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Chatham semi-weekly courier. (Chatham, Col[umbia] Co[unty], N.Y.) 1903-1907, October 25, 1905, Image 5

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5 KINDERHOOK i^|^o$b^o^oltoWo»o»o»o»o^o»o»o>ioiio^biio»o»o»o»oi«oS . KDTD1EH00K. [ef.Maude Collier IB In Worces- r;*tfaaa., ~i \'\1 Estelle Hull has been vislt- f ^^r ^ff^lBauggtmaker. who fl5%5ffiilte JJ1, !s_better. (iM^Moran,'of Albany, baa been iVlngvMra: James'Keegan. %^yf:in'N|w; York c,Uy> be very interesting. Local speakers, to be announced later, will also take part in the programme. The settlement of the bank tax case by the courts gives universal ilBi,pt.bo«k8 ; to be added to the btilbrnry :1a. being coffipttBd. 1 f^i.vHT^Earrar has been visit. |U'ei daughter In New Jork city. ' Frgd Herrrianoe has been liflg-Vlsrf-Haaklna.of. Trojr. •/O. F. MoDowej^jind^daugh- ave l>een visiting Long Island] Ives. . family of W- D. Goold have toed to Albany to spend th e |vld Yani3cha*ck. of Hartford, a., has been visiting bis mother |£later here, Maftle Hover accompanied land Mrs. Waldo Newcomer to l 'mom, ild. Hisses Luak, of Ooxsackle. been spending a few days at |wood worth's. tiarlea Balney. of Oinaba, Neb., Raiting his parents, Mr. and ;W. H. Balney. and Mrs. Asa Hoag, of ighkeepale, have been spending |w days in town. |ra. F. T. Morgan, of White bus been spending a few iwlth friends here, fdward Palmer has gone to {lark, N. J. , where he has a po- with an electrical concern, idertaker Birokmayer officiated rday at the funeral of Mrs. Ihtmaker at Stuyvesant Falls, i. first snow of the season fell ^Saturday of last week. (The were not very numerous, sver. jA cob Cook has been spending a days In New York-city. During kbaenoe, John A. Trimper acted ix colllector.' jrteen cans of trout fry from the i hatchery arrived here Satur- morning and were distributed lie streams hereabouts E. B. Slaok and the corps- leacbers were in Hudson Satur- In attendance at the meeting ithe ' Hudson Blver Teachers' Delation. _ .. O. Boyder, of this town, Is i<of the directors of the Coulmbla jjnty Association in New York, for tue vears 1905-6 at an Ion recently held, lie Board of Education have had sbestos covering placed on the in tbe cellar of tbe school ting for the purpose of Increas­ es beat retaining qualities. W. Velta, of Granby. Conn., |has purchased a number of |rds in this vicinity has com* bis work here and returned home in tbe nutmeg state. Bev. G. W. SIsum is Spend- • two weeks' vacution in Ams- and other places In that '. No services were held in lethodist church Sunday be- : his absence. • the provisions of the will ilea Onesterman of Valatie, ertha Hagadorn, whose home Is village, will receive a pf |io ,000. She was hia Bpar for a d >zen years or satisfaction to the taxpayers of this village. There IB not one of them but believed from the start of tbe litigation that :the hank tax should be paid to the village. Bupervlsor WJlkins .stated in -or/lez. that his position in the matter,'inlght not tin misinterpreted that as a taxpayer In the village of Kinderhook be, of \course would like to see this money doable barrel, hammerlea* American Arms Co.'s gone. They coat from {16 up. We bavo cheaper guns If yon want them. W o guarantee overy .. „.,, . „ . .i fllxearm we Bell and wo havo a great assortment paid into the village treasury-but, a t price* that cannot be dn P u <*£d. Hardware, Mill and Supply Company, HALL—In Ne w Lebanon, Oct. i Hall, aged 73 years: 3, A. Spcnoer Berlin, N. Y., Oct., 14, 1809. Bear Jim:—Your letter asking where yon can get some good Buckwheat Flour, send to A. B. Adams, Mew Lebanon Centre. He has the bent. Charles. P«Un' SfctUt 37 C«ati Sox. You can get Peters' loaded sheila at 87 cents a box at the Hardware & Hill Supply Co., Pitts- field, Mass. Talk About Fine Clothing. Don't fall to see our elegrnt Pall and Winter Stock when you~come to the Hallow­ een Carnival next week. THE SOLAN CO., 23-28 So. Pearl St.,' Hbany. Can You Shoot? Toatssli yon can nave-one oi our up-to-date rtng the progiees lot tbe liti- IpenauB figures for Columbia JKinderbook Js\ credited gprjlatlon of 858 a deciease \i the census of l «00 v The is explained by the fact the 1900 census a change e in tbe- corporation which excluded a.nuni T ; itnlUes which were Include^ 10 VillagiS 'iSensuB. ' 1 irsdiiy Tsveningi 'Nov; 9,-< >:* eeti'ng of the.taxpayers of f &I^d,* will bViiefa mf \iDulldipg-foj the^ja^se. iM%4ti^;meetlng i appolnted-«t the. annual ;ds.taket charge of matters j&itfStbe sihkiDgofiiwelf. ' »day|<ucnoo|«conferiic»5.for; ||30|'k^^win ?l ^-fielpffi in* j ^^85n ^ra ,TS ^at ng ^ii§i pM^ucj^byg^wt^janc^ Inasmuch a s it seemed to be a somewhat complicated question he considered that It was best, all things considered, that the matter should -be taken up by the courts and finally disposed of In order to prevent its again being taken up at some future time. Matters are practically %t a stand­ still relative to tbe school well and probably will be until after the special school meeting Nov. 9. The drills have gone down 460 feet andfebe prospects of obtaining water ar« no better than they were several weeks ago. The Board of Educa­ tion offered to pay the drillers $500 to abandon the effort to obtain water but this offer, as previously stated, was refused and the drillers again started their work, taking their chances on reacbing water. Both the drillers and tbe Board are desirious of settling tbe matter although they have different ideas as to terms. Tbe fact is being pointed out that should the drillers proceed and strke water say 60 feet further down it would be an impos­ sibility to pump it without using power of some sort thus incurring an expense that would be prohibi­ tive. Plttsfleld, Haas. SPECIAL NOTICES. TO IiBT TO LET—House to rent, nine rooms, cellar. OANAAH. Tbe first snow storm of the season Saturday. F. F. Friabee is reshingling one of hia tenement houses. I. B. Davis is doing the work. Frank Yorke, of Watervhet, was an over Sunday, guest of his sister, Miss Margaret Yorke. Miss Edna becker. of Stockport and Mrs. Phoebe JoneB of Benning­ ton, were recent guests at I . L. Sttckes's. Mies Sadie Nichols, of Newark, N. J. , and Howard Perry, of Trov. were over Sunday jj uefl ts at F. 8. BalPs. It is expected that tbe New Leb­ anon degree team will be present at the next meeting of Canaan grange, Oct. 27 to confer third and fourth degrees. Let us give tnetn a full house and a good supper. Sisters please furnish for the supper with out furtlier notice.—JennieB. Cady, Leoturer. RAYVILLE. John P. Dorr, of Chicago, eldest son^ot the* late Dr. Dorr, of Hillsdale vlsTtecThls relatives in North Chat­ ham and Bayville last week His sisters, MrsT Wm. Murray and Miss Annie Dorr, leave this week for tian Francisco vVhere they will spend the winter. John McNamara, of Ashley Hill, an old and respected resident, has been seriously injured by the attack of a bull, which would have proved fatal bad not assistance arrived. .His cries brought his daughter with the dog and'they succeeded in driv­ ing the animal off before it was too late. There had been a ring in tbe nose but by some meanB it has. been removed and J . Mc­ Namara Jr., bad been previously Attacked. Btookmen say It Is never Wife to trust a bull without a ring in the nose. OLD CHATHAM; tinning the bank tax case | \ge of Kinderhook will ro­ und the school district 100, the tax for. the two lira which tias been witltLi-J.. W.'WIiarton, of Dover, Del., is a gUeet at O. A. King's. Mr. an d Mrs. James Dunham entertained their cousins. Mr. and .Mrs; J. Hil-Uteboice, 6f Ulster Co., last week.. ? AuguatuB Lipplt and Mrs. Doug las, of Brooklyn, are guests at F. Mi Wilbur's. r . Charles A. Hulbert was an over Sunday guest at the homestead. , j= A harvest aupp«r, tinder the aus plcea of the >8ooIal Union, will be held \at ith^resldenoe'6f,Bobert W. iMorey v 6h the evening Friday.- Oct. ;2?; 8upM£rsoc .v Gimea will be ^•fdjred' »j#a \eftclir gentleman Is xe* ftuested td,5btItrK>.'twb^lead pencils wjth^hlm. rA prorgsin-will be ren* de.red. ; TranarK>rtatl6n . wllCbe f ur- nlsKe^j^ftee^yto^'saiifewhd-: wish* to attehd^y,Team^;wnj,,^«ittver.j.Walt •)'-WOTNMflATv will sell at l.-p. nu,' on' the. CsaUtam hit KroanaX- horse,liariw«s,'twO'*Hot:;i^»s,bs<l l >oom ssjtu,» pl«^l»e«ln^r^lor^ood'stOT«;'«te«l .r^sw a^:a«>«T«I JiQMiliold f»^<^ .-T^ ,KJv^«»Dwa^'A , »etto^^^^i^ , $a^3?'}^ :^CTnjIWDAT;i-.NOV^»;-l»^C»o«^w^l^ril SFSuWou«t-aUT«>id<m<»'lit--Ciiiiu Toqr Coi> m*»;^K^,%at-.l»^!cIo^,^-<«»loiwU<r'B«y ( »UlUott,^*-Jtd<)oVt*ork/kor»ea;'-^ ,vfamn»^.luml)«rweigb,';jc«lUvatorKplow;-*prIne tooUr?Jiarrow,-* aeU^ouble^ harn^buckboaruT , . .—^..y. : -;v W -f,Tsr,,^;THTn»D'AT^bTfi »^K «;Ubr «m -V^ i>ot, *t:lO \a^m.ft , 5ach.olco.' , -cows,i;* horeesVibrst- jJOwr^TilVu tbj««Ucr,-lumMir^agoBs'bo'b<r(;'ttU ) »BO ^To $SUHClaVr 'scIibol -WO'XlC lorsra-Canla^es;\10tiar^lrcpl«m«ute IfeTfletWlOua-TtllHlintlOUOtodly- -eKmtts^JrjT^yanDcn^^AaeUoDeer. j>; , city water. It., care Courier. TO BENT—House on Kinderhook Street., elec­ tric lights, bath, furnace. Bent $14 per month. P. O. Box 688, Chatham, N Y. TO LBT—Four roomu on Main 8treet. C T. Champlin. Chatham, N . Y TO LBT—Rooms on Hudson avenue, Chatham formerly-occupied by H. B. Williams. Address A. M. Snyder, Kinderhook, N. Y STOKE AN D DWELLING now occupied b y Shafer & Melious i n Ghent village. In ­ quire on premises o r Jacob Meelck. Hudson . WANTED. WANTED-Flock of guineas, youne fowls and hens. L. Eberle, Highland Farm, Chatham, N Y. WANTE —Help by the month L EWle, Highland Farm, Chnthaio, N Y 800 TONS Ryo Straw wanted, In bnmllCB. Highest cosh prlco 1 aid E. T Hughes, Papor Mill, Chatham WANTED—Plain -ewlng. chlldirn's clothint a speciality Mrs. Kittle, cor .Hoffman St anil Washington ave., Chatham. DRESSMAKING—12 years experience. Would prefer to take work at home Satisfaction guaran­ teed. Address Box 402, Chatham, N . Y . MASON WORK—I am prepared to d o all kinds of mason work. Estimates promptly furnished. Orders may be left at Whyland's store. Wm. H. Wallace. 8H1P YOCB BUTTER, eggs, poultry, apples, bay, potatoes, pork, dressed calves etc. to the oldest commission house in Ne w York. Estab­ lished 1838. E. B. Woodward, 803 Greenwich St., Ne w York. WE need 600 head of cabbage, 10 bbls ruts bags, 16 bu. whlto turnips. Please give prices delivered to u s and prices at home of seller. Berkshire Industrial Farm, W. W Mayo, .Sapt., Canaan Four Corners, N Y WANTED—By Chicago Manufacturing House, person of trustworthiness and somewhat familiar with local territory as assistant in branch office. Salary $18 paid weekly Permanent poB.tlon No Investment required Previous experkuc* not essential to engaging Address, Manager Branches, Como Block, Chicago. TELEGRAPHY—Young men and ladles wanted to learn tnlpijraphy Situations when qualified. Whtteman's Telegraph School, Chatahm. FOR SAlLE FOE SALE—Cheop, Square piano, fine tone. For particulars, address B., care Courier FOR 8ALE—A 4-year old colt. Call on or ad­ dress F L. Shumway, Box 88. Berlin, N Y FOR SALE—126 young grado ewes. W n. Donnelly, New Lebanon Ctr.. N Y . FOR SALE cheap or t o rent, m y place In Chatham Centre. Hczeklah Sllter, Chatham. FOR SALE—Sow and nine pigs. Enquire of Edwin B. Williams, East Chatham, N . Y FOR SALE—Two ranges. No. 6 and No. 7 Fish's Store, Lower Main St. Chatham, FOR SALE—One extra good Jersey cow, seven vears old. due March 1st, and fine IB-month's old heifer. Ira A^. Harmbn.; Rider's Mills, N Y SAUSAGE—Winters Bros, think It near pan­ cake tlmo, leave sanssge and loin overATuesdr,y and Friday for sale at A Traver'B store. North Chatham, N. Y . FOR 8ALE—No. 9 Spring St and store on Main St. Inqolre-of Mrs. I. A..Fish, Chatham. HORSE—We have a heavyhorse for sale, gen­ tle, weight about 1400 lbs. W . H. Lewis & Son, Berlin, N . Y. FOR 8ALE—Onions and cabhaga. Mall or telephone orders promptly filled. L . Eberle, Highland Farm, Chatham, N. Y FOR BENT—The very desirable rooms over J, H. Page's store. I'osseseiongiven immediately. Homer Crandoll, Mam Stroot. FOR BALE—One two-horse business wairon and one cow. I< quire of B , 8, Howes, East Chatham, N. Y„ R, F . D. No. 1. FOR BALE—A second hand Florida heater will be sold cheap. Call at * . W . narrow's resi­ dence, Hudson ave., Chatham. - NOTICE—Jurt received toy- patent for \Per- manent Wcaners,\ for snckingcowe ana calves. Apply to Weaner Co- BoxSSTKInderhoolr, N Y FARM FO B SALE, ISO acres, s i tasted at Chat- ham Centre, N. Y„ 1-2 mile.from depot, S min­ utes from church, store and P. O. This farm is in • high state of culUvatJeBr-lM house good barns, well watered and good\fence*. This is one of the most desirable farms i n Colombia coanty. Enquire of J, J . VanDeuaen, Chatham, OR SALE.— Tbe two nrst -clase: productive farms formerly, owned by Albert Haad, deceased, containing 1M and lis acres, about(-4 mil* from lllepot at North Chatham, with orchards a»dfruit, large houses, bams and building* In good repair. W .atorlnhouaeandbaTnyard ^iBB^ilre of Aaaa- nelHandV.Maiden Bridge, writaaCraVAlbert HandJ Cfiitham, H; Y. ^ :S^%%W^%V: FOR SALE—Large, two th* village ofi'Klntehoph unf' strain •fcjj* bath,electric Ughtj hot andrcoki^w»^,i'S;a**»» of ground,'pi«nly.of frnU,'goo«,^ant ;*t»C aabai ata*; from~sta^on;vc«llar...i>»kkr ;t .««tU*VBO^**,* romrnpcllcrah'raTtel •Bargain,\ Care - - •ttrp»rf«t\»pidr».^; Aodresa, 1 ^6XltrtEGIX> t^^S&^^^imilS^W XroannmHalli. Ocbiti;-, Hc^y^fovl ^'r ^Mtw, ilTKS Uyinfchistory ;'otcth«fctragedy fofciPortJ A ^M .. ! -4bsolntelyautUnUbiplc «ir«vSSeft -tt1 =MO|WELL y-KUi}4ASrreoi»nltingTinglnecr, aeworage-ana-aowag»dlaposal. - Address, <Sano- Joharle, N. Y., and Gloversvllle, N . Y. SEE THAT Japanese battery poor 6001>ound shells into Port Arthur.Tuesday, Oct 81, Howe's moving pictures, Chatham. | CORN HDSKINGr-Faving purchased a now! Millbrook Corn Husker I am now ready to begin hUBking picked corn. Can husk 600 bn or more por day Earl S. Niver, Ghent, N Y QRBA T Gordon-Bennett Automobile race of 1005, reproduced before your eyes, Howe's mov- > ing pictures, Oc t 81. Chatham. Genera] admis-' slon 55c; children under 12, 26c; reserved seats, eO.'ctnts. j .PKATT'H-MONUMENTAL WORKS em-1 _ toy s no agents, Having purchasers the. cptnrnlaslon. Writ e for prices. Chatham, I CALVES, SHKKI' and LAMB8—Hell direc t tu the slaughterer an d save middle-! man's) comtnliwlon. W e pay more than i Hhlppem. Stoc k received every Tuesday Telephone o r write to r prices. - I a E. P. KIrby & Son, East Chatham THE CHATHAM HOD8E, Chatham—A mortal h4>st^lery an d nrpry-mudarn^mprove- 1 ment tor the convenience of gruesta. OulBlne | snexcellodi Dinner at 11.80 prompt. Livery In-connection with hotel. Good coach'and driver tarnished In village to r parties, fu. H.¥.~Spang.cr Mrs. J. Wesley Jones SUCCESSOR S TO J. Wesley Jones Fire and Life Insurance Representing the Best Companies. Office at resttwnce on Austerlitz St, Chatham. neralB, weddings, tancs telephone. .8.00. Long die' J. B . Sinclair. No dangerous drugs or alcoholic coDCoctiooB are taken luto tbe stom- aob wbeo Uvomel is uned, Breathed through the inhaler, the .balsamic healing of Hyomei penetrates to the most remote cells of the note and throat, and thue kills the catarrhal germp, heals the Irritated DQUCOUB membrane, and gives complete and permanent cure Hyomei is the simplest,moist pleas­ ant and the only guaranteed cure for catarrh that has been discovered. Complete outfit,' fl 00. extra bottle, 60 cents. For sale by R W. Seymour. Fire Insurance i In all that the name implies. H. F. Hogeboom Resident Agents Every man owes it to himself, and\ ilia family to master a trade ojr pro- fexBion. Read the display advertise ment of the\ six Morse Schools of Telegraphy, in this issue and learn how easily a young man or lady may learn telegraphy and be assured a position Stockholders' Meeting A meeting of tho stockholders of tho Chatham Co-Operatlve Telephone Company will be nuld Wednesday evening, November 16, at Village Hall, Chatham, for the purpose^f electing a Board of Directors and transacting such other business as may come befon; the meeting F B. PRATT, Secretary CHAS. D. WADSWORTH, s$t Hember of \New York -Stock ExchangeT^^ 44 New Street, New York. \ ; ' im Transact* a General Banking and Brokerage Business. Correspondence anil Accounts Solicited. Ray be seen personally Satunfeys— Summer Residence near Chatham. 4 Emery's \Crown\ $2.50 Shoe \ For Women who want a $3.50 shoe and have only $2.50 for a pair of shoes. This \Crown\ is the greatest shoe for. service, comfort and style known. Made in all leathers with Goodyear welt soles. Isn't it worth your while to look hem up? EMERY, 85-87 North Pearl Street, Albany, N. Y,, NASSAU Y. OCTOBER... Vacation is over. Cool Weather Ooming. Time to get down to business now. Your Produce Our Cash. Let's \Swap.\ Stuyvesant THE Place. No betterBtation. for good bargains. • •IT'S IIP TO YOU.\ Boat for N Y Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday, 1 P. M THOMAS BROS. Stuyvesant, N. Y. Good Hats Clothing In every description Made to order or ready made. Fall line ready for your inspection. Christensen Bros. TAILORS AND CLOTHIERS Htiin St. Chatham. N. T. Millinery The cold weather is sure to come. Now is the time to buy. 1 have the finest line and the most up-to-date styles of Children's, Misses' Ready to wear and Ladies' Dress Hats, also a good assortment of Frames, Trimmings Ribbons and Fancy- Feathers. Do not' fail to call and look over our stock before buying elsewhere. MRS. E. K. REED, 2nd Floor Union Cash Store, Chatham. Scientific Cough tire.' 1faJO3T^X0»aaj;'Oifc^ort-^ bl«k h»n&-;b«;'wnUIslnar*mail sum *>f»ont) and o&crJarMe»<,<Ofiniler .^easesTiOtlfT \Hn M -Jp«*rei^eha»ain^i Vi i\ _ We do .not believe that wiy * Ijongh cure can be better than B Million 's Boneset lSx> pectorant. It does Just what } ftiafttbe done to thoroughly'; >» cure A - cough. It overeom«ifjj;\ i .eongwation and_lnflamm*tlod - x M:it> toothy-., and.; h^|*.;tl*»fe 4 MgiM-^t promotes exj ^ltoiii*' 1 •fetlon— looBens the cough\ %a'd<> r %»i»ally.'eur«i it to¥Uy.cWW |&r ^It§iil,.pkiwatit to,itaJcir'ai»*Hi ^waat;tlM beat poailbl* oough? John G. Myers Co. ALBANY. [8tore Closes Wedneedaye only at (i P M Another Member Added] to Ourj Corset Family. THE B & J Bon Contour, a Bust Suporter and complete Corset Cover. Adapted to medium and | stout figurers. Lightly boned with W'alohn. Can be boiled, washed and ironed without miury; at 50c, $1 .00 and higher. They will please; ask your friends. Our Corset Department is one of the most complete in this section of the country. We carry 27 styles of Leading Makes; styles suitable for every figure. New models in high busts that are now the latest. S,) We guarantee to giv6 you exceptional values at <V \ $i.oo and up to $5 .00 each. Our 50c numbers are without equals. Both in Girdles and Corsets, any Corset made can be furnished at short notice. REYNOLDS ® DeLONG CO. Ladies' Bazaar., Main St., Chatham, N. Y. Charges prepaid on purciiasea amounting to 85, or ovar. The Fine Things In Black Goods. We have a stock worth talking about—worth your seeing. It is somewhat diffeceut from the ordinary stock bei-anse of its size, diversity and beauty Richness in Black Goods is not uncommon, yet it is unusual to see beautiful black fabrics in such va net'y. This oollectioo is uurivalled We have always made a specialty of black goods, aud it is more of a specialty with us to-day than ever. You see it in the linen of novelties, you see it in the staple weaves. The \exhibits we have made you will lifce. Come, view them. Extra fine Chiffou Broadcloths, a spleidid\value $3. Extra heavy Broadrloths, perma nent finish, 56 inches wide, finest goods'for coats and skirts, (3 and $4. . Excellent values In two other lines of Broadcloths at f I and f 1.25. All wool Melrose Cloths,75c to $1.50 SUJt Warp Melrose, $1.25 to $2. Henriettas, all wool, 50c to $1.60 Silk Warp Henriettas, $1 to $3. All wool Panama Cloths, 60c to $1.50. SMnoh Clay Worate-s. $3 and $2 50 jTJnflni&hed Worsteds, for skirts and ooetumes, $1 to $3. Crepe de Paris, all wool, and silk and wool, .75c to $2. ., ^obAlrVand Sioilliani, 50c tofl.60 'Courtaaid'* Crepe*, In irimtnlxijt .veil widths, 11 toJB ayard. i Af'Siltf Veila for monrning wear, dlt *ratii ^kbi «,»s :«>tp»rjeach, % jftEverAthlnrihi^'i^ufti -be\in 5 *ii' -r-ry'-.f ^:.'.»r7 s ?-l-.»»-»«v:..-^«.^.». .......t Union Cash Store Co. LADIES' COATS We have unheard of bargains in this D-partment. r The styles are all of the latest des .^r.s, the prices - so cheap that you will wonder how they can be made for the money. We send a special invitation to the Ladies to call and see our Fur Boas, Scarfs, Muffs, a^id Child­ ren's Fur Sets. The stock is larger and better than ever this year. Ask to see them whethe\f you wish to purchase or not. Union Cash Store Co. CHATHAM The Walking Glove, for Ladies Piqne sewn, made of the heavy Cape or the medium weight Dogskin, they present the correct style for general wear. Mannish with their single clasps, modish in every detail, all the new shades to match your fancy. These we offer In Extra Grades, at $ | .QO. The Fownes' Walking Glove, heavy and warm, at f | .50. Fownes', made of fine soft glace kid and silk lined, a very .handBomd glove, colors and black, $2.O0. Centemeri When, yon bny a Centemeri yon feel eure yoa have tbe best and after you .have worn them, you know it. I 1 hey. cannot be excelled, even should yovTWtiy much mora money. - The value, the style, the wearing qualities areall tn the glove. We are Hudson. Agents. • All the new colors, $ ( .501 blaok suede, l| .75 5 Black Sla<je,*U *0,: • ;--

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