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The Columbia Republican. (Hudson, N.Y.) 1881-1923, February 21, 1922, Image 10

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PAGE TEN THE HUDSON KEPIIBLICAN, TUESDAY, EBBRUARY 21, 1922 TAYLOR & DINEHART Will have their usual DOlUR BRRGMNS from s i . ro alpairiip 16 Keto\v Wt *«tottvj!le. Frid.ay mms the colclost day of tlio winlt-r, to.mpoiuiturcs of 14 to 1> < clo- greo.s iK'low zero lieing reporlod. IJnys Ne\v Car. ScostacU pm-c-liascd, yiillor agom-y. :i J8-h tho C. Hupmoliilp. throuj O rel’ $S0. CJoaeird. O v e r $S0 wa.s ■cl'eai-ecl by w o r th L( a g u a o f th e E..'c th e ^u i)p e r held la s t Those present prese n t -were Mr an d .Mrs Clayton Clum, Mis.s M ertice iHam, Miss E s tella E v e rett, Mi.s.s Ey- son, and 'itfiss E d n a Fitzgerald New York.ork. u\. m o stt enjoyab!njoyat LiV m o s e ! rev>orted by all present. I>an<te ‘T luu’.sday > |.^ve«Liig'. Don’t forgot tbo big diinco t. held by the .Stottrille Bttseb.al lie Bttse nnett 7-Tall on T h u rsday evoi 23rd. The hoys are work) sii' M . E h T h n r s d a 'll u roll hard to m a k e thi.s a success and have red Sullivan’s B lack and. W h ite The Stott' ed the Scout.s iite.st.s at Benn< biing- 44 to T4. :>cal Scouts ‘Will. :ville Boy Scouts ontpoini latives of the Bo 'Melody Boys, a New to furnish music for One of the features Avi'U be a prize waltz, the boys get aAvay to ett I-lall Wodnc.sda.v ; A 'Nc\v StoiT. arn e r h a s com m enced SPEClAIiSAT w m £ jkB m HYMte 'Daiiiu^k T^ieeiotks, ^$2‘.00 -vaJlue. ^Meii% Ril>fee4Underweai?, value, 2Tfor. ®eii%lEiil>bed UiHoii Suits, lieavy ‘quality.. Mne €oi*sets . ............................................. lk(^i^s\Dress Sliirts, good quality ........... Ladies’ Aliddy Blouses, 2 f o r ................. -^iHs’’Tlr^ses, Anioskeai^^GingMm ___ ’^lidM d e s ’ Taitis, 2 ^ ^ ........ . Men’s and Ladies’ Honse Slippers .... Ladies ’ Shoes . ............. . .......................... ^lAi'leilas ................................................ ■'^tpr iiadles ’ B loomers............................. Ladies’ Shirtwaists, new' spring styles ---- Ladies’ Silk Hose, 2 ]iair f o r ................. .fl-DU I . ^ : « e I if 1.00 .$ 1.00 $ 1.00 W i^ ov^ ^ ^ $ 5 .00:fw o :|>i?eSeiit you with a suxprise present. i m m m m 886 War»«i;St., Hu’dson.'ff.'Y. 5 lU iildln s (tontraetor W'arner has the erection of a buildilis- on the pro­ p e r ty Of M. A, Eniei’clc w h ich it is under.stood will be -used for a sfoi for the .“^ale ol: ice cream, soda, drinks, c Z'i uliu.'d GlovanowiIth iful iiiju:ry he .Was w The servi quired to An lOyo. : suffered quite iiiju host w e ek when a piece flew from1 a ca.sttnga.sttng onn w h ich remove a c o nd lodged in his eye. , phj^.Sicians 'ftTiT re. A .Saiprlsc POrty. Miss E d n a Fitsigeralcl Avas very loasa,iAtly surprised a t the hom e ar m o ther. Mi’s C h a fles Wai ■Saturday evening by a num b e r bf friends. M ais I c , singinig and caused the time' to fly very The vocal selections o f iG-ill:bert w a rds o f i i u d s 'o n w e r e 'e joyaM e. Pfdgfessiv'e euclVre was played, th e prize 'AVinriers being MiSf .'Me'PtiCe iiHam, Clayton Clum te r th« -prizes wei ests w e re invited a r n e r. ■li Ed- eeially en- tiwa.rded th e th e dining invite d to a. bountiiful rep a s t aw ait- iCRI^SED WIRES By ’ANNE -RICHARDS. th e cveni T o m e ntid hi ‘ 00(1 .star ©, 1821, by Mc(_’lure 5?e'\V.'»paper Syndicate. Frarice.s Afoulton'.s eye.s Avefe !>!park' ling wilii anticiiintion and laughter as she .stood before her m irror putting the finl.sliing touche.s to a mo.st becoming but som ewhat umbsiial co.stmne. To be I sure, .skirts AA'ei-e being worn short this .season, but OA-en the gayest of the gay cirele.s did not carry life preA'ailing. •Style to (luite sudi a lieight, for Eucln-a liai'goly Aiteiulocl. luchre igiven by the StoUv M u t u a l A id .S o c ie t y a t B e n n o t t H a l l F riday ovenin'g w a s quite largely at- tcndecl in spite .of the e-xtremely eOltT w e a ther. iPrizos Were aAvarded follOAVs: T>adie.s Xir.st, Mr.s .John S: cock; ladies con.SolatioTi, .Mi*s Arthi ■Roosa; .gentlem en’s finst, Claytc Clum: gentlem e n ’s consolation. BaA rence Andrew.s. Refre.shm ents, .sisting- of sandAviches, oakc fee Avero sei’An'd afte r wh an d cof- h dancin: STOTTVIM j E PliaiSONAJiS. Avho h a s been ill led h is d u tie s Gordon, antic Mills, i , PitZgi’i'ald ■J o.seph itb the ith the ■Miks E d n a I New Y o rk Sunday. B . tte m w B a v i s o f G r e a t Barrin.g... ton ,'M a .s s ., i-s sp ^ n d itig a fCAv d a y s in an d M rs Otis W h item a n o-f C laverack c.alled oh M r and M rs E. U., :Sh'u£elt Sunday. _______ _ N-o Friend of Hum*nity. H e AVlio employ,li excellent facuRieS’' '•n'difOOd 'Avi t to h u m o r p l e - a s t e nfen ■In their viciiK, is the -gi'eat6,»<t .enejny I#? jpankind. feen i 6 Slffeaiisfor® 0 IiLAk#Af: The (jliTb to he entertained at tite -new hdiue of leftheF-RXUT, c fire cl6b-tff«nWjer$, into Atliieh her fam­ ily had' inovedJrut.ar-^fortnight before. Tire ’ taxi >-)stop|»*d and, allihting, ‘KMirees went «p the \?Here a ilrSin' tnaid ’Ope«ed • the door and mo- tfi(Ul«d>:hev irp^iR ^breed’etaitway, Iir the dh#ojb«r~Above ‘ihdWed that^zTie’^yt!* not t ^.fuemrst^^rrlfalv -tlte =««tRiPs • iater tw o iJMtes - CiiM'e - yfev. They • sipa^e is Tixflitea -we ^irsention eiily a few 5of m s t wenaefEul mliies fiadies ’ xviliite 6v col6fed petticoats up toi$2.o0, .sale t^diy. mm the a»iH» MTimt j Ladies’ iiightgOwus aiid eiiveldpe Hieidise, vei 7 specidl, m •2 for . .................................. ........................ One lot of ladies’ white shirtwaists up to -^fellar iBay . ............................................... . ................... All our ^Aiueiiean Tracly and G-B^Corsets trill .go on Bdllar -Bay te r . ........................ . ......... . ......... ............. siTfes-df huiigalow a r m they:last,|5ii.p(^ . Ohildren’s gingham dresses, sizes 2-lT 7 ^ra, .dll at ^ - *1 Boys’ suits androinpers, up to'$2t&3,-T>ollar Bay.. . $ 1 ;00 j tx,adies ’ aiid Men ’s black and crOWnSBilk Hose,' 2 pr, 4ll;00; $1.00 • Good, heavy Turkish towels wltli faney designs, -a Te\x| dozen to offer a t 2 f o r ...... . ................. ............. .^liOO Children’s white and colored .sweaters, coineoarlyTo geii: one f o r ........... .. . ............... . ..... • . ............... 3 ladies’ sweaters to. go, each . .................................‘$1.0€| ^Children’s coats, 2 to-Tyts., Ohiy a fewTeft a t ........ .1$l.O0| Babies’ short White dresses, ftp to -$2.98,’only .... .-$1.00; One lot of shams, searts aiid ’ cehtei*s, while they dast| . ...................................... ........ .•^l.OO Khaki Flannel Shirts, broken s i z e s ------------------------- $ 1.50 $ 1.75 Dress Shirts------------------$ 1.25 $ 2.50 Grade (kskosh Overalls — $ 1.98 #)rtland-Ch^erails -------- --- ^— $ 1^0 ^eepsldn Corduroy, warm mackinaws, ] 36 in. length, reg. $10 val. $ 7 - 75 , Wool Union 8 iiits, $ 3.50 qudl. - t l .98 Everything in the store marked at a great redaction for this day only iAXtiOilN, €22 Warren'St. 2 for .. Ladies’ summer imion suits, all sizes, 2 for.... Ladies’Hose, brown or white, lO pr. i o r ........... Six'pr. children’s black or white hose for.... Boys’ lieavy pants, all sizes, a t ........ . ............. PlamiG'l! roiiiper.q and ereepa’s, all at 2 for — 6 yds outing flannel, all colors, for . ................. 7 yds. bleached or unbleached muslin for.......... m m . $ i . o a .. . $ 1.00 : $ i . o 0 ; f 1 .0 0 . 1.00 ____________________________ $ 1.00 Ladies’ slip-over sweaters, ■Witiioilt slleeves, while they last .................. ^$1.00 Long flannel kimoiias, 5 left, each .......................... .-$1.00 i\ren’s overalls and coats, $1.98 .grade, $ Day only^$1.00 A rare opportunity for thrifty buyers. RIGHMiN’SQtiiFYilOP, 357 Warren St., Hudson, H. Y . 2 doors abox'e Playhouse. Open every evening. BETTER BARGiONS than ever before D O L L A R D A Y '■'—A®— ■ 'SI lowest liem of tlm lowe.st ruffle on •Etance.s’ pa>Y,v'.gOAA-'n scarcely cOA-ei-ed the kiieA.*, Avhicb, sfrfiTiger .sHli, A\'ore no GOteriilg benealii the rulHe, a pair; of Afiute socks Avifh tiny pink ribbon bOAVs^ai; tlxe toj> reaching only partially to the fluffy ruffle. A call of ’’Taxi's hme” from below ba.s(:eneh her moATnients. Her mother ami father caHed -a ..good-night from the living I’oow. Opening the door, ilie AAT.nt quickly down the steps,.^gave the'addw.s-to the. taxi driver-and, «tep- piiig in, settled douri coinforldbly on the eusliions. Frances belonged to- a clul)-of-girls ■who w e r e abvays thinking up smi n.riTlty in the J*of 5 this evenlBg’they had-planned that e.qoiBgirl .shoiVld conio prepared to take ftie ewa»racter‘«if soWe acqxiaintance, to dte.s< 3 -and act the part, and France,s -ha'd been 'studying -her -seven-yeav-old ' neiglib'or’and • had copied lier dancing scltdel flock for the -oeeasion, loobteg- fowartl gayly to the %sm'pi'iae she ■V’imtrhKgjve' thesigirJs. Visit 'Onr .Store Un D O LL A R D A Y Bigger Bargains in Shoes and Rubbers Than Ever. iiMIl MOSiCOWin Cash Bhoe Store 22 South Front St. In-^ttee -doorwOv^Rt the foot of the stopfed -short. Of thea|roop ■ In i*e ••room .iSOttt - half ’Were sgttitle- rg|«*tt«n;ldres». < 4 ' 41 ^ : OfeiS»e- tips to her. Tile l*dy «ii^hwftideitr«»tted earned U» Pityingsplefc'iWmtlst’: ' “ S ar- d o u ^ e , I do-iiot y¥«r natne.’’ ‘?F4mh^€s>3|«6 hK-»M. Islihel’s ' iWKu 1* isiB e l ?” ’T h e -Mdyi ‘W h y , Isabel 'R « rr, wiho ^entei’taltts' o u r'ch ih i h ere ihia^avitoiitg.” F^attiges She'll^* ini^a'very rcartii^t-t ' (*»> not ■ acciuainted ^ i t b Isabeh t?M«' is the- Imn’ie of ^Mr.'^&en- siftiiilerBttmfe. ’ 'UdfU) mrs. .iBni’Sige.”, ; ds^wims .looked-at-her in-atunBe^sai'-^ 4 >H$c. ' -itits-^who—Avfiere—” she' '^'Oh, can’t 'you taifee m e -ssome-l ’Where?” '^Re “shrank haefc from the sitalhway Just - iftert' yoUng iMan, “ eame. from fhe 4 iaU. “Hello, wothel^^dmve:•>•ou -adopted “a‘ HtloigiTl ? Who ts tlie'fdnk fairy ?” “®ljis 'young Mdy seems to ibave df some'-Mnd, Haw- •fence, .She thought this was the’-home of. a' Miss-Surr,.a friend df hers.” <‘D h ,q f you-wlltWiM‘ete 3 liplAln,'t-au^ ^’Frances told them wlio she was, where sRe lived and the reason for lier un­ usual costume. Mrs. Burrage looked relieved,. and her son laiiglied heartily, which seemed to relieve the tension, and for the 'first time Frances smiled-and felt a ray of few minutes at the telephone aoived the riddle. Merely a transpos­ ing of numbers had brought Frances to a dance given by Mrs. Pendexter Burrage to the members of the ex­ clusive college cluh, instead of the in­ formal morfylhaking of a group of her intimate friends. “Oh, how could I liave been .so heed­ less? I am so-sorry to have caused ble. If I may ask } kind’ you all this trouble one more favor, will you he so : as to telephone for'a Mxi, and I will ’\'Alleve you of my .society.’! “Better than that,” returned Law- >nce. “Wait here five minutes -and I will take you in my car,” and he aati M out before Frances could voice lier ley roll objections. slow ly doAvn the long avenue, for the young man was In no haste to land Ms 'wthidiiSe i.pai»enger, Frances breathed a sigh-of renef as she .said, “Oh, I am so grateful to you and your mother.” “I will call tomorrow evening So that you may have a belter opportunity of expressing your gratitude,” said her cempanlon. “I-will be .grOAvn up by that time.” »^<«nbtu«iote Charming,' sure.” ibrouglit the i*ar' to '.‘a ^-sithp %«rid Jumped out. “Tittle girls liave to be helped out of . automobiles.” Taking her in hls-swhs' hftvput lidr lightij’ on the ground, ^%»d febonmag i^over, “and sometimes they toward the big man who takes them tn ride.” «f 6 lle'i*aegiiidS*w»n^h»Bi 5 s?»»d ran mp c|he ^sfips e gi ^he ’^etiinad 4 lKer “I can watt 'for .my reward^tlll tomor­ row.” Tht Chirm «f Seiintf. “It cannot- be denied that vtfhe audi­ ence applauded your opponenV#- ipeceb.” r ‘iibu ■ must bear in mind,” Keplldd iwiwter-^Seigi**. - i^h'at-“a'^apc«ker;t I WOOLENS FOR SPRlM i Homespuns, Tweeds tor Suits and Dresses. Newest and most fasliioiiab'le fabric for spring wear. This cloth is 54 inches wide, colors, the popu­ lar -perri-winkle, old rose, tan, gray, blue and brown. $1.40 per yd. Camel Hair and Mixtures for-Spring’Coats. All the latest and most desirable eolor.s', 54 inches Avide, $ 2.00 per yard. The -new ^^'GHAAfBLS” -vdiour in tan, jade, blue, copen, old lYivSe, brown and navy, 54 inches wide. •$l.?'!r5.per yard Also -the new -‘MAHYELLA CLOTH” in colors, tan^ brown, grajg pekin, taupe and blue. This is a wonderfully -.con^riieted 'fabric, of a soft rich lustre and tone. The ideal-material for dress coats and wraps. W iTtVIM iE MMMANT ^ # R E Tel. n « a § ^ 38 -P -2 ST(MKrVlLr/E>€Or;.-CO-, N. PRICES for ®#.LLAR B A¥ .i-n 'our entire line of Merfs •Clothing-, Shoes, Under- Weir, Furnishing'S. Shirt.?, 'O v e r c o a t s , etc. Buy Here And Save Money JACOB HOFFMAN 621 Warren S t . , ....................... Hudson, N. Y. DOLLAR DA¥ BARGAINS --- At --- DAVID KLWE’S^OE'SHOP t h i s year will fbe Letter than ever before as we have selected a number of pairs of shoes out of our regular stock' that we want to close out. We have made the prices « 0 ’low -tto thev will sell quick, so he sure to he on'Laiid EAIflLY and your share. We will have REAL BAR- GAEVS. See our Gun Metal Button Shoes for $1.00. Also White’Cattvas^hoes atitl^uiiips. DAVID K L 1 M > * 5^2; tPmren Stiy. Hudson,-N, Y .

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