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Chatham semi-weekly courier. (Chatham, Col[umbia] Co[unty], N.Y.) 1903-1907, July 05, 1905, Image 4

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unM SiMf-WEEKLY COURIER. [Uji, y?AU-ACE DARROW, EDITOR AJJJJ PROPRIETOR. teg.^- • — 1 WEUVESDAYS AND SATURDAYS AT CHATHAM, N. STTBSCRIPTIOJI PRICE, $1 50 A YEAR; 6 MOS., 75 ere; 3 MOS., 40 ere. Entered as Second-class Mail Matter at the Post-office, Chatham, N. Y. WEDNESDAY. JULY 5.1905. JOHN HAY, DEAD. ! America's greatest statesman, Secretary ot State Jqbn Hay, has passed on. It ts Dot too vouch to say ot Dim that in all those elements which go to'insure broad-minded statesmanship and militant diplo­ macy, he had no superior in America it in the world. Beside great rfatlve ability be possessed a peculiar frankness and directness In 'dealing with foreign nations that revolutionized diplomatic cus­ toms in that it substitutes open, straight-forward, above-board meth­ ods for- those ot a deceptive and evasive sort which were once con­ sidered essentia! in all such diplo­ matic interchanges. He gave the United States a new standing among the world powers and bis adherence to lofty principles won for him a name and fame which shall endure long years to come. His public career begun as associ­ ate and secretary of .President Lincoln and ever since, in one BtatJon or anrther. he has been Identified with the men who have made history and he has contributed his full share thereto. Bead the chief facts ID his notable career. Mr. Hay wan born in Salem, Ind , October 8, 1838; graduated at Brown,j University in 1858, and studied law in Springfield, 111.; wnsiadmitted to practice before the Supreme Couit of Illinois in 18fil but immediately came to Washington as assistant secretary to President Lincoln, remaining with him until bis death , acted also as his adjutant and aide de-camp and served with GeDerals -, Hunter and Oil more and was bre- f vetted colonel; was appointed secretary of the legation to .France, March 22, 1865; retired March 18, v 1867; was appointed secretary of • legtion to Austria-Hungary May 20, 1867. where h* acted as charge K- d' affairs until August 12, 1868, /- -appointed secietary ot legation to Spaiq, June 28. 1869 ; retired Octo- bar 1, 1870 then became an editorial writer on the New lork \Tribune.\ remaining live years, during seven months uf which he was editor-in- cUtf. t~ . Soon after this he became well >v knownby his dialect poems of\ Little Breeches,\ \Jim Bludsoe,\ \ Banty iusHfcTJin,'' etc, afterwards published hook form under the title of County Ballads\ (1871) He !®>'alSv published \Castilian Days\ 33r ??7Ci87r). a series «f brilliant sketches qf,' v Spanish life, character and lirlcs. He was associated with bhnG. Nlcolay In writing the life \ Abraham Lincoln 1887 1889.) In ...... ~-8$>£ \be was appointed ambassador w$%tt>-'lite O .urt of St. James He re- to Cleveland In 1875 and took the presidential canvasses 1880and 1884; was appointed •S?^;*ssiistSnt secretary of state Nuvem- i. 1879: retired Mav 3. 1881 -that year $Sg -3Jnited States at the International ^Sanftary Congress in Wasnlngton, of^which be was piesideut. Was ^^v'apRoiuted atribassadi >r extraordinary pkhlpdtentlnry to Great Britain ^Warch 19,1897; n tired Sept 19,1898, jK .*&&»ppoImt'd sectetary of state Sep- ^vtember ao, 1898. . 'A- man of literary, even scboluily the social will knowledge . _ ^ rtued ^eiMWd which made him a ^*\i5»ep of l<tftv ideals and as Judse wild \theapobtle of sweet- light.\ and Japan have encb ^ieiecT ^tr their leading plenip. ten­ ter the Washington pence ^iTpnce and both ate over 65 of\„age. These henigbted never beard of ory. . RUSSIA AND JAPAN. Events have moved swiftly in the Fat; East the past week The fight­ ing In Manchuria has been over­ shadowed entirely by the revolution ary movements on the part of mutineers ia the Black sea fleet and soldiers on land at Odessa. The unprecedented spectacle of a power­ ful modern battleship, Kniaz Potern- Ine. cruisiDg arouod in the Black Sea iu the hands or a crew who under the rules of international law cannot be regarded as otber than pirates and of the*Admiral in com­ mand of tne rest of the Black 8ea fleet frankly confessing his inability to cope with the situation and ordering that the tires of bis war­ ships be drawn, has stupefied the Admiralty. And well it may' When a nation's own battleships run up tbe black flag of mutiny against the govern­ ment it is no wonder that the czar and hia councillors are stupefied If the Government shall escape utter annihilation It will be little less than miraculous. In the meantime some little advance has been made toward peace between Russia and Japan. President Roosevelt has announced that tbe two governments have appointed the plenipotentiaries to meet here as soon as possible after August 1 The two Russian pleni potentlaries are amDassador Mura vleff, now Ambassador at Borne and Ambassador Rosen. The Japanese plenipotentiaries are Baron Eomura, now Minister of Foreign Affairs, and Minister Takahira. The plenipotentiaries will be intrusted with full power to negoti­ ate and conclude a treaty of peace, subject of course to ratification by their respective home Governments. And Oyama is Marching on Vladivostok' PUBLIC OPINION. The Sewerage Question. Serve thoa veil the queen of health. Guard her throne with zealous <nre. The treasure* rare of fame or wealth Bring transient joy without her there. y&8tfi&- titivated The value of good health to an individual or a community Is In­ estimable How t„ maintain and cecure it by proper respe?t for the laws that govern it is uf special interest to all \Know Thyself\ fc&irt Pope in his \Essay on Man.\ and in>lee-l. those two words em­ body a great deal relative to tbe pr 'per car» <>f tbe human organism. To know what is best to do under all conditions and circumstances to preserve health; to regulate our be °repe7esenied* \tbe j ^ to PUVficfll conditions and 'labor; our clothing, suited to tbe various climatic chances, in fact, all our habits of life, witn a wise view to promote good health, is of vital importance The question of t-ewerage In the village of Chatham Is one which demands the earnest consideration of eery resident. The water sys­ tem we have, with mJMIons of gal- Ions being tised«^ffas no desirable sanitary uufin Tor Its wsste. The confloed /pits into which such deleterious waste Is carried,become In Urate'a dangerous-menace to good/iealtb which is of more value than/\tilthy lm -re.\ rallril money Cne question of necessary reason­ able cost f >r a proper, adequate sewerutre for this village, cbould inert with general approval, but when any public enrrrpiise is cairi d out with a spirit of graft, an I dishonest inercen«rv motives to indirectly rob the public, as in some instances, then It \pays dear for th»> wnistlej' suggesting better sareBUiirds on contracts made. The kiud of sewerage best adupted to this community, both ns to cost and general use, is of much importance and requires caretirl consideration. If the public bed. It is truly in dan­ ger without sewerage, we should inaugurate a better system in some wav. Also IT we are to raise over $a.400 for villntfe c roorution use, as in the last lax, why not begin aud expend, en» h vr»ar, a few hundred dollars of it in Belgian atone pave tmlft that when a Japanese or a play, they backs to toe stage. Th.-y ^^^j'epjjy haven't adoptt-d the -more methods in voarue in some the odorller- ..CHATHAM.. — »» . . ' — « o OJ«oi»OHo3o*|oaol|OHOUOStO*01IOVIOSlOVlOHO*oi«OVlDXOVlOllO*t&J»tt* Wesley Green Is home fiom Mount Veroon. Nathan Amblet is spending a days at home. few Paste this in your hat—rJo ialD on July 4th, 1905. Miss Eunice Dunham is visiting friends in Ulster county. * Mrs. Owen, of New Yoik city, is a guest at E. A. Eberle's. It is said that wedding bells will soon ring on Church street. Edward Collins, of Pittsfleld, Mass , was in town Sunday. Miss Maggie V. V. Herrick is visiting friends in Salem, Mass. Clarence Mosbimer is spending part of his vacation at Bennington. jf. H. Garrity spent the Fourth with Springfield, Mass., friends. Miss Annie Dougherty, of Syra­ cuse, is visiting relatives In town. Miss Jennie Webb, of Pittsfleld, Mass., spent the fourth at her homo here Miss Grace Drnmm is home from Quincy, Mass., fur the summer vacation. Prof. Dillon A. Cady left Monday for a few days' visit in Syracuse and Lowville. Mr. and Mrs. C. W. Chapman were over Sunday guests of friends in Pittsfleld, Mass. Frank Burrows, of Rochester, has been spending a few days with his father, T. R. Burrows. John Streeter is able to be about town again after having been con­ fined to his home for two weeks. Eben and Louise Hidorn.of Troy, are spending a few days with their parents, Mr.and Mrs. Frank Hidorn. Walter S. Crandell, of New York city, is spending a few days with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Homer Crandell. Mr. and Mrs. Walter Dorr .and daughter, of Troy, are speeding a two weeks' vacation at J W. B Harder's. J. N. King bas stored bis house­ hold effects and has gone to Dalton, Mass., where he has a position in a shoe factory. Philo Park, now clerk for Charles Haw ley, Is soon to enter tbe employ of the Eibbe Candy Comj»*ny, of 8pringfleld, Mass. E. H. Wetherbee. of New York City, has been -In town for a few days. Inspecting his various rest dences and grounds. A Hudson River telephone has been placed in the residence of J. F. Wilson, superiulendent of the electric tight plant. About a doz°n Cbatbamites were in attendance at an Independence Day Assembly in Village ball, Kinderhook Monday evening. Frank B. Pratt is driving a speedy road horse which he obtained a few days ago from D W. Cobb of East Chatham, the former proprietor of the Sheridan House in that village. Howard Lasher as assignee sold tbe stock in the store known as \The Novelty\ at aiction Monday morning. E. W. Howes was the purchaser and opened the store for business immediately after tbe sale. The members of the Brotherhood of Andrew and Philip or the Reformed cburoh are to spend a week at Lake Queechy this month. They have rented one, of the cot­ tages and will be accompanied by Rev. Dr. Leggett Misa Florence Kittle, of Ghent, that oenteneeu a negro and a dav\ for risk that the de- would tike an appeal on the the-hereafter. uieni Bccriunfng on the most 1 graduate ot tbe high school and of sit ^taridj been reaiuund -n.«b* Aiavta u High traveled thoroughfare and expend the appropriation as far as it will ! go. Had we done so years ago we I w ->uld have had the best of-pave- court lacked ! meat* There is vastly more ttavel i here now than even two years ago, jewing in part to the milk station etc.,\ an~d \the graver drawn\Un is s >on ground to mud to be scraped out fen'! more gravel drawn in again, the expense for which doesn't seem to be.lasting nnl satisfactory, as other* also remark. I only iriak» tlie'se Sugges­ tions, that tbe public may, not take them tor granted bat weigh and consider * Reuberr-Mdorer- J)ukeJL!eil8 _ ihas resigned &igb> Adthirol' of the Russian j r, p \ drawn tbe commerical department goes' to-morrow to Middlebury, Vt, to take a position as stenoerapher and typewriter in the office of the Bran­ don Italian Marble Co. described , an- \angel ^of protia 'bly diattazb Irtipeftalisis at least fcqows ,^^^^-SSuhdJriRfeti^- '^^TfieW'iJ^Do^'eifX^ftlja wicked --\* 1 -E -*peechea of \July On Wednesday, July 12th, \Uncle WiBiam\ H. Shaver. Chatham's oldesfMnbabltant, wilTcelebrate his ' 9lst birthday. On bis last birthday \Uncle William'' announced that be intended to live to be 100 years old and he is now onejf.ear nearer tbe 1 eoaL ''\^-^j.\ - ~ By the appolnfmenX of\ Asslfetah.l Secretary Tl>© - work and- of ballaMlng the Bo»- Aibanjrroadbed -with-trap or State K^mls'air^oiirV tou , _ Turn -iari&xim?*^^ MhdiigWon-am^^^ gS'ta the dfai^-9cffi<ahtoua^ Clifford Sehermerborn was home to spend tbe Fourth. John Raker is at Lake Queechy where he is erecting a barn for Fay Maxon. Principal Hillegas and .wife leave to-day for a few weeks' visit at Randall, N. Y. Mrs. F. M. Erakine leaves to morrow for a vislt£to her parental home in Vermont. W. H. Housman and family are occupying their cottage on the banks of Lake Queechy. G. E. Humphrey and wife, of Pittsfleld, Mass., were over tbe Fourth guests of his brother. £L A. Humphrey. Mrs. Gordon, milliner for the Reynolds & DeLong Co. has re­ turned to her home, the summer season having closed. Mrs. J W. Darrow and daughter, Florence, left this afternoon for Minneapolis where they will visit relatives for a few weeks. Tbe Reformed and Methodist Sunday schools and members of tbe congregations will unite In.a picnic at Queecny lake on July 19. A special meeting of Natt Haytt Council Royal Arcanum will be held Friday evening. Deputy E. S. Ford will be present to explain tbe new rates. Weather observer Fellows reports tbe rainfall Cor the month of June to be 4.62 Inches. Tbe temperature was the lowest J une 4, 41 degrees, warmest June 18, 90 degrees. t Lavlne A. Tyler died at Fulton- vllle, N. Y., Monday morning and his remains were brought here to-day for Interment in Rural ceme­ tery. Mr. Tyler was a former resi­ dent here and conducted the Union store for several years. Deceased is survived by a widow and four children. The telephone line between this village and Canaan Four Corners, via Red Rock has hecome so over loaded with instruments as to inter­ fere with the efficiency of tbe ser­ vice and an additional line, to extend from here to Red Rock, Is being erected and on this line a portion ot «the instruments will be placed. 1 Prof fl M. Stout of Worcester, Mass., is now in the employ of the Rutland railroad company and has an office In the furnace company's office building across the bridge. Prof. Strout Is connected with an eastern college and this is tbe man ner in which he is spending his vacation. His assistant is one o! bis students. The larger part of his work while here will be to establish grades, etc., while the work of ballasting tbe roadbed Is in progress During tbe month of June, 4906 pieces of baggage were bandied at tbe union station. The two record days during the month were the 16, when tbe 344 pieces were handled the 23d when 445 pieces were bandied. On Saturday, July 1st, 318 pieces vera transferred to and from the trains. Tbe month of September when thb city boarders are returning to their homes, is a heavy one for tbe baggagemen, Duripg that month tbe total will be considerable more than that above given fcr June. Tbe American Mechanics will install tbe following officers at their meetine to be held this evening ' Councilor—El wood VanValkenburg Vice Councilor—J. K. Johnson. Past Councilor— C W. Coons. Chaplain—Harry Lane. Warden—H. M. Dowd. Conductor— Alfred H. Flint Tteasnrer—Edward Niche la. Financial Sec—H: H. Shavor. Rec Sec—F. 8. McConnell. Inside Sentinel—Wm. Cornelius. Outside Sentinel—Fred Chrlstman. Deputy State Councilor—H. H. Shavor. The Womans*' Christian Temper­ ance Union held'thelr annual meet­ ing at the residence of Mrs; -Gert­ rude Borigbt, Friday June 30th. The election of officers resulted In E O Boice. of Bath on-HudsoD was In town to-day> Regular meeting of Chatham grange next Monday evening. Eiuma Spelman is spending a few weeks at Lake Champlain with her uncle, A. B. Spelman Miss Anna Bran ion and Miss Florence Cochrane of Albany, were recent guests of Mr. and Mrs. H. A. Braulon. John H. Mead experienced another attack of bleeding from the mouth and nose a few days ago and Is now in a critical condition. Conductor John D. Cameron is again punching tickets on the Har­ lem railroad after having spent a two months' vacation- in California. Regents' Examinations. j I PnTnoLOOT-Jennlo Abel 90. Sada I ' nerbcrt SonUuud BS. Adolph Kohlhofoi 87. Mil- Miss Ethel Cody is In -Bridgeport ^'idwrGifSrtca 'Dwtert ciark school in the primary department sSjmoar' to, Theodore AnralL Harold Arnold.; KulheBsrtlett, Ethel Bl Hitabeth CoUier. ^En ?kTS °B ? l0 »nfe7l»K 1 closed last Friday. pShte. .J&mogcne Crandcll^StMley g tpddara and. JtfJfe,. QCJU,. bany, are over tha Fourth «ufeste at Frank Murgtttroyd'e, ..U - r - : - - Lcggett. Patrick Murphy, JUrlon Park, Walter Po^ens Jdnpto R«bn.lW *». Thorny KmUj amcs Lewte Judge S. W. Smith was in attend- anue tojday at tbe funeral of W A. Morin at New Lebanon. Mr Morin was prominent in tbe Masonic circles in that town. •\ mi Nere, Harriet Vloccnr Chas Wlillama, Wl!«ou. Arllrp Burroujjhi'. Deary BotTman. Ji JohuMjn. Wm. Kahn. BerUia Oslronder, I Wood, Philip Moore. BUT ANT —Sara Harder, Kathertno j. ilnrphy, Rnth Nuw, Gnat Shu/els, Cklvio Totflia, Baby Beaver, John White. OEOLOOT —Franklin B Smilh. . Pirraits-ncror Jeakina 100, IxetU Reynold* M, Florence Beldltig 92, Wlllord Ulrengurgh 00, ItQ^ell Flanagnn. Inez Klscelbnrgh, Florence Kiltie, Ro.>» Shafett, Ada Waltcmilra, Letter piffonl, Edna Harder., Carrie Barroy, Blanche knwcll. LiTtx L—Rovs Sbufclt 96. Mildred Terry «5c Krnwt Shufeli 90 Grace Auics. Minnie Batter- ehall, Alice BurronzhK, Marjorie Johns, Alan I-eSRCtt, Enth New, All re Puiver. Jennie Schill- lui;, Stuart Seyinoor, Baael Smilh, John White, Theodore Angell, Calrln Totiian. GRHZK BISTORT —May Edna Park 92, Bonry Cr>.TrU;n. Jfvfeie Palmer. CIVICS - May Edna Park 90, Theodore Anrcll, Ruth Bartletu Kathenne Bartrgan, Alan Le(.- gett, JeMi e Miller l>BAwrso—Barriet Van Docsan 100. FlQreace Beldlng Ri, Jennie Able. Grace AIDCJ , Benry Fearon, Marjorle Johns, Adolph Palmer, Walter Powers, ( oou, Mary Kohlhofer Jessie Lester Giffurd has a position with the civil engineer of the Rutland railroad and Legan work this morn­ ing near Berlin, where the ballast- Flurcnce Simmons. HarrlBon 8immons, Clarence Simmons. Berbcrt Soothard, Emily van Iiese, BarriM>n Oady Mrs. Amy Pitts, a former resident Is visiting Miss Emma Palmer and renewing old acquaintance* _ , W. R. Prescott fornierl^of lljis. place, sustained a broken\leg : ''whHe at work in Ayer, Mosa., lastlweek. Charles rfinaler.ot Mount-VTernon, has bought the- Babcook—place known formerly as the Wadswprth farm. Miss Alice Allen lias -rented rooms in Miss Lottie Le^arnes' tenement and will spend*-portlon =ofcheiHtline here later on. Mr. and Mrs. Jarnos Thomas of Mount Vernon, are spending gome time at their' recently purchased property, the Hubbard place. While playing baseball Saturday Arthur Lyons of this village and Robert Welch of Chatham came In which resulted in a few Lyons and a broken SP«LLIKI .—Alitaa Terrr 9S. Samuel Burroughs 87 Eli-u- Kllrh 97 Ruth MaJlorr Uu Came \an lk -u *™94 Maryuente Pap.' 85,\ El«yn Huntinc-1 III i _ lou X\ Beruedetta Riion 93. Jennie Flint 18. ! «>uiaiuu Biaurbc Cule 9^, \ era Band 91, Louise Lanphear J bruises for Mr 9i Lulu A. Williams le. Olner Kober 90. Elsie ' ' inff of the Chatham division heffins 1 u \ oJ 91 Floreoc- Walwn 90, Martan Bllnn. I nose for Mr. WelOb ing or tne i^natnam division Ueglns. lVb ..rne Blmn. Riv Bahcork. Clara Coona, Eva 1 T Qto „„.-.„,„ ,„„l„^c-. tr — i-nato. Flon-nrfUwyer Elirabeth Dunne, Mabel L^te arrivals inClatUr Mrs. Miss Alice Burroughs, daughter Fra»<-i-««. Mi'dn-d Giti..ni wnght Ganey 'Wood. Brooklyn and J W Fm-rf „. . n, r. „ u . Samurl B« h«tin. Harel noward, Florence Knob- ' \'\\\• 1 J U uuu •»• BOTQ, of engineer W i Burroughs, wbo wo. l ^ur u ..t ui^ia^ \,-wiuan, Jr., Anna has been ill for the past two or three ^\T /\'\K™..^ i,:' n ?' n ;J!r*$ iv 7 ba ?h ' IAH\ :>. iti rrauklin I t-zoot-r, Maude \ an is now ID a critical condition Ai-tjnr 9a Winifred K. E. weeks. and there are fears that recover. Rev. F. H Deming is confined to the house with mumps aDd was unable to preach last Sunday His pulpit was supplied by his brother, Rev. Charles Dealing of Washing- tonvllle. Landlord Charles Kanpp of the Windsor hotel entertained bis mother, Mrs. C.W Madison ot West Exeter, N. Y. Also Mrs. Mary Holli- day of Gloversville, and Mrs. Evans of New York, mother and sister of Mrs. Enapp, over the Fourth. All of the teams .in the Hudson River base ball league now visit Chatham. They don t give us any exhibitions of tne national game, however, as Uiev merely change cars here while on their way to and from Pittsfleld, Mass., which city is £now in tne league, having taken the place of Saugerties. Nathan R. Simmons observed his 80th birthday July 3d by resigning his position as bookkeeper in the State Bank, and expects to lead a retired life tb« balance of his days He held this position for U years to tbe entire satisfaction of tbe bank management an^ltwas with reluct ance that his resignation was accepted Tbe July meeting of the Board of Village trustees was held Monday evening. On motion of trustee Coon tbe time for moving the band stand was extended. The report of Wilson Terry, ex-village treasurer was received, found correct and ordered filed. The report of police justice W. B. Daley was received and shows that during th« month of June there were three cases In his court, two of assault and one of intoxication. Bills to tbe amount of about $1080 were audited. A rather slow game of ball was that presented at tbe fair crrouuda yesterday between the Pickens team of Pbilmont add tne Chatham Stars. It started in ab if it might be a reallv interesting game but both teams went to pieces in the third inning, Pbilmont scoring Sve runs mostly on errors and the Stars going them two better in their half also on account of opponents' errors, Tbe score tells the story. Pbilmont—1 0 6 0 3 2 3 1 1-16 Chatham— 2 1 7 0 0 0 0 0 0-10 , i.Eo.KAi-tn—Wncbti.arv She Cannot ^i^t FJ ./j.beth Domic F-dward Gardorr Sam ud H .rhFiin, Ruth Mallon, Bessie Bivinbursrh I lloowarfl Slevcneon. Altha E Terry Florence ' \\ allou. Rav W BahcocL, Roy C Baltei>b«.'l. I Norman W \Oady J TCIson Finnic. Mabel C. Metlous. Florence Tipple. ROMA* HisTt.RT— Ol.v.. Bearer 95, Carrie Bar- I-CT se. Kaihrnnc Murphy 9.% Laws l^acy 9i, j Roys M.ufeJI 8s. Emma Spellmaa 93. Harriet Si.-ar.91. Arthur Clark 90. Alexander Bills. Mande P.atinafan. \fc arrroa Fowler Elizabeth Pendle­ ton. Willard Rivcoourgh, John White, William Baraean. CoimEEfiAi. <.E «r ,RjrHT— Francis Histnn 90, El.rabrih hanc Hi, Cora Williams 90, George Ashley, I >Tnjrhl I 'lark, Lena Dole, Charles Finch. Charlo Barter. Ascnath Uulbnrt, Ray­ mond Schilling. Florence Simmons. Florence Sollnan. Sada Brown, Warrena Fowler, Paul Bi -ton. Benha Ostxander ADVAN* EDBOOKKEEPIXC —irforgcTetherly K0, Roy btrt-vci 9\ Edua Mallory Cora Wlillama, IzHU Reynolds. VarTH*ETir— Mary Fearon 100, Mable Mellon? 91. Mioni? BauershalL Elizabeth Collier. Benry loon. Edna Clark. Sarah Connelly. Carrie Cole, William Covey, Roemary Daggett, Lena Fowler, Fred ciynn. Ethel Bay, James Johnson, Mande Losty Paul Mesick. Bessie Bivenburgh. Barri- K>D Simmons. Florence Sonlea, Minnie Cnamber* lin. FJiaabsth Forbes, Blanche George, Martha McConnell, Silas Temple, Dougherty BIASING —Mande Losty 90, Carrie Cole 9a Vera Hand 90, Fred Glynn. Benry Coon, William Dovry, Pan) Mesick, Irene Page, Florence Soolee, tatberiDe Harder Pheobe Pierce, Lena Fowler, Miry FVaron. Rosemary DagRett, Ethel Hay, James John-on?BeseJe RivenEnrgh, Edna Clark, Mable Mtlios, Sarah Connelly, Blanche George, Linnaeus Trowe. Blanch Dwyer Florence Martin, FJwio Hontln^ton, Franklin Uszner, Elsie Fitch, liaxei Howard. ELEXEXT*BT EKOLISB —Sarah Cdnnelly 98. Carrie c ole 95, Edna F Clark 91, William Covey 91. Lena Fowler 90, Mary F Fearon, Henry Coon, Rosmarv Daggett. Dougherty, Fred A. Glynn, Ethel J Bay, James Johnson, Paul Mesick, Irene Page. Phoebe Pierce, Bessie Rivenburch, . Harrison Slmmone, Elaie _ J Mande B Losty, Mable C. MeUmi^LTnnaeoua T. Trow Herkimer county, at Jay N. Pres­ ton's, Miss Sarah Pell, Poughkeep- sie. at Mrs. Martha Brown's; P. B Knight and family, Schenectady, at S. C. Knight's; Mrs. Wallace Wheaton and son Roger, Springfield at Richard Gainey's; .George White and Mortimer Davis, Yonkers, aiu. their homes; Vincent Henderson and family, New York, fdr the sum­ mer at George Patrick's. CHATHAM. CEHTEE. It was a \quiet\ Fourth in Chatham, yet noisy. Other than few cra?ker-burned fingers there were no accidents and the law as to the sale and use of the cheap blank cartridge pistol was obeyed which accounts for such a satisfactory report. Electric Park drew tbe cr«wd and many Inlanders, tor the first time, had a chance to shoot the chutes. Instead of firecrackers There were many private displays of flreworks-in the evening the most elaborate noticed were those ot Mr. Underwood on Hudson avenue. The weather was perfect Saturday afternoon, at,East Chat ham, during a •game of base, ball, Robert Welch of this village, and Arthur Lyons \of East Chatham of Ghent, ^preiident; Mrs. Ada! H»m7 vice prudent; Miss Alicia Graves* Trt»wwer; Bowie Lee > MClttafliy. high In the air. They came together with such force that botawerS Thereoort. nf ^ del t? unc »nscioua. Lyons xne report* or^^gj j n m '™«*ou» sufe during t&A Florence Soales 90. Fitch. Catherine Harder. AficaJycBarron. B Ufcty, Mable C. Millnas, TJnnaeona T. EaUunne A. Uanlgan, Yen A. Hand. Tbe same persons also passed In Writing, Exousn 1ST vn.—Jennie Abel 91. Rnth Bart- leti Rnbr Beavsr. Ethel Bllnn, Edwin Crandell, Warrena Fowler Edwin Glfford, Chas. Harder. Francis Hilton. Marjorle Johns, Myrtle Jones, Adolph Rnhlbofer 85. Bertha Ostrander,, Walter Power*, Alicv Puiver, Agnes Russell, Anna Rut- nib. Jennie Schilling. Ravmond Schilling. Stew an Sevroour. Hazel Smith. Mildred Terry 92, Mary Tobias. Emily Van Ness, Florence Crandell ENGLISH SS\D TTU —Catherine Dwyer nelen Dwyer. Basel Hilton, John Uonon. Philip C Moore. Marion Park. Harriet Secgar. Emma spel man. Jeiinette Tompkins, Harriet \ an Deusen, Caroline W am bach. EMOUSH CosfPo ^iTioN Vera Hand RHETORIC . American Selections—Anna Muzzy, Clara <;lark. more Evousn READING —Grace Am. Beater, Florence Beldlng 90, Louise Fellows 90, Mande Flanagan, (.ifford. Edna Harder, Carrie Harvey, Jenkins. Inez Klsselbnrgh. Florence Willard Rivenborg. Boys Shutelt. Brsrxzss Esr .uBU— Harold Arnold, Slrvver, George Tvtherly William White (Report continued Saturday ) Olive lara Clark, Lester Bero'y Kittle, Roy CORRESPONDENCE BATYILLE. Mr Mull has moved In Fred Wll bur's tenant bouse Mrs. Elschsadt is improving her buildings with new roofs, McKenzie Sbepard doing the work. xur. and Mrs. Shields and chil­ dren, of Albany, have been visiting her sister, Mrs. Foster. Mr. and Mrs. Peter Hilton and family, of Schenectady, visited at Frank Hilton's, this week. Charles James, Miss May Smith and brother and aunt, also some other friends from New \Xork. are spending a week at Mr. Carpenter's This seems to be a desirable sum­ mering place with about 28 city visitors enjoying the fresn air and healthy climate. Mrs. Louise Smith, of Jersey City, with her daughter Mrs. Provost and granddaughter, Helen, are taking an outing here occupying the Gil­ bert bouse. Mrs. Provost returned to tbe city Monday and is to come up later with other members ot bet family. Miss Eider, of Dalton, is visiting at Wld Clark's. E. Peterson and Fred Sutherland spent the holiday here. The Frouds moved into their new home, the Jaques place Saturday. J. H. Lant and Claud Beckwlth, ot Brooklyn, were homo for-the 4th. A little girl came to the home of Mr. and Mrs. Albert 8it.cer last Thursday. * Mr. and Mrs. Harry Proud, of Brooklyn, are in town for a couple of weeks. The Rev. E. M. Ten Broeck, of Nassau, will preach to us Sundav afternoon, service at 2.30. Sunday school. 1 30. Misses Alice and Bridget Hughes, of Troy. were, out tor the Fourth with their parents. Our school will commence, on Sept. 5tb and our same excellent teachers. Miss Ella Abel and Mlt» Sullivan have been retained. Uur church never looked beautiful than on last Sabbath, Children'8 day. Chancel and pulpit were filled with a profusion ef roses aud wild flowers, with a back ground of bunting and flags. The entertainment bv tbe school and choir was excellent altfaouah it came up out of dlfflculties.and was a credit to all concerned. , ^ H0&TH CHATHAM. Miss Cella Lobdell has been enjoy­ ing a few days' outing out of town. There will be an ice cream festival in the church parlors Friday even­ ing, July 14. MlesFlorence Tator is spending a few weeks with friends In Brooklyn and New York. Frank Sprlngsteln, of Boston, Mass., and William Sprlngatelo visited E. B. Tan Ness, Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. Bobert Balney, of Trov, were over Sunday guests at the home of A. Mlckle. Mrs. P A. Gilderaleeve, who has been 111 for a long time, appears to have slightly improved of late. Miss Frances Phelps is agsin at the poatofflce wlDdow after having a very enjoyable time in Holyoke, and Amherst, Mass. . STATE LOT*, XASf. Mr. Sweeney, of Brooklyn! boarding at E. A. Eaaland'a. W. H. Daley, and ftunlly, is of WEST COP Ant.' Hoboken, N. J., are guests of Wm- Daley. „ . Winne Hover la the proud owner ot a fine new -XetmM tpyowriter and telegraph transmitter.. ,V ' W. H. Spear returned .toi< Bridge­ port Saturday, after—spending'-ft couple of weeks wlth^hl*^. \»re. —' *~f\^^|M>r Mlsa •\--«- * w , ... n r Tucker MidvMr.sWtftW*, scljoor Friday. day and «wmbo «d^^:^^i| and wife were over this summer. • t.„,-2ftl ^&3Sa^\ 9 Frank Bush SundtryvgwMts of friends, in Manor- ton. Mrs.-?' spending the farm -JL-R JCiilokerbocker ana wlfej^of Schodack^, were guests, of friends In?4own^naT8<lay. Mr. [Boss, H»J(e attended | .^H. ; aW^^^1ffM ^g.|

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