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Chatham semi-weekly courier. (Chatham, Col[umbia] Co[unty], N.Y.) 1903-1907, January 20, 1906, Image 5

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&&l&i'&S:lf> •-•si »ASSAU; COURIER- READERS. WjutaDt.otithe; nted Dfientafody ft&5at&n ^ec£ the -wed- \ Vbf{tiia^,asb;Miie^iE. Herd. |iiid $tia$y'*t%timt (?r<£>F. Y. |KTnrin**on the /£,railroad lyere ^d'Iwjohilniiede'i^lfllai tifat|l fm- |a&6rYrio,Mce., y&a J O U OWB }~ Sundays ^'^daeyeftTlDg each, -terminal at 11 !«. rb;,,i and« p. m.; week days ose noted and aUo the 10 p. m. MiM Kathetlne Carter, ot Pitts- s^Held, Mass., - |M vi&itlng her sister, iss Elizabeth Carter, rjj^li. Several of the \Xindorhook young jWfolkB have been attaoksd by the P^oller skating^ 6raze and have been ^^makJag pilgrimaged to Valatie to g^grojoy the spoil therein the opera ||^ouae. I ^MiCdrneliuB New'a little ten-year-old ^^ph, Harold,' lost his right hand last f ^jfteturday -while assisting his father iS&W husking corn wltb a power corn ^SSjusker. He wore a mitten which same, entangled in the gearing id drew the band into the machine tangling JLt in a terrible manner. ij was brought >fm «re'Dr. M. M to this village 7-v<£u«re Vt. M. M. Kitted gave the ;.!^mtle sufierer temporary relief and ^IScompanled him to the Albany clt,y ^>|Kj«pital' where.the surgeons found ^|^6CB8 «arvi55QlpDtaletou'r finger* 'Mfmtho third Joint. The little feUow |i ||ipod the operation,,well and is now ^putting along nicely. •lUelghrlde parties have been a ins quantity tHua far tbta winter, lere^s \hardly\ Been snow enough .61 la snow shovdll' But conditions ty change before the sun shines both aides of the fence. JThece has been^tmt little ice Itting in this section thus far. In [ber-of-t &staBces- preparations ive been completed for the work it rains or thaws'have prevented- plans being carried out. Some rmers, however, have filled their.'! >u»es with compafaflvelf tfilfriy^ ir to five inches' in| tb'lckn'eas, >r than .to run the the risk of being able-to^get any latnr on. !be cars-leaving'here at 87*7 and on/the A. & H. road now run iturday evenings for the accom- lation of those who desire to the dances at Electiio Park. Irneet Meslck, of Valatie, has sn. appointed deputy sheriff fer i town of Kindnrhookr. Kinderhdok Knitting com- toy has been well: represented \on ie road\ this week^. President _AJstyne has, been in New ~iork ?uisness fpr the company,. Ubas. eynolda la down in Baltimore »ncL| Hclibapper. has been making f cixcuit'bf : aeyeFft 'Ucitiea _|wu ... . - King in the sights at the nation's teittt^mef u |£residlng 7 rElder. Gates, of the ay dlsrj^t,-^ vrlll hold the last irtetly .conference at the Metho- r^chufoS.Thursday Jan. 85th. leorfte Devoe,. of tfew York, is sdlng a. vacation at home. . Dutf Sand^wo daughters, are Q'seripuely sick with pneumonia ^ifSefcs, is gradually re- .some Brings\. . X*ut, who recently SHstalned oJtejDi!^r «rrty8lsjJ*..'Iroproying. Gordon, ^oneC .^f^Kindet- 1 raTcompircat^i6nyof '.dfi^rei?and' ^TfMra ^T «o^rttinW^tb .at^^ *p,fc:*scov«t. vt •! •*? ..pvP*. ••>.-';>'. Ki^rTOSntly ^elected dffleert^djt 6iiwij [d> grange. -were' jnstalie^ ^evening, in connection it^^natailatiori. '$$$m$aiM y % iifftlivAJtllmeiri. -^ifbm reside* ami* ^ughei|brjMarlbpro},, is. g|;p)|lAvlp.gl&een:^^••here;•b^: , i^fclall^rilnetefrf his iatherrihr krried rner SelCC(^'mony^i«4Sp>\rtorm»a^Ky: s ed tcbureb^^reig^h^^ma n y» The l^arWi'd -^frbr Jfusdb pot4*0\«*» 4prll4st. Vv ^ lenweiler, yr)^J^dea<mktiti^Tidniel . Geo;',-'Weaver and tkv&qfuol&fflj [j ^'fa^^e^C ^aity ^cafaai A> Sanfordsaud fam Ily'attende'd fOld 4 Jan' T2th aud' repottT aT^l&Bap.t; time. . , 1^.- v Bansom A. Sanford ie boused' With a lame back. Bove and ^alm«r~ are doing a afteran^y.ni^i»itrrp;n^ J^HBj^.JHitcncook^f-i6apnft-Parlrr has been.SBfedJ|jngjgtew days.with ^he^renfs-oftiis' wife, Wr. \attd Mrs. Teuntr^eyj^r' 3,. Four, cows ^hl'^ilb^lQnged to the late^F^nJt^BisjMorph are now lUrge^sJnesj^ ^ppJng^minense^ It was.' ascertained that even tbougbrKlnderhook^s pillage affairs are gcverned by a special charter, a^^nTTmeratlon oTTthe inhabit- ants must be taken and this baB been \done by Christopher Becker. The returns will be made to -day to the Secretary of State at Albany. Mrs. Margaret Foiier, widow of the late Joel Pullerv died Friday at the home of Miss Virginia Klpp with whom she boarded. She was nearly 80 years of age and ibe cause of deatrrwas bronchial pneumonia. The funeral was held Sunday, tbe Bev. Mr. Boow officiating. The remains were taken to Stookbridge, Mass., for interment Regent's examinations win be In progress at the high school building Monday to Friday, inclusive next week. Tbe following is the pro­ gramme. Monday, 9.16 a in., ad- vancedaritbmetio ,algebra, advanced drawing; 1.16 p. in., advanced Eng­ lish, first year English, first year French, English composition, Roman history. Tuesday, 9.15 a. m., second year Enalieh, first year German, first year La'tln, Greek History; 1.16 p, in., - Caesar's com­ mentaries, Virgil's Aenid, botany Wednesday, 9.15 a. m., plane geometry, pbyslcB, chemistry, .ILS. history and civics; 1.15 p. m., physiology and hygiene, bookkeep­ ing; Thursday, 0.15 a. m., elemen­ tary arithmetic, advanced V. S. his­ tory, commercial geography, phys- pcaTTgeography, English history, civics. Friday, 9.16 a. m., writing, elementary Ennli&b, Cicero's ora­ tions; {Friday 1.15. p, in - spelling^ solid geometry, drawing. Aocording to the apportionment made by the Board of Supervisors, tbe bank tax money will be divided as follows: Town 9l .aoa.31, village $895,45, school district $870 99. ThW jrffet ^e\ aroounts.'jdue for. the -year is practlcalljr the same.In the. aggregate. .This apportionment does not meet with the Approval of super­ visor Wilkins, who . considers that theTshare apportioned) to the .town should be larger. • At a meeting of the town board held Wednesday the matter was discussed at length and a committee,' consisting of super­ visor Wilkins and Justices Wilson Miller and W. 4. Magee, was ap­ pointed to consult a lawyer land ascertain '.whether it is ^possible to obtain. « redistribution of- the money that Will be regarded as more Just and equitable fromlthe view, point o! the town board. *\Tfhl8 -eom-j : j^ a ^ h mittee will report to the board at a meeting to \be cnlfeoi in the near future. The farmers' institute, held Thursday in grange ball was a pro- .bounced\ success and was well at­ tended, particularly the afternoon and , evening sessions. All the speakers were present and what they had to say was listened to with close attentloei-Tnoso in attendance in- :i».-C.\ J&> y^rUUst^ar-wte^aefoluded not only^rangers but many farmers who are not as yet members or the Order. The addresses' were replete with valuable and seasonable suggestion, drawn, tor the most part ..from, practical experience on the pirt of the speakers, .and may, wltb good;results, be put into effect ' \ UlllaMLfflfahe soil- BHitSDALl. ^•^Teh^Broeck 1 .; of White Plains, '•^Mf:}'af(bmn^iiiir fdre part ol.the W«J^^cl*»«p±frpm W. was m;tbwn over Sundayr^ -r pManj^otbuiltoWsr^ple^ftended t1ieMutowb¥liefstfb J jfH^ ^iJgThyB^tRa\cWti^Baipneri8' :con ^ktiofel^Jn^lbanyUhlft-week^- to$«e^UrrIi or It C^sfe _ „ George Madison\ and family will J move in rooms in H. F. Butler's ^ditqr^pjtATbe Courier •— ••Ia..;>yie l w of tne prevalence of citarrflal-.troubles at this season ot 'i \Be;-\-*yeAr^. I want to tell your Teaders I have never sold anything that gaye more satisfaction than ;Hy.orq .e .i,. :Wben used in catarrhal troubles. You get immediate relief from .the-treatment, and consistent use will pfove to every sufferer.-sas it has to many of our customers, (fBeqfcTPTffsneaj-ffifller, who for\ aeveral jean WVproprietor \of tbe \Sliasor Mills\ at West BtockbridgB, Mass. We solicit » eharo of yonr patronage. Anyone wiabing to excaasge corn ot oate for gtoond feed can do so with aa. We aw agents fpr Pratt's Fonltry and Cattle Food aild oyster shells. Wo have for Sale Tjrown mld- dlingt, white middlings. Red Dog and the \Old ^Reliable\ Atlas Plonr, the best floor on the mar- kat to-day. O. F, Walker <fc Son, Canaan Four Corners, N. Y. quantities of rye flour to the tnetro polls. Calvin F. Reynolds and wife went to Green Island Saturday, remain­ ing over tbe Sabbatb with their son William and Wife. C. E. Huested and wife enjoyed the society of their children and grandchildren last Sunday. Ocas. Boshlrt Is improving slowly but is very weak. Mrs. O. E. Huested gained prlzee on fowls at the poultry exhibit in tbe Armory building in Albany, which waa held the past week. John Van Denburgb, of Schenec­ tady, spent the Sabbath with bis mother. Mary Young has recovered and is at Dr. JB. P. Felts again. Mrs. F. L. Pollock has returned after spending the holiday season at her father's near Rochester. Mrs. Frank Freeman, of New York, is spending soma time with her sister-in-law, Mrs. Mary Her- riok. Last wees Sunday Anthony Cook and wife entertained their children, Mr. ^and Mrs. Waterman and daugh­ ter, of Troy and Miss Emma Cook and friend, or Albany. Union service Sunday evening in M. E. church, Rev. D. H. Ohresten- sen preaching the sermon. Mrs.Lottie Van Hoesen.ofSchenec- tady, has been visiting at H. N. Smith's. Ladies' Aid society met Wednes­ day afternoon with Mrs. Clarence Cotton. Mrs. Sabrlna Hoyt ia failing rapidly- at the home of her son-in- law, E. P. Irish Boshlrt Bros.. H. K. Smith and Lester Clapper are busy getting their ice houses filled with clear, beautiful ice 10 inches thick from Nassau Lake. Philip Gorgen, of Albany, was {-out to visit at Timothy Bruck's last Sunday* Iiulu Gertoond has taken her TQOthef's \place at Lorenzo K. Finkle 's. Mrs. Flnkle is gaining rapidly. A social under tbe auspices of tbe Epwortb League of the M. E. church wrll be held Friday£evening, Jan. 26, at tbe borne of Mrs. C. D. Traver. A musical and literary program will be rendered and re­ freshments served. A silver offer­ ing will be'taken. Friday evening, Jau. 12tb mem­ bers of Nassau whist club enjoyed the hospitality or O. E. Huested and wlfe-and a very delightful time was snent O. B. Reynolds and wife were abBent on account of bis suffering still from tbe effects of tne accident. Grace E. Boye was housed all tast weeic from the effects of a severe cold, but Is now convalescent. Sunday morning a hurried call by telephone was made asking for help as the farm house of Mis. Joanna Lape was on fire, but E. P. Irish had preceded our villagers and by persistent effort of those present bad succeeded in extinguishintr it with a smalt loss. Voiles of Swing on Enumeration. Notice is hereby giren, thaf the Board of Truft. j£ta of the Village of Chatham, Connty of Colom- \--rTtjH State of New York, has caused an enamera- Tbe first \agricultural institute\ was held in 1868, in Manhattan, Kas. 1883 1905 CHOICE GROCERIES >.-\ §ecd$d- «ud Table^ Raisins,' CurrantvJCStrth,, '^tzembux!. .'aSd' Bv&i ^ea^<ss}^p^Li<^>&. Lemons, -iO&x^^** 1 ** 1 ® Bananas, Cran lujrTWalnuts and Alrr^dalC^ The complete Hvomel outfit con­ sists'of a pocket inhaler,!* medicine dropper, and a battle of Byomet, and the price is only $1. while additional bottles can be obtained fbr~50 cents. I positively guaratee a cure wneo Hymoel is lined iu accordance with drlections, or I will refund your money. This certainly Bhows oui faith and belief In the virtues of Hyomel. Yours verv truly, K. W Heymour F. L. Hebert Complicated -watch repairing A eood jewelry stock to choose from that you can fully rely on F. L. HEBERT Jeweler and Watchmaker Chatham, N. Y. 5 months, 50 cents To induce new subscrib­ ers to try The Semi-Weekly Courier for five months, we will send it to them for 50c for that period. tlon of the Inhabitants of snch Tillage to be taken, In pursuancee off Sectionn S10,, off thee Village Lawn, ana that the same Is filed in the office of the VII nrsnanc o Sectio S10 o th Laws, lag? Clerk of this Village, and that on the 22d day of January, 1906, at 7:30 o'clock, tn the after­ noon, the Board of Trustees will meet at the office ofO.W. Daggett for the purpose of bearing aoy objections to snch enumeration, and for correct­ ing and revising tbe same. Sated Jan 17,1006. EDOJJI M. WILOOX, Presides, HABST M. DOTT, Clerk. To^ the Public. . Owing to tho Increased demand for feed, we SPECIAL NOTICES. AUCTIONS. AUCTIONEER—C. Chatham. n. Van Hoesen, North WEDNESDAY, JAN.81-Albcrt Fredenburgh, will sell on his place one milo northeast of Old Chatham at 10 m. cows, 4 pigs, 3 caWes, sow with Pigs, Osborne mower, Deering reaper, rood cart. Grain drill, spike machine, rye beater and other farm tools. Terms $10 cash, over 8 months Charles Daley, Auctioneer TO LET TO RKNT— Rooms on Hodson avenue. Chat- Jerry Brownnig, Chatham. DWELLING to let on Park Row, fl rooms, fur­ nace, electric light Lock Box 4, Chatham. TO LET— Roonw on Locun Street. Mrs. Win. P»Wer, Chatham, NY. \WA7NTED—Married man, strictly temperate and non-smoker must understand tha caro—of •sb^p^OTd^hprsra: md do \farm work. A man ' \ reas north Family- WANTED—A man who understands farm work, for 8 months, commeuclnff April 1st Good wages to right party. W W Uowes, D., Old Chatham. WAKTED\A good responsible farmer to rent or work on shares, a farm of 183 acres. \ Oood buildings and fence. Well watered. Three miles from Ghent station known as W. T. Ar­ nold Aral. Tenant must own all farming tools and one half of Stock. Stables for 25 cows. Ad­ dress-?. Q. Hermance, 814 East Water St., Syra­ cuse, N. T» TELiEGRAl'BY—Young men and ladles wanted t6 learn teleicruphy Situations when qualified. Whlteman's Telegraph School, Chatahm. FOR BALE. W. * 8. COUGH SYRUP will curt- that congh and do i t qnickly, at Seymour's. FOR SALE—A pair of light bobs, band made. Inquire of Mary L. Thorne, Old Chatham. N T GRANGE PIN plate, Price SS cents, nam, N. Y. Elegaot shield design, in eold Address Courier, Chat- W. & 8. COUGI1 SYRUP costs only S»c and for Bale only by R. W Seymonr, Chatham W *S. COUGH 8VRUP contains nu opiate of any kind. Get It at Seymour's. ^ FOR SALE- Chicago Flexible Sheep Sheari, new, $6.00. Address Ernest Pick. Mt. Lebanon, N Y FOR 8ALE—Pure bred Bronze hen turkpyn of the Pcakc strain Price 84 each Apply to L. A Hosford, Klnderhook. N Y COWS FOR SALE—Fresh cows and opringern for sale, on the Ten Broeck farm near Mellrn vtlle Arthur Ward FARM TO LET—I «III Irt my farm In Kltnc KU1 on shares. For particulars mqnlrc of N L. Uaner, R. F D , \ alatle, N. Y TO LET Inquire of Bert Bradley. Old Chatham, Farm of ISO acres, will keep 16 cows, NY. TO RENT—Pleasant rooms In Dwlgbt Clark bouse on Spring street also six room_ flat adjoln- Bot / oalntcd and oanon-d And tr Claw condition.e lng residence occupied by C E Covey Both tenements nowly painted and papered and In nf»V Inquir of Dr F C. Maion, Chatham. BTORE AND DWELLING now occupied by 8hafor 4 Melloua in Ghent village. In- Qttlre on premises or Jacob Meslck. Hudson. WAJSTJB1>. WANTED—Good feeding hay L. Eberie, Highland Farm, Chatham. N Y. GIRL WANTED to do general housework Address^'A. B.\ Courier OfBcc. WORK HORSES to exchange for horses colt able for livery use. C. J Wood, Chatham, N Y WANTED—A competent woman as house­ keeper Mrs. W B. Daley, Chatham. WANTED—Man with team and implements to work my farm on sharestthe coming year. R.W Morey, Old Chatham, N Y WANTED—At once, married man to take care •f stock and work farm, good wages and bouse Address \Hetloo Farm'\ Kinderhook, N Y WANTED—Single man, middle aged, strictly tea,Derate and non smoker Who nndetrtands S irdening and orcharding and the care of poultry. *drcee JJmnlel Offord, MC Lebanon, N Y A, Childless couple who may desire to adopt a •ted apply wh'oso character Is not above reproach ;ht, attractive little boy, can do so by writing Chatham. N Y None Henry Smith, WANTED—Married man with small ramlly, strictly temperate and non-smoker, to occupy (•ttage, drive team and do general farm work. AMrese North Family 8hakera.att.Lebanon,N Y. 8AUSAGE— Winters Bros., think It near pan­ cake time, leave sausage and loin every Tuesday and Friday for sale at A Traver's store, North Chatham, N. T FOR &AJLE—A second hand Florida beater will' be sold cheap Call at J. W Darrow's resi­ dence, Hudson ave., Chatham. FOR SALE—Grocery stock of store that ha» been doing good bnsiness for 15| years, to close estate of Oliver Graves, deceased. George Graves, execator, Bralnard N Y. FARM FOR SALE— 'M0 acres, bnlldingB in flrstrclasa condition, 21-2 story house, running water in bouse, 200 apple trees, sngar orchard 800 trees, tvltbln &4 mile of station, school snd post office. Write for terms. R. D Mattison, South Berlin, N. T. FARM FOR 8ALE— Known as the Arnold Wbltc farm, located about 2 miles north of Chat­ ham village on the road to East Chatham; con­ tains abont 71 acres, In desirable location. In quire of W B. Daley, attorney, Chatham. N Y MISCEL.LA1S EOU8- \V & S ICOCGH SYRUP can tx* uken into the weakest stomach. It doei not sicken but rather act* n» a tonic. Seymour*** Draeaton-. LOST—A Sht-pard dog color .lark yellow, dark head, white etripc In face, br«a*t nnd fore paw*. Reward will be given. Hetnni to or addretvi Mil ton T Palmer, Chatham, N Y PRATT'S MONUMENTAL WORKS em- ploya no agent«, aav\ng purchaaera th« eommlHAlon. Writ*?Tor pneee. Chatham CALVES, NUKE1' and LAMBS—SeM direct to tbe Blaufrhterer and save middle­ man's coinmlsslon. We pay more them ehlppere. Stock received every Tuesday Telephone or write (or price*. K. P Klrby & Son. ba«t Chatham THE CHATHAM HOUSE, Chatham—A model hosteler? and every modern Improve­ ment for the convenience of pue«w. CUIHIQ* Dinner atll.SODrompt. Livery Good coach aal « for parti en, fm- 8.00. Long dU- J. B, SlncJaTr unexcelled In connection with hotel, driver fomUhed In vtllai neraia, weddlngt*. etc , 1 t&nce telephone. T PREMIUM OFFER! A Splendid Twice-a-Month Agricultural Paper. To any person who sends us $1 .6§ we will send THE COURIER one year and also a year's subscription to that splen­ did faraTpaper, the FARM AND FIRESIDE It is the only Farm Journal in the world to keep abreast of the times in modern editing, illustrating and printing. Coin- pare it with others. The Farmer's Correspondence Club is a new feature. Every progressive farmer is invited to take part. Besides learning ^what the other farmers know, he will be paid cash for any of his writings that are printed. It's the modem ;co-operative idea> significant of the up-to-date methods of Farm and Fireside. Not a farmer can afford to be without Farm ahd Fireside for his home.. Farm and Fireside is the largest and best agmultural journal in the Uuited States to­ day. Ijb comes tw£Q&&: month, which is twice as often as any -* 1 1 ' * 38 large pagesreac^; similar jtmrv. nibntnly journal bbioieipaiid has 24 to

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