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Mr. and Mrg. Petcy Yan Alstyne, of Plainfleld, N. J., are at F. P. Van Alstyne's. tolas Stoats, of Hillsdale, is nurse for Mja^eo. Sutherland. ^SJje tsm sitting up a short time Sunday. Mlsd Wilhelmlna Spath, of Brook­ lyn, Is ependfSff a -few weeks with her uncle, Edward Spatb. Geo. -JWoodraff, of- New York^js, at Andrew Tan Alstyne's. • Harlon • Carpenter > has been HI with quinsy for a week bat 'is a little better. . lijr. and Mrs. B. B. Arnold, of Chicago, were at the^Thorne's one day-last week. Hatry Provost and'wife came up last. Thursday to their summer home. — CANAAN CENTER. ^Ekflfcofthc^indvffiook Knittjrig Co\ at Kihdwhook. N. Y. tf^;%ibtf*lllage of-Einderhook, i ^ffipaVy \finown as fche Xinderhuolc ^t^ingi^Ppimpany who leased a T mmtjy;Q<im'\ja^ ; the' building, how i^'upfeg ' by; Palmer, John Jk'rlmbef \and* ti. \Collier and begaifj IpEe 7 manufacture'of mittens and llegginga: The business expanded Imuch more rapidly than was antlel- £P|ted v and\ at 'tSe expiration\ bt tne ?flrsi;y^ar'they : found'it necessary to ij»*k;large'r Tquarters; accordingly |jthjBy7leased a:portion of the build- Ring ^on^e corner dl Broad street | ; and: \Albany avenue Known as the i>^d^bank:pulidlng. The expansion Itofyft^elr^ullness 'continued and fS$er wpqe. quarters had been occu- K . pled !one : year, Ihe demand for more I jwar^bflcame-imperative - and the t^machlnery was moved to the large !;three-8tory brick building which jthey now -occupy. At first they [occupied one-thjrd of the building but.buslnesa continued .to increase and in 1885 they leased tne entire building and in 1890 became the 'owners of It. At the present time iejf also make use, as- a stqre [house, of the mill formerly con- Iducted by \Curtis F, Hoag. The IprpjJuct ol the plant to-day is toques ( Inf- ^whlch 25,000 dozen pan year are I made, J5.000 dozen gloves, 40,000 Idozen waists, 5000 dozen leggings, Ial8p.. large quantities of -tarn |o'shahteT8 and sweaters. These, jarticies are,.sold in every state in I the union north of Virginia. The UM».P^ay_Jiaj_iLH«w J[oik._c^Bce, at a, 55 Leonard street. .-The W. C. T. U. will meet with Byer is mowing the grass-j Mrs. Christian Young oft Friday .at . in:-the cemetery. '_ p' •' H 9 o'ciocic. L W; Hawton ,Boold wound* up-hls j big rye harvest last week. - H. P. Proud, of Brooklyn, comes up for his vacation this. week. Joseph LaBoyteaux, of Brooklyn, spent Sabbath at the Central Hgu.se. He is looking' well after his trip abroad. J E. A. Wetherbee, his sbn and Mr. Buckley, of New York, were at the | Harris farm Sunday. Meroury scored up into the 90's Sunday Trains to Albany and Sunday Ezcorsion Tickets to Albany and Troy Discontinued. The Massachusetts State Board of Bailroad Commissioners has notified the Boston and 'Albany road that the sale of special excursion tickets on Sunday in or out of the State of Massachusetts must be discontinued This will cancel the Sunday excur­ sions to Albany and Troy and neces­ sitates the withdrawal of the trains Monday-afternoon- P a f T afdS°p g hottest day yet. I m. Last Sunday was the final trip Mies Anna Sargent, teaching in' of-these trains aod the public will The.force of employes numbers 125^op^ and tUe weekly pay roll oTt ^ terge is $750; it will readily be seen that . „ „„. , . .,' tinuance of the trains and rates. this is an Industrvof inestimable I 8 P endin R ot her vacation, -(adv. tnia is an lnduatry or lneaumaue ^ m aad M Andrew Van k beneflt to the village of Kinder- 1 AlBtynei 0»r4 of Tlunta. «>„..»,„.,*„.. Tr« n <)««k..~r.u . i wi^/,. ' I wish to thank the filenda for their kindness Carpenter Vandenburgh.of Niver- dorin g my hosband'a illness and for tho contrl- vllle, has completed his labors in toJ^^SLS^SELiiA 1 ! 1 aX *° tee] hook- In the factory are 50 power] Alfityne ' machines, 30 baad machines and 20 sewing machines. The annual wiles reached $150,000 laat year and It Is expected, to considerably increase them during tne present.year. At the beginniug of tne season, tbe company contracted f-r 76,000 pounda-nf yarn. The company consists of three partners, F. B. Van. Alstyne, who is general manager and buyer, James A. Keynolds, treasurer, and Frank S. Hoag, superintendent. All are men well and favorably known In Einderhook and vicinity. Thev are men of honesty and integrity and it is .due to their business acumen and ability to Rrasp favorable opportunities that the Einderhook Enittloo* Co.. Is to-day one of the soundest and most prosperous busi­ ness institutions in Columbia County. The illustration of tbe building is a reproduction from another print! therefore- is not as distinct as are reproductions from photographs. It Is impossible at this season of the year to obtain a satisfactory picture'pf tbe building owing to the fronts beincr nearly concealed by tree's^ , GHENT'. [ - D. A. Quirk, 6f New York, was ji [guest at Mrs.,H,; .McQinmsV - J Arthur BIdwell Jaas jyirchased an •automobile. I The band will give a concert {Saturday eveniqg in Chatham. - Supt Jo \hn Blvenburgh and family Recently visited friends at Middle- jburgh. There will be no service during the month of July in the Reformed fchurctu ... Miss Mary Eerner, qf New York,' Is apenHing her vacation witn her parents. • -—,. Dr. •». Eugene - Porter. has bees hpending'a few, days, with his father, Ipurtis,Porter. iiris. O.'.'jrATmelaj or iuuerton; fcfetf-,js. iBpendiuglwme time with: pi^Sropld and family. l;S^^B>-;Maoy^and, wife are ehter- feining his sister, Miss^Estner and granddaughter, Miss.Hazei Vofrei; ^nt-BrooTclyn^ . » . ... lehry, >T. Snyder haft ~a horse |reak^lt8 lea whiietmbwing with a machine. • It was ..killed to relieve ra.sufferings. |^Miss .Grace Melioua, from Niver- /iile. is 'spending bet vacation at pr r 'J. H. Green's, fro to whence she ^iiltTJait : the-Catskill8.•; J ^ ^During the; recent, shower last fc^WlIghtnlng killed a cowbeiong, Bgxjtc). Chaiincey Boyce.. ;Hia son Kili ^WM- drawinftiiis'. haVjfron>:4h^| |<ddV «neiL hA. -HqrM». Jteceiyid \a ^ttongAthfl Qvef ; SdV^ay(gu«stft WTJT XIBANOir VALATTK. Mrs. Alfred Marp is still critically ill. Born, to Mr. and Mrs. Sylvester Miller, a son. Albert Callan is campibg with a party in the Adlrondacks Wm. Van DeCarr, of Brooklyn, has been a\ guest for a'.numbur of days at B. E. Lasbei's. Mr. and Mrs. Haywood, of Brainard, were guests of relatives in towrrorrSunday r la8t, Bev. Arthur Bobinson will occupy the - pulpit of his father in the MethOdlat church on Sunday morn-1 feuit -dl8h -and -aimoatr -lmagln«rthem-| ing next. w Miss Elizabeth Behler, who has been' teaching school for a number tit yeais at Newton, N. J., will teach *h> .coming term in the high school. at^Weatbury,, L. I. The new station is \hearing com­ pletion .and will be an ornament to that part of the village and a credit to tiie A. and H. railway and much appreciated by the traveling public: The villageSuncJay schools were not able to agree upon a day when ail could • conveniently go so the union is broken. The Presbyterian school will go some day this month and the Lutheran and_Methodiat schools some time in August George M. Welgner and family, ,who,,have been guests'at Arden Daton'8 for «ome weeks, have re- turhed' r to their hbme.in Waterbury. OonnV Mr.\ \Welgner is much Im- pfovecT,, in, beaith by bis sojourn in i^wn.^\ t 'Thejfuneral or David Springsteen M|^ijiI^Lt his late residence on n^^re«i^on Saturday afternoon ^raa.largely attended. His pas- _,„.KeTJ^Wc-Tjck of Einderhook bn^iatod.^Ihi^rnient was, in Pros* ,p^HiU!c%m^'tB$r.>> Mr. Sprlngte°en ^««^rh^|^|(|,|oiig resided. etedl A Tettimonial. Abram Vosbarg of Ghent, N. Y., having been a director and Vice J^ertdeDt of the Columbia County Agricultural Society during tho pafl twelve years and np until tbe time of his recent death. Tho directors of eald society do hereby express their regard for Mr. Vosburgh as a citizen, tbolr respect for his line qualities as a man, tbelr appreciation of his soand opinion, good judg* meht, able counsel and untiring efforts always given for the best Interests of the Boclet y of which he had so long been an efficient and capa­ ble officer and their sense of personal loss npon his demise. It Is hereby directed that a copy of this testi­ monial be published In The Chatham Courier and Chatham Republican and a' 1 copy mailed to his family and also spread upon tho minntes of this meeting By ordor of tbe Board of Directors of the Columbia County Agricultural 8ocIety. William A. Dardese. Secretary • - *~ \~ under doop obligations to those who placed the Old SChOOl house and has trans- tholr teams at onr service, formed It into a model tenement. - Valatle, N. Y Mrs. David Sprlngsteln. Mrs. Henderson, of Yonkers, is sepnding a few days with Mr. and Mrs. A. F Williams. ; Bev. E. M. Ten Broeck, of Nassau, gave us an excellent aermonSabbath afternoon and as he is to fill our pulpit for the balance of tbe confer­ ence year, it seems tbe opinion of all that he will prove a very accept­ able preacher to this people. Jay Eiileen cleaned biff revolver Sunday morning with the not uncommon \didn't know it was loaded\ result. After oiling the hammer bearings he tried it in the old sheds and got a bullet in tbe second finger of his left handjvheie Dr. Van Ness found it, aud the young man is compelled to let his right hand know that there-is some­ thing doing In the left for a time. Just as J. V. V. Williams was within a few acres of finishing bis rye cutting Friday his 3-hor6e\team got the start of their driver while raising the table.and ran away with the harvester, colliding with a tree and smashed it into, a total wreck. It Was an old machine, however, and had seen 10 years of heavy service and would soon have been relegated to the scrap heap anyhow. The abundance and consequent cheapness of apples last fall inaterl ally led to larger quantities being laid in by everyone for the winter. But granting that to be so, we never remember a. season when that fruit has kept so well, or a time when so many have sound winter fruit on hand this, past the middle of July, when the harvest apple of this sea­ son is making Itself seen and felt by .the small boy, at least^-In many homes, yet, one can' Bee \Ben Davis\ and \Jonathans\, in the Miss Emma P. Bonghton, Naesar, S. Y. cian, will be at Mrs. Mary Pendleton's, Kindor- FOR SAL&^Meal, gl.80 per 100 lbs One car B 6 \\ Street, Chatham, K. Y., Wednesday. July oats, due July 21, 41c per bn., at car. Th.ls price 18 and roroata tmtll Friday night. This will be good onlv to July 16. \ A, Bnidams, New Lebanon Centre, If. Y, -his last visit hero until Fall now. Get your eyes fitted 'FOB SALE—Cemetery Plot, lit Union Ceme-i^ tery at,Ghent, N. Y„ containing 820 square feet; next to corner plot, central location, for further particulars Inquire of John Woltermire, Ghent. workman guaranteed SJ represented. Second hand wagons and harness ot your own price. The .Poster Cookingham Co...£hattuun; S. t., SJTJHHBR HOMJ3—\Maplelawn\ farmof about ton & Albany rood, near Canaan Centre. Four | hours from New York. Land all productive, t Good water, beautiful shade frees. Good location ; for summer home Tor city people Price on ap- t plication. Address.J. W T)nrrmv, rhntliam.TT. Y» I A Button.^ H.OO 6 Kip. MISCELLANEOUS. MUSIC TEACHER—Piano or organ, $1.00 per hour. Hiss Hohl, Lebanon Springs, N. Y. PRATT'S MONUMENTAL WORKS em­ ploye no agents, saving: purchasers the commission. Write for prices. Chatham. SAY—There's n o gee having any' restric­ tions In TOUT life Insurance policy when yo n can get the best without any; Incontestable from date. Write to W. P l>nrTow, Special Agent, New York Life Ins. Co.. Chatham, for particulars. THE CHATHAM HOUSE, Chatham—A model hostelery and every modern Improve­ ment for the convenience of gnest8..\t5ul8lne Dinner at 11 30 prompt. Livery Good coach and unexcelled In connection with hotel. driver furnished In vlUajre for parties, hi. nerols, weddings, etc., $8.00. Long dls tance telephone. .1 B. Sinclair WASHING MACHINES—None better or easier operated than The Standard, Ball bearings, self lubricating, making it run very easy Machine can Be operated while sitting lna chair. Send for circular. Wlard Standard Washing Machines guaranteed to give satisfaction. Take one on trial and be convinced C. H. Drumm, Stuyvesant Falls. N Y Notlcs of School Xsetlsgs. Mot Ice Is hereby given that the annual School Meeting of Onion Free School District No. 1 Towns of Ghent and Chatham, for the tiansac- tlon of such business as shall properly come before tho meeting, will be held In tho school house In eald district on Tuesday evening Aug nst 1,1905, at 8 o'clock. Francis 1. Park, \ . District Clerk The Annual 'Election of Union Free School District No. 1, Towns of Ghent and Chatham for the purpose of electing two trustees In place of John T Wheeler and Frank U Wood for the full term of three years and a District Clerk In place of Propels I Park for ono year. In the Village nail, Chatham. N Y., on Wednesday August 3d, 1005, between tho hours of 12 noon and 4 o'clock p. m. Francis L Park, District Clerk CALVES, SHEEP and LAMBS—Sell direct to the slaughterer and save middle­ man's commission. We pay more than shippers. Stock received every Tuesday Telephone or write for prices. E. P Klrby & Son, East Chatham DOS'T YOU KNOW TRADE MA UK THE TRUE ENEMY OF I?OIBON conversing with the old spy about their friends Rone abroad, and a bunch of green young harvesters, flrstfruitsof '05, butting in. •\ OXL Mrs, Arthur A. Dowst has gone to Brooklyn, to |attend the funeral of Theodore Wollcott Mr. and Mrs. Wilson Tipple, of Brooklyn, are visiting at Peter Engle's. Mr. and Mrs. Oostmeyef, recent guests at the parsonage, have re­ turned to their fiome in Chicago. Helen Dangremondla visiting her grandparents at Newark, N. Y. ~, Miss Ina M, Kittle and Miss Florae© Moore have returned home from a visit at Waterville, Miss Maude Leggett, from New -Haven, is-vliiting-her aunVMrs. Charles Leggett . i The lawn festival netted the ladles' missionary society $53.65. — Fred Hallenbeck called on friends- in this plaoeSuhday. * AUSTEKUTZ. Mm. Andraw..8hufelt;tr-under the doictbr's oixti,'^.^}^ SPECIAL NOTICES. TO I.ET TO LET—House on corner Murray and Line StB. Inquire of Henry Boch, Chatham TO RENT—Cottages atQucechy Lake. Keek Finch. P. O. address Canaan 4 Comers, N. Y STORE AND DWELLING now occupied by Shafer & Mellons in Ghent vfUage. m quire on premises or Jacob Meslrk. Hudson. \WANTED—A 1 position \by & young man aci-d 81, at some manual work during the remainder of the summer. He has not had an eitenslve experience at fanning but is capable of doing something of that nature. Apply or address. Otto E. Scbneides, Csre Rev EL <3, MohL_ Lebanon Springs, N. Y. WAHTBD, WANTED—A porter at Chatham House. Chatham. N. Y HORSE WANTED—For heavy work.~ Address Box 814. Chatham, N. Y. DRESSMAKING, and Bne sewing prompUy and satisfactorily done. Mrs. F. Scovllio, Lower Einderhook St., Chatham. WANTED—A girl or middle aged woman for general housework: no washing or Ironing Mrs. E B. Gilford, Einderhook; St.. Chatham. WANTED—TWo good carpenters to work on private place. Must be willing to work 10 hours. Address. Chas. W. Frechan, Supc, Edguwood Farm, Great Barrlngton Mass. WANTED—Girl for general housework. High wages to competent party, nafarm work. Mrs. Elbert Miller, Box 81, Ghcnt,%. Y^ or call at Miller's farm. MAN WANTED—An elderly man, single, to -york-around the-barn and garden: a quiet, care- lav man with stock. If satisfactory a steady job can be bid. Address, 8tock, Care Courier, TSLEOBAPH.Y—Young men and ladies Wanted to learatelegraphy Situations when qualified. Whiteman's Telegraph School. Chatahm. BOH 8AJLE FOB SALE—-West Shore range, nearly new. \-•-» ~ atiam. ' ?ames Thomas, Chit] ' %iV^-'' tit S0^&%£&;':* . , ... noolcIStlnquIro^IC.W.Spelma««PSW-J.Bj s4tUf»-Ml.h»iev^an.QfcUrtvisiting t ci»jic, chat ^ain:— *~ .-^gw*^- FOR SALE~Two or three houses^ oiii'XInder- \ ~' ~ \ \ ir>Otv'j; - Ask your Dtniggist, Barber or Store keeper; they will tell you U is the best cure Jor the skin Takes out tbe poison and heals boils, burns, bunions; cures cuts, and chapped hands; draws felons,eczema, pimples, abscesses; cures scrofula, sunburns, earache and rheumatism. An agent wanted In all towns. Send 25 cents for full box outfit. YOU can make a good INCOME selling this cure yourself or friend, write. JANU-JULI CO., 65-67-69 Bleecker St., Trade Invited. New York. John G. Myers Co., Albany. Express pro pit til on parehnsri to tto tmonnt of $5 or more. Ribbon Sale. Sftill Ends and Snorts. Prices to win favor grades that give satisfaction, styles that crest the wave of desire, and colors of every hue and kind, besides black, white and cream A winning com­ bination for tbe ftale The majority of the ribbons are mill ends or short pieces that we buy of the factories at preat discounts, lengths from 2 to 9 yard?, als6 full rolls from tbe stock room surplus lots, all at reductions of one fourth from the prices situiliar ribbons have sold for bore, aud axe selling in other first CUBS stores today. 10c 4 inch Taffetas, also 1| and 2 — Inch Satins and Gros Grains, and Satins atid Taffetas, lu , browns, navy, pinky, blues, teds, greens, white, cream and black, regularly 15c a yard. 7c H inch Satins and Taffetas, and Plain Taffetas, all color*, besides white, cream and blafek, regularly 11c. 3| inch TanVta Ribbons in white, cream, black, browns, pinks, navy, etc., regularly 18u a yard. 4 and 5 inch Taffetas, and 4 inch BatinB and Taffetas, white, cream, blacE, blues, pinks, nary, greens,\ etc ^ regularly 2Sc.. 21e 6 inch Taffetas, and 6 inch 1 Monselline Lroerty Ribbons, nile. rese4». greentv, lavender, -pinkB ,blue«.heiio, ecarlet, white, J cream^lack .wBtc ^rtgoliixiy-ZSc a\ yard , 1 990 6 inch Moueelilue-Liberty Rlb-1 boai^in.turqu«>i»B,.iale, reseda,'. - pink ',7oTne, 1 'a'vendiir,- browu«,| et ^.re ^arly.:^§jmrd...' \*$f- 14c 17o The best for work. Good for Dress-Up. We have them for all kinds of wear in neat stripes, worsteds and cassimere. Christensen Bros. TAILORS AND CLOTHIERS Main Street, Chatham. Skeeter Skoot If the moMjuitoes trouble yon, if tliej take .itvay the pAejUUHftuf being out of doors, get a bottle of lipxall Skeeter Bkoot, the mosquito's dread. We positively guarantee it t o keep away uiois^uitoes or refund money paid for it. Tbey simply cannot stay where dkeeter Stool lu ubed. and il ha* a pleasant, agree able odor, loo. One bottle wiH keep the whole family comfortable all summer. Try it on our guarantee 19c bottle Branion'sDrugStore MAIN ST CHATHAM Co-operaiJve 'Phone STORE CLOSES WED. AND FRIDAY AT 5PM. In order to increase our July Sales we offer the following Specials for balance of month:' i lot white Madras Waists, were $1.25 to $2.^0, 75c 1 lot black Mercerized Petticoats, were $1.00, at, 80c 1 lot summer Net Corsets, were 50c, at 39c 1 lot ladies' Muslin Drawers, hemstitched rutfle were n ^c, at 20c 1 lot 2 1-2 and 1 inch Colored Satin Ribbon worth 15c, at 10c 3 sheets of Music, formerly 30c, now 20c 1 lot Box Writing Paper and Envelopes, form­ erly 20c, now 15c 1 lot Best Alapw Clocks, were 89c, at 69c 1 lot Men's Bow Ties, were 12 and 15c, at 10c 3 for 25c 1 lot Ladies' Vests, were 6c, at *v 1 lot light and dark Lawns, were 15c, at 10c 1 lot light and dark Lawns, were 20 an& 29c, at 15c 1 lot ladies' black Umbrellas, were $1.2^, at 98c 1 lot ladies' black Berlin Gloves, were 15c, at 10c 1 lot dark ground printed Silks, in Waist and Dress Patterns, were 50 and 59c, at 35c 1 lot Towels, were 12c each, at 10c, 3 for 25c 1 lot Towels, were i$c, each, at 12 I-2c 1 lot 36x45 bleached Cases, were 12c, at 10c 1 lot 81x90 bleached Sheets.no seam,were 59c, 50c All other grades of Bleached and Unbleached Muslin Sheets and Pillow Cases at Bargain prices. As the market is rapidly advancing, and as soon as the present stock is exhausted prices will positively advance. OUR ADVICE IS, \BUY NOW.\\ 1 lot Crochet Bed Spreads, were $1.25, at 98c -All Trimmed Millinery both Ladies' and Misses', at half price 1 • 1 1 10c cut off from Marked Prices on Trunks, Dress Suit _£ases^rrd: Handbags and all Hammocks - Over $1 .50. __\ Remnants of Mattings, 2 to 1.2 ysrds,-at half price. JRemnants-of Cotton Goods, Dress Goods, etc, at half price. ^ - , \ ' % loi,Large Waterr.PitcherSi'ZSbv Tumblers, 35 Ijlpitotte aiwfr^Wt6f|grS^Bty'Trf* Dinner Sets or j ir^gnlle.. ; ^:^i|^qiaet Sets, etc* all at

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