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THE COliXJMBIA KEPUBLIOAH. TUESDAY, FBBB.UAEY 21 , 1922 PAGE THBEB DEAN TiLROE SPOKE AT UNION SERVICE tlie oli'ur'ch.. lAcan H. M. Tilroe, of the Depart­ ment of Public Speaking-, Syracuse I^niversity, gave a powerful and im - pressive address Sunday at a un-churches: ion service held in the Fix-st Reformed church, before a congregation that taxed the seating capacity of the edii- fice. Speaking under the auspices of lOrd’iS Day Alliance he took for “Amenica’s Spiritual the his Eclipse. The union sex-vice was conducted the Rev J. Harvey Murphy, pastor S' the platfox-m were ■ing- pastox’s of five othe: Rev Dr Geoi-ge C. Ycisley DOLLAR DAY SPECIALS ' At the SURPRISE STORE Men’s Heavy Work Shoes, regular $3.00 ................ ^1.98 Men’s Heavy Pants (overcoat material) regular $3.50, .......................................................... Men’s Flannel Work Sliirts, regular $1.50 ......... Men’s Khaki Slip-Ons, 2 for............................... Men’s Hose, a l colors, 10 pr for ........... Boys’ Knee 'Pants, regular $1.50 ................... . Ladies’ Coats, regular $15.00, special for Dollar Day $1.98 $ 1.00 $ 1.00 $ 1.00 $ 1.00 of the Presbytex-ian chux-ch; Rev W. DeW itt Lukens of the Baptist, Rev W. H. W. Reimer of St John.s’ Dutheran, Rev M. O. Bexxnett of the AlethocTist Episcopal, and the Rev John Eber- lein of St Alatthew’.s LuUxex-an. Dean Tilroe was intrdouced by the Rev John Pci-gxxson, Genex-al Secre­ tary Of the State Lord’s Day Alliance. Dean Tilroe laid stress on two points —^the oi-gunization of the moving pic­ ture interests in opposition to the laws that protect the proper observ­ ance of the Sablxtth, and the weak­ ness of the educational system in not incUxdixxg the study of the Bible or i-elig-ion itself in the general courses of the schools and colleges. He emxjhasized the fact that Bible reading or study and the study of re­ ligion itself was not only missing froxu the coui-ses of the com'imon schools, but froxn the courses in col­ leges. He firmly impressed upon his audience that if tlxe Bible is not read iir the Hudson schools it is xxp to the Hudson people and the local Board of Education, and impressed upon all the necessity of citizens to ux-ge that the study and reading of the Bible should be a part of the daily school lessons. As to the moving picture magnates’ acti-vities, he told of a meeting- of the movie interests at Atlaxitic City last summer at which time a great sum money was rad.sod for the purpose State and ixational of money i of clefeatir OF LOCAL STORE No Clue Left Behind by Rob­ bers Who Made $1,000 Haul at the Breen Shop During Thursday Night. ning that the robbery was particular about what Friday morniiTs discovered. Two years ago the Breen store was robbed by a thief who also was particular abo he stole. The police records show that twice during the xiiglxt Patrolman Parsloxv took a turn thru the alley. W h ile he saw an automobile turn the Sixth St. cornex’, thei-e were none in the al­ ley when he made the rounds. BREAK AT MATTEAWAN STATE HOSPITAL FOILED __ Leaving- px-actically except the footpx-ints no clue behind a small shoe r the CriiTiinal Insane confirm­ ed a report of a frustration of a break planned by eight inmates for Monday night. An anonynxo'as note of warn­ ing believed to have been dropped by .epu Uiie VL a sxnaxi sn o e , o n e of the eight who had become the snow, thieves entered the Dan- scared gave the authorities the tip = resulted in the. .segregating of iel coats and men’s shirts. In ^ bar had been sawed of the windows of an that the pi-isoners were by means of bod How far the ixx- parliance the as no one c $3.98 only 2 left to go a t ...................................... AKo Ladies’ Spring Coat, in Jersey 'Clotli, large •size to be sdld for Dollar Day f o r .............. Ladies’ Muslin Gowns, 2 f o r ........................... Ladies’ Silk Camisoles, 2 f o r ............................... Ladies’ Corsets, regular $1.50.. ...................... Ladies’ Hose, all colors, regulaf 15c, 10 pr. for .. Children’s stockings, all sizes, reguilar 19e, 8 pr for $1.00' Apron Gingham, 8 yds f o r ......................... .. .......... $1.00 White Outing Flannel, 7 yds f o r ........................... $1.00 XJuhleached Mnsliii, 8 yds for ....... . ...................... $1.00 $ 1.00 $ 1.00 $ 1.00 $ 1.00 $ 1.00 H e ui-ged his listeners to get behind their pa.stor.s and their churches— a liundx-ed per cent backing. As to lack of religion in the schools he said it- was a lack of sanctity., a shallowness of education. “It is a shadow on oux- civiilization, there is no religious note in it,” he continued. Following- his address which topk ovei- axi hour, aii appeal was made for the support of the Alliance and pledges were taken. Dean ’Tilroe also gave a very ing talk at the m o n iing sendee Also all other merchandise in the store reduced to 25 per cent below regular price for Dollar Day. THE SURPIHSE STORE, 305 Warren St., Hudson, N. Y. A. BKEGMAN, PBOB. :ing the laws of the couxitry which protect the that tliese contained Sabbath Day and th e proper observ- shirts, aiice of the seventh day of the week [ An automobile was heard in Cher- all. He laid exnphaais on the posi- ry alley about 2 o’clock. A police of- of organizations to break down | ficer saw an automobile turn Nox-th on which civiliza-I ssixth St. about 2:30. The police be- ■ lieve that someone wno kne— — in the vicinity, police foUo^'ed day px-OA’ed fx uuiv^s. j-vui . mates would have gom trunks and a packing box were left {preparations could not be verified, al- here to be shipped to New Y o r k ----- - - terday. But it was found Frid! , ... ....... ig t .police foUo^'ed out to the end yes- j sheets tied wed fruitless. Four big > m ates nates wou! togethoi'. Id have :e. with their tion depends. siderable of the “lay of the land” was implicated. Also, they are firmly convinced that the stolen a.rticles are still in Hudson as it has been pointed j out they were not shipped out o f here by rail, and sno’w blocks all roads leading out \of this ciy. A small road­ ster is under suspicion and this ‘\car may lead to the ax*rest. Entrance was g-ained by going into ■the yard in the rear of the H. S. Sliced shoe store. A brick addition on the building- housing’ the Breen store extends back parallel -with the Speed yard. W orking from this yard with a bx-ace aixd bit thru th e brick- all, a.hoTe-20 inches wide and IS ches in height was cut out. At the Lord’s Day Alliance, gave a least 60 holes were bored c u t t i ^ y fine talk on “The Sabbath W as ^^^^y the brick and Alade for aian,” in -which he b r o ^ h t ! eutti. ’ (though the authoidties adi-nitted some night j pi-oof to the effect the climax of the escape was planned for Monday night, when the weekly entertainment “would leave fewer 'guards on duty than usual had been found. It was also reported that the authorities were unable o find ti-acs of any hacksaws w-ith which the alleged cutting had been done. ELECT OFFICERS OF HILLSDALE BALL CLUB e at the lean ’Tilroe talk a t the iaptist church on the perils to which tlxe Christain Sabbath w-as being sub­ jected. At St John’s Lutheran church. Rev . Andrew B. Wood,od, associatessoc secretary a Day All: fine ta lk on “The Sabbath away latfti»s and the inter- .out the value of the Christian the day -ft-as beiing the -wa;y l imperiled | the religious nature of man and I -wa th e day -y by -worldly forces. Representatives of the Lord’s' Day Alliance also gave very eloquent and. inspiring addresses at the 'morning services in the Presbyterian and R e ­ formed churches. WED THURSDAY. Miss Laura Weir, 'Robex*t Thompson, c united in marriage s: Rev. W. DeW itt Lukins, pastor Baptist church b ro u g h t! cutting away s S i ^ t h l t o r fiinishing. It was a small man who squeezed mself thru this hole into the rear ol the store. Fifteen new suits of men's clothing, ju s t unpacked laid on the back counter. Along side laid a pair of ne-w trousers being al­ tered for Patrolman Pai'slow. The 15 suits- were taken, the trousers left. Then ahevut 18 other .suits were selected from the regular stox*e stock. , four good rain-coats chosen, and then Hudson, and- the particular thief went among■ Utica, were haberdashery stock, . took half '.sday by hundred ne-w spring men’s shirts, and o f ; disappeax-ed.' the lukins, : Huds« .red.' ■ ^ ing t( : not until about 7:30 o'clocliiping. The old directors of the Hillsdale baseball chib held a meeting recently at which time ne-xv directors axid of­ ficers wore elected. They are C. D. Blax-clay, Chaii-man; Orson C. Pul- ’, Treasurer; Arthur Closson, iretary: George Petith and Harry Cornell, Directoi'-s. The directors voted to join the Columbia C o u n ty League. The name of R«ss DeBell was mentioned as playing manager and 'Mr DeBell told the directors he would give them his aitstver within ■the next two weeks. Several new faces w ill be seen in the Hillsdale line-up in 1922. They will have a stronger team than last ear. THE COLDEST DAY Thursday tvas thejio^ d e s t day of- the year. The local' weather bureau said -1-2 -de^ees ‘Vbelow was reached; but ice men said- that 15 degrees was comimon along the river front. Chat­ ham reported 15 below; Hillsdale 14 and Lake Charlotte and Austerlitz 17 below. The mercury did mot rise above zero at any time yesterd: mark and then slowly drop- ITWILLBEBEST^ Thursday will be Dollar Day in Hudson—^the first big trade event of the year— and already the merchants are showing a few of the bax-gains that they wall offer on tha just these few, as can be ; .day. And noticed by ng, foi-ecast the greatest values e dollar ever off< son and Columbia coui readij for th e dollar ever offei-ed the Hud- a county shoppers. The mei-chants have planned long or this big xnid-ndnter event and.- will \Ter bonifide Dollar Day sales— those in by all the leading business men. Stores are made ready for this special event the same as for the holidays. There i^ every reason why the shop- pens .should come from all parts of the county to Hudson on Thursday of this week. For Dollar\ Day—the king^of the sales days— com es but twice a year. which cannot be duplicated again, liar Day i.s an established trade int in Hud'son. It is participated PK-NUPTliU. EVENTS FOR MISS lElRNEY The wedding of Aliss Max-y Af. Kear­ ney Of thi.s city and Geoi-ge A. Mullery Of New Yox-k City will take place on Satxxrday xnorning, February 25th, at St. Afary’s church. Sevex-al pre-nuptial events are being- planned this week for Aliss Kearney, the first of which was last evening- when Airs Charles J. W est will enter­ tain at bi-idge for the bride to be. Oxi Tuesday evening, Aliss Ahn'e King and AXiss Alay Arkinson, who are to b© bridesmaids w ill give a dinner at the City Hair Grill for Aliss Kearney, and on Wedrte,sday afternoon Aliss Laura Hickey- will entertain at hex- home at bridge. 'AHss H ickey w ill also give a dapee in '-honor of the i on Fridajr night. coming bride A representative of the Collector of Internal' Revenue will be at the Court House daily between the hours of 9 and 0 to assist any one in preparing $0AY$ K O S O F F ’S $UAY$ The best bargains in town for $ Day. All our goods marked down at less than cost. MEN’S SUITS- All wool blue sex’ge. .?37.50 reg­ ular pi'ice. $ Day special $21.50, LADIES’ COATS , They must go. Our pi-iees will surprise you. •$4'5 coat, S19.50 $30 values at $16.50 LADIES’ SWEATERS A wonderful selection; all styles . and shades, and ranging from $1.95 up. DRESS SHIRTS Day special, $2.00 sbii-ts $1.00 SILK PETTICOATS Ten different shades of change-'- -able silks, regular prices --fS.OO; for Dollar Day $2.45 SILK CREPE $8.00 shii-t for this sale only $3.95 Our entire stock of new spring goods at great reductioiis for this $ Sale. ^ We Clothe the Entire Family. . K O S O F F ’S : 303 WARREN ST. NEAR THIRD ST. WANT Every Farmer in Columbia County to Attend the FORDSON FMMING MEETING Given by LACY & DELAMATER FOEP AND FORDSON AGENTS, - - - HUDSON, N. V. THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 23, 1922, at 1 P. M. SHARP TO BE HELD AT THE CITY HALL THEATRE MOVING PICTURES AND LECTURES There will be talks by foremost farming experts of the county—Tractor and a full line of farm im­ plements will be on display an^ demonstrations will be given-rEverybody invited and don’t for­ get the wife and children—Representatives from the Ford Motor Co., also D. H. Willard & Co., distributors for the approved Fordson farming equivment will be here to explain the modern way of power farming and to answer any questions. THIS IS DOLLAR DAY IN HUDSON. Bring all the family and stay all day. Do your shopping in the forenoon and attend our pictures in the afternoon. REMEMBER THE ADMISSION IS FREE.

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