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*—- Johnson Nomfnatea. MTsiourlan After ,....„ ,.. , , Antiyraft Speech In Cleveland. I Cleveland, O., Nov. 4.-After the ^esMSai Will Take WO EreSeUt •«» meetin* to Central jarnwry, at Action on Russian Massacres. MATTER IN WITTE'S HANDS Premier Cables to Ososn- Straus That His Government Is Horrified by the Antl-Semitio Outrages, but That Lo­ cal Aiif hnritin ? -Are Helpless. Washington, Nov. 6. — President Roosevelt has decided that no actli 4>fln he taken hy Mift TTnltw l Rhitoa gfv eminent at or. sent which will b e of any benefit to the Jews of Russia. This Infortunium was made public at the White House in the following state­ ment: \Oscar Straus called upon the presi­ dent not to ask hi in for action, but to consult- with liiiu as t o whether there was any possibility of action which would result lu a cessation of the hor­ rors connected with the massacre of the Jews lu Russia. The president stilted that of course he had been watching with the deepest concern the reports of these massacres; that he had been appealed to within the last few weeks to try .to lake some action, not only in behalf of the Jews of Russia, but In behalf of the Armenians, Poles and Finns. A Telogram From Witte. t **£he result of the president's in­ quiries coincide with statements prtnt- : e d in a cablegram from Count Wltte '5 \ to Jacob H. Schiff, shown the president J.-;, 1 by Mr. Straus, as follows: \ .\\ \The government Is horrified at these- fefc-iratrages, ¥0.1 know that I do not syin- ' pathize with sucb savage outbreaks. All I can do to stop the disorders is done, but as the country Is in such an unsettled state the local authorities are often powerless ' \lu the cjiulltlous of social \disorder which actually exist in Russia the president .1 >es not see that any actlou can he taken hy this government at present wlm-li will be of any benefit to the unfortu-mte sufferers for whom we feel such keen sympathy.\ BLQODY WEEK IN BESSARABIA Jews Mercilessly Slaughtered Under the Eyes of the Police. St Petersburg. Nov. 3.— The news from the Interior shows little Improve­ ment. In some places disorders have recommenced with redoubled fury. In the Caucasus Tirtars and Russians are cutting each others' throats, and the Aruifuhi't.- are giving themselves up to pillage and incendiarism j From Bachmut. Bessarabia, comes an eutlre'iy new revolting tale A three days\ attack on the Jews began Thursday with every Indication of po- Uce organization Jewish stuilents were beaten, the Jewish stores in the . Markets were sacked during the day, and during the u'ght the plunder of residences commenced. Troops arrived en the scene, but the following day the work of pillage was resumed before the eyes of the soldiers and police 'he prayefs of the hunted Jews for ercy were unavailing. Towurd noon the torch was applied stores and houses. The police would ;0t permit the Jews to fight the fire troops were withdrawn Then the pillage began afresh. It was tem­ porarily stopped Saturday morning ^through the efforts of the Russian ^peasants, but the police spread false ireports, which 1 atuused the mob. and ^lliere was a renewal of the work of ^'•pWuder and massacre. The losses are !«%g(itd to be in the millions. - • _ SIX THOUSAND SHOT. which Governor Joseph W. Folk' of Missouri was the principal speaker. Mayor Tom Lc. Johnson asked Govern­ or Folk to address a secoud meeting in a large tent that has been used during the campaign and in which an audience oC several thousand were waiting to hear Governor Folk. Mayor Johnson .Introduced the Missouri, statesman as his choice for the Democratic nomina­ tion for the presidency in 1008 and predicted that he would be the man that would succeed President Roose­ velt, Governor Folk In his armory speech said: A polltlpRl rovlvn l Is gnln g ^jn nil ovnr toe land against grafting. The people of Philadelphia, New York, Buffalo, San Francisco and of Cincinnati are fighting for their city and to regain the govern­ ment they have lost A wonderful revolution has been wrought In the consciences of mankind In the last four years. We had got to a point in iht-* country where patriotism ineajit li tic 'nort? than a word. Many mm hod pntrlcttsm on their llpa and trea­ son In thflr *ii »rts The moral awakening that is now -s ••••p'ng the country Is sltn- ply the patriotism that comes from the hearts of the people—a determlnat'on to stamp out the things of dishonor In pub­ lic life and the things that oppress In private life A new standard has been established— n.'w yet old. Just honesty, that is all. Thp remedy for corruption has been found in Ihf hearts of the people There Is noth­ ing a corrupt man fears more than an iroused public conscience. The prisons T i\ be tilled with grafters, yet If the 'ju-i 1 were l.i 1 ftVrent grafting would ^o on Just the same On the other hand, a ver few may set where they belong yot If the people are aroused grafting will be stopped with the force of public sentiment. Hts First Les:on In Kissing. Detroit, Mkh Nov ti.- A grownup man wh o fink. Ins first lesson in kissing it the nuptial altar is the prodigy Jus lice On «liscj\*\red 111 Ins ottice at the t> mnt.\ litiildaig The \unkisse.' sou\ ).' i'n ,,lit i 4M v e \\... o ltd 'ii\ ,n .Nich­ olas . JK 1I1 >viez, 11111 I'onl of both ilie -^lisu tongue ii'i.l woman s Ii •'Tell j in t'ie ce ^aici.v is uul !t „' 1 .J Amei- . i un.e- he kN-.e< tier said Justice I' • to tile 11 -i- -e'er 1\' •• bridegro mi i 1 n j .id 1 JC Ultimatum was repeated to liim and still he couid uot catch ou Ju.siice Utt had to order the bride to show him how to do it. Sokoliwicz bet med to like the lesson. -jfawisn Massacre at Odessa Marked by \ Horrible Atrocities, Odessa, Nov. C—It Is now estimated e killed and wounded during the [l^£repeUt riots uere number 0,000. The hospital\ -alone contains 2,00f Th e city Is quiet. aud infantry fought a reg battle with Jews and revoluiion- were concealed in houses. 'Che tongues of Jews were torn nut O10 roots, nails were driven in 1 lie of llviiig persons 'and- others were tolledl n spiked barrels. -.2*07'authentic figures are available ICpstoffApn-Don, bat the dead are .placed athnn'dreds, and It seems estab- that the Cossacks participated ti** pMtefiS there. -Semi{iC rioting Is reported to be \^S -i *going - to In ^Kherson, Bkaterinosi tv, Kuluga, Ivanovo-Y'oanesentk, Koseletz and Uman. »» Troop* Charge Mob In Tomsk. r: Tomsk. Siberia, Nov . 6.— The troops ^^ere forced to charge with bayonets no b ^ lch was PH'ss^S lious?''. A number were killed, ^aad^nwriy were wounded. The city Is S|.Salf-Backed. a- rpUber who held them up May Be Mrs. Mize'» Murderer. NOT- C—Identified by two : point at a revolver, Vincent Jer- A Oi£a^trous Poker Game. Now \<>rk, .\i)V. {j.- Keen use n party of four Poles li\iti^ iu the tenement at .\>40 tireenwili -street, while playing cards, turned one of their number out or the itaui. 1 ir his abusiveuess he opened 011 iln 111 «ith a revolver wound- 1114 two and kiiliu^ oue I . < n the mau. wiio is described to the police as Tony .M1 .0, alms .\l.irr:\- tweut} years old •iin 1 known in tii<» neighborhood as \loiiy ilie limit escaped. The po- Ih-i evpet t to 1 ip'ure him soon, as lie 1 s well U.ioun in the neighborhood 1'he d\!id 111,111 is Vmlrevv Iugin, thirty- four j ears old Appeals to People.'ti Help Aim Restore Peace to Rissia. , A TASK TOR A HERCULES Cornell Men Grease Trolley Rails. Ithnn N V N >v I Some under 1 lus^ men of 1 01 m I Uui\M -s ,ty greased the rn is the It' in-i Street Car coin puny 011 1 nr.) !e aliuosl causing a loaded car lo be \vre< ked Tlie com paii\ offered Soini reward for inforina lion lending in the cunvietiun of die offoiu'.ers l'lie university authorities are also work ng on ilie case The act is indictable i< attempted mansl,iUit!l ter Tlie pi-mk «:tme after the annnil uiiden I. is, tlag rush wli eh was de­ clared 11 tie The Country* Divided Into Three Dis­ tinct Parties, With the Reactionaries Heading a Bitter Fight Against the New Regime. St. Petersburg, Nov . 6.— The Official Messenger prints another strongly worded-app«aWoF-eonlldence:—It- Count Witte's marks and hints strong­ ly that the empire is threatened with dismemberment unless the people rally to its support. It is rumored that the reactionaries are attempting to unhorse Count Witte on the ground that Instead of pacify­ ing the country he has set It in flames. The political situation is most com­ plex Whether the government will be able to outride the popular storm is problematical, for Count Wltte will have a harder task In making peace with the Russian people than he had with Japan. In the midst of the con­ fusion following the abdication of ab­ solutism there has not yet been time for a realignment of parties, but the lines of (ieuvage are clear. E. tremists Want a Republic Tin\ \tremists, Including the Social­ ist w 1 kmen and students, refuse to supp ul Count Witte and have pro­ noun, ed in favor of a democratic re­ public. Tie Intellectuals and the pro­ fessionals, under the leadership of the Moscow zemstvolsls, are not yet ready to overturu the monarchy, but are con­ vinced that the reiguing bureaucracy will 1101 assist In brlugiug an end to autocracy and demand a constituent assembly based on uuiversal suffrage to decide on a form of government. The third party is made up of diverse elements of conservutism. Including the nobles anti lauded proprietors as well as the reactionaries, who, disgruntled with the emperor's surrender, neverthe­ less will he forced to the side of con­ servatism The peasants, whose tradi­ tions aud religion would lead them to the support of the emperor, are vacil­ lating between the bourgeoisie and the conservatives. While sympathizing with the liberuls' aspiration, yet they are frightened by the specter o f an­ archy FINNS GET A CONSTITUTION. Quiet Dwn After Manifesto Meets Most of Their Demands. ; Hehiinglurs, Finland, Nov. 6.—The imperii*! manifesto meeting most of the demands of the Fiuus has arrived here. The «'onstitutlonalists are satis- tied and the Socialists, who thrent-eued to make a demonstration, have thus far beeu nuiet The manifesto grants Kiuluud a con­ stitution and convokes au extraordi­ nary diet for Dec 20 with power to elaborate a new system of gorernment. A telegram from Abo, capital of the province of Al>o-BJoroeborg, says that Governor Borgenstrom has joined the Constitution;!lists aud that the garrison of 1.700 men, including 100 Cossacks, remains passive by bis orders. Th e members o f the supreme court have been compelled to resign. Abo, how­ ever, is per\. eel ly quiet. Wife of Motttelatr CN. <M Rwtor 1 Or^ flanixes a Novel U«igue._ . 'Ll^ New York, Nov. 4 ^-Mrs. Frederick\ B. Carter, wife of the. rector .of St. take's-Episcopal church, MontclJUr, N. J., Is forming a defensive alliance of housekeepers there against all cooks, maids and laundresses. Mrs. Carter and her allies will draw up a set of reguiaHcms and demand that all their servant girls promise to obey them on pain of losing their sit­ uations without *'a character\ being given to them. ~ The rules are few, but of immense importance in rural and romantic Montclair. A preliminary draft runs about like this: First.—No cook shall talk to the milk­ man while the breakfast steak Is on the Suxan Geary's Head Found. Boston Nov ti A formal examina­ tion of the head of a yoUDg woman found :i 11 -••'•li.' 1 at the bottom of K'>*t 111 harbor wa < one of Hie most im­ port 1111 pb :i -.-s of the oflii . i| '• w liga­ tion of the suit case mysfj .-y Ij c lo­ cal authorities declared that they had no doubt whatever that the head was that of Susan A Geary, the missing Cambridge chorus girl. Deputy Surveyor of New York Dead. New Vork Nov fi— Ma lor William lleury tlamsou ilolton. deputy s»ur- \e50r of the port of iCew York, died at tlie residence of his son-in-law in Brooklyn Major Hoiton was bom at Jamaica. Vt He enlisted as a private in the Klghth \ ermont After gallant service he was discharged from the army in 18CS with the rank o f brevet major Sixteen Millions Far Seacoast Forts. Washington Nov 6.-Sixteen million dollars will be necessary to complete the engineering work of fortifications of the seacoasts of the United States under the plans of the Endlcott board, according to the report of Brigadier General Alexander Mackenzie, chief of engineers. Stead Fears Worst For Russia. GnptMhiiK MI . Denmark. Nov a—W. T . Stem., wh o has arrived here from Rus­ sia, visited the American minister. Thomas J O'Brien, and asked whether any Americuu warships were near at hand for tne protection of the Ameri­ can residents at St Petersburg tn case the situation grew worse. Mr. O'Brien said that no American ships were near by Moreover, he was not an .alarmist regarding the situation at St. Petersburg. Mr . Stead said: \While hope for the best. It will he wise to be prepared for the worst No one knows what will happen. The American col ony WOHIII feel comfortable if ressels under the stars aud stripes were With in call In case the worst comes to the worst\ No Processions In Warsaw. Warsaw. Unas tan Polaad, Nov. 6.— The governor general issued an order I setting forth tha t as he has ascer­ tained that the citizens of TfaTsnw are I not tit to profit quietly by constitution- I al liberties, he henceforth prohibits processions and open air meeting* and I threatens t o disperse crowds by force of arms. Second. — A laundress must not have more than three brothers and four cous­ ins. Third.—If waiter slrls supply their sick grandmothers with brandy they must not dilute what remains in the master's de­ canter. Fourth.—The lady cf the house to have free admission to the kitchen. Fifth —Not more than half the contents of the refrigerator shall be given to the policeman for supper Sixth.—On moonlight nights promenades end at 11.45 p. m.. other nights at 11.30 p. m Seventh.—Lest It lead to matrimonial complications, a maid Is forbidden to wear her mistress' cloaks and hats. Eighth — Carriages to be called to soirees below .talrs at 3 a. m. AT WASHINGTON'S TOMB. Prince Louis Lays a Wreath on the First President's Mausoleum. Washington. No v 6.— Flying the pen­ nant of a rear udnjiral of I lie British navy, the Dolp.iin sailed from the Washington navy yard for Mount Ver- nou Willi Hour Admiral i'rluce Louis of Bnttenberg aud a party of fifty on board. Prince Louis went down to Mount Vernjn at his own request aud us the guest of the state department, Mr Ba con the assistant secretary of state, acting i -s host for the department on the trip. The prince, the officers of bis personal stuff and the commanding of fleers of his squadron visited the tomb of Washington, and the prince placed a wreatli of flowers thereon. Returning to Washington, Prince Louis lunched informally with the pres Ident and then went to Annapolis whore Admiral Sands gave a dinner foi him in the evening Harper, Dying, Follows ^Football Game Chicago. Nov 5.—President Harper of the I'nlversity of Chicago is now liv­ ing on nothing but liquids, and in or­ der to lessen tlie terrible pains of tht growing cancer the abddmlnal region is constantly kept numbed. During tht football ginie last Saturday ( between Chlcag>anl Northwestern, Dr Hnrpei arranged a < ardboard chart on Uh bed and a s tlie bulletiua were receiv ed lie outlined the plays on the chart As soon as the game was over he tele graphed bis congratulations to Coact Stagg and the team /We Make v and' Lay CARPETS Pittsfield The Most \Complete \tlie Most ^^g^rj CARPET, DRAPERY AND ^iHHiRi Department in Berkshire is easily found by taking the elevator to our Third Floor.' in addi|iop'.tQl |^|6nderft3 stock of Floor Coverings and Hangings carried there, there isn't i^r^C^of' this practical \home fitting\ it is not qualified to undertake and to\ give ••^Ott^pjendlj results in. Machinery and devices, the latest and most improved for bpth^erfection and speed of work, equip its workroom, and manipulated by skillful eyper^^orkmtty its guarantee is easily \ ISTone But Satisfactory Work Done.\ Thompson Quits the Stage. BQSt.l5. v i\i —l'eiiinan Thompson, the veteran at tor. who during the pusl twenty ye rs has been a familiar Ug ure lo au es throughout tlie couu try us Joshua \ \ hit comb lu \The Old Homestead has refred from th€ stage The c nnliti >u of his health will determine whether the retirement will be peruiaueut. Editor Gave $40,000 to Church. NjaclP. N \ .No* o.— Clarence Kck erson formerly editor and proprietoi of the Haverstraw Messenger, whe died a few days ago. left his entire es tate. valued at $-1(1 .000, to the Haver straw Central Presbyterian church with the provisiou that a new churct be built within two years. FINANCIAL AND COMMERCIAL Closing Quotations of the New Yorl Stock Exchange. tlew York, Nov 6. Money on call strong at 6 per cent prime mercantile paper. BaSVt per cent excharccs. Uff.TH.71T; balances, »s,Sb-f.62U.\ Closing priee*. Amal t opper S3 N Y Central AtchlFOn Norf & West S6 B. & O tll T 4 I'enn R. R 142 BrooUl\n R. T . n% Reading 137M C. C.L & St L 33 Rock Island 29M Clies. & Ohio MU St Paul 179% CM & Northw. 2*1 Southern Pac 69« Southern R y Brie. 4!H» •S>uth. Ry pf 99M Gen. Electric . 1R7U Sugar 14194 in. Central... .. ITS Texas Pacific . 34% Lackawanna 485 Union Pacific 132* Louis. & Nash 150% U. S. Steel. . 37»J Manhattan . 1SSH V S. SJeel pf -106VJ Metropolitan . !\3H West. Union . S3 Missouri Pac 103 >4 Klock Ready to Face Charges. Little Falls. N . Y., Nov. G.—State Game Protector Charles A. Klock, who ' disappeared two months ago when threatened with arrest, has returned \ ... . ....... and telegraphed to Commlisloner an Mtlonai natre*. Whipple that he -wna\ ready to face any charges made against him. Mussulmans Accept Manifest*. Eltotbethpol. Caacaaia, NOT d—The Mussulman population haa organized manifestations In honor of the impe­ rial cotiatittttloBal maalfeato. 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HoVo GeorffieTskeye, Russia, NOT. <L —X bosab wa* ttuwwa-iafe the. apart- fa; of the commander of the for- •The cmnmakder was Wiled, and Loula k*e»;.Conaresilshal^^rary^ Washtagtok; XoK : 4.r ^A^n^aligrJac;»; t ( Conis. lerlfttihe CTrreScy-Treihoved 1 fr(>m •err- General Markets. New r^rk, Nov 6. FLOUR—Dull an* barely steady, Mln nesota patents, $4.fEa5.30, winter straights Mat-lS. winter extras, J2.85a3.35; wlbtei patents. HS5a4.65. j WHEAT—.Weak and heavy this mora­ ine under enormous world's shipments, weak cables and liquidation; December, ' «%aMiic; Slay, 92%aS31-lte. BUTTER rr Irregular; creamer)', com mon to extra, IfefSr^; state, dairy, eonr j mon to .extra, ITaaic; renovated, coirfmon I to extra, ISaZOc.; western factory, com- ) mon to extra, lSal7%c I eHEJESE-^fHrm,'; sUfe, full cream, small 'and large, colored and white. Sep. tember, fancy. lS&c; October, choice.! lJVlc^'falr ti>.-#oed ( -12H«li?ie., skims, full to Hjbf. grille.. « i EGGS—i*iri»;>~state. 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