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r.\«K !STX T II E A I) V A N C E - N E W S FRIDAY', JULY 21, 1933 PLANS RELIEF JOBS (Federation ON PUBLIC WORKS Convenes in Power City Kay Bros. Circus Will Exhibit in City Today Ciopkins Acts to Have Men Now Receiving Aid Get Employment on Projects. i.-tSHlNtTTOX. July 20.—Action which is exprcted by officials to <*k*- thousands ot unemployed ieaus of families off the relief rolls 01 Tht* Federal. Si ate and kk-al so- Annual Meeting of the North- ern Chambers Held at Mas- sena Country Club. The State and local agencies are now cariu£ for about 4.000,00J heads of families who are depen- MASSEXA. July 2i>.—The var- deut upon public aid. Mr. Hopkins j ioU9 unils 0 f tbe Northern Federa- ls convinced that through the new tioll 0 j chamber of Commerce were placement system large numbers of. ^^scnt^d at the annual meeting ernniems by mm tug them on the these persons' will be returned to a. 0 j -f;. ie federation fot a business ->ay;<*ll$ of ^«U>lii -works projects va> announced by Harry L. Hop- wins. Kiiier^euty Relief Adminis- • raior. IT is planned to establish \a vital coordinating link\ between the fc<-»eral Emergency Relief Ad- ministration and the Cnited States '\Employment Service. The two ar4t-:icies will combine efforts io •la<v immediately a maximum num- **-r of workers on public projects. ^ith this objective, State offi- cials in charge of the relief and 'mptoymeiit services are carrying •MT anaa?emeats made a few days HAQ in Washington for localities. The Tnited Suites Employment S-vvice provides* the liaison be- tween ptilHic-woiks projects and , he S ite ami other local offices of ! the Kiiierj»eacy Relief Administra- i . i self-supporting status TUe Federal Emergency Relief; Administration approved today j grants totaling $5.7$ 1.601 to four States, W'sc-cnsin. Massachusetts. Louisiana and Kentucky. Of this $*.«v;4.$<U was allotted to Wiscon- sin, $l.S9S.5r>4 to Massachusetts. $<«S7,77r to Louisiana and $S2'*.411 \ xo Kentucky. The allotment to Kentucky was: a partial reimbursement on the • matching basis of $1 to $•> of SMte | expenditure during the second I . meeting and play-off at the Massena t*otKtt:y club today. Among: those present were Con- gressman Bert rand H. Snell ofj Potsdam. j Activities for the day started at 10 o*c.!>ck in the morning when I the delegates and guests played a j nine-hole golf tournament and took ja motor -trip over the site of the •St. Laurence river power develop- jment. Mayor Thomas S, Busline!! of Matrs-na conducted the sight- seeing trip and explained the pro- quarter of this year. Mr. Hopkins , . , , ,1 »K .. * « h» notify Governor balloon that.'*** 1 ^vlopment and^other te* ualeso the Sate acts to guarantee its part of tin* relief burden, no. ... * further payments will be made to ! river ^ M »«*«\• wnen \\ project Kentucky after Aug.15. tures, using maps j showing haw this and pictures section of the TUe allotments brought the total sa far to all Spates and Territories to |vi.0v'o.49& I Their Dreams Come True t } 1 f I 1 1 v. t .•*? \ #•-• -i » ~ - '.__ •c :: ^^ • MM ' ;;> - is completed. Dinner was served at the club- • house at 1 o'clock, after which a i short business session convened. A report of the federations milk com- mittee was given by Earl Laidlaw of Gouverneur, chairman. William T. Fields of Watertown, an archi- tect, discussed plans for further in- dustrialization of Northern New York. President Kirkbiide made his report and a report of the fed- eration's treasurer, Albert Newell of Ogl^nsburg, WJS made. Officers were elected for the coming year. M- :'/:*> ****. STATION WAS ESTABLISHED FIVE YRS. AGO The Kay Bros, circus comes to Woodfoi.l Farms circus grounds to- day. A lar^e and modern niotor- iz€d circus show will be here today ] only, giving t«wo performances, one Fortune smiieo on these three, winners of the main prizes in the $10,000 Sunny Jtm jingle contest conducted by an eastern cereal matHfTactorer. Mrs. Margaret Stack (center;, PtiilaOelpfua feouoewrte, won the first prize ot SiXOO. Sne is shown with Buddy, age 9, the youngest of her four children, cett is Martha Elizabeth Dynes, Boston schoolgirl, who t*on the secona sward ot $1,500. >ohn Belt, (right*, omemptoyed Belle- ville, N. j., cftaufteiir, won $M0. HUITAU* N lr . - The Stac*,w*ji the momey. <*« hard working ft»rmi» ot 1Z96 *«** Boston Ave.josotaer will eet some fcsdiy needed fhits4ieii«l«ia. has oeen n*vin? m! metftcaJ attestios and (toe 007s fcacd iwMle ir. the last t«c oVpres jvmnoiis possessions they tmre Kxig s»on y^ars ever since M*maei < coveted—nod Uie rest of tne srtad- Siaca «r»rt »ts joo w 1 •ooosnxei jt»J« will he nut safely away ^7* *—* flKJi,t ** ^«a«- Mn amt at BoiierHle, N J. Mr* Margaret Stack nts wile aad'fon sosscniNU tMe OMMh^^ of tour caiMtien. is giao w-eB ^^ io «et oart-tin^ wors ta a carpet lUrM <* s^» «^ — •—, ^^^ ^ Mie sane Uinll woo tne third w «--i iwiaiwt wv.« tm M carprv ,pnxe Of $S0ft for I factory men oMesi BOB a* »ni (^ snaee 19S1 w tsw rrtonestataoG army rhetr aid- -^^ , rr ,^ fllf ' ^^ . ,. mm ^ m f^^ 1 • Me •rrsnf ut seat asm to Use f * r ** total fot y at $i^So$ ;e Clarence Skelly Celebrating Anniversary of Business Today- Skelly's Service Station, under the management of Clarence Skel- ly. will celebrate its fifth births ay today. Skelly's is recognized as one of the most modern service .stations in the state. Every con- venience and necessity for the mo- torists is available here. Service has always foeen the watchword at Skelly's. Mr. Skelly at this time wishes to thank the car owners of O^densbun? and vicinity for mak- ing possible the snec^s^ he has at- tained during the i*a3t five y^ars. A cordial invitation is extended to eveTTone to drive in and join in the celebration. Many free sifts and special prices on washing, greas- ing and Goodrich tires are offereu. Every person making a purchase will be siven a chance to jmess how many tires comprise the biz, scrap pile on display. The person who makes the correct mess mill be given a tire for his or her car. A sensational trade-in allowance is olfered on your old tires*. A beau- tiful mhfber bridge table cover will be given free with every car wash. A complete car lubrication will be at 2 p. m. and the second at S p. m. The Kay Bros, circus boasts of many varied and thrilling perfor- mance?. An.on? the many feature attractions of the performances are the Four Millers, a troupe of spectacular aerialists, presenting an aimwiins: routine of daring feats high in the great canvas doim Mis? Mary Bleu, the petite and charminc star of the act. which TRAIN RILLS FARMER AT WATERTOWN sgiPgg? is one of the most brilliant perfor- mances ef European circusdom being \featured recently in the Wirtb circus in Australia. Another outstanding attraction is the Foster Trio. And as the animal features, Captain Walker has a large troupe of performing ponies, monkeys, doss and other animals who dis- play almost htrman intelligence in the sawdust rings. The entertainment includes ev- erything known to the American circus. Of course no circus could be complete without wild animals—as elephants, camels, etc., and Kay Bros, will not disappoint. POLICE GAZETTE BACK Nell is Hafkmc r.G. Chaamotit farm liana, vus instantly killed early yesterday when he was struck bv a north bound train neaT the NEW YORK. July 20.—The Po- lice Gaiette is to t>e sent back to the barbershops, and in its new lease of life it may even get into the beauty parlors. Mrs. Merle Williams Hersey, a little gray-haired, outlet, mitWle- aged woman, who is going to re- vive the pink sensation sheet, *aid today she bettered the Police railroad crossing at the Municipal dump in Watertown. It is believed i Gmz ^ tte ^a* fraukrapt and had to he had fallen asleep after sitting ! discontinue publication two years _ . 1 m^S*tf% Sm-4^4%« • • ri •• ** M*« A. J - ** * .**.At A«.«i* A . \ hoys two rh»- meek the fleeter M-O Com •any. Inc^ of this cny aoacaocol th*4 mn* pr.me ot thjmm m tftew t9m »«»»•*€*»* %U.mum Sonny Jrar contest was •^« 1 tynT« a«*fd>c to a Mra i^iaclt of fotfcv \ reoetvhnl n>«»nia -and (feet* was joy ta thej Stach on the rails to rest. The oody was discovered by the victim** brother-in-law, Ernest Wescott. night {caretaker at the damp, who had gone to the cross- given with every oil change and!* 1 ^ *> °^ n the «* te * for ^ ^^ with everv parchase of five dollars 1 watchman. The gates are only sev- or over an eighteen piece gotten J*'* 1 *** f ™ *** «»«»* tracks. glass Inncheon set wiU he given identification was mao> hy a hill- free. Toy balloons wiU he iciven fo «*« »n«Ky raaor and the fact that tne children. Key case* will be giv-jhi* n^t little finger ago because it was \too tame. t ;en free to car owners and to the. ted. J first two hnndred 1 terinnr the station cmstomer? en* a beautiful chromium plated Safety League •** j EoUen with red crystal reflector 4 \ to protect 5*00 if the tail light j TWIN BABIES BORN Advance Ads Bring Results Twin daughters were horn to Mr. Mrs. Chester LafUfT of Mas- honld go ont will also he given, j sena at the A. Barton Her^nrn boa- Mr. Skelly has extended himself < pita! yesterday. Mother and infants _to the utmos* to make the fifth f w* re reigned to he progressing jaaniversary of the Skelly Service j finely. j ^ualioxx a loc? to he rememher«»d ] J : • * —•— ' \ \ or^ nr# pUn- to pay him a visit OH S-tv^ ar^ a i coaveh.ea^ add*- 1 ( Friday or Satnrday. |t:a5 t» the fxnaily pfcaii bain»*. \ * Different Kinds Draught Beer 8 Ounce Glass ,05c Cheapest price on Bottkd Beer in Town. 80c Draught Beer or Ale Gallon Rub's Tavern 906 Ford Street flDAY, ECK ORDE WATERTt lowr*g & he: WeineaJay 3«, .formerly heJd for the Crandan F. P ttempted fir s charged \ to set tire st home of Mr Blafce in W was re preset and A^jjstan Uarl J. Hyn people. Pe<k 2100 bail ZL il. ^PASSION P ERL FN T —The 4 *Aui' i playhotise h* lay. lutendi- he auihorltv

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