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Lestershire-Endicott record. (Lestershire, N.Y.) 19??-1915, January 30, 1915, Image 7

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CHICAGO MUSICAL CLUB The Ohlcago Musical Club. orgauiz.1 young violinist who has during the ed and coached by Louis O. Runner. past three years established a new win bE) seen at the Endwell theater standard for lyceum soloists. Her • ,appearance In San Francisco, At on Februa!;), 16. the third number in Ilanta, New York. Philadelphia, Chi. the Lesterehire Chautauqua course.: cago and other cities have been the The club will present a pleasing pro· topic of discussion In local musical . JlT&m o� lns�e�tal music and song., circles tor months atterward.. Mr The Chicago Musical Club marks' !larry lIIgbee Brooks bas toured the the beginning of a new era In Iycoum, country the past four years as soloist orchestras. The fact that the better I with tbe best known concert bands. _�P��lElniit\\im�USlo, when attractively i among tbem being Liberati's BI!,I}<l, are more appreciated by � Kryl's Dand. and the Klltles. Miss the average audience than are the i Lybarger .the string bass soloist. llghter and B<Ml!llled popular num·; draws from that Instrument a tone bers, is evidenced each year Yet whll'h closely resembles tbat ot the ��ers hQ.ve been slow to discard, cello II1lss Guthrie ,the trombonist, the cheal?er numbers, tailing to dis·' Is rapidly rising to the tront rallk of tlngaJsh 1!etween noisy applause and lady trombonJsts, while Miss Ger. dlscrtm�Ung approval. I nand, the accompanist, has had con· Out of, an 1!%perience of many' cert and lyceum experience before Yean, -and a careful IItUdy of the I giving her services to The Chicago muelc:al- demands of the Americau: Musical' Club. Mtss Mltcbell com· �PllbUC, Mr. Runner has evolved an I pletp.s the organization with unusual 9rganlmUon In the Chicago Mustca' I ability as a flUtist. ,Olub that can be presented before the: When you spend an evening with :awst exacUns musical socleUes In j Tbe Chicago Musical Club you bear Amertcan clUes, and yet whose pro-I a concert with the noise lett out, and grams are so arranged and balanced the music put In, a pleasing program as ,to �Scet �e requlrementa ot less by Iln organization ot soloists, each criUCIil·'audlences. In accompllshlng an arUst, and one In Which the ever JANlJ NEW �� REMNANTS 7 A ._ The New Victor Rccords Are' Now on Sale At There � some very fine selections In this 'lIst. Among the po.p­ ulai' 8On'; hits are Ule following: � \Tlp Tlppel'lU'Y Mary,\ sung by the Peerless Quartet. and \When. tlle..aro� Up Ladles Act Like Babies,\ by MurraY-76c. -:1. Knew 1I1m When Hel Was AIl RIght.\ and \Chinatown My chlJ1lLtoWil;\ both by Amerlcan Quartet-76c. , ''I'm Coming Back to Dixie and Yon,\ Peerless Quartet, and \In the Hills of Old KentuclQr,\ Campbell·B�76c. T�e February O.nce U.t Is BUre to be warmly welcomed by tbe great host of dancers who depend on the Victor to Curnlsh their ac­ cODlPanl.ID.ehts, rt fucludiis: \OecU&\ and \HUUcent\ both waltz-hesitations, hy v1ctor Military Band-76c. \When You Wore II, TuUp and I Wore a Big Red Rose,\ medley one-step, Vlo�\ .MIlitary' Band. And \Oh My Love,\ medley one-step­ tf,,25. , ,_ ':TJ!e GJ,rl P'on:.t Utah\ medley fox trot. And \Tennessee I Hear i:j.C'I�}j M�,,, ... �e�le� one-Bt�p. Both by Victor Military Band- ;�:. berta' ftorr( \T�e �lirl.l'g_ M_ald\ and Gem. from \The Pink Lady\ on ��e dou�o-fl!cerl re60Mli-for ,1..26. .- Two More Bayel 80ng_''The A. O. H.'s of the U. S. A.\ and 4·Snnb.eam Se,l�'-76c each. iN THE RED SEAL LI8T Is a duet by McCormack and Werren· 'rath: \:1' Moon Has Raised Her Lamp Above\-$1.00. And there are _seven re�n1s by' �8 \All·Star\ cast, Including Farrar, Caruso, AIds and Amato, lri the MetropOlitan Revival of \Carmen f·�\'·' Ali1'Ia. pluc� Ilngl a favorite plantation air. \Carry Me Back to �ny.\ Gluck and Homer' ling a beloved hymn, \Jeau .. Lover .\fFI\\ .. 01r<m:7· ·8oill.\ . We've a good lupply of tho popular marching· long, \U's a Long, Long Way to Tipperary,\ sung by McCormack. SHE MAKES BISCUIT Icompany decided do Its own b Ol. '. . I lng, and a plant was este mran- , or tbe company's • ,.� , -.' #,.' I �::::�. �D �:�:r:1I PI!:, :::e:7����ar ma�:1s ;:a:::1 Q:lloe FOR PAT:RONS OF; broad and pastries are prepared. : notable, stands In a class all by I Everytblng that goes 011 the table Is Innovations are not always BIG R E STA U'R ANT :�t:h::�p�e!IS��O:;h::�:I�Y':18�:: I ;�:t�e:os:r to 8��::B�:- a:UI�nOVatiOD . 'the cooking plant. declared It ODe ot -has been successful tar beyond the: the best be had ever seen I expectation ot Its originators. It was t (ConUnued from� 1 this Beetlon) , There Is little wonder tbat the res- I not phllanthrophy nor cbarlty-It was! taurant feature of the Endicott. John 1 co-operation. It was the master stroke: nue. She had several able assistants son & Company Is popular BesIdes of all the kindnesses and good things who aided materially In the success having the best cooks and the best sbowered upon the c�any's army: ot this department of the (\ompany's walters that can be secured, the price of employes by Its gen�al manager. I work. that Is fixed Is tbe lowest that can It was Oeo. :to' Johnson's fondest wish I be placed on the foolls to meet actual, when tho Idea was conceived that be, :It was bu� a short time_until the' cost of matertat and service Here might walk Into the dIning hall and, reBtauratlt feature Ylilimed such pro- on .. may get a chicken dinner-a real see every seat taken. This wlsb was/ portions that It became neceasary to dInner. mind you. not Ii few bones-- fultllled· maybe not at any small loss, enlargl' the quarters Xot having (or \ttl'en cents. And these chicken '\ the company Out h .. Is not a man' room on the factory floor for enlarg- dtnners are no rartty In Mrs. Hart's to mtnd loases If his employes are! ed restaurant space, thl' company domaIn DurIng tbe holidays that profited HI' saw the project take on, built a new structure just west or the have Just passed. no less than nve IIfl' and grow and grow until be was! lunch section. It was conceded at' chkken dinners were served sattsfled Today. thl' restaurant Is a: that time tbat the new building would' There are besIdes !'tlrs. Hart flxl'd department or the great system.; be adequate for all time but In this' twenty-three ot her ac('ommodatlng It stands out alone In uniqueness. the company was mlstakl'n �frs. and competent persons engaged In That,hp .-mployell appree-tate tbe ef· Hart's Came spread �Iany persons thIs department The young lady forts or tilt' company to provide the not engaged In the fa,·tortl'. took \\alt�l'sses are always neat In appear- rl'Mtnurnlll ,. plalnl y mantrest each thelr meals at the restaurant In ance painstaking and always obltg· da y by t he vt'ry ltberal par r.mage fact. It was then, and Is nnw th .. best Ing to all patrons wbetbPT faetory In hl'lplng 10 make thIs a great In In l..estersblre Its reputation IIN'ame .. mpl�or the village prealdent ,tlLUtion �Ir\ Hart mode at ly dectares wtdeapread and bnetnese grp\\ And \\ lUI perfe,·tly equlpp\rI plant -\I' I( \\ .. ry happy Sh .. I\ an unas­ It 18 stili growIng At pr(,8t'nt the with lh best cooks thaI ar« to b .. sunuug indtvtdua], and a most lovable, rl'\taurant Is serving (rom t !!tl\ to 1.. had. wltb aerv ic .. \qual to any first character :-IIII' Is tbe frIend of 4''') people dally claas hotel, with only th e bpst raw ' .. \pry man woman and ('hllel In the The bustnesa waa popular (rom tl!e r'?.�U.!!E'!1 ill llli: .DCeIlJl1lltil1n of I·mage ot Li-st .. rsblrc Sb .. \\Hldl'. at OUlsl't and continued to grow The, foods and wIth tbl' prIces that prp 109 lIIaln st r .. et -----------------------_------.....,....--------------- - -- ----- .. _- \ 119151 Just Placed on Sale at Bargain Prices In Silks. Percales. GlnghalDs, 1l11.lateas. Apron Cheoka, Linen ('rash Outing Flannels, et(' . at th .. prtr-es we ha VI' marked these goods HALF PRICE OR LESS-thpy won't last long. Here is a fine upportunlty for OUR SEWING CLUB BARGAINS IN HOSII:RY A l'ew paIrs 01 l.arll,,· I 'I \ Silk Hose the kind that eosta you $1.00 and $125 ('olorH bl\ k Ilr whll .. whll .. t hey last at only 65 CENTS. \ .. nt l .. men s lila. k I'llr( SIlk 1I\lf II OS\. th .. jnC\ kInd for only :5c (lputlpm\n H 1.1111<' thrt-at! \\k plalt\rI half hOMP. color., \I\� and Tan thp 4'\ �ID(I for only 211<:. MITCHELL & CHURCH CO. 205 Water Street, near Corner Henry and Water Street •. THE LITTLE STORE WITH THE BIG BARGAINS. ---------------------AT--------------------- � Here is what you hay� been waiting for. It's the Round-up Shoe Sale. Our regular customers and those who have patronized these sales before know what to expect They know that the regular Strange & Skinner value is to be obtained at a third and a quarter off the regular selling price. � It is those who are not famili� wit;h �ur . method of doing business that these words are for � There are no cheap, inferior or out-of-date shues offered: you­ --I�_;..--=��_is-�fr�om_ o� !�� Winter stock---th� !�ry same shoe� J�at thouslioils. of ..l!..e�'ple .have been glad to pay regular prices for. It's simply that we are cleaning up evety pair of Winter shoes for men, women and clilldten. This has been Straoge & Skinner's custom for years, and the wise and thrifty have learned to anticipate this event and take advanfage.@f it If you have ne¥er .been� of our shoe sales, come to this Qne antf'then you will know the real meaning of the word \bargain.\ Come as early in the week and as early in the· day as possible • .....__-----, WeM'EN'§ SH·OIiS .. ::---------·--,·, Armstrong's $5 00 dull S!alf '1 85 lace and button \ho��. 1C'tl. .;.------MI:N'S SHOES-----.;.··- Heywood Shoe Co's $4.00 S1.10 velour calf !lhoes .. , cJ \ E. T. Wright's $8 75 and $8.5(1 calf and patent $2 90 shot'S • Leonard & Barro ws' $8 25 and ��o�� GoodyeHr welt SZ.45 Northern Shlle Co's $2 7.') and $2 50 patent and gun S2 Zft Calf shoes • , The Jo\es Co's $8.25 and $8.00 ;:!:t ���'. ��� ��� $t45 Dunn- McCarthy'S $2.75 and $2 • .150 dun calf aud patent sr�os D�����C�h;'�� $:l 25 �d f1.�J viC'i kid Bnd calf shoes ....•.•.. Johnson Bros.' $2.50 DCIDJlroliLJiicJ, lace and button shoes. $1.\'5 All size'! V Gmy's *4.00 Winter S1 10 Weight velour calf shoes tl.tl \.' . • ,J''\,. \ COURT ST-REET-67 \� $4.85 Zeigler Bros' .$4< 6C1 gun calf S1 \'5 Wintt\r weight shoes.. tl.V Cross & Co. 's $8.75 Bnd $8.511 �un �h!:e!�d patent . . . . . . .. S2.90 -----------------NUSSES' SHOES------�--------- 12 to 2 Johnson & Haille$2.25 Run '115 Johnson & Baille$2 50 gun -� .90 calf b rtton shoes. ..... \. calf hIgh top shoes \'I. Melanson's $2. 50 shoes. with welted Pittsfield Shoe Co 's $1. 50, all solid soles, lace and SI95 Uongola kid. button $115, butt ons • fl shoes ... • . . • II \..( 4': , . • BannaQ.'s and Nettleton's $650 calf double sole $5 Z5 shoes • Stetson's and Nettleton's $6.00 patent Hnd duU shoes, ..... , . Heywood': \5.00 Winter kid and calf skin shoes.,. , Heywood's lIt4.50 patent colt and calf skin shoes. -----------------B.OYS' SHOES�--------------- 1 to 6 The Alden Shoe Co. 's$8.00 vel· ur Leonard & Barrows' $225 and calf double sole S2 55 $t.OIl box calf heavy SI.\'O shoes . . . . • sole shues V Lennard & Barrows' $2.75 and $2 50 caltskm welt sole tz 10 The H. & M. $2 00 and '1 �Q shoes. \ • *1 R5 kangaroo calfshoes \ .lJO -------YOUTHS' SHOES CHILI)REN'S SHOES------- 8 to 13 1-2 8 to 11 The Alden Shue Co's $2 75ve our P,\ & H, 's $1. 75 and $1 50 box calf Melanson Shoe Co. 's $2 OU velour J .. hnson & Baitle $1. 75 ve- $l.�O ili!�;elr soh- ... , S2.Z0 :�::. \\ ith ��� b.I�.. .... Sl.lO . calf shoes wit h wp.lted 'SI 65 lour calf shoes. 1I Leonard & Barrows' $2 50.oil tan· soles,· .Pittsfield Shoe Co 's$I.86, aU solid ned calf shoes, welt � 00 1 tie boys' heavy high top '190 Johnson & HRilIe $2.00 SI65 ���oJ� kid. b���� •• � .. '$1.00 soles .' • . • • • • • . •• \I.\ $2 50 tan shoes . \ • . high top gun calf shoes. . • , L. weight Sl.85 Sl.65 T \ . ) , ........ , ... TV

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