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Chatham semi-weekly courier. (Chatham, Col[umbia] Co[unty], N.Y.) 1903-1907, August 30, 1905, Image 5

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idles V&H UeCarr, of Brooklyn, , ., • 0 Mrs. HearerHolmeaand Ban„Boy, our^ooMSl^lehaa^ on Sun- • DaQ \ Bu ndelf 's on *W day last in behalf of public peace. Mrs. Satterlee^ of Bennington, f Sawyer and Miss was tne guest of MI88O .B. Hand, Mlnnle Sawyer vlsltlng lo last wees,. < , Exeter N n ' }Vb* Mlsje^ayetta and Clara Weeler,' one of our most We^k ^^InraT-Baiimand Sara- ^ mlaat Wedne8day . roga Springs, enronte tm-xittaaday. £j) e ; ltt a T j aud wUe> were where, the latter will resume her & t .„ week vl8mng , D oharlton. duties as principal of the Bice , - Ernest- Wttbeck, of Sohenectady, was at his mother's home over Bun- day. IjMra. 0. H. Buell and Mrs. Gosa, ot Canoes, have visited at the homes of Maxwell and Balentlne. ^ 4;^|l§.-CJiildren f ;who;hajeLb^n outi- Ing at the home of Mrs. A.. Lewis, for a few^weefcs past,'have'returned toN«wIork. - • « pxiuuipm —- Mass., have returned and say the letters remaining In the poBtoffire , school at Morniugsiae. M u thftre iB very i arge< uncalled for: Mrs. L A. Andrews, Quite a controversy took, place A 0 McMillan, of Yonkers, Otias. Btevena. George Westfall, W. recently between two parUes of ^j^betHnWtrestjyttrtaTr^mrrcti Ihorn«,-D,-Brown 1 t •——I-TIYKPA rh«n ^-^'-\\« -< * *- •»W^IM 1 -- . \more than ordinary degree of in- . , - special -Bdhobl meeting did telligenee to which your correspond some of his Yonkers congrega the purpose for which dent was an Interested listener on Uon were P resent at the meeting, another special meet- the reasoning power of animals 3 Mr ' and Mr8, timHb Angell. Miss ' Bertha' Angell and Mrs. Frank for Wednesday, Aug. which was illustrated by an occur- Olough and daughter visited Mr. „ —.. v~ 4',-' m ' »• '• w v - m - ranee'which nappened of an auto- and Mra> H . w . N ilea last week. :^\J $t $#&Z&.*>'^ jrf? \\• ' The .Nassau Junior boys base mobile running over one of two pet Tne new flnn 0]t .for another horse sale ball club came down here Baturday dogs owned by Charles Spencer of - d & Bowley h ^^^ wloadtod!s * and Ttoyed the North Chatham New Lebanon,, which soon after en g a ged putting a new'shingle roof I^POgo ^Kv •, —-.- r seniors-and played them a lively aled with its companion standing on ° tDe dwe iiing of Mrs. Abby Good- ^ \ \ in-favor of pve r it evincing deep grief a™* wln a nd Fred Stickles l8 eh ,ngH D g ^ after its burial guarded the spot .j^-barn of tbe Bev. A.C. McMillan the home of faithfully not aHowlug even mem- ^ Academy Hill. . Steves are Mrs. bers ol the family to whom it was : Augu8t Marrow, who has been .-^•-WHM. * »ouui» «esoiL ana son bt Columbus, also devotedly attached to approach. emDloyed b y an oyster Aim every s^-t^Wd oyeraunday: Ohio; Mr. and Mis. John G. Mc- Who will say this was not reason * V, r t j[ e ia St i 8 years on the -%VLxg:% M. Van-.4S.vlsltItfgher pormick, of Saratoga; Mrs.-Mary and who can determine tne limit? bQ&t ha8 agaln been engaged X ,-«hTte.r8\,at,Charlemont J Mass., .for (j a y lor 0 f White Plains. DuriDg a recent visit with friends dur , tQe comlng oyeteI 8ea son. 'epjOofiple rot weeks. - Perhaps the .reason there was not iD Garfield, among the \antiques\ fie le { t ' bere ia B t we ek to begin his . jfef JS .t .Beynolda a'ndv^farhlLy, of a8 many tickets sold for the Park which oace under my observation . b Bingerlands, are visiting friends i as t Wednesday as usual, may have i waa much interested in an old fliDt former neigbbora^lrhtown.;.. been for the entertaining show lock gun, at present In the posses- P ,w\^Nir. and Mrs Charles Hilton, of ««Th 6 atolen Crown\ that was per- sion of Buther Eollo The gun was* g .^'6 ^hQeB;^are s yis.ltlng.. their' aunt, formed here at that time by the manufactured in England and dates T^isi-Emma Hilton on .Rlver Btxeet. pi an ders,. ilirig,-Whitney company, to 1743. Thompson and. wife, of Mr. Laraway gave a free straw & ay onet, Newark, W3., are spending a short rlde - - uii .M SPi »-•- ' • ^fprtterdays. --^Tiift -new station is now occupied Its length Including . . | —^ . Is six feet four inches. number of young folks we | gn t eleven pounds and was ay night which they carried one year very much enjoyed. The route was to .a among friends of w\ jr h \S\ „7„h 7 K 7K davs. . 6 . ' last Thursday night which theyjcamed one year by Beriah Hoi- upied 7 er y mu * enjoyed. The route was combe, in tbeBeyolutiona m the long walk to the lower 5 l^^F * 0 ™« J ?o e Krandfather oTSS late G combe, in the^Beyolutionary war, grandfather of the late Geo. Hol- . . cream soda in abundance, thence t combe of Lebanon Springs and has i|atlon Is no longer necessary. ..The the Laraway home where they doae duty in a spiritual wartureras improvement is greatly-appreciated. eD j 0 y e d a variety of refreshments, protection from the Indians when „^The TJ. S. hotel is now well filled game s, etc.. after which they were our sturdy forefathers wended their With boarders and transient guests returned to their several homes. wa y to churoh In New England, aj^- numerous, which^ad|s to the . The Bev. Sherman Bouse, of Del- Silas Owen, an old townsman life 00 Main street. B. Patterson mar> exchanging pulpits with our comes all the way from Minneapolis, ls>the landlord. . • r»astor last Sunday was a halt hour Minn., to revive once more his Mn. W. A. Higham, of Jersey Ja t e> * not coone otlnK with \cars on youthful days with old friends, all City, was a guest -at B.C. Hul-. ft mei He gave U8 a g 6 j, d and of whom g i ve nim a cordial gieet- . btet'a on Sunday. Mrs-'TWardell and interesting sermon on hla arrival. i n g. He' also relates many interest- cbilaren, of Ilion, J*^^!* 18 at Shat halt hour was filled--In with i ng incidents of olden days.2 One .—^Jj*^-^nnis' fortworweeksr^' organ voluntary, quartett and con- handed down from his ftrand father, •vFriday was an Ideal picnic day gre ga tional singing aa a song ser- Jonathan Owen, or the time when and the picnic was Just asJdeaL ylf v j ce j any doubts are entertained of the truth of this, ask the little boys and girls who were there. vlheyknoW. Wtiss Fannie E. Best returned\'to Mr. and Mrs. J. P. Smith spent Htaten Island on Saturday. She Sundaj in Pittsfleld. accompanied her father from New' ! Miss Florence Sbaw had a birth- Dorp, Where he had been ylsltlng .day party Friday.evoping, hla. daughter for a few weeks past.' Mrs. Milton Van Hoesen and cbil- An incipient blaze -aether \7818:110 dren,' of Hudson; have been visiting ktfltttng mill caused\a*-\mDd««efi* iij^^'^nxm^V^^Paaip^Sk''' s^lon~one day laBt week, but aside , Several\ Tffe*abers2|ot the Kelly At a meeting of the directors ot the cemetery D. W. Bundell was appointed superintendent of the cemetery and an appropriation of 925 was made for painting the fence and $100 for grading- Perpetual | care has been established for several lots and various other improve­ ments are contemplated. The annual meeting of the W. G. T. V. was held with Mrs. Fred Kubn Monday, Aug. 28th,„ The following officers were elected • Mrs. J. M. B. Ambler, president; Mrs AHie Clark, vice president; IMrs. M. J. Sawyer, 2d vice president; Mrs. Ida Sawyer, treasurer; Mrs. Florence W. Niles, secretary. Frank Barden was appointed warden of the waterworks. WKST LEBANON. Brown has returned STATE CDIX, MASS. the latter waa stationed with a por­ tion of Washington's army at the Highlands' on the Hudson, is of Interest: Expecting at anytime...,,, „, that the British would invade their JMi6a Mary Budd - of WttBSeld. Js camping ground, they made a heavy l spendin B ner ™catlOn with her Miss Ethel from Buffalo. Ira Slatcher is visitiDg at J. H. Mtimford's. chain of iron and stretched i t across the river td intercep t thei r boats) but the stron g current of wate r an d Jts heavy weight Drake the^cham whic h the -enemy 'Captured£and wa s to parents. A. Fred Brown left for Boston Monday morning and. Mrs. Brown for Buffalo. Bev. D. B. Wilson and family are spending their annual vacation in & a guest of Mrs. B3rkrahd{»: Mrs. Clarence Cole, of Troy, is the guest of Mr. and Mrs. Ben. Cole. Z Miss Kathryn Wilbur, of New Britain, is a Rueet of her aunts, the Misses Wilbur. tlncle Jonathan's tetter was muzh-l •enjoyed and' appreciated .ny those jwho \know a good thing when they 'see it\ Mrs. Charles T. Johnson and her daughters, Misses Dorothy and Cor nella Johnson, of Brooklyn, are guests at Mrs. L. F. Pearsall's. fe>. Mrs. Albright and*The little son of Wilson Powell, Jr., are ill. Dr. Soutbworth attends them. The doctor has a rapidly growing prac­ tice ana is considered \good at his trade.\ He has recently purchased Ben dole's pony, one here not being able to do his work. i tbs village of Kiodwhook, 18 rooms, steam heat £?^. e)c ? rl< i ''5 ht ' hot aod \»1<1 water, i acres of ground, plenty of f rolt, good bam. five min- iXZjffi* 8taUon ' cdl \ 0J \ iCT rattrc hoSsi; MISCJEJIiLAHJEOUS. A ^QOD ipn StKNT is a honsohold necessity BroWna' Liniment is made as good as SO years' experience can make it. a* bottles at Fellows' Cnatham Paanpacy LOST—At Electric Park Satnrday night, trrcv hand-bag valued as a keepsake. Eewardlfre- turned to Park Office. IAST— A roll of mandolin mnsic, between Senator Ambler's and Maiden Bridge, last Satur­ day. One dollar reward for Its return to Courier CO. LOST-«*Between H. E. Shnfclt's greenbouse and Mrs. G. K. Saloy's farm on road to Beat Cnatham, alienator traveling bag, rontatuing papors of no valne except to owner 95 00 reward If returned to Courier office. RAYVTT.T .7, Charles V. Adee Sr. spent some days at Phil Reynolds* lately. Mr. and Mrs. George Adee and daughter and Mr. and Mrs. Hassard have returned to their homes in JNew York PRATT'S MONTJMJ5NTAJL WORKS em­ ploys no agents, saving purchaaers the commlUHlon. Write for prices. Chatham THE CHATHAA1 HOUSE, Chatham—A model hostelery and every modern Improve Bient tar the convenience pi yuesta. CuiHlne Hnexcelled. Dinner atll.SOprompt. Livery lncqnnectlou with hotel. Good coach and driver furnished ln village for parties, hi- IS.0Q. ' nerala, weddings, etc. tance telephone. Long dls- J B fitnelalr Illness has the ' advantage II auy of 11)4 drugs ln your prescription fall Bhort in pu­ rity or in the power to com but disease. In filling prescriptions two things are absolutely demanded First, that the remedies used shall be of siaudatd Mreugtb, sec­ ond that they shall he accur ulely coHt ^ounded -ThaT Is - the kind of nresi nptK>u filling we do. We ^ave the HUHMI drugs obtsc u'jle We ba\e every old ot new drusr fur which tbere is a demand We (ill prescriptiont* by t lie most scientific methods Ai.d the price isa .wayHfair Branion's Drugstore MAIN ST CHATHAM Co-operative ' /-\Aon*. 5 WASHING MACHINES—None betur or easier .operated than Tb e Standard, Ball bearings, self lubricating, making it ran i \1iaa Phnlno tnAt with a ftnrinua very easy. Machine can be operated while • Miss rneips met wito a serious e)tt -j 1n a chalr forc)r< . U ] 0r wiard ( accident last week. In the dark- Standard WaahlngMachines guaranteed t o . , . , _ give satisfaction Take one on trial and nes s of evening the stepped off tne Be convinced. c. H Dmmm, platform at the postofflce ddfcr and stnyvesant Fails, N. Y. dislocated a shoulder Dr South- CALVEKi SHEEP and LAMBS-Seii WOrtil.of Old Chatham, Was promptly direct to the slaughterer and save mlddle- , , » ,i man's commission We pay more than in attendance and successfully shippers. <=—- —•- j — performed the necessary operation Though doing well, Miss Phelps will be disabled from performing any labor for some time Jilppers. Stock received every Tuesday I Telephone o r writ e for prices. E. P Kirby & 8on, East Chatham A Shoe to be Most popular must have the largest sale. Every man owe s it to himself and his family to master a trade or pro­ fession. Bead th e display advertise men t of the slv Morse Schools of Telegraphy, in this issue'and learn how easily a young ma n or lady may learn telegraphy and be assured a position. FINE FOOTWEAR. NORTH STREET, WTTSFI AUCTIONS. SATURDAY, SEPT 9- John Palmer will sell at his residence In Qarfleld, N Y„ at one o'clock, bay boree, spring wagon, buggy, lumber wagon, mower, plows, harness, andother farm tooln 16 feot ladder, poultry wire, and household goods. Terms cash. W H Crape, auctioneer, WANTED. WANTED- A man to Arc hollers S. c Haner, Chatham Center, N Y Gaffncy & Allen Co. I Succw'Ore to A N VANDEUSEN Undertaking & Embalming. Park Row, Chatham. 200 TONB Rye Straw ir' Chatham. Highest cash prior; paid wan tod, in bundles. E T Hn^hcs, Paper] S A GArrvxv Undertaker and Emtmlmer Both 'Phones. WANTED—Ten canvassers to work at the I Chatham fair r Aildreos, \ No, 1.\ Courier oQlce. I DRESSMAKING and fine sewing promptly! and satisfactorily done Mrs. F Scovilie. Lower Klnderbook St. Chatham \WANTED—Cheap furapot cash, a smaU foot- power printing press. Addresn -tating sire,] condition, prfce and other particulars, \Press.\ care Courier, Chatham. • TELEPHONE SERVICE at its best, can onlyl „,„_,, . . r be secured by good batteries The Columbia Dry I Mrs. Harry HiCKS accompanie d by I Coll will give beet, aud longest service. tipm the damaKebr the water the fatijiiy, who have been spending j;*\*!^ ^ hMvv \imber'from\the Otsego cjunty dAmage was slight. ^The whistle SnST weeks .at the boxneatead. E^JS^^ Mrs Harry H .cas accompanie d b y gm^^ new bW the next morning a^usuaL M ^etum |d to. $*jU9om<» ^ ^mb^nd ^i<» oJ£? Bhom ^ n 8EVERAL DAYS WAIH-ED-F... ^U, ?ThO types last Week^ttfirle B. % Sprlngfleldi 5 «-f < »g WrfflTO-1th«¥ritte'h WOtild ^Iand Which 0ti&St We6 *i a H udson - ment. winter apples Tn their season highest ^.ndallnioTetoOohoesonlMonda, %f an| v ^s. ^^wjaon, o| ^^^^T^S t^r J h J? ^ no service In the cash,^paid. ^.Fn.n,^J &fgBt\ Instead of Monday^ nexfi $riag ? port.Oonn., r6t,urnedrtq.the^ ^7 a \nS MtU Xe time their M> A - church next Sunday - 8 \ n - ~ *r.,Ora D dall does not bav^too^ ^n^b ^lty TJ .bri^^|. .gj^. p ^tn &d Sem a\SS toU**^™™^ 8 \ m in ^ the nlt{ht and we atesofry 1 fo spending several months past at the - Their cjill- OondonThe cottage.g have them move at all. dfen, Eugene and^Edna, are visit­ ing friends and relatives In Herki­ mer, N. Y. WANTED—A salesman In Chatham and vicin ••»•„„ irst. r jr L • ilty to sell onr goods. A good oiwning for a| for supper he having made a raid on I. ,? I,Sfl K \ e Ly0D Qnd her ne,ce ° r SH?,S,H a k ?, Bn Ai£^T v\\\ 1 ( ' n \ ,u Tca Co 1 Albany, have been spending a few Albany, N. \ fliviiavnus. the neighboring farms after the . manner of \John\ in old Mother at Bilas Sherman'a _ OOose; \Stole a pig and away he v Ml88 BarIy « New Lebanon, has salary run\ which in order to hiae from be f n eD e*ged to teach the village C °\ C1 the British he placed In tne famous 8CD001 - It; open September! old wooden trencher under bread followin guests were at W. B./\Preston's durlngjtbe past week: Mrs. O.A.Hamilton of Hackensack, N. J.; Mrs. 'H; Sy'Jklead of Toledo, O., Kenneth Adams and William Oliver, of Oloster. N. J. V\ ; J7. V \\ Mrs. FraDk Fellows and Mrs. A. this vlHatre went to Lebanon Satur- , r ne next aays D&K .ing. xnis Wednesday aft ernoon. About 30 SALESMEN ^T/rNTED-To look after onr I Interest In Columbia and adjacent counties [ Commission. Address Lincoln Oil I levolaud, Ohio. Electric ParK WEE K STARTING Monday. August 28th- .. Engagement Extraordinary.. 44 DIDA\ The Creation Of a Woman Out of Nothing. PAULINE WELLS AND HER PICKANINNIES THE ONE-LEGGED ACROBAT Other Big Acts. No well Lnforiik-il shot-man *\ will dispute tbe fat't that in Ladies' Shoes, the Queen Quality excels all others m popu­ larity. More than lti.000 pairs are manufactured each day. It is safe to say its sale is more than double that of any other ladies' specialty shoe in existence. The Walk Over s/> ->«• fur men also enjoys the greaU.it <ltur< t of jjopidar- ity of any man « »/ioe mt the market today —Sole ayenty jur l»dh of the above makes, at Terry's Cash Shoe Store. The Sign of the Big Shoe, MAIN HT , CHATHAM, N Y. /^jiMisaJEtarrlet Hill has been on the sick list I Utb. Mrs. when quallned. WTilteajan's Telegrapo School. Cnatuhm • TO LET Why Do 1 , H .„ wmeTta&'W ^W^ ™* PlttHfleld Eagle says. Mr. ogmpany over Sunday, « ; t New'Lebanon. , a S$ l ^ ' .'upFQW W ™* Mrs. WiUlam H. Petkt, of West ( imz» Oarrle Van Allen returned bli M ^'^Z^r ^^rnmex ^ ^rtlr •nd'jfteptred Leban0Df have been graDted per , -^tsar^ H^^SIr ^r&r^XuX —»— - — - sale.of creim Pec * of ^rovldence^ Mrs. |...-^-^-^- , , • r beir M , h ^L church Fridiy eye-nlnK,. A dri » n and ^ Hasbroeck Heights. September l. ••'\-* * J - ' \ B: Andrews o(,i New; Yptk:a •pending hit vacation -with his par- ^^^mmZto ^^LegKetUf^wieisey.i, E. iggert'g. ' Pierce, of Watervllle, latter is unable to care for the little] ones, whose mother Is dead. ingsln'tbe Lebanon Springs grove. EAS T CHATHAM. OML JTAKTiUfVJLLE . Harold Hafisei is quite siek with bronchitis.- Mls^TolijEogeboom pas returned TO LET-First-clase tenement on Sprlug St. P 11 Garriijr Chatham. TO KENT—Bouse on Huffman street. Chatham. I [ For particulars address Box 405 Chatham. K 7 TO LET— Furnished room on Alain Street. | John J Ryan. Chatham. BOO Mb to rent and lot for sale ln Chatham J Tillage, Address C, Care Courier TO LET OR FOR SALE—Two new houses st Nassau and North Chatham. Modern Im­ provements; near Electric road stations. Address Box 120, Nassau, N. V. STORE AND DWELLING now occupied by ShaXer* MellouB ln Ghent village. In- has' returned to Mrs. Purinton 1 New York. Nicholas Cadv now nas charge of I the pumping station. ^.MJMi- Ida.\\ Carpenter has quire on premises or Jftcob MmJrk. Hudson I® Ton pay *5.00 and $6.00 for glasses when you can get the same quality and fit for one-half. I make no charge for testing your eyes. There is where you save the other half. Best gold filled frames and lenses complete $2.50, Rimless $3.00. GEO. R0SENST0CK, Jeweler & Optician, _ Chatham, New York. New Cloiiji Store. SAM JERKOWSKI, for a num-^f ber of years wuh JOSEPH SUM- '| MER, has leased a portion, of *~M, Mather's Shoe Store, 33 Mairi* J f?j Street. Chatham, and placed oaf. £|j sale a stock of '^X^B Etc. Etc iA aothing, Hats, Caps, Hen's Furnish- \-SS ing Goods, Dress Suit Cases, The pnees on my Hats and Suit Cases cannot be duplicated in town. I solicit your patronage, and will' 4jjive you fall value for every cent invested. SamJerkowski, 33 Rain Street, Chatham. , SAIiB— Extra prime, new timothy •eeed.- beqn j.C. n .jAllen, 17 Main St., Cnatham, N. T from ^^feifeyi, t\' '» U| t|Mtfi>| friefids In^Rens'seiaer. I' FOBma-m^tid P ,g^ inquire el Miss. l?aoy, ,of alew Yorlc city, isif MVa. l Dt. flnerman ihd daughter, N Tlte ' J Boiand ,oidci «th»m.« y. 1 For Fair, Week pa

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