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The Advance-news. (Ogdensburg, N.Y.) 1933-1935, November 28, 1933, Image 6

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>AY. NOV. 2$, lJtff; station before the mert- of prospective puberna- dklates are to be advaac- sentj^ive James W. Wa<ts- *aron, t>sden L. Mill*, and •t Johnson, Watenown . amomr others, have been J as possible state sund- ers. •ty's attitude on perman- .• control for New York *ch will be created by the slature, also may be de- at the conference, the ts kind called in many •$ of both the Senate and as well as candkkates offices, will be ei*-cTet! Campaigns undoubtedly isca?sed. calling the meeting to e New York city lesrisla- *e<l the way for ihscus- other topics when h*- that iu the meantime. five thought to the niat- shouhl be considered/* > I II/KSDAY, NOV. 2S. V.K\:\ the Wire* Say NEW YORK ; ving diauer cost tliis t since 1SU»7. p's two assailanty near * latal vice rak!. suicide. three sujc«-ed. wo wili reeover of more leisure by MIA. rtiny ^oods industry. leaders fttil to place list of ten greatest s ask six changes now rter. full revision only ujrh study. \ouncil finds American? IHMI.WMI a year for pat- es. r bolts O'Brien, de- bus franchise be If ft ia. \ chuich tax exemption uri:ed by City Affair? isc critize? Jews for nite against Hitler. dmits she po^ed as *ker, stole dimes from iockefeller, Jy., triples $li»«».«W to Cirizt-ns fare Committee. irie charges \love mil- tb hiding marital >ta- \onnd slain after ar- ancin^ revei. liolic cleticr join col- CMM*rating church's s. kille*i, student pilot Jred in ciash at Valley Cal- D»<k h«mt*rs I£rook«> Hart, kidnap ,\\ icssed baby Uoy found :*2i Island field. TED STATES ity's Public Kn^ray found staua. Ci:v—(^reraor Mur- r trouble, IOV fan* oels. other, $1. sends, soft fcrvak aim of drink- iiy~Ptagn<- foils In- r tors, la-—Victoria Price stand today a# chief ayvood Patters**. . it- C—Kero**.ry nrtnrd tile in off *ea- OTtC J A u ll • lijn^ed Lienor**, of **Ju*h iJExhom a*a Horseneadn. THE ..A D V A X 0 E - N E W S PAGE SEVEN DR. MONROE URGES FOOD LEGISLATION a Canton party and say TVeedle-Um > coust-d 22 cigars out of his'vva* r >t an elevating sight to oim jeedle.eedle, recalling that introduc-1 band cap. This u Quoted that «tni°* strictly esthetic mind, but iv. tion to \Passions of the Heart\ i idea car. be formed, supposing 1 Was eloVi,tin K 1° - ,juk and surely waltzer played in the park! | some band rr.embers had promised •\ Where everything stopped but his Sunday .^chool teacher not to' came t Qi w> i •,. - r , tweedle* and then the rest cameiuse the \hlthv weed\ but had ~ot' Dne recommends Watchful Support of the 1 *** .*f lhou ^ H an was as she\ outside of 22 beers? \\v were talu- he was the most concerned. AIM talk about applause when the eim That was the worst Copeland Bill, Senate 1944, to Strengthen Present Law. f wnt' Harry Stahl the cornet, whojing of bass players. Jack I played the solo clarinet part to! one cigar, pos^fbly two. but William Tell overture! Plenty)you thirk he couldn't ^ took don't play: At The household buyer trill gain nror€\ hoth in health and in pocket more -band timber- will think of .1:30 p. m. that day the grand>tand later, when too late! Well, as we i wax packed. The \big stuff\ was violating the specific law. As a |started, let's keep iu result, persons have been poisoned [section.\ One night. tne 40 \bass i being pass years ion the ssed around and placed up. jVaese «re the co musK- racks on the band-; hel> in Ogdensburg WIVES IN EMPLOYMENT K<Ii:or A ivance-News: I copied this from the Literary Diuest fur November ii, I5»:t::. Wish >ou might see fit to publish it. onditions li-ht book, from ^he passage of the re-j by hair dyes, depilatories, and oth-j^nc^ was in BrockviHe to secure j stand, across the track. It was be- \Labels Aviil l>e more fully infor- g ac \jsed 1'ood and drug act, to be voted in at the next session of congress. i.han from any other law since the passage of the federal food and vlrug act in liH*», says Dr. llay Mon-1 roe, professor at the of home economics thus on the t-oncerning propo present foods skians and honest manufacturers j the requirements, he can give it will also benefit greatly, she *-ays, 'some fuch fanciful name as \An- by the passage of ;!::< bill. J ge'V Ueligut.' The label will car*- **The present Tood^ and drugs • fully avoid calling the thing jam: act, passed in 1MH> and still in i yet the housewife may accept it rce, rej>resented « great forward | «s jam if she sees an attractive j ep twenty-seven years ago: but j I'icSurc and a pleasant name, ha? two great faults, in that it \The new bill provides that lab- !,s loopholes which permit un- els of food with distinctive names scrupulous manufacturei-s to de-]mw>t stit»- the ingredients ceive buyers—and it is not suftic- [ **A13 in all/* Di\ Monroe adds. RKAl>KH er 'aids to i^eauty* and the person f musicians, and stood listening to i fore the announcer had rung his so injured has had iittie reioursej an open-air concert by <I think) j bell to bring up the \hosses.\ so all j Debate Over Wives as Job Holder? save to bring a damage suit against' tne * lst Battalion band of Brock- eyes were !ocu>e<i on the band, the company. jville. Anyway George Stenson Sr. • Everything read.v. the conductor was leading, whom wished to see. raps on his >tand. g?ves the ? ignal, To the Editor of Literary iii^e^t — t?:r:—I would like to add a word of sanction to Mr. Turner's idea iently broad in lis provisions lor cJns;imer-prott ctiou. \The new ji!l gives added pro- jection to the purchaser of drugs. Talse curative claims are prohib- ited in advertising as well as on the package label. This section/' she *<ay*. \will prevent thousands from spending money for so-calle.l remedies which ore useless, and will also tend to discourage depend- ance upon 'patent medicines* when services of a doctor are needed. Many persons have pinned their faith to testimonials in advertise- ments, and have deferred physi- cian's diagnosis until it was too late. \Cosmetics too. ore brought un- * *\he bill will protect, the honest manufacturer as much as the con- sumer: he now has to sell his pure, carefully labelled products in com- petition with products which evade the law. The law Has the approval of many of the best doctors, but is not popular with the makers of patent medicines, who tear de- creased sales when they have to cease making misleading claims for their wares.\ Mis? Monroe urges consumers to interest themselves in this pro- posed legislation, to watch its pro- gress in congress, and to tell their n preventatives not to permit am- endments which will nullify the features which are especially de- H. s *}ur.«rto **p >n h.s ba ? horn one H«*. fl.eU m* Work , a^rtmmi store,, ero.vry *e cellar. The other tuneU m: h«ad *;*.-«,•. ,,n.J h:. lip* and. „ rorv „ r ^ nii „ ^ w , 9 mr •\*> and 1 wish bed star there, up earn? a M-ady. ciear f m MM? „ ^.. efM of , he |K , si , iou , Tha; a ne plays it at every concert. An- spouting unrestrained and in full! -^, , ,, i «• . . , \ _ . , ; v , viiii^u auu in * Ui *jv.oman can fK>ssibly hold, are hela other time, nearly as far back, re-,v:ew. It came and came, come 2 x - i • » •• -, . t . \ . . . - . I ,, v<*«4^ «^M vcuxj^r. ^^ii«rj 1)V j liarrie< | women. I believe if a member playmg with a band dur- and kept oominr. Hi, brother married , voman dW uot work . anv ing four days of the county fair, ; player* kept one eye on Jack. one\ ian (h?<t wai||w| to wovk W|W ^ T and the bandsmen agreed ubis on thn music: one ear listened to a j a b. Give a man a chance t* d« once) that Canton always did use a* the united and unanimous laug- band fair. Tlie morning program J ter from the grandstand while tiie was serenading the business part other tried to follow, ax lea<, his of the town, to enliven thing? for own part. The piece of music pro- the fairground sports after dinner. ! giesred with scarcely any notice- At noon of the third day a tee- able interruption. Jack didn't totaler (something not always ab~;waste more time t.an required. It a bread-winner over a uoman. Uncle Ab say.v that in spitf of v. inter, and of ihe claims of Cali- fornia or Florida, he is ulad thav he lives where there are four sea- •>ons. der the control of the government, j *i-ned to remedy those conditions Since cosmetics were not consider-. Jong needing change. She says that j ed dru.rs. it was iK)s.-il>le for un- without this legislation it is «.!- j •thical manufacturers to use faise t.most impossible for the buyer to j labels and advertisements without j p-.ctect her family's health, and . I to escai>e paying more than pro- 19c .19c 17c 18c 15c . 5c 10c J. E. Downey 824 Ford Street Phone 1087 CHOICE TURKEYS 25c Lb. Ducks and Geese, lb. Chickens, lb. Fowl, lb _ Leg of Lamb, lb. ... Frime Rib Beef, lb. . Stew Beef, lb Pot Roast, lb. Meaty Boiling Beef, lblOc Rib Beef, bone out lb. 23c Hamburg;, 2 lbs. 19c Shd. Pork, lb. 10c Pork Loin whole, lb. _ 13c Rump Roast, lb. 15c Sausage home made _15c Celery Stalks, large _ 8c Grapefruit large 5c Mcintosh Apples, 6 lb 25c Snow Apples ... 8 lb 25c Mixed Nuts, lb 25c Brazil Nuts, lb 19c Walnuts, lb 23c Tokay Grapes, 3 lbs. . 25c Cranberries, 2 lbs. .. 25c Celery Hearts, 2 for _ 15c Oyst€rs, quart .. 49c [Large Cauliflower .. 25c ducts are worth. J Can You Recall - - j Cm you recall reading in Thurs- day*.; Advance-Xews that George L. Main and wife had just celebrat- ed the r»«th anniversary of their maTriagp at Canton. Mr. V«*in is one of the oldest and best known] magicians in the north country and for many years his services wtie appreciated and sought by bands for the purity of tone he succeed- j ed in calling forth from his big! bass horn, or tuba. Along with his' friend George Premo of Potsdam J the two musicians strove all their lives to attain quality, leaving vol- ume to any brother bassos, who were endeavoring to re-enact the. battle of The LdtUe Big Horn—in- stead of playing one. Mr. Premo i has the further satisfaction of hav-j injr raised two soife>. Clarence and Clement, who have followed hi.;j footstep^ and are head and shoul- ders afcove the average bandsmen in tone and technic It's only fair to say that most ' of Canton's fcandVnien were con-1 scientious in study and rehearsals and aeid their own. and more too. withont fm.ss or feathers. Hone of Prof. Livingston equally loved with Prof. DnnKMcfeei of Ogdensb«rg by j toe mmsicaJ fraternity. Adopted J bonte ffor a wnile! of Curi* Par-! meter, so sweet-toned a clarinet as. George's bass. Carl Hall came late i nsnally. fcnt was there when he •ver cracked his trooj-j ir ears and temper by noiae. which is nicknamed jazz. ~S&ip~ BandnU might have skipped •omcthinr cm ting hair, bnt no tit- tle gTace note did Skiy skip And Dan 3*arco_ CmMi't he piny baritone? How be womld langfc at //i YOUR \NEXT TOWN\ FRIENDS CAN BE \NEXT DOOR\ NEIGHBORS T5\: HP IF YOU'tL CALL THEM UP ONCE IN A WHILE mmmB if>>;;:ff*V V-: '*: •.•;>; xi •''••-'• •< John, Tve been thinking of the Browns all day. ft does seem ages r Dor, since their last visit. It's a shame we don't see fhem more often... Bill's a prince, tool...Why not call them up? T\V- Splendid! i'tt plione Mary right now. You know it won't cost much... Mary, I've been wont- Fve certainly enjoyed this visit ing to visit with you. —How obo*;t driving over with Do teHmeaf!the news! John. Saturday night? Mow MAM' TIMES have yoa said to some good friend in another place, \It's a shame me don't hve closer.\ Most people have friends of this kind—too near for let- ters—yet too far away to see as often zs yoa would like. Why not keep together by telephone? Call them op— and give yourself the fun of a visit oot there in person. Call them op—and enjoy afl this and more—from the comfort of jour easy chair. And at a cost so trifling yoa can afford to do it often. f NEW YCH TELEPHONE 4 • C D v. N Y 5*

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