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;RSPAY, NOV. 9,\1V33« YORS WHO , VERE CHOSEN IN THE STATE *.s of Cities Elected at the iennial Ref eren d u m s Tuesday. BA.NY. Nov. S.—Now York* mayors elected included: >rge J. Zimmerman; Demo- Buffalo. » land B. Maivin, Republican, *use. in lioyd Thacher, Democrat, ay. nry C. Fagal, Republican, lectady. melius F\ Burns, Democrat,. iuntey Thayer, Republican, Mvsville. ink W. Wise. I>tmocrat-Kepub-« , Hudson. thur Carter, Democrat. Am- am. in Morrisey, Republican-Fu-' Cohoes. rry W. llonan, Democrat. El- seph F. Loehr, Democrat, Yon- muel Sloan, Republican, Vti- bert P, Smith, Republican, le Plains. ?nry Schrade, jr., Republican, toga Springs ' F. Quackenbush, Democrat, nianca. an L. Beyer, Democrat, Tona- a da. mes Johnstone, Republican, ss el ner. ?or?e V. L. Spratt. Democrat., ghfceepsie. ?ander A. Bouyea, Democrat- ublican. Pittsburgh. ichard C. Culllvan, Republican,' •ego. ank H. Marx, Republican, On- ia. . , >seph Maher, Democrat, Onet- red W. Koines, jr., l>emoerat, n. * .alph J. Morissette. Republican, lensburg. rank Zuber. Republican, Nor- h. homas J. Finnigan. Mechanic- harles Cold, Democrat. Long , ch. :. A. B. Santry, Republican, ,le Falls, arry B. Walker, Republican,» pston. arry Jenner. Republican, Johus- T. Irving Criffing, Democrat, ns Falls. ^on F. Roberts. Democrat, nestown. 4 obert D. Pnllen, Democrat rth Tonawanda. /alter L. Robert*. Republican, nk irk. >. E. Wheatlej, Republican. Hor- 1. rthur C. Tedd. Reput>ncan, ( me. .ewis P. Smith, Republican. Ith- larry Te^huTie, Republican, Mid-t town. .Vndell E. Phillips, Republican, •t Jervis. rving J. Justus. Democrat, con. 1 . \ with a good day a real teattle uM develop and more so this ir than any other. 'he second guessers continue to : ~Hnuk~ Anderson of Notre t me on the nan- Oar answer ^ j problem is this: Check nn on unit's\ campaign and safeseaumt missal as head coach at St. •is. Ofo.| University. Tour swer is there in a nnt sfcett. ey all say it is a ton|rti Jo* in a Rockne's shoes. True. »*t unk~ didn't bar* *»> ^boes tn at ffr. l*njis and ftffl was not Official End of the Dry Law Set for December 5 iy NC ws A HOMETOWN NEWSPAPER FOR OGDENSBURG AND THE NORTH COUNTRY VOL. 1—No. lMT OGDKXSBl'Ki';. X. Y., FRIDAY MnKXIXO, XOVKMBKR 10, !!•;« PRICK 3c Board Taking Steps to Provide School G. 0. P. TO MAKE BIG DRIVE TO CONTROL STATE SENATE Death Knell for the Dry | N. Y. State Law Scheduled for Dec. 5 Control Next WASHINGTON. D. i\. Nov. 9.—j system, the Justice Department' XVIIII ML \Jf\J L The action of a lew State ratify-! said today. j ing conventions and the rap of a! The chief concern of the Federal Leaders Cheered at Increased gavel are all that remain to bring' Government now is a liquor taxa the formal end of national prohibi- j tion schedule. lion. J \Volstead Suicide\ To all practical purposes, the dry j BUFFALO. Nov. 9.—A squad of era ended. Tuesday. Actually pro-• policemen raced to a viaduct of ALBANY. Nov. ?t.—With a sub- lines here la.^t \*tantially increased majority in were informed' the Assembly ^YO!l at Tuesday's tl- that a man had been hanged there, i ection. State Republican leaders ••Feel his heart,\ the lieutenant! turned their attention today to the ordered one of his men as the fis-' Possibility cf obtaining control of ure was pulled to the top of the viaduct. A policeman reached in- side the shin and pulled out a handful of straw. Members of Board Will Visit Schools in State Before Plans Are Made Majority by Elections to Lower House. directing the houses and grounds committee to visit and inspect mod. el schools. ' Comiuissii.iier Frank n jx>rie<i hibition will not be dead until Dec.) the Lackawanna r». when the State Conventions in f ni*rht when they Utah. Pennsylvania. Ohio and Ken- tucky meet to register formally the mandate of the voters. As soon as the 36th Convention —it probably will be Utah because of The difference in time—votes to ratify, national prohibition will be dead. The bang of a gavel at the 3»**th Convention is all the formality re- quired. Immediately the sale of liquor will become legal in these States which have no prohibitory laws— Arizona. California, Colorado, Con- necticut.* Delaware. Illinois, In- diana. Massachusetts. Michigan. Montana, Nevada. New Jersey, < easy S» nate in the next .eins la- Then the policemen observed a cardboard tied across the form's shoulders. It read: \Old Man Volstead.\ Dry State Wet (the I ture. j Senator Henry C. Schackno, Democrat, of the Bronx, elected to the Supreme Court lunch, is ex- j r**cted to resign lrom the Legisla- ture shortly to permit Governor Lehman to call a special election in the Senatorial d.strict. Republican hope of electing a A regular meeting of the Board of Education was h *!d at the City Hall at f> p. m. yesterday, it was decided to authorize the members' , .. , . . .. that tli*-- committee nad ueld a num^ of the House and Grounds Com- j ber of nu ^ lin ^ and hud in.erview- minee of the Board of Education j ed live architects up to the present to visit modern schools in New i time. It was deemed advisable to j York state for the purpose of ob- j obtain a list of approved architects taining ideas to be incorporated in j from the state department in AI- the building of a new junior high i bany. \ school in tiiis city. The expense j Pr«-s:<ieiit Cooper and Commit- of these trips is to be borne by the r-ioner Akin presented reports on Board of Education. It was point-1 the work accomplished at the state ed out by President Cooper that i convention in Syracuse. I>r. Coo- before federal aid may be secured per spoke briefly -»n the large at- Fusion-Republican trom Senator RALEIGH. N C. Nov. J«— North shackn0:: di#nk . t JU „ in lue stren^xh displayed by the carrying Carolina is the driest state in the ' N< w Mexico, New Turk. Ohio, to g-t a drink here. j The Democ rats have a normal j The following prices prevailed: j working majority of one in th*« Rhode Island. Louisiana. Maryland, j \Com likker.\ S2 a gallon: rye. $3 j Senate which with the resignation Oregon. Pennsylvania, Washington! a gallon: \bottled in bond'* j of Senator Shackno would leave and Wisconsin. <straight alcohol, water, glycerine, j the membership of the up|>er house What the 2f» dry States will do v ye flavoring, beading oil). $1 pint, j divid«*d with Republicans a^d Hem- depends upon tLieir Legislatures. If : Drys. cheered by the more than ocrats each having 2\» votes, they remain dry. the Federal Gov-! two to one defeat of repeal Tues-1 Republican leaders, however, emment will undertake to protect : day. began a drive today to repeal! consider the chance of a Fusion- them from liquor importations, i the state law permitting the sale j !*• -publicum victory in the senator- through some sort of border patrol ' of S.*? per tent beer. ial district at a special election .slim J in view of the victory of the sweep ; made bv the I>euiocrat*c county j ticket in the Bronx despite the suc- f cess of the Fusion city ticket. I Failing to win an additional Sen- I iPieaiie turn to Page 4* for the erection of such a school it is first necessary to engage an architect, draw up plans, submit them to the state Board of Edu- cation at Albany for approval, ob- tain the approval of the Board of Regents and hold an election tendance at the meeting and men- tioned several points that were dis- cussed that proved of interest to the local delegates. Among these topic; was that of school insur- ance. Dr. Cooper srid thstt he un- derstood that the state recommen- Union politically, but an independ-! of xhe Bronx b y Mayor-elect F. H. I among the taxpayers of the city j Nations were practical the same em survey today showed it was! LaGuardia. i^._. .,. . .. *...... I . . ... * for the purpose of approving of a ; as those j n force in this city at the present time. Mrs. Akin gave i>rief bond issue to take care of build ing costs. After all these step^ have been taken formal applica- tion may be made to the federal authorities for aid. With this in view the board set the wheels in motion for the preliminary work by excerpts from speeches of some of the prominent people to address the state convention a> did Super- int* udent A. J. La:dluw. They -j?tid --•.• boards of #*dwa!mii *ere rep- • Please turn to Pi^e 4» 9T •* CONFERENCES WITH SOVIETS ENVOY CLOSING Jurymen Disagree SOUTHERN NATIONS PIN HOPE ON VISIT OF SECRETARY HULL WA£HfX*;TOX. Nov. 5».—Final coafereiK-es betwt^n Maxim Lit vinoff and the United State? De- partrnent of State today brought Russian recognition by the Tnited States reTy cJof* io realutation. It i* miKlerstood that the work of tke Mate department m tfte matter has been completed and tbat ike nego- tiatioms will nom pass into tbe baad^ of President Rooeev^lt. A coafereace i5 sc-aedwled wiib ibe Chief Ex^catjve for tomorrow Mnv inr and it w coafideaUy *%*ect** that formal anammremea* of^ tbe desired lecogMtioa mill came fram the White Howe before noon- The two gwreramemts ife to have later In Action Democrats Lose l-Vote Control After deliberating for aa hoar the jury in the ca^e of Edward Day rs. Herbert Peterson returned to the city court room late yesterday afternoon and reported that it TU ana Me to agree. Si«ecial City Jadge Donald E- Sanford, who mas pre. siding, there*poa di^< barged the Jarors. Of State Senate SAXTIA<;0, Cuba. Nor. .^.— f .it-1 pronouncement TO deliver TO the ;h< tie as ha may suspect it. the Cn-1 conference. Already many <»f governments ar#» revising :h* cow ite<! States Secretary ot S:ate. Mr. Cordel! Huli, has virtually saved the seventh Pan-American Confer- ence, whk h is scheduled to as^em- ^ble in Montevideo. Cragnay. on Uee. 5. Berore he deiiaitely anaoaac^d his in lent ion of being present a ALBANY. Nov. *.—A Repabli- raa-I*eniocratic deadlock in the S* nate daring the 19^4 Ixgi-latare i* threatened aaless <^>f. Lehman . _ . __ . .... , canptica nad ^radaallv beea ga«a- ralls a special election to replace'. . • „ ~^Z . . „ .r. ,in*r groand in faror of postponing Hearr C. S< hackao. Bronx l>emo» 1 The actios »a* broaght to re oorer $1#* claimed to he dae for I \^ wao •** *«* +*««* «• «»-l board of Peterson s child, mho is a j Ci| y rowt be » cn - » «>^>«P^ to- | ^^ i esne<-ially in regard to the Char-o the gathering. It was held that, ow- ing to the general political and ec- onomic situation on the continent. grandsoa of the niaiatiff. Day. Day was represented by Low is O. Wei; Peterson bv Edmand FitaGer aid. The caee later S ba<kWs Ilemocrat* of ele< tkm deprives j wmx ^ j t me5 expedient to wait until their one vote ma-ju^ conferenee could nwet under position of their del*--nations. >»eing anxious to send their best talent to Montevideo TO <-onter «nh :1K* American Se<*retar>' of State on in ter«Aweri«.-aa noliiy. Mr. Iflqll's iirospei'tive attend anve has al^o caal1enf;e«i serious stndy of th<» confer«»we a«en«ia. whkh may have to be revise** ia the light of the seriou> ofik-ial in- terest of the Washington govera t in the Pan-Amencaa moce t. Every newspaper and *-x+7y noiitical conversation reflects the be tried agaia *\itT- The linenp preTioasly was 2« to &. reri«iatts bat these amy interfere mrttb formal at the Soviet at this ti ?l Wasbingtoa. D. trol of C— TODAY'S WEATHER I, Adminisrrations beverair^; Ogdiajmarg ami vicinity land colder. general speculation re^rdias felk.ions auspices. jWasiia^jcia's aUi:«d*» on inter-Am- Now Secretasy HuITs decision tojerican relations. The oftrecurriag attend has given heart to the ex i question is: Hac the Uauted S'ates | poaeats of Paa-Americaa ideals in i at lass tamed ta> it* soaxhera neiga- | every Lnrin>American coaacry. and : bars far that nsiitscal and Fair j there is a general caarrictien that ic <ooaeratioa which it does ; he will have so^ae epoch-aakiirf^ s«-es* :o obtain in Boroae'!

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