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Lestershire-Endicott record. (Lestershire, N.Y.) 19??-1915, February 13, 1915, Image 1

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co \ \ Lincoln's life attesta and dem­ onstrates the primacy of charac­ Mr. James IL Eldridge, or Endicott, I love (detailed by your most Honor-' ter This Is the foundation or his johnson <II: Compali,Y\s fire preventlon able Body, and my true and faithful I fame, and hereby his fame Is department, was this week the reclpl· fdends ot so long standing) came to felt to be secure. ent of a handsome gold watch and me to represent you, and show me I One sterling, standing coem­ ring from the Binghamton FIre De- the appreciation of your long and partment, ot which he was assistant faithful friendship, by presenting me I clent of Lincoln's' character was Its thoughtfulness. Piercing, pen­ chief for a periOd ot twenty-three with these beautiful and useful gtfts.1 derlng thought was with him a coasecutive years, This �anlfesta- The gtfts In themselves express your I habitude. His mind had Insl h tion of friendship carries W[_th It more thoughts and kind words to me. d h d ling It, I than Is usually expressed In like Words cannot teU, or pen cannot !nhl e use ts eye unta��ar ginY' tokens. A letter accompanying the write my feeling ot gratitude for ,Your • th' s whU8hno mere ��, & cnnnstng rI d than th kl doug e was D,\\'Y pas g gifts Is lD,,'-\ch more p ze enact In my behalf. Whenever I shrewd and keen. In Lincoln, In­ Intrinsic worth of the remembrances, I look Into the face of this mass of I I ht 1 bl aJII d though that Is by no means to be de- gold:may It bespeak to me the pleas- wtS gth was ti80 nseparar Y e I h I I an ac Vir sense 0 respons- splsed. The Bing amton add es re- ant words and thoughta of by-gone. blltty that It may be best defined gretted mucb to give Eldridge up, days when we were so closely con- I hln h t I to th as aeare g ones y, n e but they 'repolce over the tact that nected In our line of duty, and may I sl lid bb bl he has become a part of \The Best our' friendship ever stand nnW the mrashlve, so I 'I stn d oTUhProdrlBml1 s -. .. 0 s perpexng ay e ed People on Earth. end of time. and pierced by plodding patient Here's the leUer the Binghamton It Is true that the announcement lrati h K' , I pene ng t ought. epler never firemen sent with the watch and of my retirement from your midst fi d hi I d dll xe s m n more stea y up- �lItenih1rB 'Knlghts of the Macca- ring I must have been a great surp�lse to I on any stody of geometric curves b:�es .�e plannipg for the convention Mr J'ames R. Eldridge, all. It was likewise the same to me I than Lincoln his upon the Intrl- �lfbel!l bl)t6 thIS month of the Sus- Binghamton, N. Y to some extent, but opportunity pre- cute quesuons of government qu'ehaDna Vaney Maccabee's Assoola. Dear FrIend Jim -The members Rented Itself nnd I could not believe And not In vain. It may be truly 'I-''lb! of the Binghamton Fire Department but that It was my one chance for i said that Lincoln's moral judg •. r e convenUon wm be helel' In Odd I were surprised when the announce future betterment, and especially, ments alUi resolves were without OWS Jktl on MeJn street In the at. ment from you was pobllshed, resign coming from the source of, as you I excoptlon the long-sought win- '''''''oon. 1o1l0wed by a sumptuous Ing your position as First Assistant ex�ress It (The Best P,�ople on Earth) ntngs at exacteat and most exact- Quet in. Endicott, Johnson <II: CO'B Chief of the Binghamton Fire De - THE JOHNSONS. and that Is Ing mental toll \tn haIl on CO'r\- avenue, In the partment, to take up a posttton with consolation for me and all my asao ...... I t One trult ot this sharp scrutiny imlng. I the Endicott-Johnson ce, or Lester- c a ea. was a qulet unusual for('slght. In hi d Endl tt Now, gentlemen. In closing, I wish: anager Harry Welr will have s re an co . this keen certitude touching \01' _ Th t to express my most stncere thanks tc.uarge of the \eats\ which spells suc'l e announce men came aB a CQID· things to rome he was almost 1\,\' In I t I to th f th d to you all tor these gifts, whiCh you , ,.C.ii:BB. . that Une. pee surpr se e men 0 e e without n peer But Its design • « th have so kindly remembered me with' �..MJ!\ of delegates are ex- partment, and we can assure YOU at and Its utility tor him were ethl- ��*��ii'tlQl1ong thom several of the I we regretted to see you go, the men I wish It were possible for me to I cal The coming Issues toward ll!'i�,;cvd:�, of this department have worked with grasp each and all of you by the I' whlrh he explored were moral r.���:iit· pvor 60 will be taken In you a great many years, and It Is hand, and thank each one personally. 'Th(' tuture he foresaw WIIJ! thick \ .... 1c_'.:I� •. l. time. \ I prett\ hard to break so sudden, be- and as time glides by, may we all' .... UlIU., ' I with evolving sanctions Invoiv('d �. • cause in all those \ears we have cont nue In that same spirit of friend '... In moral deeds. For such events. found vnu \a man among med,\ and s\\,p and love for one another ,- whether near or tar, he had a see- on all occasions, one who we were Hoping yoor health and lives may to for advise and assl8t. be spared, and that you may Ing eye. ELKS' . TOASTMASTER I :;:/::':::\J:::W:a�·:�d .: ;:::::\.��.:�:.�!::=:. ;�: ::2.,'::1i:.W:J�E:·���:�.:: get out ot the move, which you have be car('ful c-haracter was stamp'ed and Beal- - Wlln;;;--ll. HUl and other made, Is that you are going to Mtter Hoping to see you often, I remain. I ed with prudencfil· Here gleams .... I t your with hest wishes for a brlgbt! his wlsdo�. IUs thought was bal· �f):�I_telrab1re attendee! the third yourlletr, and going In ... e'emp oy 0 tu 1 anced, looklJlg �!Iy WIJYS aud .- \. Lodge, the \Best People on Efarth,\ the ture ror ai, James R. Eldridge. I comprehending many parts. Hence Tburll' JoMsons. \''''0 his �lOdlclousn'bs. Ii:: - ,- ·'�lm,\ wo ask �u-�acoop� -this __ .)!.lltch..13 . .uN.LbEl8J\l.�.<u!)l_u· � e as.-t!�meb-mID. LlncOln\s- watch and ring Crom the Officers and faced desIgn, bearing \J R. E.\ In !.lUI was toastmaster of the 'b k I character as his tttoughttulness was men ot the Binghamton Fire Depart I monogram on the ac case. On the I ment as a token of our esteem and' Inner side of the case Is engraved.' his courtly deferenO& to duty bin­ among the speakers of the! In the years to come we hope' that 'I'From the Binghamton Flro Depart, coin's estimate of law was most were Lieutenant Governor I they will remind you ot the many ment to J R Eldridge, February 10.1 profound When after humble Schollneck, ex·senator John I 11916\ and ali-engrossing search. he AII�I�'�I, ot Elmira, District Deput\ happy days spent among your friends I d th I - , In tpp- Blngbamton Fire Department Th(' firemen had fignred an giving a I foun and traced ose sovere gn Gt@,i.t'Elxalted Ruler, Geo.,)' CrouDBI\ WIth best wishes for your future I watch and chain, but Mrs. Eldridge I obligations to whtch he bowed his and Exalted fiuler James presented Mr Eldridge with a hand-I life. his estimate and attitude Success. we are. I me ch In and chann 'or a Ch 1st were as though he stood face to \ Very sincerely yours, so a • r· t th I ddl h d face with God. Offices: and Members Binghamton' mas presen. so e a es c ange , , Fire Department ! their plan and substituted a beaUtl.! '-----------------' I Following' Is Mr Eldridge's ac- i ful signet ring, with monogram, tor AID SnCIETY I knOW��::a��n, NY, Feh. 11, 1916 i the chain JOLLY PARTY TAKES ENDICOTT FRA tERNITY SERVE DINNERI'To�:�e::�:\:::�:df:F��:�:s�!YOUNG PEOPLE TAKE I RIDE TO PORT CRANE WILL PUT ON BIG sHoWt��::I�h:��!�::=!��::�:��;!� RIDE TO HAWLEYTON . IIr offlrlals under a �ppclal torm ot T'he Ladles' Aid Soclet\ of the :1I;ltS�tt:UU: ::m�;, !OJ�:s�:s:g:;e:t 'I' The () I CI b f th F. ... dl tt d t d ltatl M Le tleglslatlun. >'t ' I ramat c . u ° e\U co I an 0 songs an rec on8. r s Germany, Hwluerland, Franl'e and Methodist Episcopal church, Lester· I --- I An Oyster Supper Was Folowed Court ot the Tribe of Ren hur will ! lie tI Baxter presided. Mr and Mrs. 'I I'lngland are among the r-ountnel shiFj, will serve an elegant dinner In MRS KNICKERBOCK[R I Mr and Mrs 1.. L. Woodley of En 1 by Dance-Fifty Lestersbire I produce \The Oeacon's Tribulations\ Owen and Mr Robberts gave an ad- having mother pension Ipglslation th�r:Church parlors beginning at 6 30. [I dlr-ott atl'enue. rhaperoned a party or I at the flremen's hall Monday and I dress on �'raternallsm. District Man : whkh were visited by the rommls- p.1in., Tbursday afternoon, February ClAIMED BY DEATH thlrty-one young people tram the vII : and Binghamton People Tuesdsy nights Feb. 15 and 16 The agar Rpavan has started the Installa I sion 18;\ The dinner wUl continne until all i lage and Binghamton on a sleigh rid,. Compose Party I piny Is a serto comiC drama with I Uon ot a new Court In Binghamton a1'e-1ler'fed. ' trip on Friday evenlD&. their destlna many startling cllmups and tunny The public Is Invited to call during 'tlon bplng the home of Mr and Mrs : situations The cast consl8ts ot (WI'lve! DAVin WARn FORn the afternoon and evening A splen- Mrs Clole E. Knickerbocker aged, John Slbl('y ot lIawlpyton Two londs at jolly young married: characters who have b('('n ,hoel'n tram CLARA FLEDERBOCHER U U U did menu wlll be served. &2 ypars. died at her home No 190' R('trf>BhmentR muslc-al numbf>rs and pf>ople at Rlnghamton and LI'R(ershlre' the Ben Hur ('ourt, and It haR bl'en, I HAS PASSED AWAY Haldwln street Lestershlre. Thurs a rea,ll a by Ur\ \,. dloy rl' I n� '\ voo � we' thoroughly enjoyed a Rtraw ride tolstaged under tbe direction ot John I DIED ON MONDAY, Bel·lby & Stalker lay atternoon. She Is survived by pleasant fpaturl'R ot the pvenlng KI bill Th . l'ort Crane on TueMday eVf>nlng lcben. asslst,.d y (,haH (ver f' , I 'ler husband. Jay Knlrkerhorker live ! I committee In charge report a larg,., IOns. Herbert, Clyde and Horton BIP-, RTDUR W BRISTER An oyster supper and tripping at I advanre sale ot tickets I \'-I d f M and Mrs. \\ liitillm FU <DIRECTORS d C K I k A I Clnra Mny F'Iedc.rboeber .aged 17 r, en s 0 r 'ecker and Raymond an arl n c • the light tantastic\ was the prlndple At the meeting held last F'rlday I ,�'ord will be palncd ta leam \he or day. Prlvat� erbocker and one daughter, Jennie ' I 'munths, daughter ot Mr and Mrs J I Lad I Th I I IS CL \'lED BY DE lTH ! diversion ot the evenIng nlgbt the (ourt entertalopd �upr .. me' d\nth of tb .. lr bright little ' '\ VI Itr· y ass stant Knickerbocker e tnnera was pr - lUll }l I Th,. merry party consisted of about Orgnnlzer W H Owen (It ( rawfords I Adams F1ederbocher ot North Slre('t old son. David Ward Ford, wblrh <le· Botb Phonea vate .. rlday evening at the home Ilfty ville. Ind., and fitate Manager J D, dlnd on Monday tollowlng a brlf't III ('urr('d Thuraday afternoon at 4 30 Arthur Wamf>r Rrlst('r. ag('d two t _ __ Robberts or Rochester, N Y The' n1'S8. The tuneral took place from, o·clock. at 'he Ford h�rlle. 'f \Ibprt years. Hun or Mr and Mrs. John Rrls I program ot the evening C()nsl\tPd of I the home on Wedne8day at I 30 f Rtreet following a Ahort IIIne •• IPr 3 Park I'la .. e fllf>d on F .. bruary I a show p,udur .. d by Mary Feon\y.' \ dork and at Rt. Jamm ('hur('h at 2 -- 5 Th,. tun('ral was hf>ld trom thpl LIME II, Cecl1�organ aod Mr and Mrs OJiverl 0 r!ol'k, Rev Father Dryer In .. harge LL house at I 30 p m and at tbe Metho·! iiaOIDW fI1}:c Tbe bnrlal WBS In Calvary .... mptery T E R W I 16 tl-<' , dlst Eplecopal rhurch at 2 p m on' , Bellby and Stalker were In ('harge or I _ Tuesday. Rev R P Ripley conduct- i FOR YOUR lAND thp funeral and burial. Undertaking Parlor'i Ing the servlc('s The burial was In I Floral Park. Bielby and StalkOJ' bad $1.50 BuUt-BAGS $2.50 ��n��.1 �I��O�' 'lOot \.hr-Ilan�o S r, ,., charge of the funeral arrangements. CAaLOAD' r 0 s. FAI:TO.\ Main Otnce .. nil Sbow Rooms. 122 Che ' Blnllbnmton N , TRII Ai> II OU. lAUlMAN Bell �;�� Street. Blngha�� 411 Phllne C. nnr-ell .. \ ���!�\'r=! =: �cl�;.�o:J:� Branch omra an\ R .... '''.nc8. 67 Main St ' ROCK-ctJT STONE CO. 'Phone l�m��Jre, N Y 531 UDiao Bid .. SYR.4CUSB. N. Y. �������=�;:;:�;;::::;;:��=�=�§.��-����-:-:-���==�� II J ·:LESTER�HIRE- ENDJCGrr,T RECO Rt) <� V;:.O=L=1 ';:�:::i�\\ ·=:x;=:rx:;�=.;.l=======-;-SEOTION ONE-======:::;===========WE�=E=K::.:::E=ND�=IN=G=FE=B=R=U=AR=Y=13,:::::,=1=91=5=======-:====-=--===-==:-=_=-_,- PAGES 1 TO tI ====::::N::;-p;;�:;:g3=<3 DR. FRANCIS M. BISHOP OR. R. D. MEAD I BINGHAMTON BRIDGE CO. I �R. W. H. WILSON lOR. JOHNSON Igg c8tT�;.· ST - 86R:\:A�':rc:; II CODDING, DUFFORD <\ w�i�� . Offic. Houra, Q to a p, m.1 8 to Btl, m, 1104 Press Bldg., Binghamton, N, Y. Offico and Realdol\c\-' Broad Stroot. Lawyer DR. FRANK M MAC KNIGHT - P'lre tnsnraace _ •. , 205 WUhll\It\'¥'H��'liO��J�Dtt, ,V. B!!II 'Ph,;,\e 680. OffiC�u�doau:::b; !�p�l:t�e:t �Nt.,P: m 104 Main St. Lellterahlre, N. v.1 SINGHAMTON, N .Y _'4J Main Street Leate .. hl� I Lincoln That the year tor the Methodist trlbuted last year among upward» <If, churches In the territory covered by one hundred' beneficiaries. the Wyoming conference Is drawing While, 01 w1l1 be seen, tbls would I to a close Is evinced by the renewed by no means give adequate support I I to those entirely dependent upon such I activity of the secretary, the Rev gifts ye�s ually e Ident that :air Ripley, of this place f the �moont goese� long �y toward I HILL PRINCIPAL FI6URE About three months prior lO th .. 1 alleviating necessit:r and shows wbat: I convening of the Conference. It Is the I a splendid benevolence this contrfbu- j IN FILM ON THE SUBJECT dut yo fthe secretary to rorward ILion tor the retired mlDisters Is. ; I blniLks to the pensioners at the Con- The Metbodlst church througbout j (Special to Tho Record) I ference, which are for the purpose or the world Is now moving In the dlre� Albany, NY., February 12 -Sena­ developing InformaUon concerning I tlon at raising a great connecUonal1 tor William H Hill's wIdowed moth­ I the needs of these beneficiaries I tund which sball ultimately 11ft these I er'a pension and child weltare bill Is I These applications go firBt hefore the I old and honorable servants of the; almoet certain of PBSB&.ge early In the Fourth Quarterly Conferences of the r-hurch Into a sumcteut and comfort- I present session of the legislature. local churches and are afterwards able 8UPPOrt. Thts appeal Is prubably: A tavorable report has been made 1 passed upon by the Stewards of the i destined to become the most popular I upon the hill and Its passage urged. I annual body Between twenty-five I or any presented to tbe Mpthodlst fienator Hili and other friends ot the I and thirty �sand dollars were dls-] people I measure werp heard by the commit- I ;. teo this week Popular sen,,�,,\t I seems to be overwhelmingly In tavor VENERABLE WOMAN OF LETTERS lur the measure. I RECEIVES RARE fAVORS FROm ;:�::a�;:ea ;:::t;::��;:tet!::n:E I DlSTIN6UISnED FlUENDS OF YO UTn! �:�: �:��:�:;J�:':.::::,: I I upon his success In geetlng the bill I It may oot be generally known that lie and charming personality which at- I up (or hoarlng so early In the session, Lestershlre bas a venerable, quiet, un tracted to her In her prime such cui· as all such bills, no matter how unl- I, assuming resident who In her day oe· tured, refined and dleUI1gul8hed com-! versally popular, are very difficult to cupled place In the front rank 'ot panlonshlps. get toward the calendar tbls iet\Ji UDeo Is tbe I I be rep{)rt summarIzed aR .iiDmTf.- -- --------- among her acqua!n.mncss and friends reception, on Thursday of last week.lted to the assembly tollows I some, or the most distinguished of the of a package of rare fiowers, which\ Widowhood Is the second greatest literate of the land. She was a lin· were favors of admiring friends of tbe \Cause of dependency-the Ilrst being gulst, a specialist In history and was daughter of Mark Twain and Miss the Incapacity of the breadwinner at home In every other department ot �thel Nowcomb� Y(bQ _lmd rocenUy ap· Public aid Lo <lIl�Il.ndeDt, tatherless letters and t�e sciences. ppBred on the concDJt stage In BulrBlo. chUdren Is quite ililrercnt In theory This ladY (s Mrs. Diantha Patterson, Tb.0II0 ladles, evldenUy finding such and elect fro!!) \charity\, or \out­ �Qtlter.'1.(Jl_lir !OXip�,.J.9bn �,_ r!k J;��l� . �J)!-' ....•• \' __ -_ terson, FlsQ .• of 71 Main street. She tor carrying ou theIr wide extended The system of outdoor reltet dis­ h! passing here, In her upwards ot concert engagements, bethought them I pen sed by overseer8 of the poor does fOUl'-Score years, a most serene, com of their old-time and dear trlend, Mrs loot adequately provide tor tamilies of I fortable and beautiful old age Patterson, and expre8sed these lovply widowed mothers mothers who bave With perhaps not the same vigorous m\mentos to her I small dependent Children to r.are tor. I mental grasp of esrller years, yet ai- Miss Newcomb's summer home was I Private charity tbroughout the State i ways with book or magnzlne In hand, tormerly at Whltoey Point, wbere �has tailed to make proper provision , sbe has keen appreciation at current Mark Twain's daughter used to pass rror such dependents. This Is partlcu- events and Is well Intormed a8 to the much ot her time and where she be I !arly true In New York City. where literary products of the day. came Interested In Mrs. Patterson the private charltahle organlzatlonll Mrs. i'atterson carries down to her who was a cherished acquaintance at have a monopoly over rellet given In advanced years evidences of the gen- her tather. the home Many worthy families are being broken up anrt allowed to de- ;NEMttV $3D,OOO IS DISTRIBUTED �ENAlO[H1[L'S �, ! AMON6 100 OLD MINISTERS ilF : PENSION Bill Am���oe��n�����ard����t����,�t��: TO BE PASSED Men of God Who H ave Spent Their Best Year- In Lab. rr I favorable Report Made to ASSfmbly for Their Master-Secretary Ripley Busy on Reports __ Popular Sentiment Srems to be Overwbchnlngly in Fav­ or of the Plan to Help VVldovvtd Motbers HANDSOME \VA TCH AND RING i ·BY FIREMEN OF Bl�GHAMTONi �- -fiIQND.\ OfFICERS WILL � AlfEND' ASSOCIATION � ,:enerate. The experience ot 21 Htales and Licensed Lady fmbBlmf'r ,I: Ce��i�ly. You Want Money Thete is One Sure Way to Get It -. SA'VE � Get tne habit of SA VING and your future welfare and prosperity are assured. Maybe your habit now is to spend too freely. You realize that it is a bad thing and would like to overcome it. _ 11), • __ Big fortunes h���mall beginnings. Rig1!t}!�te �\W�e!e wS desire to intire-sf you, , , ONe '!SINGli.E. DOLEAR will stm an account with us and n 'you add others to it at every opportunity you will soon find you have accomplished what you wan,ted. WILLIAM WHEELER' --! ATTORNn AND CQUNSnoll AT LllW ' NOTAR'\ PUBLIC I IN T.lJJJ:SDAY AND rRIDA' JJ:YENINGS . Ash Block. Leaterablre.N. l' MATHER C!J CARLTON ARCHITECTS Binghamton, III. Y. H. JI. ENDICOTT. r., PRED .JOHNsO'N. A. -H. BiXBY. �110T SPALOING. WM. H. HILL �nd W •• )i WINDUS. l.Ir«lor. --- '. �=============.===�========� ' ... arance and Real E.'ate Reslden. Agen' • ,08 Matn \'re .. , Le.,ershlre. Illy. t . The First National Bank 'Of Lesi'ershire Careful and prompt attention to thf' IilJlnlr of preamptlonl To1lf't Articles, Cameraa -and Pboto�pble Supplies T 2ARGAINS Medicines at lowest possible prices Pr.eacrlptlon DruUl.t a3a Main 8t., L.sterahlr .. .. Youc:annQt afford to spend a penny ror lOOting onill �u gel the facts about RELIANCE.; SampIo ..... 1IookJet1no SOLD oln Y ISY E. L. BALDWIN Vacant Lots on Lestershire Heights CALL AND GET PRICES Chas. J .. Quick H. J •. ANDERSON \ SON \ � '!. ff\ :t'

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