.? JBucUc C«l»*«r,for iprr ia-ix-Mmf giUa«i»g CO »tov for Low Rates to Coast Via Chicago; Milwaukee and\Sf. Paul Railway •4? /OJ«^'*^^l s i k jLiri'ii%r

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