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PAGK KM in T II K A P V A XCE - X E W S KKJDAY.XOV. 17, 1933 J Can You Recall • - | The Advance US62» County Di- rectory continued from Nov. 14. ST. LAWREXCE CO\'>m (abridged) Ogdensburg Assessed at 58 Per Cent of Its Value Supervisors are Notified Policemen Were Hosts Last Night i This eoumy formed from Clinton» and parts Montgomery and H»-rk:-! vo Tte Board of Supervisors recon- sich, honorary members ©X the association. Cigars were furnished during the evening through the tfcoughtfulness of Charles I', layout also an honorary member. President Philip L. W hit** acted j in the capacity of toast master and . opened the speaking program by j expressing his thanks to the mem- mer 1S»»:.\ Contains isv 1 so., miles. .Largest County in N. V. Princi- pal streams Indian, O^we^ratchie, Gra.-se, R:\cket . £i. Regis and Deer. They flow northwest, then mostly beiul X. K.. finally nearly parallel the Si. L«t\vreme. T^areost lakes. i Black then Cranberry. Central and{,._ i\ i^- K . .-*.* \ *« *.* * ,, r t»Je indebtedness ot th Southern pontons of County un- p^ rte « e i^ , »^ued Wednesday morning at Can- ' ton. Messrs. IV Ash ton Moore of De- kalb. J. Mark Harran of Hopkiu- ton and Andrew J. Haniner or Mas- >ena. absent the previous day. took their seats with the Board. Mrs. Gale presented a report of e town of $*.62tMM>; Pierceiieid owes *$9.ooo| Annual Banquet of the St. Law-] bers 0 f tne group for the r whoie- ' rence County Association i hearted co-operatii | Enjoyable Success. ! tbe ^ ear - u He also ion throughout expressed hi i thanks to the mayor for the great A gathering of 7\. men from the i help that he had been to the po ; lice and said that in his opinion he jSt Lawrence Police Protective A>-; ha(1 ^^ aeC0 rded the privilege of Mr derlaid by gnt^j. and white l:me-j intone. The County includes \Ten; r . ., , . . . , ^ .. x - „ ^. .. ,* i tb* mdebtedne^ ot the town Towns tract Nc. 2. Macomb s Pur- i ^ , chase, tract No. 3 also, small por-' Moore presented a report of of j by associations in the state. H ivad a telegram from Mayor Moris iion by Revolutionary Land war-! Both were ordered tiled and pub- j lished with the minutes. IVkalb ! owes SlS.tnui.oo and must raise this rant- and the Sf. 1-awrence is- lands. First settlement under; . . , , .* , , » ,-. - i year to pay principal ana mteres £taie authority. Ofcdensbur^fc. 1.:••>.] Before !£«»•• I-isbon. Madrid. Mas- \ and must pay this year for princi- pal and interest $7.S00.O0. The Clerk presented the report of the County Children's Agent, which was ordered filed and pub- lished with the minutes and re- . . ^ . , ferred to the Committee on Pub .? ^^^tion. honorary members of the j working with the best mayor of lie Welfare. The report shows that' association and visiting delegu) any of the 7.\. districts represented- at the commencement of the li*cal | lion * from Watertown and Syra- year there were 111 children de- cuse associations attended what pendent on the County and f»:: de-j xvi11 £° dwn * n hisiory a> one of) sette. who is in New York city, ex pendent on towns. During the! the finest and most successful ban-} pressing recret that he would be year .\0 became dependent 22-^ u ^ ts ever held by the association [ unable to attend the meeting and j at the H;»tel McConville last even- • pledging bis support to the asso- ing. { ciation in the future. A message* A bounteous dinner was served j was. also read from ChaTles King— Pro- hat m sena begf.n. When War of lS12t viting out West. Railroads found were charges on towns. z:> ceased j which a speaking program which he was unable to attend due to started, population of County S.MOOJ improvement and contributed to »be dependent for various rea-' w »s headed by an address by 1*.; weather conditions but wishing th* At close of war increased by influx j greatly. 1S-7-40. frontier excited from Vermont and N. E. S::nes. • »ver ''Patriot War.\ The Battle of ~ , in United Helper.; Home, 50 in Og-;*^ lalks DV p &iliP ^ White, presi, tially welcomed the gathering to through Children's Court and t> through Public Welfare Law. which were charges on the County. i T i * through Children's Court and 24J uaa * er ine capable supervision of ton, state president of Police 1 • through Public Welfare Law that ;tuo management of the hotel after tective associations, stating t Kr:e Canal checked liHs irrowth. in Windmill Point. Nov. l$C:s. U. S io »oe nepenaeni ior various rea-; \^ «^««^** vr.» «« ««^ITT.-^ «.. *•-; »*^a.«.«v* w«^.»ww^- --- «r — sons, leaving ISi* dependent child- j A r - Thomas, president of Clark- local unit the best of good fortune, ren at the end of the vear. 62 are'. : \° !i College at Poudam and includ- Mayor pro-tem Omer Klie ohi- Collection I>ist. of Oswegatchie densburg City Orphanage. €5 are j <**m of the association. Mayor Pro-! the city and expressed pleasure at t. March e. 1S11. Headquarters) under boarding care and the r.e- \ wm °^er Elie, William I) Ingram, j being able to attend. DANCE —at— Masonic Temple TONIGHT Dancing - - - - 9 to 1 Northern Dansonians For Masons and Friends Charge 40c Each including Refreshments at OgdensbUTgh. Population county S2.r»S3. Bolt of country north of primitive region underlaid by Pot>dam sandstone, that bor- -dering the St. Lawrence underlaid by calciferous sand Took. Great portion of County covered by drift deposits however, which neutral- ize^ effect of underlying rock upon soil. Magnetic Iron Ores abound in south part, veins of lead in Ros- ofjmainder in various instituiions. 4 w - Allan Newell. Allen L. <Jurley; i>r. Thomas, the principal sp^ak- win shortly be sent to state in-! G * Potsdam and Capt. F*roadfield j er of the evening, paid a great tri- stitutions and free home -place-] 01 the State Police was presented, j buie to police officers and labeled menu are in process for 12. 'Ninej^ 3u?ic \\^^ furnished during thertht.-ni as the symbol of all that is t investigations for adoption avej 0 ^ 111107 »>' William C. IVWan's or-j good in social control. **No social been made under order of the p 4 ^* 3 Ira and Theodore Burgess, control is possible without the po- Court. $r»3v4« has been collected | C'*hf\.*f of Police of Potsdam, and j licemen.\ Dr. Tlromas ?aid and add by the Agent from families for! H - vm an Either of this city delight-1 ed that even with modern educa-' care of children outside their own j e< * tne assemblage with several vo- j tijnal methods the police were al- homes. Individuals donated $17 for | cai selections. The table decora-; way> necessary. \1 have been turr- Christmas and gifts wt-re received j tions were verj* effective as each i ins: out college students for years.', sie. Dairying, stock raising andj from the local churches, the Ameri-i of the tables was decorated with j he. ^aid, \but 1 still find that polio- grain cultivation are carried on. | can Legion, th- Masons and inter- (roses which were the gift of Miss; are necessary on occasions.\ Des- lron. castings, lead, potato starch, ested citizens. The Salvation Army \ J-ucia Spratt and Miss Elsa Luk-|pite social and religious agencie^ filled -« Christmas baskets amount-: } for social control the objective fori: . of the law to the average man is ou the street corner. l> r said. Many forms of leg- WE SELL HOT WATER HEATERS FOR ALL MAKES — of — MOTOR CARS lumber and wooden articles manu- factured. The Ogdenshurgh Rail- road extends from Ogdeti-burgh to Houses Point. 1-ake Champlain. the Potsdam and Watertowii R. R.. forming a connection on the north. with the Watertown and Rome and X. Y. Central on the si»uth and a branch is now being built from Og- densburgh. to intersect the Pets- dam and Watertown R. R Forest House. The road is now called the Rome. Watertowii andjtutions. Ogden-burg. Sevtn newspaper 4a boarding home ap-j of an inspector of the Deiuirtment the cop oi d 14 free home appii-| o1 ^\^*1 Welfare of an inspection ; Thomas sa ing to a^out $^0. The Agent has) investigated plications and cation>. l.oiH* visits were made j °* lile bounty Home. Ordered filed isiation. control and service we: during the year in behalf of de-j and referred to the Committee on outlined by Pi. Thomas who con- pendent or neglected children. 2,-j County Home and County Welfare eluded that even considering edu- o*:4 calls have been mado by thr» '• Officer's Accounts. j cators. preachers, mayors or jud- \g^nt. 1.72«> letters written. The j The Clerk presented the repon • ges- the best form of social .=>ervic« came from the police. A police- Agent has traveled 13.135 mite? in ot Coroner S. P. Brown. Ordered near! the county and Quite a bit outside; fil ^ and refered to the Commit- in taking away children to insti- 1 Tee otl Reports of County Officers. man on the street corner can meet more types of people doing more J The Clerk presented a commun-; fool things than any other man in $8-00 and up Installed] The Clerk presented the report i icat *ion froin tbe Department ot j the world, the speaker emphasized, are published in the County: Three | of the Countv Clerk and Countv j Taxation and Finance showing: He concluded his remarks by urg- * weeklies and two dailies at Og-'Treasurer in reference to Mon-I tnat U ha \ determined that thc;^ tb ^ members of the associa- denshurg. one weekly at Canton j gage Tax Distribution, which was I var,OUs loWBri and the cit >\ of °^-;t:on to keep in touch with each and one at Potsdam. The first! ordered filed and published with! d ^ nsbur ^ are ******** at xhe fo, -j other, swap ideas and keep up with , white >etUement in County made j the minutes and referred to the | lowin? percentage of their value-J t he time? and said that in this way by 'Francis Picquet. French mis-1 Committee on Mongage Tax Dis-| Brasher ^-! they would make themselves tnore sionary. who established an Indian ! tribution was $S,10»'».7J of which! Canton 7 ^ I indispensible to the community Hannan & Henry] Motor Car Co. Clan I Clifton 74 j Colton 67 Dekalb 72 mission at the mouth of the Oswe- the state receives $4.034.t*S and the gatchie in 174J*. and styled it **La balance goes to various towns and' Presentation.\ In 17\.i* the first Is- villages and Ogdensburg. Ogdens-j land below Ogden burg, three miles ! burg contributed the most money , down the Su Lawrence wa& taken ! in mortgage taxes. $1.27'S.r#: Mas- * I>e P f *>* i;tf>r ** by the French and fortified. It! sena. $l.lirr.2f»: Potsdam. $l,t»50.54. was named Fort Levi and here the] Xo other town contributed so much last resistance mas made against as $7<X> and one town onlv $2.1*. than ever. Edwards Fowler is 70 «4 4 -J » DENATURED Alcohol —FOR— RADIATORS 188 PROOF 55c Gal- MURTON'S GARAGE State Street the English in 17«;««. I>uring tbe j The distribution is in about the•! GoTIV * rI1 <* ir 7 - Revolution it was the rendezvous j same proportions a; the contribu-! HaTIjmon(1 w ef sealping panies of tories and In-' tions. j Hermon 1<»€» dians who harassed the frontier] Th e c - lerk p r ^P C t^G th- rtport \ opki,llo,1 settlements on the Mohawk aadjof the Board of Child UVtfare j f . T™ 1 ^ Hudson. Two expeditions were which was ordeTed filed and pub- ,11 fitted out against this place d«r-l ii< htsl whh tbp miDUIVS and retVr . 1 ~ mi \ r ™* ing the revolution, but the English j r <^ to lhe Commits Fanners Join In Huge Strike Shown in Films vest.' R. l^S^-1931 season for **Golden Htir is coining Saturday 40 the Charles R. Rogers* first produc- * tion of the * * ; Paramonn t. named 74 • To* yia<- oxab Strand theatre. It is an up-to-tbe- on sports Madrid . % year ago two families wer*» r*- 1 Ma^sena .. jUorris4own Norfolk ... j O^weiratcfcie. removed in 17*C from the vicinitv |K»site, OB the south shore, known «.r~o:~..:~— _ . .- * ? Pan^hnlle _ minute stor>- of the farm strik-s in *'1 the great Xorthwest and pictures '- . the turbulent scenes in the Chicago „ j^ j Wheat Pit which brought aboat the T:: I strike. 76! The film features Richard Ar- held pos-^«s:on until 171^,. when it ! 0 f Connty Officers was surrendered under the provi- \ sion^ of Jays Treaty. The Osw^-j ^ irin? allowances and ^ more !*„^ r ^^J^_ P ^^^^^^ ww ad ** d « r ^ff the year, ^eveii j *^ r <- discontinued, making Zz re- r ! Parishville 7^ *<*». Chester Morris. Genevieve To- a, Irtia. Pome U 1S«.T th« ^^T^^S^L^'* * r *\j \•««*•« «:'to and Jnlle Harden m th* r n W ^ ,„ « u Ee,i. and .^r.j ££ ^%T^JTt^- T^j ^^^ '''^ ^ C —*\ »— *\ acre*. T*»ct -a 3 co«u.n,«d t^-j ^^ Th-6 ^^ inToir^iJ^, jm*- from fifteen towns and i^ie'stockholni Is* thi * staTy ** <h ^ >trn?irle between '• of Oz4^*rbmr* the amonnt! M-.^I 5 ~~ tmo brothers. Born <m a farm. Towns\* tract INO. 2* contained Srl>7> J 4*. n \+4 Tract . -o. 2 contained tt*.- *\» acres. The history of Townr will be riven in future i*sn*-s r>f 11 1 played by Ro<co Ates and EHiza- 7<«' beth Patterson. T* 1 ll, Two romances are interwoven in c:t Waddinstoa phahtkal order, incindimr ti^- vertisers whose enternri.- thi» early work a success. Alnio^t hand. Tb^ av-rare ewerr advertiser ka< an appronr:- an*^- >er fajnUr was ate cat for his line of basinets * wh* ha*e been «m>wr br th** EM*+ ^J^lJ^I «^« ^ ***\mj** ^retarr to families and ll> to interested persons. they reach JTI *-\ -i.^l— and tber* is an nn- -i it ™ «* #fc ^ *-n*^ m - - . J mansooi. One soes*to Chicago. thly allow- $25.14. 17:* varied then, to 1« than li'V The Clerk nc«seatei the r*^K>n tb»» Board of Elections be invest. . ^ . . I«ew and the necessary steps tak ! * wra tb ^ »™* ^ t ^ m en by the pron^r committee to re-j As t he farmers sn*er from the pair the same. Carrie*. j *ri T e J«ain<t grain price*, are j On motion of Mr. 'MmboOaod I fetW into foreekMBre^. tbe brotfc- \ th* Board adjonrn^d ma Thnr-*^r na the farm becoxe? tie r radi- a in ft ir ii' iii <if <.i t >• 3! *.T b. t • ic iy mors ne at !<• o*< 2 er on cal leader

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