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Chatham semi-weekly courier. (Chatham, Col[umbia] Co[unty], N.Y.) 1903-1907, October 06, 1906, Image 5

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—* i—-4 *-t r.\ -v-i-iiw-J.^-; . , NASSAU. ' OHie Koseparten has been alarm- j ingl y ill with an attack of rheuiua- ] tlsm, having been conllned to hi s roo m some time. We are pleased to report that h e is improving quit e rapidly. E. S. Comsto^k and wife attendod th e Columbia county pomona held a t Austerlit z last ^\'\.rday. Miss Emily Htarinunce is bette r add is now able to ride out after passing through quite a serious ill­ ness. Friday, Oot. 12, an entertainment r wil l b'jflve n in-the M E. churc h by L. B. Cake , consisting of read­ ings, impersonations, etc. Dr. J B . Southworth made a fly­ in g visit to friends in Ohio and western Pennsylvania. Mrs. John Ackernian, of Brooklyn, accompanied he r mother on he r return home Monday ~ Thos. J I^oiil-ie had the misfortune to have the end of his index finger of his right hand taken off whil e at work in Wintera'market Tuesday Rev K M TunHoreek is spend­ ing a few days with his parents m Colonie Mrs. N'ettie Hitchcock ntuirnd home the 2nd and w as lake u M ri 'U s ly ill and has been In :i critical condition since, bin is reported bet­ ter Arthu r Bliss is threatened wit h a fi vc r Herbert Hogeboom returned Sat­ urday morning from his \ ma t inn which he spent in Oneonta, ( oopors- town, Bloomvillu, llobiirl and ,\e u Yor k city Parker Wixoni and family have moved to Albany , where he has employment in a car building shop Augustus Hye r has moved in his newly purchased property, the Me» - singer homestead Mrs. F. t-. Pollock has returned to, Buffalo, for th e winter Her mother Mrs. Morsel wh o has been with her during her stay in this village went as far as Rochester where sh e remained wit h another daughte r IflAGOON AND HfcLL ID CUBA STATE LINE, MASS. Matthew Loety has been looking for a valuable cow for several days which either strayed away or has been stolen. Mrs. Tobey who etill lies in a criti cal condition from a shock sustained about a week ago, ie reported slight­ l y better. Geo.MoFarland Is to take a posi­ tion as fireman on the ft. Y. N. H . & will make the fare to Plttsfleld 25ei Chatham 86c; Canaan lOo. Kast-Ghatham 20c: NORT H HILL8DALE. Wni Damerel, of Brooklyn, spent a few days of last week at ('baa. P Shutts'. Mn Leslie Hunt commenced her term of teaching in the V. F. Tyler dlatriot laBt Monday. -White's Hill\ has been jyld to a party from Brooklyn, wilh farm and oottage, the bouse to undergo exten­ sive repairs and the farm stocked with horses and sheep Mi. and Mrs- Claude Row s re moved their household effects to Mew York on Tuesday. Mr. Rowe t» engaged In business there, in part nersblp with bis brother John. HARLEMVILLE. The extm meeting in the M . &. churoh will oontiuue every evening this week eioept Saturday. Rev, John Qrahaiu of Philmont and the Rev. JVT;r, Viokerv of MarJhadaJe have af listed the pastor in preach­ ing and calling on every family for miles arouud. Rev. Glen Woo d of HIIBdafe. iA_Jielplnjt this woek Everyone is cordially Invited to at tend these services. Sarvloets at the Lutheran ohuroh Sunday afternoon ai 2.30. PLAT 8R00K. ' Hgbert RathbitBO and family i*o_ved to Qtockbrtdge tbla weak. J£stt lCai«' akWillng it attend!** ta*.,BapK«t AJuWHjiBtion neejtinff at IfaterfbcO, iSf. ^ n \ ...M^-jB&am HaIU of W«stfl»14 is tbtttos^OT.aoiC W. G. Hall. ,J.„.-.M&. QF «^'Sr «r*»llialnipiy >T»« . . |.^^Ip*ffftI^,«bials.Ume vitk -herSts- forme r Wil l Rellovo Secretar y Taft »< Provisiona l Governor . tViirthiut; on tii I 1 i • > w mm ll C 'les 1- i in ,. In ut r .tl I 1- I\ mi . u Hell, t lilt o si in\ of ,. i nrni\ 1 'iiptiihi W illlnin .M Wright , Ins n ' .VUl iirrlve it Iliwiiui iiiQfpTues d n jioruiiiK I N tliey lem Wn-liiiin .i Saturday afternoon a t .i i~> o < loi k fn i Tump.i. Kin wher e tli'.v will t:il »r u Peninsula nnd Oiient.il hue -teHii.er for H:i\aiiM .-it 11 4n Suudiiy nur 'it Mrs. Tuff iind Mr s Kneiin nl-io will be passengers on tbnt «t< inner Ui-n eral Bell doea no t e\Iiei I to muL e n lOtlK sojourn n 'l tin- Nl-ind Qil:ii-t?iin.ister liciuru l llunipbre y f( tile iirmj I H t'\eriiiij; .ill Ills efl'oi't-i to ;isseuil»le ns enrlj n s po^sild i Th» fleet o f tniiiNpnrts at Newpor t New-. \ ii from \\ lili h pliiec the jjre-iter p » tli,n of the trmips ilesthinted for Cuba lire to s,n l llnrtee n VI\-M I K Will i\ iniiil.ible for this purpose 11 ml ~'i I 1 re ii b Newpor t .News i n the ii .'M !'• d«\s It Is i .\;>ei le d IIOWI-M'- ]!• 1 \Mtlll U 11 Wi 'ik p! K ( I I ,lll\ il l III\ \! illi'i s de-~luieil fo r ( uli .i .1 ml w li o .1 Ki'iii^ !•> w .1 \ of N e\v port Nrw^ \\ .1 li .ne 11 11 Led their reinleZMiiis DiEarmarr\en t Proceec's Rapidl y Mew York Financiers RecomraeniJ a Government Bank. THE DOLAW LIKE THE BANK OF FRANCi 11 1 I inM III. in. nii-i'i l.iu.i t 1. t 1 .P. r 1 . pi 11 r I i \ i\i; 11,11 1 11 tit j iliw . inn; 1 1 11 1 e.l It I . .1 HI,- '1 f th e ill- I ,1 .1 ,. \ I I loll s p. 1 t'l - o f : ili.it 1, 1 - .p . I'.HW 11 i. f :n 111^ i fi h 11 ' • .MMI'IIMI I I r > ,|i •, ,11,11. ,ii,l ••• le , f ti n I II I \ t I T. Minority Share s to BoHeld b y S sidiaiy In&titulidfis—All Notes t o Issued l^f Federal House—Ah Alt e native Proposition . New \ork, Oct . 4 - Either a centr, bank o f issue to lie established controlled by th e guveruuieut or a si pic mi 'UKurv enlargin g the present noj,' issue privileg e o f national banks such a manne r that their right o f lssf shall not var y wit h the ownership United States bonds is the mettfi' favored by th e xpiilu l currency co | nil .Hslou appoiiited by the New Cliumlier or eoniiiieri 'e last March luguire into th e condition o f the oJr» retiey and siiiiirest desirable cliuugpi Tin leport de< I.nes that the comi: tee (liuK th .it tin- i-nrrency Is scrloi^y ilefi-iiiM in ilmt us \0l11111e does Vlin will , the ilyjn.Ulil s > that isn.i,tr\ ^ n'fi 111 ii, , \ exp.wed to Jeth-tit •imim KOftA N B Y ACCLA.VATIC,\. Wins Democrati c Momination Fo r Gi ernor of Mass.ichusetts Bo-ton 1 1. t ^ lolm H. Mo . 11..111111. lie,I ' »• a n»ii„.i ut \l . M'I- I. \ I , 111 11 nwi Ji\ the I ii in .. , II -lite 1 11 \ 1 1 .1 .• HI 1 in 1 n 1. of l»l iiUlnll w.'t- ,i .IN,it il.-.l '.\ . I.. 11 oi l I .11 iii'llli .ill! 1 . < 1 \ 1 I I 'I Mr M ii- 111 1- now 1 he ili-l 1 1 .1 III v i>) S |],|,i|) i i -oillil \ Hue ol the p i inks ill I h e pi .1' .1 1 ipleil lire |l,r,et popilhir • • 111 1 1. 11 o f tin I* ii. kiln; power in tin upititiiit; ol I i-hi-e- .ind prhjleces ilium:.)] tin r . t 1 mill 1 1 .mil 11 ie , 1 -m h '. _ I 1 ht the pulls .mil 1, rei .il l f.lli hii M 11- Isl itor s The put,lie owueisln p mil 1 of piihlii utilities 11 11 item -.t'! . 1 eit> I 1.lit lioiir- {o r I ilmr ur-tfit. in Wollien .in d ( llllill'i'li iiXl.ll-. i e 1 ' ; woik :md the nli-'i lute in' ' rlnbt to trial of fu< t < fiy Jify 111 cases'InvitlvlnR lnbor iii1niietH >ns> Drastic ltiw acn!'e-t prt\nte nioii n ty wit h Iniprlpoivineiit ]x>naltte» oB' v Reciprocit y an d tariff rcvislou . taxed (! per eent Let the proceeds of this gradil^ tax constitute a guaranty £und»»jn custody of the government,, for^^ejl I tiptf 6r th'eiiiotea' ot;tailea^bajik8.5:f?| or other ni )n5pft>rni^6W ;Svi 'tli\mipfiK Onnieut peni/ltles onl y \ Laws prni'lditix tmprlsonu'eiit pen i ' tle>i fo r wlle 'ul yefjlieein-e liy p 1' i .ffl.-lals Kinietinent uf law s innkfii^ lo'i' n n 1 rime , with Itiiprl-umnieiit pen 1; t,< only tbolishine it of enpitiil pnii'-hn e The ini'i 1 m o f ill 1 iindidiiti\- 1 elietlv e ofllie ny dli'ei I Mite President Baok In Washington . V* uMlrlii(.'tou (li t '1 - The |iii-«nlei|t and Mm ItoosuvelT returned t o >\ isli InSton Seiretiir y Mett -Hlf, Surg e >i (Jeneral ltixe.v Colunel Krouiwel l \.nu: 11 numbe r o f minor officials were at tlx* statlou t o xreet the president when lie arrive d Afto r slink mn h«ud s 1 nnli.il ly wlUt Jits friends the president ind hU famil y entered the carriag e w.iitiniTj nxsr ^ Rtntv for them outside the statluu »riitc weut directly to ttie Whit e Hous e FINANCIAL AND COMMERCIAL -Cloving Quotations of the Ne w York Stock Exchange. N«-w York Oi l <. Money MI rail easier at per » t prima mercno*ilo p«4>er pvi cxahanses, MDK.-'M .SiJ. WUIUIHM-B. Jll Ml U*. CtQalng prU Ainul (.opii^r Atohlson B. AO BraakJ> n B- T C. C . C: & Sr 1. Chea. &. Ohl* Chi & Norths D. & a . . Hrit Gen. Etfrotrlr tll Central Likdcawantui Louis It Nana Manfiattaa tut.-ii.nt v {]) klUsourl Pa s 1133J 104 mi K m TVS 1^ 145 ». N Y Central Ntorf & West Benn H. R Beck Island Sft. Paul 9)«UBt¥BrD }Mr S«(4a«rn Rf. SouUi Rjr pf Texas PaeiSt- t'nkia Pacific V S (>tBvl r B.-«t «;«i p f West, filot . •» • 1 1 1. IV I 'M IS s «»neral Markata. ar »w T«rt. JOC*. rtXJfR-Qt^et aad barciy st»uo%r M M ra>WM9 nhiKi nMata iMtssas, wtau r *tra>'g})is. 3t.90aS.OU w la tor extras, patsnld, n.TiaiJV. YTHBiAT—Si rMpoase ko potsr^ witiWi lltMt was a IrUf* emaiar tbla irior&os Tmi •tmli^ic*\lr 4«il*V wtOMUt parMCuru •slllttjr prasasra; .D»«aal»ar, UlO-Mu ^St'-lte.i ^a-y, IG*ia^ BCTTaR—Groainapl, estsaa. Wr Voaod, No^CHaC; Si-sta, 4%a£c.. sexeatb, akiaVc.. .CatSOJlSt-Xtajat, fall ^rram^«tarscwn»»l. fialr t».\i«oi. !««*>*. i\ialt; )*tmji JM*. ireCuJssrsrtar. Ot-sts, aJaSlo.; s-taaaefc. ^JKl. . TMCUm.^XicMiyMtT. '*»«.; -a«»t»y. ^caoJw ^^MSoV..-;^ c.... I-; -\ •X^:^pR\a»?iS«:>^xsy f r ~ .. VOOft 'f'**««^r -{..?«- sA *C.a ^6^-^Jaat,i^>si.W, rtfp^aijy-40 PM Is or 1 rei liiiul .i ni # id ,,r MlppU I Ii - 1 -r,. 1 111,11 Ih, . in lii 1 ,1 lie i Ulsei l h y Jtrtltli llll wiitie, e-> 11\ 1 n tli Nihilit y of the rem \ « liii li 1 IK \ ihnliire Is dnojto' n -111, tmn- \> In. 1 .lie placed by B1...I, tin ,-xne 11* I 1 ilc notes. I I \ t o evili the commit ,' , - 11 - 11 iiiiiiieiiil.itions iln 11 he i ie.iie.1 11 central I in -innlar to the Bank o f (to­ ur 1 h e Hunk of 1 ni nee. such bf • 1 iviliiMtely with bunks to lii owned iii part by banli . ie. 11 l.el Of '.— mum to rii Sim k inititutioiit ami in part by the jov ermiKiit l.ut 111 it s miinaxeinent rimi m.it 1 e- of th e em eriiiiien t aha supreme Ibis central lunik ahal MH iniieoii riHllsjcouut for <l Jmnki In.Id public money aud ac flRi nt of tli c «neriiinent In redeei Its p.ifier inoiie\ und ni.ikiug its burseii u ni - Or le t any national bank whose l; Reetire d 1 in iilutuu) eijunls \i0 per of it * capital have authority to additional notes equal Jn amount STi per cent of lis capital. I -et such additional notes be subjec to 11 graduated tax as follows Thft fi-s 5 per eent taxed nt the rate of 2 pe: cent per niiiului tlie second 5 per c taxed n t the rate of 3 per cent; third \1 per cent, tax«*d at the rate 1 per cent, then an Issue equal to 10 cent of capltnl, taxed 5 per cent; tl an l .iHiie equal to 10 per cent of cap * ~-e-r.*^ ...fcw-.w,; —The Home of Good Clothing— Suits - Top Coats - Rain Coats Sot 1 in Lishions latest ldea^ are here—here tuluoU it—t\ ' -Jeled by experienced designers—prettv pattern t s the least Behind all thi^, there's -<i rit—th • • •rm_'--th.it's what cmints in cl\th.ini rid thr 1.: differs fr< >m the (>rdinar\ su.t 1 inure biupp\ n ^rcat variely, A km 1 'i vii p— - A u re ul \< .$10.00 to $25.00- A h*. re else in Alhanv \f \ ,\ init v i^- T!ic pre -\>H nr.K s this at such low •J tr st \ les and l->ts r fie censerv ati\ e , : .r CASH and sell m i adhere strict 1 \ P [••rices >f I'M' k'sijn t,>r C I!!. I, .T — ) t! n 1.1 urtcus tre it merit kip,u r ycu r p'jri- h is e ONE PH1C , hcther V' 'i • t ill ind u He ^ ) s 1\ • ^ , u\ \I \ ,ti: 1 1 Weill Albany's Best Clothiers Cor. South Pearl and Beaver Sts., ALBANY, N. Y. s Republican Capdidats Says He Stick to State Issues. ' Neu ^ or k Oc t 3. - Th e spoorkl canipnitrn o f t'hurles E Hughe s hog at the Kepubliciiu club when the uiei*^ bers of th e state couiiiilfti*e formnJl met and notified him that he hud bet 1 selected b y tb e party as Its candidal, for em f-rnor In tils speech o f acceptance ilr Hughe s announced that durini* tin* campuljcn hp woul d routine his ittnn tlon t o Ntate Issuer and would n,<t lit dfilge i n uernonufltfes. Ur Hughes' first regular cunipsJpi, speech wil l b e addressed to tbe Co lumhhi I'niverslt y Kefor m elub B \)J lowlne tha t meetin g he wil l speak ID Brookly n an d then liegln a thorough 190 6 Jerome, Want* Newspape r Indicted. White Plirfas,' N Y . Wet 4.- DWtrlct Attorney WiHlam T Jerome came to White PhiluK to try to har e tbe Y«u hers Herald indicted for crlmiuul libel Oil, Thursday last an editorial a ]>peured in the newspaper tn width it wits k> tlmated that Jerome entered Into a coiHiplrncy with Ikfe InsunMice ofHoers ta avrordance with which tae district attorney WJII not to prosecube tboai lar Jerome went beter* tbe grnhd Jury, and the staff of the Tankers VB»- aid. Including Frank Xavter, the odifor. wece here ranily to testify be tore that body. After taking the teatimoair of Mr. Jerome nnd Mtna of toe Her&ld ncm the grand >iry took a recces. Edward Kingsley passed away Monday afternoo n at four •> i-lm k He wa i year s o f UK> ami was 1 respecte d anil buiiiirulilc cilnt-n Mr. KiiiK'-'' ^ I 1 !' \ In < 11 iiinfineu tn the hoiiM b \ I'lnish fm 11 loii); t)IIn - H e is Mir * lied !•» lii- wife ani l nm ^daughter MIN I mer> I.etaii<l u f a n \ilKi r Mich Mn>. Unite ? Ko}*\ i s 1 if Ho-- 11111 .S visitin g bcr bister Vi> Know I n. Mrs \i W. ( ooas »a- 1 allwl in roy Monday o n account ul the ser US illness o f h> r \lister wh o under n t an operatio n at the buspital iMrs. Emery Inland u f Ann A rt*or. ch. , cam e Monday in attend thi rtrd- of h*»r fattier Kdw&rd Kiiursley ii music 111 lie - I \ uf and 1 a>l II; 111 III- llll t' W. Ill) h-t . • ii'ii Ii. - I'\ 1 1 I - * 1 b 11 • 1 Ii 111 .iln> • v • 1111 .. i'liii, |n-,j,'i nu i-iiiMii tbltiugh lb. p.isl I I - |.li v. HANC«CK, MASS Twenty Hurt In Treftey Crath u CWvebinM, O., Oct. 4.—KkVee wore.fa- tah> an d seventeen more »r IOM tieri- ew)v lHjar«l w.h»o a sd»«tft oar besaU lot l*acUa ikmttU jtuaped eke ttaek.at ,» Hurw ounM at the fdet •£ the iflMcel TVa>e raarOMLjhrasMe aerth ef Tfin«Cr- car Ttt« car was goloc^at hlgai spe«d! a«d after ba^aptac ever :th» ties fsr twe»ty feet phatadd 'tatw tke tnjUr a*d hnWT nferturae*. JBIstrtT. ja«««»- atn WM ^ a*P* r *» •»a s pajtte reJgweC ta«l«n^4«ib l aaoaKteff with,, * e jaA d %• Mtrlc*»e;fc-e»iiUT4«. ' v • - ^ * Nfrs. H. L . I>ewis, aiui MID , A t. l.pwls, have oloeed tin i r witurner heme here and return <-d !u B««uin 'A and Vrs . H H iKgood left ' M.ug Harhor\ for New ' I or k ilnn »e»ic. Mrs. Osgooo sai U iiMfltb fur England *-hera sh e will VIM! her daughter, Mrs. Basi l T»\ lor Mm Davenport, of V» illiaui-:u« n i- a irueltt; O f Mr . t'harle*- Shutnway .it KrJokdde. Tlir friends Of MiBsAlnn a llarrmx ton w II DO find to htfir that she will reni.iin S3 taacher i n 'b e Nurth Dititrirt for the rest of th e juar Mis* BeMfle BDWS befa n livntnlie s a* tt -jchar in ike Bwee l |)i*.tin - St*|'lie»tiOW», last Monda v scH«ia«*#n LANOING. w V Sha«*»r, H. D. , has locatvd at 1. antlvtOJBL lUv UaaW P . DojW, of l .inll- thgo. praaCMdajj • candi4ate fn the Reformed j *^V >r«h art J*<ni task ill last the p «Tlo ^pi'bV«*h, The reoe^i£h «Ba ,&ak* ab Muirzskill for the twaiafltVof «b« eaurch wasa*^ grand t^w^f^CoiieWarjfblj , •ver !av hundred doUjiW r«aUz«d. What fair |S»jpie«,»riar« are4> Ms Ship Stinks, •Juty-erve DreVnC % Hbngkeug. Qat; amlariMtt •A ^'^j ^;)M ^«' > em jfat.Jfyteffi. Jt «3b «'Cii»«it wiA j *a *aar .pa *^/>aajw .wcee. Metion an* MUfii$..bJr£tb« trees. JBr» »^^»Vilt-lwiW «M^.^pf ^*<^s* Ml lil l el-v nf >.-u ll* ! 1 ..'III 111 ill 1 \ !• r*.iiiiui i nt » i n ,,f 'h i .i|i| ni' nu Ii 1 ak . « tin nil' pi uL'ram in In lla !• ,'i^t \ 1--.n1 mi I Inn 1 V! II Mi < ikJ - biw- 1 11 ni ' i, nu n li * ni l the still* uf M :us-ai lui-ett- sen-Mill I nine mtil eli,u\ llli.' ei n 1 iftlllllienT David Kilmer and ' .e u Nn '. an doing jurv duty in I'rxn Mr-, \hali Turi n r . - > > 1 1 ri tr fru-nds i n 1'itusneld loh n Kilme r is druing a bay lea /11 which he purvha-M-d last wee k Ite v I F Mea d P I ) JiasUir of th e Fift h A\enue M b. churc h in Troy, wil l lectur e in th e M ^ 1 ohurcJi Thursday eve . (Jot 11 Sub- ! jec t from Zuiderze e to lludelburgh . IlliiKtrated by «o stereopiio n viewn . 1 Admission 15 c«nt s j Irving Alle n nnd (le o Strai t are attendin g the M?ssion Of th e Superm u 1 Cour t in Trov this wee k *M trial 1 j urors sJchonl in the Thomaii distric t nan commence d for th e comin g yea r Fran k H i sun ha.s returne d t o tin* Mctrt)|iolis for th e winte r Edwar d Deveraui has returne d t o Itaffsl o for the winte r \ new K-acher has ceiuiiiencsd school in Dih». \o . \ for th e fall and winter ter m A resident of 1 aoadu waw in tb e plac e a few days ag o wit h a \iew of ! purchasin g a far m m thik viainit y Edit h Putna m is attendin g school in Chatha m going and nturning by railroad . JJWSS&SOK. CHOICE GROCERIES Tanle Rais ns. Lemon ind *-t-etlo 1 .»:id urrati 's l it' \'Hr^f F'uel Evaporateci Peaches, A pi tout; and Prunes Ilates and Fig s I^emons ()ranges. Grapes, Bananas. Cranberries and Celer y Mise<l Pecans, Ftll)erts, Eny»- ish Walnuts am! AlraoDds, Con - lect.unery Gate s and Crackers, M'nce Meat, Btnled C'ider Complete line of Canned und Bottled Goods Edam, Pineapple America n »nu Ruyai Lunthctin Cheese J. Dardess & Son, 18 Main St. Chatham Good Underwear NORTH NASSAU. Joi ^ah Hiaska had tkc mi»V>rt,une to one of hi* cows last weak. L»*t week Tuesday M Edward Swaj « was adjuating sotoav .past of \lh% machinery to his eorn ah redder, bit tand came in «ontac< with the knivci and wis injured so Badjy lu» waaTiiken to the Albany hospital Sd mjiny me n are dissat­ isfied with the underwear they get. Most of the timt the fault comes from care­ less buying. Such a variety of good Underwear as we are showing makes a right selection easv. •!>}»• ttaW^ML^bii;'^ . r$*g* to. loot now l a pwiitj|psj ; \iwt will »e *i J^fwliera ke will wnain i Short .»*. ••• • 1 >-»*.•.•>- oVi-S ^iwii S*I)fcR»ka^i^«^ciU.- >li*if. ••^tki^llis^snfciajorAkooM.aJia wiicw: J. P. Van AirtjM. XlndorjMX*. T. TOS Sit* OK to LXr -iRritott\* OQ corndr mtVtSxikn Btt*et «i4 vj»«lih)<to» irr«noo. IB> S&ism^T. O. Eat <^*?-* 1 '?^y* . . . In brief we've merinos, white and colored, natural wool, white wool, camel's hair, fleere lined, heavy bal- briggan, all colors. You.-w.on't Have to foefc any place else after sefeing «i«r sprendid ^pe of Under­ wear. . • .* S,*BEtCKBiS rGhatham 's-BestMea's Sttfel

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