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Lestershire-Endicott record. (Lestershire, N.Y.) 19??-1915, February 27, 1915, Image 17

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:_.\,. .. . - ..•. ;� � ..... ':.� . 4i:- _, . .. ..s� .. ·t·::,�;. •. _ ... t ,. l • ! c • -, .� rOR A DOLLAR ONE MAY tiET I ANY' ONE OF MANY THOUSAND VALUABLE BARfiAINS OFFERED! I I'atrons or Endicott stores wUl be I will come In bandy In tater days surprtsed to lind what a dollar wlll Some wonderful bargains nave ' buy on \Dollar Day.\ February 27 I been arranged for and Tbe Record' There are many thousands of dUrer. cannot too strongly urge tbe people to ent articles attractively arranged for I Inspect the olrertngs. Take a look at the buyer Many of these articles: what Is olrered. you needn't buy un range In value up to and above two 1 less you find values JUst as are ad- dollars. . vertlsed And mind you, there Is not a shoddy' Tbe best oC the bargains. or course. piece of merchandise olrered. The I will go In the early part of the day. �ndlcott MercanUle Association Is, so early shopping will pay the buyer. back of eveey individual transaction. \ however, tbe stocks In tbe various . \ equare deal for all, t., tbe slogan ; establlsbments are large and varted \Dollar Day\ alrords the opportun-] and tbere will be plenty oC real vnlnes It� to buy many staple articles tbat 1 Cor late sboppers. OUR FQREIGN SHOE TRADE •••• _ •• rl •••• __ -- ..... lumatinu WHEREAS, The Merchants ASWc1at101I ot the Village of Endicott has decided UIJOII and set apart Saturday. February nth. IL' \DOLLA R DAY.\ now be It resolved 1<'1 RST-The merchants ot Endieou ngret\ to make this a verrtable bargam feast, all mer chandise to be offered being r f the hurhevt qual ity, no shop-worn or out-of-styk- good ... helllg offered In this sale • SECON 1>- Values In thrs \I>OLLA H SA I.E\ are genume, many ot t he arucles being priced regularly up to Two Dollars , T HI HI >-This sale IS put on mort' to bent\ fit our old customers and to make new tnends than to make profit for ourselves. FOURTH-The As-ociatron feels that the 'Kndrcot t Spmt \ demands co-operuuon among the whole people, and to that end this orgamza­ tion hac; launched this merchandising event to demonstrate Its willingness to keep step In the march of progress Endicott Merchants Ass6ciatioD ---- - - . ENDICOTT, SATURDAY, fEB. 27th, 19-15 \\'\\=== -. -- - LESTERSHIRE-ENDICOTT RECORD CALIFORNIA COLLEGES i ;:�8 t����:: �Oa�:b�;�s l�e���I:�: TRY NOVEL EXPERIMENT I ::r:�::y:�i�:e:�;u�a�)' ado:rp��:�tR , Tbe Soutbern CallCornla cotteges have gone about the old Question. a, Southern Callf.omla colleges have i question tbat has stirred up mucb dta­ passed a rule wblch they bope will I eusaton In collegiate ctrclea. In a new' �ue tbe j)roblelP or tb'1 colle�n I way If a man In any of tbe colleges ___ .... ho plays summer baseball. Tbe �ected by the ruling 1�ld Corr play. :workIng 6f the legislation recent!)' ling baseball he ts sttll -e11g1bl9 to play � �oPted. ruling tb�t a man who takes Cootball. appear on the tracy team or !'9ney Cor compet ng In a branch ot I any otber varsity combination out-. �9rt Is barred trom college teams \ side ot baseball �,!17 In that branch, will be watched. _ �JUi.7conslderable Interest by Collow·' �OiTeifate riiftlettca UQ:pugbout tii��ountry . I Our shoe exports tor December, 'The Executlv,. l'olllmittee or tbe were a IlttJe ahead oC those oC Dec· �9�t;hem CaJIComla Intercollegiate ember 1912 For the twelve months COiitei'ence adopted the ruling It I ending December. 1914. total exports lllee'iiiis to meet wltb a proval In Call. of boots and shoes were 9.926.686 :to'Wi and will bp gI�en a tborougb paIrs. against 10.103.647 pairs In 1913 trY.i'lit;. Tbosp responsible tor this and 9.891.856 pairs In 1912 n:it�t�radlcal Innovation In college Uecember sblpments tell an Inter- �����re��\�&m�b�� �ry �� �� a��. ��� _ (o�j:\ the prohlem of thl' Rummer many more 8boes Crom UB tban In b�l�1 player iJel'ember. 1913. Ca�ada and Mexico Il'ndlng Decembpr 1914 show 'bal CHEAP MONEY ! har<ll) hnpll. fnr 8 homp flr Ihp manu . �.bls quesUon. apparently. bas been rell off. wbUp ('uba R pur\hase\ In . Itrazll decl'I'ased hpr usp ur our Rh\PH ,h .. 1I1> mon .. y Is the fount tbat J' fa' ,un\1< In.luhtry .. xp .... t to prospt\r ��v.eJ�a. much attention on t.he CQ�st I'rpaRed : ('uba and Mexko also rpll 1\ IIttl .. makpM th .. hruok or Industry Dow and Thp CarDlPr. or the United Htates East. Here It baa been a Our \xports fo, I wt'l ve months' sbort or theli' UlIlla.r pur('hasM wtTtlnut t1 ttl.. homPl...... C\ ()&II ........ �..uou.UJJO.OOu and cheap money �i � �. � � Spend a DOLLAR and Save a DOLLAR �. Just a few of our specials for DOllar Day. � Look at our windows. � � Toilet Articles Hoe ma:�����i=qUantltY � 2Sc Rexall Tooth Paste 2 for \ ��� 2Sc Senital Tooth Paste 2 for While they last % price, 2 for $1.00 � (Limit of two only to a cuatomer ) [lJ .... ,.. 25c Flexible Nail File 2 for � \l'urkish- Toweltt -H81'&- $ Day _ 2Sc Pearl Tooth Powder 2 for Our 25c Leader, 5 for $1.00 � � 25(: Peai'} TOOth' Brush 2 for One lot Bed Spreads, extra SIZe!I, 76 rm� 25c Hadley's Cold Cream 2 for 26c x86, value $1.50, for $ day $1.00 � Household Needs and Remedies One lot Pillow Cases, good grade, 45 � 2Sc White Pine Tar 2 for .25c �36 SIZ�! 20e value, f�r.$ ��� for $1.00 �$ 2Sc Cold and Grip Cure 2 for. .. 26c Sweaters I Sweaters II . Tn I'lost' out remainder of ,,�ck w.. � � ! SOc Roxbury Rubber Gloves 2 for 50c III1IllP f'xtra low prices for $ <lay [l]1� , SOC Rubbing Oil 2 for 50c :-; .. 1 ... ·1 IInv wool !lkirt in IHlr \tHe)' I Miller Sox fOT Gents -- - --Riin- OoatS---- $2 Water Bottle 2 for $2 ant.! pay UII· liz price on dollar day I .\H a Wl!8r reSlRter It can't (lp p'lual Ladies' and Gents' � � 'I' 3Sc FountalO �ringe 2 for 35c 1.lmited qualltit�· of ('ltlldrl'lI'\ (.ontlll NL RE'gular price lSe per pair. whlll' Wf\ naml' an exceptIOnal low prl<''' rI1� \'Sc Stork Nipples 2 tor 5c OUl> Indies' housc drE'!lI� and o liE' I!\ for $1.00 they last. buy hE'rl' 12 pnll'li fur $100 \\ f\lIttrl' Itnl' for $ day $1 Rexall Syrup HypophosComp. 2 for $ 1 . �. � '! Tillany's Drug Store Tbe Rexall Store �·��:�I�r@I�r��I���I@BI�l@j)I�r�r�r�r�r�I�I�b.IJ. ! __ W_ash1n_gt_on_Ave_. __ En_dlco_tt,IIIII!N,_V, IIii I iBARGAIN FEASTSPREADFOR BUYERS OF ENDICOTT -R¥ ENTERPRISING MERCHANTS Village Mercantile ASSOCiation Back of Plan to Give the People More Value Than The} Ever Received For a Dollar A veritable bargain reast.\ was tbe else where Tbere 18 no reason tor way one enterprising mercbant or li:n lour people down bere to pay twenty· dlcott described the \Dollar Day\ I live cents car rare In addition to a event wblcb 18 to be staged In tbat I price blgher tban we cbarge for the ,-mage on Saturday. February 27 _ \ same article. I bave never yet seen the commer.1 'The Mercbants' Association has put r Ial Interests oC this place so entbusl- Its a:p�ov� upon tbls project and It a�tlr ov .. r nny one thing as tbey are i stan s ac oC the statement that this ov .. r t h ts or r-aston said thl. me IR tu h .. th .. biggest day or bargains chant I-;ndkutt haH e\ er sepn \ Tbt'y BII('h and every nne have done thews .. lves proud In tbe aUrae ttveness and tbe value of tbe (llsplay o!fered There Is not a shoddy. sbop worn or old article In the dollar ar­ tklE's placed on display The most <il ... rlmlnatlng buy .. r will lind pleaa­ Inl': values AM one of Endkott 8 merr-nunrs, I want to say that tbls day bas been set apart aH. a day of real bargains .. M any of' the arttcl .. s to be 80ld for one dollar cost every r-ent of that and. In BOWt' ''!lSI'S more The m\rcbants , want to make new Crtends and to sbow tbelr old customers that rlgbt bere In Endicott they can lind tbe same ar· ticles for less money tban tbey ean \'Some of our �ec ... ;018 we will offer '\ DOLLAR DAY SATVRDAY,I'I!O.27 Watches clocks, toHet arti. cles, ladles' and gents' fobs, watch pins, knives, forks, tea spoons, table spoons, In fact we will make you a Special Low Price on any article In , our store on above date. Remember Us on Donar Day I FOR BIG BARGAINS R, L. LEONARD\ CO • will mean mlUlons oC dollara In sav­ , lug to the tarmer An agrpt'able dIsposition Is a nIce thing hut Rom.. p .. npl .. are so pasy to gt't along with that ICa no fun to g .. , ulnng \lIh Ihpm IMPROVING �ly tasl .. In music Is Impm,lng. .... hl �fr C umr\t How do you knuw\ tnqutrp(1 hit' wit,· b'lughtlly I am gt .. ttlng MO I Ifill t\UJfly thf' mUM'\ I)r Ii hand organ \\ Ilt-·tlu·r It haH a monk.·y with It or nol f I'IOICOTT. N. 'I' Jeweler. - Op.lclan. 250 26c 26c 26c The Store � MARTIN'S � Dollar Day patrons That Never are sure to become BOOSTERS , Disappoints 122 Washington Ave. for this store ThIll our first dollar day lIule, we wish to announce to our pal rum. tltlll III Kllcrltlcing our pendable merchandlllP Every Item wIll be just liS reprcsl'nterl F,.II.,\\ III� hilts of exceptional Dry Goods Store profitK WI' shall nol \HC'rlfi!''' thl' repntation thlK �tor(' has for de­ values arC' Hun' to long pch .. the generosity of Endicott'll leadinj!' vain£' $150 'n $2.00.1 Don't Wait Until Last Hour for This I , ODe Dollar Day Specials in Piece Goods uressing 8acque. 17c grade all lineD 'toweling, for li' j for $1.00. ,la 121A per yard. Choice of sdk pcthcontK 11'1t\ $1 (}(J ...!_ _. �_ -. _. . from rEl&'Ular Pfl(,C' H5c grade an linen (ianlll!ik, !oill: ouy .. -(�hildren'8 \vash drell.<;I'!-l. Vll1ul' eoch 70c per yard , �l.OO, aale 2 for $1.00. 19c grade Devonshire cloth (gen-' All our $1.00 nnd $1.25 WUlllts. $ cin.\ . uine), for $ day 16c pl'r yard 2 for $1.00 I 25c grade fancy curtnm matt·nals. $ All silk walBtR are redu('('(1 $1 ()() �lh��� ���$� Sa.v!' more_ thun y� uy Kdectmg 45 In. Voil,' F.founcings. vahw up to 7ne. $ day 25c per yard. �l Special!! - ------------ Ladies' Ready-to-Wear 27x54 Axminster Rugs, valu(' $1 7;). w�il� they _last $1.00. Dollar Day Specials in Knit Goods Hurson Hose for ladles, no seams to I hurt the foot, noted for wl'anng qUal-, Ity Complete range of weights, includ­ mg out sizes and spht foot Regular pnce \vould UP 25c Buy thl8 hORe on $ day. 6 pat-IiI to}' $1_00 • \:';\\-* .-;' • ..• v_._. . � • ._... .... � ...... �,.\ • ...�'.�

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