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'v'JK.SIX THE ADVAN 0 K - N E W S THUKSDAT^ITXK 8, 1933 | T Ht!RS Vita Minutes I . A New Element in Advertising i ! !! i ! . i A Onl}\ the morning hours have Vita-Minutes— pninutes when minds refreshed by sleep are at their best; ready to act! Answers to problems that worried you yester- day \come to vou\ when vou wake. Your mind Jeaps to tackle thing's it shied at last night. You jnake buying' decisions. You think faster—and Jo more purpose. That's why you like to say, ••sometimes, that you'll \sleep over\ a question. ;rhe morning: ADVANCE-NEWS, both text and advertisements, is better read during the flours that are full of Vita-Minutes. No other lime of the day brings such alertness to a print- ed page as it srets when read in the early morn- jng hours. ,So it is natural that the advertiser should profit hy putting* his message before buyers at the Jinie when their minds work most readily, eas- ily, eagerly. He grets a better hearing then; his gwords are more quickly, more justly weighed. Jjuying\ decisions are made during the Vita- ^finutes. ADVANCE-NEWS A Hometown Newspaper for OgdcssTnirg and the North Country •Chas. Brewer Was Famous Pitcher Many Years Ago Was Moundsman for St. Lawrence University and Pastimes of Ogdensburg in His Youth —Among First to Throw Curves Hal Schumacher is not the only .Canton against the Ottawas of Oi stellar haxelia 11 pitcher that St.jtawa. striking out no less than* 1C I^awreuce university has produced. While that young man's deeds as a New York (iiaut's moundsman are today boin* heralded throughout the land, the Laurentian. St. Law- •NBW YC al 4one of today but . 1^3:* tops, heavy the dealt in .w Alaska Ju Allied Che A Hit ChaJ A met*. Cat .Am. Loco Am. Tel. Am. Kadia Am. Smr.'t Am. Tebac American * I Auburn A Bald. Loc. t»«th. g lee men, tut lost the game on account x)f the catcher being unable to hold him. August 26, 27, and 28 he play- ed with the Beechertowns aga'ust the Malones, winning the three rence university magazine publica-'games: eacn game the Malones had tion. recalls in its May issue theja different pitcher, but they cc^iJd fame that came to Charles S. jnot tolve Mr. Brewor's puzzling Brewer. '91. former crack pitcher j curves. He next played witii Uie| of the Canton team while he was in college. Mr. Brewer, still an ar- Stc dent baseball fan. is chairman of jjbeing 6 to 6 at the end of tiie ninth the Mohawk Paper corporation. He is also president of the Standard Furniture company at Herkimer ; . when the Cantons had to ^Balti. £ o torden Co inning. quit to catch the last train forFf Calljn . et j. home. In that game he struck outt^^ \; orp , er Field House. Canton, was named i.Watertown Grays at Canton, Sep ^Iron GaT «#. A - u^. ™. i~ *_ .„.:,,. i tember 24 188(5 whea Qe struck (£ olunibia C out no less than twelve men: but t olp ^oi T€ Waterto-wa won the score of 5-o. His last engagement aj/hi Q± Y back of third b»*e and disappeared was vith the Cantons against tUo>C, h ^ ^ T over a high board fence. j Gouverneurt at Gouverneur, WrJchrybler C (silver ball and bat, which wt-roij^i. Hudao won by a score of 35 to 6, Mr. jjp u p iM ^ Brewer striking out 15 men, there Ij^] Lath ,by making Canton the ciiainpio*iIj.' r j € ^ ^ i team of the county for 1886. Mr. • j.' as t It>aio * The man at bat swung again. 1 Brewer is stiil young, and wUh two ^ *w,<, v missed, and threw the club to the; or lhr ee years' experience he will ir€ne4a i w . ground in disgust as his team start- 1 be able to hold his own ag^iiiot ihe | r ^ n F#locJ ed for the field in the last hah of ; >Des t of them as a pitcher, lis is aUooorfricfc f the third inuiug. The event was ihe j very quiet young man and has aU Joodr<ar • Syracuse-Si. Lawrence »ime on PU tt ost 0 f friends in northern NewLJ reat Kort Lawrence's-own stamping grounds, York who will swear by hi in a£ a % ' enera1 Kh Weeks Field. ! pitcher.\ llliinoi* Ce A ruddy faced, keen eyed trustee ~ „. „ „._. nii .. K __ ^„ A flV , f L , . , • Brewer was pitcher and firstJanteruatioiv heaved an approving sigh and' Wncr ^^ nn • «. * K ^ 4~.„„„r, i>_ .»«.«,>-7^ ,, , . , ; , .baseman tor the tamous Pa.->uine.-»; <-huckl«l inaise of tte Uaurennan of ^ c , . fw ^ se ^ l)ns an(1 U prowls t.. his nMB hlK.r. H.s b.Kly his ^^ W()rk Jg rem8mSera€ , „ y tended a?ain M he watched the;^ oWer generation o£ fans Uel . t , K«i»o prwn« three more wain*.. R p - nls(m of this city was f, As St. Lawrence unleashed a bar- and is on the board of trustees oft.twelve men. His next en ^^-meutu na ,j ST. Lawrence university. The Brew-(was with the Cantons against theln oot *| \^^ j.Watertown Grays at Canton, Sep t after him. The Laurent ian article follows Crack kk J Watertowa won the game b>; a^^,, Wtfl A white sphere shot diagonally \Foul Ball!\ a well protected urn pire hawlerl through the slits of a mask that all lnit hid his head from view. Rad er's heyday. rage <rf hits that scored four runs, his faee became a wreath of smiles. I and he all but went out on the • mound himself to keep the Scarlet ahead in the closing innings. Nor did his enthusiasm cease with the final put out. His praise; was heard far into the evening. In- deeil why should not this particu- lar trustee have been enthusiastic about the Scarlet nine? Because this team, according to **Charlie\ Brewer. *S>1, outstripped the ach-1 „Tiie people of Ogiensburg regie ieven.ents oi the baseball team of his day? His fellow trustees, mind- THU (Eastc MBC-Y mascot of the Pastimes in tho^eji days. John F. Wells was also a'^ pitcher for the Pastimes iu Brow-,* 3:15—Katt j 3:30—Jane ^ 3:45—lAd. ; ) 4:00—G.-e-e 4 4^:15—.Ray R4:80—Trio £:00—lVrey 5.: SO—John 5:35— To E 5:45— <Xmz fl: (Hi—Mou €\15—Tc F :4:—The 7 r d0— Rv?^ : 00—The :9Q —Bare .•(»—Song FRED KLEIN IS PROMOTED • TO NEW PLACfc that Fred Klein, who for the past *ix years has managed most sue- ful of the exploits of **Charlie\ ceasfully the large 5, 10 and 2r> himself, were inclined to doubt cent Newberry store in Ford streei, him. They remembered when Cap is to leave here. He has accepted tain J.'rewer had struck out IS men the bigger and more respoasiJf v in six innings and had to retire management <»f the Newberry fl*\v*i0:l5 S*im be<ause the catcher could no long- in Alhany which is a more iucn*- 10:30 Jauk er hold hiai- They remembered tive position than the one he keM 2\: :(N»—Kfi^ ihat eventful deciding game of a in Ogdensburg. •* If:0a Du^-e series with the P<><s<]am XonnaK) Mr Klein received word TuV 11'30—Julia their keenest rivals, when Charlie dav crf his transfer . H e has war! had singled, stolen second, third, ed in the chain store business w a.nd then daringly stoic home with ne was j^ years 0 f ^ge^ He w* the winning run. 5t-s. They re- formerly with the Woofwor*'d| 3:45-4^e-> m^mber<-d him Th<n he disputed caa i a an< j i^ter with the KraHH 4 :0O—Get>r A 1 . <*V Jli. }12:#0—fih I . CBS I 3:00—43. ov and linally disproved Ur. A. G. stores He ^ ^^ with ^ Nt 4 Gaines* tilery tliai a cu«-ve toll berryv nearlv 1€ years and *V couW mt be thrown. And -Char- i^, tme <rf its ^^ fwMht9l ^ lie\ threw ihat carve! ploye.; He cane here from W*> Hid these highlights of Brewer's ^^ Chi<^. » ^reer *^n arrry^ aaginst tlntse, Mr KJ^ win lwe Ojfleaatairi: at the present day hall player the toda3r fnr Mhuiy ^ asgame chaT^ •na after wh^ the ptVM at St ^ ^ bij? svwhenj store in ?. Lawr^c gymna^iaai i* named, h»y. It is a fin- promotion in woald hardly have needed the f<d- i^^^er mnch ogdenshnrg peofM: i-iwiag *<,*muu which appeared .:.. ^^^ ftif8 ^^^ ^^ unteJi the Oka Daily Glohe in 1K>« : ; cwiciniahiUiig him on hm P« -n»rks S Brewer, of l^aaton. ^^^ Ja4 ^wurnxmenl. 4:Vi— St ijr 4:45—Jch» a:0€— {ton &;.*)—«ett. S:4^—J«* 6:0C— <jkm.T whose portrait we present to ««r H is Caaily will join ham •• A thi« week, has earned an ^g^j up(m ihft ekmfk ^ ^ ett^ npnUtkai in the aautear .rh-io** vaich his children ntW*^ \ ?rena as a pitcher and in. though he U mm only IT An open** ran of oil pnrat wi • years oML He was horn in thi* wil- sot harden if an inch or m nf w .t- lace wfcrt* he has learned to play u* is pr» 3r «d into the asm. ^* ^*\ hnll. Following are «noie of 42w ter does not mix wrth \Me nil nm«t aost imponant «ames h** has play- ^nt fonaa «a pfotonOre <tdUh tiefct ad i«: inly 1. i«* he P^yed with —.; -- ' « KAJ Sj RE SPAG EVE t **~ lsit\: \» . T—^ •*>-* '^»#ap*a r

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