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PAGE EIGHT THE OGDENSBURG ADVANCE AND S T. LAWRENCE SUNDAY DEMOCRAT - SUNDAY, DEC. 10, 1933 • sUXDA Feed Legume Hay Keep Hogs Thrifty Best Substitute for Sunshine During Winter, Says Professor Morrison \The i>est may to preserve sum- mer sunshine for winter pigs or to duplicate good pasture conditions, is to feed the pigs a email propor- DR. H. R. STEVENSON, O.O.S. •VE1 UTIMUL 1AM SLM. 234 Ford St Ogdensburg, N. Y. AMIIISTEtEO Ftl TEtTH iXTtUTiai tion of legume hay throughout the winter/' says F. B. -Morrison of the New York state college of agricul- ture. Professor Morrison points out that weil-cuned legume hay has many of the qualities of good past- ure, such as high protein, mineral, and! vitamin content and adds that recent experiments at the Cor- nell station and at other experi- ment stations have proved that the \winter feeding of legume hay is one of the best means of keeping pigs thrifty/' For young growing pigs, he re- commends feeding the legume hay in three-part mixture, which has been tested in numerous swine- feeding experiments. The mixture contains: 50 pounds tankage or meat meal, 25 pounds chopped or ground legume hay, and 25 pounds linseed meal. Lesrume hay chaff, which falls NEARLY ONE HALF REDUCTION /« ROUND TRIP FARES NEVER BEFORE SUCH AN OPPORTUNITY FOR FAMILY REUNIONS AND VACATION TRIPS TICKETS GOOD going every day from Dec 14th to Jam. is* . . . rttmrnmg until Jam. zjfA between all stations and generally throughout the United States, Canada, and Mexico, Krrbcrd round-trip tag car feres, tool over tbe CHRISTMAS and to the floor around the hay mow, may be use din&tead of the chop- ped hay, he says. Clover or soybean hay may be substituted for the al- faLAa hay,, and fish meal is as satis- factory or even better than the tankage. Also, cottonseed meal may toe used in place of the linseed meal. This protein-rich mixture may be self-fed in one compartment of the self-feeder, he says, and shelled or ground corn or hominy feed, in an- other compartment. The pigs will then take just about enough of the supplement to balance their ra- tions. If grains of higher protein con- tent—such as oats, wheat, or bar- ley—are fed, the nigs are likely to eat more of the legume supplement than is needed, if it is self-fed, he says. Therefore, when these grains are used, it is better to mix a de- finite amount of the trio mixture with the ground grain. Brood sows also need legume hay during the winter, Professor Morri- son says. He states that at least ten to fifteen per cent of the sows' total winter feed should consist of good legume hay. Alfalfa, Clover, or soybean hay may be fed. The sows will usually eat enough alfalfa hay if it is fed in a rack. However, they do not like clover hey as well, and if it is fed it should perhaps be ground and combined with the grain mixture. *'Iiet the pigs run out of doors in the sunshine during good weath- | er,\ he advises. NEW YEAR HOLIDAYS NEW YORK CENTRAL LINES Travel in comfort and safety by tram The new record for a code hear- ing was registered by the rolling steel door industry, which required just 9 minutes to submit and ex- plain its proposal to tNRA. The successful low-cost menu provides aH the foods necessary 'for health and appeals to the appe- tite. Send to the publication office, Roberts Hall, Ithaca, New York for bulletin 236„ Low Cost Food for Health. ahoui GMif*n&S have a way of flying past before yoa know it* Then you're in Che thick of the last-inmate nob .. * stepping hysteiicaOy; making hurried purchaacs which you 47ftfti your im- portant gifts, at least, before the Ghnstmas «J7;\\~» luz firgini Every- thing in our store is in r=ri.»~ and yoa may look about leisurely and give thenecessary thought to your selections. If you've decided what to give, or even if you haven't, it will makr Christ- inas shopping easier to select a lew gifts now from oar idea-inspiring coHec- tsons and have as lay them away until H. L. McCARTER \SQUARE DEAL JEWELER\ GAINS UNDER NRA CITED BY SECRETARY PERKINS WASHINGTON, Dec. 9.—\NBA has already succeded beyond my expectations,\ said Miss Frances Perkins, Secretary of (Labor, to an enthusiastic audience of 8,000 at New Haven, Conn. She described NRA as \an instrument for creat- ing a consumptive power to bal- ance the productivity of industry\ and cited examples: \The cotton textile industry, which was in as bad shape as any industry, has 10,000 more persons under employment than in 1926, which was a banner year. Using the figure 100 in the year 1926 as normal, there has been an increase of employment from 55 to 73.5 since last (March in 89 industries employing 60 per cent of the Na- tion's labor. Pay rolls have in- creased more than three billion dollars between March and Octo- ber 15 and in this period more than four millions have returned to work. This is evidence of what progress has been made under NRA and other recovery measures.\ NOTICE Pursuant to an order of Hon. Ceylon G. Cahney, Surrogate of the County of St. Lawrence, and ac- cording to the statute in such cases made and provided, Notice is here- by given to all persons having claims against the estate of Charles E. Harvey, late of the town of Os- wegatohie, in said county, deceased, that they are required to exhibit the same, with the voucher there- of, to the subscriber at her resi- dence in the village of Heuvelton, in said county, on or before the 4th day of May next. Dated, October 23, 1933. MARY L. HARVEY, Heuvelton, N. Y., Administratrix. NOTICE TO CREDITORS. Pursuant to an order of Hon. Cey- lon G. Chaney, Surrogate of the County of St. Lawrence, New York, notice is hereby given according to law to all persons having claims or demands against Nathan Nadler, late of the City of Ogdensburg, in said county, deceased, that they are required to present the same, with the vouchers therefor, to the sub- sciiber, Bmily Nadler, executrix, etc., of the estate of said deceased, at her place for the transaction of business an ouch executrix at No. 531 Union Building, Syracuse, In the County of Onondaga, N. Y., on or before the 7th day of January, 1934. Dated June 23rd, 1933. EMILY NADLER, Executrix of the Estate Nathan Nadler, deceased. LEVY, SHULMAN 4b MURRAY, Attorneys for Executrix, 631 Union Building, Syracuse, N. Y. NOTICE LEGAL NOTICE NOTICE TO BANKS AND BANK- ING HOUSES Sealed proposals are invited from the Banks, Bankers and Bank- ing houses to act as the deposit- ory of public moneys of the Crt* of Ogdensburg for the next en- suing year. Said proposal shall state the rate of interest the bid- der will pay to said city on dail/ balances standing to the credit of the city. Only such proposals will be considered by the Common, Council. Such proposals shall we sealed and directed to the Mayer of the city and delivered to him within ten days after the first pub- lication of this advertisement. The Common Council reserves the right to reject any and all bids. Dated December 1st, 1933. W. H. OWEN, City Clerk. NOTICE. Pursuant to an order of Hon. Ceylon G. Chaney, Surrogate of the. County of St. Lawrence, and ac- cording to the statute in such cases made and provided, Notice is here- by given to all persons having claims against the estate of Anna McVey Kilbourne, late of the town dt Canton, in said county, deceased, that they are required to exhibit the same, wit hthe voucher there- of, to the subscriber at the law of- fice of E. P. Lynch, in the city of Ogdensburg, in said county, on or before the 13th day of March next Dated September 1, 1933. HENRY J. McVEY, Oswegatchie, N. Y., Executor. EDWARD P. LYNCH, Attorney, Ogdensburg, N. Y. THE PEOPLE OF THE STATE OP NEW YORK, to Mary Cor- rice, Morristown, N. Y.; Clarence Puller, address unknown; consti- tuting the husband (or wife) and all of the distributees of Delia Ful- ler, late of the city of Ogdensburg, in said County of St. Lawrence and State of New York, deceased, Send Greeting: Whereas, Alfred C. Lavigne, Og- densburg, N. Y., the executor nam- ed in the last will and testament of the said Delia Fuller, deceased, has lately applied to our Surrogate of our County of St. Lawrence, to have said Will proved as a Will of real and personal property in pur- suance of the statute in such case made and provided: You and each of you are there- fore cited and required, personally, to be and appear before our said Surrogate, at his office in Ogdens- burg, in the County of St Law- rence on the 30th day of December, 1933, at 10:30 o'clock in the tore- noon, then and there to show cause why said last Will and Testament should not be probated. And K any of the aforesaid per- sons are under the age of twenty- one years they win please take no- tice that they are required to ap- pear by their general guardian ft they hare one, and if they have none, that they appear and apply for the appointment of a special guardian, or in the event of their failure or neglect to do so a special guardian win be appointed by the Surrogate to represent and act for them in the proceedings for Pursuant to an order of Hon. Ceylon G. Chaney, Surrogate of the County of St. Lawrence, and ac- cording to the statute in such cases made and provided, Notice is here-|nrobate of said will- by given to all persons having claims against the estate of Thom- as Gardner, late of the town of Oswegatchie, in amid comnty, de- ceased, that they are required to exhibit the same, with the er thereof, to tbe subscriber, at his osfice In the city of Ogdensbarg, in said coenty, on or before the lfth day of June next Dated. December h 19X3. EDWARD P. LYNCH, N. Y^ EDWARD P. Attorney. LYNCH, N. Y. CLS.) IN THSTCTM ONY WHEREOF, we hare canned the seal of office of omr said Surro- gate to be hereunto affixed. WITNESS, Hon. Ceylon G. Chaney, Bnrrogate of said Comity at Canton in said Comnty, the ISth day of November, 1933. LOTT H. WEUJS, Clerk of the Surrogate's Conrt The persons above cited need not appear unless they desire to do 00. WTLUAM D. INGRAM. Att*y for Petitioner. « State Street, N. Y. Elks Er ( Supper I the Be C The loca for the fir rial evenir ceniber 271 per dance, iate memb be welcom (y will go the lodge It is ex will be the •und should Jar to Elk ago, a mi was hel<l V:oved sue criterion t be well r T*e in cha. rarmody, Charles r Erwin Ch • K. Silverui rn ade ext*? fur an apr tainmem t TO , Oirdeus' cloudy ar Ir.iupoi-aui BI PEN* -TUE? • De -AT M r Be HON ST RE and g b MEX

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