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Chatham semi-weekly courier. (Chatham, Col[umbia] Co[unty], N.Y.) 1903-1907, January 31, 1906, Image 7

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-Wh? -rollo^rtng: BwapaOiT^a^hejrecf JHrections for Making- Old-'and New from Some famous Cooks anti -Aro^ortlx Consideration. - Mrs; T. Wnltaey.—Mafte. ready —fvfAlrAvi- *XTi A M-iL - - \V-~ \ Ti l Confections—411 ot Them_ De­ licious and Worth' Trying. 1 ^^^[^^yM^,%paaxn 0 t\ bowl; \a frying pan, with- a round tahlfi. M n SB^r^ST spoonful 1 \ bl-Scatter* in™» I 25^^' pep P. er .?^ — Bprlnlded with a pan numerous Conveniences the Clever Hou»ewif^Ha« Evolved to Wake HER HUSBAND'S BEST HELPER HouMWork Less Heavy. ^itiSii -T- \^?coaVep|ent arrangement for dry- a small kitch - arid hnlf a.slll-^apld-^atwv-and en wag ft ug ^-j^ made , lk a , a , hen the sugar is dissolved put the Vigorous Health Is the Great Source of. Power to Inspire and- Bncouraare- All Women Should Seek It. f^W.flnir^cn^of ;Bngpr, white, >^^i]>^^^y^e^lia:jqn want-* |,j.-JTJJl tnej.'r«Boft and Bmootfas cream. |^ynie6.cn^of «ngir,-'tMn, yoa'n nncd, I^ArutppydeRto niak'o thom light; Tfeiww^Wit y^M h'ebhf ~K~ .. the kind that *it aprve yoo right. fcTluje imall gpootia will bo sufficient, With flour Bitted o f or, f And when yon think lt.&one enough, r-; Mease sift it just once mora. £a.nd>owlnto yoar mixing bowJ, A. enp of water ponr, ^Thenjqalckly stir,, add spoon by spoon, Yoar atom of B Utod floar, iistly tBKwhitea of four largo eggs, Wel l beaten, I would say, Burjgentljr In tho mixing, \ And always stir one way. ako'ln Jelly tins or patties, . Or£n one grand, big loaf; ^ndJlX jootOYMijsrorJu-Juiit right, ' Toa'U ssy lt'8 goo d enongh. Lnd If yoo. bake'in layers, i And whjppodfcrcatn goes botweon, Ifoa'JtBay it's more Uko ocean foam ~- Taan any thing you've seen. ^:S^ bkea \ 111 . toseWiiV ^ut poundpf^u^^to^ la £%£sF£*^7tn e lik e a fatltlpr only wider. It was about ibrev 1 eel richest men of this century, in a recent One of the most noted, successful and chest men of thi article, lias said, Whatever 1 am and have attained in my wile. Prom ... u.j AU »> o-u*.., her she has been , lr •- - 1- . -j.-.- —r- c —•„ \C-der rounds were hung full of clothes ftn insnlration and the greatest hell)- turn In the eggs. Begin at once to^the boiling syrup.^WHeu it Is melted RpTeaA m ^ much as pQg8lble and j^^X^ ^atest heip- _setape and toss up trom the bottom put the_pan_ on the fire and-brlngJt--to-^-^g a j- 0 j' the 8tove drled rap . as tho egg \seta\ there. Hahdla the bolt again; take It off the'fire and j^y* of course great care had to be quickly following the cooking of the add another half ounce of butter. Do taken\ i n keeping the dampers -wide egg, keeping all turned and mixed this until two ounces ^of. butter ?J8. i0 peft--ln-adding coal or, shaking down and. SQcaiabled, until there Is just no usediip. Wbjn the Blatter ls~aaaea re-^gj^ out j t waa mucn better an( j liquid and no tough, leathery solid, turn the, pan to the fire and boil for quicker than hanging out of doors, hut a ffeTIcale'inixture of white and five minutes; stir in three ounces oi Tne lady 0 j.^ house intends to have yellow, ael- but not hard, molBt but not grated chocolate. SUr Ujiulcklyand £[ ia _ ra0 ] £ _flxEd. this winter so it can be - rurmingr^hlch-Trlrr^IIeThro a dish. TJoirtllTIl leaves the side of the Jan; ] owe red-without trouble and quickly Keep the handle of Ihe pan in your 'est It In the usual way with cold raised to the ceiling when not in use, left hand, as you stir with yo'jr right, water, add halt a teaspoonful ^vanilla ^ it j 8 now rather inconvenient al- Bhifting It over -the- heat as heeded, fxtfact and pour the mixture into well- way8 to mount a high stool. She saya or even raising it If cdoking too fast, buttered shallow tins. if Bhe had the floor space, she would It will go on hardening In the hot Butter. Scotch. have two racks, and stack them tqgeth water pan after It'ts taken from the go'll two pounds 01 brown sugar with « Mke a step ladder, but that is out ol fire; therefore, eltfier allow for this. two g u la of ^ ater aud a pjD ch ot the question. For drying heavy un and for stirring'a moment or two aft- cream of tartar without stirring fot derwear and towels in damp weather, er removal, or turn quickly into a nearly 20 minutes Then add in small or hanging the ironed clothes to get To ^ a successful wife, to re- hot dish when finished exactly right pieces at a time four ounces of butter Perfectly dry, it has no equal. tain the love and admiration of her Mary J. Idncoln. ' — Chafing Dish and boil again till a small piece A 8mal1 Bpice s0 \ and utens11 ca °- husband, to inspire him to make the Recipe.—Have* one tablespoonful of dropped into water will harden. Pour inet ln anolll er kitchen was not nailed most of himself, should be a woman 's butter in- the pan heating over hot , ato I buttered tin. and when half cold to «Je waii as , s usually the c -ebu, ^°lo^&n<i S that her energies water. Beat three eggs slightly, shake m ark Into squares with a knife. When 3lm I\y T f led on 1 Q cent lr ° n bra> - h ^ flagging that she gets easily tired in a little pepper, turn Into the hot quite cold break these squares off and V s - ln ln 3 way ' l coum ue dark shadows appear under hor eyes! butter, and, as they .cook, scrape wrap each in wax paper. down clean a 1.1 rearrange, which she has backache, headaches, bearing- toward the middle «» vas much handiei .han tn r««.h nr. m ^ ...... 8 \Incorporated 1850 U. S. MAIL FOR BANKING Mail your SAVINGS to the Albany City Savings Institution,;,, 100 State Street. Albany, N. Y. Audgettbebe efits that are named by TlioLSAN 1)8 nf I>J5 N POSITUltS. rtho do tbur Hauklug entirely by MAl L ASSET3 OVEi $4 800.000 00. Deposits in any amount, from $1.00 up to $3,000j- are accepted and interest paid at the rate .of 3 1*2 Per Cent., Compounded Semi-Annually. Our Hoo^kletf \U. S. Mail for Banking,\ which gives comlete anrij detailed information, sent on request. lift scrape wrap each in wax paper, and when all is a quivering, jelly-like mass, sprinkle slightly with Bait and serve at once Put Walnut Candy. T ^\•\\d'*' ' han \> [ ea f »P °' down pains, nervousness, Irregularities half a pound of good brown ma de cupboard with three shelves, and to build up her system by a tonic with Cook Them i n Porcelain or Granite-lined Vessel. , . . sugar into a pan, add half a gill of cold held the small articles like the nutmeg specific powers, such as Lydia E. Pink- T JIS tJ°wm 'ZntiT*' .,„™ wa ter and a pinch of cream of tartar, grater, biscuit cutter and other things ham's Vegetable Compound Janet McKenzie HUL-Butter a sauce Then aQd ^ „ Following we publish by request a llu ot It,a i ?\t pepper an a ounce ot butter. BoU^ the mixture un- tbe mistress ot tho house eeuld re- \ Ever since ray child was born I have suf- gau; aiso, u aeairea. naiT as many m- Ui wa eg-sd me ot it la dropped into pienish- her small boxes, repaper the fered, as 1 hope few women ever have.with in- eS'thf ifquld wln a give°a w£cZ cM * ater ' * f et8 ' P ™ «\» mlxtUre 8helves and find anythlng eggs, ine iiquiu wiu givp a more LUS ONTO ^ OHED MARBLE S , ADJ OR A ln a few m lnutes. The kitchen was afl^tw} my stomach so I could nnt enjoy my With an oiled knife keep rather dark, so the spices were kept in meals, and half my time wns spent in bod. cocoa bottles, \Lydia. E. Pinkham's Ve^ot RQSV CRANBERRY. tard like look to tho dish. SUr the _u ^ ~ _ ,, , _ , . eggs continually until they are a soft, orttng Ponr Boiling Water Over cuatard llke consistency a „ through dish will do. spent l folding the edges over into the mid- plainly labeled glass cocoa bottles \LydiaE. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound the~7as~t oV tte\ c \oo*ki;7;h;uid'b;\do;; fiirjL 8 ?jj x . i .°: n i. t . h i s . t J n nu * e« . corked .-. _ Th . e , 8 i ght ^^z°zx^nro^ by^the heat of the pan, eggs may be varied by the addition of any articles usually used in omelets. boiling water over the cran- s, which will cause the good onea |ell and the.bad ones cantimsbe or cut ln &JMjuA cubes> Th .I**\* out^Cook the ber- shou , d be mlxed lth tfle j tfl T*^* 1 *^™?**?^™: f<\-e the pan is taken from the fire. They may be served simply with a sprig of parsley, of on toast, dT In cases, with or without a sauce. Fannie Merrltt Farmer.—Beat five eggs lightly with a silver fork. Add mad e me a well woman, and I feel so grateful „v- _ , j . . , , ,. „ . that I a m glad to write and tell you of m y Scrambled ounces) are mixed in. Oil your helped to make rapid finding possible marvelous recovery It brought me health, hands and a pair of scissors and as In another kitchen, so small as to ne w life and vitality \—Mrs. Bessie Ainsley, led vessels, as the acid of the fruit ilfisolve .metal and discolor the They should never be cooked In | tin or brass, aberry Jelly.—Cook one quart of berries until soft, then add one full (the cranberries th. When cold, |wiil turn out firm, and smooth, aberry Sauce.—Put one pound of and baif a pint of water into a ilaJn or granite kettle, and let come v fboil; then add one quart of cran . ..... ^ i ... i . r .i, 611 South 10th Street. Tneoma, Wash . soon as it is possible to handle the be exasperating, the mistress of the oll What Lvdia E . p in kham's Vegetable candy cut it into thick, strips. Pull And house had a small ironing board three compo^d m f o r Mrs. Ainsley it will These materials should be chopped fine stretcn tnege QUt tl „ about an , ncb feet Iong and tw0 wWe thickly pad do fo V every sick and ailing woman wide. You must be very quick in add- ded.' This she laid on the kitchen tabi* it you have symptoms you don't un- ing the walnuts. Otherwise the candy near the stove and disposed of tow- derstand write to Mrs. Plnkham, will set- els, stockings, undergarments, hand-daughter-in-law of LydiaE Pinkbam, kerehiefs and ali the smaller pieces. »t Lynn. Mass Her advice is free and The \big\ clothes were in the bottom always helpful, of the basket, and an hour's steady ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ work on the long board in the dining- room disposed of them unless some- half a teaspoonful ot salt, one-eighth In.Separate Blouse and in Costume t hing special put many shirts and iu. J ...ii,f..t-at J .f w . l ..innn n n l .if \ \ T,T,f \' Waist — Everywhere Nowadays dresses in the wash. The running Yoke Is Prominent back and forth for hot irons was re­ duced to the smallest amount of exer- IL^V- C Z?Y m % ^ 1 JC H teasTXxmful^eppe^Hiid haU a cupful ens. Wet a mold in cold water and of ^ H e omelet pan. put In but- ter, and when melted turn in the mix- tare. Cook until of a creamy consist MARION HARRIS NKIL. THE FASHIONABLE YOKE. the Blind embroidery, eyelet work and ci Be possible by this method, and the ency, Stirring and scraping from the drawn work are flung together appar- 3ma n board waa very convenient for a attorn ofThe pan. T-* ently at haphazard, with here and there helper or when pressing was to be A clever way to preserve the soft a tiny Japanese dragon laid on by way done. It has many advantages over ITThnrhBvrVnnn \wMhed\aTd <Wa«ty Insisted upon In these recipes of adding another bizarre, but stunning ironing right on the table, as any worn- id over After thL c^me to the 18 one m&t ae6ma 40 be UMecor<Jed ,n tou< *- an will discover if she once tries it. i* noint let them boil for fully ten cook booKs - The eggs are turned from Sometimes the yoke is of delicate The annex to the kitchen table is I itfeH then Dour into a mold which 010 bowl lnto wh,ch tbey have 1,6611 bllnd embroidery—the sort of work what one woman call B a broad shelf hee'n dinned ln cold water Let brokan ^ fry ln S P» n containing that is done with the aid of a raagnl- she can put on folding brackets di- i *averaiJioirrs -when it will turn ™elted buttejr,-and are <Urred con- fylng glass, and, perhaps, thaw is out- rectly over the table, in emergencies, ike leMv and it will be sweet, yet \ stan tly from the minute they begin to n ne d by the tiniest scalloping, with the It is strong enough to hold extra dish- i *' turn white. When done they are taken blouse proper divided Into strips by the es, the dessert, empty fruit jars in can- * \— — J or ning time and many other articles that cannot be crowded on the table. It is —nberry Pie —Pick over and wash trom the flre one raw egg 18 narrowesVof-haby Irish insertion, Ipintof cranberries,'chop, and add stirred through them thoroughly. It is ei-en by narrow Cluny. Jem two and a half cups of sugar, •cupful of water and one tablespoon- If flour beaten until smooth; this bnt Is sufficient for two pies. Pour jpans lined with a bottom crust and ktrips of paste diamond-wise over •op. Bake until the crust is a rich In.—The Commoner. creamy. •ERNOON TEA CAKES. cooked by contact with the hot eggs, Valenciennes lace makes some of the not used unless necessary, and ln this and serves to\ keep the dish soft and lighter yokes; and is treated in almost way the accumulation of trash and as many ways as there are blouses— useful articles that usually encumber from the square or round inset yokes a regular shelf is avoided.—Ohio of all over lace to Intricate arrange- Farmer, ments of narrow lace used as insertion. ~ ~~ When valenclennes is used, it is the . FASHION NOTES. German version, which, in spite of its popularity all summer, still holds Its t0 be specMly in f av or-chIffon, velvet-, own. THE BUSINESS COSTUME. White Waists Extravagant—How One May Save on Laundry b y Neat Dark Costume. I have never been able to see the economy of these white blouses for One hears so ItoKakeDelicipus Nut Cakes and wage _ earnl ng women. -Better-Ginn&mon -Sticks and an Almond Zwelbach. Light, clinging, soft materials seem to be specially ln favor—chiffon silk corduroy, radium, messaline and But Irish lace is having a furore just tne ever faithful mousseline de sole, now. There are many styles and fads and As to the tiny yokes of criss-cross notions about combs and pins for the naa T \office or\ shop girl tucka . they are legion as are those of hair, but nothing will ever supersede for much oi tne n at t shirt- groups of three or four wee tucks. one instant the exquisite richness and being »jT^tr.« Thi* ros- ™ let lace .\ wnlch was J U8t a PPlied propriety of real tortoise shell, carved „ ,~ hair a cunful WalStS . anfi f I 'toMflil woman tentatively to lingerie blouses in Paris or adorned with gold. Cake.-Cfeam a haU a cupful t l9 really n luxury for tt«w>mu abQut established Itself Fur trimmings are admirable for ter and^a cupful an^ a.taj ^of^o spenas her dayg in dus^ 3 - sur- SomeUmes a single street dresses and evening cloaks. They Add the yolks ^of two•«» taj roundings and has M^anceto^ctouge madaUl01 ^ vith lta heraldic de- will be seen on many of the handsomest 11 together. Sift two.cupfuk.of aer waists. It la , ^f^^\ f ° r ^ sign or conventional flower designs garments of the winter. But-it is e*- Unto which has been1 stirred a of dres ^ Tt , 0 e M 1 at d £ Md , „ enough for a voke . j£ d cTedingly bad form to wear fur on an in- fonful and a half of baking pow- typewriter, at an office desk, can t wear • and little onea door dress Eu to the butter ^gar^d 6 ggs a wt e blonse an entire day without Jj.*™ « \ % S.^.'SS yoke ^SoSSSrU for evening wear are.t.U f&^^^y^^J^'^i^J^y^\ 1 ^- •„ chemisette style, just'in front of the popular among very young women. For V sUr ln a cupful of chopped pe- To be fresh and Mat. ah ^ want? .ix ^ ^ dancing there is no question about their hickory nuts, and told in toe b OUS ea a > week which^ means 13 in 8leeye embroidered being pracUcal and decidedly comfort- ol the eg Ka . whipped to a su a a „. ^ ^ere is the^laundry H,she modaI1 , ons , betw em broider- able. Bat a woman over 25 should not Bake In small pans, ice and n V es at home, she hasn t the heart to • \ thJllk of lt ll.-chopped nuts thickly over the Impoae so ^-^-^^^^ and herein L meSiio ^ \ AuthoriUes differ about the size of \ t* . - .v. person who does It, and if she pay for . s lee»es. But without doubt the popular -mfnon' Sticks with Icing.-Four iu lt ea ts up a large slice of her salary E Of almond paste, the white of For the girl who works, nothing is Baked Beans. le nQt yery enUjuslasUc aboul Bg>Tour ounces of powdered su- better or neater than two or three Pick and wash a pint of beans, put bigt rull Blee ves. And they certainly are oeJteaspoonful of ground cinna-simple blouse Buits of mohair of into a half -gallon of water and let soak any thlng but pretty / rinaTail > together, place on a woolen crepe; or etamine. Over these over night; drain off the water in the 0ne handsome evening cloak is of t board and roll thin. Cut the-gife can wear a ton coat In the street morning, put in a bean pot, or deep ^^o^ moi™. u i s distinguished Info-long strips about three un : u she has-a coat suit already for pan, add a tablespoonful of molasses, front the popular empire stvle bv e cape ildeVand .two long. Mix the' business wear, let her get ^louses, to Jiaif.axeasppoflf.al-of-^t,^trs5f^uuo \ e a ec t Jn back, though there\ are the ^^tVo-^S^a^tJbr 113 ^ * P 033 ** Tjarmomze-ffitn: the sklrtf making them- of !at, salt pork, and fill the pot with flowing sleeves in front It is trimmed |dwe^lsugar. ? «'Add-half a Itea/ of pongee, veiling,. china' Silk, heavy boiling water. Bake four hours in. a vl th sa t,i e and lined with accordion- V^f^ound^cinriamon and .a-iinen or atiy durable- odds * and. ^niWot moderate oven; or. the beans may be plaited chiffon. This Idea of sable trlm- pSs^f^emo^.3ui.ee. Sth- ''ffve.itnin materials that jnatch~«.or accord boiled nntll quite tender, but not mi n g was seen on some very handsome 7tiafeh co!Ver the strips of paste, with her suit • j hmv,mn nn. wit«r ohmM *« - - - fSW\^\'?-.\\' wui aer BUJU • . , broke UD Water ihm.lf l ^ .AA A 2- - UB on some very nandsomo «o&;butterejd tins and hake She'can spend her laLundry money in , t X»v untn . .evening clbaks.-CWcago Hecord-Her- yUSateioTOti. rrf*,W„,, , frnrnoTer.rniffs-And; .eoltoM -«r .Mr. i-. \!- away ' u . ntU R *° nt hour be- THE SUREST CURE for 1 lHllou5n«i. I,lver Complaint In - Pdlgestion, Constipation. Slot Head­ ache, Nausea, Giddiness, MntnHa Heartburn Flatulency Jaundice, etc SCHENCK'S MANDRAKE PILLS Over seventy year*' use has proved their merit \Uven thcUycr.\ with Schenck'i Mandrake Pitta and ' be well. Purely Vetetabta. Absolutely Hannleas For sale everywhere. 25 cents a box or by mal t Dr. J. H. Scbtnck & Son K Phlla., Pa. MiTIi K TO C'UKDITORS—Pumuniit t o the ortl<T ot Hon Kunford (* Smith , toun- ty Jutl^ettf Columbia Count y an d Acting KurruKHte of tlu* Count y ot Columbi a untie** 1« hereby tfi v,i o. (U 'ronlin e t o law , to nit jKTHond bavln^ claImM a^nliiflt J Wenley JDIU-H, IIIU * ol thp town uti'l villas** of Chiithaui, tn the < ounty of (.'olumbta. (IweuKt-il, tha i th«*y are reijuired t o prewn t the i*ame wit h the voucher* thereof to tht* ubHprlber, th e administratrix , of the dt*- t*etu*(*d at her rvHldfiire tn th e \ HIHK C of Clmthain o n o r before th e '.Mil da y of Murr-h nett Mary I .lonew Adtn x of .1 W CKICV .lofji 'M c|t*ceaHcd, l»*ite«| Aug J-i ] «»o~, Met lellan 6i Hardens. Aitoniev H f(»r AilnilnlHtratrlx ('hfttham. N ^ NuTK 1 . TO ( KKDITOltS — I'urHuant to the urdur of U*wi Kituford W Smith , coun- ty Judge of < nlunihlu, Count v an d acting surrogate of th e County of Columbia , no- tire IH hereby frfven, tuvordln ^ t o law , to all [ KTHOIIH havin g elaim« aK*Un«t lleory S AiubU-r late «d th e tr>\\ n of A unterlltz. In tin- t ountv «»f ( idunibla deceaned. that they are required t o present ih» eanie with \oUfhtTM thiTeo f 10 the nubMcri ber, .1 ulla 1V1 H Am u IT <'t\e of 1 ho Piv*utort* o l th** wn.irt dere«»»ed at he r re-ldeiir-e In the tow n of AiiHterliu \ti ->r before the 1 ^t da y of May next J ulla M B A mbler J f.<iK»tr Amble r K let'u tors DaU'd »>rt Jf» 190\ MTATlO\ ON I'ROOr ti F I The IVople of t tie Stair •'f ^ ork He the Grat e of *tod Free uud 1 ndeueinli-nt j T o all to whom thet»e TrehentM ma y eom*» or ma y concern ati«i f»«|it«<'tally to'^arnh \ llo>, n-Nldln K »t Monmout h IUIIIMIH Kl I pnnor till tier T renldinK at Manchester Mich ' luan Mar y 1- I'endleton re*idlij>r at < hat* | hatu, .New\'\ <»rk Benjamin (i !.«.vej»»y r*** Hiding at MatirheHter MlthiKati Porter A j Hu\y ret«idinjr at N'npolean Mli hlirito. and i (tlrard(ady renidlnjx at itrapn Lak e Nllth | l^uu w ho couHtltut-e the otil\ helri*.at-la\\ ( and next ot-kin of Hett-Mah \i \ ,o\ejny • late of the town of ( hatha m < ounty of! Columbia, Stnt e ol Vew ^ ork <le<ea»«cd ' ••rear* SKM» ItllKr'TIN'l i — W li. Smith. Executo r In wrpllnjj purportin g t«» I* Temameut of i he Hald H<- OeceaHe*! an d rt-latitiK to estate has Hpplied tor proof tlu our Acting Surn.jrat e of t — • -- Oysters! The Blue Point Oysters are considered by epicures the finest flavor of any grown We have ; them in the shell .>r by the \ plate or gallon. Discount on large quantities. Fine Baked Goods. : Wherti, Rye, (Irafunn, SlGomtd lioxton Jirnwn lirrtul, v Rolls, Buns, litKCttii. All kinds of cake, Angel, Marble, lMyer, Sponge, Wine, Lady Fingers, M<icaroona, Clip Cake, Cookies. Anything not in stock, made to order uu short • DOtice. Try our Coffee Caks every Saturday, PENDLETON'S f Bakery %nd Restaurant Chatham. ' \ Staunto n P >on IIIHI rtitneut iu the I.iint W tllnifl i<>k tab II 1 o \ ejin > reai and p'Tw-mal •reof Isffiire ; uity «»» t o\ umttla, Vtui ar e therefore hered\ < ited and | retpilred perr*onaily to bean d appen r (if \ on t nee tit) before th e said Surrogat e ,n j UH ' ,,(. j flee in the City of Hudso n on th e M day of March, l*m6 ri; 1« o'clock in th e forenoon I of that day . then an d there t o attend the Prohnte of Raid Will, and those of > on « ho art* under the ajye of twent> on e year* are | LEGAL NOTICES. NOTICE TO CREDITORS.—Purauan t t o tbe order of Ho n Mark Dunti . County .Tud|i<' n> Ci'lunibta County nnd Acting Sur- n>Kftte ot the County ot ColomWa , notice la hereby jrlrpii. ncconHnff t o Inw . to all (>er«om» huvtnjr datniH n^iitnet I rlnh Hor - mon , late at ilie tow n ot Ghent. In the county ot Columbia, deceased, tha t they ar e required to prcKent tho Hnme wit h tho vouchers thereof to tho subscriber, Chnrlen M Hnrmn n udmlnli-trator ot tb e Hiitd de - cenBe.1. nt hln office In tbe village ot Chat­ ha m Coluniblu County, V \ , on o r before tb e 4th day of AupuNt next Chno. M Iliirmon, Admr ot Crtnti Harmo n deceased Dnted. Jnnuftrr 25. l'JOG McCleltnn & DnnieKi-, Attornoyn lor administrator, Chatham , N Y hut when taken should, be<: nearly \ • '.. \Egg Cookies. serVed in;\iiniair' ; IJs^one cupful of hutterTTwo cupfuls NOTICE TO CRIiDlTORS—Pumuaot to thoorrfpro t Hou . Mar k Duals , ulttmWf t Count y Judg e an d Acting Surrogat e of Colombi a County, notice In hereby glveu, accortltng t o law, t o nil perflona havlug claims agalnRt Alexander Weaver . Inte of the Town of Clintham. In the County of Columbia , deceased, that they are required t o prescqtJ.he nnaio with tho vonehers therof Ut tm subscriber, Kxecutor of the los t will an a testament of said decease, a t hte residence a t Kas t Chatham, i V Y ,on o r before the Sts t da y of July next. Dated , Januar y 19th. 1U0G. CnarUwH Johnsoi;, Kxecutor, tred t o ftpiH*ar by your guardia n If yon har e on e if yo u ha.e non e thai vou required yon h^lTe appearan d appl y for one to b e /ippolutfd or In the e. ent of you r nejrlert o r failure t<> | do HO . a cuardlan*v% ill he appointe d by the Acting Surro^-it e t o repn'seut an d aci for you la this proceedin g 1 IN TESTIMONY WHEKEOK , W e hav e caused the Seal of (MHce of I our sai d Surrogiit** t o In* here- i utito ntttxml \ \ ltnet*«, Ho n I [I. S. ] Mark Puntr , Pfmnt y Judg e of, Columbia Count y an d Acting | Surrogate, a t th e Surrogat e s : Otilee In the City of Hudson . \ | Y . th e 1T> da y ol January , In the I year of ou r Lord, on e thousand ] ill no hundre d an d si x John \ Uittataf c JT . * Clerk t o the Surrogate s (. ..nrr McClcIlan & DurdepM, Attorney for hxevutu r Chatham , N ^ National Savings Bank of the city of Albany NO. 70 72 STATE STREET. 1 SK\I) FOR BOOKLET How To Save By Mail You'll Warm Up this winter if you'll bu) one of thr STOVES from our complete line. Stoves For the parlor, For the kitchen, For the spare bedroom. For anv and all purposes Fire There's a wide prices therefore w e ca n suit any pocket book Stove fittings an d furn­ ishings of all sorts, grates, bricks, pipes, etc. Better let us put }our furnace in runniug order belore the cold weather sets in. Everything in Hardware. 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