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Richmond County advance. (West New Brighton, N.Y) 1886-1921, August 17, 1910, Image 1

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ACcrsT 11 T lt««-M*ttd Sore;. mANCIoSn. . JT—All irapn .-emcnts fSt. WMt Brighton. bTat\' W1 tRjdlBOMl. —JiSlKftBlSb I NAN, cue A dvance I to let with pri ^ptmiMnts. No. I I, West Brigh- Cow, J years ^ nn|e , li.tesl im. lon e month; costf-^; •ac e buyer for tl 5 • A dvance. , 6 yeara old; freah, .maonable to quick MAGAN 'S Butcher •iNUt of Aat, 3 nice n A. 0. Hanfmann, I Brighton. 2 min lic-^ed woman to I for old lady; Ger- Siquire im Cherry Ave.. Weat BriKh- 1 Machinra-A full Jarta for all makes Iral drop-head ma- 1 out on rent for ricea. SINGER !, PortKlchmom) arjre bri);ht rooms, Inquire at Store, Davis Avcs, West iBell-Towor, W ft. I d platform on top; Lbuyer. Address ON, No. 20 Hii( ind. J-chain neck-lace, I and a gold heart, Itrollev, Thursday •eward for return sprnj in(? cowa Jon cans, Sl.fiO by E. ,1. FIELD, Willow Block, kidle-pony, bridle 0 ride; sound nnd _ KIELI), Cltver iBrook, S I IDE WANTHD - Imnoointr, .Mnroel |Cli|)pln|;. .Sculp pssuKc, iind JInni- Jasonalili'. Coinli- I Miss KUANt;KS Avenue Mnri- iNO, Ink' ftudi'nl Alt, Dr. K. I Miss I, E O I, A hon Ave,, Mnri bent I W In d Amilv I'i !C.on por WM. TIKJI'.T, Is , Packard and a Gall, kok or whKo, fcll. |l. for, S2.25 J Witch Hazel lall, SI.25oGall |M5 a Gall. |4.00 r ! Trace, nrlgbtnii tees. Indcr (if ou r ck. Qoods MISCELLANEOUS. TO LET-Nir f 5- miir Flat. o.-i-er toilet, tub-; rent r. »>or.»Iilt. Accrues Box 599. ADVA .\rE Office. FLAT TO LET—Five roome, water tubs, gas. separate entrancj; $:2. 230 SIMOXSOX ATE. POR SALE—Iron Cider or Wine Press; 16.00; cost JIS; call at 278 CO- LUMBIA ST., West Brighton. GROCERY STORE TO RE.\T—Th« lessee must purchase stock. .M. CAL- LAHAN, 385 Cary Ave., West Brigbtoo. WU-VTED—Young men In retail gro- cery. Address, with reference, D. M B., Advance. POU.VD—A Bllly-gont, white. In- flulro at 211 VA.N PELT Am, Mari- ners' Harbor. FOR SAI,E-Tlree Gn„drioh inner tubes, S4x4, in (rood order. Call at , A DVANCE GIR CR. V HORSE. Wagon and Harnese for^ sale or hiro; expressing, carting; or- ders taken tor coal. 110 IIATPIBLD AVE., Port RIchnionil. TO RE.NT—Furnished room, all im- provements, In private house; terms reasonable. No. ll.T DONGAN ST West Brighton. TO LET—Large front room tor one or two gentlemca, with all Improve- raenls; private bath; at 14 DO.N'GAN ST., near Terrace. TO LET—In Westorlolgh, 7-room house; four minutes from trolley; all Improvements; rent ?37. taqulro 260 LIVERMORE AVE. Phono C,S8-J W.B FOR SALE-IS It. .Motor Boat, and now 3 h.p. engine nnd now anchor Price »126. Apply to E. II. T!TC;fER 32 Washington Ave., GrMlLe- 'h, ' PRIVATE FA.\11LY desln: lo iot s largo room, furnished; all Imps., close tc cars and train. Apply to M NEW XT., Oir Jewett Ave., Port Richmond. \r;. ' KINDLING WOOD CO., Tel i-j, •• 1; .1W7 Po.« Ave.. Port liichl mono l-mest kmillin(f wuod; D bhh for $1.00. ANTHONY I). NUNO- I'ninier ami Paper II«rirer, Inlcriiir Di.eornliir. 800. Post Avenue, ne«r.lewelt Avenue, Port Riclimnnd. TO LEI'-Fleor. •! n.crr.s; ciis, w.ish tulw ana tcilet; rent fll Innuire in TONY .S Shoe Klere, Tlrrnc \ West Hii(;|ii„n ' TO LET—Olio, two, or tliico rooms, furnished or unlurnlflied at moilernte terma. 151 I'ilOSI'lCCT ST.. between 1 ciMiioii.l Ave. anil M(,r^llll^. Star Rd., Elm I'nrk. TO I.E I |.|„„r, r, r,„.„„, imivtMiinih; lii.sl lUmr: x,, iiittuii .U-cime. I'ciil l!j,-hi, i|iiiie A. F. i I;A,SSIM;'I(IX son Avenue. I.K.S.SiiX.S „n I'iai.o L.v.-n IK'\ 111 111 Hii-I.in.iiil .vi,,,, llMplitdii, ur al |.u|,i|6' hiiii, Sireil; i, ii,i.. nii.ilirai,.. .^ l I DA VIES. 1, If « \I IT nnrt sewer; Decker lleifhi,. | „xi„|,|„„ ,„,, < iitlierliie M , l',„t Kirlininiul TerniH •II. Ap|,lj fha.H., 2.11 West •Maiihattip. STOIIK TO LET \ iiiipii\eii l.Ai l,ielimoi;il Terrare,Wei.| IMcliton Inquiie of CI.AliK & MOIiTON, I5,';i i ernice, TO LET—C room liouso with water and concrete cellar; for i small fam- y; }1C. No. COU .Mely„ Pi„eo, near s I. KLXDI.iXi, UTiOl) CO.- KivO 1. IU;.V<;VV. Nn ' Vs tirrry l.ane. Ue.-t llncl,i,„i. Tele- plimie ;i7|i-r, W. H TO MOT- A|.i,rt„;enl,lii„,„„»; frefh- y 1 •Toraled; ,in|.,„v,.,„. Ms; „|,o Hillse. Anily .McSOIJl.KV. lain RICHMOND Coy NTY ADVANCE New York's Mayor May Sur vivs Assassin's Builst. •Mayor Wllllniii J. (Jiijimr of Xew York, who lies In si. .Maiy'H hns|i|i.., Hohuken. where the hiilli'i nf .1 Oallugher. his would he assassin, seiii hlin. Is ejpii'ieil to recover. The miiyor Is n<ii siiirerliiK Kreiitl.v 111 present, lie has nm Inst eonseloiis ness slnee OiilliiKher's revolver was dlseharged Into the back his iieik en the pronienaili' deck of the Kalsei Wllhelai der (Irusso. lie Is keenly alive lo the nalure of ihe trial that lie faces. Insisting tliut Ihe physlelan- Bhould tell hini Just how the score, between himself nnd dentil stood, .May ' i.1 ' Nl 1 Ir.-.l. to iiillll.., I'land.' ' l....k le r ..m ; riiih: 111,.', 1, in \•..] mn ••'...1 1,1,;.. 111.' batil- lul. 11. Il.ill';.\! 1.i.'r-.'ir. V.itjl -0 <lM' 'Utk' uul II.'iii; 11'1,11. a lal,ill,v w .l.'.-lliilU iill.. e- l „ 1,1- -hi i Mill il I,! -If • .' \11 Hie k «itl. ini- liir. I.ex- ^nlrl. In- .ii'Aidrr - li I t'i;in- \\ \St if de- I.A ('. Arm ^' will reopen her ^ f fn'' ' '\• \'I\ - with a full Ikio of latest Fall millinery and supplies. 21J71 TEltUACE, .Mar nora' llnrbrir, op|i. Central Ave. FOR SALE—Fine now portable chlo- „f 1 \. 'l\\\\' Ki-lndor, Inwn mower, of at a loss curtain atretclier, clothes dryer, whoel- P^jardlt'KH of carilen innln ll'H liiist. OSc. , S5c. Icy Suits, 0.,™ Itlaclied, 37c iTORE Bquahi.; . B. barrow, garden tools, nnif \biitcbJJ'a Address UO.X 483, AdvnocB [kancl le and block, onice. 1 'ioui>»s for rent; semi- detnchcil; Iniprovemeiils, bath, olectrl- city, siiacloiis surrouiirtlngs; J2i'; near n vvl';?'',See Ull. A. II. XI(iri-:,S (llenl,,,). iichiiaind Ave., I'nrt l!iel,n,M„d. lo .miMiun.e liaviii); opuiieil his new iinice iit tlie above address, Vl,ei 1 \s in ' iii^-iillendance; also I'.p, \ made fiirert'niiic.s and .^-'undajs PIfOF. ANTIIONV'.S DaiiWnr Acini. c;ny (Ht,Icily prlvnte), Ni 7 hif , ™ teed 11 eld nnd younif ur ninm v re- funded ; lessons aft. riiMin or ev,- iln.r Open all summer. \ \ini AUTOMoniLKS- Dnesyourearneed W'' f f 1-0, send it lo n y Kar All kinds of muchiiiery reimlrltiK \\A'f, '-•^•\'•l' »t inod.riituVli I Richmond .Squato, where lie w II Im V- , 'y'\fve them with I,„ \hole\ ' m^i.\ Ohillo iind Pew. |d\ fur |il*yi til ItMb is mimm I , ' , • , . Sullivan and Annlo Hart, aftsr which the sale for the following \Ea ts'do\°ln vfv \\\ \ cho-'evening will goon. Thri^nlo o\ t?ie hast Side In Now lork and Its maii.T rua. .iIkivo aiirneilon ontns \Veilne«,inT amusing situations. It has been en-' A nev feature that will Interes. the AiiKust IVlh. \\\lnesda>. .M.i..\i;iri';ii u-iii:\ ,MII;I„SI 1:1, llllli a li'irihli' I.eallni:. i;,|vvard.s wa- V r.iinii-i I'rlii,-,.!,,,, iiiiivrsliy r.M.i kali shir. IMIImuImt. a 'r.-,iii,„;,ii> ward li'id I 'II.M'h.'iri;.d li..m his |»„ii|„a as dnrli wal. liiiiuii. nheiv l„. had re I'eh.'d a il.N.v II,. |„,„„| uiilllv ..r ii.el.'. i .III,, an.I iii.iil„.r illmiil\\ I., kill M,ij„i Kii.vin.r l..-iaii-,' ..r II,.. „,• 1,1^ ]„|, iiiel'.'l,v l„.,i,iis,. Ill,, i,i„v.,r |,a,i ,„„ iliiplli'd will, l,|., ail. I !,.• l... 'Sl.ll'.'ll I., his |i,.>|||..|, Photo ny Amuilcaii I'r.ns AsBoclatlon, •MAVdll U'. ,1. (lAVNOll. or C.'iiyn.M' li.'anl iheir reimrl iiii.l .seisin ed sallsll.sl. II.. li„„ws tliiil list niill.'h his sireneih lliai .,f dentil anil Is „ aiiim; „ |,ravi. ilu'hl I.., II f... As I'.ir (;,iii,iel,..,'. ih.. fa.li.l mil,. man wiili il,.. .,r „ |,„|| „,„, iili llie iiis.iieii.e .It j.asl jimis .,1 perli'll.'.' (Ill 111., frliit.. .,r |.,,li|,,.:n swamps In his i,.' Iiiiinps m. \honlders nnd vv|,..ii ih,i, Ihe niay .ir of .\ew v.irli Is ii.ii .l.'ail lis 111., result i.r his .h'.'il, II.. i.inr. nil Ills |.I|.|. In III, ai ih,> lliiiN,.i, I'lilllll.V Jnll III .I. IS..V I'lly, wli. iv I Iniliiuii'.l Willi..,,, i.all III awall IN. I II\' tl'iiMil liny, anil he savs \Well I'm s.iiTv I .ii.iii'i liiii h'liii rlKlit olT. 1 hope II.. miiiks. I hiiil in Ill- mid ir 1 didn't ri.allv hlii, lliai's I,..I niy I'aiill.\ ilalliinhi.r . ri'iil up l.i.|iind .\lay.,i liayii.ir wlill.. ilie iiiiiy.ir was hlildliiii riii'i'well 1.. his rrl..|i.|s .111 II,.. ,|....|< ..I llie sii„iiisi,l|i Kaiser U'llh,.|ni iler llri'^se III II SI lall jileasa,,' jeeaii vnyime nml vin nlhni. \V.in've sii.ieii my I.r..,id and liuller I yiMi.\ y,.||..l ili,ll„a|,..r, as he slim 'I'll!' I'lllh'l ellleleil the milV.ir's lll'. li Mid l.iili;.',! m.iirihelias,. .,rih,. i,ni,!iie II nilsse.1 severlnu Ihe Jiiiiiilar n.ln In Mie Ira. 11.111 .ir an lii.'li The niiiilil he iissa.sslii was »i.|zed lij Blreet I'limmlssioner Eihvniils who, lii •'I'll'-' Ill of the moment, gnvi' FALLING AEROPLANE CRUSHES SPEGTATOBS Seven Hurt, O.ie Fatcll/, liy Broodns' eiplaL'. Wnlli'r A. Il,'...,lii„s. Ih.. v.mihrii, piipll ..f 111,' U'rinhis »h., .,1, .i„|v II ellmh.'d I.I Ml,, r.'c.nl heluhi ..r feel al .Mlantli- ,'iiv ,„|,| safi'ly 1.1 ,.arlh will, his |,..w,.r ,s|,„i itr. crash,si 1.1 ,.arili „ ii..|;;ii, ..I 1I..111I liflv r...| .l„rl,ij 11,.. tlrsi h.'iir mmB WOMAN ST^^ii/ES 10 mi Miss Vrgna .';2fiji3W, Hij'jliS- eJ of f<;ii,-i:l .r, FtirrJiliSj, STEEL CAGE FOR 5100,000,000 BABY Parenis M lo Prolecf Litl'e Croesos Ffom Kidoapers, Enpeotes ForJjW3i3,Wn8s aod Finery Break. Record. Til.' lni|ioriiiil..ii ur luxuries Into the I'lill,-.! Slii'.'.s was larai'r In 111,' lls. al any I'arll. r year In ,.| I buivs |.,vi„i,,.,| |,y 11,.. Imr.'an of slalNil.,, ..f i|„. ,l..|.„rliii..i,l ,.f ...I,,. n,. r.,' an.l lal.,ir .•..v. ri,,): •\\I' I' II\' mil li-. al year sh.iw Ih.' nilly .-.I 11.- Ill i. h . Il • hiji I'lmlii III' AniHtleali Prsta Attnclallun. Photo I,)' Ani..||,-aii IT,.SB A«>oclatlua imooui.vs IN Ills 111 PLANE, ur the Iiiieiiliiu Iif Ihe ten iliiy avlatlini \I As I'ark, N. ,1. || wns Ihe llrst thiie sln.'e aviation liegan t,. Irnw hli! cnnvds of „nhii,kers thai in aei'iiphine hiis tiimliled down on Ihe speelnliirs. Of Ihe sevi'ii persiiiis besides llniok- ins who Here ln.|iire,l, i|i.,irgu llur- ni'lt of Spring Lake, fniirieen years \Id li Ih the must serlnus Uu was erilslied lienenth Ihe work of 111,' hiwer pan nf ihe mnln lihines Iif llin imieblne. Ills skull was fractureil nnd lils hip hnikeii. lie wns removed In the Lmig llriineli liiiH|iltiil III tin illlliilniilille Ihill lilid heen pnrkeil a few fei't rrnlil the Wreekiige, The Imy pniliiihly Hill die. All II will reeiiver. ^Vlii'li III Has r.iiiiiil .mil Ihe liiiiL'le of Hie liirh plane fnlirl,' nml sptliiteri'il rrnminviirk iiiiil wires III! liiy iih the \nil nf llie nvlilllnii |h'l,| H'llh hlH nil'\ In II I I ,ir hlniiil anil his vlithl liiiiiil siiii (ii-iiKping a sieerlim lever, lli> H,|. Ihiiiiithi t.i he deihl as he Hils ilhmued mil nf Ihe wieek, The ihiclnrs siiy llial n sii|i,.iii,.|ai i>)iiiliilniilli,ii Hhiiweil iliai llriiniiiiiH hiis II lil'iilieii iiiiue. II Hi.|i.h.|,t liiiei'iiieil heiiil mill fill\. Ills e.ies nie .'ImshiI m„| hii lias ueliel'iil lirillHi.H nlimil ihe liiiily riie d\. Ml- hill e<|,e.'l r,i|al resiil's ll'iihl Ills I'all. Ill\ Il\lii|llmie rnllell leii ini'lhi'l liii li III lis llluhl II H..|.|.| I,.,,. iileilli mmheil iipi.n 11,,' uhih,| slilllil i lnwil Ml- \irL'i,li:, ,1 \V.II,I',,^,. ..,„. ,11 the iliiv.. i,„. III,. , ..,• il'-i- \f iicy W, .M .si„.„,i III i:„-i ,„ 111,11\. .N, .1 . .11..I .,r ,,„ h..ils.. ..r .l,.i..|ii|..|i |„ \,.„a|.|, .1. wh.'r,' -h.. was .-I prlsei,,.,-. U'helh.'r 11... slanall..!, ivas ...|r h, lll.'l.sl .,r was .1.,.. I.. I,..,' leal.lllh 1., cm Is 11 .|„e>l|..,i 11,., |„||,i,:i|,.,| Hint II,.' |.all..„l i„|:;hl have .'aleii l\'lll'lsllli I an.. If she llii.l w!s|,...l I,,. |.„, iiiai \..aihiL- vv...,l,l linvi. Ii,...|, |,ii|„,s..i|,|,, f,„. II,,,. ,||||.|||. Il\' lilsl ,l.,y ..,• s.. War.l..,, M. liiih, lless ai..l ..III. r |,i|l .,111, i,||., III\ l'1-ls..ii.'r hav.. lal;,.|, si\. h:i.l 1.1 ,>„ al.l,. I... i|ih..|-s Hi,.. III'.' ill •'! p.'slll.ii, I,. k„„ w say wmiian .<as ,h.|ilH.,'alely Iryilli; I.. I'lal li.T life l.y slarvmi..,,. .Ml .'n'..rl was nil hy ll„. J:,II .,;li •liils 1.. have Mrs. i.'nr.illi,,. 11, Maiii,, mid Mrs. .Mary W. .'Jm-ml, il„. \Ilier slsi,.rs. |.,.-i„.,i ,„, a, n,,, ,.„,„„, lull iler, s« Ih.. sir,.,.I, ,i| H,.. |i,..|,,.i.. \I\'\ 'I ''.H,\'. Tli.y .'all,..! „,. Iieimiy Shi.rilV I;,•Illy al ih,. n.iirl I I\ i;ei i.ni h,. h..,iIII \\less 111,. J |,|,. 11,.' .-..ns,.,,! .if ,h.. ,|...-|i.r. Th.. ih..l..rs hiiil h-rt si'v.-ral niliiiili'. I'cf.ii',. and 111,' Jail aiiih.,rlll,.s ,',.iil,l \\I lliid lliciii. In Ihe IH.. slsl.'i's hail 1.1 reiiialii In Ih.'lr la.lls ivhil.- iheir sister ,lli..i In 11 l.iill,||„e lust ii.'i'.iss the siri'iM. II Is exiri.iii,.|y .I,mill mi wheili..r Mrs. Martin ami Mrs. will ev,.r I'\ l'1'..nL'hl 1.1 irhil. It Is ill here thai ll,e ease ivlll he Ii.ille |iriiss,.,l. Tl\. pr.is..enll.in'H li'i'i'il In ,\llss Wiir.llnw hy r,'ns„n .if licf havim: «ltli (i.'i'.y In Ihe Masi iiraiiL',. hmise iliiriiiir her hisi iliiys. 11 was Miss War,Haw wh.i 1....I, n.'i.y Sneail i.i Nasi Oniiii;.. fr.iin York. She r,.nl..d llie li..ii'ie nml was 111 II when o.a.y Siii'inrs il.'alh I'nmc In Ihe nltentlnn ef ihe niillinrllles. She '\Id the Ihe ili.alh. womoiHi^ SWEPT Br FUMES. iiKiy \'I liy a .raflMila,, ,.„.l sm'.'i;,iai.|, .1 I.J I....1,., ,,( 1,,..! ,.,„„ I\i' III.' ,i.|,. ll'\l'. M-.. ..r \il,s..l, Mr - •'SI'\. l.aliV piTlii ,ii„l ..II ..\.• In |.i'..|...rly 1.. t.ilal .'V.-.s-.l I\. I II\. li:; iv.ul.l V 11,..IV 11,.,,, .Mi.l . ;,! •;i.|- a,I,I I..I •Ikim'. l.il- :i,i.l il 11,.' .M..ri'ls l.iill.lliii: at N.'W V..rk .'IIj. W. rle- .i'.'ailili„-. 1.1,1 was ni, •li- . l.-rl;. |,.,ii.l I'l-a,,:;. • '. l.ii!;.-l H'.,iiii.l 111 iii.l a lis .•alih.T i.lsh.l •ar l,y t..l.| th.- M..ry. f'rank Ill t.'lllni; 1.1 11,.. sir.-et, 11\ I'lllled a P„ll.-..iiiaii, .Wi nm- l.iilaii.i- rr.iiii ih,' llii.ls.Mi sir.'.l h.is. [illal was siiii,iii..i„'il. I.nl wli.-ii l|i.. iiirti.'.ni i;.,l I., Ih.' s.'ene W.'rieiiiann vas ,l.-n.l. Tl,.. .•..mail.ssl.iii man lh,sl it HIP riirn.ll stleel, llr....klyi,, hut ilso 1 a .'.niniry place at l.o- .'ust (ir..v.-, .N. J. The grentest I'unllagrallon Itcsstan has known since \ihe l.k' l!..>i..n llr»'' of ISVn .ssnrri'd In ihc vi. lniiy of l>o vcr anil Albany sir.'.'ts, |i ij..Kan in what the Ni-w Emiliiiiil ni..|r..|,..lls has •\\kcd f..r a i;..iienil|..ii as |ta l-Ti'atest hi',, risli. |l..f,.r.. ihe lireni.tt cmild put II It had r..„,l.'i'. d .imii..- (e.ss hiimli'.'.ls ..f il,.. . Iiy's i..i..r, ha.l ninsiinii'il .s|.. .»i.ii,«i |„ |„i,il,..r and •liarf pi'..|..-,ly. aii.l ha.l .|..sir..yi..l a I T',M-i.iv.f,.iir • 1;, I'l ..II I ciiiiil arli. h - l,.rii,ii,e ih. w..rll, ..r l„.\i,rl.', Iii,|,..ri,..l. 1. Hies., ti'eal i:r..ii|i- n llilnl whi. ii lii.'lii.l.'s ii.l.l.'.l nil.si .hiiia, 111.'Ills. |l.\ s, liial '..,1.1. , will, i,.l,:„.., fav..r. „. III. tli.'ir iii,|.i.ris in ami |.:illi. general NEWS happenings l.is.|,i, .1'. hi.l- ii.| la.'. .111.1 II il, |...|.i :i-ill'...l l.y 11,.. valiii- • • • Th, if l.,,~l, |..'I-..11S wel'.. Illllll'. .!, Ilr.'iii.'ii. ,i„.l \.I I.. .•Illy ..f III 1.. I..1,11 I .11 II,,.. nil U; U'i \Il all. _'. .1 Ml. .1 '.'II Hlih a 1 ran ;;.ii iiM.l Ih, I'.l.-r. pla.-i. In ri'Milt . f „ ..ir.- r .- l .iilil.' r ..r ..r 1 When 'I,.'.I hill, l.iiif.- Ciir Eflajiirr^TS) 1:11. 1. Il l .',, If kill ll.M'.V .M I.i:.\.N .\\|i Mill \\'I I\' -I -l.irllhi'j »lil\ll I\\ I I l-ari'lils hav.. I Pl'l'lc.'t Ihis lllll,. ,'|'.,„m|., •I'lll\ I l'CI','lllll.l,l:i|,,i' ||,|, r,,l|.,rt, lis a I'.-lill .,f Ih.. i',„.,.||| all..,,,,., ., I'lll'dl'il'- I', l.i'.'al, ,111,1 11,.. iMvva, -^l' al ll;ir 11.,, I'\i' Th.. ,M, I.,..,,, |,a|„ I, ,,„„. ,.,„., Hilly L'lianle.i rr..iii nil save his iiiirs mid llcl..,lh.. U'ai'.h.|'s as If h.. H..r a Hill.' |irls..ii..r li.'lil as h..siiii;,., lie Is a flan N..ii .,r ihe laie Tli.iniai r. Walsh, 11,.' Ilillill.i; I,lllll E-|n'rai,l.i eon- :i.'-s. null alK.nl .'««1 .hh-rllles II'..I,' II parls .,r ll„. «,,r;.l. •- i \ \'•-•i\\ \1 I I,.. |„'., •ee.lllijis a ,'.. .-Iiih'ely |„ M.,|,..|'.i,,,.,, •II\' IIMh..,'sal lalimiaue.\ I ir. I.. |. Zaiii.'iiii.iiV ..r W.ii'saw, l'..|.,i,.|. i|,.. '•I'C\1\1' 11,.. laliLlllilte, Is |,i',....|||. •I llmivii. ,iir...'i..r ..r i|,.. Ii,i. rii,i li\\\ ' I'liic.iil ..1 I'.'i.iil.li 's, |. I'i'c-i'lciii \t 111.' A l:-|„.,-a„i. •I'- —'i'lii.'i, III'. /.aii,.'i,i,..,i' .„-,|,. Ill, \I'll \- :\lill.->. m,,.r ..>1,1, 1, II,.' • I l.,i 'I..' l:'.|..'i',,,ii, •I -I :.,' 'I • 11, 1 •a,, h. I....Ill 1 \I.- I ii.-l Milr me\ 111.'rally .-Nrveil i-aell 'llicr t.i I.,,11, ,|,||,«. \ train ..n Hi.- Ni,rlliHi.sl|.rii I'a.lllc rallr..ad . rish.'il Inl.i a heavy engine near l:,-i,ail.., iwi'lve iiilles frmii Sim '\if.lcl. I'll! Tl |.!..H..I 1 llin.iiL'h iH.i Mii.,l,lii« .'iirs. |..1,.M'..|. '\ - II\'\! Thin |.avs..„K..rs we,'.. I 111 lev.. A\ .',\|),.'ss Il..s|.,n f.ir .Vew V..rl; ..11 Ih.' .\..w V..rl,, .New llav..,, aii.l llarir..,'.! riillr.i.'i.l lillle.l till'.'.' I...ys „i„| „.ri.„isly »',„iii,l,.,l ,111- \Ih.'i'. I',Ills ..f II,.' I....|i.'s wei-e stri.nu al.iiii; 11\. ira.'lis f I\) yai'.ls • • •I.... \l . fi' ..i r- ' . 1 'i. •ii.i I .'.I 1.. !. I' ..r 'I i ii.'.i III..I II,. .11 ih.' illlletl. fi h. .if i iiii THREE ARE SLATED FOR DECAPITATION. Beverly Sees End of Ganoon, More Than S100,000.000. Ksllimiles of Ihe diinu liy the lire III the wmlil's fair al llrii«s,.|s, llelgliiin. vary rrmii flmMmigiiiii i,, .fUK 1,1 KM Mail I. A Hpiirli r.illlnu tntii liitlmnmiilile iiiii- lerliil 111 Ihe lelcL-l'iipli liiillilliiit kindle,1 III\ «lili II, ilrlv,.ii hy II high Hind, Ntvepi r,i|il.ll.i hi nil illrei'liiiiis. 'I'll\ mill ili'lili'limeiiN nf »\1- dll'I'K. mlleil .,il|e|,ly ninill Hie si liiiMiil lhi'iii.ii|viis hailleil h.v Ihe veil llllile mile Hhii h • lurle.l Inii'lilliit \iii lil'I's III all p'lris .,| Hie L'I'.illllils, 'I'll\ .l'\V 1 lie pmile .Men, H..,ii.'ii ii.il hUilreii '..ii;li| i„„| I) III eseiip.' The i.\ll'i 11' mm.. leie i null III.' 'Imi.jllii. 1,1.1'...s ,ii„l ii„,„ ii\i . Hi.'lr II.i' I,, I',',, Hi,. pmliHai .^liili.t miller „|.,| hiiill.i 1,1 iiii II Iinly IHII il'is Heie l.isi III Ihe dl- ii'li'i. liiil li I.I lieisiii,\ Hiiii liijiihd If Hie plans III' Hie new hiaileri ol llie llepiilill. an part) I.enr rnilt. ami Hie leaihil's Ihllik Ihey hIII, aceiil'iliiii: I\ i'\l'\lli' II' I While llmise\ al llcverly, .Mass., SiK'nker ,l.i- \\I'll II' I'll iif llllmils will I1..I iigiiln wield Hie giivel lu Ihti house nf repl'oMeiilallves. lie la marked fur po- lltleni desihi. Hmi. If oilier plans nf Hinse sanie lenders dii mil fall Se. ieliirv i.r Hie liil U. A. Iliillliiuer Kill reilre Plealdelil I'litf- cnliliiel slairlly ill IM Ihe I'liiime- InveHllualhii! eiiii, hilHee repurls iii'tt nil. \li', Mn III liner Hii- llllli'lieit iiii- ,1,. \Iniellmi mill ilic I'lid. II Is ii.i lli'l-i', h iilie i.li |i • liilll. II has Ml-.. |.e ciiliie libiil, lieii' Hiill ,Vi.|.iiii 'Milrieli ivili nm miiilii li\ tl eaiiili lllll\ l.ii'. Ill\ -11. I's Hill v.'iy |i|i.l.,iMj I, rile III,.si r..niarl.al,h. sliiia II\\ il' Hie h|s|.,ry Iif Birlk.'S I il\icl. wl,..|i H„. ||, ill ,',.men W. ,'. I'.v I'hli'f i,r I'lilhi' I'ar,.', '\I' \I'\\ milHliy. .Mayor . Ma ,'s|,ai, \peliii -tail' s H,al he syni|. aHllz ,' s will. Ill iir men ami iliai li.. I'l\'\\ I',.. Illllll IS |ii.li.i.nieii f.ir re lii-li'l' I\ go ,'ars. A |il'neH.„liy I'elgns In Hie i llv „H.'\r iilglitrnli. .Mrs, .Margarei EniiTson .M.-KIni, Ihc well kn.ivvii s,„.leiy woiiian. bus re '•eiveil an alisiiliite fmni Ur Smith Ihilllns .MeKlni. The ,|,..' r ,'e was gi'iiiilcd at Itelio, .N'ev., will,.ml a im'stl'in hy .linlge I'Ike afier she '\Ill lii'i' simy I using nr. .MeKlin of '•riieiiy anil dninkenness. .Mrs. .MeKIni leslllied tlial she WHS married mi I ''111. Ill llalHiniire, lived nl Irvinu imi fi'Miii .Mny, liiiil, lo July , liiiis, sum liierliii; al NeHpiirt, and went in . Vew Vmk 111 II. lull,'r, num . A iiieelliig.irali ihe lliiekefellers has been nrraiige,! mr Sept. Il m Newlnirg. N. v., and It Is hiipi.|| ihiil .liihii li, lloekefeller will iittuhil. allhmiiili he bus mil nceeplisj ||m. Invllntlmi |i.is|. lively . Tii . ise invlied lire lineal ,1,. seeiidimis nf .lidiatili I'eh.r U,i,'kel..i It'l'. ivh.i came in America in ITU.'l, A lilslory nf Ihe llnekufeller fmiiily will bo read , idvlng rlgiii nf Hie fainil.v Illllll\ \lid II lilslory of II ihiwn rnii'ii Mill. The siai ,. lii.niueralh' cmiveiiHmi liehlnl Iliihcsimi. Te.\„ iiiljiiurm d nfl er rmirylim Hie priiiinry iiiinihiailiiii III Usi'iir lira\ h i'ii|,|iilll for in.vi'riiiir mid liiilm'siiii; Smialiir .liiseph W, Hal ley mr lil'ii-lilehl III IIU'.I. The Issue Iir till 'cmiilHilL'ii pnilillilHiiii Has I,II,I,.,I In the i-\-ii iii pliice ihe seiialiir III piiHer Ii|. Hi. leailei' or Hie paru in Teva. .Ml, iip |iii.|iimi h. Mallei 'na. hissed iliiwii. i • • MI'S U'lllhini Wi'.i Illllll ur San I'rnneh,.,! BABUALtlEH ' \'' \'\\'I) I\ DftBUftLTIEB Iliispi'* I'lir lb\ |iii.mie, dlmiiiisl hm Iwii mile chlhli'iiM hi n lialhliili mnl CRIME9 AND SPORTING •'\\ '•''\'•'' \\'-•'•'> AFFAIRS. ''\'••'il-l'\l\.w: Hie .lialil|.i..ii lifht- H'clt'ht ,if ill,. „..rl,l. ,1|.,.| f,.„||| ,.,„|. Siiiiiplimi m ills I,.,me In I'.aitlni.ii'e. \\\' \H\ l.'\\S H.'lll I., l'|„.||l.\. ! '^I'lZ' I\ ii-y I \ I' Ills I Ill,, |.„t i H I .' .lis,.,,-,. Iiail I..., lira, a ||„||| ,„„| ' H..ill.i li.i' li.. .I..|,|..| Wl,.'„ dans saw Is la-l lllll,1 ..I' his was l,ii,.e l.'-sly l..,-l I,.. ,1,.|. I'lnin.'.l l,i slave elT I' \\HI II\ I I .I '-.'ai l, l,ls lii.ilh' I'l- 111,li Ills „Hli I Ill llalili,,,,,',.. I'..\111.' ,Ma.'k, liiaiiat.'r ..f Hi., i'hil. iid.'l|.lilii .Vm.'ri.'iiii-, H.iiil.l Ilk.. („ „. „ \ I'' liiiiliii;. ami he II,Inks ihe ii.'sl way 1.1 hriiii; il alsail Id he 1\ t-'li\ 111\ I\\ f.iiir .'hiin.es I., Iiii Hie hall 11, Iila.e „r Hire.'. |.'mir lialls mid f.iiii -.irikes. .Mai lt holds he II,..re elTe. Ilv.i II, plai l,,,' Ihe \I' '''i\.ii riii.iim; Hiiii Hie I'iii her lliaii an, ..iii,.r i.i,„iii.|. ihal \iil'l salcl, 1... „„„h., nnii'ss ii he lo \l\\\i\ii 'lie Hl,i.'h ,„lls ,1 sli'Mie fi.r lilt- III.' bail. Sam l.aiiL-r..i.l'says he Will cii,illem:e the winner ..f Hie l.miL- l<aiirii,an \i\i will Hii'jcr ,sj,.-,i»i Ilia, ||„ I' ii cill\'i' \I Ill iMsi.l.. .If ten rmiiiils. liiii i.iiiiL'f.ii.i's I' HIIS |i,.| I,. |.|,,| |„„| \\\I'' \I'\ I' 11\ HI.\Ill hnvi, ii„,| .\,hi„ii .lai'k -luhn- \mi III II ''\inei Hhi. li III \si'lH'e .\s 11 I, „ .„ , ,|„|„, l.mii;r..i'il Hi.s an,li.i ..r K.m, Is Mil ImiD r H.ailiv ..r |.,i-lii el'llllmi, .lii'li .liihns.ii,, Hie .'h„,i,|.l..i, heavy. Helk'lii iniL-IIIsi, ihs'larcd In riihiiiiu that he wmild lint dglil again fur a yt'iir. Althiiiigli Hie .ehiini|diin was W'heiliiinl III apiiear In cniirt In lliiit f!'f,.''Li.ii''|'\\'il \f \II nrrcsi riirspi.,.d fiig. Ic' will siiake Hie dust ,if the Windy I'lty ri'.iiii his re,.| for smne III ml \iild he had leH I fur Ills ii|i|iearane,. nml Hmiiil in' repiii- led hy an alinrney, I'ml'ly ,Mat W,.il» \f EiiL'iaii.l III Hielr t.'ii reiinil limil al 111\ lllyinpl.' .Mhlelie ellli, m New ViiH .Miei Hie hrsi rmind. wlilch Hns lllll,III even. SnllHal, fiirued In II\' li'iii'l I uiiliieii a I I in every rmiiiii II, 'mi.liiii: Hie hiinier nnd I li'iiner |e|. i'li'... I'i'iiiil' l: II Vhii.i'hi •^\-\•'ill'i' in a I Iliiil'\i- 'HImi ',1 III,. i:,„.|,r ||,„|,, ,11 I' 'i 'l In II mm II'\\ - 111. In .'I mm III\\ \11 \I'eiiiids I ,.r.i«eil Ihe tlim meter« murk in n iuIuuim 51!^ swouds. r • • • L-. . Ot-nBr.! Mirket.., lUJ AKU HTIlAW-rirtni llhmthr,olil. »i«r hiinilfiid tl |ii,l,itt| nsw, li.U^.iE: • bl|i|iiii«. Hid, II ir.si.iui i:l\»»r liiltt.1, ol,l ftcil i uii clovir, aid, HIT sill ttrsw, llhlt ii't 'id 't\ -TTl/-•• T-r-if!-'. . ... -.jS-,. ill 11 Iimiilllli mill \-lllll \11 movir, .im, nirslli ttraw, lohit Uldh cuuituilled Hlllehle. Pirsl slie .elil f'? \il'.\\! \i\' \'\\'I' l\»*«'l Hi\!' litllft, t^Mi;. I^fll.

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