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PAGE FOUR THE ADVANCE-NEWS SATURDAY. JU1,Y 35,1933 r The Advance-News I Crops Are Injured by the Hot, Dry Weather New Job for the President Is a daily tabloid newspaper published every weekday morn- ing except Monday, by The Ogdensburg Advance Co., Inc^ Ogdensburg, A\ Y. ! (Continued from Page 1> ! aso. It is generally thick enough Subscription Rates 10c per Week but it has not made enough growth. t _ — Many fields of potatoes are not yet j through the ground. Prospect? are for a much poorer production than a year ago. Where tne corn has .Iiad moisture enough it has made (Entered at the Ogdensburg Postoffice as second-class mail matter.) an exceptionally good growth but SMITH IS PROTECTOR than on July 1. 1932 except that the Baldwin which was very light last year is in much better condi- tion this year and the Rhode Is- land Greening which was heavy last season is comparatively light this season. The New York Daily News print- Federal aid, and insisted on Jeal- ed the following, editorial on the iag with the kidnapers direct. Vet kidnaping situation: .the O't'onnells are supposed to be The OVonneil kidnaping in Al- the most powerful politicians u(>. baay. the Luer kidnaping in I Hi- state. nois. and other ripples in the kid-:: Again, juries taken from am >ug naping wave continue fo be the big the home folks are likely to prove news of the week. sentimental, as in the acquittal of It is a characteristic of backward Cyril Buck in th? McLfcth case* •countries, kidnaping. China has a Cyril was an accessory after the Last season the peach trees of lo| ^ u Mex ico has been a happy f» (t and heme guilty of the crime , , ta * sta1e P* Te * beavy Pro**rti<»-; hunting ground for kidnapers. Ma- of kidnaping: yet Cyril was acu/ait- isoaie fields have- had too little This year the prospects are for a ' fIa . r|ddeil , talv was a snatchers' ted because he had been polite kv se until Mussolini smashed Mi-Math during the deal for ihe ket with the armored fist of child's release and had alv-ays been The pre^dem o' the New York j moisture to make a good start. A light production. The trees bloomed j rad | Life Inline* companv in ai - number of the fields of beans have j well but have a light set of fruit. £ V 11 e \ - . * • ^ *i \^one well but many of the others 'and in addition the Leaf Curl dis-l\ ie _ nounting the appointment of Al- j were planted in the dust and are ease has practically ruined the crop fred K. Smith as a director mad* .^ xi{{ u _ dry to make normal growth-! in many of the orchards which were the following statement: .(The pastures through several sec-[not properly protected. \<;ov^rnor Smith's acceptance of j tion== of the state have dried up Pear production also promises to membership on the directorate of j and Turned brown during late June, ibe light. The important Bartlett the New York Lite is a gent-rous j This is being reflected in a much (variety appears to be in relatively act of public service. It is renewed evidence of -bis devotion to the in- terests of the people. The holders of 2.S00.OOO policies, averaging a little over $2.6tn* each, and the mil- lions of women and children who •re their chief beneficiaries, will have in Governor Smith a wise and faithful protector of their inter- ests. The New York Life if grate- ful to Governor Smith for accept- ing the trust and counts itself for- tunate that he has become a mem- ber of our 'board of directors,.** lighter production of milk per cow. | the poorest position. Last season's On July 1 the production of milk ] production of pears was ier cow per day was the lightest , throughout the state, of any July 1 since 1925 when the federal mHk production records weTe started. Should rains come soon it will be some time before the pastures and meadows can re- spond enough to affect the milk production. The tree fruits of the state bloomed heavily but several of them failed to set a heavy crop. The apple crop has poorer prospects 1 year's prospects at this time % BoylsDrowned ffl O^WPflTflfphip ' Winwr Wheat 3,5*16.000 Bu Con. 20.7£0.00 Bu Francis Ostrom. 11. son of Al- Barley 4.004.000 Bu. Rye 279,000 Bu bert Osr rom. was drowned while potatoes\ 2S.350 (KM) Bu swimming in the Oswegauhie river D y Be ^\//_ ^. ......'........*....! ~i.455.ooo Bu\ Tame Hay 4>14.000 Tons Apples 22.197.000 Bu. near the Ogden.-burg cemetery ye? terday at 2 p. m. The body was re- covered by Fred and William 31a- sltaw and John Johnson. They saw the boy floating face downward in the water* about 300 feet off shore and put out in a row-boat. The boy was stiH alive when picked up and the men started artificial respira- tion as soon as possible. Dr. Don- ald C. Tulloch was called and the police arrived with an inkalator but the boy could not be revived. When Ostrom disappeared an- other boy ran to the home of Fred Mashaw at 1235 South Water street to summon help. Mas-haw said the boy evidently had risen to the sur- P caches\ Pears .. Grapes . Grapes . Cherries Country Club Cackle! the central Government. Now the good to his mother. Or home jur,- United States, in this respect, is ji* s may acquit because of intimi- sinking to the level of China. Mex- dation, ico and pre-Fascist Italy. It is not Local and State criminal justice a pleasant thought. is breaking down—and at a time The reason is plain enough. Kid- wheu we need stronger police and naping is on the rise because pro- tougher courts than ever, to cope heavv' bibition is passing out. Liquor rack- with the death convulsions of pro- * eteers, faced wiMt the prospect of nihil ion. It does look as if only* The production of cherries washing to go to honest work at the Federal Government is equal to the heaviest in 1»32 of anv Yeari*nich they wont make fancy mon- the job; the Federal Government for which we have a record.* This ! *>- «\* trying to make big wads, which smashed counterfeiting i^ season the production is light i for themselves in the snatch rack- the old days. The Morelles appear to be in a re-let. They began by preying on one Were not over-pessimistic about lativrfr better position than those I a*\*her. As the shakedowns go on the rise of kindaping in the United of the Richmond and Montmorency | in criminal circles, the invasions of; states. It was to have been e*i varieties j kidnapers into the non-criminai pected as a direct consequence of The following gives last season's ! world may be expected to increase, the eaormous mistake the nation production in the state and this' When prohibition came in it'made when it adopted prohibition. brought us such increased crime'prohibition is being wiped out now, and corruption as the country had'and the rackets from kidnaping up never seen. Going out. prohibition or down can be wiped out. promises to bequeath us an equally We think the Federal Govern- tough time, if not a worse one. ment under Franklin D. Ivoosevelt It looks more and more as if the can find the men and the determin- work of stamping out kidnaping ation to do it. We don't know of can be done successfully only by any other agency in the country the Federal Government. To ask that can. President Roosevelt to add this item One thing the Government ought ,to his enormous recovery program to deci'le upon, we think, if it ua.- seems to be asking a lot: but hovr dertakes this war on kidnapers. It else can these rascals, these rats, ought to resolve not to repeat th? these h^rtless terrorists be sup- mistake that was made in the Lind- pressed? bergh 'as?, of allowing the family The O'Connells knuckled under to coniuet the negotiations while to the abductors without hesita- the law stands aside Such -a course tion or resistance. They compound- puts a premium on kidnaping, and ed the felony by concealing the ab- the following of that course in tlfc* duction of J. J. O'Connoll, Jr.. from'Lindbergh case has been to blame jthe police as long as they could-!for much of the kidnaping which DEEDS RECORDED IN {Then they refused police. State and has gone on since then. p ST. LAWRENCE COUNTY i 1932 • Production 1.663,000 Bu. 1.745.000 Bu. «7.971 Tons 674*71 Tons 25.627 Tons 1933 Forecast 21.16S.000 Bu. 3.990.000 Bu. 21.800,000 Bu. 3.498,000 Bu. 1*6.000 Bu. 2O.€85.OO0 Bu. 1.600,000 Bu. 4.632.O00 Tons 19.345.000 Bu. 1.008.000 Bu. £60,000 Bu. 64.SfK) Tons 64.S00 Tons 11,886 Tons -- Mrs. George Bell and Miss Har- riet Bell played their schedule J tournament match Thursday after noon, Mrs. Bell won two up. Al though the schedule has been post- face after going down the tliirdied a week this is the first game his time. The victim is survived by parents and a brother. Albert. Inquest was dispensed with by Coroner Cleiand. The body was removed to the McLellan undertak- ing rooms. to be played. JZZX r*.Z r,*|City Play Grounds Will county clerk at Canton: Due to the fact that it rained last Monday the Mayors Recreation Centers could not open. Mayor R . MRS LAWRENCE DEEGAN The death of Mrs. Catherine tteez*n. GO. wiCovr of Lawrence J. _ Deegan, occurred yesterday at 12.1* j tte^f\ di^teVed. _ . , . ..„,_,,_ , The attention of the ladies is *ne hao been «n ill health several ^^ oac ^ mon? to the impendi TZ K - 1**1. W ** ^\in-tch which is to be held at Ma* Ogdensburg a due**? of Jphn sena ^ A mUe ^ fon end Martha T-epper Wall. Surviving St. Lawrence Utilities. Inc., to Thomas S. Clarkson Memorial col- lege. Potsdanu parcel, village of Potsdam The men, on the other hand, are Frank E. Eldridge. Ogdensburg, working hard for the St. Lawrence j to ^aarles H. and Lucy Eldridge, Valley League match which takes j **orris*oa-n. parcel, city of Ogdens- place Jury 29th. It is a thirty-six ! ^r?- hole match, eighteen in the morn-1 Carles M. Tait. county treasurer. l the chairmen of the work, togeih- inz and eighteen in the afternoon ^ Floyd W. Wright, Norwood, par- se that wiH be a busy day. ce5 - town of Russell. Some really creditable scores are Mary- E. and Ruth Dain, Gourer- bein? turned in by those aspirinir»neur. to St. Lawrence anivers4<y, to the team but better than that Canton, parcel, town of Canton is the consistent improvement in Open On Monday Morning er with their volunteers are ready to open the Osdensburg Piay- grounis on next Monday Every thing children with the knowledge that they would be safely cared for. He wished to express his thanks also Morissette. his conrmitTee andl t0 the > oun ^ men and vumen of the city who have so kindly voian- teered TO act as supervisors oC tlje grounds. Hamilton park is to be the site for one playcentfr and the is readv for all thej otbers ^ in ^ lo ^ t ^ at ^^ °- F - the city to f-o and en-!*-* Ney York Avenue part a*: Mrs. ^ 1 children of _ ._ . Jean°tte Paxton. Brasher, to Jo=J*»7 themselves to their hearts con- Mansion Avenue pa^k. A list of tb< eph H. Stark. Brasher, parcel, town^^- The Mayor has provided balls, j «npenri*ors «f the Y*.ri<«i> pi'ks of Brasher. * j bat*, soccer tolls and numerous ;a ^ ^ eir ^sistants foJSc«r?; other things for each playground Park Supervisors: and is doing everything possible toj Hamilton street park ; M'.ss Wiflj- make the children's summer vaca-i FIRE ON DOCK ^. * improving the game would not be are three brothers and two sisters amteg at ^^ time as n|mOT ^ the TeM M dQck ^ William. Frank and George- Wall, ------ ^ -fi^i Net. 1 fire company was called to tioxi * fc*W. r *»<i wholesome one it that Malone, Potsdam and Mas- hartwr yesterday morning to ex- jsena are working verj hard. tinguifrti a slight blaze, the origin j afternoon and the routine of the Ogdfni:- Tonight the first buffet supper of which wa* not determined^ • |work is continued from 2 to 4, any) Assistants to the above suBe-*viS- Mrs. Charles Cosugan and Murray Laidlaw. all of burg. The funeral will be held at)^^ ^ the ^^ wiU ^ ^^ St. Marys cathedral Monday morn-; at Tlje &+ Dancing from nine an- rng at $ o'cloct «-—--« —*•• «- - - Although the supervision of the fred Madden: O. F. A. isaygro*uw. Miss Eleanor Wright: Maasad 1 .;, work and plav does not open until Ne *' York av<kna « ^ rk » Mlss Ma,r \ tha Craig. Burial will be in St. Mary's cemetery. Mrs. Deegan's death will be recretted by numer- OBS friends ia the city. KANDYLAND £ESTAURANT SPECIAL Turkey or Chickei DINNER mlned^ . j child can go to these recreation I ers I grounds and play aR day loziz. If Dorothy Sj.encer. Jane S:^cer, til twefre wtth refreshments about game the 2*th. Both these 2entle-' ttie \ ^^ chiWren can, also. brinsJMary Ward, Helene Hollis. Bet;y 11 o'clock. If this one is successful men are members of the Brockviiie ( tneir !•»* there and stay for the]Brunei? 9 Regina Woo£* Dorothy as TO naabers attending more will team. jday and the parents are invite 1 to j Ervine. Rhoda MrCargar Lnrinda be heid so k*'s hare a good tarn- Mrs. C. J. Hayas of Buffalo and *> likewise if time p«»rmiu them *idark. g. McCregor. Harriet Joto- ^^ a ^' Owens of New York city «*-' The public is invited to go and!son. Marjorr Boire Roberta Cratt Thw- afternoon at the Belaont JoyeJ a game Friday afternoon. ! ^^ «1»* *•* tha: the yonnz wo- Gmendoiin Lafocntai- Margaret course the first inter<rlub nuuch Walter Class of A2banr pJa~ed niea and men are doiag. Ecgeae Ke 1 ^, Sally BeteanL Margaret Rwl- of this season will be held. Those golf with his host. Dr. J. Mc-ker j TborafaiU win head the work. He desiring to play are asked to be yesterday afternoon. ; -* s*ipervi5;iLg the plajrsroncds in at the Beimovt course by l:*i. Mr. Ernest Lunto; P^trs*jrg wiie'eeseral asd a!thc*ii2ii the workers ... i ..... . _ •* SOUP TO OUSSERT 8FER OH ORAUGHT The club expects to be weil repre- .spends his summer n*ar sented as usual. town nutde his firs: Mr. P. Fink of Coral Gables. Fla.. yesterday. j his 2kei^-5 vr-J* s-e t*:it tse ch?M- was a recent guest of Mr. Charles Miss Alice Andrews :s r zh± a.?.'-\*- »-' ^c th«»re :i ti»e morn ^ Cjapaian fur eigMeea holes of*:: again and will aiwir .-•?:--; :v SVXN* - : } -• \*•\'-• t3L«*i ra-^ or. |tie pott. sho- sarke^J lmprcv£2i?2t or?- i 1^5ycr K«*s-s?etU stated tia* :i a%s Mr. M. W. MacDonald and his iast yomr*s gaxe. P^'se^^rcLr^ • '^'^ Q -i^'^ re.Torts autf stc brotfcer, K. f4adK»u3d v tarfc of does it. \ i the r» z*+ *£ e*zth&<?4 j*x 7 r-^a Brocwv?!!^, droppM ic for t round Jl^? Fo^ae^ and M\^» Ler-R^li£ T^r:3^s sections of the ol a-->^- pre!un: : aary to the ieayze.are frequent visitors to©.- JwV«^ p^r^rt^ -* <frt %&x} taoir gers: Mary M<Carthy, Marzaret McCarthy. Claudia Forgoine, /^Ba Forsyth^ Qenor Ricbardsox Oor- Hyrri^\*~-*^'-T be ticr^ altersooas. Kr. trjd 9 Forsythe. KatheTiue Brun- arp^Arasc^ i Tip-A'!! ^ tt the ass stance of aisf *tte. Martha O'Connor. Marjory B-4% Phylis Bar!, Claire Annstromg. Mare Armstrong ETisabeUi **=- Derweat, iaases Dow. Siarsley * or ' i*«es Clad, Walter Barr. He*- »>^r* Fatisraie, Bernar*! Use^fL W.J^TT sseruu. M. F>enuaa- J Charl-s Umit: aud Mobel i**r SAI Cit Bids Bids f terday iMorse city of ceeds c tempor during The< • ial ses to the Trust bid was ** a prem bids we Phelr , York, premiur Ogder per cer { ium. Halse York. WJ City m A rep jdneer C Molmqu\ tat ion d \ment of densburr isfactory estic us tional rr pumpin pampin ft«». The Board Ogdensb •Att: Ch Gt-ntlemc I am port of and Re of the on May •Bates ol while m public city of ^closing supply era! of ^Health Section an tine water pi 'inary-f>u in inters a source proved as ^factory ety. The in conne and it i5tites tifying water * You that the ver wate ihe B. eo ^entrmtiou sidered s- tmt caret %ered a» eter. w • issis. if jut the delivered attslacto 4sruest\\ « It appui «^ecti^n sunrr^cadh ^atjafacto Hi-x^aati

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