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Chatham semi-weekly courier. (Chatham, Col[umbia] Co[unty], N.Y.) 1903-1907, October 06, 1906, Image 4

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THE CHATHAM SEMI-WEEKLY COURIER. J. WALLACE DARROW, EDITOR AND PROPRIETOR. PUBLISHED WEDNESDAYS AND SATURDAYS A T CHATHAM, N. Y . SUBSCRIPTION PRICE, $ 1 60 A YEAR; 6 MOS., 76 era; 8 MOS., 40 crs. Eutered as Second-class Mail Matter at the Post-office, Chatham, N Y SATURDAY. OCTOBER 6, i 9 c6 REPUBLICAN TICKET. l-or Governor—CHARLES E. HUGHES, of New York, For lieutenant Governor—H. LINN BRUCE, of New York. For Secretary of State—JOHN F, O'BRIEN, of Clinton. For ComptfoHer—BffiRTON E. LEWIS, of Monroe. For State Treasurer—JOHN G. W ALLEN MEIER. Jr., of Erie. For Attorney General—JULIUS M. MAYER, of New Tork. For Stale Engineer and Surveyor—HENRY A. VAN ALSTYNE, of Colombia. For Congress--JOHN H. KETCHAM. of Dutchess. For Senator—SANFORD W. SMITH, of Columbia. (Continued from r pa|e one-T home-made apparatus and collections to represent pfeisiolo^i^ May Kis- selburgh, Ghent, firsS ^'Qh English work of entire scTSdol'^' working drawings of type, mapiq'f'U, S., not l»ss than 18 inches-^inj'length con­ taining the prinopal canals ami D»V- igahlu rivers. Hattie^S. : .;Griswold, ( hut hum. first on ''laqip book of drawings and experiments. Kitfie FRIDAY'S RACES ' The races yesterday were not as let erecting as the previous days. The 2 17 clafiB race that had four heats and was postponed required two more to finish. Wild Wave com-, iug In second the first heat and first the second heat winning the race, 8am Dutch won the first heat Time 2.21! 2 28. The 2.86 class stake, $1,000 purse, was won iu straight beats by Jerry B. and the Free-For All purse $860 Kisselburgh. Ghent, .fl^ti on botan ical drawing Elouis £ny *altermiro, | was a one, two, three order with ( hutham, first on mW of I . S. i 00 'y three starters ft> was won by mmon if mv I will MAYOR McCLELLAN BOLTS HEARST. From th e New \ 0 rk \\ orld, Win Says, Mayor MeClellan '•1 rv«x>^TLi»? the humiliation which I must failure in c with >>ther Democrats Nevertheless I will vote the ticket party m this State, but never for William K. Hearst Hun not vote f«>r Thousands of loyal .iud lifelong Democrats tire pu/./.ling mi r the pn>blem which Mayor McCl°lhiu lias 8<>1V<M1 for Jumstlf l>v supporting the Democratic ticket with the exception of Mr Hearst. The promptness ami boldness of his decision will < ,irry weight and command respect Of even greater importance to the people of the city is the mayor's declaration t!..it - 'I am a Democrat and accept the a. turn of the Democratic Convention. I will be a Democrit while m\ partv has a name But as a Democrat and as Mayor of this town I am unald rubly opposed to Charles F Murphy and eveiytlnug lie stands for To be \unalterably opposfd to Charles F Murphy and everv- thiug he stands for\ is in a \Mayor of tin* toivn\ the first pre re ipuisite to decent government. Mr M> Clell in has for some time fully realized this fact The W orld cone;i .uulates him upon his public announcement of it. not less than 18 Inches* i n length, containing principal railroad lines. < .eorge Blanke,Ghent, first, on map <>f \'t w York state* noteless\ than 1R inche s in length, product map of \, w York State, product m:ip \f I S In division 5 exhibrs of P ipiU uml»r 14 years of age. Miah Mviiii' Castleton, first on plain wiii;ng Vlouise Waltermire mi map of 1' S , Helen H. l'ratt, i liHthatn first on map of New \\oils Male and map of Co'umliia mil Rensselaer counties; !' \in^e \\ I 'lere first on product map .if Ni u \ I i>rk state.'. Carheii 1- Ki ',. ( h -iihuir, 1st on prddui\ map ..: \. w \i.iik Mate, drawiu.- of Ben F WHAT IS A STAKE RACE? To the uninitiated, a horse race for a stake purse, and the regular ordinary purse has little difference in meaning. But there is quite a considerable difference of dollars and cents to the Agricultural society For instance, the stake race for a llrst 'purseof one thousand dollars requires every horse entered to pay five per cent of the purse whether the horse is started in the race or not Kvery horse thai wins anv one of the four dn Kjons of the money pays ten percent of the purse or $100 Tin. horse winning the race gets 50 pi r cent anil Uie horse coming] in second best Jf> pi r cent, third ).\> per cent and the fourth. 10 per cent of the $1,000 purse or exnc ly what he is required to put in it For example. I The school children have really . C H ATH A M I 0C A L S e<'Xved t be fair this -year by work- ing a half day real hard at their ; - — : : - :~r - ' \ rr ^.tudiei and then through the courtesy of the fair officials be ad- Miss Mary A Bell is spending two, w}th teachera fcee tQ - weeks In Westport, Mass. , the wsuiu,]»ta a body. The one black blotch on the other- Mrs. Chapin-Milliman, of Troy, was a recent guest-at Wm. Shaver's Mrs Conn Agusla C New , of Canaan, is visiting at Mrs. Bell's wise most exoellent fair was the gambling on the \Midway\. It was open, bare faced and disgra 'efui. It was not gambling hut highway robbery, and yet these skin-game operators were allowed to pursue their nefarious business until the fair closed last night. There is no ' possible excuse to be offered for al- _ o lowing such a gang of cut throats as Rev M.A Denman.of Springfield, some of them were to remain on the met many old friends und acquain- grounds and the society will find it tanccs at the county fair this week has made a bad mistake in allowing o these gamblers to enter the grounds Hanrison t silkins and wife of Gt. | Kvery one of these men. Hanked and Barncgton Ma -ss have been ysit-' S trrounded by \cappers\ fleeced^bo: 8 Mrs. Fleisher and daughter, of Schencetady, is the gnest of her brother. Max Schultz. ing friends in town . „. ,...,...„ — , — • Sarah S«.one, the winning horse \iVednesday after- Second on pl-iin noon was \ lorry 1?\ be ca]>tured p.it .in- ut ti in- solids, desu'ns in 'e.iin work \ la Waltermire, (.h. tit, \rs . HI eiillect ion of native woo.l | in division i. exhibits of pupils limn i i \ i nrs nf age, i isi . i.m tn-st and Second on | n • i i.i: llaii; Waltermire, (.'lent. I $500 of the $1 IMMI . \fte r paying In lu-st mi diaw mg and map draumg 'per cent of *lnuo u lift him $4iHJ | Id. ( hiith.mi High School «on' clear money The second horse wins .|..,ii. HI \.I water color pict ure , ' 2Ti percent ur K.'»i. which leaves in- ,i i s. r.iuil graJos, 4-2 « iter him $1.V) clear money Ihe thnil ,,. ,1 -s i. mh and eighth gi »le. horse wins $l.\i0 and is $.\>o ahead of l,_I, -il.i.il drawings, 5fi cut p ipi r ! the game while tne fourth comes !i\ - I - 11. i, ing liook 7 prodiu'ne out even Those who do not win are $T>0 out F.iliuif H M I'otv and wife, of Cmaan ( onn took in tho fair.yes-, tenia) but returned home this morn­ ing ilni 1 - ^.'» - , t i h . • an' (id- ->[iei , i 1 v e i n lief maps. Tht .ml > ih partment recomm. ml i h 'i 'h .im High Soho 'i. be ilii-.'inti.il premiums fm its KIKV1 SFAIK After 35, What? According to a Philadelphia autl i »r- lty, a girl ceases to be a girl when she becomes 35 This decision at first blush appears to be a Just and eqult able one If a girl reaches 35 and admits it, she is not a girl at least Dot one of the girls that It bas been my pleasure and comfort to meet. This decision commences, but It does not go anywhere It gtarts out well, but is left at the post, says tHe' Detroit Free Press For instance, it fails to define the standing of the girl who is not a girl because she has passed the thirty fifth anntversar> of her birth If she is not s girl what is she'' 1 ask you all what is she' 1 kne \w a street car conductor who once catlei) a middle aped woman a female and when she left the car the conductors eye decorated ODe of the spokes of her umbrella 1 main tain that it Is unfair to rule that P girl of 36 Is no longer a girl If it does not go further and tell us what she is fs she a young lady' To e toothless man of 70 she la. undoubted ly, but the budding man of prom i8e, the man with a future before him and a dark past behind what Is she'' Toungf Well, not exactly Be she married, she may be called a girl, and even some matrons of 36 will stand for the Htla Unmarried and the problem Is coe to vex Again, we are at sea Granting that a girl of S6 Is no longer a girl, is tt prop­ er for us to term her a dam*' It may be proper, but I am sure it would net be safe Again I ask you how are wo to t«lP Do we not all tonow woven who h\ave been norerfatg at 34 tor the last 12 years' This brings < ua M> tbo most perplectag situation ! EJtperionee has taught ms that no girl! ever passee 96 The ttausttton from girlhood to grandototherhood, unlike the bonding of Rome, is made la a day I Sard that I hare wandered fram my point. Tbe girl who passes ii Is no lw»ger a girl fn Phtladelphi*- Anfl since mo el*) passes 35, It mast follew th*t girls are girls u»$ll tfcey are gfaadmatfeers. H«Boe an uamar- r\?<t woman r«oaiaa a girl no til her bmUtars er k«r listers' hare ohit4*en. wbaa stae la BUd&raly txaasfacmcd to the Joys and sacred privileges ««*• f erred tfpea el^matil aufelz. This PbilaOolDJUa auarority, Irepeat, started cMt -wall, hut ha fetied to ve< rtvfc. He aa«k \bat ea* BferW, frtkn t«e «tteait» hmt auord from tae d«e1c, leaarifcg tha paelma ia » nope tan Slef eoodfttea tftsa wken he eegna, w» see> tt BOW, a gfcfl wh* p«se*s 3» Is fto featsor *• 9ir I but no 'girl erer pnjS»a &. Bcft after ail, What is ttu» Hon Hm H Hearst and part lii in ail .unveil in town at 8 n m vestetilay Mr Hearst however was I fast iusleep u lien \lie arrived here ' and did not appear until nearly noon \~ \ | when hi was cordially welcomed by The Demon Milk. tnt . ottirmls of the fair. 1'he According to the brewers of Texas. p artN w ,. n > seiv od dinner at the ( hat- wtio have been conducting investiga • nani House » here an elaborate 5 Wnu tlons to strengthen their pure fot>d' waii provided President McjCSellan, campaign, thousands of persons per j \ lr p urce i], and Attorney John C. UP IN A BALLOON. Madame Lockhart the daring jareanauu inad< tile ( onriei oflice a 0 f I call yesterdav morning and in a brief interview with hi r some interest­ ing facts concerning her balloon act were ascertained \Your balloon act -eems to lie very attractiv. to the people on the fair gruuniis do \ou enjoy i; your­ self' • ^\Yes I enjoy the ac. virv well, perhaps not so much as in earlier years. 1 have been follow ing this business for ten years or more, so that it has become an old story to me.'' \Do you feel any fear in making your; ascen9ions2'-', _ ' - attachments, and \seeing- 'ffl(^™e^e!ry thing Ifc all right j when once, the balloon starts on its upward career, I have no fear, whatever. Strange as it may seem~an aereonaut does ish annually from the use of impure i) ardess were seated with MftSearst milk Beer, they say. is infinitely at the head table r more wholesome than the ordinary, The Courier representative , in ter- mllk of commerce. It, Is to be hoped viewed Mr. Hearst Who spokelBleas-\ that they will succeed In the fcudable | and cor^olly ^fhisIreoeptSn in business of having the public supplied r^ n f|i- m • JYhrtvV J ^ 1, iMrl n -?tfinir ?^ilT,' wftfi pure mini, auya uiu 1 uu -ii«*~— ^ tlu ^jr=*^io3diti ^iis m^SowT^rs^tvt Globe-Democrat, but In the meantime Hearst's private secretary, I$r. their figures have so alarmed us that ( Hamer gave out a lengthy typewHt- we look about for a subsu'tute. The ten statement just made by Ikr. lid Is on the cow But there seems Hearst that morning relative to&he to be nothing to take the place oi piling 0 f a local Independent tfjjket , milk Beer In coffee or on peaches in lhe ^4 j n Brooklyn. Mr Hearst j not ,eel ' fear waen making an asCen- or In a cake does not serve. Be ^j spoke of M r MeCarren, the D^mo-! sion ' but il t 8 wearing on the sides. It: spoils the beer, and we can erat i c leader in Brooklyn and* nis I nerves ^ the '° n ger one is in tb,e not afford to waste it. And chum 1 Uckcl M being \notoriously iisflt | lmsiness > the more it taxes hep, in ing beer does not bring butter Cheese ^ and 8n0 uia not command the support 1 lhat re P ect -\ cannot be made from beer, though «' 0 f honest democrats or honest hide-' Is a desirable concomitant Milk seemt J pendents r am a democrat.\ sa |ii he to have us on the hip All uncon ^ hut a Jefferson democrat,not a cdrpop- scionsiy we hate permitted the milk , atioD democrat and I cannot allow a habit to fasten Itself upon ua. and ( hi^d agent of the corporation} like now we may not shake It off Though 1 MeCarren to define my democracy more deadly than Intoxicants, It is ap- or dictate\ unworthy candldat^i for pareatly Indispensable. We\ have es'jme to support teemed it Innoceat while It was ^_ f*-v 1 MR- HEARST SFhAKS. really a viper In our bosoms. We cry Stung'\ We have even raised ourj Mr Hearst and his party did not children on it, bringing them under Its reach the grounds uDtil nearly 2 ojclodc- baleful Influence from the very cradle.|He woe accompanied by Mra.,Hearst Tet what Is to be done? The milk and several newspaper men beaides bis How high do you usually asoend before severing your connection with the balloon?\ \On these \rounds 1500 feet, bat in other places I have ascended considerably higher. Th e higher I go the better it is in one • respect, the parachute is more sure to open. In coming down, if the parachute wavts a little i t maices my .-descent easiei. Yesterday there seemed to he at We Instant a lack of wind and I dropped 200 feet almost straight down, before the parachute opened ma& men are ^mart eaongk to Psa^rW ec^a^a«w. Got ol&,$xft& ! 4\ t&VeA Bal&an wa* elo ^a to e^asfiitas. s^lSs g V^f era trust behoWB our heiptessneea and J loeaj adherents. The party was Aewted' at alL\ ^ laughs It *•«• net need to purify Ui ( t o the large platform near the .'judges*! - Can T <f reguglate your landing products, we RKtet take ft as It is. It rnurdem us, and we h&ye DO re­ course. Vff appreciate the efforts of tbe breweries In our behalf, bat we fear they wtfl tot aVati. The beef trust, oantretHnc. the oow, hes us at Its mercy, and wiH retaliate for out assault open meat. The cevaas ku^e«u aWnoaacee thai in ceHept&R aivoree stetistlea 'po»He- Ity will mol be sbtea to personal mat ters atti that all seorete will be strict­ ly guarded And yet a ntmiber wf wetmen* have been assigned to thut work. JUL stand, and after musio by th^band, in »uy W *V? Geo. MtClellan, Esq, introduced lb. | \No. °% to out away from the .Hearst. His speech was almost A\dupli- hslloon sool enough that I may not cate of the one delivered at if &cfi&tSjrj he carried over any dangerous the day before and lasted abjbuV 15! places. Wdnesday I was being mlnutsB. At tbe close thertf.-wM^ carried direfely over the railroad plause, moaUy from the speakersVpJ**. tracks wherijhe engines wer e form. His reception was by ^aoattna 'switching andkrs running.and I did •nthueiastic. After the speeckiAr,\ and • not want to laA there as I had one Mrs. Heara» watched the r ^Sfffor- m] experience of titjldnd in Bingham- whBefwn .the reMrved »eet !ii6 «on ot' »n,and did not W another, so I the grand stand and than wanfcup town, cut away and sooner landed in the Chairmato \F»\ (Vnuien, et'M* Defa- 1 tat* grounds ocratit SaaieComrmttee. <*of2m;i$ml the dln,n ^ bal1 °% hea P rf R,,ff«inimd Wl * n mti ^^'wiaKiirr .i \Does your palfchute ever fail I)r Chas R Bell has takeu up h s work in the Homeopathic hospital in B .sto« in the Junior Iuterue Surprical department The Womans Missionary Society will meet in the Reformed church Sunday School rooms \\ eduesday Instead of Tuesday, next week at three o'clock and men out of their money Many instances have been reported to this othce It is a shame and disgrace to the good name of the Columbia < ountv \gricultural Society NEWS OF THE CHURCHES Methodist Cliurch Sunday will be Kally Day in every department of our work, wit h all services ut the regular hours Morn­ ing theme, 'An Inspiring Vision. \ Evening theme, \The Bible and •l onng Mer. ' An appropriate souvenir will be giveu all attending the Habtmth School session at 12 o'clock. Regular Bible study at the parson Mr Hearst was asleep at the » age Tuesday evening at 7 30 switch all the morning yesterday j Commuters have been appointed .1... i) 1 v ....,1 1 . „™i ^ rnake preparation for welcoming down in the H and \ railroad y ard in his private car He however woke up 111 the afternoon 111 groat shape Thomas Buckle) has been hustl­ ing the past two or three dav s with the result that by next Wednesday he will have his new culer mill in operation and a few days later his grist mill anil saw mill F S. Ford and (Vet> S. Dunham and families now occupy their entire residence near the upper railroad crossing as Mr Ixnvell has stored his household goods. Mrs. l'ratt Tomp­ kins has also given up her rooms over Page's store and is residing at Mr Ford's. Nina, little daughter of Geo. Coffin has been very seriously\ ill the past few days with pleuro-pneu- ing. The 45th anniversary reunon of the 91st New York Veterans Association will be held Wednesday, Oct. 11 in Grand Army Hall,Green St .Albany Mayor Gaus will deliver an address «f welcome. Veterans of the 91st and their Wtyes are invited and any de­ siring fjutther particulars may confer with P. H Garrity, of this village the members of the district conven­ tion of the Kpworth League to be held in this church October 18 and It is requested that particular care should be exercised in keeping off the new concrete walks until per­ fectly dry The work is nearing completion Reformed Church Harraineut of the Lord's Supper will be observed at the m°rning ser vice Subject of the evening, \Vows \ The new officers of the Juulor Brotherhood are. President Samuel Burrows vice president Lefferts Zandt, secretary Wallace Darrow, treasurer Harrison Simmons, dlreo tor Clarence Simmons. C. E-'consecration service at 6 45 A man about 40 years of age, un­ known, Ave feet 9 inches tall, fairly well dressed was found terribly mangled near the White Mills bridge on the railroad track last Wednesday evening about & o-'«look.- It is evi­ dent that he was struck by the west­ ern express. He was discovered by' a brakeman on an east bound freight who reported at this station and the pusher engine was sent down to pick him up. Th e body \wag taken to Hamm's undertaking rooms where it still remains unidentified. Nothing in the pockets lead to his identity excepting a tin type of himself ana another man, evidently taken at the fair. Poughkeepsie., Oct. 2/ Amid Uie greatest enthusiasm General John Henry Ketcham was today renomin­ ated for Congress at the convention at the Court House in this city. A t the Senatorial convention, also held in the Court-House today, Sanford W. Smith, of Columbia county, was re- nominted for the State Senate. M r Smith's nomination was greeted with great applause. CORRESPONDENCE OLD CHATHAM. Sisaileant 9/ Prude's weariness of tapjreavy a*Uarlaei is the growing demand of rattteal* an* seekUiaU tt »tjpriTBt« car and left for Ore tena ef mtUuarir service be sherfcjg • m . train yfajra. ' Buffalo and had at» intarvia ^^y *|J|r. { \* \'jwt :rua- { &Tfcewf Yerk. Late, the party r,pa,^io^«r|*KensIon s and Hearst 00 tbe fair eroim(h^^*:rim- { 7°*1 , Ding an Independent «ckeip£'1iW| \ No < 1 h * T0 m havi THE BAp7 8H0^ f «k*'»he failure on the pi »fe. '\What kind of a.sfa ]h«» aejou first FAIR NOTES. Madame Loakhart expects to re­ turn to the fair again next year. The -white horse \Mascet\ was a wonder. Ita ' 'tricks\ were Qrat-elaES ten feet beyond j ln OTer y ™»P\t* Madame L ukhart couldu't get over the , uew bl^h fenoe and • dropped jufct inside the track yester­ day, j It took two locomotive* to bring about 1500 nerer ha d one the para- . Parishioners of St. James Oharoh tn this vicinity will attend s sapper and dance'to -be given at the Sheri­ dan house Bast Chatham, Thursday evening, Oof. 11. Supper served from B.30 p. to. Jackson's orchestra, of Albany will furnish mnsie. J P. Kelly's team of gray ran away on Friday. The bolt holding the whiffle trees broke letting them on the horses heels was- the cause. .Arthur Johnson, who WM driving the team sustained a' broken,] arm and one of the horses WM UAJured. The grange will meet Frida y in­ stead of Saturday evening i n charge of Oeres. \ . Wm. H. Holland died IfondkV t eveniug aged €9. Funeral Baturday llam from his late residence. Uon do\ you balloon, questioned. In tha teee IBi^te^jlriBSppoae it is owiotar to ft 0 fact Of •PQWit baby uadar |we'//^,^>kere; being in the on,en a\E.4n%d o f a am'tho Arette exitl^rer* wOX taw** |i cdmfclae and work Hxe araat l*e* In future ef­ forts •» UmV> >*« *•>*, getMop tii« suogeaHom presauaabfr Jrvat tae Spc ntett. been afcU^eiUax «V«rlaB* w*td« .*earv »»»rteit end S^r^ptmplp^ elevator. o«t t£*t fclf,*«t» iatottaefa. ., ' exander, son of Mie IK^lSayWrJ balloon* A'Ka<«jpaiee wJ^^Ww^jg^V f e ^h^M^%^ W « niaav and 4 eep*at* *»t' flJo^eii iijf 4 mdaObaa wa^e.iaVe. T^rjr a^at,'' Mt JL iMaaaaA^Mo't -fOca• - »me»t A. ViiSiM^C «k^iu%» hee«l v : la a reSSt-iiifie eachMsl:2di' tros thys» as '/£ &.&Sdt&''bi&%r r ex.* by tnsii., ,-tT MtB. Wanntmalter and son, of Mr. Mr. Searst i n town yesterday mora- Vernop.N.^ , 1^ yi6ltuag '\harniw ing and.the_train was 20 minutes >j>s. IFardtisngdon'. \ M * K ' 'Is iatelR'ihalL 4 j Mts,IC. B. |n>d ^«i ''irlfcC fc^\^^ One of the delicious ntmillle« en- SheffieW,.Ma«^,^firega«^,at ) .tlB^ joyed byth* obiidren 9uU«tal^, j ^ti^^itMym\uf;*-''^%^*i^.0^£; were the ice. ersstn, eonest -with/ Mias^Nina XJtarney^ ftoWOoiMa) v?.^, cr^r-r -rv-r -aok -eir Jack fn» dessert. isyisltlnff^frlerids her «r vj .' ». > i ±&Mi The g»U *»eipte 'rV'eanesday we*' ' ^V^^if^1^¥yf^t^^. *62fl.'50and Thu7r»d» 8ta *4.axu\^*eTVed.l Were ^«e .25 and Thursday,l490.bu. , — r - —.-ptj -w.-J..«JI^» V , i- Jttltt ^itea.'.Te ^lcea. ^fakW^- 0 ^^.

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