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JULY 22/1905. No. 32. jstrong;.. \repuWcajii' oi -Bbohester, '•Tull;?,. republican, of •CJQining .iand JKIordan, demoorat of NewTorkrj iPive members will be appointed ;froiri s the' Assembly. iJjr^heh' the Assembly reconvened in the: afternoon it passed a bill .appropriating. ttMUjno for the t ex- Said, ^lateral\ Fit resolutions lpreme Justice ... 4 . w .,. .., y ._.-,,M^eaite^:in tne -Aasem- ^#^WM ^.,%^-ypte wtanding, Ayes hs^f ^'hiindred votes We- needed to P '^^yelpe ^e^jatlon-pasaed. ^^^he^rMIng'up- was concluded' pensoa ' of the extra session an^ .Governor Higgins signed it*. Aq. appropriation of 860,000 .for -the {expenses of the investigation Into life insurance company methods waa\also made. |i#«l.?^ay^andali that -remained to •r'^^v^^T- V aB to-Vbte, Frederick ^!.^^t!%K>i?te8entlhg Ine James- • '^'^^J^^oJ^tfit\ta.tiiiA&^ -practices I .in^^empting. to have appointed to|lightning comes down a tree, the Branding under Keep Away From Trees. She worst thing that can be- done during an electrical rainstorm is to seek shelter under a tree. \Warning against the danger of this practice have been- frequent and numerous, Vet it happens every little' whke tttat ljghtnlng_8trikirrg trees/finds human belngs^huddled \there and leaves them dead or badly hurt. No less than 26 persons were shocked by an electrical'dischargejErpm the clouds which they had Bought Bhej- ter from, a downpour recently, ._ A. tall tree is the best kind of a conductor, especially when its leaves and branches are^wet. And<when \ V 'ihe ^redpnia postofflce persons- lorJe»°&P« *>* any one stand ^%^rh?)%7\tfa9re--was -rj :o- ;worlcr\rHerlt-~from-seriou# -inJurylB\TaleT\'Tr t £|^ferxed tb employeea-in 'that office, 'one is caught ln,a rainstorm with : > ; 'appointed at the request bt'Juatlcej lightning accompaniment in arplacir -. -Hooker, who jlrewv salaries irdin'|vhere_no shelter within'a bulld\- ,.-the .Government but^^perfprmed \lip- *ng is ava'lable It is best to remain !•-•<<\ • ! '\ v ' i ^in i the«-open, though one becomes drenched\. Proximity, to trees Jin 'such a time means ^danger,' Ptux- imityto a solitary'tree means greater ganger. — Exohange. •If it has come,-\ nasald, \to the proposition that tfn L A^e¥icfe^Q2erri ^yTJ^ilqusT'for the^lr^niqf'hTs'cburi- ;|f ^jfcan-standup and\ asiisfctiri' XQffl- ^t'lngr'tbe^GoTsrnment' ^ravenW ana' mfr''*Hy„ ^oh; of Chatham; Ehds Her Life by Hanging. lier Body Found by Her Husband-rHad Been, in Failing Health for Some Time. Thursday afternoon the shocking intelligence reached Chatham tfiat Sirs. Fay Maxon had ended Jner life about 9 30 o'clock a. m., by hanging. Mr. Maxon i s one of eight Chathamites who own sum- firer cottages on the banks of Lake. Quechy at the lower end of the lake and it is there that he and his wife .and little daughter have spent the greater portion of thofcumrner, The construction of a small barn at the rear of the cottage la nearly com­ pleted and it was in the stable por­ tion \of this building that the un­ fortunate woman put art end to her u&&]fa6o1&t *&tipism under this attack, . At' one-time, he left the -fpjam-.and patad the, cprB^r^ebln'd existence. About one and one-half -hours previous she and her little daughter, _ aged about three years formed a portion of a merry group of Chathamites in the vicinity of the cottages and she waa appar­ ently in her usually good spirits. After the group dispersed, she was seen to enter the barn. The little i Women Hay Vote at SchoolEIectlens ~, r j ran to - accompany he* but in —• • - - meetings'.In obedience to the motb«r?s-bidding* ujaieaaara-elected returned to the cottage/*^ 'short Tn ... - -• bn-enterlVgJtif Maxon was horxlfledjto- ft-vecy large -circle of .trlBttdr*«ffff whom «he was exceedingly popular and the shocking news of her death was received by them with the mSsf}\\ profound? sorrow and a sympathy _niuoh top. deep for_ expression iir I words ls'extended to the near and dear ones who survive her. Her age was 24 years. The funeral will be held Monday morning at 9:30 o'clock at the St. James' church in this village, burial In St. James' cemetery. \ J&OUHt EE^^-d^r--'\fnwr°earnest slngle-hParted devo- \tlon and elmplicity—a true Shaker LifepiTtiie Mount These Summer 8° odne83 and .««>«'«t \bled is opt Days. STRUCK BY LIGHT­ NING. Barn of Nicholas Pulver Rear Spen- certown. Totally Destroyed In Wednesday's Shower. \Hustle\, well describes the life at the ^Mount these summer days. Fruit matures rapidly. Bushels of cherries and currants are handled daily by the sitsers In the pleasant \verandah\ where.ln theUttlecircle busily sorting the crimson treas uieB, mingle representatives of several different professions besides numerous lights of the domestic olrcle. Bro. Charles J. McLaughlin makes dally trips to PittaQeld, find- Idr good market for ^.be crateB of fruit. In the midst of the rush, many Snd odd mmutes to steal away to grove and ravine enjoying Nature's cool and fascinating receptions. Carriage touring would seem to be a favorite method ol vacation calling Tne heavy shower that passed over this section Wednesday after _ .„„—„- noon resulted in the burning of a izlng, to Judge by the frequency of large barn- belonging to Nicholas such tourists at the North Family, Pulver near- ^Bpencertown. 8tock this summer. A party of five, and most of the farm tools were parents and children, lunched here, saved. Seven loads of rye, three one afternoon and the same night tons of hay, harrow, bob sleiRhs, two women friends found shelter stalk cutter, plows, etc., were under our roof. The latter, one burned. The loss oncontents is fully from South Carolina and one from covered by Insurance. The barn Washington, D. 0., were driving was also insured for $800 In the their own nag. It was their first grange insurance company. Mr. peep at Shakerdom and tney seemed Smith who had been repairing the to enjoy it rlgnt well, roof of the barn bad descended to A demi-tragedy on Our Lost Queen the ground about five minutes mlKht be written from the wails and before the-lightning bolt struck imaginings of our bee partners over and considers himself exceedingly the non-appearance of a queen bee ashamed of the name and of a Shaker. The- -friends who wieh to enjoy the famous vegetarian- dinners at the North Family are requested, when possible, to announce, by telephone or otherwise, the day and hour of their comlDg. To fore­ warn Is to be fed. STU YVES ANT. fortunate in his escape. Injured at Niverville. A lad about 16 years of age, givinfir his name as Benjamin Green- burg, of YoiikerB^ while stealing a. „ . „ , ride on a frefght train at Niverville ° D f m » nute 8 P e <\*'\ sent for a month agone. Her majesty appeared, however, in Saturday's mail and a raid was Immediately organized by our indefatigables on Hiveland. \Those bees,\ remarked an observing brother, \never have dfidjar what 4 c6hditlbris- women mayTwlte on the stable floor with a vote/for school, trustee,''and -on nooa e \about her neck. It appears m^ney appropriation. .The coridl- * \* —IT j-Tt-n?—.-. .1 ~oaa .are t .wiji r First,' a Woman- who • ^^W ^.tte .M^B^MhAo f: j, the parent or guardranbfeHfl3Mn «»# «>R» or cord to onaxrfihe ever. 1 every* minute of' inn * thr <w*& 1 v.. ; • .. ;•• - . • . IL . . ... --.^ that who hnr hour ipeech/made'''h^ l&^W^Carf t/ | his counsel^ whV^fq11ow^ ( ..,^fr,; Stevens:' 10Z^apt.x^^^!^. accused^tnf of ^.ap.tlhg.^.fo, r ousA -^purpose \ot ;»getfihe ^Ke \i .'\rilace \fQr| ^.feasfe-'where tnere\w^sVariy-';tfnfitri 'eMiJ who- have attended school eight Umbers, fashioned--& noose in the weeks the preceding year., Second, end, plated it about her neck and one who-pays taxe« on $«0 persohal then stooped- forward in such a property or owna--or rents-taxable „. .. , - property. manner 11181 the Pressure of her - \ .... . . . neck against the card accomplished A Friend of Cats .and jDogS. strangulation. After she became , .JLbckpbxt, yi.Y. % '%uly -80.—After uncon*iciousj her body; fell and f ti£m£- i$ai \and ia'w.ful 1 'd'ebts are broke the rope. When she was paid T denrefi th.aj; the ^um of $5pqo found.a portion of i t was still about :ba^palrt my only ohlldr-BprftrBf -rr~%. , - , \.- .iiCoeware. All tt?resI ^ueTdeoree D er °eck and a portion was hanging to tie-founding of.a home for home- , fr0m tne timber, 1— j -1 j ^ ^ > 1 .... v ' %rJ~y • ir„ i. Wednesday, was cau K ht between ^ t I recently received from our two cf the \Jumbo\ type of coal fr . ieDd ?! *** 8Utnmer . v «a John- cawand was severely squeezed. He , D ' w!fe ° f 0nar 'e3 Johnston the was \taken to the Albany hospital , \ lter .and niece of Mme. Blavat- where his injuries were lonud to be 8ky ' tells of * Bumm «'8 task in ulte serious. A-shorttlme before 80, ; tfng an f, edltlng r ° r Publication a large collection of the letteis of hter distinguished relative. Our friend, jeonnected with a prominent Busslan family, bad a bard experi­ ence—the sorrow of those who, in a foreign land watch Fate's shifting iq U j te feeble A barn about one mile from Niver- shuttles ply the historic fabric of j j u] j a £, un n ariilej-ownedr by-a=-Poiander\named home and native land, while they ;hjfg injury^he was endeavoring to sell, In ljllvervllle,a number of rings which he claimed to have found. Barn Burned Near Niverville. Rev. George C. Yieeley. of Hud­ son, preached two excellent strong sermons In the Reformed church last Sunday Mrs Ann M. Harder, wife of the late George I. Harder, died last week at the age of 85. Her husband died last August at the same age. They had been married 62 years and lived in one house the moat of the tlme.^They had always enjoyed good health and were of the old substantial stock, having lived pure, simple, industrious lives. They were good supporters of the Reformed church, of which they were faithful members. Dr. Pomeroy and bis wife start on a trip on tne 20th, expecting to visit Thousand Islands, then the St. Lawrence river to Montreal from thence to Quebec and return via the Adirondack^ Thomas Bros, are surveying the river with the view of getting the channel open so as to let in the Albany, Catskili and Newburgh boats. Christopher Stackman is moving in the UotaliDg house which he has purchased. The dry weather is doing much damage to gardens and fields^ GREEN RIVER. Mr. and Mrs Fred French and two children, who have boen viait- Ing her sister, Mrs. J. F. Dunn, have returned to their home in Springfield. Mrs. John Van Hoesen arrived at ber home last week. She spent several months at ber old home in Baltimore. Mrs. Alexander Bills still remains Sobreskie, was burned during the listen to the shouting'of kindred eleotrlcal storm-of Wednesday. It In battles far away. We shall not contained* his entice rye crop and soon forget her plea, while in our a portlouof thehay he was harvest ing. midst last summer, for a kindlier feeling toward her people. Brother Henry Nichols Is actively Dreamland, the new pleasure 1 . « . . , resort between Albany and Troy r salatlD £ the development of the 11 p eace Convention now booked for August 31. Among the many letters received, is one from Cardinal Gib bons. who writes as follows to Sister Amanda Deyo, of the Shaker was a failure and has been closed with a chattel mortgage of $13,000 on it. OKI Herbert Flngar spent Sunday with JjgJ 0 ? co *- his parents. Mr. and Mrs. Jacob JSt'J J * , ! T\\ •oi 8lt >le for me to be present, owing Jess dogs and cats, the beat use!\ M/r. 5 • Ttfaxon immediately gave'Flngar ^5™.. ^ a ^ Bey caD h0 put 106 alarm 3 n'd the,other cottagers! Prof. F. J. Saeendorpb, who has ^athy witT^belrTnTeoti ^ 8,m * !$tidkeJ,;excSptby imgeachiajenC ' a9fe th^tjhe. sunogttte .appoto€a»- J &' tte '-flocking to the scene and bl * vacation at the homestead. th „. !Vm ~<Wtadi n g'ap the>dfgu-n>i,t lor.^^^ejM toat :ttl8 object mm metho<j8 ^..resuscitation iff te< V° r Weonsin, Saturday, to Xrts pCh 'e -prosecution, ttenry ^. -Ciouian, ? wlu i»-catrfed out. if^ohflsel for .thaNLeglelaXumsiid: • j ^ he « b Sy« 18 substance of the w ions and hope success will follow thpir u ^»uuv u . . , , . ,. , . -- «mm«. \ Among the speakers ex were-,attempted T>ut all without ^Sh^t^X^ pected ara WiUiam Barnes, Sr.. of ^S ^iStia; will of Ellen J. Knew¥re, who died effect A;;teIe>hone- message was (ville. ^1°^ Alt f M ^ pre8idem Ktevfor ,tertid or torcofleplwe^ . a **M ^ Juno 20 ' having an W W-Ohatham for Dr.-F. O.I Tne ^missionary meeting was pjf, {K mrrpro3uring oh infamous^udg- ^Wte of ^Ig.OOO. • MaxW' Jr.. who burried to^\tbe largely attended at the home of br Te ?VsH °t MounXban ;^jnent'-'.against - tJig clt ^-orfibhklfk. j .:-_Tj, e Wondeifal Tdenhone scene^ufchelound thatlifeha'd been-^ rfl ' 01areDce Kitte » Thursday The question which youJu ^betf£toj> ^ ^ -™1 \\F™ 1 * ^ u . • . , b- hi ; Ihtniti . afternoon. K4&..L.t'» n •« -t« .r»A^^akJiuj£.^ I -Wh»n th» h«u .4.*i„^„„i k ostiDvt ior some : iime. «ndInor^la . Edward R. Eng m grist mill spent a portion ot last weeK with her sister, Mrs. John Murphy, who resides at Richmond. It is rumored that George Brame will sell • hia farm to New York parties. Miss Carrie Harvey received a gift of a piano last week from her parents, Mr. and Mrs. E. H. Har­ vey. Parties from Springfield are spending an indefinite time at the American House. HILLSDALE. Prof. John C. Ken worthy, aftet a on. dur­ ing which be made an address or „i «„ i two cn. his obaervaiions arid dis- .11 t X wS h veri - e - s ln nla toar to nis wen | we8t> hag returned to English home. We judge that Ms American Wra. Wilson, of BrooKlyn, Is spendins a few days at the Hills­ dale House. Last Sunday a party of 14 made a trip to the Catskills, going to>Bud- son by auto, the rest of the way by boat and rail. A very pleasant time reported. Mr. and Mrs. R L. Cannon are sv«?ndinp! a week with relatives in Auburn, N T. Leslie Hunt suffered sun stroke while working in the hay field on Monday o* this week. He is im­ proving. Several younc people of this place went to Copake Lake for a straw ride on Tuesday evening last. LEBANON MlsaA&na Shay was.at the House ofAllercy the past week for the girders:-*-Meanwhile, thehay removal of enlarged totiilfe.- , Mar«^f ^i5US ^Wv «8t Ts\ being^ rapidly accorni ^ Miss • Spencer returns the last of ^Philmon^T^i^pHshed. ~ > . ... months .in Springfield-,l^si ,tgijr\,J ~ ' servteii^boath tmorfilhg' ahd : '«»5| 1ic ?oWpanieu J&er^*^ •r^»'^i^J = X

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