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Chatham semi-weekly courier. (Chatham, Col[umbia] Co[unty], N.Y.) 1903-1907, July 22, 1905, Image 8

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.;|^<ananple v .W|<th> 'slde^f^toe;-heaviest i^ai^or^ft3^e>ab^ though the Bheil fall ^^i>rt^^i ^'mBrk -byrtwenty feet, wus l ^recently tjemonstriifed at- the beginning J'of'a rtAr )ew, At testa nt'the United States mt4 between 10.000 o.ii4-10,<MO Jew*, who wore, the gray, an^thlafstftteirieat '^f 'a ^ejrlies/df teSNat'the United States 1 gOromni^iit'B proving grouuds at San-- ' , djj Efoplc, aaya the New York Herald. £ Accompanied with a secrecy that has |Tnade the dlseusafou o f tlit- result al- 5 most prohibitive, the first test was sole- 2 Xp^lot the purpose of determining the * sate distance that a huge tarm>t, built vjto represent a section o f tut armored .side Of a modern battleship, i-ould be moored from the shore and the observ­ ers .assured. Of freedom from harm .•^tcbm^ifragnlents of/thfe exploding shells. For some time experts of th e onl- ...*nance department of the army have \known of the destructive effect of the explosive substance, which, mimed after It s inventor. Major Beverly \V Dunn, TJ S. A., I s a clo.sely jruunlei. government secret Foreign imtlou have sought la vain to loam lis i-oui position. Meautline the manufacture of armor piercing shells filled with the explosive has gone on until now the arsenals of tlio lulled States nre tilled with them, and almost all the ships of the navy an d the sea coast fortifica­ tions have a battle supply on hand and ready fo r an y emergency What the government experts did not know, however, was the probable effect if a shell should fnil short of Its mark. The shot filed within th£ last few days has gone far beyond the expectation- of the experimenters. To those who were fortunate euougL to w1tnes< the recent trial th e affair was Intetnely sjiectacirlar A fruiting mass of wi>;>,'wi>rk. in dlnipuslou the side of a battles): ;> at Its water line, was moored offshore Then delicately the 1,000 pound projectile, \with n scant charge of twenty pounds or dunnlte, was- submerged four feet in the water and ^proximately fifty fe e from the floating structure. Then al l scattered t o a place o f safety, an elec­ tric button was pressed, those ou shore felt the ground- tremble, while a col umn of Water shot up Into the air 23ti feet. When the target was again brotigbt to shore the effect'of the ex - plosioa \was plainly manifest and of such a nature that the deductions were readily drawn. .;' Major Dunn wheafpi&en. at the prov Ing grounds at Sandy Hook refused to discuss the outcome of the trial, say , ing it was a government secret at the present time, although the trials to cease; whlcb--would cover a period of time, would no doubt be conducted more openly. \As to the explosive that bears my name,\ said Major Dunn, \1 believe i t in the opinion of the ordnance depart- ~ ment that they have n destructive ma ^^i*ri ^±Sfi^^ Its. - - vCAmPOsiilon. i s Jyapjjgri ojily t o this gov - enjment._ It_ I s not the'highest esplo- sive-^not by\ any means—\But I t i s thi highest explosive so far Invented that, contained within the chamber or JIB armor piercing shell, wt» contain itself until after the shell has passed thi-ouga •the armor. Thru It s OMTU -t,vo w \actuated b y a primer, takei pliu-c. \Its effect has been accitmtf.'j scribed since the tests in 1 i 1, wh. , il. (rathmann guu failed ..'gui!!y witii i guu cnttJii loaJecT sbCD Injure armor plate representing the tv.r ci • the battlc-b'p Io-wa.. Atthesiu. tie ordnance department tired a shell from, a twelve Inch coast defense rifle The projectile'was In reality a core J shell, its small chamber \toaded with bnt'-a twenty pound chaup o f dnmiitc. T!h6 armor ~pldi& was pierced and the ^f^T^'^^mS^^ 'a* nrmo^ pirn E^g' : sheil '\o 'ver tlie \ordinary 3bun «tl :is \ -^^B^i^^km^^i^Pli by i • T .services at;: tuV ; Eetoimed'. ofiutoh Was made during the war lii explana- tion of. hla refusal to grant them leave to observe the fall holidays. The ii^tl^^^&h^^^ could not spare-BWB ft large number. W% b ^^J ^^^«^W. •nate in^ne/^eforinerp church ok Oaatleton on~-E|aladaV<' ^r^ftcnef la on eloquent prencher 4'n.cT 'a Ten or-twelve thousaad\may be=rfin exaggerated estimate, but It .shows conclusively that they •scers-so numer­ ous that the commanding officer bad notice of their number^-. Jews were well scattered through the south dur­ ing the civil war. and *ho, communities at Richmond, Charleston and Savan­ nah were quite large for those times. They bore their share o f the battle, fought with bravery, died o n the 1 field and suffered the loss of their property along with th e Impoverished of other creeds. There Is absolutely no ground for the statement lately made In an Illustrated New York weekly In an nr - tlcle telling of the development of the south that the war left al l southern people except the Jews poor , In hi s a>ld)e-.s at the meeting - l u Richmond John JS. Eggles'tou'sald that there were twenty-row Jewish staff officers in th e Confederate army and eleven officers in the uavy, and the first surgeon general of the Confederate army was a Jew—General David de Leon. S o the Jewish soldier of the south baa a right to recognition, and, though he fought for a lost cause, his memory should not be lost too. It is quite possible that when the records are made up the southern Jewish feol- dler will have (julte as proud a recor<] as hi s brother o f the north, whom prominent me u took pains lately to honor. Wliereyer the Jew beard the call for duty he answered, and It Is u wonder that in the south, where ol d time loyalty uud consideration still hold sway, so: e attempt has not been madfe\\T&\ do justice to the memory of those- men who took the field at the all of their stnte polished writer and that church would make no mistake by extend ing. htm. a call. .i REHEDY FOR HAY FEVER. After Trying Other Treatments, Hy- omd was used with Perfect Sacces.. BLAST FROM LAWSON. J. F. Forbes, a well known \West era railroad, man, whose home is at McGook, Nebraska, writes, \I have never had any relief from any rem­ edy for hay fever, even temporarily, in\ i| I discovered the merits of H -mei. I always recommend It v t -en occasion requires.\ There is no offensive or dangerOUB ptomach dosing whed Hyomei is used. The reliable remedy for the cure of all diseases o f the'respiratory organs iB breathed through a neat pocket inhaler that comes with every outfit, no that the air taken into the-throat and lungs is like that of the White Mountains or other health resorts, where hay fever .,1s unknown. - The fact that R . W. Sgymour agrees to refund the money--to any hay fever sufferer who usee Hyomei without success, Bhould inspire con fiidence in its power to effect a cure, A complete outfit costs but $1.00 and extra bottles but SO cents. \I'm l-emler In Holy W«r,''lle Suy». '•Our Jeruxalnui I n Wall Street.\ Thomas 'SV. Lawsou, thu tkistou co,, per magnate, and hU party recendy arrived a t Kansas City and atteudeJ the annual dinner o f the Knife au i Fork cluB:—-In \nsc-us>;lug \Jjjjstivi'.. Finance\ Mr. Law-son said. John D. Kockt-fe le r has the su.plus that belongs to the people. Then 1 ca... ^ along, and I said *I know how till trick i s dono. I have shown the Amer­ ican people how It is done, and 1 going to_ show them how to sto ;i u Five million policy holders of A aerl -n have been robbed by the Equitable ev­ ery year. \I'm educating the people i n life lu surance and Wall streets Tliey are be log robbed by Wail street all along t.e line. The robbers haveubnsed me fo«- my exposures, but have never replied .to them.. 1 Jiavs. tested the power jo£_ people working i n combination agilas Wall street and we have dropped the value of securities held by the system ?*,000,000 in one day. say t o the people of Ame.-ica '^ep out of Wail street. Se:i ont a - Wall st-cet. .Get clear of your st^ck- n.nd bonds. Bay g->ven»ment securities, and the stock o f tlie system will d.-o.- 70 ceuts on tlie dollar. Then the svs tern 1* broken.' \How long will It take me to snusij John D Rockefercr? Ifs liable t > | come any minute. It's coming, co aing And the ,\I Te-enc<' l>etween J->bn I> and me Is that 1 can -t 'nJ the ra~k.> and he can't. H?'s shell n >vr; I'm a man. And rm going t-> smash them, smash them, smash them! I can't do it myself: I' m nobody, but the^p- -lple of America are with me they're joining me dally in fresh th msauds. Its a new holy war that we r e mak'ng, and I'm the' lender of It, and our Jerusalem Is Wall street.\ THIRD JUDICIAL OEPAKTHEST. Pursuant t o the provisions of section 382. ot the Code of Civil Procedure, the under- ilgned Justices assigned to constitute the- Appellate Division oflhe Supreme Coort, ID and for the Third Judicial Department, do hereby appoint the times- and places for holding the Special ancL.Trlal Terms, within the several Judlolal IilatrloM CSnrprlsln i (allows; Assignments ot Terms and Justices tor the t Vears iKM-ians. „ TRIAL TEEMS. Albany. First Monday in January. Belts. Pi ret Monday in March, Berrick. Pint Monday in April, betw Flret Monday in M«y. iiHjhrane. Fourth Monday In S^pteoibrr Berrick. Second Monday in November. Howard Rensselaer Flret Monday in Jannary. Howard. First Monday in March. Cochrane. First Monday in May Herrlck. PJrst Monday In October, Belts. -SHOT! large fragments, carry 4 B aYellhowa^mattn><lnnnite will do all -.of. Uie thtags most' desired In actual \ - -' r 'X Voafnl CXartf Hace> With a view to testl ^ the time re­ quired b y a postcard t> go the round of the\ woctcT\alur<o- aa^Jtatn also the rout'ev which.. : ^iie jcard ^sbviujil taic t o accomplish its iom , ney\^n'tiVleas£po .i- slble number of hours an Interesting experiment in the forn of a ciidjietl- tlon is being made, i n Paris, suy^ th<S London Globe\. At 3 o'clock on$ iiftfer- noon at the centrai t poatofflc? autf Inftiie P^seace ^*.;njim^qr|vlr »a8 |^.470 postcards sent byjanfecual numb*r of; <x>mpeUt<^/4vBq?ha4 ; ''beforeIiani |f8 'cnrea^thb ft0rvl^ftfe^>4'^^&pouaJ|a^^ imarim nnit^hiir.'rSiT'-'eWi-t wiiri»_hJi «ded: certificate pr'ja J iwiiirgti ^yai Ulster February. First Monday In April. Howard. First Monday In February, Betts. First Monday lo October. Cochrane First Monday In December. Derrick. Conrmbia. First Monday in February, Cochrane. First KondaylB at ay^Betia. - Ihird Monday In Ootober^Howard. 8ulllvan. Third Monday ln-May. Boward. Third Monday lu seotember. Cochrane. First Monday in December. Beets —. ttchoharies . r - Third Monday lo January Herrlck. First Monday in June. Cochrane. First Monday In Oolober. Howard. Greene. Third Monday in February. Howard. Third Monday In June. Cocnrane. Second Monday In November. Herrlok. SPECIAL TERMS. First Saturday of every month, except An gu»t ano September^t Hudson Cochrane Second Saturday ot every month, except August an<< September at Albany Herrlck Third Saturday of every month, except July a> d August, at Kingston Betts ourtb Saturday of eyery month, except Jtlly.ana \ugii'l, at Albany - Herrlck Last Saturday of every month a t Albany as follows: When the fourth Saturday Is also the last Saturday of the month. Justice Herrlok is designated to hold sach terms, except in the months of July ana August,st, as. hereli \ \ designated. The following named J are designated to holdthehtber of said terms, as. hereinbefore e g name d Justices vU.: ISOt-1905. Aprll-rCochrane. JnlJV-Howard. Aoggsi —Cochrane. October—Betts. . BecenfBe f—Herrlck. Special Terms are always open for e x parte Business at the Judgee'chsmhe^ at Albany, Kingston, Hudson and Troy, when a Justloe Is present. Special Terns will be held In connection with the Trial Terms, subject to the limitations Qf_Ru;[e?8,_ . s Equity causes may be noticed for trial In the county o t their venue a t any Special Term appointed to be held by ajuatlce real' dent In such county, Dated Albany. N. Y.. Kbv. 11, 1908. CHAELKS S. PARKER. Presiding JUB ilce. WALTER U.OYJ) SMITH^^ BMORy*. CHASJ5, A LDEK CHESTER, , JAMZS W.-HOnQHTON, ' >;;As*oelat»3ustlces. fjtndorsed: Flle4Noyil8,:l»Xlfc.'-i!„. , ^ ' JOHNr.-O'JBRIZN, .. Ti* ' Secretary of State.'' .,/ THIRD 01U>A%TJUEjrrr X • is \not a hardship. perfect roadfeed. and 'jB^j I'Mnagnificent sleeping-ca^:' i&mce assure a good fifr nigit's-rest; Indeed, tne^oifprt and convenience of Lake Shore trains is^equaled by but few of the best hotels. FAST THROUGH TRAINS BETWEEN Chicago, Toledo, Cleveland, Buffalo, St. Louis, Cincinnati, Pittsburg, New York and Boston, i For full particulars retarding atbp-over privileges, routes and service, address ^ J. W. DALY, Gon'l Eastern Ag«nt, Buffalo, flaw York Martlndale.. CraryrlUe.'! Hlllaaale..,.^ .Copake IrnWka Boston Comers Miller ton.. NTew York. 8UNDAYS leate.'QhiMjamO YS leate. Qh«h»m.'8.10>. »»Jvwl Flour Talk We' have the Marvel Flour, and, true to its name, it is a marvel to all who have used it. Only $6.85 per bbl. The Daisy Patent at $6.50. And theold reliable White Chief Flour, $7.25. Pay your money and-take your choice. ,Flour •will he higher. All kinds of Grain and Feeds. American Seal Faints, Oils, Brushes, Nails, Coal, etc. BUG DEATH ills :i e Bugs and Feeds the \Plant. W. J. LORD •Custom Grinding a Specialty. J Canaan 4 Corners. J Milk train I Sundays I\ days 8.00 J.._. ^—.v^.-r,-.-.~-.rv - . Saturdays on] J train lesl-os'tf ow YorkJLlO p-s'saT ntefSn Boston- -^^^W^mi. Mlllerton 4;B5, Boston 5.82. Arrive Chatham 5.45 P,JHi Albany Rensselaer Brookview Van Hoesen Niverrille Chat Centre Chatham Bast Chat. Canaan State Line Plttsfield am. 7.00 1M T.IT T.M 7.88 T.88 7.48 8.01 8.18 8.3< 8.62 IJ.J0 -l.a.tB&'^Jl' is.40- ,'jaasteavn ISLSI, , tMjmtM YOU Satisfied WITH THE Life Insurance YOU NOW HAVE? If not, theninquire aboyt the New YofKXif e POLICIES. Cheap as Assessment Com­ panies offer but Superior in in Every Particular. \No strings on a New York Life Policy.\ 7? SEE MEI - 4 or write - W. P. Darrow Special Agent New York Life Ins. Co. Chatham. These two words go together! Good advertising invites trade ! Good business ability holds it! ' SPECIAL fin : X ;^^~y° u Q o^ht \tf-~ in-; ^• ? £restj25 cents in^on^ihe 1 Does Your Business Grow ? No business is a success that doesn't grow ! No business can grow that isn't advertised! If you don't believe that, look around 1 Let Us Help You! If you thin^ you can't write up an attractive ad. let us help you 1 It is in our line! Give uBthe facte; we will formulate them for you attraotively. Train leaves Albany at> 8.16 fc -OjirS'KS 1 - »llle 8..8. Ohatham 8.0S. Bas^I»«ttaW;Jjl«. Canaan 8.25. Ptttafleid 0.S7. This train :.Uso stops on signal or to leare passengert a^»»y other station not named. ., >^ Train leayiug Albany »' A'Sfti^S 5 ?*^ at Chatham at 11.18 a. m. PittsfleldlWT ^.r, Train leaving Albany at U.4&P. m. at Chatham at 15 25 a. m. and will. Stop on slenal or to leave passengers at Broorrlew. Van Hoeaen. Nivenrllle. Chatham* Centre and Canaan. '\ Train leaving Albany 10.80 «. m.tBWaayj will- stop at Brooavlew. Van Hoeseni Mlver- vllle. Chatham Centre, East ChsthamVand State Line, on flag. Stops reCTlarty atChar,. ham. 11J7 a. m. and Canaan ll.« a.'a^-V -- Train leaving Albany at A 5|S p. m. dally.-wlli only stop st Chatham to leave pagsraganufiom Albany. - .Jtftf- Harlem trains leave Chatham ah'd 7;10 p. m.. arrive at Plttsfield \JK and Tilt Sun. day a only leave Chatham.1.40 p. m. arrive 14 Plttsfield a.W. These tralnff stop v *t any station to leave Dasseneere from the, Harlsw aivlslot*. SftttutlayST>aly'B,50 p'.'nE5TCrHve\a| Plttsfield082p.m. . 'iJ'LSJg.??-** PittsfreW toAMtMy. a.Tn am.- a..rn T spJst. p^ai ~~* PUtaflelu. 1.53 BM' 10.11 UC,..(iM0 State LTne ' WMi;.U>4Alt J Canaan —« fl.»tfI0.44rl.48^a.« K. Chatham . T .ir \>0 ,njMB^MI J.­ Chatham. iM 7J» UM 4.0«^«» ' Chatham Can. 6.«f «.0t ,U4l;.4.16 ^Q :«ja Nlvervllle 8,68f 8.1» ,1137; 4.10% *.1T Van Hoesen . 8.061 8.H UJT-^lO-,-^*^ ' BMOkvlew - J30L MM nMUVM^kO^ _J Rensselaer fl.*2 8.18 Albany tM • 8.4* Iii»» i .4,48W'-:«.« * Runs Sally. . ffig&S&lt Trains leaving Plttsfield at I.U and 808,9. m., State Line l.M and8.88, Chatham Mtasi 8JM, arrive in Albany 2.86 and ».4tp;». ' Train leaving Plttsfield M4 p,,m.idally, lops at Chatham *JP p . m., arrives la-Al- banySMp. m. »** ' >;J- Harlem trains, leave .Plttsfield at 7.1* a. ja., 1.20 p. m„ and arrive at-Chatham 7.»a.». and 8D1 p. m. Sundays leavt.PHtsflaldMS and tzi p. m., arrive In Ohatham a.48 and 6.S0 p m. Thesr trains will stop on signal at any rtatlontoreeelvepatsenysrsfor th> Harlem division ' CJUUMMB I* A. ST. Chatham 8 0t- Shent 8 07 Pnlver's I. Mellenvllle ... .. A.X. a* UN f T. K. r. • • toe n» 101 417 • M Mellenvllle ... 818 U.41 .118 • Claveraok 818 UM~,,,*i6.''f- *• Hudson Upper . 8(3 UOO^' f i» ^• ITnri... TJt»» o Afi . M M \ . .n r Hudson Lower .. 8 86 lJOi ' HadsMM to Otalkam. 4k 140\ ,6« A.H. a.». ?.•». l^Mt'*.*' Hudson Lower.. 710 1011 105 -14*-<i4'tO Hudsoh Upper „ 71» 10-90 11U. 1M -.14* UUverack 7» 1017 iU-^M'^B MellenvUle 7» 10 87 1S4 tlo \vv »4J Ghent 740 10W 1» 1«i #-4« Chatham 7 48 10B5 1 40 jr-Uj ^iiji. THE ALBANY k HTOSOil- XilLlOiS Read Down 8u0 Lv, 6.14 \ 6.Si \ 6.80 \ 6.S8 - 643 - 6-49 \ 6M •• 7 00 •• 7.05. •• 740 \ 7 18 \ 7J7 ' 7.81 •• 7.96 ••• (7*1 •• In effeot Oot. M, IKkV^/Jr ., Albany > -Jjri(-,S.W Rensselaer ;-.;f--'„-7.41' Clinton Heights 1 Bast Oteenbush 7.80 East 8chodack .T'T.« Siding IS . »^,.Ml Nassau • , .-r»Ss.»J* North Chathaaa '•'--•s^T.W - Kleetrle PafltT^T^^T.!* -?> KlnderhooV '-v 'i&aiSL &J -i StoekpwrrCenTr— —- ;fiCirMatibn! -'tasiaj;,'!, t thjngl ? - w irgha) -A ;slock^c.Bu?S

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