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Chatham semi-weekly courier. (Chatham, Col[umbia] Co[unty], N.Y.) 1903-1907, December 20, 1905, Image 8

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- '\-fit\- t of slc^ptof .almost every ^escriprion at I)eyo^^pository. Cu |ft3a| two-seaters, .pl^^-boiis, farm j*$c, etc Sleighs of an^design at prices tos^llUl pockeibooks. Slei hs of quality are the b^ljr ones sold. We: wxrtdd appreciate the opportunity to show you oar stock. H. R. Deyo, Ghent Carriage and Sleigh Repository, GHENT, - - N. Y. Prestations tot the Christmas tree ana entertainment at the M- K. church have been completed and a, very enjoyable- time la antici­ pated. -.ATI aw> Invited. Patents aw requested to bring presents to the church and have thftui distri- bated ttom Toe tree. Services begin at 7 .ao. School ^ill S^TS^ItOT U* feoliday vacttfob. W. H, Phillips attended eonrt at Hudsoa, last week. Charles Curry and men have finished oteeetoe hay bers aad moved to Lehajadft Monday. White Mr. Staler was {taking orders bat Ftiaav afternoon be leltl his t«*d without tfei&g aacjttxsy » ~ —„ _. -started for honws. Just below the Jlrs. J. IV Hafler Is convalescing, j ^ ttoT combed with C Mr. \\ Md Sir*. E- IX Andrews I Young's carrtagev over-Uuniog. it aad thro weie jpiesfe offrlsnos In Old Chat­ ham on Sunday last. —&tat-C»ttieriB» A. Mead ias ^re­ turned to her home after having made a protracted visit w^th her sister at T/ooxoeesvilla, Mrs. A. J. Hlggins. She is very much im­ proved in health, being able to go about using but one crutch. Prol. Fred Spaulding and family, of bos ton, are visiting their tarher, Or. IX L. Spaulding. Prol. Spauld- Icg is the eastern agent tor the American BooK Concern with head office in Boston and MinTfJ^ Mr. and lbs. Toaag ve Beaver out. Mr*. Young sustained a. broken rib. The ethers escaped withoutinjj orv. ^ HEW C0SGQS3X The tair at Mrs. A. C Housman's on Thursday evening last was a success/ in every way. Honey taken from sale* and supper amounted to SSl.TS. The ladies feel paid Cor their bartf work. B. H. Liovejoy is quite feeble at this writing. Preparations are going on tor the Christmas service and Christmas tree on Wednesday evening, Dec. 2?th, All are invited to be present DO IT NOW! Select tbat present but before buying go to Kaufman's and see his j iygg 3u -d ccsspiete line of Christmas Goods. Sleigh Time is .Here... So & oar stock of braixl new and Bp to-date Sleighs, compris­ ing crdJeis, two-seared sleighs, l&nu bobs, feam bob*, pleasure bols, «tc, etc- They are gocd, substantial, attractive aad otorablo and si oar special prices tbov c«>st bat Utile metre than the cheap makes with which the mxriwi is being flooded. Don! bay anything in ti>e sleigh line an til you have examined what ve have to offer. F. J, Carpenter, Brainard Station, - N. Y. 3 Days More to buy XMAS GIFTS. THE PARS ROW JEWELER,., A Do You Want ! Yoc &xs!d t o rcracobcr torcxer? If yoa d<\ raufcc hrm OT bcT flL pSPCKSt of A . * • • PARKER FOUNTAIN PEN Prices $1.50 to SIO. Let t s I pat oae aside far yon. Tbese sre ti*r pc3s vera see advertised in tix znag^rracs. Vecsmt tbesa as xvc3 as tbt mVrr . Ton caocot go amiss in pur­ chasing a watch for a Christmas present an! voa cannot go amiss when sei- the arra\ «e are showing. mg the tiraer from Hawk's Cut Glass is too well- known to beed comment. We have almost anything von want in this Hse. Diamonds from ?o 00 up. Sterling &h«r Writing, ToDet and Manicure sets. KAUFMAN'S These Pais arc placed in fsecy bcDy boxes for the Snus trade. Jewelry Store, CH«T8U«. 0 Christmas Gifts for the Whole Family § An Endless Variety of Useml 1 Articles that Will Make Holiday g Shopping a Real Pleasare this Week oSers yoa during this rinse |w Ke* Goodsia New Parteros.|X There is qoaliry ia every ^ article aad yoa caa rely ca'gj Tbe hundreds who bare bem^tted by our grvat Cut f^ice Sale be }4eased to krjow ihsx the UNION GASB STORE is sboxriiig JUQ eadfes? Tawty of RINGS I Beaatifnl TOngs For Christmas at sell are sized § of charge and ^ enured | .Onr display of 5 the Same Remarkable Little Prices & — — Filling the Stocking. £| We have Planned to Fill NICE, NEW, FRESH STOCK ~ Malaga Grapes, Seeded Raisins, XaJble Raisins, Cleaned Currants, X3aribernesr —- Figs and Dates, Oranges and Candies; Mixed Nuts, 16c per lb., English Walnuts, 16c per lb. Headquarters for Tea and Coffee. Give us a TriaL We'll Try and please you. 3 J. M. PAGE, 5? gMAIN STREET, CHATHAM. X. Y. ^ airy person that I !iararas:fine-a r '^S^^iMtW^: has been seen in Chatham. Ipioj^l#^&^ Special Cash • Mi |Jf 3 ?iQB _need or. ever expect toJneect£ iKa^eVOT^hey-aJ»tJte^ present itsaK. ' ^ ; ^:^iliil^&^M| Prices are made very low for It will pay yoa to calL Ask to see th£ Gentune Wallace Montana Robe. Whips\ at your own price. R. H. DELAVAN §* Central Square, Chatham, K Y. ^uOu^ttoThinR^ _ ^ M ^ to , EnMMlRoaie 5 About What to Put %t|GsH ia asd loci zhesa over. N The LisK Self-Basting Enamel Roasters | SeasiJess. three coats of e-aaaiel over steel, sanitary in every respect.' SI' on the Stocking § ^as well as what to put in it. ^ 5 Useful gifts are after all the gifts ^ Sthat satisfy longest. Our stocK of s SHOES Oar siock oi Hardware ts complete, if there are any articles \ fesa •«« 6o aca carry, vrli endeavor to get\them for yon, as oar aim is to accosaaodaie aad . ive satisfaction 23d to sell agoodljnality of goods at a right p--sce. It will be to your interest U» call «csd see for vonrself- 1 Drive a Nail Here! S s S for men, women and Children. N a^ a^ 1 g Nothing hetter or more stylish than g Specizl prices on NsUs in te^ lots, cheaper than they have j been sold is Chatham for a niimbsr oi yeazs. pfalK About Stoves! 1 When yoa own son ANDES yoa bzvca mo^el of pejfecfioa in every detail, good heaters, good haters, economical ia thkr coa .-'JJ snznpdon of fuel, 'with quality and beanty of des^n. thrown iu. We have sold nearly one-balf hecdred of tM: £ SOXKSS make of stoves.: Sept. 13, \05. Why;? Bscanse U»e stove cannot be beaten and the price is right. Call in and look them ovex. It we have not got ssrhaX yoa -want, can get it for yon in short order. s for women. ^ Lzrge £st cf SB&KSS, irc&s asd Wcaca's Footvzar. ^The W- L DOH^S SKIS fegHaadLafeRa.g § Emil Deiches, | Chatham, 7.^ I Do You Want Light? An inuovatJon ia Kghtirtfe-as the Sedk-Iden Acetyhge Lamp, 50 candle power, costing oae cent per hoax. - This is the most beans- fnl fight known. We have sold a mnnber and they~grre perfect s ^txsSaction. 1 New Departure in Toys, 1 It hss become x enstom of Hardware S&oscs fetr iSbt past few ysacrs to add a one of Toys daring; tie HaSdrr S'snari, so imccder. To keep ahxeast <df tin imw.s; we nare pet on a llrwt for USs season^ j rxsde. Mostly Mechanical toys of a gnod qsairjy. Same of the; greatest ereataosasip rnecrhanisaa you CTSTsaw rathe .toy^IIat. We; have soxae of the weQ-known toys Kbe Sdiorahggs HaarptyDnngK ty CSstass, Grader Jack ^Sie C3srrsr C5oam. Ives\ llxniatnre Sailw^ : System and scores of ottbess too ssmessss to mewtifwi, A larje stack of Baksey & Bezrys* Skate?, Band Sleigixs* e£r. CaS i» sal' 3ook them over snd oaks carry psrehases ijefbre the aasoctaaesS a broken. F. B. PRATT Sncce^or to qhas. Hav2ey Chatham, N. T. xrbi ^h ah >n &\s rsle at this stare and people who do their, tra&ng at tbe UNION CASH STO&iaow that it is the p &tee to get . iiandsonie and JUseftd fiolidiy j2ease £a soSL -price. aa^ tot* You May Own a Piano Today—If TERMS THAT ARE PARlfflfc LARLY EASY ON flMfflP* 1 5f«l ARB PARTICTJLARL

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