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The Advance-news. (Ogdensburg, N.Y.) 1933-1935, March 28, 1933, Image 7

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PAGE SIX I THK ADVANCE NEWS TTESDAV. MARCH 2S. 1!M: Rain Blamed In Air Crash Fatal to 12 *ip>e Inquiry Into Airplane Wreck Under Way in Cali , fornia. •)AKi.AN-». Cuiif.. Alanii 27 — !:'!r!;:'ll:-«. tn-.»sJlig p«H;i* \i.-*ibi:- »x. \\e % . ;«i^nw.i b\ Yamey Spo**' .i'K- ••:'ii;:...< !'•»! the crash <. i • •••i\ ;ra:i-jHi ; \ i?U h took 12 ii\vs »».»\--d iwt- ^i:.««i!< and :vu:u-id w d-.\« V :..- t smvkiiig ruins. \ ir!:..t- Investigation of th? » i-h \v» s •;.:/.<. iialvi 11 by i\di-ra:. -t ;tv ar.d •. r«*.iiii/ .*uth«*r:T '•. s. ritt 1 phu:-. P^ »»~d l.»y Noel . «.\;;ii:. i.-rr>iei v. a: flier, .'id car- • in^ a> pa-s^n-;er- Merman L. •<i\'\\ii. Hollyw.;.-.d hnii-j -:, and Yl\ - Lawh- M::ur of Lit-- Angek-s ..,«•: rth-d *\n <•• a »• in.-;.iiu iii-v.r w\\ Saii.:\.ay n^«:. carrit-d away h* x >]>*, ff iw ••? i.-'i.*e- and ••rashe-1 nic th <i.\*'Iinvi ••! Air and Mrs. *•»-;•.•* a Ai—a- wiih an expi«-.-ion h: :; w»-.- li.-nra i'ov miles- Trapped in Flames i'-ic Ai'.-;. in inc. and an adjoin- ug dvil i?i^. sprayed with burning -•:t.-. i::- i arid il*!o flame. tr:'e fin*: Mr»s. Ar!>a. hi r four ihildr* n. tnc i<»;.i .«. i i.-lai.-. all of whom die.* -• vl'i'ily. .Io>eph Ar:>a. the lathe!. e;.p--d tiiiMaiili J. windo.'. M» crk- ; ;•'•;.'. i>>;i'::-.u '.-• v.'a*- eXpevted -t'» H«'. . v '-eiim.r. hesides iKiupaiiis of the hi in- wciv XiY:. Arisa. her tiiil- *vt ii. Anna. 1('. Joseph, dr.. 0; V«i«.iiitei. -i. and Juanita. one year. - x mouilis. and lour neighbors. Vony S^rram*. -\. Joseph Serram-. *. ins brother. Gc-Lorge .Jemmon. S. and Flore- Faentes, 17. Phanki-n Ko.sc president of Var- • *y Speed Lr.e>. i>-.ied th\ f«dl*i\v nj. statement : \Tiie Liii^i ••: ii: : accid-nt was • fit- TO siii unusual and unforeseen r<«nU*rioii of the wiather that de- •••y.iprd -its intensity in the immed- n*r- h»ui\liiy oi' the accident, v.ea- lie' roi^orts havhii; been favorable •%.?• ilie en:ire rc-iu-\ • 'The iiie siarted after the plane -t»-a-k the- b.siding. The iin..- has r~,-vr. -:: .-p.-\. T i'.ni li-.uiv two year.- • \ •»:::;: v. i:'«-h tin. 4 ' approximately '.!!''••.oi»« Hii'rS hc-Ve !»;•••»! I'hiV.T. .»]•. ; = ];; i v/XiiiUile 1 . NU.tMio ]>a-sv:i- m»r- ;•«.!•: e«i with'.--.t injnvy.\ •;••-«. : .-i :::•..-d «)IP limt whi- • I:»- •• -:i:e <jf ihe r-aj'-r ;:vi:^-oi* y.-v-i- u.s/roSeiiSftized .Suits Over Swiss Watches at Qre Rights LEGAL NOTICE LEGAL NOTICE 1 ESDAY bjt m. R ..•v.C • -!• • -I '3 .• : S :K !<•• -.i - on !)\ eoa-i*. il- .-•'V'.'!' : '.V V.'Li-' «»f j ii«.»: •' OJi :i»'. -i ih«- 1...-S '.f b^ ^roiind- :e toe ;.;•!•»: • .1 J ••*• p!' »\i'<i:J!i. ieM' d<»'••» !•'• i:'o _.ri.»\c : - ;• diniier ,.i: y •'-.:.- :•: _:• 'ii; up :«- i^t- siiip -.liUiiif.' :r -iv. :• - -:.'• M---- '''\-0 r «.« r. .-ro. H vi-i' i- V/M- s:!-...-l: «»n !-• h'lol h> ;. f, :!i ii: ti'ijbcr as il;-- .»;iis«' eo.lap^ed- -\h-ni and pi* -c- <•:' fas-hi^y ,!,«.- iii ; 11 (Ur !i'». ; -. Tiie nmtor .1 T he plane ripped lo(#s-- and tore < «.ule Through a *.ree in a neit- r h «»tji^ oi'4'hard. Crowds Gather •'rowels jrathered as skyr<*ckf*fm^ ir!iTH*s 'Humiliated »he «T»rse]y see- y-d district, ph:•;*:.';': iui*« the dark- i* s«s vrhen Th« ph^n^ caronK^d 0 4<*i£h-«-;f<uric .;raTit--ic.stt«v Ti wirr-^ ^ *x «elT. ill avariahk* fire fiLhtlas: appar i.-s m-a^ «-n? fi'^rr Sii:i i^ea:.dr«- di.d Hayw«rd. Iwt th* 1 fi7ien. !; W:T • K-iidess. \Tb*-re m^re no fcrc hy- liauts in tf%4* unincorporated di*^ H-I J«IMI cheirJcais proved alnj^«s«* iii^rairins:. rae sincte motored low -w^uf aio.-M^lane wa< en mmle froia Lo< Anrel«s. to the San Fram-isco hay •sirdroin** at Aiazarda. FraBs. tke pi'j*. wilh hard^ed- .d^ inivrs of -Tiy fiji*? to hi^ f*yit. r^ieMrr a^»red kere-fr^m Utica April 19 Swiss mowinent watches,-seized by v nstom^ agents at Routes P<dnt December S last, because no duly had 1 been paid on them, will be sold at public auction at t'tica Apiil 19. F'i^ed Slates Deputy Martial Earl ha-; been advised. The watches* are val led at $lo.**:M. The- seizure wa- the fir.->: made in this federal district since a spe- cia: dr*ve was started by govtrn- nni't aiiviitr- last fall to locate Sv. ^-> wati-hns -juia^^'h-d iuto this coiir.'ry. t\i- l\MvS»» It i< frc. Xew York state farm families may find a great number of useful fads i:i anyone of the twenty-six iaini study courses described in the new I'linouncenieiit of farm study ionises. Four coiu-^es are Hs r ed .-onceming farm management, three c-.boiit morketin.', three deal with ponhry; others are available to stud;, fruit, wia-tables. sheep hogs, .v>ils. erops. and farm mechanics. L«»s Aniieles. He iormeny was chief pilot of the old West ( oast air mail Ihie. operating hetwH'U S:>!i Frail-• is o and Seattb. H is wianw survives*. Changes M:rjd, Escapes Death IJmwn, a i a pita list and builder. was en route here to a business conference. Mrs. Brown, who was to have aceoinpa-nied him. said she chimued her mind at the last nihi Are Joined SffcLear Cases Consolidated and Trial Ordered in This County. J T/**^ Cons^l:ua:lon ha> jus; ;i<i(\l \> : S.ii : i-:ne ('u;: t : K' .vo-.th a\ L.;v .•tii.-,.. o. the action hrjii.^ht bv man McLear. (Souvernt-iir Sylvia Luke Companv. Inc. lit E. McLear, Heibeit G »ein ov- J. v-i.e .M:*K>»ie. J. lie:-- vs. the Hob- Mc Le:*!*. Howard A. Speriy, J. A. F -htck and Cencvieve McLi-ir i:i Si. Lawrence county, wiih the Kiji^'s eoaaty suit bro.i^ht by K:»h- ert E. McLtar and He:i»ert il Xi - Iw^ear vs. the S;» hi:» Lake co*i;..:-ny. The order p.ovidrs that ;h* ac- iion^ be tiled in S;. I*HAiVi^e coauty. It has been sent to tho S:. LawrruiT county clerk's office for en try. ac?ii;i:s inve've ;:i!ner:il the Hal mat farm i:i the Fcwler St Lawrence J NOTICE TO ALL PERSONS HAVING I CLAIMS AGAINST THE CITY ' m i ^^^ } \ All claims and contracts against the City • of Ogdensburi-r, or anv department thereof, i or against the Board of Education of tlae m City of Ogdensburg, relating* to the fiscid 5 vear 1932-33, er.di-nr March 31, 1933, mutt * present same for payment on or before^ i March 31sl, 1933. OOSI fcVINS rcoi lal H ^s 31 The a ri.uhtv oil town of county. * 3 i L The St. Lawrence county action |l brought by J. Ik:man MeLear is f to set aside deeds by the Sylvia P Lake company of one-third inter- | e.--t. each, to Robert E., and Herbert ' k G. McLear in the Bainr.it fHrm. It |^ is alleged 'by the plaintiff that hi^. i tti All claim Clerk. mu.-t be sent to the Cin \V. IT. OWKX. City Clerk. Dated March 24, 1033. r M m m m m m is • PI LEGAL NOTICE LEGAL NOTICE two brothers, to whom tiie deeds were K-sned, own the molality oi' the Sylvia Lake company stock and through the other defendants tue because slie h;u« a premouition alleged to be dummy directors, had of danger. the conveyances made to them as Miss Miller, formerly a music payment for set vices performed foi writer in moti.ei picture studios in the company. By the suit the plain- Hollywood, had been unemployed tiff also asks judgment requiring recently. Deiief the crash ended a card game in the Arisa home was ex- pressed by Tony Gonsales. who left the house only 10 minutes before. Gonsales ±aid he planned to go downtown to a show and invited the four others to go with him. Arisa, he said, was holding the baby. Juanita on his lap. 'Its a bad night/* said Fuentes, referring to the rain. \Si \ok around—we'll start a game of pedro.\ *T'm too tired to play—I'm going home.\ Gonsales said he rejoined, and left the bous>-\ He went to hi? own home a block away and wa^ undressing when he heard the crrish. \It -\-hied the night like light- io;m.\ L'* S:;\ML \and I heard v.-in- dows '-iV'-h ii\V' mv house.\ School Budget for 1933-1934. I _ { Itemized « ^timate of the sums of money which the Board of E;:*<v tion 01 the Citv of Ogdensbuvg. X. Y., oeems necessary for the purpose stated in Section STT of the Education Law for the ensuing liscal year] 1!*3:M!«:»4, after crediting thereto the amount anticipated in the nex| apportionment of the school funds from the State, and the estimate; amount to be received from all oiher sources. - ier I r triu r 10 y team •e thro hoiic I ionshi when •olis w g 31 f of Chiiv jLed by Ch bee giant |?d 15 poin fv'5iita han ^llow shirt l-e id a ro * fugut tha g)re only t ~ ntire ga iter 22 .\as the diana % going Mi line: to C her I •f the of losing i)e Pa Aral de 'uals. 1 >• Jo Die ESTIMATED 1XCOME: Estimated balance on hand. Ap»dJ 1 r.i A FOR •J Cu . \) T y RENT— ro! to '.in st r. o. Md'. ree: n. Lea \ . iroi Bell. res a :vi idence. 2V 1st. FOR •nil'--.' SALE — L:neo)n sewn pas- A-l con-!it:o::. Apply ?iod» K'iiiiaiiie. care o:' Harry Cas- ih-. l->7 Wasirimtnn St. hi? two brothers to return to the ; treasury cf the company $7 t o}«3.2;; j paid them for alleged disburse- ' • ments in bt half of the company. After this- suit was started Rob- ert E. and Herbert il. McLear brought action against the Sylvia Lake company in Kings county to lecover a judgment of $60,327.98 for legal services alleged to have been performed for the company in connection with the acquisition [Estimated S'ate Aid and establishment of title \TO the; Balmat farm rights. : They claim their service- were reasonably wo; ii: $100,000 and that ; ;»:*v had been paid $39,672.02 on account. L \' «\ show ; houhi n<jt he consolidated and triod in tsr. Lav. relics ccunty was argued toefore Justice Lawrence March 1^ and ^s jn<t decided. This order! to show cause wa> signed by Jud.-e H* my J. Kimha-1 March •JJ on ai.:-lie.»i:on of Attorney Fran- ; cis E. Cullen in behalf of J Her- ! rir.n M;L*»ar. Judge James C. Dolaii. Gotiverneur. repres nts Jin:: en E. and He:b^: - i (^. McLear 1. GEXEKAL COXTROL (Regulative & Executive Service) 2. lXSTRl't/TIOXAL SERVICE (Supeivision & Teaching) OPERATION OF SCHOOL PLANT MAINTENANCE OF PLANT Upkeep > FIXED CHARGES . DEBT SERVICE CAPITAL OUTLAY < Acquisition & Construction I AUXILIARY AGENCIES & OTHER SUNDRY ACTIVITIES G.JCl.fV 147,6*0.\ 26.2J-S.\ 2.2»M<.' 3.20 1S.72 S211,05*i - L. •» O $ 8.500.OO 112.7S.\.TJ» 1212v>J Estimaieci Amount TO f x » r^-s<d by tax $ S9.8»d». At Canon an order io v a \:.- e w ii. the t w o actio a s A Pulilic Four o'clock same. healing on the pr< <»sed budget sviii be held March 2> P. M. in the Count 1 Chamber for final consideration \V. H. OWEN, City Cle: '•< * Senate Inquiry Is Seen For the Firm of Morga Can- >!ow i: !t'!UU,U •? Fren v ity t'c '. The 1: ltown f '/inent. •v: husba >dent f rk| Utilit minent f :> in the ism. riK ('arl: iaski on . Carlisle wa. | yd L. Ca aids of th ('orporat Ted Gas r Oife daug lisle Ta. H. Tav ^7.—T 1 Co.. j i: >:ial v. ho Bank ;iii(i T/us! under ariesi for COliJT. misit] his ill Xi FOR in sli ••Com RENT .<\ atia 'iiie. — Fi\. •tinen .™™ * Ills s. lied Ap? «tnd Uil- lv Hotel QUALITY MILK AND CREAM D. J. BROWN fr.or.e 230 907 Morris St. Larger Number of Cheese Factories To Open This Year p.-iaik-n of M.:w::.«»!>o I jsitors* funds. P^coru'-s report will dtrttrs. v. hether the investigation of NEW YORK. -.VJarci! : ; :m o*' J. P. Morgan ^ ^v., i» v .-m is st-he- 1 •}!*-(! 'o: an * i»rly hearin-i :' the S«-:;aie committee's p\.obe <»f t¥ ^^ — ^^ XT 1 ^ ^t private bankers, j: was ind:ca»\-d yesteJ day when it was learned thai Thomas \V. I^amoni. Morgan^ Lailed States Attorney's office partner, haxl l>een in conference three inonUis* delay in 4>rosr last wee's w^tii Ferdinand Pecora, ii..^ Harriman ccmes under committer counsel. s *op^ of the committee. Although Pe*ora has declined Federal authorities will go Chee»e fa< lories in St. Lawrence to mention by name any of the f^re the grand jury and setri emunty waialiy begin to open aboot hoa^r-« un#er investigation, he a.I- indictment of Harriman on T April 1 awl with chat date near, h raitted that the Morgan firm ad v ixrgt* ihat he made fosrteef is prohaM\ that there will be- a few Kuhn. Loeb ic Co.. come under t »e j #> . a i withdrawals from mccr-3 i .ose w '.:. s:ortur : . K«ii.-er mc»re fac-t<#rie« opera?ing than last year. A well known cheese make* said j*r-^lerdny that he did no* think that the number thai will open will be as large a* expeeied a month ago. betaa^e. it appears. classification together with ota -r firms that he descrii»ed a^ *p i- vale ha like r? who make in- r ^ :* lie insisted yesterday, in ve\ :. tnat investigation of a Iv. e bank does not necessarily :;.di<- e FOOT CULTURIST FICC OTSaLTATIM Ar«-h Support* mat!e to indiv^daaJ 4 tmpresFkiB. D. M, McCargar 4 5ZS CHE STUOT WaCKSUfi. • f. -^1-* iabee&* is oat holding oat any great hope of an increased retarn to th< ! irresalariiy in its aHairs. farmer. Then. too. manv <4 the . Pexoia said he would no faetories have been oat of opera- Washington. I>. «\. Taesdar t*on «o kmg that the exnenwe wonld Wednesday to make his report lo or to he heary to start them again, par Senator Danran l\ Fietcher. Ch *:r- tienlarty ao. in view of the fact i •**• <* <he Senate committee an that operation miteht not he t<m Banluax and Currency. T j At the same, time he will ptare :before.the committee hi* findhnj^ ; in The \d-1 •• ^^ casi ^ °* *^ * '•* ^- Harr ^-\ of the o.\ hii; bank's depositors. 1 Eridence to snpport the ch* *o \>e p.est.. ed by \~~ stales Attorney George Z, 3it i • \s s!*£f f. under orders I V'asLington, D. C. Th^- ehleriy banker, who ^-rested and admitted to $2.\ I *i! at his bedside nearly % eeks ago, wiil not be ask-. ^?near ai the hearing owin- ise seiionsQe*s of his condii He U sntferinae from a heart raesi which may prove fata! it !eare» hia bed. i B i E F ,* N J. A Say yon saw th* ad ->ay yon i*ie ad in To*

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