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Western New York advertiser. (Dansville, N.Y.) 1866-1868, September 20, 1866, Image 4

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DICE ass [Bel!«rf «£r*W !e°.*t : keepers ar» largely responsible for the health of tho household, and tbat their in- telllgence concerning the destination and effect of the food they cook li ai Impor- Unl *s thoir knowledge of making victual*' edible, we clip the following from the American Agriculturist.—EDS. ADT.] REMEMBER— 1st. That before food can bq of ,iny.b«n» efit to tho body, it must bo dissolved in the atomncb, so that it enn bo absorbed into tho blood in a liquid sliuo, ntid be thus carried to the parts of the body needing to OTo That Ine human stomach is not like the gizzard of a fowl—a hard, tough mem brane, filled with gravel stones, to break 01 grind up the tood—but that it is a soft bag. so to speak, which merely .holds the. food and sbukes it about, so that toe gas­ tric juico can better dissolvo and work it ini» a liquid state; therefore/* Remember 3d. That nothing should go into the stomach which has^notjlj'st taon mastica* ted (chowcdjltfi ^^clq* 9>t <*1 piaillca. fino before it is taken Jnto tho mouth, so that it can be easily dissolved. Lumps of potato, or of fruit not well ripened and mellow, pieces of meat as largo as chest­ nuts, lumps of dough or new bread, small; frui'.s with skin unbroken, etc., etc.—any- thing that will bo slowly dissolved—causw an uneasy feeling, and ofton irritates and inflames tho stomach itself. Further, if thev lira .nut fully. dissolved, /h^s* jibing v pass 4ow'iTtyro\j^hHh» Whole* twenty.flv *' feet or moro of tho alimentary canal, caus­ ing puin. colic, diurrbcea, and often dysen­ tery. Remember 4th. '1 hut tho saliva of the mouth mixed with the food, grevtly aids the' dissolving or digestion of tbo food in tho stomach, and tbat even soft food should be,chew.ad or worked over in tho mouth, until well mixed with saliva. Remember Gth That children cannotappreciate the importance of masticating food, and thai great caro should be taken, cither to see that they do masticate it well, or tbat it bo so thoroughly prepared for them that it can not go into the stomach in an undi- gestable form. Proper caro in this singh' thing would save the lives of hsllf tbuchil dren that now dio young, and a-very large proportion of all \pains under tho^p/on',\' tbo diarrhoeas, and bowel complaints, that children, and grown people as well, suf fer Remember Ctb Tbat, as all food after going into tbo stomach must cither be properly di gested, or produco injurious results, it is tbe bight of/oll y to crowd down into the stomach two or three quarts of food and drink, and expect that organ to irWkitall up readily Supposo that fot^ver y arti- clo you eat at a mcnl, you put, or imagine you put, precisely asjmilnr amount into a\ dish—tho meat, bread, potatoes, vegeta­ bles, .to*, coffee,!or water, anrj tj>| pid ir pudding—what a mixturo you would have botb fftJtiod and bait; 1 yot ibfct is what is gfven the\ stomach to di9solvo, or fry\\to dissolve Remember 7ih Tbat tho stomach keeps at work wbilo it has any undissolved food in it. and that if you \lunch\ or \pirco\ be - orw-, vnssr, - \i '\ [ Attoraeyf and Ocjwtly at fcawi p^ce above LESTER B. TATJLKNXB, Attorney and Counselor at Lav.' Office ovar Flrat National bank, Dansrllle, N. Yi M tw»*ivrai»lr'toa'|;it« that orgXrf'ncfbroV to rest, and it will in limo bo weakened ll it do not give out. Remember 8th That sleep is far moro quiet and re freshing, if tbo stomach sleeps with tbi rest of tbo body, ,and that itu beUer ti cat notbitig which daaiot) be wgocteu bo fore retiring to rest. Children, who re tire curly, or ought to, should bavo onlj light suppers of simplo, digestible food. NINE YEARS AGO rpilF.RF. ««< out a handbill inquiring, who i» X .l \ME.-> KHF.IS» This question need not hi a»kednow for Jumps Krein is now or ought ti 1 e knnwti dy IIIM tunc, hut one Illinois not known to,»..nio people, nnd that is ho has his Wtoro,calIei. Vsrfelv Store, for mo«t anything inlcht be fi -unn there »t .>nce without spending hours elsunhen- to Dnd it.) full uf Such as GROCERIES I PROVISIONS! Crockery, Glass and Stone Ware, . i' 1 ' • TVwWli there Is no end «^*' KERSOSEKE LAMPS AND LAMP FIXTURES, 8fl gOf all kinds, j> V ', y tf XBROSENfi AND MACBINC OILS Of tho best kinds. Woodekt ni WlH^W^f^nre Of all description*. lit calls particular atteauon to his vsriety of FRUIT JAKS, And advises the lorera of canned fruit to cull at hut ot,e and «xanv«c hit ,J»r» Ixifow porchf slnjf elsewhere; and mor.t psrtlenlnrly'''i 1 ' '- The Jar called tJ Enreka, M Which has ao equal In almpllclty-nnd rohabilily.— Scientific judees pronounce this Jar the simple.\! nnd ll'e most rehnblo of any ever aubmuted for thrlr unJiiA «ed opiaion unoiwithMandiuft pimer- ou« pompptlroiW i! nsf» Irt 1SS8, bco'n awarded the Itichen Premium at the New York State F»ir M I'tiea. h r the AmeriPin In-tUu'.e of New York and the Mary land Institute of Baltimore Md„be- p )Hr» th e several County Fairs libera It baa been exhibited. He nl»o mton<l« to keep SALT by the harrel.anrt fine Dmry Salt. Ho nlso will not be surpassed in 'I FAt>.. , , . ... r ., r s* . . » Ijtaineatket: JaaMl Krifa, lai Ootower'- elal Block, 4 d .ior\ Sonlli of iho Hank of Uans- tule. hetween S. Jones' Fiirnituro and C. V Tiff- any 1 \ l>ry OondsStor«a, Main Street. I)»n »Tille June 14 1SC0. JA^ES KBEIN T. M. PEBINE, K. D>, Physician and Surjreon. Offlce and resilience eTSfner of Main and William streets, Dansvl|le. J. N. ANDERSON , M. D„ Ilomcenpalhic Physician and Snrjison. JjfBce in the Advertiser Block, rooms formerly occupied by Dr. Blakesly. 2« ; • • i \xTOBBjfJtD ic FAULKNER, Attorneys and Counsellors at Law. Qfllce over Sweet k Co.'s Exchange, New Bapk Block, Main •'treet. Dansville. HE.SRY N, SCHLICK, fashionable Barber and Hair Dr^Mer, ^Wen reot, BlniMlli • fi:r VY. 11 »•p -w T \'f BROWN 4t GRANT, Dealers In Heavy and Shelf Hardware, Stoves, Tin Ware, Sheet Iron Waro, Cutlery, ic.,-'Main Street, Dansvillo. Storeii of tho most approved patterns alway* to bo found* at this establiih- ment. S < r ,, TMiT-H. MARSHALL, Plain and Ornamental Book-Binder and Clank Book Manufacturer, Hum.\'Block CorrterofBuf- \nlo and State Street.-*, ltoi-hester. N. Y . A . O. Buxxnt, Agent for JJansTille and vicinity. G. H. RRESTO.V, M. D., AileTWrslua^c%?fni Arttt! r it7\Zn°i Corner of Soutn and Walnut Streets. 2-J7yl T. E. JONES, 1 Carriage ^faker, Cornor Main and Frnnkljn sf«., Dansrille. Carriages made or tho best timber and latent style. Cutters and Sleighs In the season. Repairing done on short notice. 144 E. NILES , Dealer in Drugs and Medicines. Paints, Oil* and Dye Woods, Freueh and Am-'rlcan Glass, Wines <nd Liquors, Hooks,SUtionerv, Paper Hanginga. Window Shades. Curd and Tasaelx, Curtain t-fx lures. Pocket Cutlery, Gold and Steel PensNjnk*. Yankee N (TtgfH, Piuluros, Photqarapb AtburMTAc. Carriage Mak*r», corner Church and Exchange streetH, iMnirille. Carnage*. Buggies, Sulkies. Oemocrals, Cum rs. Lumber Wagonn and Sleigh!\ Iirst -i !la83 and at tho lowest rutcs A.l kiruls ol Painting, Trimming, Bluuktimilhlng, Weodwork. etc., on short uotice. 'Hi ~. »- • E.XiVRlPLESV- At th* old eVtnMisheVt Jewelry Store'. Is*7)tepl d to do tho finest work in the line of Watch and ttt \ii$\ rh and lewelry Itepuirinx in a nmnner second, td tliai of no other workman li t the Slate.' KrerV'trtdd •f work In this bne he warrants satisfactorily voTtV. \ii one need now send to New York for all the Incr kinds of work. it .t -„<-*',• CLINTON HOTEL . _ y Ttochesfer, fsalie; Ashley, 't Co. The *^Fo \ir|e- tors hare put innn entire new front, and added H.iother story to the building, re-fltted and re fjmi»hcd the lion«e throughout. Tb e new room- ire finished insults, for families, and nre elegantl) urntshed The traveling public will find th< -nomsand accommodations far superior to \what hey havo beon. .A. (JUIGLEY , flentist anccessor to Qlii^b-v A PaVoll. Offlee In •4hepard'» Block, direcilv over the Post Office.— Operatibfa^ Ih'tither the mecbanieal. or operative nt.s.-'performed Inn a superior' manner ho oh •y. wi) ry department and particular of Dental ucienco,— departmc nnd the renu best wo>k in the cduntry. will be •perlbrmetl I a superior' manner reputntioiv'of tho old office fur doing the us.sinod in eve Office HoarB from T A. M. to 6 p M its Niles' |)rHg Store! i MEDICINES, Oils, Varr|i^he».'Djre \Voods, FBK.NGH>AND AMERICAN GLAS3; i ! Imported and Na.tlrc Wints & Liquors. TBE BEST EExipSENE AND LU- BHXCAttNCr OILS. 3. SCHOOL BOOKS,; \ Miscellaneomi s nnd Stationery Paper Hang, ings, .WjudoW'tyiades. Cords add 'i'assela, •'* r Ciir(ttln Flxt'iircs. \ Pooket. Knives, rtmsi-pie and limor?. Wallets,,! Port Monnnlci). Cold and Steel Pens. Alliums and Pictures* A large stock andgrent variety of the most e)e ; •am stylesol Plintograph Allulm* choice Ploture?, I'l'Otngrnphs of the works of di<-tinguislied Sculp- orh nnd Patwera. original He IM S on meet. Kc *c. a select atock-. Album 1'b.gtogrnpbs erf dis­ tinguished mea.atid *ofiii-etsby\b^lhoU.«and The Prescription Department lam Wiifte^Vf r ft. W ^SiurHf»»*n (l -»mgi J tent assistants, who will give it their spec.ill atten- 'ion. Our endeavor shall alivnys be to keep none hut the host floods, and to sell the sumo at the lowest (> a«li prices ^ *—, ' 1866. Hemoval. 1866. LEMEN BROS. \ItroVLP nnlify tho ^mblic that they h»T« re- T Y moTeU lo their new location, • ONE DOOR S0UTH,OF THE IMK-9f DANSVILLE, Wh*rstt>o ^rr ^fu^l/prejMM'»\tt»m«et tbe wants of all. A largo stock of Staple &jpanqy Dry JJpods GROCERIES. • ^^*»i Has Ju<it been recoived, and ther propose to sell ei eaper than ever, and onljr ask an examination •f them t o prove it. ••b»Tt*t.Uiutlis»eV LARGE AND SELECT STOCK Domestics,, Linen Goods, And the choicest tot of SPRING &-SMtElt v i)ilES^il00DS OT ABMOST EVERY DESCRIPTION, •WbrcnTaribe lonni In Dansville. PriceswtU »olu Ke-troubla t o show Good*. C«ll and see us* CJ . »ic^-., Ba4.ua .urn BOOTS & SHOES roa Dick's Block, ... JI«t» Street, DANSVILLE, N. T . Large & Complete Assortment OF OF THE MOST FASJtlOJA^LK BT^LE BEST QUALITY! WhHjhlboughti »l »fB, »»««es i»et» at lheie»a »t and I am thflre^-AaWetKtOtseN rrin^y »fyl*S ' AT MUCH LOWER RATES Than any other cMahlishment in Dapsvllle. 1 hare a full stock of eTaryiliias^iB mj lloeaa d ans ; confident of plca»lng all. ' ! CUSTOM WORK Done to order on short notice and fits warranted. REPAIR NO Will receive special attcntiorf, and satisfaction giv­ en inivery instance. _ «3, Sole Leather and-ShoemaVcrs' Findings as cheap as ever. PLEASf./UjLL AND TRY. ME. • , ' \ C' DICK. May 31, 1SG0. 300 Wao& & puffer. CASH Boot 1 Shoe Store! Messrs. WOOD & PUFFER H AVE now oh sale as fine a stock of boots and Shoes as Were ever brought to Dansville, con- .Ey^rythmi for the F.eqt ; Or the Meet a*nl m*«t lash fomtoU style* Our Custom Work nas alwar*<a*en th « (ea<tan>'thK-viitag«. sad we shall nse our utmost endeavor to give satisfaction in every Instance. Neatly done on short notice. i EXPERIENCED WORKMEN *' Ara employed. In ever? departrnent -trf oar basi­ nets, and we are certaia we-ran please 'aato styla'- quality and price /if our manufacture. - - > A . smicr- OA ta jiTam H<sbeen entered npom ftona v which no deTiatlon will be made. V?e are thereby enabled to ; MATERIALIST-REDTjCB OUR PRJCEB;>» * Call and see ns,' Mam street, direct]/; oppoalU Canaseraga Hall. WOOD k POTFBR. DansTille, Jan. 1st, 1865. . . - -,»'.,«let*\! • T«as! , j .... , •,o<rt .-. ; ' tit. v BUT Imperial! j... • Did Hyson! Gunpowder! • Young Hyson ! ' i Twang Kay! Japans! TJncolored and Tint Oolongs! r T / - f i- -r! ^ ' t t * i it . If .• rt >HE attention of the jmbtlo la larlted to ottr preaent opening of J»ew Obods for the Trade. W* X have on band tha MOST EXTENSIVE ! ' .41 ;AM WEULAS THE HANDSOMEST ASSORTMENT O F GOODS EVXR OPENED IN DANSVILLE. In our Dress Goods department May be found a very extensive vurletr of Alt Wool Rep*. Empress Cloths, F.rJn'h Merinoe. Toil de Venice. All Wool DeLaines. hlwik AU«caK. lirliiah Dresa l<uo<li> of every de.eriptioii. new Delaines, *e; In fvl the mont complete utrtcl: of Dress Good*. Slmwlo of all hinds. Black and Colored Silks, Irish Poplins. French Poplins, together with everything desirable In the line of Dry floods—making as complete a stock a- can be found in Western New York, and as low as llie same quality and claas of goods can be bought in this country. YANKEE NOTIONS. Our stock la immena,e, embracing nearly everything la that line. HMiery ami Olares ol all qualities and rrlcea. CHEAP IN PJRIOE! Fine in Quality AND DELICIOUS IN FLAVOR! * j \ \ t V EVERYBODY BpTS THEM V To the days of tho Axed It addoth I^ength ! To tho night of tho strong; itaddeth strength. Prlc« fro» 75 Geits to $2 per lb ANCBLL * HALL. EMBROIDERIES AND LACE GOODS! A very lertfe a lock alway« on hand, emhrnclnir eveirthlnc de«ir»Me. L»'1les' Mnen n»nilkereblef». Emhroi.lered. Hem Stitched. Plain nnd Frilled B -r.lefs G-nt.' Handkerehlefi \fall kinds. An exami­ nation of these goods and prices will convince tbe closest buyer that tfiey are cheap. CLOTHS AND CASSIMERES. Wo have a very larjte stock of Cloths and C«s«imeres. Broadcloths, Shceps Gray, Tweeds, Ae., in fact everything in the line, and can give you a good barxaln every time. BOOTS AND SHOES. W« Invariably keen a very large stock of Men's and Bom ' Root.. T.adie«' Shoe* and Raltcrs. Chil­ dren'* and InC.nt-' Shoes ol all kinds, and pricus to suit. Call and eXKtnine our stock, and we auuran tee to please you in vitality and price. CARPETS, FLOOR OIL-CLOTHS, DRUGGETS, InVUJ.Hil^ft M l KT 3- ke - We kM P ,he rtr J ' tr 8 e *' *t these goods 1. this town, and invite your special attention to them. * '. WINDOW SHADES. A new lot. very dealraV.le. •M l Borders, Trintcd and Plain Borders, Paper Curtains,Curtain Fixtures, Cords and Tassels for Curtains and Pictures. We keep a superior stock of choice Family Groceries, which only reo,uir«- an examination to satisfy the closest buyers tbat they are of the Uncut quality and prices as low as the lowest. Our Teas are ad- ntitted to be the very bcat*t the prices in this market. We have the newest and beat Patent Crinoline yet invented, The Bon-Ton SPRING jBON-TON FLEXIBLE. •FFATtMTTAPE * Otto IM^ BON-TOW' FIKIBIC Patent Flexible SKIRT! A MEW DRY GOODS STORE! r I. '. Has been ov«ned In tho vAmerican' Hotel BlocJ:.. T HE anderslcned respectfully Informa.tho ,jwib- lio tencrally that lie will hare a iarge and aplendiastcck of \ \\\.•^j-'i A, .1 i infprma tha ,jhib- French A Anerlcan Dress floods, \ -. i. POMPUTICS, LINIKI, Fmmtjr a**4*, Skawla, Clotha assal Caa i •iBaareaf A'ndnumerooa other article* kept In a flrst^Jas* Dry Goods Store. My auperjor facilities allow m lo sell - - ,' i - Goods at the Lowest Prices! And toaiiarantee that prices of coods at my store cannotl* beat In Western New York. Pleaseyiv* m« a trial and examine goods and prices, 1 bare ./d ^pM^^ Railroad Cara. Concert Halls. Chnrph !»*«. 17^1...^? i\* 8ttl \. ^ axperleneeiTpart eularlv In composed Into ...mail a space: „ anvordla.?.-1^3\ •\.T™ ™» ?Mrt when worn can fortA. Bon-Ton Fhx .bl.SpR. . 8kir ,/ W . 3S?AS} \ W. ask Flannels. M .\r1jo •\v d ,.r\ , U, • 8kW \« Opera ru .a .w, Wrappers and Ii 'rawer*, Ladles'and Septeaaber r lN4L \ T » eonUaaanee of the same. owreoa- S. S. BEAYTON k CO. NO OLD STOCK! Every article of goods In mj store has been bought Inside oM'iduyi. and I will giro to tho publitl all the advantage ihus obtained. | if i 4&.Pl«as« favor ma with a call, aid remember tho .' ••• Naw Store In Hit Awi.rkan Hoial Block. Yours Reapectfullv, II. UAENLIff. Mr. Jtr » Ctiw, Salesman. *20yl.' N. B— German will al»0 lie spokea at this storo U. *. URKWtK, T. C. WHITS H. S. BREWER & CO., Wholesale and Betail Dealers la LAW BLANKS, Legal. Bank and Commercial STATIONERY I FLUIDS, INKS. Mucilage and Sealing Wax! Ko.10 Exchange Place and No. 1 Mill-it, ROCHESTER, N. T. O\ Always on hand a hr«e a<sortment of pat­ tern. Po^t Office. Manilla, Tea, Hardware. Rag and Straw WRAPPING PAPERS. We keep the largest slock ol the above roods in Western ,NVw Vi rk. 284 . i LARGE AND EXTENSIVE STOCK or DRY'GOODS! AND AT WHOLESALE AND RETAIL! J. €. BARNES* Co., (Succcmbr to Sherman A Barnes,) ao» MaUa-aU, N.Y. W E would respectfully call tho attention of those visltlnK ourclly t o our extensive as­ sortment of Dry Goods, Carpets, Ac. FIRST FLOOR. Fancy & Staple Dry Goods, also Cloak & Shawl Department. SECOND VLOOIU Carpets and Curtain Goods. TIIIRD FLOOR. Wholesale Department. • 1 FOURTH FLOOR. \ UPHpLSTERT In all BRANCHES, ( Church, Hotel and Boat -> rnrnish'nn, Cushions, Xattresaea, 3prtn»; Bed* and Bedding 0 f orery kind BASEMENT. OIL CLOTH, MATS, ' * . COCOA MATTING, OAK?.MATTING, Ac. Onr purchases are made for CASH, we sell for CAHI1. tli'itM ennbt ng naatalt times toaell goods at the lowest'possible prices, i i J. C. DARNXS k CO., (Successor to Sherman A.Rarnes.) »Sv l lot Main 8treet, Huflalo. ONB F.RICE AND CASH HOTJSX, 500 CORDS WOOD FOR SALE T HE subscriber has lor Kate Five Hundred Cords Firm qualitv Hard Wood which he wishes to contract in lot* to suit parnliasers, to be delivered the coming (all and winter. Parties will And It to their advantage to>ecuro their anpptv ot wood for the next season now. rat Iter than wait until bad road* and high prloe* eotne.. Oniee In Hmith's Block, Mainst, Dansville. O. G . WOOD. Aay »rtl«ng A<eac x of G. T. Shot U tc Co.i Hon. s k la STATS Sr., Troy, Jf B KAUTT.—Aubltm, - GoM«niKla*ensnd • \hilkett CURTJS, pro^ f daced >>V the u*e of Prof. ftxfJasox's FRIST- •'BH LB CHKVEUX^- Ont a|ipllcMtioti «r«r- i*w rallle'i tnmultlielriost itraiahtand siiibborh hair of ellliersex Imp wavy ringlets or heavy masslfo cllfls. Has been used br tho fiit hlonablesiof P»H« and I>0H(]oli wllb the moat irlatlfyvig reeults. Does no Ihltiry to ths hair Price by maih soaled and po»lbslil. fl. De . seriptlve circulars mailed free. A.ldfcss HKKG- ER.8HUTTW k CO^Chemists.No. tWi HIVBrstreet, Troy,N. ( V. ;8oleakentsfortheU.8tates. m/l W H I«K ER« and I MUSTACHES ' forced to jrrow upOn-the smoothest face in from threo'.do five Weeka by UxInflDr. SKVIGNK'rf HBBTAURATUE'R . CAf lljLAlKE.lhemoat . . woaaerftii,dlseovery,ln , -» modern'reVnce. at-tlmr upon the Beard and Hair In an alrnoat.'miraeulnus manaer. It-' baa been used by the, elite of Pari* and J^nia-. with the most flattering suceeas. Names of .all pnrehaser* will t» registered, and if enure satisfaction la not jelrea ib>very Inatahee. the money will be i-heer- fully refunded. Price by mall, sealed and post, paid, tl.' Deacrlptire circular- and teMimonials mailed free. Addres- URRGER 8IICTT8 'k CO.. Chetalirtt. No. 2*t River Street, Troy. N. Y. & le MgeDta.for the United Stales. 398yl *°* L. OSrrOOT/. /JtHOtr THY DESTINY I M ADAME E. T, .THORNTON, the jrreat F.njt- ' llab Astrolonlst. (Imfv.iysnt and I'sychortie- i/iuiani who,has as(or.ished the seientlflc classes ,Of the Old World has flow located herself at Hud- •on, N. Y. Madame Thornton possesses such wonderful powers <\( second >l>ihi a> t o enable her to impart knowledaeof the areatest Imporlapee to the iinitle nr married pf eftner aex. While in a sta'to of Trance. shir\delineates the verv features of the perron yon are iV> marry, and by the aid of an In-iriunetit of inlea-e power, known ns (he Pry- cbomotrppe. irnsrantees l o produce a liie-like pic­ ture of |ho future ;Hiusbana or nife of Ihe applj. cant, tnfether with! date of marri«e. position In lib. leading traits [of, character. Ac. Th's Is no hii...hiiK,'*s thousai)ds^,f testlmnnials can aasert. She will send, whenideslred, a certified certificate. or written wharanK-e. iliat ,|he picture ia what it purport* to be, My.'.encloalng a omall lock ot i air. and statlnir place jt>( birth. diapOf >|ilon and complexion, and enclosing 60 rents and atampol envelop*) addreaaed; to yourself, you wit) receive the picture and desired inrorm«tlon by return mall. All commnrteationi sacredly confidential. Addresa. In confidence-; MAWBI Z. F. TMoaavox, P. O. Box TO. Hudson. X. Y.j 2Wyl Jk. HARE CHANCE r PROCURE tieautlfiilly finished Photographs of lilatina^iished Peraonagea at a trifling eo«t. 1 will senH. postpaid to anv addrefs. lt o Photo­ graphs of Union Generals frir SO cents; *0 Photo­ graphs of IteM Officers for M cwnte; 100 Photo- graphs of Statesman! and Generals forSOcentK; 100 Photograph* of Actors for 60 rents; 100 Photo, graphs of Female, Heantie* for 40 cents. Now Is the time t o fill your Albums. Send on yonr orders, and reoi-ive. the Phojonraphs bv return, mail. Ad- dresa. M »»Ti» Coaxoa, P. O. Drawer 10, Alluiny. New York. ; . 2»*y1 Jr. titrms, Price 35 hhd 15 Cents per B«tik/ Tie 75 Colli Bottle* aro SJI Javz* u \\)u*i> •old by others for $1.00 . T HE Be.tand ChwJflJjV .Mejlirln* ever off.r//' to the public fof Coldf Cuu«hs< Crona, Assk* „,a. Sore TbroaU ItfOBt'lrtHa. Wliooptox CmA Incipient Conaitmption, and for all Lonjc iimcufi \ Th o .combination or Tejtetabla Jtsljk* wkiJ,\ IhbVrfeat 'toagh Remedy eonta.fia,;- iwihtr wits' - the trials and experience ol a, 'ellej^ ht.fMt. Uai\ fully eclaMifbed the fuel thst If i » dfeWrdl/'.af IZ A< jtertbe worth of their money in' auaiitr J< quantity. ******* g AWewDhcovetyJ O Warranted to e*>el any other U«'»a«»t*.^ t~ market in Its wonderful and n»rleni w«Yt .j .............- • ••••'•\•'I >.mnm% M Headache. Painful Ner*ot)s AlfnX^t'ix 5 from ant eaili-e where a limrnehteanrffttM'w P 49-('nmpounded entirely fr<m oil* »»»«e*^ ** slnKChemieal propertiend *r»at snd r^rs-' Q ti'fore uftkm.wJi value Try itsnd lie-aia-M S vmced. la alan of • qn«l vafu* lor bor»es^.X O Price to cents per bottle— lalgM bottI«la»' O tbe market. J* gawcB*' Heave Remeijr, Linl fail •| ft- % ft VTi st l ui flfhi! HI Tbs €«$tar. An Old St*tK,«ett«afliewTiiM«. DLl.^^^^^a^p \A* tprtvij\P)m-*chu A • I* ai>d Iti^nrhft - yrom Iheir Ko'rscumt out. And 3f\er and Jiiitt, '. Jit tpilt of trill, ' Gauy ik,p alxntl.\ \COSTA R'S\ \COSTAR'S*' \COSTA R'S'! \COSTAR'S\ \COSTA R'S\ \tOSTAR-S\' \CO-STAR'S \COSTARD. EXTERMINATORS, EXTERMINATORS}, EX'J'K It MIN A TOIW, EXTERMINATORS. EXTEH.MINATOKS, EXTERMINATilKS, EXTKRM INA'I ORS, EX'I EltMINATORS. EXTERMINATORS, EXTERMINATORS, EXTERMINATORS, EXTERMINATORS, EXTERMINATORS, EXTERMINATORS, EXTERMINATORS, for Rata, Mice, ataaahes , Aats. Heel Baas, Fleas, Natki'la Fara anal Wualeua, Insect s Plant*, Fowls, Aailaaal*, etc., etc., etc.. «te. \Onl/ Infall ble remedies known.\ \Free from poisons.\ \Not dim^erou* to the Human Family.\ \Ante come out of their holes to die.\ »»_ I I ! BrwAat I I I of all irorthle«a imifations. f>«_Hee that •-ToM 'ts 's ' mime IH on each Box. Bottle and Ktu&k befmeyou buy. «*-Addrcs», :B£IfRT B. COSTAS. . «i4 Broa I way. N. Y. ••.Sold In Danaville.N. Y-by C. E. Nilea.A.M.' Andcr-nn A Co- Kenney A NeUoo, iind all Drug- Kiataand Rctailera. 1866. I^caxAixor RATt.-.TIie Farmer's Gazette (Ens- li-h) asserts nnd proves >-y figures\ that one pair i.f Rats will have.a progeny and descendants no les« than G51.o:.0 in.three years. Now, unless this immense f»nnly can-lie Vept down thev would eon •nine, more food tt'mn would sustain «6,000 human beings. i aS -See '-Coma's\ advertisement aboT*. 1866. RATS VS. Bians.—Whoever en/age j In shooting mall bird.\ i» a i -ruel man: whoever aids In ex­ terminating Rats li. a lienefsetnr. We should like some one to.give nsthfltent-nl of theirex(>erieiice In drivine out the.«e pest?. WV need somelhing be-I'li\-d\k>. cats, ^nd traps for this business.— Scientific American. iV. }\ . 4a~aee \COSIAB'S\ rdvert.lsemonbabova. ' oa cxivruAL / CONDITION POWDKMI VOX 90SSU ASS I-A1TU . T HE most reliable and *fTeetu*l Remedy^fer* Collin. Concha Brnken-W)nit Heave*, or soy dl-ease wbh-h affec> the wind of the bnr»e-»l»# for the 0»lic \ttormssnd Hot*. Yellow Watery UH' \of Appetite. Impurities of the H|, od. mrli si^ (•'cratches. Ac. Ac. And whenihedige>tite.o|saab are deranjted. there i» no powder that operstetr* ^p•eHlly in reniiring- to perfect hea1ih,as iheaeil Farmer* Furri^ra and Ptajre Pi nprjefnrr wl* have piren the**, a trial pron^nnee then! the tert preparation of the kind erer offi reil to Ihe peNle r-r 'lint moit useful and valunbte animal IW Horse. . The Universal Condition Powders are f«na)ly benefleial to cattle in nil diceafeii. s« d especially ' to Milch Cows. Hiindrerik of einifiraie' esses' produced from men wlm»e reputations are estat* liahed t Th\ animal can be workeH nhile under lbs lreatme.nl ofthe'e powders snrf n« J*d effeet IS produced when their n»e ia dii-rontinned. ^elarg»«l naekage for tbe money. Give them atrial, cmlv c«nt». - I » W S A W ENS k ( O. *»te Proprietors of the above Medicinea. Watertown: N Y. So'd hy tho principal dealer, throughout th* country. JiJmJ A.M. ANDERSON * Co., Wholesal e Agent*.' DansTille. N. Y. „ Will f^iml'h Ihe ahnre nt JT^»nnf.lelnre^•. , pnefj. ^trithland. Cough NO DR. STRICKLAND'S MELLIFLUOUS Mong. | Cough Balsam. I . warranted to be the onlv preparation kr.ova to' cure Coiiyli^. Cold-. Hoarseness. A»lha«,. t» hooping Cnuftli, Chronic Couch*. Consnmptios, Bronilii'i* aiid Croup, Heine prepared fiom Rea- ey and Herbj it l» healiri); sxflenlng and ext*c torann>r ami particularly suUable forsll sfTectioVs ef the Throat and Lungs. -Fori-aleby liutxnU, e^^er.vw•berc. 2*7yl 1866. \OosTAa's\ RAT ExvouiK'Trta Waimple. safe and •nre— the ron».t,perfect RAT-iflcntipn meeting w.e have ever Mttenjled,' Every l{at ll-at can set it pntlierty prepared will eat it and every one that ents, it will die gen rally nt some place a » diManl n« p <i «stlile from where It was taken— Lnkt Shore, Mich . Mirror. a3_See \CoeTA 'aV pdvertl'ement above. 1866. \ HocsHxxrcss troubled w.tti vermin need be so «o longer. If thev tia«. -<to «TAa's\ Kxierminator.— We have tiaed it to oursaliefactioa ; and if .a box coMib we would have it. We. have tried polxuns. i>iii they erTeeted nothing; but \Coster's 1 ' article knocks the breath out of Rat.«. Mice. Ro:mhea, Ant«.and ned-lnigs Ouicker than we can wrile-it. It is In great demand a.l orer the country.—ifeJi- a«, Oato. Qaxtttr. •S^ee •/CoatAa 's\ advertb-ement above. 1866. A Void r«o* T*« Fia WXST—Spe.aklntc of \Cos- tar's\ Rat Roach Ant, ke.. Exterminator—'•more grain and provision's are de.-troyed annually', in Grant County by vermin than would pay for tons of thl« Rat and Insect Killer.\—Zoaeaifer lfs» «ra_See \COSTAS'S\advertisement above. 1866. FAastxas Afr» HooaiaaarAas-ahnuld reeolleot that hundred'* of dollars' worth of Grain. Provisions, *c..are annually destroyed by Rats.Mice. Ant*, and other Insects and.vermin-all nf which can be prevented by a few'dolors' worth of ••Costar'a\ Rat. Roar-h, Ant, ac„ Etterminator, bought and used freely. •S.8ce -CosTAa's\ sdverti«ement above. ••-Sold in Dansville, N. Y_a.« above, and by all Druggists and Dealers. 302 , %. <&. gonr5. FIltST-CLASS 13UGG1ES 1 MANUFACTURED BT- T -'SsrBtvTewr • 'AT THE Old Established Manufactory MAIN iTmi -rr, DANtrnxM. QPrOSITETHKDANSVILLE HOUSE. Elegant Carriag «i, Manufactured to order at the Old Established Manufactory, • Near the'DansviHe House. ' T. E. JONES. Light *k lletvj Democrat Wagons OF iaNT STYLE Manufactured at low prices by ' » T. E. JONES. LiTJMBGR WAGONS Fu ^aii W lo drdcr and warranled by T. E. JONES, AT THE Old Established,Carriage Manufactory, MAIN 8TREET. DANSVILLE. WAGON REPAIRING Of every description on 'short notice and at low prlctjs, by J<AlJf STREET, PANSVILLE. 1 Dr. Strickland'. PILE REWEDT H AS cured thousand* of the worst cases of Kit4 anu isieediiig pjler u gives immidist* relief, and effect- \ jiermanent cure. Try it , direelly, , Itfc'warrant-dto cure. Forsale by ill DrngcUt* CURE FUR PILES. at W 0 per bottle. »;yi h. Sfridltii'i TONIG. DYSPEPSIA. U R.S. RlfKLAND'STOXIC i. a roneejitraterf preps- -. ^— • <tt Root* and Herbs with ami- sciila and carminative* to sirerglhen the Horn- acli jand neryi.us symm . It is s. e»rtaia reia-- edy /lor il/.«pep.|a or Indipefllnn. 'Neivnnaneaa, Lo«s nf Appetite. Aei<|ity 01 iTiePiomseb Flstnlea- ey and Nebihty Itis not aleobolie, then fore par- lirularly suited for weak nrrvnns snd d\>pepne nereniiS. For sale by all Drt.gxisi*.t«er?»KeT* at Ji n**r lw>ttle, * 2>T«*I Grit VS. OUR FALL ST\LES GENTS' DRESS HATS i ARE NOW OUT! \yy E Urlt e th* attention of all lo our new aty*)- LAP BLANKETS. ^ The mo»t superb thinj of th* kind yet ma**, faotured. II. K&C.E. 011JEL,. 21A 23 STATE ST..(0PF0SITE EXCHMfiE filO> SOI ' ROCHESTER.-\ Western New York Advertlstf. Aelraaica T *n*%* «r Saa*«riB4taa. - a Tor Ona Year, - . i- $8 00 Tot Six Honths, - - ',. - 1 00, Single Ckipy 6 Centi^ M Cents per yesr extra a ill be cbsrped l«r dtlivtry by carrier within the corj-erttioa. Clalk. Kate*. In order to rapidly im-ieai-e our s,ul»rnptlos st lhej>re>ent time. »e l.avi- l^en indurral© MHt tbe rollowlnK extieniely lll-eral«Inb Kstss: Five Copies oneyear r \•'\rRli Ten •• •• - stiii'l to^etttr up olvluDii w .Fifteen \ \ •' '* - .MM Tw« nty \ « II « II a u rt- jtjta Fifty « \ \ andStoretter«aofclnl>nJ» One Hundred , » 1AH •and aeoby of AVebster'a Unabridged Pictorial We: tionarv.laiea<>dilibii.- ; .•'<•\\ *kjf?. Ca*>ra*s«r * °W *«<e*I to whom great men u will bo(.ivrn. \ ' j Rafea*af °A<tt rrtlaltt*;. i .» | -~ | .» | .H I | | >m I 'T t ii.Mi | *l oo | *t ft0|»jin|»4on|»oo|»t00|>lt * iuvli |_a 0o |_3 w I tup I QUI I 8 00 I Uv» i w Slneh\! €Sn\ 4 no | «no | «no'| i»aa (»«o ( * V, m l | aw | 7i»| »tst| 11 up | lio n | ttina t f* \4. col. | W0n|li»si| 14 W | .H..UU | mou 1 WW | f » 1 \ I I 1*2 '»• i I.MHI I'Jyl tX) | 'ZS 00 | 3ji dp | SO frv [It* I.UISL Noticn.—Notices rtauired hy I»w tot* publifbvd will be charied at the trust rales. OSITCAXI NOTICM.—Otiitusry Notices, ernbrsrlni more than the ordinary annon'neimen^ *f desl*/ and Ohilbary Poetry, ten cents a line. -' Miscuei NoTios,—One Dollar each. Ssxcut.NOTICXS.—At fi ly per cent.)* sMitieat' repulsr ratea. r ' EBUOSJAL NOTICIS.—fueh notices, (when sdmls- sable at any prico.) the olivet of which J»t« JJ**\ mote private Interests, fllteen eenta peril**. '* r notice innened forle.^s than one dollar. - RUINKSS NnTtersis Rtims o Coivax»--Te« ee»is per line for first insertion, and eicht reals f* r '\7 l\r every subsequent instrtion. N n .!Ba»f»'' , .'!jr ticea in.«cried for less than One Mlsr « \* tion.nnd Flrty Con.s ench subsionrat I»\'i7 Paiviuoa or AavMTjsaas.-The pHrfietf °/ veril-ers by the year is limited t* t*r *™\l*X dai/cl/t4>fn«»and to ihe particular business wmcn is the suhleci ol eonlraet. and sdiftljsrments eoa certilne any other matter will bo charted lor n tho usnal tales, t . , . I'otiTictL. CHASITASU. Rruoiocs »nd:hVte >e»t«« to be charted at repHlnr tate. . iA , Hnslnesa Curds notexeeedinF*lin«»-1' , l ' , « ,f ^ t , t« ner annum j over 6 lines. !*> c. nts w h 0 ',\!?! Twenty-live per cent additional * 111 le enatjw. for oxtrn displayed advertisements snd cuts. Ycarlv Advertisers dtaennnntilnatheir»o T »|*',' ments before the expiration of the year, ww «• charged at full rales as above. ,, , Transient Advertising must be paid form K Weatalltfmesre.ierte the x \f ,ht to rejects*; adtertlslBs thlch v<s may dpem malic* to tac< dial Prei r«U lion rou ir.« Wt kr\* »rot ll I hat •eet T wilt tcri clai Hjni lbo» flTer lin t «t b dy l lIUl iafK ifon fth« t*U> «o Mt P. U pri up am I am •coj art ou till va th, cr.i cai X lapi I Pi »n •a. alt M Ui I Cc all to ti Ho Gi ar Ih ar iU e* u to ith •wl .fr •it. •ei ci «i f< I o » I <l 1 i i M Ml t r P0 J|^/V*ra*r not vvttr * K '^KjS> ttajTiedtJiclcng'hof {i-ftciluireJ.tr tltsvU M tud and (AarjKit fer tillrnUrrJ PW. Address BTJKJfKI-I. * Editors snd Pcopritlor*. Jhn,»villc, Llvlngiipn Co Y. ^1

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