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Chatham semi-weekly courier. (Chatham, Col[umbia] Co[unty], N.Y.) 1903-1907, October 27, 1906, Image 5

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|ne Tfiw^knd Deait In Wate of ^t'VACH- MILLIONS ^^j, 'Jjaatsoyetf' by; TldaT Wave, r dcfr20.— The twrplcdl but- •^^•fl i 5a»§i ^^jyw»Aclit hav.oc from Cuba -H&,^^e^ijliaiu«s and along the south \'V /itl ^tlc.'sertboard has swept north with -p, 4«(TlflqlvIolei)ce and Is raging 200 miles * - 'toniil^' the Atlantic, According to the • (' xeporte of the- government weather T mpn;, Its force has been somewhat \Ichecked Its only local effect beln^, heavy'ruin, accompanied by but little •> wind.- The loss of life, it is now expected, ; ,r:^Hl - exceed 1,01 )0, and the property ^v 'tflaniage will amount into aiHMons of dqllars. Fishing boats and smaller ''craft have been wrecked '1 he Bteuuif r St Lucie, Ouptulu Bravo cuiumanUuis. has sunk off the Florida IM-IML and nf the 100 persons on board twenty-tlve perished, Elliott's key, an iRliuul twcntj -fl\e miles south of Miami, I'la . has bei-n engulfed, and 231) powoiw luue beeu HEARST'S LEAGUE. Nominations' May *ail bo Void. | Mew York KMletton BqaVra Oornen 5 53 dale CogakelrnW.kj) u is is 12 The New York World says: The legality of the iudiolary nominations jmaa / a.,J )XJKiyisai 'Kv ^Hearst's Inoor- porated^IndeDflndence League was questioned before the Appellate Division of the Supreme Court yes­ terday on the'ground that the com- moff^aw Jand public policy forbids a corporation which Is a creature of the State from nominating for public offlee~^the men \who^may rule or administer the laws of the State, During the argument it was admitted by one of the counsel that a corpora-^ tion ^had no legal right to make nominations. A decision on the novel point raised is'expected today, and it was rumored last night that the Court's Chatham 6 1 0 ruling would be adverse to the ?hi15i6nV.\.\.7.\ 024 T , , . Martlndale 0 81 Independence League. 'Craryvuie.. a »7 Hillsdale. . 6 48 In the event of such a decision it, copake irnWix e DO , , „ , Boston C6rners 6 68 was declared last night that not only (ENTRAL x —' A HU0S0N RIVER R . I THE FOUR-TRACK TRUNK UM| HARLEM RAILROAD. In Zfftot Jane 21, 1906. GOING NORTH. . X. 087 11 £0 p.m, 1204 . M . i.. m r.M. r.u. 9 05 1140 8 85 5 08 8 00 8 06 T 57 816 834 .. 1011 13 20 [ t . ... 1017 ... 8 40 1028 ... 18 46 PhJlmont 1080 IS. lav* 51 Ghent 10 89 .. < oo Chatham 1046 13 60 4 06 SStKdije .'r:: 811 8-30 830 687 8S8 ... 8S4 .... 8 40 t)B3 M« ... 866 7 08 t00 | 8UNDA.Y8 leweNew York at 8 87 a a.\- arrive at Chatham 1.85 p m. no stop ai I Ma-tlndale or Ghent. I*»ve Neir Yort' Si. .C° p - m *\ aboTe Btopa. arrtvi- at) t Chatham 0.85 p. m GOING SOUTH. would the judiciary nominations of the Independence League be set aside, but that all nominations made by the_League throughout the State for members of the Assembly, the drowned. The dtunngo In Hiivnna l« Senate, for Congress, and all Stato widespread. More than lint houses have collapsed, and sixicfiijKJVsons J in were kiHe .l United States cruiser Brooklyn t-.m ashore, but s>m tipatcii Thirty f! e Mlllerton New York 7 )< 10 19 800 813 8 ii- S (3 0 01 11 S2 II 8 06 T M. 13 20 12 26 12 86 8 17 12 46 13 62 13 58 8 88 1 06 8 40 1 14 3 48 1 80 4 01 4 86 6 81 Milk train arrives at Chatham 12 00 Sundays 11.60 a. m Leave 2 it> p m days 8.00 p m * H 6 00\ 6 05. 5 14 6 21'; 6SJ .I 681 6 41 j 6 4*1 6051 o 10. ,.„! Son I Far overcoats are.]|«rtauLly a luxury., WlMglig# stops ~ib c45nfllder\~rtJiat:-l.iliiB good 'lonc^ win^si'-ailifiiwe they lare well wp^tnj^ti^x tost ;The warineBt ga^i«gts made. jiSofii and -windficaS^t pene- ; tiate them. ^ buyers |aiid the iria3oni^|6^clothiers ^kno^butSrttlmore. r\We haye ma<3etOTf8 and fur ?coats a BtudyvaOT|we know we ara.v our ^what 0 itrade. We sttiQlj|ake great pleasure in g$,«^bg these coata wliethieil^Jbii buy or 'not. S.DEICHE5, Chatham. | B. & A. RAILROAD. Albany to Pittsfield. ofilcers up to arid including the 11 o&uy the Cuban cipltal were kiile.l T ri ^ Governor would likewise be invalid f^tie^ This it was pointed out would render It ^^nu'\ the incorporated Independence cbithilS''\ 0 League utterly worthless as a political canafn a n>. 7.(» lighters in the harbor were sunk Crops have been devastated, aud the railroads are paralyzed Hundreds In Peril on Barges. Key West. Kla.. Oct 20 .-Tlie Austri­ an steamer Jennie. Cyptuju Dudnlch bound from (rulfport for Genoa, has called at this port to land forty-nlm- workmen picked up at sea near tlie Bahama coast. 100 miles from Key West The men were part of a force of 150 worklugmen belonging to barge No. 4, engaged on east coast extension •work. Most of the others were either killed or v drowned In the'storm early Thurs­ day, Nine other barges,- crowded with worklngmen engaged in extension _ work, were at sea w-ltb barge No. 4. \s There Is no news of them, and it is % Dusenbury, one of the engl «fs javed^by the •stealner Jennie. struck barge No. 4 at 'clock Thursday, .morning. One houi |ittsn>ld LOOK HERE FOR IT 23.--Confrary to the •tatements contained In,the report re­ ceived by the government, It now ap­ pears \that the Islo' of Pfnes suffered considerable damage from the cyclone. Many hofises At Nneva Gerona and \Santa FD a'nd In the Intervening coun­ try were blown down, much damage was done to the fruit crops, and the wireless station was wrecked. The garrison of American marines render­ ed valuable service at the height ol the cyclone in saving lives and prop­ erty at Nueva Gerona. In their reach, for close invest!- ll ™\ t figSSSa Tit' P . m.. arme . ^ - . gatlon is an easy matter bany iwpn Prftnlr. C. Scorille, Clerk at the Harloro trains leave PUtsfleid at 1 a a r <-fov.trol TTnfnl Hudson savK \I 8-90 D. m., and arrive at Chatham 7.6R » m. Central ±*ptel. a\ a l°*' ' r *t« nBV Sd 601 p. m Sundays leaves Plttafteld <X& used Doan'B Kidney Pllla tor kidney ™^ , iS' Ch ,,h» m 6\85 p. m. Thu train complaint and backache from which , wni Btop on 8 ip,el at any station to re I had Buffered for a long while, and ' ceWe pa»«enger. to r the Harlem dl«*to i .Two Million Dollar Lois In Havana Havana, Oct. 20«— The hurricane, the worst storm here In fifty years. ha< caused $2,000,000 damage to property bnt the loss of life among the Amerl can colony'has been slight The reports- of the death of Cubans vary from six teen to twenty. Two. Americans at flamg Columbia were Injured, and fom others who had taken refuge in n house In the city were caught by fall Ing-walls-when the building collapsed Two were hurt serlonsly and one dan gerously. Thirty-two Drown. •New York,'Oct.^ 28.—The solitary snr vivor iit thlrty-tlirte men who wen I adrift on the barge or house boat Halfj from Lower, lllatacoinbl key, on_-2hi: coast of.'Florida* during thn_terriflt gale of - Oct.. 18i was. brought Into this port by ; the.:s't^amer -Sll-Pasp. He h John JtusVtlj -pf ^Salerhv Taylor county Bla^/\n^d^hel'declared that ..he saw eight of ^Ke ^tlilr^-twoothTjra drowneu and'belle.Ves''that aO 'fit -them \w«n1 * 1,^^.^^-..^-—!.^ ^* down' •whdnjthe.barge'fonndered. ,^Who!&lir «nd^E'naal^ ;„_... P n 6J 6.1 f.» 6.8 6.4 b .6 6.0 6^ 8.9 6.8 8.5 Train leaves AJbamy at 8.16 p, m., Nlver rule 8.48. Chatham 8.05. East Chatham 0.10, seriously disturbed last nigh t by the Canaan 9^5. Plnafleld «JS7 This train also 6 J «op s on signal or to leave passenger? at ani other station not named. Train leaving Albany at 10.30 a. m. stops at Chatham at 11.10 a. m. PlMafl«adll.67. Also s^pps st Canaan to leave passenjrerB, organization. Ilusfleld 6 The advisors of Mr. Hearst were 711 7 :'2 7,83 7.48 8.01 8.18 8.34 8.63 a.m .1.81- 11 . W I l.t> I l4«.Mt 12J8 12.80 13.40 13.61 p. Of • •6 '^08 S 82 2.89 2.46 SJS7 8.06 8.18 8.30 possibility of the A ppeltate Division's rendering an adverse decision, and his'chief personal counsel, Clarence J.Sfcetftri. Worked at his office until a late hour devising methods by whloh^the Independence League can­ didates could be kept on [the official ballot even thou eh the court prohi­ bited the use^of the League's em­ blem. Another emblem will be pro' Train leaving Albany at 11.40 p. m. stops at Chatham at 12.20 a. m. and will stop on signal or to leave passengers at Brookvtar, Van Hoesen, Niverrllle. Chatham Centre and Canaan. Train runs daily. Train leaving Albany 10.80 a. m. Sunday* will stop at Brooivlew, Van Hoesen, Nlver- vllle. Chatham Centre, Bast Chatham and SUte Line, on flag. Stops regularly at Chat ham 11.17 a. m., and Canaan 11.41 a. m. Train leaving Albany at 255 p. as. dally, will only stop at Chatham to.leave passengers troso Albany. Harlem trains Jeave Chatham 18.66 and TJ8 posed if necessary, but whether a substitute will be acceptable to the K^paX^ 1 !!, £tl£ courts is regarded\ as doulftful. on \ PittsfieW to Albany. *ajn. a m. a. m, pjn. •njn •>*tc Line 1 7.1a inu i«« K*? far away,' ls1t ^«nTpr»i<aBpw«t_theyj • j^s puiy. •wonder If th« atatementi! are true? j ^ Trains leaving pittsfield «JLII and < 8 .M p 8.48 1L80 4.66 6.;0 can say that they were the first remedy that gave Tne relief. I was then in Bellows Falls, Vt, and in sfich a condition that I could scarce­ ly If*' about. Thoy relieved me Im­ mediately and since then I have never been without a box of Do&n'a Kidney Pills. You can refer any sufierer to me and I will be pleased to corroborate this stab mant.\ For sale by all dealer*. Price 60 cents. Foster-Milburn Co., Buffalo, N. Y., sole agents for the United States Bern era ber the name—Doan'e— and ts&e no other. Chatham to Hudson. Business Cards. Advertisements under this title 81.00 pe' line net year, nanle to count aa a Une. No card taken tor less than a year. G. X. DAIiTtT, Attorney and Counsellor at Law. Chatham J. t, WELCH, rWarlaTln.Sheet I roil »nd Copp«rWa» Mori * and Hardware of all kir .ds. Store c p4Mlte B. * A. a. R. oroMlng. Leave rBeuuiugton .. Petereburgh Berlin Centre Berlin Bnuth Berlin •North 8tepbentown Stephentown 880 JJO I»hanon Springe |« 11 SB New Lebanon 860 1184 Oentro Lebanon 667 11 48 Aflame-Crossing J 03 U6S Bratnard— J» }J?8 KayvUle 716 U18 Old Chatham 7S8 IJJ0 Chatham.Arrive.. T40 100 I ML W. B. PAWt. Ka-rTork Dentist. Saturdays.and by t meal. IxaailnaUon and eetlmati OBotwlt a \ »„I.*H<*.*ABX. Saaaral Imuran oe AgentsJCasonle BmUotat .'..»», ll W: fcBKOWM, Hudson ATsaue, Chatha«, K. T. Optioal BtVlJM t4»E?» A. B. R. eroealug, Low*' M* «ialV«daa« wori;' Ladlee 5 anil „e*ldrr sp«Ulty.; 7. Shavlui, — TJ''T we ^caiilcScommcnclJ^sq' oxlf cusr I^V^.W,* ' ' .V -.--rVis;.•;'-'' G.H 'A ,TH .A 11 e. « 300 3M t a is 338 186 »40 » w a. at. Chatham 8 08 11 86 Ghent 8 07 11 80 Pulver's t... « MellenviUe .. . .818 1148 Olaveraok 8 *o U 68 Hudson Upper . . 8 S3 IS 00 Hudsop lover . 8 86 13 06 Hudson to Chatham. f A. M. A.M. t.u. r x Hn*on Lower.. 7 06 10 16 1 06 1 46 Bndson Dtp*' .. 7 IP 10 20 1 V 1 68 Several* 'It 10 27 110 8 08 Mellenvlle 7 S4 10 87 184 818 PotVCTS !.. f t • Ghent 7 86 10 60 1SS 2 80 Chatham 7 40 1066 1 40 848 6 w 6 «3< 688 «m> 8« T > 4te 4 8) III 4 41 446 i Ml 469 BtJTLAND KAILBOAD—CatthAm SlrlliOB GOING SOUTH. A.K. X. X. 816 860 1011 1020 1081 1048 830 1105 r. K. 660 847 700 707 715 794 788 7 46 1 60 766 804 811 816 894 8*0 GOING NORTH. Chatham 800 800 -616 Old Chatham 816 210 6 80 KayvUle..^ 8 88 229 6*5 Brelnard 8 80 841 841 Adams Crossing . .- SI7 863 6 5>J Centre Lebandu.., £.. 848 808 8 68 New Lebanon........ 8 48 810 \\7 01 Lebanon Bpriags ...^ 8 68 8 IB 706 Stephentown- ... .. . »07 840 780 North, Stephentown. . 815 360 South JBeriln.. . »£2 401 Heatre Berlin J-. . »» 4;0 Berlt »-..i. ....^ t8S 4 25 retsrebmrgk... .•„.-.. »w 44s. •anulmctoa—^Arrtve....^.. .1046. 816 GeAT-. Arris, <renera)>)ta&ager. '- 0.' T. T>«lylE v »a »enter Trafflc JTtr., C. A. Nlmmo, Gen. Paaaenjcer Ajrt„ 1 ... ^..-Rutland. In elect JCa'y STti, 1800. Tor Hndsoa-r «.0i>, 7 .00,. S .00.; PM tisavvaKCaOMia Oeuerat' J4> it««er '-5 -'.-LOSTAW'. 8TR* V.Ct .>_AWui ;Ot.t .i«{»-l >ij.; SuUiwi' r^rard -will -be <X<™<Tj'» I. ».. n IHVI .a— P «w «li «uwi >s lessees raat y A coed t -WIH stead ru*'HA'I.Kt -Pwtletee' h ^»s«»rrB «uhli»r-d.>»\'-'80r»ar».^ ta «eUMs« larsetliaUoni\ Liberal -Jereasvlf. -ctd CM0ICE .GROCERIES :0 f , ,BOBI.GBT-JJr/MBKB -CO., Chatham, JJ*. Y., (near B. A A. depot > fleele' nail kindsofinmber and simoei- 114. nt.«ash, bl'ads, do-)r» aal »/»rf t i ag a». l.y found in this Une of Duilae?* 'irt 1 > reotlngy oar bnildlngoall for rxim^ GXOBGB LKIGB, SfatonioBundlna-,ParkKow,Cnatha - h log. Hair Cutting, Shampoolnfc. Pir«i-e'.i work Booms kept neat and -derly Gxo. Laiea. fn ,rmi. AUCTION, SATURDAY NOV. 8-IKUIC Dcnols will sell at toe Chatham Bonse Llverv Stables at ltt o'cl ck, lot of work horeea, drtverp and saddlem, 14 wagons, 17 sets harnces. 6 cowe, tools, hoQ^o- uold fhrnltara, etc Sale rain or shine. Terms to salt purchaser. ' J. J. VAN QEVSJSM, AucUonues COW8 Sk)R 8ALE.-Arrived Monday with 25 COWB doe In November. Some have calves by side. J H 8UITLT, Ghent, N . Y TO LBT,—Tenement of five rooms. R. E. SnuFKLT, Chatham. Stoves, Ranges, Harness, -Paints and Oils- New Goods Ne«r Location Low Prices You«can save good money by buy­ ing here—as there is practically no expense in handling the goods, and you get the best the market affords- A Large Stock to Select From W L SPEED Queechy Lake. P. O. Canaan Four ( Long Distance Telephone. | •r- t-rs o 6 s. $ o 6 8 » < Seedsad ai«i^ Tab'e Raisins. Cnrrants, G^pn, Lemon and Orange PS»1B||| 3Bvaporated.|^eaches, ? > Api icot> arjd Pninesy^ates and Figs. . I^rnoris^^wanges, Grapes, Bananas. GrtMBemes and Celery Mixed P^<ams, Filberts, Eng­ lish WglnnfcB?^?* 5 Almonds, Con- fec%on<^||(3iaVes and Crackers, >tinM^e*^goiled Cider. Compie'SBUine of Canned and Battled Goods. iEdam.^Pineapple, Americas ai^^oyiu^nncheon Cheese. ess &_Spir, AGENTS FOR Youngs, Guyer and Stetson IP IT'S A SOFT OR DEHJ5Y HAT . . . ALSO GLOVES . . Follow the Procession to BOYCE <& MILWAIN'S .66-68 State Street (Between the Banks) ALBANY, R. Y -\V TBUSiS, BAGS, SUIT OASES AND Richard Healy Company yVord|ster, Mass. 1882Established 1893, Albany. N. \1 * * Cloaks, Suits, Furs for Women, Misses andChildren. The Ql|iitest Anniversary Sale of our Time is in Full Swifi-^Five Days' More of this Grand Ten Pej^Cent. Discount on All Cash Purchases Hundred^nd, hundreds of the women of Albany and surroundings have availed triemiselves of this g/eat opportunity to save one dollar in every ten during Anniversary Sale. We HavelSilost Complete Stock of Costumes, Garments, Suits, I ^TTffaists, Skirts, Furs and Children s Cloaks Coats, We have garments to to suit our r A stock th|^f is, 'correct in every respect, v everybodyfanBevery6bdy's : purse. We want a glorious finish 1 Wfest Successful Anniversary Sale •jl. We want ouWttBre crowded from openi ng till closing on FRIDAY, SAT- £ URDAY, MClKBAY, TUESDAY and WEDNESDAY, the closing days of our Anniytrsary /Sale when r ft'* ^^gl^er Cent. Discount lot Cash ^^felsis Booming and You TCnWvHTtiy-

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