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The Advance-news. (Ogdensburg, N.Y.) 1933-1935, March 28, 1933, Image 1

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—*.-r.--A, *&• •>* H 26, rm AN JDEAL 52, chairman ittee of the xl of super, t business his home in 3 .vesterday minted a su- succeed tfxe h. Is . \House jinnies nas ly for a spec* ?ld Monday W\ Allan ng the week stated that session has er consideYa beer bill. rst •\ ~* Vip East March 25.— nny Vergez of the Nev ding hitters at bat as th< sr the firs mewardbounc Vergez 4 hi n the exhibi Pacific Coast the Phoeni- Terry's me: ure I am re t of the Em % ope.\—Rudy water? >aning the Let us fi> ins of ho' t. G - POWER- SMOKE SBCK* \REET AG.M.Y 4. 1 ^Cdl VA JAPANESE QUIT THE LEAGUE OF NATIONS t :.- i l V*NC A Hometown Newspaper for Ogdensburg V<JL. 1—NO. 8 OODEXSlirKG. X. \\, TUES1/AY MORX1XO, MARCH 28. 1\J33. \ PR it K 3c ilk Strike Is Threatened in the North Work Relief Moneys Will Be Sent City Will Get Moneys For Relief Work Here f Dairymen Wrothy Over the ' Weakening of Pitcher Bill ; Believe Emasculation of the Measure Was En- i gineered by the Milk Lobbyists i in the Capital Al. Smith Speaker at Mayor Morisette Receives This Assurance in Given Huge Ovation as He Long Distance Telephone Talk with Hop- Lashes Persecutors of Jews kins—Rumors Prove to be Groundless in Germany. s_ { II U a cut rent rumor in local | it is feit these dairymen will come . m».ic circles that the N:>r;.hem New ! over to the ranks of the strikers. ^ >\;•» k dairy tanner is to go on aj Whether or not the strike will be < -.:?iV strike. Reasons for the boy-' statewide is a question. Hov. T ever, * n'-r are given because of the fail- plans are underway for the enlist- 4 \\u of the Pitcher bill to defend' nient of other dairy farmers in tho % }i\- firmer inasmuch as the mini- Cent ml and Southern parts of the f in*r.m piioe < lauae whk-h v:as the \ state and from the number of an vly controlling and redeemable: swers to questionnaires sent out to .•, tnre cf ir.c *>ni, had been reuiov- those farmers it U^ v«»j-y .protafcle /' ! '•>* it. k^sLrfure. As* U \£ the , tnut a mi:k boycott will be iusiigai.- •*• • ..i i.> rucrely an ordinary affair j ed at once. * :MI assures the farmer that his; A local dairyman has many facts *:•:• source of revenue has not to be placed before the dairymen < tH«.n- taken fare of, and in no way! in opposition to the League, not •--.lis him in h»s distressed circum- only for its alleged removal of the L. uce5. j minimum price clause from the Ta date, the strike if. at a fo- Pitrher bill but likewise for abuses rusting point and only needs the in general as lo reported derelic- :v-ar*nc€ of a few farmers who tion of duties. A local example is .:.• at present enlisted in the, the plant at Heuvelton. Several I'airymen's League to <*ome to j years ago the Dairy Jeagre pur- * t ieir side. A few loca! league; chased this plant from the Model * ::>jmbevs are in a way reluctant to ' Dairy of New York at a better than I ::-s from the ranks due to their reported price <>f one hundred |- L-oieuc contract but inasmuch as thousand dollars. Today the plant 4 k ..» removal, it is allege, of the is practically <k>?ed. receiving a t ;.-.!.liivrura price clause iom the \.fe-K pounds of rrJlk a 'lay while in t [i olier bill ?s placed at the door its heyday th-Mit-jncis ^>t pouiins . f oertaia milk :<>bbyists in Albany were revciv^d. (Saoker Tonight In Local Club » ^^jiarsh Will Cwduct An- other Piografft lor Mem- bers aad Friends ' ^ - J$e Marsa will ?o«dact a smoker : %T.t BJ^UIC^SIS Jtftii's Ciu* tai^ ^-iftn*:. T1ic oe* , ^%K*h b*d been i , **feed U>T Ubt Thursday evening • • cancelled due to i«cles«eBt . aiher and it wiU be heid ihiz v vaiiDg at 8:^9 p m. These alfairs f - bet^Jiaiag very pops la r in sport- *:.-: circle m the <5ty and a lai^2 j=tfe*riu£ i* expected rh^n Uie £-ri.fewit rtarl*. Ti^ater- wlftT w§H 5 .ym'^ their var^f ar*-:_ _ Rip Ma- ^air. Too McCarthy, ioe Marsh, f. m Collett, Kid Larc^k. Beany >i^4uiw, Al Rapert *nd Kid Milier. \ mamto. adintssaaa^ fey is charged x defray die <x*f<4 ^^Vm* aaul ^ aU Everyone is NKW YORK, March 27.—Al Smith stirred an audience of 15,- 000 which ixacked ^iadison Square Garden and 60,000 others oiitsiae to tUiiidltuous aj>plause whea he lashed the Ku KIux Kian and oth- er lucite r s LO religious and racial intolerance at. home and abroad tonight. He r^poke at a ureal m^ss in*- p^r^ecuiron di .J* \vs by the Hitlerites in Germany. Smith was in old time form and time and again was interrupted bv frenzied ajpplause. He paid a fine tribuf? to the German people both in the Fatherland and in the United States and sail that when his own mother gave -birth TO her first chiid in the lov.t-r east side the first neighbor ;e call and ofur assis- tance v.as a kindly Ge.iiian wo- man. Other .>{K'akers who added their protests agr.inst tht* excises co:r?- : m-itte'l by the ilitieritea in.-iuded j Bishop Manning and Vnit^,l S.ates Senator Robert F. Wagner, him- : zAt a native vi v.-rmaay. \ Ti.-» >pepc\.ie-5 wtr*? carried by' . amp'.ii'iers* to th? dense thion? out- side the Garden. During a iong Ui.<a:u-e teU-phone convei'9«iiioa with Ch-airman Har- ty Hopkins of the State Tempor- ary lleliei' Employment Adiniiiis- tiatioa lat-? yesterday aiternoon, Mayor R. J. Moiia.sette received assurance that the city would get the unconditional g-ants o! $2,fc«>«j for February and $6,000 lior Man h -J:- work y\{:•: ^ !? . w*?JL^ ,^ t x! -juueif. * ~ The mayor stated that ;'ne :sti rubles ol expenditures :'or March were as follows: \Vc:k reiier. $13,- 0o0: home relief, $:;.ooo; mayoi-'r relief, $ 1,300: making a tcul oi* $l'J.30t». The city had to spend $5,- 5S0 to obtain a refund cf ?7,7J0 and in addition to this the uncon- ditional allocation of $y,M0 vas • atiJhoriz;*:! by Chaiiman Hopkins. Mayor Moris.-ette ami ?uiss Mary r. KaDx, suite- invest 1-ator ot thi^ '• vity, -Aiii go to Nc-w York tomor- • LOW JO center v.i%h Chairman Hop- kins regarding reiiet woii; h».r«r and the mayor expects to vbtaiu ;- complete s<-ttlem;-nt c: ail i.nan cial matter.- as of April 1. iL salt 1 it was not know r. deiiitit^y ?.« present A-iu-r.iier the .-tat* vculi-. take over all work relic: cr>^ra tiens after ihat date. Soia? time ar\> t\»o nayor anuoficed thdj ^'li^'\' '.\'<-\z v-. '--,?••-Mr • . fu»T.«; v a i ) 1 LO NOV. 1 ur»»i 'he \*% rrations cf tkt* Ma\or^ lU:i»f co-i- )nittee eu-.lod May 1, The n:a>or displaced souie an- noy:i::?o over reports pu^jlshei- yesteiday Lhat the \cily vas r>* ' mixnp ov*»r stato funds, tliat tb? missing $2.G<Xt t •*« <:k ma\ u^f. be scat and that the coumril ^.-av be i'crced to rai. r $4.no0 \c _cC r . V»avk $t».v;M( \ M:. Mo;i/sotre said iht-se stHU.nents or tunKirs wei'. absolutely wirho«.;t ;oun;Iaiion, a his -conversation with CbHirna'-, Hopkins sh>w«*d. Taxpayers* Group Pied Ses Support to Pratt Salary BUI \: A;-: >t ^ \. :.. ii • c r»> J 7 — ()n e i- i;v?:vd i^x;-•. . ? -v'-i ^ ^*„r -a:ip! b« Pjai'iipi 1L f »ic^;, p.esi d»-rt oi the St. LiwteiTco County Erooct^h-f Cvaai il, Saturday ai- r^rTiooa a^ptc^l a re^oiu'.ion ^iv- •n? na<|;--»iir:^'j .-uprrori to Assem- blyxaa WaJfer U Pratt's bill v. hich wouia *K*t--enJ i^andaiory saliiry ia^s. M-. Fiite: then najn- *d Fred G. K :kt):i<Ir and Dr R. .V- X^»!os to draw t;p-r a e : js&iiii'>oa ai*d *ead copies to Senators ani R?pre£eaiai.:re*. The rr.fcw:n^ -.va.« c-Hed to dis- <-uss viiia^, WWP, ^hiK*i i;,d <.ou^- ty ifid^ets aad if £3ssib> to ^lat o«r vhere ecoeeaaies nicht be mauSe to r<dcce \be tax borden. TWO HELD AT HEADOUARTERS IN THEFT CASE Japan Out Of League As Protest Hearing to Be Held in Local Case TGi\iO. March 21.-• Jat-u I wiih-i {'•!• v *': i.m iiiC Lea-lie <1 .\\jil«»i.^ ! u*iay niter bti;:ir a inviiti'. r r tj ivierman did Fi^yd ^ • UK- F* 5 rrr:*^» 4 d ir. Watt-:town 'e**-.. yeai'£* < v.: JIJ R::^v v.-(. yesteniay uinal of '>hi< < iiy in * omj^tUn ' to Geneva w ah ih wita a burglary commuted ;it the , EffiTtTor H;i\,h:t»; -\- ic- P. store at b2* Si ate .->triet «. wJrV Caa-.-ea •'; T h ii*.viau: .\*^T•;-!;_- ' i>oods i'i ai.> j.r>sr ^s^icn M^r-'T 4. ! Jaaits Ciirl ;. u\ 0^iiruc»-l»» • . wa.- a \ r ? i c U*M1 s • * • .*c *• o T\ r . I; •;•'« .^ T ^ t z\i : Comiriis^I.-. --• . •-. ...... . «:y - ••'Ay-)-:* :i*.- -°'^ r v.* impcria: ^law, and th- - ;*,«.; al|d 0 . U6Wu . f i jr Ttn qud! . t? t>: %ai . by P< I iceman Fi^d i ar-! awaited decision ^as traiitniitted ; \^ e y as( J 13^ quarts i»/*al^ The £2nj*ror, aypioval «'i toms c«;;»ci.us >ia^!. t'l-risty .^i • ed\.or a hciiritij; and it was .->* ^«r »*cscTiEt is- j^liii h 21 .;.; 2 p. rj. ii u flay. >:'iij«ei at ^l.'- ,,v * -:'A i«.o.:-. :n a rcscrint jdoicii 4. Pv'.ice ?>aid tli^ + tuur >i:vHl t '' i:is ^nbjoti.- tins of cigarvtU's anti *^o in money' *\^ 1? y^'^siy has b t-n :,i-a.-M-d IO jPerkm were st<deii. Th<? sheriff < f Jetfcr 2 p. rj. l»3ni*> •-r-.j c-: t s<« county ? ot a :^p on the case ircBtt Uie Ltaffu.- <»• Xat-.i^ f .]- j (fp^jtfl OfflCGIN and notified the JK»IJC. hero. Wht-n . '^'^S J d-\sLj;rc-esM^iit ^c tLe em* Oilier Cardinal ^ ived ia Water- P ir ^ 5 policy io si^port '4 ifac-' chokno aad npioii.iir of tho k-.me. The ree< ipt additl that de^idte' BUOGET HEARING TODAY [ TODXTTS WEATHER A bearim^ «a tbe scboel bvd^et wia be belt at ibe Ow—oa Coma- cil riiafcn this after—oa mi 4 !*»wn the sbiiitf tamed the men over lo ^lm and he bronrht lj»em back to Ibis city last nigbt. It s«««s»<»* Japaa intends to 00- was Mated tbat the defendants tiu9e co<^euanm m the l^a^ue aade siatemests ^imittiBC ibeir ««<>«« «o assare pi*<* and ma^n- ^ ^ a * jwilt. Tbe «M« win probably bej* 1 * ^rleadly relati >as witb otce- ?*\?:*? arraigned today oa cbarsea of b«r- J P\^«^ glaiy aad petit lareemy. j The resicmatioa was telefxspb^d* to Geaeva after Premier Mabofo Biaaa:.va <X> 5; St. Laais CA> 1. •f^J^* #itoiaad tae Eoaexor^j Wasbta^aa <A> <: Knatasbaai \\ Plan ConftTWict; • JolBt ct«f 1 reece o* *e-!i:: of* ficers of ifce Lake On*^ i- »d Su Lamjcm^e d.stricts i$ .vjrb^«^ ie<\ %< be beid at tae H «cl Wot, -«ff H n at. 1 ibi? ^^t^mo»jii. Scarlet Sever. Local Ml* ^ap*r«- - sica aad ctber sabject- x?.\ le tbe topics to U &*** be psxacatatloa a\ s. a general dtectiaaiaji «H|} * foilow. J y -M

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