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Chatham semi-weekly courier. (Chatham, Col[umbia] Co[unty], N.Y.) 1903-1907, October 06, 1906, Image 1

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1Crt0 dBll HomertjuljM Vol. XLV Chatham, N. Y , Sattgpy, Oi tiler 6, 1906 No/ 44 FAIR CLOSES. ^ FINE WEATHER FAVORED THE TREASURY. | I Awards to Date In Nearly Every Department,—The Wlnnere^ln the, Raoss,—Fakirs and Gamblers I too Many by Far. | {rrandstand (tig Floral parade day last vea r I-' Nuttin g all Brown Swiss B firsts an d seconds. Dutc h Belted - F. E . Steven s Olens Falls all firsts and seconds. Frenc h Canadian Hallida \ lirst on ruileh co w Grade s -W P Clar k first on five milc h cow s and second on milch cow thr.-o year s old 01 o\er: Davi d Vos - tmrjfh, (.hent. second on five milc h cows Geo ( I'ulver , (.hat hum, ' tir-.t on milc h cow, thre e years old Wednesday, the second day was \ JJ Turne r lirst on heife r tw o anothe r perfect one and the attend- | ail j olw veil ,. 0 \d, hoife r calf and ance, according to the gat e and ml i e |, vovl three year s old Frank receipts heat even 'tlie <,arni r, Chatham, second on heifer \s'->v..„.-- 11 i- Va n shek. ' >ld on h'\if< r one \ e:u on miMi niws , heifers tw o and OIH vt'ii : year s old , 1) < compare d wit h the second da.v last Chatha m Second yea r whic h was a rara j one. no one- 0 ',i *.; )• iVterson, first o n tlv wil l wonde r at the smilin g oounte/i- ances of the oltici-ts The second dav j 0 |„ |* M, 1( „,. Chitham. secmul 1905. the total 'i.-ceipts wen *-•> m u |, ,., m j 1( :n^olil l\ II Weaili This yea r they were *1 t\o It was ,.,.],,., tirsi o n pair of fat c.itll- il-> horse day and whil e ther e werj^not n \[ *,,.,,(, ,, u -ijutxh Hi) a larg e nUn/Tii?! oi entrie s ther e were ^ ^ .. |)s/f.- s [) \^ ^ i{ ^ ]. some fine specimens The following i.itil are th e awards in the horse depart ment IPiRSFS Standard Hie.i Hichar d I ter, Hudson, tirsf on S' il years old or ove r Randal l I 'les- lion 4 llo.ss e second, S I'atterson Valjtiu , llrsl on Stallion llvi.ir s old, Arthu i I Raup , Ghent. Hist on liiaro-^or gihl- ^ ing, E. C Fierce . Challmii|^iecon d , Norma n New Hudson, first on filly. 2. ,f an d l%e:ir old , B, <J Phillips . Mellepvill e I'd on geldin g 2 years . aid. » Clydesdales Ierr_\ N \ \ ilhur, Spencertown, first on geldin g 2 years old; Chas. Ste\er . ( hatham , IIrut on gelding 1 yea r old Percheron— S. I'atterson, Valntie, first on Stallion 4 years , \V H Angell, Ghent, first on Stallion 3 year s old ; W. P Clark , flrst on geld­ in g 3 year s old. H I . Skinkle, Old Chatham , first o n gelding .,2 yelfrs old; Elish a Clark, Chatham , flrst on .gelding , 1 yea r Old. I The J .'0 i las-> trot and puei puis* f.loo hid ti n starters and w.i - r. ally tie* most mlt, rest inj: of tin tw > races H.l.lu s <>-,sn- I -IT! -lhci- ni i:i s l oi iter' wn\ v. r v < . . n'\ 'mauled ami li \ i lie.it s vv t it 11-< pi ] i« 1 i In tlt'i'ui*' tie winne r \\ In n tw o ' liors, , com, , under the w ire so n. u '.\ jtogethii ih.it the s|n ctators on the IgraiulM iii-l art undecided is to h on. wi IIJ I hen i lit i nst is aw iki tied with a 'lim p a- w i i ase in tin f.ci rt h he.it I he lowin g is the suunii.ir\ Ossie 1. 2 'h e fol- 1 2 1 2 1 >%} •fc-sTq*paG.ran^ flrst and secottd'bH;fetiailIon'2-year3 old; Henry T. Sayder, Ghent, first on brood mare and colt, Bradley Pet tit, Chat­ ham, second, Alex Sitser, Valotie, first on gelding! years old, B. .1 Jones, Ghent, second Willis H Winne, Ghent, first on gelding .1 years old. T Krick, Ghent, second, J. W Lawrence, Valatio, first on gelding 2 years old .Jay Taylor Chatham, second, S B. Smith. East Chatham firit orr gelding 1 year, Bradlev Fettit second. Geo. C. Pulver. Chatham, llrst oinnair farm horses ('has Voshurgh Ghent, first on pair matched horses, Fred Adee, Valatie, second, Frank Jones, Claverack, flrst on pair matched horses' Patrick Canavan Philmont, first on single pleasure driving mare, A .1 Baup, second D. E. Hoffman, Chatham, first on single horse for pleasure drivng Harness Horses -C I. Haight, t Hew Lebanon Center, first on pair korses, single horse with trap, ladies saddle horse; E. N Garner, Ghent, first on gelding saddle horse, E. H Weatherbee, second. CATTLE. Judge Van Alstyne finished judg­ ing the cattle Wednesday and pro- aaunced them a fine lot. The cattle awards follow: Short Horns—N. B. Turner, Hous- atonic, Mass., won all firsts in this class except, one year old bull which was won by John Young, Ghent Jerseys—E. H. Weatherbee, one flrst on bull two years old. Devons—N. B. Turner won all firsts. Guernseys—B. F. Nutting, Wood- hill, N. Y. won 10 Arts, one second and one special. Holsteins—N\. B. Turner won all firsts In this class and one special, „ Kerseys—Mrs, i. M. Ambler, Spencertown, wop ail firsts. Galloways—Austin, Jackson, Min­ eral Springs; \won ail, firsts in..this class and one second.. Harry Halli- day, Mineral' < Springs, ( won seconds On* milch'oow, heifer two years ^&d, and secbndspn one' special 1 . Herefords---Morgan Myers, Barjaer- ville, received five* fl'itsts- -in tills class. ' \'• •,. c '. on he'W\^}biu*l three'yeats' 0I4 with.'to'ut. pt 'bis\progeny* : \\HaUlday. firston.buil tWor years old;-' j ^ljorrl qow, heifers .three,^ ./wo arij^tirie old aiid^holfeh^^fflid'ay^ieo- -onds. on heifer UiweAmci'W'O^earsl t old.I ( oine r Che I 'anorama High Noon Laddi s Emil y liaro n Tren a De e M iss < 'olwel l Judge' - Siste r Bessie Wlkes Time - 111 14. i.W i-i 2.18 1-4 The stake race for a purse of $1000 was won by Wescott'a \Jerry j B\ ,ia three straight, heats.- vStartpr; (-:Milj.3...smnounc^§-baf^teK-ti^ ; 'ihi*fa\»5i:'-'!-'' t v: ''\^^f) '\\^ McSfdl 2d , Be n I )a\ « I rviti*,*- I» 11' ver lnl, Mlushell \id twentj m *• Geo T Powell 1st, W'eaiberwax Jtf V'anderveer, Nile n Snntli , Chatham , 1st J V i -rnoii Smiih ( hatlin m Jd Wutjner, (Jeo. T Powell IM V\eath- wa s ii Weultliy, Mrs Id.la Nicl i ols 1 Ht, Maeten 2d, H 11 \ approve d variety I.PU T Powell 1st a'd IVirs -(' >llei Ho n I\ or mure va n eti - VV,.atlierwa x lxt Ir\ luu* Pul vet Jil Anjou, M m 1* 1 I'oii.ii e 1 1 mint , l« t Mrn .F H Snyder (>h Mit iud Mrs . K I . 1) >n 1st liUlTuiii K I THIIIIIHH N J ni k 1 -t 1 .air ge.*ni HI.IM.III 1 1st Mi- I 't-ter Uouiih - tHliiiu' Hiidsoii Jd , die l lal'iua n 1st Marti n ^il Duches s Ta i 111.1 0 -M Howell liniijzlitnliii*; l-l l a man J.I KiefTe r Minsliill .st In 1 mo ..' I... w r. 1,1 M r- I 1 1 lc M 1st. 1, .', I OIIOII.IH_'II Ma-i.i, 1st *s,. ( Kel Mrs I I 1 1 in 1 K< Moi -ioil l .'.1 Mieldon Mrs .1 II ' l)-lr„i,,i. r 1st Mrf I- 1 D .11 - I \ .r I'lilliimn 1st Mastin.M \ ,r ga 11 1 '1 I-ran k Nil.- I hath.n I ft M r- 1 II Sj ,„1 , r - 1 . l.-t . r \ 1 r..-\ In 11 W eut her w a \ l- f Mi- I s\ i ,i '.-r - M any ut In 1 re 1 \ Mar t in 1st 'l a I 11 ins ( iillei 11<»n Mra Pete i HoiiL-i laln,^ , N t hick- nrynu t lave r S H \ m< ,-nt Ghent, 1st, Mrn l< ihi rr N ii -hnli- J.I hn kory nut loal . Mrs 1 \i, t„,| M ] st II aiiKf I fi 11 ,«l Mi- ^ h-ifl liliiu.-r Mr- I 1* H \ieler-oi , J.| M r - I- rui.K Shufeil N lehols Jil MIL' ir Hiiested . !-l M i- I (.\ nt'T \1 ink i.-s Mi­ ls! I nt / II 1 1 1 rrick iloiij_'linnis Mrs 1 lark 1 Mrs I', IH ; H.,iiBh'alin) i Mr- 1 ,,irk Ni . I,. - ,-l f I .. >A t-r 1 ami. I I iii 1 .11 I r \ • i.i* K . 11, 1 -I M r I H tM n , • I la- Mr- li% nt K t Brown I Ht 'uli irn Is' ' '1 late loaf !-• Mrs ( ,ark '.V'S 1. - Marian I Haider Id 1 rank Hhufelt Gin nl J.I \ I . h n s 1st niller- \\ \ \ Mi­ ll I 11 ion Mi- \\ m {i I n-Hppir \i .l .r - I I a \ 1 . a 1 I , • -I j ,11111- M r M r. 1 \ llk.'11 -t 1- Ml- I 11 •a'.k - .rk N 1 1 ij.|.| 11 a 1 H ;i 11 fi 7 4 U) in 3 8 7 r. 7 3 d r 0 dr '.» 3 d r 10 d r 2.17 1-4, M..ste,, 1 • 1 rinan M I U I van. M it 1- II v . I- «en J. 1 si eil i - I Mrs HEARST AND LITTLE SON. pt'.'.'i^rltreess •Helen, 1 '-- naa &• rec­ ord, o f 2.05, but ff she did she did not show i t to good advantage , bein g distanced in the flrst heat. Judgin g fro n th e uproar in th e grandstand when th e tim e was announced for the first heat in this race, ther e was a decrepenc y of four o r five seco'd s betwee n the slop watche s in the grand stan i and the judge s stand The thir d heat howe\er showed up to goo d advantage, bein g made in 2 12 1-1 heating the track record which W.LS made, tw o year s ag o which wa s 2 12 1-2 Following is the summary Jerry B 111 Miss Syracuse 2 3 2 Luck y Buc k !> 2 3 Montan a Gir l 3 5 5 Miss Austin 4 4 4 Time 2.17 1-2. 2 15, 2 12 1-4 THFKSDAY Thursday , was a great day wit h continued perfect weather . The re­ ceipts were about $1,450, a grea t por­ tion of the crow d coming by rail. The traan events wer e all that could be desire d l>y even the sportin g fra­ ternity and three races were witness­ ed. THURSDAY'S RACES - In th e 2.17 class, purse 83(H)' ther e was a great contest, four heats wer e had and the n was postponed to the next day The summary of the four heats is as follows 2 17 CLASS\ Wild Wave . . 1 5 2 \ j Sam Dutch 9 t Key Note *> H Argosa Wilke- 8 2 Freshman .... 1 .7 4 Grace W i 6 \Larry X .J -? Time—2:18i, 2.194, s!:i8i &:15. - There were seven starters in .the 2.38- class and was of particular local Interest as Deckers Delia T 0 showed what Bhe could do with Jookey Gard­ ner in the Bulkv, The only fBiisOfr that she didn't win was ^because she I \didn't go fast enouglu -Thvr Summary follows: < .-.*•'-'*' The field was no larpe flint there was* some trouble iu getting the butight '' - away well together, but werewel.U I In handled by Starter Mill* The win- -n ner of the race was Tira«ly. a bujj;' stallion, entere 1 by Engine SrioW;-*^ of Enoxboro. Dossie 1 11 .11 \ \I. r-01 •ipi i-h\ -til** Viller*>../af J ssn,. e r ivt I'MII-S utile 111 rn 1 1 iw j ijo.iy.i-es, .••»!'ei 11011 of «>it*-riii<>liii.*i F 11 i\' r -t on i*nl Vet |, .11 <,f 0 ir tmmpkiti-, Al»*x llr-t on Turban squashes . H 5 1 2 6 8 4 6 7 4 Hilda B Axtellav David Rassi Clandee Belle Stanton HUvwmith MisH Shel on Loon Jim H Little Hen Time—2 lKj a 4 X 0 11 8 7 10 f. II 10 9 S 5 \. dr 10 II dr dig iisllt 'F p i>p »rs Mrt. E W \ssiiikl e IK* mi Kordhool t r -ipia-h* s nitll i fl ,ver I'l'fl s A Trai v 1st on cclle e ti.'li f a ''' »>l vT**, ti: 11-k'lie 1 '.1 s M r- \ ; e\ \»i -<-r l-t on . 1 r..n - Patri . k 11 * r * ' lit- ' on '.iivi-si head n| 1 an a • .Is**! I Kittl. Ghent l *-.t i>ii e'niee Mrs l'eii-r 11 • >n LTI >t >t 111 1 (jf. M II I - .11 ! -I 01, t II I 1 ,.e - ( . .1 .li- <r I lirlhu'i ! It,, I., rt \ 11 h .i • l-t Prune Mr- . 1 liailiaii i Mr - 1 . Jl .li . nt J .I I es ( ..lie. I \V. . - Mast , n l-t 1 .tlin '(linn i*.- t ..lie. tlon • t . Ma-nn Jd .oranjje --am 11* ( hat hum l-t , M rs .1 ('I a I ham .'. 1 1 .ear Y\ I >V -1, I J 1 <.ru|.e —t olleition of I\ ,, r in..re varirlies MaMen lHt \ga«aiu Ale\ Siti.rlst Maaten 2d I ri^'ht on atid < ntnulin MiHten Jd mi tmth ( mi • old . Mr s K L Dorr 1st Mis !(,,!. en NK 1 IOIH 2«1, Delawar e Mrs . 1 I , liorr 1st Alex Hiteer J.l Dian a Mr . K I. Dor r 1 HI Katon Maste n I si Empir e State , Gree n Mountain and Hartford , Mat<U*u 2d o n each , loua, 1 MrM •\• l'eterw MIT E I. Dorrlst Masten 2d . Ma s blackberries , I l-t Mi pea IS Mr- Mrs K IS- I lan \ , I, ,' - \*,.| 1- . '.I si 1 o. , Mr- \ l.err i* - MO 1 11 \i :. I. . k M 1- 1 \l ,L 'l|-*l|- M • >, Mr- U ;,, i , || l\ I ,, -el i ' al k Nle-li..'- I llat ha III J 1 skllikl. '-1 Mr M I s ( I a t k \i lla\ llam l J I Shurel t 1st I Drie d l-iuil ties Mrs M Anderson .' son 1st Mr- peal lies M t « S I H \n.iers . hlai k M rs 11, tl r Ml Ki -1 .M • - M Mi- r r i - Ki — n I K r k ^ , - \s HI 1 I r v ii >( r K It .e I I -'I,. h r aiilii_' !. t 1 . i|, lit id !lilili!'i lsl - I h. rnes •1 Mr- I tr 1 rr 1 '1 ' - M rt. 1 ar k I I I -, ,lll_'h \ 11 h-I. S rasp- 11 a \ 1 land ..I raspl-errei- \ 1, 11 - - - !-t Mr - I M i - nt'. l -i rne- 1 , ' -1 \1 is (.e o ' nI 1. kl» rue s Mr - -I Mi- (• s, km k|,. I .epluiit M rs 1- • -hllfel t _.t (,1-llliee- h\ - - I Mcs W 111 irra| e-. M 1- 1 rank II Vinlertsoii Jd 1 'i .lle. 1 ion 1 j v arie K issel 1. 11 ru h 1st h I apples I- H Aiide r 1.1-1 K |s-ellnirRh 'Jd I Kittle 11 hent, 1st n Jil raspherries Kisselburg h 1st rtpeucertown, 2d H Aadersn n Ut , received firat ou Isabella and 1 17J, 2 IS i 2 I9i ')' rt I! wurt/* I h irst o n tl- ler fir-t ., \. v% -et s Mrs I I l.eet s n SHIMI! \ I II oore's Diamond, Mrs. R. I, D >rr 1st, ^lastell 2d Moore's earlv Mrs Flovil Irank lat. Ma-te n -d Man, Sure r 2d Niagara Mrs I I l-orr 1st Ma-te n Jd I',a k 1 nKt..11 M r- Hovd hrati k 1-1 ti r 2d Mat-It 11 r.1'1 UP'I lirat mi It. tie. <-a N\ i.l.r Uisiilrtifl seed mid seei.n.1 on Am ner V^lleell Salem am i \ erii, line­ s', ordeii Mr s Floyd I lan k 1st -.n , err Jd any otiie r vatii-tv MH-CII l-t Mi s Kot.er t N lei o!s Jd (ieo Kisselburg h 2,1 pumpkins . • »« 1. oiiumir; iai, tr rr Anflef** son 2d foru . Mr- K Hkiukle 1st, Mrs iicci K i-selimrgh 2d Dll. v ' ollection is I.e.' K isst-l I u r -^h Havilan.l J,| Hii-hn.l 1 -t \|r AWARDS FARM PRODI ( \ Dairy—Dairy butter, M'l \\ m G Havllaiid Tia-hoke, lit . \. x Sitser 2d, dairy butter in no t '- S s then 5 pounds print*-, pn-, M s Haviland, 1st, Mn«. F K IIIKIII *?>. Castlelon 1st, three rh/e-e .1 H O-itrander 1st Mm. VI er Houirh- taling, Hudson, 2d. P -Q '-y cheese not less j;hao S pouwa, Fred H Anderson, Hollowvlllr) 2d Grain and 8eed/-Wheat. red winter, lallman Is/ wheat, white wtoter. Mrs. Cllnlin Miller, l-t, L Boland 2d, wheatAprinir, Tallmau 1st, rye, uprlng/E A. Johnson, Chatham, 1st, ri winter, Johnson 1st; T H Audafeon 41, oats loin; kernel, Mrs. Cl/tou U Miller, 1st. T H Anderso/2d ,oat8 short k Tiiel W W How / Old Chatham l*i Mrs Win. (/ Havi and 2.1; r >ut *k wheat, r-malt E B PeterM.m l-t. li H. Ao</ r \on 2d, t.uck wheat, Japanese, / P Pu ver, Grhent, 1 Tallmau hi birey, Tallnmn 1st, Mrs. Wi/ Q Haviland 2d; clover seed \v/W. Hi>*es l«t, timothy seed H/es l«r, C P. Pulver 2d Millet s *d. Howes let, beans, large marro/ Bo'ai .d 1st, beans, pea, Mrs. /in O. Haviland 1st; W W. How/ 2d; i.Baus, white kidney, T H /ders* n, 1st, Boland 2d; corn, old/ny variety, Mrs D . R. Genter. al Brid«e 1st, Mrs. Thomas ValHtleSd; corn whlte t Hie. k SbuMt, Chatham-latr Pat- H«rtlK'au,2d 5 cprn yellow #rows 12 Jrow?,.o6lleptiQn\r0rn early eetrcornj Ctorn'late,*. , BU tints won A:leic Bitter ;odrD ^'how : '' a <rdjrf, *lt li- | Dion* \rai-v I ^ a hit 1 first >ll •••.'1 . v . Ho w 0111 - tl r -t 1 Hi Ci ler-. Ilr-t i *n re d .,ni' FID I I'-s j \ |ip es ( oiled ion ii' • van. 1 ies, M rs ( tin j datie, 1st, L Holan.: • nter. 2nd , Baldwin , 1 v datie Nt, Mrs . Ll m .1 ' iiatham. 2nd , hell >\.-atherwax Humpli n v '.'.aire. ( hatha m Jil I ' iipin, <leorge T ( u'v - Weatherwax 2d H.ut'' * - it, Uoland st, Inmj h II -dson 2d , Esopus -<|.it/ I' - ve r lsl . Geo. T I'm*. !l ml w • I ha­ ll U tl In ! I1MM1 I I- 1 K anl. . 1 r\ 11 tidso n -h Hu- I 'ulver •nl.nrL ' 1 .her n toWes' .'. Fallawater, John Norm m < hat hen, 1st, Sitser, 2d rameuse . s .ir -er 1st, R. Moore, 2d (,i'liriow«r , W> herwax 1st, I^olaml 2d i.lori a Vundi, W. P. Masten. 1'le .v .ain Val- l.*v Golden Russett, E. H IVterson. sjuencertown, 1st, (iravenstein, Masten 1st, Holland Pippins, Sitser 1st Hubbardson, Sitser, 1st. Rav Minshell, Niverville, 2d lonahan Irvm g Pulver 1st, Weath .-rwax Jd lad> Weathewax 1st, (.eo. T l 'o- Cl 1.1 \ A R\ I. rea d Wheat, Mr s < lar k \ 1. h ol*. \alaiie lut Mr s I I I ( ol.uiu i.iieiit J.l corn , Mrs I'eter Hoimh laluiK. Hudson, 1st Mm Hubert Nichols Spencertown 2d Krabam , Mrs \rnol d Harris Nive.ville, 1 Ht Mrs Houtflitalin*; 2.1 ry e Mr s I'eter llouiihtallu*; 1st. Mr a Arnold Har ­ ris Jd raia.d 1 lf» ml. Mrs ( lark Nn hols 1st (.rac e Kittle (ihen t J.l. soda biscui t 1- II Anderson , HollouMlle 1st, Mrs P 1' Harder , I'nilmoirt. 2d rusk s Mabel Hush- nell ( hatha m 1st Mr s \\ -\\ Howe*., Ol d ( hatham 2d Pie—Apple. Mrs. \\ W Howes , 1st F H Anderson 2, mince , Mr s (TPO kmselburi-h , (.hent , 1st Mr s I-rank Hhufelt, Chatham 2d lemon , Mrs Rober t Nichols 1st, Mrs Peter Houtahn g 2d, Mrs Clar k Nichol s rt -eeived flint o u custar d berry and peaob.Mrs. Robert Nicholt j second ou cuatard . |F H Anderson second on peach an d tirst o n coeoanu t and pumpkin , Mrs ('lark Nichols second oneoroaout; Mn. Peter Houghta l ing second 00 pumpkin an d plum . Mrs Fran k Bbufelt first on prap e and o r mor e Mrs l-t Mr. \\ 111 (} aliR |>ph Mabe l I I I SI v -ler Jd . urrant s Mr- liank Miiilei! 1st Minn I nouns iilien i Jd plum s M rs .1 II < olmrii l-t M1- I- rank 1-tliufeit J.l ra -i-'-ernes Mr- U m I. Ilaviiam' l-t Mrs ire. . Kissel hurirh Jd ..-rafis Mrs I ran k -0111 felt 1st ii «• 1 kittl e J.l spi -e.l • uiraiit - M r- 11 V\ 1 -.iMnis 1st Mr k i—el I mr^-h Jd sptced tfrap (. U I minis i«t ,trs It, tnirj;n I Jam s H acklierr> i.ra.-t Kittl e l-t Mrs Clar k Nielnds. Jtl • nrraiit Mrs I* ran k Si hufelt 1st Mr s <ieo KiRHeltiurftb Jd erape Mrs (t \\ IOUIIS, l-t Mrs Fran k Shtifel t Jd I iei Mr. K is -el I. [>eacb, Mrs I.KI h issel ho r^b 1st, Mrs (1 \\ l.aituls 2d plum, Mrs I Frank Shufe .t 1st, Mra (. \\ l.oorais 2d Mrs Win (i Haviland won tirst 011 nlrawherry and rasp berry, and Mrs (<**o h mseihurgh won second Pickles — ( ollection Mrs Clark Nichols 1st, Mrn Win (; Haviland 2d. cauliflower, Mrs Woo (. Havi land 1st, Mrs. Frank Shufelt 2d onion, F H Arjdersou 1st. Mrs Robert Nichols 2d. peaches. Mrs. Frauk Shufelt 1st, Mrs. Clark Nich­ ols 2d peas. MTB . (Mark Nichols 1st, Mrs Frank 8hufelt 2d; beets, Mrs. S F Kittle Ut, Mrs Frank 8hnfelt 2d. mixed. Mrs. Robert Nichols 1st, Mrs. Frank Shufelt first on chow chow and sweet tomatoe, and Inez R Darriok second on cBow chow, and Mit Oeo. Kieselbur^b second Alexander, Mr. Robert Nicholas, apencertown, 1st; Masten 2d, Newton Pippin, E. D. Tracy, Chatham, lit, Masten 2d, North­ ern 8py.%;C-«or«e T Powell 3st. Mrs.C luton Miller, Uheut, 2d; Porter M.-u}ti8n^8t; GeoT. Powell 2d, .fi.-und;|f#>|^>iQeo. T. Powell 1st, MasterfM^iBiHui»,-W*6ten 1st, Bo land 2dJ|-i^riqd§!fl8land Greening, Masten irt£jo'HJ&Gorman 2d; Eich- ardB graft^^i T. Powell 1st, .Weatber'«-»ks;ad;r-* Roxbor)' russett. plum , Mrs Robert Nichols well 2d,Longfield, Geo. T. Powell; second on grapje; Mra W W. Hawes, „„ M , t „ m t „ ,,, . VTl . , 1st. MaidenBlnsh, Patrick Harlan Arst on chocolate; Grace Kittle flrst ZllTJ^f^l H Ghent, 1st, E.LB. Peterson 2d . on cream. Mra. Peter Hou K btallng ^ ™ 'T^f BOU /°°<»>^ ' second, orange. Mr». Robert Nichols ber.and Mra. Frank Shufelt, second, 1st, Mrs. Frank Ht|oMt flrst on cur- 1 8W6 *J o u «»»»»er. Mr. Fran k Shufelt rant, cherry and pieplant; Grace l8t ' Mr8 ' Augustus Miller 2d pickled Kittle second on enrrant, pieplant I ?- eppe^8, Mra An K U8t » 8 Miller 1st, and flrst on whortleberries. Cake—Mrs. Irving Kittle, Chat­ ham, first on fruit; Mrs. Peter Honghtallnp first on pound; Mrs. W. E. Brown firat on sponge, Mar­ ian Huested, Chatham, second; jelly, Mrs. Peter Honghtaling lit, Mrs. Frank Shnfelt 3d; marble, Mabel Bushnell Ut, Mrs. W. £. Brdwii 2d chocolate layer, Anna- E. Mickle, _, Chatbwft,, Ut. BBar.-Clark Niohols U^to ^tl^r^hi ^^uVQW' fl 8 Wen Mariain Hueated 1st. m » •„itt%E^^fe*£ , V:'.V,:V»'^. r, »r— «• »- ot—*•-»' - «-«- -• - — •• » i - tfiJil v,.v ,^-.w • T . ^WatenatceiOhfiDt, itrst to <W T. P'.w^li~^^Ked;:;.Bii»ttg.a«lm Mrs. Prank Shufelt- 2dt cASoatmtf --T n ^presenting jneohanical, pic .MasWii Ui'^Qk!3oh ; u Ml-Netfe'Chat- ayer, Mrs. .\lfred Palte, Ghent, 1st, ...... ^^&m $T«- .-ivv,^. - .... HatUe S. Grlswold, .CEkthani, '2d; Mrs- Robert Nichols 2d; beans. Mrs. Frank Shufelt Ut, Mrs. Geo. Klfleel burg 2d; chili sauce, Mabel C Rey nolds, Kayvllle, 1st. Mrs. Geo. KJs- eelburg 2d; grape catsup, Mrs. Augustus. Miller 1st, Mrs. Frank Shnfelt 2d. ' SCHOOL WORK. Chatham Hig h School first on drawing, English,. Kindergarten ijrork and'inap of New York State, .toral and, decorative, Jbest set of geo­ metrical drawing?, map of United lemon Jayer, > JBtattle GrWold 1st; States, not less than 12 inches in orange .layer, Mrs . Bobert Nichols I ^-f* 11 . and 18 inches in length, \ HatUe Grtswold 2d; wMteioaf, - (Coiatlnued on page-iour.)

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