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*»AGE TWO *:i T II K ADVA S CE-.V K W S THURSDAY, A [-(J. 17, J933 mv i • •I [ il -I II i * f \ . i it : i < Canal Proposal Attacked' By N. Y. Central Counsel !MALONE FAIR 1 WILL BE HELD , COMING WEEK 1 f'THE STROLLER M'Wti By CARL E. WOODWARD ALBANY, A I. if. (ha: the proposed ! 2*—Charges j ieet and the elevation of the« MALONK, Aus. improvements ' bri ^ t:? * or the accommodation of , Vieaux, sensational to the bavse canal botwe^n Water- j iar * er cra *l* ^ ford and Bnnalo would \benefit ! &'**w Thomas C. Kesmond only the Ford Motor compary an d l X€Wb€ir?rh K**P»™>«*n. f °PPOs*d the oil companies,- were made ye*-! lhe p:oje:t on lhe sround lbal * ** terday bv F auk A. McNamee. Jr..!***? <> f ic1antl ***«**•*>•* is end counsei for the New York Central ralZioad company during a hearing day A sseniblyma n Fred L. 16. — Lloyd French man whose deeds hare given him high ! ranking in American speed circles, has entered what is reputed to he the nation's most beautiful auto- mobile racing creation in the dirt jp.ack events slated for the Malone Porter,,'Fair Saturday, August 2o\ Mi on the Hende!-Swathe bill for the •• chairman or the ways and means j Vieaux, a ho will drive one of luitn-oveTner.t. committee which conducted the| :ne t \ eel Miller specials in the lo- AkNamee de-claied that railroad ! bearing, indicated the bill probab-jeai racing classic, is touted as rate* are not \established bv the J l ? uiil be reported favorably, al- though it may face a fioor fight in both senate and assembly. \established by the barge canal\ or controlled by its existence. Oppo^ini; the improve- ment project as the representative : of \Li;- largest taxpayer in the ' state.\ he demanded to know -who's going^ to pay the railroad's . share of the cost of changing the; grades up to the railroad bridges.\ Tfc<? bill, amended so th«U the inpravfnient all* be the full len?ih from Waierfond to Buffalo Instead 7 Musical Maids Will Play Again 1933V outstanding \crash king,\ a somewhat doubtful honor bestow- • ed following a trio of spectacular tfrack-ups in recent competitions. Despite his inclination toward reckless and abandoned daredevil- try, however, the intrepid star from La Belle, France, is close on the heels of the Missouri 'Midget, Billy Winn, in the annual Hank- inson-Quinlan championship chase ^ for points. Owner of a large dairy ranch ic of from Waterford to Oswego vas oriKinally planned, pe/aiits i^c ; Popular Entertainers to be at; California, Vieaux has conquered j the Brass Rail Club To- night. this year on such celebrated rac- ing fronts as the Ascot and Oak- |land speedways on the Pacific and numerous mile and yesterday j jj^jf ni }] e ovals in the east and south. At Atlanta, Ga., on the Fourth of July, he hung up a new- state to accept the money for the inrpr-DTeme-t. estimated original- * ly as $l'7,50i».m>, from the federal goYp-rrment. M'l-Namee said the ex tension of the project to Buffalo [ The announcement would make the east S50.000,000 {that the \Seven Musical Maids insTHSd of SJTJTifO.OOO. w:ll furnish music and entertain- \Wi!! we've got -a whole lot of ment at the \Brass Rail\ Night j track record on the mile oval at representatives :n congress to help- Club tonight was received with j Lakiwood . Park, ^ mecca for all us sret the remainder of the mon-' much enthusiasm by amusement! leading .southern pilots. Other ey, ,r s.vid Assemblyman Arthur L. seekers and dance lovers of Og) conquests made by Vieaux are re- Swarthe, Erie Republican and co-. densburg. The Musical Maids are! corded at Langherne Speedway. spcasor of the bill. **Once the fed- composed entirely of girls and each j Trenton and numerous other east- eral governmeatn begins this job an accomplished musician and ar-jern srjeed centers. His outstanding It mill never let go of it.\ t tists in rendering modern synco-; triumph in 193*2 came at the Heed The plans eail for the deepen- pation. Preparations have been'ville, Mass.. dirt track classic. ing of the channel from 12 to 14 rAdL $ e to accommodate a capacity! Vieaux and his Miller will be ! crowd. This dance unit has a tre-1 welcomed by Franklin county fair because their \officials as one of the most color- jful duos of the current racing sea- .-4~ Different Kinds Draught Beer 8 Ounce Glass .05c Cheapest pric* en Bottled Beer in Town. Draught Beer OT £_T|^ Ale Gallon OWt Rub's Tavern 906 Ford Street son, one that is expected to finish well up in the money unless the ( flying Frenchman again crashes , into the bad luck that has trailed | mendous following every appearance in Northern New York has been an overwhelming succes?. Charles Livingston, owner of the \Brass Rail\ states that this attraction was obtained by him on- T ly after much effort and may be! hlm for rnany weeks. enjoyed without charge to his Pat-!-^ f _ rons The Brass Rail\ affords am-1 POUltlVUlCIi M3V pie dancing space which may bej «. *- 11 r» TT J en oyed from 8:30 P. M. to 1:00 j JT mCl WltttCr 11^(1 A M. ' The prize-juke of the week came when Paramount in New York * featured Ben Bernie and Walt Winchell in the same act. Next they'll be featuring Japan and China in a sister act for an indefin- ite stay. * •* * The prospects that the United States will delete the Piatt Amend- ment because of Cuba's present drastic situation of revolt is an his- toric moment\ for the world. You remember that the amendment gave the United States the right of intervention in Cuba should internal disorders result in chaos for the government and demand outside attention. Now, Leslie Buell, research director of the For- * eign Policy' Association, is advocating that the Unitel States forget this amendment in order to insure the complete harmony of Mr. Rosevelt's foreign policy. Mr. Buell's attitude is to be com- . men led. ^* * • * President Theodore Roosevelt believed strongly in the \armed force** for intervention, and had plenty of chance to use it. Not always did the plan work out so well. We bettered conditions in the Phillipine?, no doubt, but whether the benefits to Nicaragua, - Guam, Hawaii, and Latin-America were offset by the diplomatic hurt will long be debated. * * * In assuming more or less a \hands off\ policy, the President will do a great deal more towarC establishing the leng-needed friendlj relations with other countries. We have established a protectorate over Cuba, and no doubt have her best interests at heart, but to step in now and crush the insurrectionists would be fatal to our cause. As Buell, suggests, the time to step in is after the rev alters have driven out the man they no longer care to have as their Presi- dent. Cuban executives have been protected by the Piatt amend- ment for a loBg time, and. as a result have fostered unfair elections and unfair practices which, in time, are certain to bring about re- volt. * • # The Jolson-Winchell fistic encounter which took place in Holly- wood recently is costing Al a court suit. The price asked is $500,- 000. Good old Walter can ha*nd it out but he can't take it. His claim is that the.comedian struck him without a reason. Al charges that Winchell wrote a scenario based on the life of his wife that was untrue. We figured up the charges that would be brought against the columnist if everyone sued him for $500,000 for each \unkind remark\ he made in one day. The total would be far over five million dollars. A costly column, by Jove, a costly column. ! AN ADVANCE AD BRINGS RESULTS Only by Good Management Will They Show Any Prof- its. 5,000 HOMES IN STATE SAFE, WITH U. S. AID ITHACA. N. Y.. Aug. 16.—This coming winter is likely to be a difficult one for many poultrymen. those from U3»ate will be trans- ferred to the Albany staff which is expected -to be^rin functioning within another week. An insight into the actual op- eration oi* the Home Owners .Loan ! Corp., which is an integral part of ALBANY, Aug. # 16.—As plans (president Roosevelt's recovery ad- went forward today for opening {ministration, was given yesterday district Offices in this city and other upstate coni'munities of the Home Owners Loan Corporation, it was disclosed that* 5u0 homes in New- York sxate already have when the New York office was op- ened amid ceremony. Distressed home owners, most of ahem women, applied, *ere heard and went home airain con- says C G. Garman of the New York siate cohere of agriculture, j 5,IK>0 An increase in the number of iav been saved from foreclosure andjfident of being supported b? the more are in the process BUY NOW OR PAY MORE LATER Higher wapos inwm higher prices and more people at work. TV*]ay*s price* can not continue. Have you seen our SPECIALS in PLUMBING FIXTURES ? «^Px^r White Enameled roll rim siiiks with liaek in one piece. Reg- ular price *KU><)--SPECIAL $9.25. S^IiiiC Spout Sink Faucet, metal M»ap dish, chrome pla: u. $7.u{) value. SPECIAL $4.25. CIOMI Combinations, 8 ^al. viterous tank, silent action, chrome finish lever and supply, mahojrany fiii- Lsli waL Regular price $l*.5(i. SPECIAL $13.25. Gas Water Healers, copper coil. 4** pal. tank capa- city. Regular value $V2A*h SPECIAL $6.95. Shower Baths, portable can be used on any tub or faucet: chrome plat<-d with rubber curtain. Regular pace $s \ML SPECIAL $5.25. Bath Tabs, Lavatories. Water Boilers, Furnaces. Prices will never be *<> low a^ain. a Patrick Hackett Hardware Co. * .. . .Established is 1830 jers in farm flocks: large cold-stor- , ase holdings of e-r?s; and rising: feed prices, indicate he says, that ; poultry men should call their flocks ; rlosely, because loafing hens or of (strong arm of federal relief. bein? saved. | All day long brief scenes touch- The figures were made public by jed with drama were enacted. Mrs. Vincent Dailey. New York manag- er of the Home Owners Loan Cor- poration. He repealed that scores of requests from Central New low-prod ox-in?r hens mean in the poultry enterprise. The production of baby chicks by commercial hatcheries in the loited States was about nine per cent larger during the first six month? of 1333 than during the game period of last year, accord- in?r to estimates of the I'nited States department of \a^rrk-alture. The increase vas noted in prac- tically all sections of the coantry- Late hatchings were especially heavy as compaied with a year a?o. The increase in ' commercial hatchings thorns a probable losses J York home owners are among the 15.000 Joan applications filed with Henrietta Whitewell of Red Rook, Dutchess County, filed her appli- cation for f4,700 on her 12-acre\ farm, where drought reduced the expected crop of 250 bushels of strawberries to only 50. An eider- the cemra! offices of the corpora-(ly Italian woman wept out her j troubles, arising: from impending tlon in New York city. Appointment of county represen- foreoSosure of an $8,000 mortgage tatives for St. Lamrence and other on her home in the Bronx, upstate counties may be expected A well dressed woman of about sfcortly, Mr. Daifey indicated. .35. who told Miss Rose MacDon- Sereral $14,000 loans, the max!- aid, in charge of the \troub-les de- mum permitted, bare been made partment,\ that her husband had by :ae corporation, Mr. Dailey re- lost $250,<X*0 in Wall Street and vealed. Applications ^re flowing in had been out of a job two years, at the rate of lfiVQ a day. Most of ,sot a respite from immediate' fore- _ .___!__ j closure, and similarly the office in- I terTeue^l in behalf of a €7-year-old men mill receire for erzs ibis win- j widow. in-! ter. Feed prices are likely to rise > PatJeot clerks expiainev} the rease in the uumbrr of p*u more raj4dJy than e^ price,. Ez±\ wortriars of the Imw. After the fi =o inc into laying floe ks tiua rail; once* mill rise lat*r, but p^bab- ] ina out of application forms, wiik ^ ***!!? rear * th * ^^ ^ fw * fmVi ****i*$ ^ t^« nature and state ?*£? * !!TL° r \ ow - ^ »~P«^ the department will «*«r a period of years. Mr. Gunuke a check -p. If it shows the <\^ ^L V T^! ri ^ \?** V 11 °* •«**«*<» trntniul, a delay wia •e omtain<-d from tbe holder of *n£ wini^r. Th^ marketings of old hens mare increased tecause of ike leceat increase in feed priees. t The aumfcer of kens on farms July ' 1 was pracUcaily tke same as a;New York farms and ill year before wkerema. o. June 1 jtiMe to pay well in tke future, itke mon*are. Then, after apprmis^ sens man on jane t» 19*2- ly ta rkanrm ; economic ro&di. «.««.^^ ^* i_«^_ *s- :ow pec <*«t ter^w lias ti* *vtr !«k« IM^ fct» t«a orer a J ^-M ** \^L«™\ ~#-=- ,,. ^ fk^ —^* frr^, Y#arM c , _ - - _» - ^ * t • -^ouw tr-» mortBacee refuse aze of tme pa»t nre yeara. period at n*« » tke oae wko^tke bo-d* tfc^ «^«.r n^ ^-1. Theae comdltloiis will affect tke'stayv m-fek —- — ' ue Boras, tte owner may obta.n prises w^ick New Turk poultry- his costs thu> projert axd keeps ja loan cp to 4« per cent of tte \ praised *a!ne of the property. TwoL At D WATEF work by park poOi ei ttober Iroquois l^he boy end of th to throM- Mi»s A pool atte down and tup pool another ^ tke siialk aided Mis >»un^ Va! Van Ca struck th- black *ef: worse tor f J RADI c 6 e rr i Q 10 10 10 11 13 11 12 % 8 if ? 9 lf» 1# le 11 11 ii. 12 4: 4 4 4 5 S 9 € 4 8 $ 9 t 16 10 19 11 11 TH (East NBC- 00—Wi ^3—Te: 4.5—iat 00—Gr€ 45—Ha :00—iDir 30—Joh :{5—Itc 00—Te : 15-HUoi 30—i*u 45—Ta 00—-Rut W—Th 00—Wh 00—VV12 lf»—Lui :S0—Jac :00—Ra' 05—Ma 30— Dd :00—S'K CBS- WK- U. :45—^Leg :O0—Ski :15—Gei :30— J'M:- : 45—J o*i! 00—Bar 15—Bar 30—^Mil^ :t>d—Mo :15—Ohi : 30—The : 45—Boa :00—Wir : 3d—Dra :00—Ma :3a—i\ . (K>—Wil 30—Te. 45—Gla 15—Phi 3#—NJF 4-'—F. <>0—Cle 30—J. I OO—f*ar NBC 00^-Wo. 15—P. 30—Lar 45—Orp W— Reg **—Oil : 45—Loa 0*—Am. 15—Coi 45—«5i^. ;«•— €*o\ t#—Job 45—Flo <^—Dea 3o—Wa :0#—Go* :<HI—!The :15-rS:a: 5^-t:. *r—Das R«-yi Jar Mrs. Caa- f oca G.ia-

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