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JOHNSON OITY-ENDICOTT BEOORD, MAY 5,1917 .-ft-,; TO HOLD Hand of Fellowship to be Extended to All New Members of the Congregation Communion services will be hold.- at the Elrst Baptist churcb»of Johnson City, £unday morning at 10!80 o'clock. The hand of fellowship -will be 'extended to all now members of the congregation. Rev. Mr. Ford will preach on \The First Fruit of tho Christian Life.\ Sunday school will be held at noon and tho Junior So­ ciety will meet at 3:30 o'clock. There will be a meeting of the Christian En­ deavor at 6:30 o'clock. Evening serv­ ice with, special music will be held at, 7:30 o'clock. The pastor will preach on \The Second Fruit of the Christian Life.\ The Junior congregation will join In the first part of'the morning service, in charge Of Charles Morri­ son. Arrangements are being made for a Watch for the Next Game at Home TTtica—May 31, June 1, 2, July 11-13, Aug, 17-19, Sept 4-6. Syraouse—June 4-6, 9, July 14, 16; Aug. 2022. Blmlra—May 28-30 p. m.; June 18-20, June 30, July 3-4 a. m., Sept. 1, 3 p. m. Scronton—May 17-20, June 27-29, Aug. 6-7. Wilkes-Barre—May 14-16, June 24-26, Aug. 8-10. Harrlsburg—May 5-7, 16, June 16-17, July 23-26. Reading—May 2-4, June 12-14, July 26-29. union Mothers' Day service on May 13 at the Methodist church. The entire community Is asked to join In observ­ ing the day. The Woman's Home and Foreign Missionary Society of the 'Baptist church met yesterday afternoon at the home of Mrs. O. N. Day, No. 69 Main Street. The program was conducted by Mrs. L.\E. Ford. Mrs. Decker read the first paper, \A Trail of Light Around the Globe.\ \Baptists and the Great War\ was discussed by Mrs. Lawton-and Mrs. Doane's subject was \The Real Meaning of Retrenchment\ The Misses Ruth Demonle and Ruth Benjamin-sang several selections. The Ladies' Aid Society of the church will meet Thursday afternoon Our Partial Pigment \Plan opens the way for the smallest investor to buy outright standard stocks and bonds on easy - -payments. New York Stock Exchange listed securities only. Explanatory booklet by mail. C. I. Hudsoh & Co. Members of N. Y, Stock Exchange Since 1874 KILMER BUILDING-Sixth Floor Frank Paull Mitchell, Manager ^ PHONES 910 and 198* with Mrs. S, A. Jackson bf Baldwin street. This meeting will be conduct' ed by Chapter A. SEASON Reports of Chapter Show Work of .Past Year Has Been Most Successful The Johnson City Circle of King's Daughters has just cloBed a most suc­ cessful season, as shown by the report of the secretary. Miss Nellie A. Ritchie. Seven meetings have been held with an average attendance of 15 members, while the addition of four new members gives the club a total membership of 25. The circle has of­ fered to furnish one room at the new State Home at Dansville and contrib­ uted %5 toward furnishing the City Union room. The envelopes collected last Thanks­ giving netted the largest amount .in the circle's history, $218.61. A con­ tingent fund for the State Home olsoi has been established. Owing to the_j fact .that work has been plentiful, the report shows, charitable work has de­ clined. \The sick \relief fund in the Endlcott, Johnson & Co. factories fills a great need,\ the report reads. The oircle has helped a number of needy families, however, and i s receiving the congratulations of the community for Its excellent work. The roport of the treasurer, Miss Harriet Hatch is as follows: Receipts—balance May 1, 1916, $35.63; dues, $31.25; Thanksgiving, $218.61; total, $285.49; contingent fund. $16.73. Disbursements—silver cross, $5.00; Clothing and shoes, $14.52; groceries, |$?3.83; coal. $17.45; flowers\ IIMST nurse, $50.00; special nurse, $3.75; sheets and pillow cases for nurse, $7.92; sunshine box, $2.75; envelopes, $3.76; friend invalid, $L00; friend SHORT PRICES ' AT LONGS 159 mm'y\ Sim New»Washington Street Apparel Shop • 5 Doors North from Court Many Exclusive One-of-a-Kind Suits Reduced To $ 25.G0 The first mark-down sale of fine Suits this season starts today. These suits are not a special purchase for'this sale', but are suits selected from our regular stock and re­ marked at $25--an extreme reduction from regular prices. ' ^ They are fashioned from a wide range of beautiful cloth materials in the wanted colors, witn plenty of Nfcvy Blues and Blacks. No woman wanting a handsome and distinctive - Spring suit \should ignore th~is~ most'<unusual. offering to buy a very, high- clcOss suit at much less than its actual worth. ' On Sale Thursday Alterations Free\ Try Long\s First* It Pays Xmas, $5.00; subscription to silver cross, 60c; Dr. Walling, $1.5D; wasH- ing dishes, 60c; money order; 10c; to ternational $2\.50; state, $2.50; district, $1.25; city union, $1.25; for room at State Home, $5.00; total, $182.42. Balance, April 15, 1917, $103.07. WFB OP THE WORLD There is a general and widespread notion, which the curious Investigator will find scattered throughout both the world will last 6,000 years from the date-oMts-ereaHo one of Martin Luther's books reads as follows: \Elijah the prophet, said that the world had existed 2,000 years be­ fore tho lay was given (from Adam to Moses), would exist 2,000 years under the'Mosaic law (from Moses t o Christ) and' 2,000 years under the Christian ptloii I n Uonr-tby -4 ^dasMher^s-a-<imilar -4jar ^ayfl-TOferre«-t<j lt -TOferreo^ burned.' In the Etrurian account of the crea< ditlon, \The Creator spent 6,000 years in creation, and 6,000 more are allotted to the earth.\ In the black letter edition of Foxe's \Acts and Monuments\ (1632J there is aowhole sermon given with the 6,000 year limit of the earth's duration as a dispensation, and then it would be medieval and modem literature, that text Some writers;c^nM ^^Pat the \ a ] days lt ;lJ »,J*Njr writ reaih mean 6,000 years- *M;thfi (phc spventl day\ is a typ^b ^Ui%<^? lDR \alien nlum, years. \Sabb»tft\ mlllenf \\msand The psalmlstisays,^}^!^* 'tonsinijl years are in thyVsjgb.fei»^& s '*'filaj \l (Psalm xc, 4); $4fi0 &mSf** '\' - which is even MorefwedCfcg^ HILLS, McLEAN ^ 11 AS KINS lilNGHAM'l'ON'S GKTi.Vl'l -:tJ'r I'AMIIU.N L'LM I.K Don't Fail to take advantage of this ex­ ceptional opportunity to own a first Columbia Grafonola and a first-class selection of Records, 10 pieces in all Price complete Absolutelyjpra $1.25 Down Latest Model Up-to-the -Mlffi in every respect $1.00 a Week $53*25 We also have a full line of Machines Choice of Mahog­ any or Golden Oak | from $15 up to $C||| ••^•.y?»$'g , 4T IT ISN'T A BIT TOO EARLY TO BEGIN TO THINK ABOUT A VACATION This is personal suggestion and invitation to you to use-the Tra^ Bureau of ''Your Home\ in whatever way it may be useful to you Is it to be A camping party A fishing excursion An automobile trip A week at some delight­ ful lake.where aquatic sports will amuse < Is it a vacation of a hun­ dred different other attrac­ tions in one of a thousand lovely places^? / \ Jit your service We can make that week or two of pleasure and rest more worth while to you 'by furnishing suggestions and material of the entire country's most JaseTnatTng Vacation spots, planning rou;tes7 fmcllng railroad fatesand the\ best-and lowest priced boarding places. * Travel ancl Biformation Bureau \Your Home\ .of V .: i r m m m i- Col 5 sSt

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