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AcfeilUT . H !8 \^\Sv^DdlNQ. Sjextori'» First Choice Eloped and He Hated to Waste the License. ^TheJtour Spence glstfers, daughters Allen Spence, an eider of the sect 'of Moofes &i evidently thinfe-there- 1b -,9sk, In the. j»atrlmoulal sea Sexton, 'a Toung farm M;.Bana;^'ai r d. hare *ach -jilted him- in- fey days ago, secured a : ,UcedBe <to take Miss Clar- ^a%'ffp«ncei : *ifea,,.w.lfe. Sexton had written consent o f the ^gft ^^sjBJjured^Ehe'llcense -without £- v ?tVo^Mjij^hH^dVdSnot'g» after his prom- gs^lgeA^hriaejaP^cnce, but concluded to ^•-'.wiit 'iuitil!'the next'day, as he thought ^is^cenB6-i^a 'Tcesp ~ , wIthouf- Tee. Next morning Sexton put on his \Sunday best\ and- -went to the \Spence residence, where he was in ­ formed that Clarinda, believing that as Sexton had not appeared the night before he had concluded to desert her, and that Edgar Highly, a former suitor, having appeared on the scene, she had eloped to Ohio with him and been married. Sexton was Inconsolable fo r an h6ur or so , but at last said that he supposed as the license contained the name of Spence it would make n o 'difference to Mm which one of the Spence girls he married, and he al­ ternately proposed to each of his for­ mer sweetheart's three sisters, but ,- was -rejected by each. Hi's pleadings of the wasted li­ cense 'availed nothing, and he was d to return home without a wife. —New York World. ~ Dreaming. '__ _ 'Oh. for a splendid (hlng to do'.\ Thought little Ben one day, 'For something really, truly great. Not just pretend at play.' Bo lost waa Ben' In Idle dreams. He did not note, 'tis true. -ThB.t,-'h«sai66s; - he. was passing by A splendid', thing to do. For poor blind Tom beside th e cu Stood bending 'neath his load, Awaiting some one's helping hand To lend-hlm o'er the road. Itrazled-Women of Muscat. Women of the better class In Mus eat all wear muzzles, which barely al Jhem To open The mouth or se» with the eye or sneeze. If there happens to be a Cleopatri Sn Muscat she will never fascinate anj Antony by the beauty of her well shaped nose, for I t is kept In a special ly made, ugly case, in which It i s im possible to tell its shape. But wltb all its faults this is a far better sys tern than that of cutting off the nose, £ as men in the Kangra district I n Indli are wont to d o when any of theii spouses have proved too fascinating.— Allahabad Pioneer. —The Christian Rcgtttcr. A True Story About a Horse. When I was a little girl, we lived in the country about a mile from the little schoolhouse. Every pleasant day we girls walked to school. When it was stormy, m y father generally carried us in the morning, and we stayed at school through the day. Our horse .Charley was very know­ ing and kind. He knew so well the way from our house to the school that he was often trusted to go alone. Often toward the close of a stormy afternoon my father would harness the good horse to the wagon, take him to the road, and say, \Charley go and get the 'girls.\ Charley would trot down the road to the school-house, would himself turn the wagon s o that he. was head­ ed toward home, and there wait till school was out , when we climbed in- j to the wagon, and drove home. There I he was -rewarded witifloving-^wwrds-, pats and apples. I am glad to re ­ member that ou r faithful horse was always treated kindly. Father refus­ ed all offers to sell him, and he end ed his days with us.—Our Dumb An! mals. that the eggs are never laid in such places, because they are, tint- larvae never grow up . I do not think , , ,. „ 0 „ , ,. \ ,., . J regular tramps through woods and eggs can be laid at all in runnings - , a ,. . „ . . water except along the edges of very slow streams where the grass i s thick. There, too, larvae may hide and breed through. If a puddle stands more than a week the water insects will come and clean i t out, bu t these d o not care for cisterns and rain water barrels, so in these places larvae are plenti­ ful. If there are mosquitoes In your house you may b e sure the breeding place In almost every case is not over two hundred yards away, and that a pair of sharp eyes and a little kero­ sene will make you a benefactor to the neighborhood.—Boys and Girls. Couldn't Keep Them In Stock. Miss Fanny B. Davies, principal of the Wykeham Rice School at Wash­ ington, Conn., tells the following story about business methods in towns. While the Rosemary Hall School was located at Wallingford, Conn., the girls used to buy their tennis Rhnpa ff\m n lnf»Rl flpajg]. iind, &S thqy ftore nothing but \sneakers\ o n their flel3s, there was great demand for that kind of shoes. One day a teacher an d several girls went to bu y more shoes, but were told by the storekeeper that he didn't keep thai kind any more. They asked wh y not, and he replied. \It's no use trying t o keep them i n stock, they sell oft as fast as 1 ge f . them in.\—Boston Herald. A Spelling Lesson. \Poor very poor'\ sighed mamma. \Queer Isn't it, that th e child cannot learn t o spell? Can't you help her , Katherine?\ Katherlne was Ixitta's older sister She was i n the high school, and was Ingenious Young Man of Nantes. There Is an Ingenious young man at Nantes—that is, if h e Is still at Nantes an d has no t been removed t o a more appropriate place. He was due to undergo hi s term of military service. Now, a widow's only so n Is by a beneficent rule exempt. What could be simpler? .This young man slew his stepfather, an d presented himself to the authorities In the pa­ thetic position of a widow's only son . Franklin's Last Days. Two of the last Incidents of his (Franklin's) life are lovingly remem bered. It was he who introduced the motion in the Constitutional Conven­ tion t o open their meetings with prayer His \last public act was t o indite from his deathbed, as presiden* of the Society for the Abolition ot Slayer^ a noble and touching appeal for those unhappy men who, amidst the general Joy of surrounding free men, i»re groaning In servile subjec tion,\ In which the warm heart of the aged pbilantaropist seems united tc the unerring conscience of the glori fled saint. It i s fitting that this bene ficlent and symmetrical life should te closed with this large utterance of hu­ manity.-John Hay's \FranMln In '•\ranee In the Century. going t o be graduated In June. Yo u I But Influxes were made into the mat- Marie Favre, five years old, dropped her doll into Lake Neufchatel, and at once plnnged in to rescue it Tho doll was clasped in her arms 'when her bQdy was recovered. ECZEMA AFFLICTS FAMILY : FstUer and Five Children Su Sored Fot Two Tears -Wfth Terrible Eczema— f Wonderful Cure by Chticnn.- -•' - - \My husband an d five children were all afflicted with eczema. They ha d i t two s= years. We used all the home remedies •& we could hear- of, without any relief, and |p£ then went to a physician and go t medicine 'm two different \times and i t got worse, it |l affected u s all over except head and hands. E We saw Cuticura Remedies advertised and concluded to try them. So I sent for $1.00 worth, consisting of one cake of Cuticura |: Soap, one box of Ointment and one\ vial ol I-Pills, and we commenced t o use them. 1 | d o not know how to express m y joy in '.finding a cure, for two of my children fr were* so bad that they have the brown scars on their bodies where they were fesore. Mrs. Maggie B. Hill, Stevens, Ma- .aon Co., W. Va., June 12, 1905.\ K\ • Currants for Fuel. A company has been formed in ^Greece fo r buying\ up unsold currants i#,;and converting them Into alcohol fo r i-fuel. The Witch Hazel -Shotgun. Do you know that the witch hazel shoots its seeds te n or fifteen feet? If you want a brand new sensation, bring home some branches of witch hazel having both flowers and unopen­ ed seed pods on them and put them in vases of water. The pods burst at the most unexpected times, waking you in the night and peppering you with their hardy shiny, black seeds. Branches that are to be used fo r a party must be selected with care, to be sure o f having perfectly fresh flowers and seed pods that have not opened. If it i s poslble to d o so , cut , them the same da y they are needed. If they must be cut the day before they are needed, put them in a cold place in water and wrap a damp cloth around the branches in order.to pre­ vent the flowers from withering and to keep the seeds from being expelled too soon. There will be great excitement when the seed pops open with a snap and. the seeds come pattering down It i s well to rehearse this perform­ ance, for natural objects often refuse to \show off\ when you want them to.—Country Life in America, Of the population of Chile, 3..000,- JOOO people are engaged in agricultural Siiufsuits. ^UP6 -fSFITSpermsnentlydured. No fits ornervous- r _J»ess«fter first day's use of Dr. Kline's Great Restorer.tStzial bottle andtreatisefres ^Pr.B.H.XittM, Ltd., 931 Arch St., Phlhu, Pa. , The tail of the Borelli comet is esti­ mated, to be 3,000,000 miles long. A Guraateed Care-Fsr'PIles. ' ihtnpr, Bund/BTeedlnor, ProtradlngPllss. iggistssre authorised to'xefund moneytt o Ointment falls to cure In 6 toli'd »yi ;flOc._ 'here are 8,8*0,789 negroes in the United tea. •eoagh ours.— f. •• W. 7 >'ffsjs *.8 *a Third .ue.'N;, Minneapolis, Klin., Jan, 6,190 J, I^Bamlet\ was the first play Sir Henry ag saw as a boy. To Care a Cold la One Day - jSJtsttve Bromo Quinine\ Tablets. •uggists remnd mSSBy If It falls t o cure. E, '. (jrove'silgnaturs on each box. 25o. vTh'e jntinicipalit'y of Paris awards every,second year a'.silver medal-to ^.most'fodostrlous street cleaner.\ |^gSXpt2 POUNDS/ istibrlftlnit Into the Fatal Stages g ^M ^l«<ftfd«e> Sickness. '^P%0titi *«\g ^'5k8e \'OpJfCAl CO., eiSPX^wrttes: v : \Taking too many J ^lSfi^^M ^fSbtk ia:l89S<sent Icedi peyt mm How Animals Swim. Almost all animals know how to swim without having to learn It. As soon as they fall into the water or are driven Into It, they instinctively- make the proper motions, and not only manage to keep afloat, but pro­ pel themselves without trouble. Exceptions are the monkey, the camel, giraffe, the llama, which can­ not swim without assistance. Camels and llamas have t o be helped across water, and giraffes and monkeys drown If they enter it Now and then both of the latter species manage to cross waterways when they are driven to extremities, Just as human beings occasionally can keep themselves above water through sheer fright. •A funny, though able, swimmer I s the rabbit. He submerges his body, with the exception of the head and tall. The latter sticks away up' In the air, and -his hind legs make \soap­ suds\ as he-churns, the\ water madly, to get away. ' But 'With, 'ail .his awk­ wardness, he is' a-swift'swimmer, and is beaten only by the squirrel among the -land *nlmalSi- ^--u- i &Lr-^iuda: The squirrel swims with his Tieavy \j tali sunk, way: down in the water \and his head held. high. He cleaves ,th e waves like- a duck, and a man in a rowboat has all he can do to keep abreast of the Swimming; squirrel. ' ,lQne „think that none of- &e land- •Uvi ^rain ^^^OMi;. is^td. dive. No imatt ^r/.hoiiir hard, pressed^a'swimming deer? rabbii,^ squirrei ,'\dr>pther -\purely . terrjisfcriafc a ^maicmay v be; it will .remain «b^e>'<ira^^tfut .the ^inusk- rat, Shaver; lce ^b ^V ?^d,(otter /dive immediateTy.^I>ramif ^;w6rid v i • • «;•\- ! *?i 'i- -• i '-'s 'v-'tV-*'\- 3 •- , ,M .oaqultoes ./T«-:''Ls -'i.!.;-'vi They' ..breed. ;ia^auj<wrt8-!-.ot .^places.\ 1 Some i^i^tot^^^^gil6^^%im^ .The yetf^w^^ej^'^^nt^^^'^d^. oughly ^dQinettM.^and'^i^Hyi^. A'fegga* \tnilrottr. rVtii ^j^^^-J^5ti^»»yj^* -to- I »t «^SI ^t^^.|a6^s ; ^^l^^^|5K5 , ;the; '-\first \S^^^^^btj^^^^^ never, /neVSrJf^li^j^ltt ^^^r ^BkS ^Si^MirirfdmS [aD-i1to! f-\-— L -'-—----- --^.i may think she had very little time to give to a little sister in the third grade who could no t spell, yet she answered mamma's questions cheer­ fully \I'll try , mamma, dear Where is Lotta?\ Soon two heads were bending over . a book, \Spell pieces,'\ said Kath­ erlne. \P-e-I\—began Lotta. \How do you spell 'pie'?\ inter­ rupted Katherlne. \Why 'p-l-e,' of course,\ said Lotta, promptly \Now would you like a piece of pie?\ asked Katherlne. \Think of the pie.\ \P-i-e-c-e-s!\ spelled Lotta. \Can you spell 'wasp'?\ \W-a-p-s.\ \Try 'was' first,\ suggested Kath­ erine. ' \That's easy 'Was.'\ \Now 'wasp.' \ \Oh! 'W-a-s-p.' Katherlne yo u are so good to help me spell!\ said Lot­ ta, earnestly One day Miss Lane heard Lotta and some of her little friends talking to­ gether very earnestly. \You used to miss every day, Lot­ ta,\ s'aid one. \How Is it you never do now?\ \Why you just want to think of ter, and that is wh y on e Is no t quite sure whether this ingenious young man Is still a t Nantes.—London Stand­ ard. Mistakes of Authors. \I do wish. ' said the Omuivoiou* ReaSer, ' that these fiction producers would be a little more careful iu their descriptions of people I have be come hardened to a girl wi^h eyes like violets, lips like cherries - and hair like spun gold, though such a one must be a creature fit only for a -lime museum \But here is Ponson de Terrall, m> favorite French feuilletonist, wlic says, 'The man s hands were cold and clamy, like those of a serpent ' an d 'The count walked u p an d down th e garden reading the newspaper, with his hands behind hi s back.' Now, wouldn't that lar vou?\ Bird Effectually Turned the Tables oif Pursuer. Birds, we know, are sometimes\ trained to fire off pistols, as well as lo perform other unusual feats, but it! Is not often that a wild bird in the woods shoots a man with his own gun, as related by a sporting writer. A pavo del monte, a bird of Uru­ guay no t unlike the turkey, had been winged by <a hunter I t fell t o tho ground, bu t was a t once up on it s feet and ran away Throwing his gun hastily aside, tha hunter started in pursuit, and a game of hide-and-seek ensued. In and out of the brushwood the bird ran, and the man followed. In one of the doublings and turn­ ings the bird passed over the gun, which was lying on the ground an d ita foot chanced t o strike against the trig« ger of the undischarged barrel, tha hammer of which, in the hurry of the moment, ha d been left at full cock. There wa s a loud report, followed by an exclamation' of pain from the n-.an The bird escaped, and the luck­ less hunter had a n ugly wound in tho fleshy part of hi s leg to remind him for many weeks afterward of the ad' venture 3& 1 London an d New- York. In spite of th e fact that London ex* c^eds New York in size by some 2,600,-' 000, the latter city Is said t o be the greatest purchasing municipality on the face of the earth Wages are Home three times higher in New York than in London, but the cast and standard of living are also higher. Answers Satisfactory. A bright, stalwart young man who had Just gradmled from a medical [ college applied for examination to en- | te r the United States Navy. He was ! directed to appear before a medical 1 board composed of old naval surgeons. J After a careful an d lengthy exami­ nation th e president of the board ask­ ed, rather abruptly \Doctor suppose ! you were called to se e a man who I had\ been blown up, what is the first thing yo u would do'\ With emphasis he replied - \Wait till he came down, sir. \ The old surgeon looked at 'htm keenly and continued: \Suppose for your Impertinent answer, I should kick you, what muscles would I bring into play\' \The flexors an d extensors of my arm, for I should knock you down.\ \You'll pass,\ said the old surgeon. —Boston Herald. Trees 6,000 Years Old. The distinction of being the oldest living thing undoubtedly belongs to one of the giant trees, and many at- some word you know already that is ! tempts t o locate it an d determine It s like tho one you want to learn. Take age have been made. A century ago De £«fld0y/i. V£»r>4 two yews—one at Portlngal, In Perthshire, an d one at Hedsor, in Bucks—that were estimat­ ed to be respectively 2,500 and 3,240 years old. Both are still flourishing, and the older tree has a trunk twen­ ty-seven feet in circumference. A gi­ gantic boabab of Central America, with a trunk twentj'-nlne feet through, was thought by Humboldt t o b e not less than 5,150 years old -Mexican botanists believe they have no w dis­ covered a life-span even greater than this, an d from the annual rings a :ypress of Chapultepec, whose trunk Is 11S feet in circumference. Is assign ed a n age of about 6,200 years. these words I n tomorrow's lesson. 'Nothing* i s 'no thing,' and any one can spell both of these words, and then put them together. \Father' i s 'fat-her' 'Many' is 'man-y.' And so on. I just love t o spell now!\ Visit to a Hospital for Dolly. A dolls' hospital' An d why not? Doesn't dolly often sustain both In­ ternal and external Injuries? And , when Injured, doesn't sh e need tho as ­ sistance of the surgeon? Of course she does. And so It ha s come to pass that kindly disposed people have opened hospitals where dolly'may be cured of her hurts—if the head has not been snatched. The writer visited a doll's hospital a fe w weeks ago , an d there saw a room ful of the poor, maimed things. About o n tables, shelves, and in boxes lay dolls of overy size, complexion and price. And what a patient little lot of invalids they were' Here in one corner lay a fine French dolly, with one eye gone, an unsightly scar on her piquant little nose, and .a brok­ en ankle. Near this little French lady was another dolly, a true American, with hair gone, a maimed hand, and two legs missing. (These members, however, were wrapped i n a bit of paper waiting the surgical operation that would join them to their wonted ^places again.) But the Saddest plight was that of a dear baby doll who had lqst its cry . When oneipLnched It s stomach, the sprinxs--would not squeak:-therefor* -the Il£Ue T * thing \hadi no\ way of 'ex- presing -pain or anger, but must lie on a shelf and be still. And a seri­ ous operation would be performed upon her soon, fo r tie doll doctor would cut. her open-down the,, back and put* in\another cryliutsprlha; it»r fix up the.one alfeacly in 'her -body. Anti,sthatj« .^.fi^tiwi^irPf^os .^doili' .IJoHs'imdergq' the most ter­ rible^ accidents',—ate. ppjled^from Um>. to limh^ihsir* from?he^r |4to be put. together' alfcln '^iUlout much? troubli' and.no fusscwhatever. J. One <Jflazen4 haired 'don ^atj^e, hospital aay on au shelf and. smil<#- contentejilyv \just as : it s&v.$nx$'f&~}t.- flrit-clgss' \«imdl<- tipni, Whea-.'the^dpcto^.itt charge.ex?, amined her/>iiec'saidi. |®oth', legii gone, one T&Stis !without:fingers, and. J In Paris alone $56,000 a day Is said to find Its way Into the pockets of waiters, cabmen, porters an d Uk> many other persons who look on tips as their right and perquisite. Beware of Ointment* For Citarr'i Ttut Contain .lleroury, asmeroury will surely destroy tho .sense >' smell and completely derange the whole sy3- tem when entering 1C through the mucom surfaces. Suchartlolesshould never be used except o n prescriptions Crom reputable phy­ sicians, as the damage they wtll do is ten told to tho good you oaa possibly derive from tbem. Hall's Catarrh Cure, manufactured by F. J. Cheney <fc Co., Toledo, 0,. contains no mercury, and Is taken Internally, acting directly upon the blood and muooussurfaoaj ofthesystem. in buying Hall's Catarrh Curo be sore you got the genuine. It Is taken In­ ternally, and made In Toledo, Ohio, by r' J. Cheney 4 Co. Testimonials tree. Sold by Druggists, prioe, 75e. per bottle. Take Hall's Family Pills for constipation. The government maintains 392 egg- dlstributlng stations In Ireland t o bet­ ter the poultry of that island. SOUTHERN NOVELTY CLOCKS Metal TUe Clocks >re most unloue ttmepiecea.Tbe dial la of metal beauti­ fully etched, and la 6fc Inches square. °? 8 4S y ^ K delivered ; elirht day. JS. Fk° * Day^Caiendor. Eleotrlo and ^^«^sSl ^«i'6iruVj(b'. 371 THE PltKNTlSS CLOCK IMPUOVESrENT CO. Jept. 37, 49 Pey 8t., H. Y.frty, If afflicted with eyes, Rheumatism SiecfaUst VKBV. 11 tVrort Street Brooklyn, > l , euros hundreds, .tledlclue mailed,si FLORIDA, CUBA, NASSAU, MEXICO AND CALIFORNIA. 2 Fait Train Daily to Florid* Durlnir the Winter Season th e SOUTHERN'S PALM LIMITED, Daily except Sunday, W Commencing Januar y 8th, 1P0O, New York and St. Augustine. ELECTEJO 1JGHTED. Four other Faat Trains Dally to the 8outhwr»t Washington an d tonthwiitern limited. New York Otuce, 271 & 1186 Bro&dway> Alax. 8. Thwaatt, C P . AgL, Haw York. S. H. Hardwick. p T M., w. a. tatloi, g. p . a~ I Aft for 6oc worth of leading lW6noveltleMnCboto- II | U eat Garden Seeds. SI'* worth ol UniversalPr«- I w mlum Coupons free with every ordwr. BOLOIANO'S bEED STORE. BALTIMORE. That Baby of Yours Keeds Hoisle's Croup Our? for Coniirhs, Colds, Croup or Pneumonia. It preTenM Mem bra nous Croup an a Y . Dlplitbert*. (ueeuts *t Pru £KUt& or lu*lL A. 1'. llOX*l£, Uurtnlo , N £ PISO'3 CURE FOR CURES WH£H All tlSE FA!IS, it Conch Syrop. Tmetmm Good. u « In time. Sold by draralsta. CONSUMPTION w BP PRICE, Thompson's Eye Water Conrt Sttw t clue mailed, $1 ANTI-GRIPINE IS GUARANTEED TO CURE GRIP, BAD COLD, HEADACHE AND NEURALGIA. I won't sell Aatl-Qrlplae to a dealer who woo't GoaraBtr« It. Call for your HONEY BACK IF IT DOJESX' X CUKE. f. IF. XHct*eriM.,0; Manufacturer, Springfield, Jr«> 0 CURE THE 6HP ^..INONE DAY- i -aoiiafr-of ttfe^Btuttng-oufc-lMrOI^tfcke^ mm m ftjt To sweeten, To refresh, To cleanse the system, Effectually and Gently; There b only one Genuine Syrup of Figs; to get its bene­ ficial effects Dispels colds and headaches when bilious or con* stipated; For men, women and children; Acts best on the kidneys and liver, stomach and bowels; ^JJiT*\.. mm*.

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