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THE CHATHAM SEMtWEEtt* ... TF J?WALL1TOE^TQ&ROW, EDITOR .W ^'few?™^ 1 ^ .»2 JTV - Chatham, N.Jf. . ' ^SAES&BA*. JULY aa, 1905 federal grrnd Juries sBem ^deter­ mined to; maKe penitentiaries Very exclusive society resorts. The concert of Europe would like to do a little qbligato for the duet that Is to be sung at Portsmouth. If the new explosive \dunnite proves' pretty powerful, it ought to be just the thing for bill collectors If Japan will just hurry and take ' Valdlvostok, there will be nothing at all to negotiate about at Ports­ mouth. ________ On the report of black rust In wheat the price jumped on Septem­ ber wheat to 88 cents in the Chicago exchange. nicely.- The&bjrt wa»ra«;deFSt T Lett-) Hnon^ptlBiig^_id_the orwia work­ ing south from that station._ - -The ->Stf^a^2jrterevf attrtqfxlr colored •ingeii.Cgaye a : concert In Arcanum ?&i£^uaufi$R evening under.- the ;auibioes pt theA^M. & church.- Tie pri>gram\iw;attexce^ ; I lent'one bunhe audience wiUslmall. =? raa%r#^aere- ^eMi^rl^^ejin^wS'ar I evening; August U. - - • There probably is trouble in the Balkans rignt now, but the special correspondents have been busy else­ where to notice it. The Weather Bureau is predicting more warm weather. Jf that; is the best it cau do, it might as well take a vacation till fall. Its rather audacious of China to talk about being represented at the peace conference. Did she ever own any territory in Manchuria? Twenty thousand off Senator Depew's income at one clip. How many blows like that would it take to put your Income into minus quantities? It is announced that the rainy season has commenced in Man­ churia. Anyhow it has been-a cold day for Linevitch over since he was appointed. A Montana waiter has patented a device for raising 30,000 bushels of potatoes to the acre. He is waiting bis time in Montana. He belongs in Wall street. Miss piive Dlmmick, of Jersey City, is visiting Mrs. Neville. Mrs. John W. *Borighfc is quite ill and a trained aurse is in attendance. We regret to announce that the condition of J. Wesley Jones does not improve. John D. Mlokle, of Syracuse, is visiting bis parents. Mr. .and Mrs. John'P. Mickle. Miss Edna Well Slocum are spending a few days at Pbllmont- Members will picnic Thursday. of Eastern Star lodcre at Electric Park next A nine pound son 'was born to Mr. and Mrs. Howard Lasher on Wednesday of thja.week./ , W. G. Smith,.of Worcester,Mass., has been spending a few days with his brother, C. \K. Smith. - .Numerous. J>aske.t«i ..:^fcrgtadioil from the famous \Meadowvale Farm\ at Berlin; the largest' farm of Its kind in the world, poflTcome down the Butland road each even­ ing by express tor shipment to various points south and west The flowers are beautiful and attract much attention. They complain tnat they cannot find anything but mud for the foundation of the Panama Canal. They struck that deposit higher up in the Equitable. Tom Lawson wants to put Mr. Rockefeller in the hands of a re­ ceiver. From all we have heard of Mr. Rockefeller, it probably would go pretty bard with the receiver. The difference between a farmer and an argiculturlst Is tbat one has to take in summer boarders for a. living and' the other has money enough to run a fancy stock farm. The Massachusetts Grand Council of Royal Arcanum have adopted a resolnton ^calling for a special ses­ sion of the Supreme body to recon­ sider the raise in rates. The New York State Grand Council will meet Aug. 1. According to the census of New York, just completed, more than 80 per cent, of the inhabitants of tbat city were born outside of the empire state or in foreign countries. This information has been somewhat of a shock to the average native born Gotbamite. AH Tokib .la .waking great pre­ parations' to give tbe heartiest .posslole reception to Secretary Tart, Miss Alice Roosevelt and tbe other •- members of tbe party, and will make such a demonstration us will testify to the strength of tbe love all subjects of the Mikado have for America and their appreciation of . A1n:&i £a ..'s friendship. TrOaecutJnsr Attorney W. R. Graiwrh, 61 Youngtowh r O., fsguieg \to sue himself for -S59 83. The state examiners reported that lie Mrs. M. A. Denman, of Spring­ field, Mass., is a guest for a few days, of Mrs. C. W. Spelman. . •Andy\ Gullck, _ol Lakeville. Conn., formerly of this village, is spending a- few days In tawr_ A number of city people are now boarding at \The Evergreens\ the pleasant home of Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Holsappie. Miss Ethel Wright, of Ridge- wood, N. J,, has been a guest for several aays at George Simmons' on Jones avenue. Mr. and Mrs. H. C. Dougherty, of Buffalo, are making their annual | proud to make trip to this village visiting relatives and friends. Somewhat less than qne hundred people attended the union picnic which tbe Reformed and Methodist Sunday schools held at 'Queechy Lake on Wednesday of this week. e~ days pleaauie was cousider- able marred by the heavy ralnS which prevailed at the lake- Al crew of fence builders are at work along the line of the' Chatham division of the Rutland 'railroad. They are building between this place and Old Chatham- The fencing which the new wire fence'^replaces was oompiosed mostly of old boards and atmosphere and In some places the latter Was much more in evi-! deuce than .the former. It tflll be a eood job when completed. Mrs.F. H. Wood Is now ope Chat­ ham's most .enthusiastic chicken fanoiera. She has 1700 chicks which are approaching the broiler stage and 500 more just hatched, a total of 22007 Tne Drouets she disposes of at. the hotels in the eastern sum­ mer resorts. Mrs. Wood plans to carry on the business on a much more elaborate scale next year. She gives the work her personal at­ tention and the loss in her flock from disease has been practically nothing, a boast which fanciers who have beejt^ngagedt in the business for man; years, would be l^jeen, 1 15, nlmprofed ,i ..properly and: con- j&eg«lofi inc'remd- rfria 'derJt'xe. duced,^ St. itory'a church at SchefiVtu* fca^beejnYrfl^^ Joseph's vat -Worcester has Keen thoroughly -renovated, newly fur­ nished ./and)* redecorated at a COIF aiderable expense^St. •John's' church at - GentraT'ttlrfge'ia^ improved # with, new\ furnishings. Other congregations in this parish with no churches.' i)elaqson< - Scho­ harie. Mlddlebnrg dud Howes.Cave, to&Ve been''teg'ularly'and carefuflyJ attended';' 1 7- \ - - «- Chatham local Church News. Resolutions of Consistory. Pursuant to tbe resolution of the Consistory of the Reformed church Chatham, N. Y., adopted at a meet­ ing of the consistory on. Thursday, 5 andVr-ead - to.-the con- where she has beenj '\^ m ^'w'eeilngyt M^in- ' bers of the church and of the con­ tributors to its support and its J building fund, called in pursuance An infant of Mr- ana Mrs. John of such resolution, held -in the Hayns, of Albany, formerly of East chapel of the church on Thursday, Chatham, was brought here for July 20, 1905, tbe following reaolu- laterment in St. James cemetery tion was read and adopted: yesterday. j- Without intending-hereby in any —~y (way to admit any liability wLab- Tbe stone ballast on the Boston ev er for tbe payment of any claim, or claims whatsoever against W. B. Cass; and not intending hereby to The Rev. M. A. Denman and daughters, of Springfield, Mass., are spending 'their vacation st Canaan Four Corners. j^j* ?W\ Miss Charlotte Traver has returned I fiFPBfcMon 0* from Saratoga spending several weeas with ber sister, Mrs. C. I. Penrose. 8. Lnk*'i. A cake sale and lawn sqcial will be held Wednesday evening, July 26th on the oburch grounds. Ice cream will be served. Regular services to-morrow at.S o'clock^p. m. Xotfcodlsti The sacrament of the Lord's Sup­ per will be administered Bunday morning, with baptism and recep­ tion of members. Ail probationers pare requested to be,present. In the evening tbe pastor will preach. Subjeot: \What becomes of the Wild Oats We Sow?\ Babbath school and Epworth League at usual hour. B «fonn »a. The usual services will be held morning and' evening. Miss Wilson will give a report of the Baltimore C. E. convention a the Christian-Endeavor meeting at 7 o'clock.\ At the meeting of the oongrega tion it was voted to raise by sub scriptlon as large an amount of money as possible before January 1st. 1006 to divide proa rat among the creditors of Mr. Cass. AHCRAX. , 01arepc^Rea'sari.erand his brother, Walter, of NeW *Yoji ,<aw guests at th^ethodist^rMiage',; '• - ' Rev. J. Hi JKobinson and son', Rev. Arthur Robinson spent Wednes­ day in Albany. Luthen.anb Lake streets which have been'tornvup fcr several weeks while the water mains, have been placed .below tns-frost Jlney are now in-thelr normal\ condition' rn'ucn to ipf^ttsj^oh of residents on these atresia '.. :* ' • Mrs. F. 0. Davis Is In. Boston for a week. When she returns her daughter, Miss M. Louise Davis., will return, with her. A gypsy encampment by the Ladles' Aid Society- of the Metho­ dist church will take* place on July 28th on the lawn of Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Rowland to which' all are invited. This is a new feature in the way of entertainment and gives promise of being very interesting and entertaining. The reputation of the society is a guarantee that everything will be first class. Dr. and- Mrs. I. N. Lent, of Middietown, N. Y., are spending a couple of weeks at the home of Mr. and Mrs. James M. Gillette. Miss Fannie E. Best is up from Staten Island for a few days with friends, one . returned on Friday accompanied by her father, David Best, who will remain in New York for a month or so. ' Mrs. O. Monk, Mrs. Pilling, Miss ef^ellie White, of Cplonie and Miss Mary Bailey, of Oohoes, were In the village on Tuesday. They were attending a Sunday school picnic from the Methodist church, Cohoes, at the Paik and came from there to spend an hour with old friends in town. Mrs. Monk and Mrs. Pilling Daily Journat wUe|feJ?y 4^^*?^ ^ offer the Da*^Journal ap;d~Jher~ advance c' mbinatlon This specially W fttB is fbr^p limited time only.->: ^ • • .' Remember %| 'p$$ Journal^' alone would costljjojo ^w. <• '\-.'.<*» and Albany railroad has now been distributed cu the Garnet paper mill site, about three miles east of this village. ^ Tbe Rev. F H Doming is out again after baying experienced a severe attaca of mumps and will occupy bis pulpit to-morrow at both services. Mr. Dean, [a. farmer living about two miles out is seriously 111 with a fever, hjs wife is. sick and threat- ened with a, fever. They are having a series of misfortunes- for her mother, Mrs. Johnson, went to assist her and fell and Is how unable to walk. His hired man has rheu -matism and can't work, but the Odd Fellows kindly went there last Saturday and gathered, Mr. Dean's rye and put it in the barn- Hiram Philip, aged 35 years, died July it. Mr. Philip with bis wife had been In tbe employ of D. Kissel: brack since last fall. He was stck a couple, of days. His remains \were taken io Copake for- burial, Mrs. Cook, aged' 79, died at the home of her son, Alonzo Cook, July Rev. Littlebrant went to bis home In YoBkers on Wednesday; he will be away two Sabbaths when his pulpit in the M, E. church jvill be filled by Rev. Charles Oakley a former pastor now ' Oroton-on- Hudaon.'JuIy 23 and in exchange. Rev. Littebrant will preach tor Bev. Oakly at Croton these two Sabbaths duriag trrla time Rev. Oakly and make any promise of any kind\ to 'family win visit at Mrs. Oakiy's pay any claim or olaims Against ^ teDtB Henry Downing and wife, him whatsoever; but feeling tnat * . , »-r-1 «,«.»». -D the religious interests of thechurch On tbe evening of July 26th. Rev will be promoted by an earnest OakljLJEllL Jecturo in the M E. effoit on the part of the ohuroh to Church. - A silver collection will be raise by subscription as, much raoDey as is possible' in that way for the purpose pf making payment! in whole oMn part of such claims: Several carloads of tbe rails which are to replace those now in use on tbe Harlem railroad have arrived here and have been sent t~> tbe various points where they are t<> be laid. agaiast W B Cass incurred In the erection of the new church as In the judgment of tbe consistory shall be deemed just;-therefore Resolved, That the consistory-be authorized to raise by subscription before the first day of January 190G, as large a sum of money as possible, I taken afr^he door. Aftertne lecture there will be a sale of ice cream and -lemonade on the church grounds. Died at the home of his daughter, in 'MiUerton, Juiv 16, aillo Smith, aged 85 years. His remains were brought to this place on Wednesday fcr burial by the side of his wife whose remains were brought here Mrs. Glady's conditionjis reported slightly improved. ~ < T> ••>»V<-t, Geo. D. Herridk arid ^^We > H 8unday guests at Geo. *1?i!tt«j , 4\ Phoebe Winters has justreCoyerect $ from an attack of meaalei;^-''''*-->li; Mrs. J. B. 6outliwoM < 'is f ''e'htferi' tain I Raymond annual well earned vacatioa^lKislwW Cher's. '^'ggg? where formerly the Misses Marv and Libble ^Hlnman, for many years residents of Valatie. Miss Bailey moved from here 32 years ago and is kindly remembered as are also the former Hinman girls by a host of Vaiatlans who were delighted to see them, your correspondent among the number. Mrs. Abram Magee la visiting friends in town. Nicholas W. Harder, an old and respected citizen of this town died at his residence on Tuesday. Mr. Harder had been \n feeble health for some time and at his advanced age, 84 years, it could hardly have been expected that he could rally sufficient to prolong his life longer. He was for many years a member of the Reformed church of Kludei- hook and was buried in the family lot in tbe Einderhook cemetery, bis pastor, Rev. E. A. Collier D. D., officiating. Rev. Arthur Robinson will preach In the Methodist church on Sunday morning. BRAIN ARB STATION. and tbat the amount so raised beii U8 . t two weeks ago and wno died at vised in pavtuent in .whole or in part pro rata of such creditors of W. B lawn party on the vacant lot Cass as In the judgment of the con sistory have just claims against Kaid W. B. Cass for material and labor furnished In the erection of the new Reformed church; any moneys so raised and not so applied to be applied upon the mortgage indebtedness of the church. Vote -.—Ayes 21; noes 6. The American Mechanics are to bold a between the Lutheran church and Pratt's monumental works this evening. Tbe Ghent band will be in attendance. rtne same place. Mrs. Harry McDowell and little son, of Brooklyn, were in town yesterday. They are spending a ' ' ' vacation at the Abram Vosburg New Pastor of St. James* Chttrchi farm at Ghent. Mrs. McDowell was The-Cobleskill correrpondeni formerly Miss Jessie Sitter of this the Albany Journal says: Of npunced ( ^ha*d:^cwJlected .excessive fees to the't' Blaoe * jtmount, named, fie wants to know i The \whether he has or has nut and will • Chatham , bring the suit He thinks that, ra ,iioad no*, bertha -IdscrJhttbn JJ'sT VhZTt Bishop Burke of Albany has.an-j the appointment of'Ahe! passenger ^rijjse m; the Hev . a K Un^mto 4 «l«&ftej «o division of-rhe ^^putnvey^t ^^&Wp^ .county officials charged with like mattera will bfi.cleared dp. siotfuron of; P Jamefc h ef Lin ; «hah' : fs n aj Bome_^of-the examiners will appear j»Kew York Central Lines. .'wadltestity In the matter,.and f Uiat either end of the cars/Ib ^maUViiea ^r ^ff w^le^ltuation wgardl^feothsrj tow , im tbe word-V jfatton'd.^ l : |y a ther Walsh.\ sent\ \ \ \ *\ \ ~ * The teamsrtri' strike, 'that;;has^laiid so greatly disturbed bualneei^ebn- dlUofisr iq-JEIhirago -day waryeste^a^mcTnirigot ^icteretf -pfl4>fltti'e teamster«i i ra|leci<f lfo-.tlg\CM&i&i;i d'lTl^? r SW^ho \^^W«;deT«>iu^jet NORTH NASSAU. Miss Graoe Bernard, of Water- vliet, was the—guest of Miss Mar- guriette Williams last wee*.^ Miss Cora Martin la spending some time with her aunts, Mrs. Et^erson'.Williams of Cheshire and Mrs. rBSWrtV? Martin of Plttsjfleld ifess. 5 ' r . ,M 1 B 8 Bertha. Marvin, of Troy, sp^ijt Sunday at her father's, J. L. Marvlii,fierarrilhg to Troy Monday j£t..Hut,»theJSensselaer Ob; 8. S. agerit3.w»swith r, ns Sunday afternoon andii^^'reesed us from the'-'words 'f'^j^n'lthe 'Scrf'pturei.for, They are ! TJwi rtfiM tiBftltsWM&b. oounou -. ' The me6?B4*eiJ:beei»-':^a__ • -'ter-NarWIIan;MlMka felLfrom bsttjon's'janjr^lji^i? ^han ^r3e7b'a &of; inated?*;tha'|, .them \l^lr»emp^oxB^^pS : ^a ^riy--\ilnil^ftlg^lr. m^mm^JK \ and ^Tiiec'e ;^liJ.Llb^^r^ Mrs. W. S. Amea is entertainlne her nephew from New York. Miss Margaurlte Cummings visiting relatives in Plttsfleld and North Aaams- Walter LaPoint was an over Sun­ day guest of friends in this village. Miss Mary D. Carr, of BeDsseiaer. spent tbe past week here calling on friends. MtBsTCittle Thomson was taken suddenly 111 on Friday with acute indigestion. Miss Hattie M. Fellows and Kittie E. Bougbton were recent guests at Still man Relchard's at bandlakp. - < George Marks, wife and daugh­ ter, are visiting ut Albert 0. Marks'. . I Tbe shirt factory of George Graves i closed the middle of the week for a 10 days' vacation. Rev. George A. Parker, beine out of town for a few days, engaged Bey. Leland Rhodes to preach for him on Sunday; the latter was taken ill; quite suddenly so the meeting was conducted by Calvin W. Ashley. At the election of officers for tbe cominc six months in the Epworth 'League tbe following were elected. President, Miss Hattie M. Fellows vice presidents, Calvin W. ^Asbluy, Miss Beulah M. Graves, Miss Kittle E. Boughton'; secretary, Jphn' 'M, hv 6ri j eiuw f Haywoo &ptreaaurerV Mrs .-»JobB ;M{ l { -^(jj Haywood. ' : | t^JlfegB^i? Miss EitUe E. Bou ^btoh ' A leftl'- r ' * 8 ~ ' Monday; morping for a two weelc*' visit wl.tii 'relatlyea. at JElartford Conn. -u- • Miss Leiia HueateS Is in Chafhao*..,„ with her friend, Mlsa Emmisl -sBi•- , 1 McClellan. •• <' Mrs. Kate Calkins la-ndt well bflt we trust she may Booh he improyed_ in health. Bev. E. M. Ten Broeck went- t o Colonie Monday to remain at hla father's a fe*w days. . . O. F. Burroughs left Taesdar - ,1 for a few days outing hoplii'tf lu •• find a cooler climate^ • * Miss Edith Gefmond, of -Albanjrj— has been a guest at her brother's, r Fred Germond. , • • -* Miss Kitty Denegar, of Albany, spent a few days recently with Visa Frances Van Valkenburgfa. These warm, evenings calL -Tnafly - of our villagers ' to the park in quest of cooler atmosphree. , Mrs. Isabelle Thomas, of Castle- ton, has been spending a couple, of days at G. Van Salisbury's;; Misses Mlnne a'nd Ma 'belle Bey-\ nolds, left Mrs. KelaeyV; 't£fff A Kt9 now visiting their cousin,- Mrs.\ Schofleld. of New Bochelle. » •• - Louis Potter, of New- York-.clty, has been stopping with his cousins, S. P. y :Clellan and wife and while here decorated the dining~¥oom. _J Next meeting of aasau -gnfiage will be held Monday evening, illss Mabel H'ogeboom is to have charge of the program which she expects ! will be .interest! ngi I Rev. E. M. Ten Broeck went to 18 Chatham Centre Sunday afternoon' and ocoupled tbe pulpit of that church at 2.30 o'clock. He intends to supply the vacancy for a While. Everett and Rusaell Clappelffeof' Mr.. aod^Jtr«:,,Thorna« Mlckftl>aha I Brooklyn, arrived at the^o 1 p^e J, Qf .their grandfather, Uriah UlapDer, (where they delight to remain \for their vacation. Mrs. John Van Valkenbtirg Is expected home from Thousand Islands Thursday, where she. has been sojourning as the guest\ of her sister, Mis. Geo. Woaver, of Bocbester The delightful afternoon of Satur­ day called out a lurge gathering of members or the golf club, beaideiTBr\\—I number of guests. Lena Rider and Belle Hopkins received and «ae-' Iightful time is reported. „• r V Mr. Boardman, with bis motheftT , wife and two children, axeto.ar ^iyevr.! at Miss Hopkins' this week> 1 otSruk summer. Mr. Eidredge, \«[fp>.anffi.t' 1 sons are likewise there v ,^i«a^^ and her boarding houWrwktJblMs apd they are crowded ~4^^fm- summer season •wttb..^pipE^ >'-1 — Hill, to wmr^:^t|^i^|| son

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