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The Advance-news. (Ogdensburg, N.Y.) 1933-1935, October 11, 1933, Image 2

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Can you vegan's silver teapot \Parker\ tasted Mit you want to let on? when \Clarke's \ showed here and (Murray's circus? s? Van Ambcrg? ondon? I>an Rice? .11 Frank Kinnie, of when a hackman all in his barn and own the barn to get when B. O. Lam- store m T here J. R. & Forrest, Charles ?llinger*s Pharmacv, AVKDXKSDAV, OCT. 11, IMS THE ADVANCE-NEWS PAGE THREE takes the gloss oilcloth. Soap and move any ordinary L NOTICE TION NOTICE TAXE6 1933 Installment ved the warrant for taUment of the City will collect saaae the City Treasurer, enstoiirg. Sew York, 4ate of notice. 3, 1*33. 5 per will be aMed for or fraction there- wonth thereafter. 1 per cent will he paid dariag the : Froai t a. m. to a to 4 p. a. Sat- to 1+ Xooa. oey will aot be yow tax hil] wbem ts. 3, 1«3 TT M. MORSEL City r J J J 2 ARE GIVEN PRISON TERMS FOR FELONIES Simon Plant* and Carl Hazel- ton Enter Guilty Pleas at Canton. *- -• RADIO PROGRAM fc- -oo > WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 11 (Eastern Standard Time) NBC-WEAF NETWORK 5:30—Tom Mix, Sketch 5:45—The Wizard of Oz. Drama <J:00—Dinner Concert 6:30—Back of News 6:45—John Pierce, Tenor 7:t*)—Onanrjie Leland. Comedian 7:15—Billy Batchelor. Sketch 7:30—-Lnm & Abner 7:45—The Goldbergs, Serial Act 8:00—Bert Lahr & <Geo. Olsen 8:30—Abe Lyman's Orchestra 9:00—The Troubadours 9:30—iLeo Reisman's Orchestra CANTON. Oct. 10.—Sentences to Clinton prison were meted OUT to two defendants wiio pleaded guilty to felonies at a special arraign- ment term of county court here Monday afternoon. County Judse James C. Dolan of Gouverneur presided. Simon Plantz, 20, of Massena, was sentenced to serve from three 10:00—Cob Pipe Club to five years after pleading guilty 10:30—Radio Forum to an indictment charging him 11:00—Meyer Davis & Orchetra with receiving stolen property. 11:15—Phil Harris' Orchestra Plantz had been convicted of fel- H:3o—Don Best or & Orchestra onies before 1931. Because of the 12:00—Ralph Kirbery. Baritone man's record of the past two years. 12:05—Ben Bernie & Orchestra District Attorney Ingram agreed to waive the indictment and allow him to plead guilty to violation of pa- role. Carl Hazelton, 20. of Dekalb was sent to prison for not less than three nor more than five years. He pleaded guilty TO burglary, third de- gree, and |>etit larceny. KUjah Johnson, 65, of R.issell, was sentenced to three months in the county jail for violation of the education law. Sixteen years ago Johnson served nine months in Clinton prison for illegal voting. La^t spring the election of school trustees in Russell resulted in a . tie and Johnson was, *«w,h, tc.the yfa t the W j res § polls by interested parties to vote. * *His vote controlled the election and was* later .protested, leading to O'Brien ousts Geraghty and Ta- his arrest for voting without hav- hill, his third cabinet shakeup; iim his citizenship restored after, puts Levine in Cahill post, serving time in a state prison. Mills freed of charge of indus- Ten defendants who pleaded guil tr ; al a i CO ho! diversions, ty to charges in indictments re-, McKee 7 to 5 favorite to win, -turned by the grand jury in Rep- ^ V en money to beat O'Brien by terwber were placed on probation. ioo,000. They are: Re-trial of three in laundry rack- 12 3 4 ,—Mark Fisher's Orchestra CBS-WABC NETWORK 5:30—Jack Armstrong 5:45—-Round Towners G:00—Buck Rogers, Skit v fi:15—The Rangers 6: SO—Vera Van, Songs ti:45—Jack Denny Orch. 7:00—Myrt & Marge 7:15—Just Plain Bill 7:30—Travelers' Quartet 7:45—Boake Carter, Talk 8:00—The Happy Bakers S:15—JFTdwin C. Hill 8 9 9 9 10 10 lo: 11 11: 12 12: 1 5: a: 6: €: 6: ^, t . ». X: 9 9 10 10 11 11 11 12 12 i0—Albert Spalding 00 -Irvin S. Cobb 15—Kate Smith, Sengs 30—Burns and Allen 00—Pennsylvanians 30—Alexander Woolcott 45—Evan Evans. Baritone 15—News Broadcast 20—Charlie Davis Orchestra 00—Barney Rapp Or. 30—Pancho Orchestra 00—Dance Hour NBC-WJZ NETWORK 30—The Singing Lady 45—Orphan Annie 00—Dick Messner*s Orchestra 30—The Tune Vendors 45—Lowell Thomas 00—Am03 *n' Andy 15—Ray Heatherton in Songs 3ft—Cyrenna Van Gordon 45—Richard Himber Ensem. 00—Crime Clues, Dramatic 30—Potash and Perlmutter 4'—Red Davis, Sketch 00—Warden Lawes. Dramatic 30—John McCormack <»0—Dr. Ortiz Tirado, Tenor :30— Chicago's ^lusic Magic :00—Annie. Judy. Zeke :15—Poet Prince. Songs 30—Jack Denny & Orchestra :00—Cab Calloway Orchestra :30—Henry King & Orchestra Voltaire Based On Dramatic Incident in Noted Writer's Life The picture \Voltaire\ in which Georse Arliss is starred by War- ner Bros., is based on a single dra- matic incident in the rife of th* '. great French poet, philosopher and , fire-brand whose inflammatory ' writings almost precipitated a ' French revolution. In this the actor and the produc- ing comjpany followed\ the pattern established first in the stasre and screen play \Disraeli.\ which also centered about one event in the career of the British statesman. The !:fe of a really great man offers' almost too much material for the dramatist. Louis X Park- er, who wrote \Disraeli\ originally at the request o? Mr. Ariiss. al- most gave it all up as a bad job because of a. superabundance of material available. Profiting from El Pas^—Mary Pickford to sue Doug for dv^rce in Juarez, lawyer asserts. that experience, Mr. Arliss insist- ed that 'Voltaire\ which tome* to the Strand theatre Thursday and Friday, be modeled along similar lines and held to the dramatiza- tion of one incident. The one best adapted tyr the screen's use was the Calas case, the injustice of which caused Vol- taire to interest himself in it for almost eight years. For play pur- poses, the time was shortened, and the locale was changed to suit the dramatists purposes, but funda- mentally, the picture is based upon an actual incident in Voltaire's hectice career as agitator and re- formist. The Calas case was the execu- tion of a rich merchant on a trumped up treason charge and the confiscation of his property. Through the influence of King L*ouis XV's court favorite, Mine. Pompadour, who was his mistress, Voluire succeeded in saving hhe life o: Calas* daughter. Doris Kenyon has the role of Madame Pompadour and Margar- et Lindsay that of Calas* daught- ei\ Others in the cast include Theodore Newton, Reginald Owen and Alan Mowbray. The picture was directed by the late John Ad- olf: George Van Hyning of Oswegat- chie, passing worthless checks in part payment for an automobile, probation two years: Theodore. Rtrader of Kben, burglary, third et begun despite Lehman inquiry. Medalie launches Federal probe into labor racketeering at new United States court house. Major de Seversky sets record degree, and petit larceny, proba- of lso ., lniles an nolll . f or amphib tion two years: Frank Rabetoy, 22, of Lisbon, burglary, third de gree, and petit larceny, probation two years: Richard Barney and Percy Youngs of Hammond, bur- glary, third degree, probation three years each: Harold B. Kelley and ' drinking. Mrs. Eva Billings of Gouverneur, forgery, serond- degree, probation three years: Byron M. Lane of Morristown, forgery. probation three years: Antonio Trevino of Massena. burglary} third desrree. and -petit larceny, probation three years. Archie D»nn«F and DonaM Lis- corab pleaded not guiliy to charges of criminal assault, second dezree ian planes. Twins separately abandoned by mother reunited and christened. Rockefeller group proposes scheme to regulate hard liquor Rich registered mail haul made at sea on t\ S. liner Manhattan. Firemen and cop save twenty- three in Bronx and Queens fires. Convict catches fox in Sing Sing yard- Gift of pajamas at $6r» each cit- ed in $4.<*WUHH* alianation suit. UNITED STATES. Washington. D. C.—Wagner tells They will appear in county court A F of ^ strikes before arbitra- October 16 for trial. George Holmes tion ^jj. r pc 0 very. pleaded not guiitv of abandonment. chkagn-Gus Winkler, gangster H* will He tried next week. and ptfb lic Enemy, kilted bv fiftv Velonrse A. Phaioah. *X of EH- UUivhlue ^ n blJliets . en. pleaded guilty to criminal as- Oklahoma Citv—Kellv's wife **«1U second degree. Judge Dolaa gUps ofr< .„ r then ^^ 8laps 7%served sentence until October K ^ y whh p - stol on way ^ trial ** Xewburgh. X. Y.—J. S. Barney Several defendants, released from d - ¥ow fXQm wJf# wrmmln ^ d Jail aader boad were not present ^ Mloinal u , Bdo|1 mur ^ r |rial m court Monday. They will appear in county court next week to plead guilty or stand trial. POLICE COURT CASES -Police halt for doomed Jo?*;**! Twker forfeited a $- bail bond ia city coan yesterday on a caarge of pairing a stop si^n. The case of Fraak Eicaardaoa, al- so cfcanted witb passiag a stop slra. was adjoaraed- Similar •<- t*m was take* ia tfce ease of Jack IMlister. caaffed witi paHiir ia- tosicatioa. Egg: salad; e#rg aors, oselettes. soafnes. aad evstSTds for hnca to die for killing HitterKe. or sapper are j f-w suggestioas Loadon—British abaadoa for aMCbers of ohHdrea wno doa't of duarmameat copTeatoa Eke CKRT for preakf«t pewa parley belieTed year ago. Washington. D. C Red d<-wonstratoin colored slayer. Wasaagtoa. D. C—Joaasoa calls apoa steel heads to agree oa mime pact. Wjutbaglofi. O. C—S:Tk strikers disrapt aeariag on cottoa textile code. FOREIGN. Vieaaa—Ramaaiaa Premier re- ported arranging marriage of King Carol and a Pracess. Beirln—Two yoaag Commnnlsts We Are Going Out of Men's Clothing SPECIAL SALE ON 350 New FALL SUITS and OVERCOATS Harcraf ts and Curlees NOTHING OUT OF DATE—ALL NEW THIS FALL 1 9* 22 .so These Prices Will Never Be Equalled. Get Yours While They Last SUITS—Blue Serges, Browns, Cheviots and Gray Mixtures. All Worsteds. Special Sale Price $12.50 ,„ $22.50 Sacrifice Prices. Unheard of Bargains. OVERCOATS — All Wool, Good Warm, Serviceable Over- coats. 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