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TEMPERATURE. 3 p. ni.—72 above. 3 a. m.—51 above. THE COLUMBIA REPUBLICAN. THE w e a t h e r . Fair Tuesday.: Wednesday in­ creasing cloudiness, moderate temperature. VOLUME Cl. ---------------- Where You Read It First ~ HUDSON, N. Y., TUESDAY MORNING, AUGUST 23, 192' FOURTEEN PAGES NUMBER 50 2NDASSUREAS. OF RED CROSS HEIOFORTHEFI Ohas. Earl Wilson Charged With the Theft of $14,000 Prom the Funds. Wasliing-ton, Aug. 22— Charles Earl W ilson, Second Assistant Treasurer of itlie American Red Cross, was • a r­ rested today On a charge of grand larceny. The specific charge was th a t lie took $800 from flie Red Cross funds but Dr. Durant in a statem ent said that the shortage will reach al­ m o s t $14,000. W ilson w'as arrested w h ile on the _wmy to the Red- Cross building to le a r n th e sta t u s o f h i s case w h ic h bad been under investigation for tw o weeks, during w h iS i time he was aw a y from the building. W ilson is said to have told de- itectives that he had taken only $15 and tha,t he had made restitution. Other detectives say that W ilson took over $13,000 which he lost on the SlMUrSAlUMNI ASSOCUTIIMI FORMED Meeting Held Last Evening and Officers for the Year Were Elected. S0,000 MILES IN A yacht ; A Avell-attended and enthusiastic m eeting of St. Mary's Academy grad­ uates was held in St. Mary’s Halil last evening when a St. Mary’s Alum­ ni Association was formed and plans pferfected to make -it a permanent organization. Th^ officers for the year of 1921 were elected as follows:' President—Paul J. Delaney. Vice President—Thomas E. Eccles.i Secretary—Mary J. Ford. Treasurer—Mary T. Mahota. It was voted to hold regular m eet­ ings the first Tuesday of everj- month. All former graduates of the acade­ m y are eligible for membership in this association and it is hoped to enroll every one. On next Monday evening the a s ­ sociation will hold its first event an invitation informal dance. WANTS U60R AT NATION'S PARIIY 'Uompeis^ Telia |A. P. of L Council President Fa­ vors Workers’ Rep­ resentation. Atlantic City, Aug. 22.— President J ^ H arding looks with favor on labor’s ; bequest for representation in the dis- arm ament conference to be held W ashington, Samuel Gompers said to­ day at the opening meeting of the executive council of the American T'ederation of Labor. H e said that as president of ,thc A, F. Of L. be had been communi- eating with organized labor bodies o f the other nations, with a view of getting their attitude on representa­ tion in the disai’mament discussion. ^ Mr G-ompers added that he had re­ ceived a letter of appreciation from President Harding after visiting the W h ite House and suggesting that Am erican labor be permitted repre­ sentation in the conference. “Labor has always been an advo­ cate of disarmament,” said Mr Gomp- ' m’s, “and the full force of organized Jaboi' of Amei-ica to-day backs Presi­ dent Harding in his move to bring about world peace thru disainna- W age reductions, unemployment, and tariff legislation also \were con­ sidered by the council to-day. It was j-^ianned to make a protest against the tariff law. FIND 40 AUTOS IN RIVER ORAVEYARD New York, Aug. 22—Police today began dredging an “automobile grave­ yard” in East ri\ e-r here and are convinced they iiave tapped a mine of crime. Discoveries already made showed that the grave of many a sto­ len automobile had been located. Po­ lice believed thej' would dispel many a mystery which has baffled them heretofore. They indicated they would not be surprised if the drip- jnng machines to be lifted from the fim y bottom of the river would bring- '* th them the bodies of murder vic­ tims, possibly loot from robbei’ies and l)erhaps the explanation of a number of strange “disappearaiices.” Grap- l>ling hooks already shoved the vater I’overecl forty machines. Police de­ clared that with this graveyard thor­ oughly investigated first, in the Tse- lief that thej^ offered the best oppor­ tunity for \lossing” machines. The jii-j'estigation was expected to vindi­ cate a theory that many of the stolen m achines reported here were sunk in thp “graveyard” so that insurance t m ight bq collected, the insurance* \ Iji'inging more money than could be > secured by selling’ a used machine in ‘ the face of lowered prices. The first 1^ machine tnken from the “graveyard” was found to be the property a butcher named W illiam Seiger. Seig- r-r declared the machine cost more than .$400 insurance he had on W hen found all %'aluable sni; 11 parts had been removed. WHAT THE ALBANY TROLLEY STRIKE COST Albany, Aug, 22.—^The United Trac­ tion Company’s second quarterly re­ port for the period ending June 30, Of the present year, as filed with the Public Service Commission, showed gross earnings for three months of $63,986 as compared with $810,576 for the previous year. The expenses for the same period were given as $720,705 against $698,592 for last year, an'increase of $31,000. The net loss for that period, after payments of all interest charges, was $809,393. In the report. The United' Ti’action Company explains the loss registered as being due to the comparatively small patronage during the early months of the trolley strike. The earnings of the company for the period beginning July 1 already shows a large increase, the company con­ tending tbat it is no-w carrying about fifty per cent, of normal traffic, hold­ ing that the report for .the third quarter w ill show a material im ­ provement, inasmuch as the traffic for the last two weeks showed an in­ crease of over 1,000 passengers daily, these facts being- based on data ob­ tained by company representatives. Calculations made by the com­ pany show that the former em ­ ployees, who went on strike January 29, have to date lost as much as the company, it being pointed out that the company employed, before the strike, 1,200 platform men, who un­ der the company’s present scale would be receiving forty-five cents hour should they have accepted the company’s terms. Fdr a . nine- hour day this would amount to $4.05 or $29,160 for six days for the en­ tire 1,200 employes. Last week was the twenty-ninth week of the strike and the total wages for one week of the 1,200 men, multiplied by twenty nine \weeks amounts to $845,640, no attempt b e ­ ing made in this enumeration to ana­ lyze the payrolls of the shop -workers, sand men, track men and transformer house Avorkers and others, Avho were likewise made idle by the calling of the strike and who h a v e ' not as yet gone back to work. It is believed that $200,000 Avould not cover the wages of the men mentioned as not the list of platform employees, while others contend that an estimate one million dollars in wage losses on the part of the employees would be conservative. The loss to the bu.siness interests of both Troy and Albany and to the people of the A'arious communities in both time and money is not possi­ bly to estimate, although it is be­ lieved that the business and com­ munity losses will be greater than those of the company and former em ployees combined. RAMON WEDS HER DIRECFOR Niece of Jake Hamon, Dead Oil Magnate, and J. W. Grorman Wed Monday. Albert Y. Gowen, millionaire yaclitm an of Cleveland, is shown here with his wife as they left N cav York for a 50,000-mile trip around the world in Speejacks, a yacht built esp cially for the trip. The yacht, 98 feet long, has a heating plant for cold climates and a ventilating system, for the tropics. The vessel draws only six feet and Gowen expects to go far inland on rivers. GAVE LECTURE BEFORE NATIONAL DENTAL ASS’N In a letter to his father, Nathan Maratzky of this city, David A. Mar- atzky, D. D. a prominent N e w York dentist, -writes that he has been in Milwaukee, \Wis. where he Ijectur- e'i before the National Dental Asso­ ciation which m et there and Avhich was attended by dentists from all over the world. He also writes that he has been offered a professorship at Columbia University, which, how­ ever, he has not yet decided to ac- Dr. Maratzky is a native son of Hudson and has many friends here. FINDS TWENTY- FIVE SHEEP DEAD IN PASTURE Ijfi.st w e e k G e o r g e I. C liaco o f S p e n - (•■■rlmvn, f o u n d tw e n ty - f iv e o f h is s h e e p d e a d in a ]ia s t u r e , n e a r a la r g e o a k tre e . I t i.s b e liev e d th e y w e r e ]:<lled a t ni.ght d u r i n g a sev e r e elec- tt-icaJ sto r m m o r e th a n a Aveek p r e ­ v i o u s . N e i t h e r th e a n i m a l s n o r th e tr e e s shoAved e x t e r n a l in ju r ie s . Air G h .a ce’s lo s s is co v e red by in s u r a n c e in th e A u s t e r l i t z g r a n g e . MIDDLETOWN FIREMEN GET TWO PRIZES IN BINGHAMTON IMiddletOAvn, August 22.— E ach Avith a prize, one of $50 for the company coming the longest distance, and the other Avith a similar prize for having the .greatest number of men in line. Monhagen and IMcQuoid companies of the IMiddletoAA’n firg department returned home after a A-ery success­ ful and pleasant visit to Binghamton. ei BILLION CIGARETTES MADE IN U. S. IN 1920 AYashington, Aug, 22.—Cigarettes numbering 61,859,90 ),000 AA'ere ma- nufatui-ed in the United States last year, the Census Bui-eau’s annual to­ bacco report shou’s. Of that number 15,834,000,000 Avere exported, leaving about 46,000,000,000 factoi-y-made ci­ garettes for consumption in the Uni­ ted States. Cigars manufactured, numbered 8,720,754,000, and tobacco manufactured, including cheAving and CATSKIil FAMILY HAD V£RYNARROW£SCAFE Catskill, Aug. 22.— Joseph Caffer- nelli and his fam ily of seven had a narrow escape from death near the Abbey on the river road last night. They had gone to Albany to visit • Intives an d frien d s and had borroAV- 1 the delivery motor truck of th H y ­ gienic Laundry Co., of Catskill. On their AA’-ay home about S o’clock and Avhen about a quarter of a mile south of the -Abbej' the truck, in turning out for a passing auto, Avent off the concrete road bed, the Avheels sink­ ing into the soft earth tilted to an angle of almost 45 degrees. No one Avas hurt but all Avere badly shaken up and considerably scared. The es­ cape from an actual upset AA’as almost a miracle. Had this happened there might have been a serious if not fatal accident. A truck AA'ith a block and tackle from a near-by garage pulled the Catskill truck back on the road and it returned to Catskill under its own poAA'er apparently none the Avorse for its experience. MeaiiAAdiile hundred.s of cars coming in both directions linecl the highway and truckloads of excur­ sionists gathere around the stalled truck to watch events and incidental­ ly to give adA’ice. Los Angeles, Cal., Aug. 22—Clara Smith Hamon, niece of the late Jake Hamon, Oklahoma magnate and John W. Gorman, a motion picture director, were married today. The ceremony Avas perforined at the W ilshire Boulevard Christian church by Rev. M. Howard Fagan, pastor of the church. J. Bai’ton Smith, brother, and Mrs V. James, the latter a sister of the bride were the attendants. The couple - le ft for an automobile honeymoon trip to San The bride has been living in Los Angeles since freed of the charge of slaying Jake Hamon at Ardmore, Okla., several months ago. She been taking an important part in the motion picture depicting the life of Jake Hamon. She admitted killin.g Hamon but pleaded self-defense. \CLEAN OP\ 8II0AD COMING THORSDAY All Claims of Ex-Service Men Should be Present­ ed by Men at That Time. ELEVEN PERSDNS KILLED INA BIG HDEELFIRE Explosion in Drug Stor Traps 100 Guests Asleep in Struc­ ture in Macon. AGED COLORED WOMAN COUAPSED IN ALLEY Caroline Mller, ^Familiarly Knowii by Children, Taken 111 as She Am­ bled About. Caroline klillei*, aged' colored avo - men who for many years has been a character about the streets of the icity, collapsed, yesterday afternoon in Cherry alley betAA'een Fifth and Sixth streets. The police were notified and Ser­ gean t Slater sent Traffic Officer Thomas Connors to the scene. The latter secured a taxi-cab and had the aged woman taken to her. home at 306 Diamond St., where she was treated by a physician. “Caroline” as she is fam iliarly cal­ led, is knoAvn probably to over half the children of the city who see her as she ambles about the streets daily, supporting herself with a cane. She is so old that old city officials say that she must be nearly 100 years of age. However he has always insis­ ted that she was “quite young.” SOESPARADEItSAFYER CREPE HANGER'S JOKE New York, Aug. 22.— The Patrick! in their arms. Between 100 and 150 ■Ri.cOTr A ---- uersons wereersons registerede ategistered the ho- Macon, Ga.,. Aug. 22— E leven per­ sons were believed to havg lost their lives early today’ in the tire which last'night destroyed the Brown house, one of the oldest hotels here .One man is knoAvn to be dead,, and firemen believe there are at least ton bodies in tile ruins. The one identified body is that of J. K. Hayes, a justice of the peace here. Firemen are search­ ing the ruins for bodies. More than a score of persons already have been taken to hospitals suffering from burns and other injuries. Several men jumped from second and third floor windows. They sought to catch women who followed their example. The fire loss is estimated at $200,000. Starting with an explosion of chem­ icals in an adjacent drug store, which blCAV in the side of the structure, the fire quickly shut off escape of many of the hotel guests, and the loss of life is believed to have resulted fi'om numbers being entrapped in the rear halls of the building. Finding the stairSvays blown away by the explo­ sion, and the fire escapes almost in­ stantly enA’-eloped in flames, those in the ^rpnt part of the building leap­ ed from the windoAvs on the lower floors. Men on the sidewalks saA^ed many [w o m en from injury by catching them r. W. Sharbaugh, advance repi-e- sentative of the “Clean-Up Squad” of the State \Veterans’ Bureau, was Hudson yesterday making final ar­ rangements for the squad Avhich will arrive at American Legion head­ quarters in Hudson on Thursday morning. -Witii the squad Avill be re­ presentatives of the Red Cross and American Legion and every ex-ser- vise man who has any claim of any nature against the government is urg­ ed to be present. The purpose of the visit is to “cut the red tape” and put e-ver.y legitimate claim right on the desk in W ashington where it will receive immediate attention. Com­ pensation, insurance, vocational training, allotments, back pay, medi­ cal treatment. Liberty Bonds taken out by serA’ice men, and all like m a i­ lers, will be given , every attention. The squad will he here from 10 o’clock in the morning until there is no further bsusiness. DRIVER OF AUTO AGREES TO MAKE GOOD Sheriff Frederick Carter Jr., went to work the first thing yesterday morning to find the owner of the Ford car that ran down Frank Briwa and Harry Hendler in Greenport Sunday night. Police Sergeant Sla­ ter turned over to the Sheriff the number of the license piate and a broken auto spring; which were -se­ cured thru the efforts of Officers Kendall and Winslow. The Sheriff learned from the Secretary of State’s Office tliat the owner of. the plate given was Peter Robinson, of Stock- port. It is said that the owner of the car was away from home Sunday and that the car had been borrowed by Byron Robinson, of 'Ghent. It was said that the latter agreed to make good all damage and expenses incur­ red after he had talked with the Sheriff. ' ' HELD TO AWAIT THE GRAND JHRY'S ACTION Anthony W iltho and Harry E lls­ worth, of this city, appeared in the City Court yesterday when Officers Curcio and Kennedy had warrants sworn out for their arrest on the charges of violating the Volstead act. W iltho is charged Avith conducting a place at 7 Fleet street where some “brew” AA’as found Saturc>^. E lls­ worth is . charged with conducting a lunch and. billiard room at 739 Col­ umbia street where alleged “breAv” was found. W hen arraigned before City Judge Moy both men pleaded not guilty to the charge and v.? held to aAvait the action of the grand jury. Bail was fixed in the sum of $250 and b o th w e r e released from custody. GEniNGMOY I EDRJIAROW Preparations Well Along for the Biggest Trade Event in City’s - 1 History. ONEONTA MAN SHOT BY 2 HOLD-UP MEN Scranton, Aug. 22— Harry Deldman, S9, of Oneonta, a collector for the Squai’e Deal baseball pool, Ls at the W est Side hospital here, probably fa­ tally shot by tAVo unknoAA’n men who Jired two reA'olA'er shots into hi.s body AA’hen he refu s e d to obey their com­ m a n d of “h a n d s up,” at a lonely spot on Luzerne street, about 12:30 (D’clocU this morning. Weldman, AA’i t h a bullet thru hi.s abdomen and another in his back, either of Avhich ni.ay prOA-e fatal, fired three shots at his a.ssailants af­ ter lie had fa.llGii to the ground. None of the bullets took effect and the pair escaped. MAKING INSPECTION. Sanitary Inspector J. Clark Arm­ strong is absent from the city for a •few days on a tour of inspection of the watershed of the Church to Avn smoking and snuff, totalled 413,891,- reser\'oir from which Hudson gets its 000 pounds. water supply. A. Brady Democratic A ssociation had a parade in North Bergen, N. J., Sat­ urday night, the line of march going along Hamilton avenue. All good Democrats were in line and many of the houses along the line of march were decorated with -American flags. At No. 609, hoAvever, AA’here Harry Martin, an ardent Repulbican, lives, the flagpole did not bear a Avaving flag, but— a bunch of crepe! Some of the young Brady .“associa- tioners,” at least it is thought to have been them, thought they could heat Martin at his OAvn game. Going to a nearby telephone they called up Un­ dertaker S. R. Sharpe, told him they Avere friends of his, that a sudden death had occurred at 60 9 Hamilton aA'enue, and that they Avanted him to “get right over there and get the business.” Altho Sharpe AA’as busy he hopped into liis machine and hastened C09. Seeing the crepe on the end of the flagpole instead of on the door, he became suspicious and made in­ quiries. Result: No death in 609. Now, Sharp, determined not to be “fish” for the politicians, either side, has sent a bill of .$25 to the Brady association. MeauAvhile the members of the association are snickering, ; counsel has adA’ised them that tin can’t be sued, and Sharpe AA’ill ha\’e to trace the joke to the individuals perpetrating it, and “he’ll have one fine, long-winded old time doing th a t,” as one of them phrased it. RECENT BIRTHS. A son, Emery, was born Aug. 17th to Mr and Mrs Louis Baun, of 20C Mill Sf. A daughter, Thelma Lelah, was born Aug. ISth to hlr and Mrs Les­ ter G. Way, of North Germantown, in the Hudson City Hospital. A daughter Muriel, was born Aug. 21st to Mr and Mrs Oscar O. Funk, of 9 Warren St p wer r at the ho­ tel. G. L. Gilder, Avho escaped by dropping from the third floor of the hotel annex, said he Avas certain left 10 or 15 men behind him in that part of the building, aa ’I io had no AA-ay of escape. Mr Hayes, justice of the peace, died from bui-ns Avhile being removed to a hospital. Although the fire had bui-ned itself out in the hotel area, firemen said it AA’Ould be several hours before they could detei-inine the exact number of dead. HERE^S SOME LOVELY NEWS A. E. R a c e , th e lo c a l Aveather m a n h a s ju s t returned from Erie, Pa., AA’here h e sp e n t som e tim e . He saj’s th e AA’eath e r sh a r p s th e r e a ll prdict a seA'ere Avinter Avith p len t y o f snoAv and ice; also a A'ery earlj' fa ll clue to the fa c t th a t the season s are from th r e e to five AA’eek s advaned so far th is year. Pay-Day For Cannci!. Toronto, Aug. f:2—A special force of tellers was d.»slgno.ted by the Bank of N oau Scotia today to pay the 1,350 delegates Tiho liaA 'e been attending the conventtoh of the Car­ men Of Anie.’ica for the past ttvo themselA’es $1S a clay, Avhich includes them lselA’es $lS^a dui.. w h ich inclu d e s wages and expenses. In. order that th e y sh a ll n o t lo s e a n y th in g on ex­ ch a n g e rates, the d e legates Avill be paid in American cunency. T h e conA'ention Avii! close tom o r - Attracting Much Atteiitson. E. A. Carl, Avho resides just OA’er the city line in Greenport, has a floAV- er garden that is attracting much at­ tention. There are hundi-eds of as- tors of A'arious colors, every one in full bloom. BUYS OLD BREWERY PROPERTY HERE Antonio Colarusso local conti-ac- tor Avho is at present engaged in building several concrete streets for the city, has just become the own­ er Of what has been knoAvn for years as the old Granger & Gregg breAvery properiS’ situated o.t the corner of North Second and State streets. Mr Colarusso purchased the property, Avhich has a big frontage on North Second street, of the First National bank. For some time past and ur> until a couple of years ago Thomas Slauson conducted the Second street garage in the property. Fire, how- CA’er, almost laid the buildings in ruins a little over a year ago. P r e p a r a t ion s are n o w p r e t t y w e l l along for Hudson’s big Dollar Day. The window displays are appearing all along the street, indicated -with the Dollar Day Pink Pennants and Price Tickets. - There are a world of bargains of­ fered and it is safe to say that the dollar will be stretched to the lim it as it hasn’t been before for soma Read the advertisements of the merchants participating, in this is­ sue of The Republican. They are all money savers and there will be more of them tomorrow. A list of those - offering Dollar D a y Bargains, follows; ---- ARMY & NAVY STORE E. G. BELLOWS’ ESTATE BENSON’S ART GALLERY '' = S. H. BLUNT ' D. F. BREEN K. V. CLARK - E. A. DOWLING , GENNARINO D’ONOFRIO WM, FRU’TCHING W. C. FALK & SON R. H. -GROSSMAN JOHN T. GUINAN ' \ GLOBE GROCERY STORES GUERNSEY & TERRY CO. HUDSON DEPARTMENT STORE JACOB HOFFMAN JAQUINS S. KAPLAN KIRBY’S KOSOFF’S , ADAM KRITZMAN DA-VTD KLINE SAMUEL KLINE KESTENBAUM & WEINSTEIN LEAVITT & SMITH SAMUEL LEWIS FRANK R. MACY MACY’S BARG-4IN STORE MARSH & BACHMAN CO. EMIL MOSKOWITZ NEW YORK c l o a k ' & SUIT CO. OSBORNE CROCKERY STORE FRANK D. PERRY RICHMAN’S J. C. ROGERSON & CO. J. ROSENFELD H. S. SPEED SAMUEL SILVER SURPRISE STORE M; H. SOLOMON TILLEY & ALDCROFT GEORGE H. TATOR TAMARIN BROS. THE LEADER A. R. VOSBURGH WM. H. ZIESENITZ. WINSLOW OAILROAO BILL PASSES HOUSE W asliington, Aug. 22—The House tonight passed the Winslow railroad bill by a vote of 214 to 123. The measure awaits passage by the Sen­ ate after the recess before the relief contemplated by the bill can be brought about. ■ -The bill authorizes the War Fm - ance Corpoiation securities to sell the securities accepted 'by the United States administration from the rail­ roads in settlement of claims against the roads. The corporation is au­ thorized to sell the securities in the open market and extend the credit with the funds to the carriers. DOWNING STREET REMAINED DUMB London, Aug. 22—^Downing street remained dumb on the Irish question so as soon as building prices assume a normal condition to erect a number of modernly equipped apartment houses on the site of the property. SIX CASES OF CHECONA TAKEN BY BURGLAR Acting-Chief of Police Thomas Sla­ ter was notified yesterday that some time between Saturday night and 3 ’es- terdaj’, the storeroom and “cooler” of the Lindenwald Bottling Co., in tbe old Granger brewei-y building, had been entered and six cases of Checona stolen. This is said to be tbe second time th a t tbis place has been burglarized. Officer McNamara was detailed on the case. UNDERGROUND WIRES. The New York Telephone com­ pany had 0 . force of men at v.’ork Mon­ day digging a. treiicb on North Fourth street, from Prison alley to Diamond street in which will be loca,ted a six- to.reveal anything new in the situa­ tion.^ Everybody is simply awaiting the next step of the Sinn Fein whic\h began a fateful session this morning preparing an answer to Lloyd Geoi-ge. Despite De Valera’s announced stand on the Irish question, there is belief that his spoken words are but a prologue to the submission of a program that will evidently mean a peace. POLICE CHIEF ILL Chief of Police John Cruise was forced to -take.to his bed yesterday and he is now under the care of his physician. Tbe. Chief v.’as taken ill on Sunday but it was believed to be slight. However yesterday there was no improvement. He will b& laid up for several days at least. During the absence Sergeant Thomas Slater is acting Chief. Sustain Pi'esklent. W ashingtoii, Aug. 32—^By r strict party vote the Senate this afternoon sustained President Harding in hi? inch conduit Avhich will contain the position that the Shipping B o a rl telephone wires that at present a’-#’ gkonld he allowed to continue its ac- sti’ung on poles along the street. \ tivity without restraint.

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