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PAGE TWO T H K A 1) V A X <' E - NEWS TrllRSlUY, X()V. !>, ltW3 The Advance-News it a daily tabloid newspaper published every ueekday mom- am* ~yccpt Monday, by The Oolt.isburg Advance Co., Inc., Ogccnsburg, JY. Y. i hi on. Those are, of course, apart from the three advisory boards for industry, labor, and consumers. The four industry divisions to be in charge of code administration are divided as follows: No. 1, extrac- tive industries, including meta'.s, coal, automobiles, shipping, and re- Siibscr-otion Rates 10c Per Week j lated industries; no. 2, vonsr ruction — | and machinery, including lumber and metal products; no. 3, chemi- cals, leather, ami other maauiac- tures: no. 4, trades and services, textiles, and clothing. A special division for all amusement indus- tries will be attained to division 4. General Johnson will act as direc- tor of the compliance division pending appointment of a regular director, who also will be chair- man of the National Compliance Board. Where adjustments are not possible, complaints will be deliver- ed to either the Federal Trade Com- mission of the Attorney General. The law provides either course. (fads \fortli knouHnq / # \ - A, ROBERT K PORAN J {Wintered at the Ogdemburg Pott off ice as second-class mail matter. ) ELECTION POSTMORTEM Tuesday's elections brought joys and sorrows for iiie Democracy in New York state. The party debacle in Ogdensburg, which was the sec- ond in two years, is causing wide- spread discussion and many opin- ion are being given as to future action. It Is generally agreed that «*omeihing will have to be done if Ogdensburg is to hold its old place 5n the Democratic column in gen- era! and local elections. While the outlook is not promising at present there is no reason to feel that the leYerses which hrivc been suffered here will be permanent. The Demo- ciats of Ogdens*burg will come back but it is generally agreed that much -work of effect'.e nature mu^t be done to bring this about. - New York city elected a Republi- can mayor for the first time ia a threat many years. The defeat of ihe Tammany ticket was not due to the Seabury revelations but simply to the fact that the McKee candidacy divided the party and al- lowed La Guardia to carry off the prize. A glance at the figures shows that the combined vote of O'Brien end McKee would have swamped *he Fusionist Under the circum- stances Judge Seabury, a Demo- crat, cannot do much crowing over the result. So far as Tammany is concerned, it will do it no lasting •arm for it to be overthrown now and then. The defeat will serve to bring forth new candidates and bet- ter government. The efforts of the Democratic pe?ty to carry the Assembly came to naught, chiefly because of the factional fight in New York city. Some notable sains were made up- state and eventually the goal will be reached. The Democrats are in the minor- ity in the numbei or* elected may- ors:. In some cases notable victor- ies were achieved while in others I>emocratic iucnmbems were sup- planted by -Republican?. Changing administrations air generally good things, as the same party should not be given too long a leane of power. The outstanding result of the el- ections was the final and complete overthrow of constitutional probi- lotion. Every one who had any part ia bringing out ihi« happy result te entiUed to congratulation.-, but first on the list is Al. Smith. VAUDEVILLE AT STRAND TODAY oiaiTltl6 jgg PftEfio&fc address envelope KKO Vaudeville will be shown at the Strand today and Friday. The feature act is Gene Martini\s Aoconteans with the Clark Sisters in singing, dancing and music. AUo on this same bill are Beit Sloan & Co.. Novelty Wire Walking: Diliy Sisters, the pint sized pttir singing and dancing: Wagner and Lela, comedy, singing, talking act. The feature picture is *'Three *\»rnered Moon,*' with Claudette Colbert, Richard Arlen. Mary Bo- land, Wallace Ford, Lyda Roberti and Joan Marsh. The President of IKe Urjted States or* The President, J Washmgtcn.DC. in opening your letter ** Sir: (FORMAL LETTER) or#<3 Dear Mr President: (/NFORMAL LETTER.} SHALL TYPEWRITER T\rP€. SAVES $i.400YEARiy FOA. A NCWYORhC PIRH m PRODUCING MONTHLY BOOKS OF SALE? BSCOHHEND - ATlOWff CANTON REPUBLICAN CANDIDATES WIN 3 TO CANTON, Nov. S.—Republican candidates seeking election to state, county and town offices re- ceived a plurality vote almost 3 to 1 in the six districts of the town of Canton in TuesdayV election. Three partie> were represented in the town election, the Republi- can, Democratic and a New Deal party. Th«* last party included Democrats selected as candidates after the regular Democratic town Tho decidedly outnumbered, the HARTLEY *MUNK* ANDERSON, HEAD fOOTBALL COACH, NOTRE . DAME UWVE.RSTTY, SAVS^MANV A fcUSlNESS MAN HAS GOH^ AWAY F*OW FOOTBALL PRAC- TICE OR *=ROM A BIG GAME WITH IDEAS (OF TEAM WORK '--,— - STRATCGX ETC) THAT' -~\-.WAVE HELPED UIM _m MtS BUSINESS WORLDS RECORD m MODERN EH&weeR*6*k/Bua.t>»wG • \THE YORK KB MACHINERY Ccrp.. 90 DAYS A*TER BREAKlNe GROUND, ERECTED A 300 ToK-A-&AY ICE PLAWT FOR TtfC ICE SERVICE CO. O^ NEPTUNE CITY K* J- COURTESV C* PVCI-W6TOK RAWD Inc. Boy Scout-Army Workers Near the Campaign Quota A meeting of the entire organi- zation of the Boy Scouts-Salvation Army Drive was held in the court room at the city hall last evening Democratic party recorded the lar- It was announced at the meeting Reorganization of NRA Group to Administer Codes WASHINGTON.—la di*ea#sing tie eoaaaiete reorgaaizafioa of the Xationa] Recovery Admialstratioo. Gen. Hark R Johnsoa exnlaiaed that it provide* aenaaneat aav caiaery far enfbrt iar cede* aad tearing caarg*»s of vioiatioa* There mere created four diTi#ioa#. tack beaded ay a depaty administrator, to He re«poa«iale far caasiaeratiaa af pending cadfj aad a4auAi#tm. tioo of vf&rvwrd Presidential Arree- aes^*. To lead added effectiren**- to enforreaM-Bt, there mm* eetaa- listed «0co a caaaaiiaaoe diriiiaa. gest number of votes ever cast in a town election. The total vote received by each candidate from the six districts in the town of Canton follows: Town clerk: Frank J. Elwood, Rep., 1,1 OS: Mrs. (Margaret Mur- ray, Hem., 749. Supervisor: John Harrigan, Rep., 1,2*7; Atty. Richard E. Heffeman, IH?m., 1$4. Town superintendent of high- ways: Henry Douglas. Rep., l,2€fi; Joseph l^abarge. Dem.. 5*3. Assessor, four years: Albert M. Pike, Rep. 1,212; Charles O'Brien, Dem.. 133. A>sessor, two years: Orrin How- ard, Rep., 1,293; Bernard Devine, Dem., 317. School director: Charles P. Howe, Rep., 1,174; Joseph Ells- worth, Dem.. 4bZ. J a* t ices of the peace: Leon G. Crary. Rep., *37; G. Lester Flint, Rep., 1,217; Howard C. Uracks, Rep., 1,22*; Vernon F. llorririoii, Rep.. 1.14..: Earl McFaddec. Rep., 1^$; William Longshore, Dem~, 4***: Eparain Gagnoa, IVni, 7*11; Enimett E. OXeary. Den., 441; Howard Garry. Dem., 4*3; EIAKT McBride, De^n^ 3<S. Collector: Earl G. Brown. Rep_ 1^3Wi: Morris J. Phalaa. Dem. 171. tor's a close tMixJI and Thomas Cul- hane's is in fourth position. x> - & jRADIO PROGRAM! that the jreneral campaign commit- tee had raised the sum of $1,S49.45 of their quota of $2,000. The spec- ial sifts committee announced that they had secured pledges for more than their goal of $3,000. At the request of team captains the final report meeting was scheduled for Friday evening. It is thought that with all of the team captains turn- in? in full and complete report* «t this meeting the goal will be more than attained and the fund over-subscribed. Albert P. Newell, general chair- man of the eampaim, thanked all the division leaders, captains and workers for their untiring efforts to make the drive a success and the general public for it* hearty co- operation and generosity. The di- vision led by 31) Her Ash mood is leading in ^abscripnions at the present time, Harry Hensby's di- vision if second, Harry B. Proc DEMOCRATS OF BROOME WIN FIVE ARRESTS IN POTSDAM POTSDAM. Nov. *.—There were only five arrest- in this village daring the month of October, ac- cording to the monthly report of Caief Frederic Rorgess. put A. E. Gaid in the prapecator's office, the RepabHcans elected two af*eui%!ymen and rejected * oaactr derk a/TV DrtCfTISMUC ^^ Democrat* swept the saai- M- * MrxJOi I IV-rno, r ip*| Hection in Blttrtamtan and gained cawroi af the city eaaaciL Taey al*o retained taeir ee^en to ail miJoriTy tn tie city detention cei RfXGHAlrTOX, Nov. * —Br Cooatf aad elected a Democrat dis- trict attorney today for the firrt in it* aicrasy. IThile tae D*anocrai5 smashed mi>i a assaciatfav di^-«tradiUaa ia jt^teramy * el 4a oa tae-canary board af «aaerr:soifc j 11: ? Ta* Reaaatiaft'tt *uli caaual tfeajll board THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 9 (Eastern Standard Time) NBC-WEAF NETWORK 5:'i0—Green Bros. 'Novelty Or. 5:30—Dolittle Adventures r»:45—Ray Heatherton 6:0<)—Dinner Concert <*.:30—John B. Kennedy l>:45—The Sizzlers Mtiie Trio 7:00—Mountaineers 7:ir»—Billy Bachelor's Sketch 7:30—Lun] & Abner , 7:4^—The Goldbergs. Serial Act S:00 —Rudy Vallee's Hr. 5.<»0—The Showboat Hr. 1 <):«*>—Whittiman's Snow 11:0rt—Viola Philo, Songs 11:15—Men>ff Orches. 11:30—Daxee Orchestra Program 12:«>0—Ralph Kirbery. Baritone j2.i& —Tab CaT!oway*s Orchestra 12:3^—Dance Orchestra Pnogram CBSWABC NETWORK 5**—s^kippy. Sketch 5:15—-George Hal! Orch. i :*:Zft —Jack Armstrong I»:4r>—Stamp AdTenttire* «:^\»—Buck Rogers. Skft CV>— Bobby Ben«on *:1H—Eddie Dooley d:4*—Lrittle Italy. Sketcii 7:«#— Myrt 4t Mxr?* 7:1>-Just Plain Bill 7:3t— Deccy Orc^. 7:45—Boake Carter. Talk f:eV-Enwc Everett Y«?c.s S\c!t J: 15—^'n^in* S^HJ 5:34—Harlem Serenade t:t««—Kotetelanetz Or. >:5#—Red Crass Pr oarmni l#:at-»WiBard Rohiooc Or. l*3#--rn:: fU^as. Tenor I^:4>—Glady* R-~e, Soar*; New* Broacoast J.^C^JI Or. Netsoa Orch. j Can You Recall - - | \ *' \ —*-- Can you recall raising or se?ing a garden tomato witn teature j re- sembling the human countenance and wearing eye-glasses? Eigar de P. Waterman, C27 Ford street, has such a novelty and also a \por- trait** of it made by himself in water colors. The exact similarity between the vegetable and Us counterfeit, elicited our admiration, and subsequent conversation re- vealed the fact that painting was one of the hobbies of this many- sided artist, and led, like open- sesame, to further en much more interesting subjects. Perhaps it would be as well to introduce this particular \branch\ of the Water- man family, as. for the last 36 years about, he has been hidden away, so to Fneak. In the customs service mostly at the little office near the West side ferry terminal. Before that time, as stated in an- other \recall Mr. Waterman trav- eled with a dramatic company in Shakespearian plays and has at his home the costumes he wore on the stage at that time, representing an outlay of between four and five hundred dollars. Mr. Waterman in company with G. A. Schellinger (who designed the burned Town hnll building) toured Europe on a pleasure jaunt which added to the artistical kink? and crotchets of both. As a boy Mr. Waterman built boats and there have been friendly arguments among his intimate con- temporaries questioning if it was he or Darius Green that made the first flying machine? The differ- ence on their flight, compared shows that Darius started from the top of his Father's barn—on down —breaking his airship, while Ed. started on the inside of his Fath- er's barn—on out—breaking the barn as well as his airship! Mr. Waterman studied drawing under the tutelage of Miss Lawrence, a sister . of Hart F. Lawrence, the pioneer stationer here. He has some of his early pencil drawings and the following framed subjects in water colors hanging in his pri- vate art gallery at home. \View of Ogdensburg. Wadding- ton road\ at the mouth of Hack's (Ourbeau's Creek) showing \the hermit\ of that vicinity and time, <lS7f*) crossing the bridge. \Seal Bay, Monte Christo Isle, Black 1-ake.\ \Sunset scene drawn from City dock/* \Fastnet Lighthouse,\ Ireland, fketehed from Steamer City of Richmond/* \Coffee colored creek in British Guinea.\ \Pres- cott windmill in IKSS/' \Fish Creek. Pope Mills.\ \Nine aiile Creek.\ toward Syracuse. \Selkirk Light, Sacket* Harbor/* (Selkirk was said to have been shipwreck- ed, left on an island, passing thru some of Robinson Crusoe** exper- ience*.) ~Oid Over-Shot wrheei grist mill/' \Month of Indian river, in Rossie/* •'Sunrise over Big Moose, in the Adirondackf.\ 4 12: So—Clyde Lacas Or. 1:4*0—Dance Hoar N&C-WJZ NETWORK ;\•:***>—Wo men > Clabs' *:1*—Garriran Or.- r,:3<*—The Singing T-ady l*:4Z —Orphan Annie 4:** —Dick M«*sjRr^r*s Orches. «:Sft—Old S »ngc of Charch 445—Lowell Tbonaas T:*i—Anso* *n* Andy 7.U»—Three Masketeeers 7:5*—Micaael Bartlett *:** —Stor>5 of tne Sea S:3#—Health Adventare*. Talk S:4^-The Revellers* Quartet *:**— iVatb Valler Days. Play •:3e—Wayne King's Orchestra I 4 *:**—Hands Acr©*# the Border l#:Ji—Schwab Coacert Organ 11:*#—The Three S*aa?ps 11:1a—Tae Poet Prkece ILSd—Wav. S<ott: *\ Orca. l*»r#a—Pail Sptta^y's Or. *2:*»=T4>ac<r;s* in Tw.n Citia* a

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