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PAGE TWO T 11 K A 1) V A N 0 K - X K W S FRIDAY, NOVUMBKR :*, is.133 The Advance-News M* a daily tabloid newspaper W*bti9hed every weekday morn- t*f \Tcepi Monday, by The OeSv.isburo Advance Co., lne^ Ogtcnsburg, W. T. Sub6cr otion Rates 10c Per Week (h titer ed at the Ogdeniburg Pottofice at second***** mail matter.) BEER AND COFFEE Once more have the experts been confounded. The advent of beer lias done some of the things its advocates claimed it would do and perhaps some of the things its op- ponents predicted, but it has not adversely affected consumption of our national breakfast and dinner wink, coffee. Not a few men engaged in the coffee trade were fearful last spring that authorized sale of 3.2 alcoholic brew would mean harm to their business because it mould \be substituted to-a great extent as a mealtime beverage. The New York coffee and sus»r exchange shows that all such prognostica- tions were wrong and that con- sumptions were wrong and that consumption of coffee has increas- ed since April 7. Deliveries of coffee in Septem- ber totaled 1,029,000 bas;s, each weighing 132 pounds. This was an increase of 24i$,000 bags, or 32,- 472,000 pounds, over the corres- ponding month in 1932. For three months ended September 30 deliv- eries were 2,879,000 bags as against 2.527,000 in the corresponding per- iod of the preceding year. 'By congressional definition beer of 3.2 per cent is not intoxicating ai>d there are many drinkers who claim it is minus the expected kick, but whatever may be its stimulating effects in this regard, it may be set down as a stimula- tor and accelerator of coffee sales. The inference to be drawn is that the average American may like a cip of beer with a cold bite, but when it comes to hot food he finds satisfaction in a cup or two of Java that comes with no substi- tute. GOOD ROADS PROGRAM J. Xew ton By ens, Jr., president of the Xew York State Automobile Association, has announced that his organization will support the request made by the Slate Legisla- ture of the Federal Government for the $10,000,000 appropriation tor farm-to maiket roads in New York State. Commenting on this proposed appropriation, George C. Diehl, chairman- of the Good Roads Com- mittee of the New York State Au- tomobile Association, says: **A determined effort is being made by Governor Lehman and the State Government at this tiuio to get the Federal Government to appropriate a large sum of money with which it will be possible to improve materially a large part of the present dirt road mileage in this state. \This effort to set the farmer out of the mud will not only im- prove the status of agriculture isiaterially but will do a whole lot io relieve unemployment. The pro- gram once completed would be of a permanent nature and it is one that the organized motorists of this state can well support. **Many motorists today no long- er like to confine their travel en- tirely to the main routes. In many cases, one can find recreation ami Increased safety by using a well ^aved country road rather than some principal artery. We, there- fore, believe that this farm-to-market program would no: only benefit the farmer but the general motoring public and would have a pronounced tendency to de- crease traffic on congested high- ways.** Public Ownership (Continued from Page One) ing loans from public works funds. This policy was outlined in a let- ter to Mr. Hugh Milk., state en- gineer for Missouri, which in ef- fect instructed state officials to hasren applications for loans for utilities projects without undue de- lay to hear protests from private interests. As indication of the policy, Mr. Ickes pointed out that $4,845,700 has already been allocated for five power projects and $20,164,602 for wurk in his line, or in fact any \chiefs\ ttite, in any line! Well, on the day of the cook-Sght Pres- cotfs council held a meeting (be- hind closed doors, same like Og- densburg, and the chief police, carte blanche received, to send the whole force to the junction, that the force could see at second s:ght (after the \white-wheat\) what there was to avoid, and knock down to mother earth any person J interfering with the poultry dis- pute. The meeting only required a few moments as any council meeting should, where there are no Republicans nor Democrats and only true manhood exists. •* (RADIO PROGRAM 6 A PO FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 2 NBC-WEAF NETWORK 5:30—Tom Mix, Sketch 5:45—The Wizard of Oz, Dramtk 6:00—Dinner Concert 6:30—Irene Beasley, Songs 6:45—Betty Boop Frolic 7:00—Charlie Lei and, Comedian 7:15—Billy Bachelor's Sketch 7:30—Circus Days, Serial Act 7:45—The Goldbergs, Serial Act 100 waterworks by the PWA. and'only true manhood exists. S:00-Orch. & Cavaliers The fight between the Admiais- Can voa recal , some famUiar | 9:00—Fred Allen and His Gang tration and private utilities, which ^ Prescott way ^ck? The; 9:30—Victor Young's Orchestra was joined when President Rouse- ^ Hou / e wnen John Hunting- ™ : «^The First Xighter velt threw his support behind fc*n-» fm| WM nrnn . r and old Jimmie Mc . (10:30-Lum & Abners Sociable . ator Xorris in his fight for public development of power at Muscle Shoals, is not being ignored by private interests. Although ac- cepting the complete commitment of the present Administration as Irrevocable, they are nevertheless busy laying the groundwork for the future when they hope that a turn in political fortunes will res urrect tbe respectability of private ownership. An example of their continued activity, in the face of the Admin- istration's complete commitment to the other side of the case, was ton was propr and old Jimmie _- . A i \>- 9 ^cv^c^o nrhon 11:00—Meyer Davis & Orchestra Auley was chief dispenser? When l / . * Pat Fitzsimmons was clerk and \ : *^ b ! c f *!£»** Orchestra _*« .*-„««• ~n hntPi h»r+ 12:«0-lUlpb Kirbery, Baritone 12:05—Ted Weems & Orchestra who afterward ran hotel here where Richard Dunn, a retired city hack man, lorded it over? Can you go back to when Timothy Lark in kept store on this corner? But I have left Prescott! Can you recall the old Queens Hotel when John Brunning was host? Can you recall when George Steacy a prominent carpenter of those days, who lived on Morris street tins city, married Mr. Bunning*? wife's sister? How the wedding provided by the American Engin- j festivities took place in the season eering Council in session here. A \ for \Tom and Jerry\ and good-na- resolution adopted yesterday ques-1 tured Mr. Brunning made ample tioned tbe wisdom of \government proposed , a l competition,\ and asked the Knights of Pythias for all the* guests? liking a practical joke even better PWA to announce a policy of op- than the toddy droppea posing loans to finance competi tive service. ] Can You Recall - - ] 12:30—Carlos Molina's Orchestra CBS-WABC NETWORK 5:15—Jack Millen & Orch 5:30—Jack Armstrong 6:45—Cowboy Tom 6:00—H. V. Kaltenborn 6:15—Bobby Benson 6:30—Eddie Dooley 6:45—Jack Denny's Orchestra 7:00—Myrt & Marge 7:15-^Just Plain Bill 7:30—Music on the Air 7:45—Boake Carter, Talk S:00—The Happy Bakers S:15—Edwin* C. Hill One of them,! S:30—The March of Time 9:00—Irvin S. Cobb 9:15—Tommy McLaughlin 9:30—Football Show Can you recall again Henry W. Ferguson, who commenced his business life (in a designing way) Protest Statement as a dry goods clerk and ended it I (resigned and saved) running a The Xew York Times says: wet goods place, along where my Senator Kaplan also announced friend Felix Bo >'*r has gote his! As. enough salt in the batch to sicken a mule and they had to turn again to| 10:06 —Olson & Johnson * \Plain stuff'! Can you recall Mrs j!0:30—Alexander Woollcott Chartier's pigeon-hole table in a 10:45 — B> ' an Evan5 > Songs building on Water street near tbe market. The underground passage at the old fort? Mickie Flynn's place? Joe Either*? barber shop? \Yes. I know there is! but there is no space to tell you more now!\ that the Grand Lodge of the Kniirhts of Pythias of the Domain of Xew York had protested the characterization of Samuel Vnter- myer as ''public Enemy Xo. 1\ by George V. McLaughlin, McKee cam- paign manager. Mr. \Tntermyer is chairman of the fraternal division of the lodge, according to Mr. Kap- lan. Mr. Kaplan is campaign manag- er for Mayor O'Brien, Tammany candidate. I said before some place, Mr. Fer- guson and my father w T er cronies They were both just Irish enough for that, and* one of the twain would sit on one side of the brass What the Wires Say building on Ford street where J. F. Ferris got his start before cutting his sprouts and moving to the cor- Moscow.—High Soviet official, ner store he occupies now—strange recognized as spy for Czar, to be t0 ^y where \Ferg\ moved out of executed. NEW YORK Petition for special Aldermanic session to repeal water rate boost rail and the other, the other, 'cause j delayed by failure to reach. Mayor both had cold feet. They are 1 O'Brien. both dead now, poor things, and It XRA scores In court test wben have got to scrabble, as I did be- boss is ordered to pay worker fore. \Ferg\ at one time used to minimum wagp. own (and keep grocery in) the Husband, denied annulment from dying wife, to appeal case. Lack of funds turns away 3,000 men who report for relief jobs. Woman suing Jesse L. Liver- on purchasing tbe other site, Louis I. Hoffman, my old protege, \also more for $250,000 g:ve$ reasonsfor action. 11:15—Xews Broadcast 11:30—lsham Jones Orch. 12:00—Glen Gray Orch. 12:30—Leon Belasco and V. Lopez 1:00—Dance Hour NBC-WJZ NETWORK 5:15—Garrigan Orches. 5:30—Singing Lady 5:45—Orphan Annie 6:00—Henry King's Orchestra 6:30—The Three X Sisters 6:45—Lowell Thomas 7:00—Amos 'n' Andy 7:15—Three Musketeers 7:30—Potash & Perlmutter, Skit 7:45—Irene Rich on Hollywood 8:00—Shutta and O'Keefe, Orch. 8:30—Dangerous Paradise, Skit 8:45—Red Davis, Drama 9:00—Phi] Harris & Orchestra 9:30—Phil Baker Show 10:00—U. S. Army Band 10:30—'Mario Cozzi, Songs 10:45—Floyd Gibbons, Talk 11:00—The Berrie Bros. ill: 15—Stars of Autumn Bolan promotes 74 policemen to \ 11:30—Reggie Childs' Or. Iran\ the corner where Mr. Ferris higher ranks for \merit alone. WEEK END SPECIALS AT CENTRAL MARKET LEG OF LAMB 4 *]^ LAMB CHOPS 4 -f ^ MEATY POT ROAST H #|^ WESTERN ROUND 4 P « STEAK. LB. ..-. IOC SIRLOIN and PORTERHOUSE £ EAK , S 17c LEAN BEEF STEW flCft WILSON CERTIFIED <i Ap BACON, LB I1C Sliced Ham, Smoked 4 Q«% Whole or Half 14c • 5H5 LEAN PORK CHOPS <f Of* CALIFORNIA HAMS A Of* VEAL CHOPS OR 4 ^^ STEAK, LB. ... • • C HOME MADE PORK 4 f\^ SAUSAGE 1 LB I UC 49c BLOOD RED, FRESH GROUND HAMBURG—4 lbs. - - - 25c, 2 LBS. ARMOURS PRINT BUTTEE - - R.C. Noble 129 FORD STREET FORMERLY RYAN'S is. I can recall \Ferg\ helping to , obtain my father's consent for me i to attend a cock fight at Prescott i junction, when 1 was a boy work- ing for my father at 5oc per, and | that uncertain! ^Ferg\ insisted , that the social advantages attach- j ed were elevating in themselves * aside from the more childish sport | of watching spurred roosters try to, ! and succeed, in scratching each i OUK r's eyes out! Canada was al- i ways socially inclined and Pre*- cott in particular. Prescott never t i seeded any policemen!—j«st one) Back clerk and pal '\borrow\ $80,000 bonds, shear Wall Street wise guys, but go to jail. McKee endorses Tammary City Court Justice. Coeur d* Alene. Ida.—New gold rusher display * $22.<)00 poke. Camden, N. J.—One dead, one wounded, two women kidnaped in j gang Sareup. I San Antonio, Tex.—Lieut Mur- J rell fails to get baa in attack charge. 12:00—Cab Calloway Orchestra 12:30—Maxime Lowe Orchestra LEGAL NOTICE COLLECTION NOTICE CITY TAXES 1933 Secoad Installment I have received the warrant for the Second Installment of the Crty Taxes of 1933 and win collect same at the office of the City Treasurer, j City Hall, Ogdenstmrg, New York, for 30 days from date of notice; Detroit—Ford Motor Company U^^ut fees. ,_. ^ ,_ ^ .announces it is complying with all] After November 3 1933 5 ner chief police—because there was no! ,„„^ „ r vn4 I AItcr ^ ,ovemocr *• x *»*. » P« r terms of NRA. ©g^ penalties will be added for Vieni3 a. — Editorial Indicates .^ fim moniil „ fraction there- Dollfuss government is laming to-t OI ai:d for ^ ch mimxh thereafter, ward anti-semiti>m. OT fraction thereof, 1 per cent will Philadelphia. — Singer settles &e added. $lw,*rt baim a«it by marrying J Taxes may be paid during the th* ffrL j following hours: From 9 a. m. to Washington, D. C—<*>vernmentj \2 Noon. 1 p. m. to 4 p. BL Sai- expect<&i to *tan purcSa*irg g*ld ' urdays, 9 p. m. to 12 Noon, abroad today. Canadian money will not be uc- Jcepted. MILL WORKER HURT j P!ease bring your tax bffl when t making payments. G. E. Dority. an eisptoye at the j Dated October 3, 1933. ; Algonquin paper m:lL suffered an \ MERRITT M. MORSE. njary to his b**A In an accident J C2ty Treasurer. Railway~s Pills' (Tbf TctrrtaMe LaEutivel I! «at the a«ant At aighL He was tak*n to the Hepburn hospital for treatment and win be aWe to re- turn tome today, as tfce injury was not AN ADVANCE AD | BRINGS RESULTS H r 1 if I f.

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