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Chatham semi-weekly courier. (Chatham, Col[umbia] Co[unty], N.Y.) 1903-1907, August 30, 1905, Image 8

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i^PP?HP <»*H« 1\. a completed list various depart. «f ^^p%<¥#^. Wyomanock. IWlfe ^ercheru^^-StallJon, E. P. Irish, ^ra^^pach-StaUion, W.S.Bell. ?l %^S&14<WM,a|at, William Gatdner; Mlm$$ § ^&&? : second. George. A ^lPiT §fi^?^ reenbu ao^ mare or s^^^JS^I^\ 0 y ears old. Hrst, L ^fe ^^^4y &jp.ainT ^-%Dant8kIU; second :-,Ber«D;rSj8econd r ' Oalvin Williams, i ^eneraf purposes, years old or over, and • y eara ow. J- K - ; mare or gelding. ^ttretf^Mfafc/oid, W. H. Waterbury; mare or gelding, two \ 4, -* firsts W. H. Waterbury, -^.T..— ; second, Dr.^Edward mare, foal at J'deilflwit?.-Jsp, Shufeit, Castleton; S. Waterbury, East ^^SrS^aCimaniB. Troy, and, D. E, «P2^3)eyereau^ East Schodack. Recond, Shear, West BandlaKe; best flrat, 8. J. Craver, '^econo.Oolebammer Brothers, XfttfoM: poaies-Stalllon. four Garrett Ives, ^?.rv4V*lStt3idtile8-Maie. three years 'VoW^r'f'oYeri-flrat and second, J. K. >Drl#ers and Ooacbers—Gentle mm. m Daniel Keefe, single mare or geldlnc first, C. J. Mcintosh, it 3; a|Sfedpttreri jBros . of Hoosick Falls, gj ^ffiffleaffe 'tf up about all the prizes on ifkfellheep': far the Merino, Southdown ^^^^ftae Wool clnsaeS. In the -LWo ewes\ one year Edward Moore, Albany; nuu, t ,WO., years old or over, two ewe ^%fpam,bs. second, J D. Sbufelt, Oastle- sMfj ^dji; two ewe lainbe, nrat.George A. *\ Fat sheep—First and second, Cot ip ^-ft ^est StepheDtown. Bros, of Hoosick Falls, ^M^reare old or over which went to l^*M *a»S.tt Ives, ff Poestenkili. In Lyud Bros took al> h,,t WtgK&M&jxUtiK heifer wbifh prize wer ^^^WCJiJCJapper. West Kandlnke, |M|Gi «de8 tor butter—Cows o| any ^^figevV Bret and second, two year-old iSaHeTTer, flfst, one-year-old beifer, pnfl 'rSt^and second, Fred Mlddletan, SsSll^est 'Sandlake, two vear-old heifer, F ^Satahit, A O. Fellows, West Sand- ^E -lak^Vheirer calf, flrat, Dr. Edward ^MWcmfy Albany; heifer calf, second, $;^|AlbBit -Goewoy, WyuantykiiJ K ^4py3 [rown Swiss—Cow of any age, £|j ^ejfri £tt Ives, Poestenkili, one-year- MSgoldMelfer, Dr. Edward Moote, Al- ! ^~e *ry—Two-year-old beirer, Or. i^ard Moore, Albany laorougbbred, not registered, 18$H —Heid first, bull one year Cuw of any ape aecond.two W ^^fest^oli heifer, one-year-old heiTer, m^<pif]fi {M cnlf, Kimniev Bruthtrs^-East I 'odaifc; bull culf second, ice- ., .„• k ,„ b ,.„ ,.,„„- fe#&r-olU heifer a^cu.i, Henry i«\ me .P eo P'- e thlnk Us funa * M^lfEi^rcfii East Greenbuth , cow any $|^£a ^&.fll8t, i.ynd Brothers, EastScho- ^fgjda'c'Ky. te^A'i#Ttfo*otighbred. not reaiBtered, S^Maols^elna—Herd bull two years old, SKAiLynd Brothers, East Sehodack; bull sfflfigthfe'e years old, J. B Williams, OTrpy.;>bUll two years old, Clarence ACJlKItrier, Wynantaklll. boll calf ^P'tflfet '-Aroblbald Dodds, Wvnants- ^K §P?in-JipllICBlf second, J. B. Willluras, cow-any age second, heifer first and aecond.beifer ^^b «f ^ty «ar old <*i6t-ao*8econd, beifer BBp^'cfiliiflPMt and second, oull two yeara B^wfaiagSecobd; tynd Brothers, Eaat ^^G'rternseys-^Bull two years old-. DEMOGRAT, Funeral of the Man Who Might Have Hade Samuel J. TiWen President. The f,uheral of AmoB^Aldrich was held at his home at\ Woodford, Vt.. Saturday with a large attendance of friends, including a number of lead­ ing Vermont democrats. In addl- tlpn'toother honors given him, Mr. Alancn became a central figure In national politics during the cele­ brated Hayes and Tilden campaign in 1876. He was a candidate for elector on the democratic ticket and received the second largest vote for anv one on the electoral ticket In the contest that ensued, and the appointment of the electoral commission, Mr. Aldrlch took an active part. Before the commission it was argued that the Bepublican j elector who was declared elected was debarred from the position because of bis being a postmaster, and Mr Aid rich was the duly elected candidate. It was finally decided that Mr Aldrlcn's opponent bad resigned tne postmastersbip the dav before the election Had Mr. Aldrich succeeded in being named as the successful man he would have cast his vote for Mr. Tilden, and the latter would have been President instead of Hayes, who was declared by the electoral commission to be elected by one vote. Insurance. Racinff and First Class m^^ T ^$yw »e Special. Attractions.each swi^oW^^bwiate.andemaity day of the Pair. - aH&#p^ C!K \ \\^ The following is a brief state-IT ;&t :<vjt\ toy. ment of some of the features of j\ ' \H fc jP ^O^jJoSiil NASSAU N. Y. THE BIG CHATHAM FAIR. By th« \Courier Po «t.\ O' The great big Chatham Fair Everybody will be there The agricultural horse trots to enjoy When the band begins to play. And the horses get away The pleasure seems to be without alloy. How many people go Just to see thi great big show, Although they see the same thing year by year. Next year they'll go again At least nine out of ten. Without an invitation, never fear. We remember how we did When the' writer was a 'kid How we rode behind the big ox teamB, ' And it seems not long ago Though It's sixty years or so And bo looking back its longer than, it seems. O, bow happy we were then, And wa thought that we were men Though we changed our minds little Inter on. But then our greatest care Wus t<i reach the Cbutbam Fair, And it mattered Utile what we rude upon. Wnen we rpathnd n great ble hill Wo trudged ip it uith a will, aud walked wnilu going down the other tdrle. But ttiat we didn't mind. For, we woren't so far hobind And when we reached the level we could ride. There were lots of things to sco, Thuiigh now it seems to me That tbe fair is not so big us It was then And yet I may be wrong And I thought so all along For there's fifty years been added to tue^u But now I recolle It is not a retrospect That is needed most to advertise the Fair, It must be more up to date So you'll please to pass your plate •And we'll serve you what is likely to be there. There's a sbow down by the stand WItb performers well in band Where a Japanese will stand upon his head. While an educated dog Is a rolling off a log And another makes believe that it Is dead. And a thousand things besides To make you split your sides. While you laugh and are so glad to tnink you went. And tbe wild man from Borneo, Will be glad to see you so, nd you'll find bim in a 12 by H^J tent And so we ~BffiPfrT3W -Tiinney-- — -Y\ But thep It comes so easy, don't you know, 8o we'll go Jt while we're young Let the ndet hold bis tongue, And as long as Chatham has a fair, we'll go. Well, we may move away, But tbe Fair baa come t o stay, And new features will be added • every year , Perhaps it may be so, \ When we'-re-ipo oldlio-go; [ That we'llsit down and shed assent tear • •• , _ t , ~ . HoonGiLVi»|' Mrs. Cha>le«diafiD;oit-PriTrde 1 hce, B. L,, &$Iai'if ^ie ^^^3ir. and Mrs^Pet ^^fcVb ^gl^' I Mrs. ArtflujrSOT6cuS ^r ^aii «h?i each day's program: Tuesday, Sept. 12. 2.»5 Class, trot, purse $300. Trials of speed premium ' classes, single horses and double ^^OVVV^WM^ teams, speed considered. Wednesday, Sept. 13. Columbia County's Greatest| Horse Sho,w 2.35 Class, trot and pace, pursej| 250. 2 22 Class trot and pace, purse| $300. And on this day only a genuine) Georgia CAKE WALK. Thursday, Sept. 14. 2.40 Cass trot and pace, Col. Co. onlj, $150 2.19 Class trot, purse $300. Free-For-All, purse $4.00. Also, on this d'ay only a-Famous|§ RACING OSTRICH will give an exhibition of the bird's well known whirlwind speed in a contest with a horse on the track. The bird will be] driven to wagon and is the most novel and interesting speed con­ test ever produced. Also on Sept. 14 will be held tbe THIRD ANNUAL BABY SHOW. The prizes are published rn the Fair Book and in addition the Association will make a present to every baby entered. Heat your house Special Trains to Chatham on Sept. land yourseM up to bake 13 and 14. |when you can get 1 such t at E. L. MATHER'S for Fine Footwear 83 Main St. Chatham, Agent* for YOUNd'S HATS. Nona Better Made. Christensen Bros. TAILORS AND CLOTHIERS Main Street t Chatham. Big Drop in Flour Get Our Prices Before Further Advance- Why IF YOU ATTEND THE FAIR And you will, of course, |Good Bread and Cake at ^ Pendleton's Wheat, Rye, Qraham, /Steamed BoHton BrQion Bread, Rolls, Buns. Biscuit. AU kinds of oake, - Then don't fail to haul up ^xXt^^atX, to our store and take home oup oake, fcoowes. Anything not in stock, made ta order on short notice. A ftw of oar many grocery bugauu— Oatflakes 8 eta. per lb. Quaker oati 10 ets. per package. Shredded Wheat 12 cts. per pok. - Force 2 for 25 eta. Maple flakes 2 for 26 eta. Canoed corn, good one, 8 ota Canned Tomatoes 8 for 25 cts. Canned Peaa 8 for^5 cts. Meadpwbrook. brand of fancy packed canned goods—the finest packed. AH kinds 2 for 25 cts. * If yon have had any trouble In being suited try this brand. iKjtlnilaTufrom 25o to 6O0 ptr lb. Full Line of Peed. W TO\-'--) j ' ^d-^Jp--^ 1 1000 Yds; New-Fall .0 utings • at -, .8 l-<ci »fj - iooo Yds; New Shirting Percales, yd 'wide &Wt®mv, ^ildrenXScopo] Hose, Tin oDSkcifc sli^fe; ' 9i-z, at, Per Pair, ~ -\ ~ •> % T. *H^lfff We are Headq^e^^ alkS^^S, Solnooli Such as Tablets, Pendte;\ «• Erasers, Ink, Mucitege, >•('•' Rulers, .everything that* is _ needed in school. Union CasK Store QHATHAM, fl.„Y. A Better Offer -^^-»i.S-tV^y^. C H. ALLEN, Inenwr to St Pi Allaa * Bamt f 17 MAIN STREET, CHATHAM, N. Yl a pound of Page's Mocha and Java Coffee, 25c. To use it once is to use it right along. Do you like Good Cheese, The kind that just suits you? Then a half pound will give you a satisfactory taste. ' ' Try it. J. H. Page Main Street, - Chatham Try our Cbjfee Oake every Saturday. ICE CREAM, 25c qt. Ice Cream Soda (thebest fruit flavors usyd,) 5c. PENDLETON'S Bakery. Chatham. On Park Row There is a place where yon may have watches, clocks, jewelry and eyeglasses of all kinds repaired and put in perfect order. A Chronometer or split sec­ ond repeater must be repair ed by a skillful and experi­ enced workman who can guarantee his work, other­ wise your time piece will give out just when you need It ' most As I have made a specialty of repairing com­ plicated watches, I can in­ sure you entire satisfaction and will guarantee 'all my work A trial will convince you. F. L. Hebert Jeweler and Watchmaker Hudson Rtor Telephone Co.'s Bnlldiag Park Row, Chatham; N, Y. and this week ends it* So many customers asked for high shoes with their' suit, that we have decided to extend our $10. $uit Sale this week only, aud. {with every Suit will give^bSa^Iiplce of any pair' of $3IS§ %h;GeB in our stock free. H. S. Pittsfieltp |Hlis. v n \H I If We C tpBverybpdy'in.town at,once today, do ybtt'know' •hatV'we would Bay firstof aM Itkoul^l be, Come here for ;4r $gs For>li;th«-re^n«^th*^ent^t Qreate^emi=Annual Sample *\§moh>s End\ Shoe Sale K .^e»,pf ithe Many ^Bargains Offered You Ralston rfeilth: $4jDxford$rr^assia\Calf or - - Pate^i|gdpna . - - - i V U.fa i A ^-^E ^II-^!- Sta* -and Oxfprds;)' : r zM Selling- Furriitop! * —_—^— _ _ .Comment is dffcen made on the numerous wagon loads of Furniture that are being sent oat from the store of the HAM30T?BNITiy£E CO.; now there is no mystery about that? it's no trick to sell furniture and this is why: Our Furniture Sells itself. 15 Onr reputation for handling First Class Furniture is well kaown to the peo­ ple of Columbia and southern Rensselaer. Comities and when quailty-*nd prioes are compared with the same quality and prices found in slty store> We always win out and make the sale. Don't take pur word for it Taut call ana convince yourself of the trait of this statement. We call attention to joat a few choice items, that will help yoa in yoar fall selection, which are strictly new and up-to-date; Ozk Bedroom Suit* in the nei^ Amerioan finish, Beautiful new detignt in Sideboards with leaded glass, Combination China Closets, Combination J v?riling desks, the new style 1 twin* iron and brass bedsteadt.new design dress suit ease, end handle; lrunk&,oarpel sweepers, fancy rockers, baby carriages, Bere jr? Some Special Bargains ta XJ^iut — Summer Stock.— \ fuMtnre bargains if taken quick.

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