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Chatham semi-weekly courier. (Chatham, Col[umbia] Co[unty], N.Y.) 1903-1907, March 10, 1906, Image 2

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''An^hla'name. was Silver jlm, • «' 5 , fee'; J liaan't,''atiy bodyv An*SreT.hJ0th^t any flbnfljf*'' ' ; • He had -a little arm, • ' * >,„••', - v .._._ 7 And 'he had -a Jittle /wiliky And little pointed fingers,, - , That couldn't make ,u fist He bought me new potatoje^ ';•.,-•''§ And every kind of m«tf,» i' \And all the different sort'g ;oI^pie%a That any one. could eat. But ail the time J-had hinv.. A dozen years, I think.- [' The saucy little rascal . Would never fetch, a -ttrihfcv*'' —St. Nicholas;' AN EXERCISE IN J?RONOKCiA^ \month - :ii£WrKiitf «wi- v^^aSLVi*.- Tjtie fbllowing- of composition u^pon the could, read and pjronoufi^ieye^^ord- corr'ectly. The 'booi£twa§^o^rarrie > d off, however; asjtwel^e^^^h'^iywfisi' number of mis&ke^^ : itoeVp\r6nuncia^ tion\ \made? v\A ^S^ojj Belial; \r&o{'^^df^^;^Bmehitisg- having ahaoBte&'^^i^&fi^'-la^t^l der to ipa&^iSa^tUe^el^^liesol^i^' to ally; ^tmselOovJa; cj&nely,' lel^ent,. .Cfenca'sian'/race: HHe» accord ingly/'pur- . Ato./g^,.^;.;»AV^V;\>i'.'f•*'->-'\'''''21 'ihen-add ^m^Ss^l&^^^^^l^i «<v^^tamei^;'4n6^^d^ec^n|;; a? y engaged th'e > -he;ad;.walter r as'a-c6ajutOTv • ,^^b^4t^^jB.a:'Wl^eg^t>tie * }//Inv'itftig£ttie£.ifa^ a v iaailnee N - V -'ShWrevolteil ^thjth^e^i'd'ea,..T,efus'ed/ to. t^cpjislSeX\^ - .^.-jsirea^a'na\ .^jo^^j^l^^bt^i^j^ \* carbine' anS hbw.ie/kn'ife,'saHlfiSat he would not now forge* fe'ttSrs.nymeneal •with the -queen, went to J^'isofated spot,, severed., fil^ Jugular yein/and'-di?' , .charged -jthe •«bnt&^/of^ s t&e^^hihe 'Into his abdoSeSFTkB^feTTs^was-re- moved by the coroner.\ :^ _ ; \ ' FROtJS IN\ HAWAII?\ \ ~\lt is gratifying, says lh©j Boston. ' Transcript, j;o, hear, that jha^'mporta-, , * \tipn^of \frogs'into^Ure fea^aSanffal- andsThas proved-to-be-a-success::^The islands'^had ib frogs',' :.they/ needed' - . them^iaid the aemahd.hasSnally^cre- ated^_at;home supply._ According to ' - the- repqitgpf' the- Fish Commisllcnv the 'frogs'arej,multiplyins, -and it'may' soon be. profitable to'-catch-'them.for' It was^>not^^e .^rigiiiaViv'jiuipose,' howeverv to eaftthe^ frogs, but to give .. ihem^chiikceitb^ aot .desirableylbSiay'bjaround....A^r^ _tatn worm* 1ii'f^^<jfex^aayj()r^l%e in or about ; the.rpMrs^andj ff pattie'of' sheep s^lowedp^^e^i^e^'jii^y to dTe.- \ \\\^ frogs, some of the frogs f^^8«\TJ^t^&ta|e^!^J» \_-.- ithe^lslandsrits declared'-?Tvaxi;ipnvitIie 'The. frogs^are THOWL y^^^enp|clat|; v ,'tered. -oyerj * ; aU/, ( the^isl,ands-Ja^^aife ^'-iectsjl: tieji\ are''fe^uclng^Alie^ttu^mDig^ . -'flocks ta/'aJm^^fi^'^^Sl^r natives say* it i is x 'g'bbo!'^to'.li^!e' • 1 ' L ''--'' •. around, aiM^th^are^ad»}hl fjdlows .h'^ve 1 laken^sa^'kindly'i ty^A-e-ipo tt^Am!h&t$ R ^ _ ^HA\T7R^TH , This ; roie,;never?faiis!for anfages up •^6'?1005^Qcj.^I^n&5pf 10 ; a - cipher. , ho.^cqunt Is 'taken, of \this. :|;GAMJB J: ,OP ?.OftTRAIT3. ' ^i.pne^ofisjhe favorite, games^>in ;Pr^b^is-;calleav\Eortralt? t ' ,,: ' A mem-' ^^^'^ot'ithe^p'artyi leaves,'the room,. •^.llo.ithif;Ottiersi choc&e, the^ame..of.- *spmeo'n|.\they J -ail^k^qw., The--person^ • on/'his Vehirn Ijas ^to,-guess,.the,.name selected', and asks-qsestions, ,tp -which •^the^assembiy ^answers. &U^ejLy.ea.o'r;\ J inbT- •-{•; -' - .^Fbr itistnnce: \Is it arman^?—No.-jA- -woman'?—Yes. Is'she'inarfied?—No.\ • Have 'If^e'ea^her 'tbda^r?—Yes. u ' Has\ 1 she. fair \-'fhair-?—No ' Da'rk?.—No.- ^Red rr-Yss. -jlai-she \pretty?-4Jf '-^the- *''{E&is game:Of^n-.-causes\amushig--inVq cjdents, Wt .before, asking,, whether ';fii0\TSdV i§ t yo.ung\Tor lt old ,the,T).layer- ishould^scGrtain-wSelhepSheji^n^-Wiej it- dlfflcalt'lbi'\ miha x gu4ss? f - ^' r \-^ \ - >,.,.>.\!.•»&.-' f ,-'''«'''' •!>tv- --i JLTHB JSTORY- OP''ROBIN' AIDJSSILJ 1 '' , Tjisifed. by a c'eletiratea>''slnge^. '-I'Tlie' \ia^dy'.' was asked';.,toj£Ujg,i,aaa..seatlng '-ner^elf'-^rih^^i'an^ah^jAegan^^ !£eau%ul,/baila^ \Sh¥*liad- ,h^j^k^g^tb^r«? ^X-S ,hand;l \^'^of };-and, stbrmyj>tropipp sky^Btiaaed 5 tBcar'fOh'it t^r4readful> anxie^riKtf ••. a! Vsportsmaii. wSo -is-^abiquj;,tQi«^ne6J a_j jlady .ft?^end v o.f'his and.wjio, tries! his,' [brainy. .in, ^^derln^j' ^hliai ,.one Such a- man-naturally.igai»s jleager^ rami^%^^to^r^TCBM^ a spcKteiHHe has'huri'dr^s^anS^unaredg flit«;i>air^? cias4ed:'dn 'cases' like^^hbats; , tn a IjbrarXi - ^ie-seaso^''.^e'.weath'er > , '| • ^Is.r ^^ihgs,..cgay^or y saH£ : >bis)^te^3 he., jtaice^: itttp^'^^^i^j^pb^ro; ^naSiijg.chpice.jOfja^pal^^ -•^AnoSaei' hpbDy^hl^ -affects £many/ .Parisian' dandies'j5onsistis(i^llwearing ; canno€ •be'lnciuded'-'iii\' the'\' : v Small.'femaleifiguTe's^h^adW''M files ^'cOHental -goddesses.ij with'-.ojal or^tbpaz^Weyp^ying^jSQiidlCTiels, chased; bnAgrfeen ,^(l,dr;pr seyen^eafled/h^a'ras,;- \> with; -precious jstbnes.r ^ofl djffere'nt'j gance 'or*.thesel.^ebVrmCT^i^^*' auTres /p^'ciblo^i'cat* knowledge^ €b: elegatttly^manipiiiate^^ai^lki^ tT6 -insure^a'ving-fe stock '.Teaayiifor ^^nd^muchsflne 5, gbid^;5.Stack.^\ of; Ifciisj his^laan'sjlittt^p/prb^Hl^^gse^ - sticlis, Wft^^^yTcbl^ev^f^tfe^ ._ - . ->s >n r^ a ^'^*^\' t ^^eialilreLIie^«ailsJ r.oom-or not, so- as'tp-ayoid ]>iitUng. \ck>nnb2sVeurl%t'€rusted:'Taiue Wth'eT people iatm awkward situaapn, ; .Som^ ^on^'oF^fe^atS in'^Qme'tt'stancesJ U\ 18 * ^ party choses-the'.pgrspn.. .so ^aSore ^W* toW^.a3aas*ffla^iba%: i •outslde^to PprtrilSr which maXeit itheir-choicels*accepWV-wfthout'WaJ [lauestton i ^u£'as; 1 a:Cirnle|./tBe)/^ ' •Terribly^, Jarringf' np^esjcaaj.b'e'j.'prci', 'diiced, wien. a -jigakin umb'reHa\xrbpkl !s_placedlin juxtapositloTn *wfth a. form ,is%s ,^te^m^^^e^ca^I^gjw^'^'ii».'| U;ibematiCe'h ! aSa'le:'^lU^a%^n&^ Jfles jtea^finjithjej scaft^ibtisIMsbaaee). :6i ! ^eajih'tg^uclis rasKth^^^^fiffieti ighei^ajjialSngiwi^ :^c*^^|at:murd § ^jh«^p^^ „„„ w -. v .. v ,,., < .^^^^,.,-.,-.. lc . ..... .... ... «. .-^ggMjjrt ?^T.^'^V.rfr!iiSVa«4^^^^ that sHgit; ;'cOT'n^^'53sf^ei^ri£TO^'ifltG^^ .cat^tbiefi^s^Jol-^a^^i^TO^Il^ii '•l^ewVYorlc''Su'HC&'8^ |ffi;^?b)i^atpi^|agp^e^ In%d^uate.:pr.otectlon , ^ ^jrroin •>lt\1vThe~poltce'^;evetyw,here ; flrf' ampp8rible^o'\ke\eptlnt^^^ t^V*lS6'nW5i'iWStBW«r^a'nil^ . >J.J nM | n »,ltinv -^v«»* . .tfiwr i ••hnT If-' ifi ; l > fromx|0Oft^O'.O^p^ I »«^rb^^g'fyliO^B«^^iS^ropp^ ? •; %aangffils^f^bmt^^^ '\*\\\\~^ ' '\' 'Mji^ani'facyri'g^eite^i^^^ ^oaernianethoo^iiot-r'^^ramiti^ay may.apld'..tegether5.tpr;^cp5.?|^ ^SoKlcfeSelfe^a^S^ ^d^^r^edjp^ty^i^as, '«# >4be^WasttngtoniSta^ ^few tfhw&h byjf^^^r^ig^Smte^f^the; ajreragg-ftn-) an-.^rfrr Ph nil a eHhi i.vB u 1

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