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Chatham semi-weekly courier. (Chatham, Col[umbia] Co[unty], N.Y.) 1903-1907, November 22, 1905, Image 4

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j. WALLACE DARROW, E DITOR, AW PaoKRiKroR. SOBSCRIPTION PRICE, $1 SO A YEAR; 8 MOS-, 75 CTS; 3 MOS , 40 CTS- Entered as Second-clana Mail Matter at the Post-office, Chatham, N. -WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER i-Q05- A SEA^tEYEL CANAL. After a'long consideration the Board 01; Consulting Engineers of the Isthmian Gaunt com mission Saturday concluded Its labor with a J I- JU • fiivur of the cousuuu tloo of a sea level across the isthmus -Of PaqatoBV^it Is aula- the vote on the straight' proposal for tbe sea level canal .stood nine to four Some linetlcau members favor a lock and dam canal on the ground tint YOTING METHODS. ' The Editor of the Hudson RepnbBcan F ITOTS Toting Ha chines. In a lancthjsedltorlal on Ballot inform the Hudson Duilv Repuidl- -x o o o * - o o Regular meeting of tbe Eastern Star next Fihlay weening. .. ... Mrs. it. L- Best ia SDendlngJlie winter in Jacksonville, Ha. Mrs. Jobn Seymour, is improving and able to alt up a portion di'tbe time. . __ ... bouserln* the 'railroad yard early Tnrtoy dinner this evenlnprat thefS» tu; Cd*y morning, was concluded Lutheran church; go \early and avoia the-xush. \TUT Vincent, of Ghent, is tem- acting- us cierk-Io- E. can. editor in closing his opinion says: \all of this discussion on ballot reforms ia iutended to make inde­ pendent voting easier. In otber wards it is an agitation to make the savins ia time of construction 'straight voting impossible. As made its project m re desirable.' uoder any ciicinnstanees a majority it is wf eist md tint tbe plan 0 r the vote cast is by arraign: party '[ Q tn £ Lutheran church. adopted by the commission, and voters to attempt to di-pnve tbemi - —- - whl>m will be recommended to 0 f their rights for the purpose of | The Board;ot Education will hold President Roosevelt for bis approval, 'tanking It easier for a uilnoihv of a regular D uiontbly« meeting • tola provides for a sea level canal to be each patty to exercise its rlghCipjweekiErljday evening, manifestly unfair. And mare than thut, tbe plans now most ardently advocated are sure to result In piacticallv a compete diffrancbise- roeot of the I CQ >raot vote wbich must be d me constitutionally ana not bv SIR 'ute enactment. With all due lespect to tbe Reform League uo<l tho Massachusetts bal­ lot and tUi New York Tribune we believe that iu Hudson to-day a bene! system la In vogue than any of tliera h-ive suggested—werefer^ew York city with her to tbe v>>ii ^g machine. Tbe tesults and sisters, hnve proven accurate and satlsfae-l constructed in fi'tnen years at an estimated cost of $230 000 000. The 4epth is'said to b ive been Sxed at 45 toer, with width 160 feet on the bottom. ^ CANADA'S RAILROADS. H. K. Enersoo, minister of rail­ roads ,of Canada said regarding federal control of railroad rates: \We have in Canada federal jutlsitctlon over freiubt and pas- aeuger rates, and have what Presi­ dent Roosevelt is seeking to estab llsh in the Dulted States, federal control mote comprenenfclve that UOW exercised by tbe inter State eouimerce commission. This jurisdiction migbt wi 11 be extended without infringing uo tbe private rights of yo.ir citizens. We have the satne questious between the federal government and tbe pro­ vinces as you do between tbei national government and tbe' State*\ po rarity Deichea* shoe store. Justice-Homer Grandell has been confined to bla b*d for several days' but is improving. Rev. J. J. Delo, of Athene, will preach at both services nextSunday Wiirfa& station-agent at 'Ltro^ow', Vt'J has been spending a few\ ' , da$s v \vacation at Anthony Laraway's. Mr. and Mis. (Jbatles Akin are to begin 'housekeeping fh a portion of the Hiilbert building on Central Square. Mrs. H. A. spending two Branion and son are ot«three weeks in mother Mrs. Lucy Rifenburghas soil her bouse and totjat Kline Kill to A. E. Tracy.- TSonshfera'tlon $800. yesterday by Coroner Conklin. A fractured skull Mas the cause, of death. . fhun tory, tbey are quickly known; Mra - Co™ B \ UoD 000 daughter. ' 'recounts can't be called f »r. Their «' Becker. Mass., were guests at 0. accuracy has never been questioned. I A « Wentwortb's and A. J. Fellows A hotly contested mayontliy election Tbe examlnati-io thus far made by the court, and a searching in­ vestigation conducted by n porters of tbe Woild and a company of detectives, under tne ditectlon of spend the necessary money to equip William P.Hasan, former chief of the state witb machines if it here was decided by but four Votes without a whimper. If tbe people ot tbe state are afield ot grait in the putvh so of. 1 be machines, let the legislature direct Uovernor Hlggins to appoint a commission of Ova composed of tho mayors of New York and Buffao as two; give to thai cuxninisaioB power to decide on some machine; give it power to decide'on some form of ballot or on some machine; give it power to the United States secret service, tend to justify the oplulon of Tbe Herald, express d soon after the deem j macbioes best. That will take tho wnole question out of j politics and result in tho adoption election,, that the declared result of tho same system in every voting Tfotdl not he reversed by proofs of precinct. We are confident such a fiaaifs. - Tbe ratio -of gains xbuajar v body wotted decide on a votibtrl niairfpVbv-Mi. Hearst\ woiddgive bim 'machine .which woulu matte all • net gala of only aunut TBO 1 in tbe kinds of voting easv and insure wbdta Clty r from void or protested, early and accurate results \\ ballots, while Mayor McCteilan's pt'orallty stands at over 4000. v President jGompers of tbe Federa- tlon- ot Labor, sent a telegram to \.8t Petersburg, saving. \ The cause xoif Iiiberty should not be smirched with atrocities and crime.\ He wants the flubt in Russia to Ue as different as possible from •/ , a.Oalaigo strike. REAL ESTATE NEWS. The 'new democratic treasurer of Pennsylvania is an Uliuois man, Who gut bis Btart In the world by jtnojring bow to tie a knot that \ would not slip under any stialn. That is fast the kind of man that JUIa a 1 mg-felt want in the Peundjl jnula treasury. Pieaident Shea of the teamsters' anltin I-HB declined to sanction a ' strike of tbe Standard Oil waaon 4trJ»ta in Pnicago. It may be-that Mr. Sbea has learned something daring tbe past year. The Mormons of Salt Lake are ceBsurfb? Senator Reed Smoot for political activity. Wo bud an Impressloo that Mr. Hmoot'a woes veto due 10 the political activity of otber persona. The Department of Justice has Transfers of Property in This Comity Recorded Recently in County atrk ^sOHJce. The following real estate transfers wete recorded at tbe County Clerk's office last week. Cuurles L. Coons and wife to- Stephen William Burton, property in PhilmoOt, $175. Kred O. Peaks to John Dennis and wffe.-$45u, Chatham- Helen 1i, Dakin to Allen Scott. Hillsdale, $1,100. Caspar Lautpuiao to. George M OT Oaiiiey, Ancrani, S400. Edwin D flow, as referee, to Isaac Van Dyck, Valatle, $90a ilenrv O'Brien and wife to James H. Fowler. Chatham, $220. Carl Daley- co John O. Daley, Ch ithaui. $1. Hudson City 'Savings Institution ! to LeonUam Schaidtuann. Chatham, $1- Lucy M. Rivenburgh to Albert <£raoy. Rindvrbook, $800. Killed by the Cars. over Sunday. _Edward Streeter succeeds his father, the late John Slteeter, as Chatham correspondent v of the Hudson Republican. A ypar ago sleighing, a f lien on tu :-u .. Chief Engineer, G. L. Moore, of Rutland; with division roadraaster Warrenburg and others made a tour nf inspection over tbe Chatham division last Wednesday. It Is reported that extensive improve­ ments are to made in cutting down grades between Chatham and Peters- burgh next sprlnc. ^ Nathaniel Ogden in bis 79tb year died Tuesday evening at his home on Spring street. Tbe funeral will l>e beld Prldav at 2 p. m. (dr. Ogden bad been a resident of Chatham f«r 36 years and was an expert carriage upholsterer and harness maker. He is sutvlved ty one sou, Ernest N. Ogden of this village. Tbe Sunday New York Herald says: \One of the prettiest wed­ dings of laBt week was that on Fri­ day, in the Marble Collegiate} Church, when Mies Margaret Stau- | ton, daughter of Mrs. Forrest Silas Downing, of No. 7 West Forty- seventh street, was married to Mr. Daniel Morn J] Bates, of Paris. The bride is a granddaughter of the late Silos Downioc.\ ^ncw4e^na^^nrenguttet^»Jth>their J^^a^a'll^l&ta^^^^f endeared bhnEilf toull the etilplojia -ofc-:tui» mad. v la an - ablejufflciol nnd yhlle ,u utra't dif.cii-llntirian, Jas?^ndHCtesjf ; lij^depattiuerit'^ljb. SenatbrPiatt,* Star Witness.. The '4jnAaes£ijQltcK}ng: the death ot Peter Cofffn, the colored man- who Jumped.from afost t westbodnd r —^. . ; - T —• , freight and was found near the tank4oridg& with; a-Uurse of $«W as.a' which has coumiariiled tue utmost poituutpoluisibroURlit about in \tha respect and tbe highest regatd of leuislailve iusurauce iuvesilgatlon the rnen^ Yesterday, on behtdf of Titeeaay : the employes. o|... the:- aboits.-.scar L ..Flrst^.That,-,Senator. c Tji.pmh «„ie; departjient aud'g.UgJQeeisalia^rpy^Fiatt^^ raeu\ of llKrBuff)ilo clivh ion,'' Pore- f\ MI'S ftom»lMoijin%F«&a^l^^d1c man .Brady, prt-setited Jlr. Wood- Sfate eljwtfuDSVai^ * 1 \ That the EqiiltaWiWspn- -.._ 0 . _ ,. „_ „, . jSeciin.d token of the esteem In which he IS trlbutloo ha«l lfeen.ilO,iK>» nnnuajly? held\lVy all. M'r. ; Wopdbi'idge's^ew tiiattue of Mtititul *l0,<t00,ik-easion- position- carries with, it added ally, and thut tbe Now York Lift reajnonsibilities wjilcb he will be amMjeutly 'made no contribiiilnnV^ well able to meet, His- metited \\^rttird^hartheftsiiu.B wiie paid Advancemect^is- .a-aotilce,Ot great by--^tittttrt-^lat^o^t»^bak^.c, '8^1^,^?^^^-^\ •ends eec^ryor Ue*a«r« ot tna Bepub. :SSS«»« m satisfaction ta bis rriany rrtends secretary here.\ Mr. Woodbrldge isAnother IfeSO 8tnte C.imn,ittee. Chatham boy who has made his iriaik in tbe worM-nudh^s host ot friends extend congratulations. icity, K;x;H^&g0maA&& School Rotes. Tbe principal's office bns been loMoved from-the high' schdoT W the Fjinth-Thut tlte Senator under- Nat|onal Gtai^e^yehUon, iffl stood-thut in xeturn for thete con-» wJl| |ect U re^ourse Ukiw*-. tribuiions he should, through his t|j|J aoap ic^'<6Tt£.iiiS;JH«*- Jenerf) influence with the State comudttee, F.nnMa^utBB^^T&YanAlettigr see that no hostile legislation was ^ u for some .y^r^been^uii.l.Ted enacted. ... t „uiing the winter as lecturer for IU Fifrh-Ttmt he had never bee. lG8Htul ^ 8 gflKew Jeleey,, Maryland rpoiiLJormerly used as a laboratory' asked to intervene to stop uny such II7i\M»-\viIri,'-~'ili^iEi'-' ~\-»'—\ l*)jRwmmM, school This change hoatlieTeglslaUon. and New York^HUpr«ent instru* waa, msdQ. necessary by the lar^te] Sixth—That, Senator Depew'a enrollment in the high school and.'*fflend up tlje river\ wa^s W. 8. the need the coniinetcla} depart- 1 Sinnnlnsr. of Alminy, who has col- w?a% ha,d for more-room. The old le-sted \bush inouey\ ftOm the offlce.jlf,now used for the typewrit- ( Mutual^ and Equitable for^ many ^u-jifjj m Henry, TaOrneof RayTuTe, Died This Alternbon at 3.45 O'clock. tlon will be on: protection of Irulto and grains from-insect pests; SUDDEN DEATH. ' ; winter. oh the Oscar W. Flero. of the 150th ». Y. Vols , was received by transfer from Amenla Post No. 467 and Is now a member of Uen. Logan Post U. A. *B- Next Tuesday evening the Grange will give an entertainment in Orange hall, admission 20 cents. The following program will be rendered: Violin solo, • Arthur Rrown enjoying'character Sketch, • Edw. Akin, now having Solo, - - - Miss Leggett which remained, Faroe - \Dr. Gertrude Mason.\ 6M0, - - MTsaKiinker. Recitation. Miss White. 80I0 • > Guy M. Hoes. Duet, Mrs. Darrow, Miss Leggett. Tbe ' HudsoD '.Republican save: Dwight M. Clark, of Chatham, baa accepted a position'as Steno­ grapher and office assistant with W. H TraveVA So'h. ' \ \ : Mra^, .L. ; J. . JJickerson, of West Com wall. Conn., and Mrs. <H* D, Humphrey of Canaan. Conn., were among those' <from a distance who came to attend the funetal ot Mrs. Esther M. Doty, Monday. Mrs. Michael Sweeney, formerly of this village, died at ber borne f Winsted, Ct.. Sun. Among relatlv from this vill tge who are attending the fotSei-Hl • to-dav are Sagijuge- maste< Mellen and wife. Tbe game of football Saturday between Chatham . and Delmar Tesqlted ip the first half a ecore/6t 6 to 0 in favor-QMJhatham. In/the second halt a dlsagreemenKfaroae and the refereer^Bve tbecaotestantS wo -mioute*/t*jBetth»tfl« qiieirtlon or forfeit the'fcyne. Zbe game was forfeited Delmarycmimed it but, according to^J^Hoyie\ the game goes to the slop having-the largest Bcore up to the tune of disagree* roent so Chatham is considered the winner. * A residence will soon be con­ structed at Ghent to replace tbe one bt lunging to Mrs. Jobn McGinnis which was destroyed by fire last month. | ( .)[ohn Moore of this village has beep awarded tbe contract The Schenectady \Daily Union\ speaks in very cotnp imentary terms of the concert given in Red Men's Hall In that city. Friday evening,' Nov. 17, by MlB3 Helen Hanscom, formerly «.f this village. Tbe residence occupied by tbe late J. T. Waltermire.on Hudson avenue will be ^ccunied by Mrs. M. 8. Frye. Mrs/ Mary P. Haynor, of Hinsdale, Mass., will not remove here as reported. Helene Steer, tne i£-vBar-p|ri daughter of Mr. and Mrs AtTred^C. Steer, of Bruokside, was-fatally injured Stturdayafternoon by bejng struck by tbe Delaware and Hud-. decided that Commissiooei^Garfleld did not promise Immunity to the beef, packers and that even If he they don't g^t ;t . . gon ^0 kao ^, a M tbe Butland The diplomatic prpositlon just fl?er. r The accident occurred near be to convince China- Menandaand.tbe girl'died-about 16 Americans In China aie en-'\»Jnob» 'later, having sustalnecTa to tuore consideration than fracture of the skull. - Mr. and Mr*. fi$ti<Caxl'ti6'3<} to- Ameri'M. j Steer' were «cterlafalog guests and ~ Helena .Was se*nt.to llenarrds con- the question as to what aaryatory'atthe.cemeteiyistatlonlo lWi ? d ?i!?. l if Mar ex.Prealdenta Is 6B0 uWMq^aMow^t6^eiwTit« th* An Innovation in the hardware Jltne i8*t^b>'Xntr^ciA.fe\Chatbam when. P'-V^&.Tgflitt opens', np bis meehanioat, bigbhdass/ toy depart*-! unseitledj v ed-.what we shall do with onr country nss's^^^^^^^^,^,^^^ . trip as' q^iiciiy^M^p^thlol \the 'Kttl e and: started to 'Thomas S. Buckley has purchased] a large wood.lot of Miss ESrrriet Osborne at ^Uisterlits aMTbasbia chqpfefafand/ teamsjM^wbrk there. The- irmber (wiU>erdraws- to bis milt between lEfiTa place and Ghent wherftylt' A will. be. sawed^ custom A Tbanksglvjjig'?dinner ] will be given Nov. ..\St^.^t the A-. M. E. cbutcb. Menu: Tickles, cold sjuw. beets and mustard; turkey and ioast pork ; white potatoes.sweetpotatoes, baked beans, onions, celery and cranberjies: wince and pumpkin pie; cheese: tea, coffee, - etc. Com. mittee. 8. Van Buren, L Thomp­ son, J. Defreast, E. Van Buren. M. Hogaboni', F. Jackson, A. Birge, T. H. Gardner, J. Schermerhnrn, L. Jackson, C. Van Alstvhe, E. Kitth?, J. F. Van Buren, 8. Gilliard and D. A. Pierce. Dinner will be ready at 6 p. m., tickets 30 cents. ing room. jyeais for not \being bo&tile\ to The principal may be found each these companies, motning from 8.30 to 8.45 In the| Sovectb—That tbe Equita'de car- classical room of the high sch-iol riedon Itsimyrolla foriucrTmumany and in tbe artcrooon from 2 45 to piesldent of tB\«< Board of Aldeimen 3 .16 be will be in the office in the'and ^Acting Mayor, who obtained grammar school. j the reduction of the real, estate Tbe telephone has been moved to assessments dr^ officers tbe new uf&Ve. Duless there he! Equitable Borne very urgent need, pupils will not be called from their rooms to answer a call tit the telephone. The calls will always be answered but with the of the those deelring to speak principal wlil be asked tu 1 tave their mime wiib the one answering We\ call and tbe prin^Ipd will call them at his Hret opportunity. This is the season when, boys »* mive j weo ijniicted for mnuslHUgb well as glils ure thinking about ,ter.,ln the .second decree for the A telephone message received, just as tbe Courier gqeg to pret*' states^ that William-flenry Xlior» died at his home near Rayvlile tbli afternoon at -3.45 o'clock. He war taken yesterday with acute inden­ tion. Mr. Thorpe was a well knuwn citizen ot this town, and his destb The Charge is Manslaughter Second comes as a great shock to maaj. Degree. (A wife, one daughter and threY « . . . ~X •-, , IsonB survive. .Contractor-John Dyer. Jr., and bla architect, Clark L. • Daggett. CONTRACTORS INDICTED. Christmas presents. Boys who enjoy woikiog witb carpeuter tools'will Sud some splendid Ideas' the Craftsman. This ia, oni perioilicaij found fo-tlie lipfafyVl - Z The books In the Cnatham'Ppbiic Library' are classified accoidlng to the Dewey • system. They divided into ten classes as follows': 000 GeneiaJ Works, 100 Philosophy, 2«0 Religion, 300 Philosophy. 400 Philology. 600 Science, 600 Useful Arts. 701.) Fine Arts, 8.0 Literature, .900 History. Each of these classes [ip divided and subdivided. Thus under 600 Science,, are the books on 8fiphc&-lnigeneral, Sid^Mathematics, 6JWj' r -Astrohomy, 53oTph>*lcs, 640 Roosevelt's Rose Broken. aTOTyey Death of Mrs- Esther H. Doty. Mrs. Esther M. Doty, aged 72year» Zoology. The books on Physics in general, as Avery's Physics are under 630and these ate followed by tbe different divisioqs of Pbjslcs, 632 Liquids, 633 Gases aud so on to 640. Books having tbei same class number are arranged alpha-' bntlcaliy by author. WIthfu few ei> ceptioos this general plan^of ^ar­ rangement la followed throughout the iioraty.\ The Biography (9«.0) which be­ longs in the* class with History, is taken out nnd placedinasepiion by Itself.' •» These bookeParenditl'led into several' classes. For Instance Uvea ot Statesmen \form one chtss, Artists anbthet _and Scientists an other.. Under these classes the books ore arranged alphabetically by the subjectr- So vou - willU11 d one class, lives of Statesmen, begfn^ ning witb Adams and entljng with deatb.x>t tbe thirteen victims in the colUu&e ot. thd Jobn G. Myers building In Albany, <\» velt ifr.^will A«KJUtst^8thdjisV Attorney William operation Sfj fiyet;ewa8 In court to answer, broken^n\ fox hist clients. However, as both Theop*rat}ob aft were opt-ofiown the-District Attor-' transferred . the. cases to the couuty court ;they will he arraigned later in that court pn_t.he above charge. The grand jury only In­ dicted them on one count, ;tbat being deeuied;8ufflclent. 'J&ht.'Q' Tne vmaxitiluinipenalty ; forma*-: siaiightei 1obltn«L-8i^q<t&deg^^^j fifteen ^sat^bM^lsnnMiant-im^^j^ 1 of not more that $1,000 or bqth^ai( and imprlfpfi'nient-,. It ir jdrsjcie^ As'a> reetilt^of'hT^strenndus eoti\- te&t In ( theYale-HarvarCf reshmse Kamb lalft^tird^y^lTTieddOre B OOM- * ed to undeijo B%6se which iiaf 'th* scfrminsff«. ; fe&gh painful, tBI\ , not- 1 m ^danRerou^'- It -wits ^ frt.rmea* oy, »? a -»a8bn epeckl'* i/Tuesaify? $,X&tim s ^eaay\ wi' : \tn*A*<\f^£fa£Ftiir ' thn T B I A li^ <Jhemiitry, «W PeoloJK* 560 PalMnrltieDaq^itb^tee, conrtv^hetbetSsf **ofr\ '670 Blolojpty. 680 Boteny,690| M a t eoc* • ot. adore than 1 mpi isoniuent Js .ordered. Iamber dimensions.' fa^ijjj^^OffltJtii^aftio^BeT.' 1 i)r.;T>^ij^^Uielt4^p^ed church' wlU'^|!p^a;thQ|^r : ch Dariars; iheJW.edneWity\ erenlBfeDec:-8.- ; .<It. is; Mr«^|iT|i^^CWc^^ and 10 months, widow of tbe late Wto8n r ugt0D ,- another class'of the Calvin Doty.died Saturday morning , jvea of Llterai .y meDt begiOnlng at ber home on River street from a wltb Alcott and ending with Whit complication of diseases. Mrs, Doty tier. was a daughter of Mr. and Mrs, j The Fiction, a division ofJLItera- William Mickle and was born on tuie (800} is also separated from the tbe Ford place between Chatham j rest or the class and these bo. Jks are and Bed Bock. For 83 years abeiarranged alphabetically by author, has resided in Chatham where she j ' T^jAtuqj^aod titles, of Woks.-! was recognized as a true frjend and •tbaV'tffaaCT.are fndexed In .thaWa^ neighbor- and highly respected by logae.' u tr a iWfTex ^J^ftR^W allwho'knewber. She#aa identified ,*'«Xbe Battle witla j^e'^gJw'ms'*' nyl with the Christian church at Bed^acph Kfts, ,j^ B ^may/fqo^lfoE ^ila'in Rock and Bev. Wllllam^.ill. osstot the.catqiogne aiiafi?^ wiil\¥od*on bfthat<!hiircb conducted the rooeral' thgj^ijB^ the 4 nutu^r^bfi67,^his service which wasjargely utMqded teDs'h'jm •'tbVt.the^..ib^^Jsfelassed from\ the house Holiday at ia30p.-|wItU 300 aqd tbe,K^j[d)^^e{ilii%l|. m. the interment being in the shorts where :that' ^iass'Vls placed)\ family plot at Bed Hock. There Tbe 11S7 lsisiupty>^i«utifoWain^ : were handsome floral tributes from ber and, way^^l^j^^^n^s sisfer. lfi^^dbn^|pOLamoree, of Death of Adelhjrt Conklin. —r gst'-fay. ' AdelbQr,tiJobklIn, .aged jnjj^^': \who cojodiicted tto Parker^BTouae at CiaoviHe, djed.^ddenfy'^a'ila-, daylighta^'Jbad- ibeen^paqd\ arojin^asl,qsual .during, the\diiy, | ^Htatt tiouble.waa ~fb> cause of ills maa^^tng^lrget^'te'r the Yale hi.' 'j>i<d. ^6£i^pbW£rmtfme and wa»] •n ^ifn^|i^x^j^ihg' man. Tkt I b^^t^Mj^iaken't6 ; Uarry.ville tor h&x It m ^;'Ge^rga,pi^p,i>:3»ho was. ta*e».f| suddenly Mil ^t:'his work in Na 4 m mill, Stottvllle, Saturday noon \^lll was brought to Hudson- where t»-f|P . ^.,-.7— • .underwent an operation rorstcuntd <featb. Ataheage of 27 heiemovedjtrouble, died Monday.~B^e was » with his- fatner to the town ot bis S3d year and bad many friend* Copuke and settled on tbe old j JQ Hudson and Stottvllle. -„ n . . • aa 1 • Cobkiin hoajesiead. where he remained fburyejirs.and went thence, t6..Cratyville, where he remnlned untlll 1891, when ha purchased the property, known as the Beach Houeey on tbe shore.of Copake lake, -where be remained until about two years ago.wben he returned to Craryviile. He was a.mem ber of Hillsdale Lodge' No. 613, F. & A. M. -MrJCtonkliib bad been married three limes, and leaves a wife and four sonsTiur vi vlng him. . - >- General Bemlioies. At the A. Overholt Distillery, ut B^|ord f ' 'Pa,\ 8unday.. 810.000 JTAStATJ. sjf/of whisker furnished ^^^^^^^ fftouad. *;j?otmer< Governor Frank's. Black ^as° Jbeea retained By \WT R • Hearst jto^ke/bhar^e^f'the' crflnlnal end Ojr^hfJUfgation which.tiasgrown |mt^|^Mr?Hearat^ mayoralty con ;tj»trih^*w'.,ibrk\..\ v 1 ..jij,....'^ Mrs. Elisabetb/Sbufelt has. ban j keeping house lor^her-son while Bb | Jwir* wa^^a^WderlaWaKGenlisTl„ {having beeneli^tbere^dVaeco^ ^.ortbe ietIo-a^nli.^f^iBJli|en'-p Spencer ^Heusted and wife ''wtf£{=& recent < R .ueets ot' relatives SchAgbtlcoke— , *\ n .Vjipli Gra» - E.' |B OTB is confined to-tW.jg-ip house with ah attack or tonsilitls. f$M W. 3. M^8t«-*nd wire spentH UB-;^ P day- at their mother's, Mrs. LoJ»J|-, ©ecter.\^';? - ''\ *- Cbas. Tlnney and. sister, JiBM, : ^|| were Sunday R«e*ta \at Geo^J w>«ver , 8v r ' \• . ~?S«a& .^Mrs: V._ Van Sallsn'ory wa» v *!l*^ J^inderhook a fow \days last werfra\''' on account ot illness'ist. Mrs. H^7| E.Johnson's.' - ' Jennie Qcubb Is -*t hciL- account 'of faUng ^altn'^faBe]|iM being ..able'^^n^ne 'fieln^el^f 1 ''-and: m ; ^ u »*%?^Ws^W#6ri>*I^fng :: rtaae:««Hy:t6jsalli^y^ ^holnad^yiretay^^here^leav¥were ;^ufe^K^^^»iey#^eltW ..able stody. :--V »v '^mWk 'Miss *tidS'JWt»t®^fiffi^i has gle'Atly-i^ lng1ftn^hrary»ic»i^^ sestiona r-Vrr'ir(*gr-'£-i?d-' si J'-.ll»

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