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*«/<.>• ax 3uld )Pct. • 3ent Rates ldget Di s ]ass. ax rates sug- •? Ways ai^i y Lewis \V. the budget. sinjr revenue ?sident JEtoosa- nd re-em-ploy- add 50 to 100 nt of tax now moderate in- law, the tax first $4,000 of S per cent with surtax nder the sug- rlas. the rat^s or S per cent of normal in- or 12 per cent i hat. * ns now allow- me, $1,000 for $2.5o0 for a $400 for eav\h urtax rates re- le tax paid by by a married >endent under nd under the ould be: m 120 ISO 240 340 450 7S0 1.020 1.420 1.S60 2,1 SO >t» :c- 240 320 44\< 57* S6>> l,24.k 1.7?- 2.2'»0< 2.5»'-0 3C * i. 6 66 126 1S6 260 590 830 1,230 1,670 1,33$ S l« 24 34 * •> l.W 1,47 1*~ 2.33; -elope gi ven convincing lot wrote ber OR' ss. Trellises .awn Chaii 148 ' -1:30 P _AKE ROAC^ amp. Kite! iood Wi«i ,»oc*eer. IVANC WS A HOMETOWN NEWSPAPER FOR OGDENSBURG AND THE NORTH COUNTRY VOL. 1.—XO. :»4. OGDKXSBrWJ. X. Y., WKDXKSDAY MOKXIXU. MAY 24. 1!»:KJ PRICK 3c. J. P. Morgan's Testimony Causes a Huge Sensation C~^ Wets Pile Up 6 io I Lead in New York State Head of Morgan Firm Admits No Income Tax Payments in Two Years WASHINGTON, May 23.—the investigation by ihe Senate Com- mittee today of the financial House of Morsran caused a sensation in political and commercial circles as it -was brought to light that the gigantic banking firm, with over fiv<- hundred millions of asset? and comanercial interests in all coun- tries of the globe had paid a mere $47,ooO tax to the government. It also came to light that Morgan himself had paid no income tax to the government the past two years. Much dissension broke out. anions the Senate investigators jelative to securing: income state- ments from the Moriran organiza- tion. Senator Glass and counsel Fecora locked horns over the is- sue due to the persistence of Pe- cora in asking the question with Glass explaining that such was un- necessary as all reports were on file in the Internal Revenue de- partment. Finally so hot became the debate that the committee re- cessed to a committee room to er- mine the matter. At the outset of the investiga- tion Mr. Morgan read a paper which in general defended the private banker and his organiza- tion. Following the paper Mr. Pe cora asked for the articles tnership hut was refused. brought out 1>y Pecora that the private banks were not subject to the State banking laws nor to any legal control but could do as they saw fit. No statements or investi gat ions of the House had ever been made by state or national govern- ments although the Morgan firm had submitted statements to the Federal Reserve Bank because **of business reasons.** Mr. Morgan al- so stated that his firm would ac- cept small deposits ranging down to *a few thousand dollars *but did not encourage them/* The investigation will be resum- es! tomorrow \when others will be summoned. These include ten of the Morgan partners and the fam- ed YanSweringen brothers of Cleveland, together -with Presi- dent G. H. Howard of the United (orporations, an alleged Morgan holding company. The committee decided ;tt a meet- ing late today to tear the lid off the Morgan transaction regardless of the consequences and it was pre- dicted that an explosion which would startle the country would occur tomorrow. It is rumored that several high officials of the Hoo- ver administration and one of the present administration are inen- of par-tioned in correspondence as having It was had dealings with the Morgan firm. New York Beats Reds 2d Straight Pirates Win from Brooklyn— Yankees Take Game from Cleveland. G. 0. P. Mentor Warv on Mayoralty Talk But He May Support Mrs. Graves Considerable noisy gossip is be-! winning to be beard in connection with the coming municipal election to be held next fall- Both Demo- cratic and Republican leaders are ]oth to take a position now as to whom their respective organiza- tions will support to succeed May- or Morisseue in the mayoralty chair. The mayor lias announced his candidacy already. Republican leaders would be in hiiih glee if Frank A. Augsbnry would consent to the use of his name but to a reporter of the Ad- van* e-News who had a talk mitb l*im yesterday he expressed strong opTK»riijon to any such a movement .n his behalf on the part of his A^ked if a committee of repre- r-et3ta*ive Republicans had recentiy i>;i*-d aim to gain his consent a* i.ieir candidate for mayor, he de- ;_i«~l -hat any sn-n a delegation r.au d.*«ns**d the matter milia Asked farther, that in case the rrimary campaign as it developed sMvw+d Strang Republican .ten- dencies wotald he lake sack a cam- Mr Augsbury replied that it was too early to talk about something that was all in the aid. \Mayor Mor- is*eite is an announced candidate. He has worked industriously for a ienontanation. Wait a while long- er and then U may be seen wheth- er the Republicans want the pres- ent mayor for two more years as tne head of the municipal affairs of Ogdeasburgr Mr. Augsbury said. Mr. Augsbury was in a jocalar irame of mind and quizzed the re ;>3rter about state and national af- fairs but seemed to be averse to going deeply into city politics. Shaking of the coming assem- bly fight, the G. O. P. mentor was asked if he did not consider Mrs. Crares as a better legislator than Mr. X< wt-11. He said he did. Mr. Augsbnry will pronator smjh *»ort Mrs. Graves if she should de ciare herself a candidate lor her j'ormer position in the assembly. Aithoagg he 3;d not make that Patera <-ai his talk lean*-*: :hat way. On the city jadgeship he sa-d Donald & Sanford had beea to see Lin and tbat be consented io s ^r NKW YORK. May 23.—The Pi- rates defeated Brooklyn's Dodgers 3-0 behind the four-hit pitching of Steve Ewetonic today. The Giants again look the measure of the Cin- cinnati club 6-4. Roy Par melee, Giant pitcher, connected for a ho- mer In the second inning of this game but failed to tinish the cou- test. and wus relieved by Adolf Lu- que in the 6th. Despite homers by Gaobv liartnett and English the Cubs bowed to the clouting Phil- lies, 9-a. The Phils collected 19 hits, including a homer by third baseman Whitney- In the American League the Yanks 'aid down a barrage of four base hits to subdue the Indians. S-6. Yanks to hit for the circuit were Ruth. Gehrig, Coombs and Chapman. Ruth's homer today con- cluded his longest active playing period without a homer since he has worn a New York uniform. Other ••oinors were scored by Foxx and -lohmon of the Athletics and Simmons of Chicago. An International Leaguer, Ike Boone of Toronto, who is one of the largest ball players in captiv- ity, got thiee hits today and finish- ed his 25*1 h straight game in whi'h he has hit safely. This lad has had the hish seasonal batting average in ev *ry league he has ever play- ed in. The lowest batting average he has ever had is .323 and the highest .447. He is a graduate of the C of Alabama. The record is 34 <*nnsect;tive games and he *ays that lie will bust it. Scores: National League Pitt.dwrg. 3: Brooklyn, t*. New York, 6: Cinrinnati, 4. Philadelphia, S»; Chicago, 5. St. f>niis 1: Boston. 3. 1<* American League New York, £>: Cleveland, £. Chjrcgo, 7: B«»stoa, A . Philadelphia. S: St Urn**. € Detroit, 7: \Vashingtt>n, 1. International League T<»T'»nto, 4; Rochester, Z- Newark. 7; Jersey City, #. Albi;iy. *: Baltimore, 5. M»a.'r\aI-Buffalo rain. REPEAL DELEGATES ELECTED BY HEAVY MAJORITY TUESDAY Ogdensburg Goes Nearly 10 to 1 for Repeal on a 50 Per Cent Vote—Wets Claim County by 4,000 to 5,000—Few Towns in Dry Column. The wets scored an overwhelm- ing victory in the state election held yesterday to choose delegate-* ; to the constitutional convention at Albany June 27. The repeal dele- gates, who were elected at la v ge, carried the state bj- the ratio* t.f 6 to 1, occording to estimates oas- ed oiufgures available at midnight. A million votes w T ere cast in New York city. With half of the, districts in the metropolis report-; ing t!r; vote was 442.*****) wet to ?.-' 000 dry. The results were closer in ^on:e of the i:p-state counties but the in- dicati )ns at a late hour were that the majority of them cast their votes for the repeal candidates. Ogdensburg went wet by a ma- jority of 2.717, a ratio of nearly 10 to 1 »>n a 50 per cent vote. T ; i^ totals were 3.067 and 350. St. Lawrence county was clainu 1 by the wets at midnight by between 4,500 and 5,000 majority. A few of the towns were carried by the drys- Masrena turned in a big wet majority. Lisbon went dry 4 to 1- That town has been on a no license basis \or over 60 years. The wc*s carriei C-ouvernettr and f \-ant on but the vote was close. THE CITY VOTE The vote by districts in O^ruens burg was as follows: Dist. 4 .1*2 1st ] Di<? Dist. Dist. Dis\ Di*?. I>:^. Dist. Dist. 1 .. 3 . 4 . 1 . .> 3 . 4 . 702 3RD WARD Wet m 181 160 m 676 4TH WARD Wet 237 214 346 112 44 Dry 15 15 :>f; 53 153 Drv S 21 r- 1 s 309 Grand total 3 \67 Wet majority 2, 717. COUNTY VOTE Returns received from the ions towns np t<> mid nigh t as follows: Massetia . . Madrid . Morristown Wet *,S4 143 inn. Norfolk 314 1ST Dist. Dist. Dist. Dist. WARD Wet ...213 ...162 ...213 ...^0 Dist. Dis4. Dist 1 5 ***** • • * * 7M> 2ND WARD Wet 134 163 177 Dry 1* 3^ 46 12 10S Dry 15 17 Fowler Gouverneur Hei mon Lisbon Louisv^Io Parish^ ille Piercefield Pyrit.s Clifton DekaO Edwards Wadding! on Pitcaim Pots^iam 1 1 P.rasher Cant«»ji Village Canton 1 dis. missinr 3 IHstreets in Franklin C«». dis.) 4*»S •;s !^2 65 6s 135 54 «•-#-» 1S5 112 217 *— -* i 136 ^5< • 422 5»iN 1M5 45 ;50 var- W»Tf> Dry 324 11CI 115- Si ::s.3 12f. 32S 6. cr 2W t\ 7< 1«7 S(? 11^ «*• 4m 46f 45i4 Prize Money for Motor Race Cut Mrs. Quinfan 9 s Alother Expires «Cootmaed <m Pias«p 5 x\ %l£n RELIEF PAYROLLS 4'ANTON, May *3.—Payrolls from various uaemptoyaient relief l'rojr<-i* \\iiouz\Hmt the coanty -m^antinc: io $1>7^.12 w^re filed t the offite of County Treasarer (\mrl s M. Tait this week- Tbe • c>vn <*f Go«v«-nieyr had tbe iarg- <e#: :«yroil v. ;h a total of $££*.- •\»«. T^-e -:^i«--^ .seized Wadding 7<w tr.:^-. f^\* Hanaoad. $2(2: X >r- < v- L, tai 4 : Chfw-^atcbie, r*!i**-ra via.'% f-*»aT, IXD1.VNAPOUS. May 23—The prise s*«ney in tbe annual j««« mile speedway classic to be h*-ld here- on Manorial Day has been rcdnct.d to SIS,*** frifm tb<» ascal $2«M*«i <»f forncer years- S»*veral drivers are Tien? grooming tbeir cars for the trials. All car* avast show a speed A 12* »ik>s per bour to qual- ify. A crowd <4 1<«,^^ is txpecfxl f*»r tbe *venL Ja235.3* TODAY'S WEATHER Ordeft*barr aad vicinity: in tare. Mrs. Fred J. Quinlan. wnik- at- temiing the Women's Cinb dinner m tlouverneur last evening. -e ceived word of the sadden d^^it of her mother. Mrs. Carrie A. Al- len of Xormood. Mrs. Quintan b-f*- mrjiediately for Ogden^bnrr. Her nxtther was eighty-Gre years of aze and death mas dae TO a hear: attack. iv;f aaade ber hoae wiiL her daagbier. Mrs. S C. Avery •! Fair Norwood. Mrs. Ovinias'* aaan^ frieB^r will be grieved to learn aC ber bereaiTesawii. _

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