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ov. 20, i9:w pound and ret a f: turkeys are quot- es uts, many birds -r, hoping for a Christmas time, it a the three banner important turkey n New York State of Oneida, Oswe Delaware, *>teu- uhess. Cortland, Washington, pa's turkey pro- 1, compared with ties, more of these aised in that coun- in many previous te's production is ?nt of that of thv eys formerly sold more tlian chick- „ in production me- *red the cost and ices has decreased ,*ent years. ;NCE AD RESULTS MED er EAK tel ->p. I i • * » $ • )ay ISP L >ne 373 VET O. • » 1621 THANKSGIVING 1933 V-JMC WS A HOMETOWN NEWSPAPER FOR OGDENSBURG AND THE NORTH COUNTRY VOL. 1—X... _M OGDKXSltt K<J. X. Y., T1HKSDAY .MORNING, XOV. oO. !!»:« I'HICK :** NEGRO LYNCHED BY MIDWEST MOB C. W. A. TO EMPLOY 3,000 MEN IN THIS COUNTY HUNT FOR LEADERS OF iDoctor Is MOB IN NEW LYNCHING | Indicted In OF ST. JOSEPH NEGRO Murder Case Screen Lover to Wed Society Girl Tanks Fail to Halt Furious Mob of 7,000 Negro Hanged and Clothes Fired. ST. JOSEPH, Mo., Nov. 2<V— Placing the blame on \out of town\ instigators, authorities today launched a search for leaders ot the mob of 7.000 persons that stormed the county jail and lynch- ed Lloyd Warner, negro, 19, con- fessed attacker of a young wljite \woman. Policy early today removed the fire-seared 'body of Warner from a funeral pyre, fed with gasoline and oil, at the base of the fire from which he was hanged shortly be- fore midnight. Warner waylaid a -0-year-old white woman of good family in an alley near her home Sunday night, and knife in hand, dragged her in- to the alley. He tore off her stock- ings and tide her hands and feet, then assaulted her. He left the knife at the scene of the crime, and it was through it that the police identified him. Enters Guilty Plea He confessed and tried to plead guilty in circuit court before Judge J. C. Gaddy, but the judge refused to accept the plea until a lawyer was appointed for the negro, as it was a capital offense. A second hearing was set for tomorrow morning. Sheriff Otto Theison surrendered Warner to the unofficial execution- ers after the crowd had virtually wrecked the \xnob proof jail dur- ing a battle in which tear gas, clubs and even two national guard tanks were employed by the jail defenders. The crowd hurried Warner to a tree on the courthouse lawn and there swung him aloft on a noosed rope to die above the crackling flame?. Authorities said they were con- vinced leaders of the lynching mob were the same who several months ago led an unsuccessful attack on the county jail to lynch Raymond Ounn, negro attacker of a rural school teacher near Maryville, Mo. Ounn was later dragged from the Maryville. Mo., jail, taken to the scene of his crime and there was chained to the roof of the school- house and burned with the build- ing. See Fir* Link Police saw a definite connection between the two lynchings inas- much as both mobs resorted to the use of fire in the killings. Sheriff Thiesen admitted that his deputies were \looking for the owners of two red trucks** who took a leading part in the execu- tion. The lynching of Warner followed closely the similar mob execution of the iwo kidnapers and killers of Brooke Mart, 22. at San Jose, Calif,, last Sunday. The crowd began to gather out- side the courthouse here last eve- ning when it mas learned Warner had confessed to a brutal assault on a prominent St. Joseph woman, whose name authorities refuse to reveal- Health of Aged Doctor in Pre- carious Condition. CHICAGO, Nov. ^.—Indictment of Pr. Alice Lindsay Wynekoop. prominent woman physician, on the charge of having murdered her pretty 2^-year-old daughter-in-law. Rheta Gardner W» uekoop. came today beiore the grand jury. Prosecutors -placed strong em- phasis on the report of an autopsy expert that Rheta was alive when a bullet was tired into her back as she lay on an operating -table iPlease turn to Page 3) in Touhy Gang Must Face New Trial Must Face Charges of Kid- naping John Factor in Il- linois. NEW YORK. Nov. 29.—Plans for the wedding of Gary Cooper, mo- tion picture star, and Miss Ver- onica Balle were indefinite today. | her family said following announce- ment of their engagement. The engagement was announced j last night at a dinner in Mi>s • Balfe's honor at Central Park ca- ! sino. I County Miss Baife, 2»V daughter of Mrs. I of the C Paul Shields of New York and!day that Southampton, made her debut two (for HUGESUM IS COMING FROM CWA Chairman Frank Announce? Plans to Employ More Than 3.000 Men. Chairman Julius Frank W. A. announced >ester- he has made application the expenditure of $:><t<4.::oo.H0 seasons ago. For the past year she j in the County outside ot the Cit> has lived in Hollywood where she! 0 f Ogdensburg. Of this amount, J ap] tea red in several films under :he j $4\ .IMMI.OO will be spent for skilled name of Sandra Shaw. j labor and $::.\»::.«MM» for unskilled. Prevailing scales will be *>«» cent? Rockefeller Must per hour within ,he villaP *> ^ * Please turn to Page •*:» Stay in North As j His Health Is Poor' Lynching Slur Cut rrom him Lindbergh Plans Still Uncertain ST. VaXOEXT, Cape Verue Is- lands, Xor. 23.—Still anrertaia re- garding plans for the immediate future.\ CoL and Mrs. Charles A. Lindbergh remained on the Cape Verde Islands today, failing to sake the early start for «• unan- nounced destination which they had tentatively planned. As late « S i. a t« t. a. E. S. T.t the Lindbergh plane still was moored in Saa Martiajo Bay, about frre aiflrr from Pima, capital at the islands Uatbaeities here did as* know whether the Lindbergh* weald fly back to the African coast from the islands or proceed westeward ac- ross the South Atlantic to Hrazil. Word that the Lindberghs still were at Saa Mart in jo this morning spiked reports published by the Paris newspaper Excelsior ia a Dakar, Senegal dispatch, that the conpte had taken off yesterday for aa aakaoara destination. Claire Windsor's Former Lover Is LOS AXTHLBS. Xor. 29.—A ST. PAUL. Minn., Nov. S».—Le- gal machinery for the extradition of Koger Touhy and three members of his gang, to Illinois to stand trial on charges of kidnaping John Factor, former barber and stock plunger, was se* in motion today. The Touhy gangsters were held in jail under heavy guard on fugi- tive warrants served on them im- mediately after, a federal court jury yesterday found they did not participate in the kidnaping and collection of fl *».«*•$ ransom of William Hanim, jr., last June. County Attorney M. F. Kiukead announced the four would be ar- raigned today on fugitive warrants based on the Chicago indictments chancing tb«*m with abducting Fac- tor and holding him until a $7*,uou ransom was paid. Factor has identified Toahy and some of the others as his abdurtors. TARRYTOWX. X. Y.. Xov. 2<v— John IV Rockefeller. Sr., is no bet- ter. His condition is about the same as it was a week ago, and whether or not he will spend the Winter in Florida is in the balance. He is in no danger. This statement was issued this evening by one close to the fam- ily. He diagnosed Mr. Rockefell- er's sickness as a case of old-fash- ioned grip which carries with it a racking cough which Mr. Rockefel- ler cannot seem to get rid of. des- lite the fact that he shows a r« HOIJI.YWUOIV Nov. r.».—After concluding that *\such a thing would never ha]*>en in civilized California.\ Paramount studio ex- ecutives ruled out a lynching scene in a kidnaping picture which was finished Saturday. The following day a mob storm- ed the San Jose jail and lynched Holmes and Thurmond. markable physical condition tor hit; 94 years, with normal puis* and respiration. I California Bill Asks Death for Snatchers SAX FRAXOfc^CO. Xov. 2*.—As while <loveraor Kolph was st.il re- a direct result of the kidna^ng of ceiving a flood of telegrams from Brooke L. Hart and the subsequent all section* of the I mted ^aie- from Claire Windsor,. his former sweetheart- A jury ia municipal court found him guilty of petit theft charges last night at the end of a fiery one- Convicted as Thief *f rOQ \ mm ***V! m * wfc f* ** actress denounced him as a liar thief.\\ The dapper acting as his own I promptly applied far a trial. A hiailag, oa the mafia* set for Dec. 7 and he was re- leased aader IS** auuath* hi Jail Read, Jr, today after Alfred e irirted oa he stole fll lynchimr of his abductors and kill-j ers, a legislative movement has been started to make the death penalty mandatory for every kid- naping offense in California. The movement was inaugurated by Assemtdmaan Roy J. Xieisen of i Sacramento, who announced that he will present a bill to the next Legislature to make the new state kidnaping lav even more drastic. The law now provides executioa for kidnapers ia cases wfcere the victim meet* bodily harm, aad permits the jury to substitute life with no chaave for a cheap 7 XieWea as- serted, ~aad that whether the rictni is iajarea/ some censuring him severely lor his attitude on the lyix-uiug oi Thomas H. Thurmond ^mt J*ck lioimes. aad others <-omineii«ling him highly. Asked his opinion of the *<-uon of <iov,>rnor Ritvhie of Maryland, vho call-d out troops to seize lend- ers of a mob thai banged a negro, the governor declined to <-omuieat directly. But by iafereace. h«- coa- trasted the situation ia Marylaao and ia California by declaring: \* Every thing is calm here. Xo one «-as shot. Xo one was mowed down duriar the lymhiar of these two murderers and kidnaper-. The good citizen* of Saa Jose hare re- to their work, paint is: None of the oiti- administering fast ice was Xielsea aaaou&ced ki» iatesiuoa j kilk-d-

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