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J. WAlft -ACI DARROW* Epiyog |^MPgfeo^P^ SxTBsmiPrioii'PRICE, %L60 SATURDAY. JULY 14, 1906. Humor in Congress. £_ : It Often Turns Toward Poet­ ical Effusions of a Sort. Quotations From Some o£ the Jingle * Presented Doting the Closing Days of the Session-One WayReptesent- atives Gain a \Reputation For Class­ ical Education. Washington, D. 0.. July 10-It Is no unusual thing for members of oongreas to Intersperse their . speeches on the floor or tne senate and house with poetical quotations Especially is this true in set speeches, most of which are never delivered, but which are incorpor­ ated in tbo Congressional Becord that they may later be printed in pamphlet form and distributed to admiring constituents. A few apt quotatiuos.frooi the ilaesics, either English or other, is well calculated to impress toe aforesaid, admiring constituents with the Idea that his senator or memoer is erudite and familiar with the poets of all ages The books of reference and com pit ations of quotations come in very handy on such occasions and at the expense of a little time and trouble a member can work up a first class reputation as a scholar. Oucaslonally a member of the house—it is not often done in the senate—will work off on his collea­ gues some more or less original alleged poetry. Sometimes It is very gooa and at others quite the ever*) C h i closing hours of congress were marked with the appearance of many such effusions. Representative Gushman of Wash­ ington, whose reputation as a wit is second to none in the bouse, in the course of a political speech * read some poe'try which he said should be dedicated to the demo­ cratic party, or at least £0 Bereaen- tative Cockran, of New York, \who is its orator and prophet.\ The lines he read were: '. Alio AHBp-trifli nialariai'gfoom;\~~~' '-its gardens are Sera, and its -forests are drear. And eveiyirhere moldera a tomb. Keep out of the past, it is lonely . And barren and bleak to the view, Its fires have grown cold, Its stones are old; Turn—turn to the present, the new. , Today leads you up to th,e, hilltops That are kissed by the radiant sun; Today shows no tomb, life's hopesure in bloom, And today holds a prize to be won.\ This caused Representative Gaines to come back at Mr. Gush- man with a rfainty little piece of poetry, wjjioh he attributed to one or bis constituents, entitled \ When \Ereeze.ireeze oh, bitter sky 1. •• That dost not bite so nigh <~*\'AB benefitSTbrgot; Though thou the waters warp, The sting is not so sharp . As .friends remembered not.\ This effusion appears to be orlg iDal with Mr- Heflin but the next) is not. Referring to his charge that the republicans had talled\to\lay i ] the hand of destruction updn the trusta that corrupt the electorate of the country and rob the people, Mr. Heflin said - \You have, turned-your tbundar|. - - into showers of gold, -whose silent courtship wins securer joys, taints by degrees and ruins' without noise.\ WIIliam_Wolff Smith \changing the last four of tnem, It can be -made mast applicable' to ' most any old thing; Tney read: Thin theBempcraticparty'vi^by&affi •-x/.ra\inct-:tliis couhfrvnot worth'a'tf^ii'l'' '^i ~~ ''When the lion eats grass like an ox, And the fiahworm swallows the whale; When the. terrapin knits woolen socks, And the hare is outrun by the\ snail; •When the serpents walk upright like men, And doodle bugs travel like frogs; When the grasshopper feeds on the hen, And feathers are found on hogs; When Thomas cats swim in the air, And elephants roost upon trees; When insects m summer are rare, And snuff'never makes people sneeze: When the fish creep over dry land, • And mulfia on velocipedes ride; ^When foxes lay eggs in the sand, And women in dress take no pride. When Dutchmen no longer drink beer, • And girls get to preaching on time; When the hilly goat butts from the rear, _\' Add treason no longer is crime; When, the humming bird brays like an •r t Aridf limburger smellalike cologne;^? ' _ ^tYhen plowshares are made out of:'glassy \ >'Apd hearts of Tennessecans^arestpriijr ] jTVJben^ense grows m R^p'ublicajl'lwads, '' a^ad 'i 'nuul-uii the hydraulic rkm|' r n/l '\\ VALATISL Mts. J K. Fotherinetham and daughter, of Tarrytown, are guests at the Methodist parsonage Benjamin Williams is now work­ ing behind the counter in the store conducted by his brother, Myron F. W. Smith and Miss Mary P. Pulvor, of Bridgeport, Oonn., have been auesrS\ of Miss Anna Mesick, Mrs*. J. M. Gillette has been entertaining her sister, Mrs. L. H Lent, of MiddtetowD The baseball game in this village on July 4, between a local nine and a team frpm North Chatham, resulted in a tie, 3 to 3. Albert Gallan has gone to spend a few weeks of camp life on tne sboies of Catlio lake, in the Adirondacks. Peter Williams and Miss Clara M, Van Zandt, both o* Valatie were united in marriage at tne Lutheran parsonage on 8unday evening. Three hundred and sixty one excursion tickets to Electrio Park were sold at the depot on July 4. a higher number than on any similar holiday in former years. At the meeting of the Lafayette Engine company, last Saturday night, Abram Misted'was ejected a delegate to attend the State Fire­ men's convention in Jamestown, next month. U. El Garvin claims $81 for dam- Miss Lucy While IB entertaining her friend Miss Luoie Howe^of-;ltt. 1 sewer in Mecnaplc street. A'large number of friends'and relatives were present at a birthday party given 00 the Fourth of July by Miss Loretta Dunn. A dellgbtui luncheon was served and the > latterNew was presented with some handsome' gifts. Tbe new Catholic church will be constructed by Simmons and Hester of Hudson Warsaw bluestone will be tne material used, in the con sttnetion, and the edifice when com plete.d, Including all furnishing will cost about $H,000. One of the officers elected by the Columbia Uountv Veterans' associa­ tion last week was John H. Miller, of Valatie G> A. B. post, who was chosen fourth vice-president Tbe contract for furnishing the been awarded to the Eureka Fire Hose company, of New York $lty. The brand is the \U. 8. Mill Fire Hose.\ and will coat 49 cents, per foot Sealed proposals 'were re­ ceived from twelve firms Tne following elective and ap pointlve officers of Valatie lodge No. 115. I O. O. F, were installed on Monday evening, by District Deputy Grand Master Kline, of German'town N. G., G. G. Whit- beck V. G., 3.. B. Healey; secre­ tary, B. Howe; treasurer, Spencer Bnckefeller R. &- to N.*G., H. B: Hicks; U a toKT- G-, J. T. Den\» Dis;. warden, T 5 J. Mixted 1 ; conduc­ tor, Frank Bossman; R.' sr~'\B.' Martin Schermerhoraj- h. Frank Walkerri'G^Uenry Gfliette O. G. Abrata Mlxted;.-chaplain. O.' Hr Seeker; iL' B--tp^r&y Thomas; BurneJ^j Jj. H. to 5£. G, JosepV;l4 ?pshdt5^% j v . 9 ; . ( , ^i^\i^^^^xm^oi f $ the.» New in\ CahfenlH!)hl6j<*4xfcb«t6ber,', •. - jroinifc^Tiuii'. o»o»o *oS6»6 ^'o »^6W ^o^oHoXO«o^ ft pinshlBg ttic ^'.vUK y ,Q ^'E^oo'^Jilao m . Proudly to crowii UWttouO ^oJr 'iiSiSiS^^ RU B jttno •wM»rt^;«i ^^5s Te como again with JoM.^^t'gpira ^iBjjfr^- Grandly ye meet the sweet now. eninm^f ,;'S^s? And greet the earth with yotipa ^ia'iblooB^r Long hive I w«t<ft<!d-y« Woomtd ^luVa ^KT^- - Se^aa nweetl Uncle William Shaver cefepTrated his 92d biitbday Tburaday/^^ Dr. Wbitbeck, of New Yoj^vhas been visiting Stephen Becker .V 1 ^' Mr and,' Mrs Jamaica, are guests at Mrs, Oornie T?ulVeivoi ? '\Bell'si Mr. Hewitt of the Miyn^jBe' been appointed- aptihg'^i or tracka-for the Ohatbaw'BeHn^rffgi ton division of the BiitiahdTroacl owing to the illness of Mr. Ladeau. Reformed Church. . - _uxs .-,vi-'. J .%^'5- (! ^ Usual service at 10.30 a. in ; and, the annual offeribg^fof'Arabian Missions will be .taken;-\ ' r '•' Union service at the'LufchefaD cnurob tomorrow evening. . Methodist Church. 4 The last sermotf in„the'cdurHa,on | \The Model PrajM *\'^ill DO gjven\;i Sunday mornln'g,' t sub 'jtfctt p ':ljead 1 us not into Temptatloni/',. The regular mDntbly -meotibg ol Epworth League after prayer meet I OK Thursday evening. -cttf-yesfsnlay.. Lullierei-.'Ghutclj, *L jscr-iber \\at pr^sgnt,** it ^j^C^ mipme^TcUWmnW eWni6ltyou \to\ subscribe on aP *shQrfc' / term proposition. Kindly- look it through\ careliiliy.'-^* Note\ the tovra corresp'oil^V.i.;' commenoinp; with Yountj People's out^d&or .setvice at\ 1 o'clock, led by, X>r. Xieggett, .'Xaplc. ''True ^iendship.-f V JProv. ,19 ;24,r; aqho 43':84z!,\|tev. F. H«- Demfog wlllf preaoh^tthe.rpgulai:service at-7.45. jdence we carry. Read 4 the Theme/^'Stumblinpr Blocks.\ .BeinemBarthefregnlar prayer ser 'j viceThursday evening nt 7.46 O'clock. •\ Mrs. hurdlck, Uonn., naa been Shaver's of Bridgeport), visiting at ffm. Mrs. Alger Powell, of New 'Sp^fe,: is a guest of lier father, 0;'- H Hi Mason. v \ —• ^ «>». Tbe Woodmen will initiate three candidates next Wednesday eventtgrJ Refreshments will be served. Dr W. B. Starks comes out'lj^ti new Moyer tf physician's aty|ei', carriage, purchased yesterdayVpt Bailey & Tracy. jtS^ m \ iva '\ c- Druggist .Fellows, wife .^and daughter and Miss Anna Muzzoy. leave today for a two weeks' camp, at Copake Lake. . ,i&$f S. I. Hueated'-waw BpHttftig w'^. when the axe caught on a ^ffre clothes line, rebounded and made, quite a wound on his head. -.'M3t<- • —•— * 'm. Dr Moshler, of-Albany was called on Wednesday in consultation* with\ Dra..- Maxoh Sr^-and' ft:,, 'for Da H|il ATBgell, who ls;critic>iiy ill. ind'^Mr. iaod Mrs. 3 ^ John,, Way, ojt Yd'nkera, were recent RUesta oi;'Mr ?j and Mrs. Way on Kinderh6pk8tjeet| Rev. E. G, Moora Browne of- Sork Conference, v has be6n app Dinted Pastor of A. M. E. ohtircb here for^this cpfiterence year. ' Roy Malr > rT ,\BryOTngrnTan ^n employ of Mr. Taylor onjjbe tloge boom farm, met with qultea serloue accident Wednesday by having, one »ide of his face blown full of pov/der\ ^5 tbe prematnr'e explosion ol shell that he was putting in breecbloading shot gun. His right li-rind was also quite badly burned 1 y tbe charge. Tbe Boston-New York faat freights are getting to be one of the most valuable features of tbe rail riad business. The train,north and eaBt last Friday night 'had '51 inadod cars. One train recer)Uy bad 19 cars of bananas all consigned to one Boston fruit firm. As each car c>r>talred 15 tons of the fruit, they must eat banana sandwiohes with baked beans. Chatham is. sorting to be more of a railroad center every day. It b»s oven cotton so that tho side tracks are not long enough. Re- cectly a car tram tho 8oo->llne •got on tbe air line a car length or TBO toward the Iowa.- clockand a fevv days ago a car started off the sid­ ing aoross the roadway and touohf ing a Kih'derhook' street garden line. Let'em come; there's lots pf grp.uh'd in-Ohatham. Mrs. Robert- Swift has Bold hei residence 00 tbe corner of Washing­ ton Avenue and Hoffman streets to Mrs.' Gopdwin who will occupy it Serit. 1st. - An up-to date tennis oourt, per­ fect in all conditions, has been coneturcted, by Mr. Underwood in the rear of his residence on Hud­ son avenue. Mr- and Mrs. a. E. Tracy, George McOlellan and O. E A brains left this morniue in Mr. Traoy's auto­ mobile for Saratoga where they will spent Sunday, It will do your eyes good to look upon the vegetsble-andJJower gar­ den of J. W. Bortght on Hudson Ave. We'll put It against anything of the kind in the county. Prot Frank H. Wood, Chief of Inspection Division State Education Department, is enjoying^his annual mld-a.°ummer'vacation on his farm east of this village. . , The Hudson River Telephone Co. bave t be «D 'distributing new direc­ tories this week acd\ gathering up phones in.the Chatham exchange. Chatham ; grange .will meet Monday ^evening and there yill he an.^^^e8tifip;.rprpgranime with rcfresb^mentBt'li^wiil pjfpBably rain as \ usuw^lff&ia^ey'enljQS^ but the: tneetlng wiu!h%4elc}.i^ .-^a- «: terj: of ^'eCRu&nS ^foa/.'wrii' ,be sen'tJ there'-foi'JtUoAworkft^vf,.^-% Ll ;Mis§:»BeBs'{a'Kraf£Ky)»h6Vr'recBnliy.| Lastl ?rlday .MiB8' Jones organised for some ^oi her younger pupils,a fMendeissobtt, Music club to me«t ^oothy^he Wlowing ofQcers were |i«cted:^«en Gorman, president Settle Gieeny vice president!. J Ones <£ Wotfd ;>B ^retaty;A.gi »i8SouleBi' ^gwy^r^^wdjteji^erj^ »e1hrfBe:6Iuh.',is' ^omppaeis and give Jfeals,and recitals.' -7 _ Uommerclar Departaifirii xif. iJuiiinesaiOourSe of the Chatham sciw|tis'\proving a valuable feature foriioysjand girls vrho are obliged tOj -jpJst ^their education athome:. ProfV^riaklne has received six re­ fill first has not grwiuatee',.enough to meet tho de /^tJd'rBere ia certainly a grand opob'^nity,. for younn men ln- thli? (Section to fit themselves for luciaitv'e pusineas positions in their. qd#W\fo!r;young men to cll^^Slfeons' but he Off F.or a, Grand Trip.. VMrs>« it} 'T, Wheeler,; Mrs. Ada BTamm-and Miss Bessie BainJeftjan. the -night boat from Albany last Thursday with Mrs. Abbott's party tor New York and Philadelphia, On Friday they sailed for Europe on 8 -A4neriean41ae -9teamerFrterfnntr: |l)urlng the - remainder of July the places to be visited are Liverpool, Lincoln. Ely, Petersborougb, Cam bridge, ana London. In August, Bouen. Paris, Gologne, river Rhine to Mayence. Heidelberg, Lucerne by way of Basle, St. Go ^bard to Milan, Venice, Padua and BolQgna Florence, Rome, Naples. Sundays will be spent at London, Paris, Heidelberg, Venice, Florence and Rome. The return will be made on tbe Prince Albert, of tbe Ham burgh-American line, arriving in N»w York September 22. Hctrse Rears and Comes Down in Automobile. Last Tuesday afternoon W. L Decker and sister of Red Rock weie driving to Chatham and were passed by an automobile on the Paynvllie road near the junction of Locust and Spring streets. Tbe autolst started up Locust St. hill in front of 0. J. Wood's residence, stopped and commenced to baok bis machine to turn into Spring street. Mr. Decker was not anticipating any movement of this kind, stopped, but the auto did not Tho machine backed toward the horse which frightened tbe animal and it sprang up the bank,overturnlng the wagon and threw the occupants out The horse reared and came down on top of the automobile. One-of—the occupants of the automobile in the rear-peat, a young Jady, spring out and one wheeV pr ^.&e ^'ln'ac^ip .e Usuries E. -Snyder and Mfo, of LaKewood. N. J , have been visit, ing at the home of his parents, Mr. and Mrs M Snvder. W. B. Hand and daughter, Annie Belle, or Hudson, were recent nuests at tbe parsonage. Boy Hovey and Normah Michael, of Pittsfleld, and Mr. and Mrs. George Miller, of apnngfleld, spent the Fourth -with Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Miller. The fair held on the church grounds tne fourth was a deolded success, the proceeds amounting to- $116. Mrs. G. Scutt was called to Glen- dale, Mass., on Tuesday, by the Berlous illness of her niece. P. Aken and family, of Philtnont,. [*pent \Saturday ,a'nd Sunday at the*; home otF. E> Silobael. sly I -$U9B &i*$e- Deckefcib 'rnf8e ^-one br her kpees v Dadly. Jihe 'autdnfobfle hel6nffed46-a-Mr.-&JWaTa^TfPrt^ denceyB. I. -It was a very care- leess exhibition of an Inexperienced driver operating an automopila. rarDUUioor. Mrs. Geo. H< Brown is-suflering from an affection of the eyes. bome ; sohool. TJ |B ^Bog«<r^GrJlley, oongeTt. jvas byj ^fie«n8;i«-.weH attended as4* de &rTedtolhi^, Unfler the-*a^rW]^oiae?£ero. street .piano^ l ^cum .Btiii obllMitf^nd^elght train aeoom pa^TmenaY.-wb/iotf interrupted, 'the progYimnie^verai '.tlmee ^during tb «^l^enlng ,;;th 'ey nevertheless suo\-' c^M^jn ^rMeiftlnera mosteoj'oyr abreo^pgramme. Only the highest cOm^mendatlou'-can be given these af|i«*i?an8dt^ : they, ever; con »ent ioflMme^is^.way again we tthsi thej ^iy/iedelVe a more auspicious weioome;^:'^ - FyiTMlranr'- .Co ^T 'C * !?dofcf6M^-CS*ge. presideht'of the With am exchange. l^^SSsm^^^ii^i^'. Hv)ngM6aurWo6 - ^n^rfeaDer(feMl ,Vefli'i^!r'^i%5 .'«%?»W 0 «\W«»'<^' ofc-toi«%\&'22.*omp«nle8 % W^ Miss Alice. L, Morreil entertained the Thimble club at her home* on Wednesday afternoon. Marfton Van Bchaaok aud family, of Ohreago, are vlaltlhg air their.old Mrs^ 1 \John Eaton ..js entertainjng her sister., Mrs.* Geo. Fi'nk*ie, .of Th\e\niariy warm\ friends In this' village of Mrs. Unas. Frlsb.ee. -Jr.-, : of|. :'8l.uyvesant ; Fallti,,- are.yerjti pleaeod Jo hear she 'is recovering from 'Tier recent severe -Ulnees.' thls. place. Frank Palinet family hgve leturnj'^difripta their vacation which «aa'*ap|s't''at Lnke tt'np\ A'numbei of ttie,employes of the Kin^erbdoi: ^nItting.Go.,. f ^re en- 3dylngj;^;^eei^-^c»tfon. : JJ^tepheB^affneyrwhO; was struck *IU Tiii«¥iay.'by i Y a01-A.fiand k». car aniJreceived.q.ultei ?BeV4^ i«i''recd.ve£in'g,'-. \ '\fk' i^^ard^an^alkenburgU'f ^rid interesting miscellany, the general news, the' county- news on the first page and \Uncle Jonathan's Letter\- an occagtoifal feature writ-** ten only for the Courier. Our proposition is to send to you the Semi-weekly Courier (Wednesdays and Satur-_ days) every week from now until Oct. 1 for two DIMES. Thus you will have all the county news twice a week- for 24 issues at about ONE CENT per copy. Slip two dimes in a carfully sealed, strong envelope, with your • name and address. We'll do the rest. , MARTINI)ALE. spe'ndir pmUh*? 1 Mrs \\ OlmsleaH* 'atfd ^'daughler,* Hiss Lliszle, are both' 'Etfll trj very- poor health and confln°d to the house.. Mrs. G. A*- Hamilton, of Boguto^ K. J , has been spending a few' days at her brother^, W. B. Preston. Patrick Daley, who has been on the slbk list the past two weeks, is. now abie'to be out, -but not strong enough to yet take up his work at the ,N. Y. N, H. & Hi R. freight office'.* • ... been S-Mias Pearl. Burrows ^as vJaiting bee sister in Nortt montu-———~ 'Haxon Bemls, of Milldale, Oonn.^ spent last\! week with, his brother,,' SathneL Mr. and Mrs. Gbas. Bemls have- returned to their home in Plantsvllle alter' baying spent four weeks witk his'son.Sam'uJbl. 'Miss Jennie Jenkins arid Mrs/ Harvey Hbwea and son, of Plttalield. are visiting at 1). H. Jenkins'. David Bemia had a narrow escape JBefotaJTier marriage, Mrs. Frisbee waB .'liiss Harriet'Van AlBiyne'o«fr°'n death Tuesday while raking hay. A pole broke throwing b'toi under the horse:. laiLDamLLz. Ohas. Miller and. bride retutnetfs from their Wedding- tour last .weelcA' r Bev. Mr. Huntejf.Tof Sangertle'a, was.in town Saturdayjuadj^un^iyI._S r 3^ ;jklt- Jtnd-4ara—PnrmentOT*of ^Newn ^-N .Yorkj are .s^penalnYan^r^acaiibn,' with Mrs, D. 1 Match\. ; \ \

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