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Nov;. 11 RICHMO^CL QDUNTY ADVANCE iSTABLISHED 1885. BOROTJ&H: OF MOEIMOjSrD. A Live. Independent Newspaper. Devoted to the Interests of Staten Island. VOL XX.—XO. 70 POLES READT TO RISt WEST NEW BMGHTOy, N. Y., WEDXKSDAT. NOVEMBER 15. 1905. 8U B8CRIPTIONI sasa.^*^- Hams. h«=t a / ar cf tie rewesi Smia | v *I>T Frait. »vvra4i«- rr O 2o. 6c Jams. Fraii FUtot* m 1 3 05 I Dainties I 12c liOc Milk • lUc Beef- -n «aier slice*. • -./T. dr-.cd beef. 10. eerless Extract. f od far orzrsiTig tar chiidres titar 5 biiC-Iea. r«c : Q f c Canned — Hocackeeper'i or tannic \I ^ bij pcTTuar, 3 Ih ca= iV-'c — H^rpan 1 Q leader. 3 caia 10 c CaaSle. red l = Ili can 1—, Carbide ' *pctit» Trrrall, greea O^ i rant fur — . a—r.oiden State. Urge. % U I I e »piacfs. i dry witjx iaira»l SiTor. 5 -lb. Fruits.! —Golde n Cube, extxa-l dtogepore £rsxt, ca*. T ^ I I «*-pemed cms.. i / c I PCvEAPPI^ — finest | eatc frmx. in rich ^fy emu. de-| I' 10c Caitie braadl qniEty SiMUlirm frnxc. f m 3 po«md I Batter Province of Russia Ex- asperated by Martial Uw . Prodamation. CZAR APPOINTS DICTATORS. S« to Mfmetid OistHcta to lUto, Ord»—»>d Aum- trim Empcra n Said to B< Ready te Support Ruxzian CoHeague—Fbjiand ScJdi^ Mutiny. St Pnmtmrs. Nov. — the prwdamation of martial law in the province* of I'olanJ comes apprehen- »ion that the tevoItctionarT disturb- ances of the la#t fe w mootbs will be tam e in romporL-wi with what wiU fol- k>w jhotild thy whliers interfere with thestrSten-. Th e people are eiasperat- ed. voantities of arms ar»- e^instantlT comins Siro tbe Mji riiie^ of PoIaniL LABOR CONVENTION OPENEt, Prasidcitt Gempen Delivera Address tc American Federation. Paragraphic Photograplu of &e WorkTs Doings PSttsbor®. NOT-. 14.—Old city hall wa s Peeked whe n President Samnel G%>m- per» called to order the American Fed atton ot Labor in its silver anniver- sary convention. Delesates were pres- ent from every state in the Cnion. Can- ada, England and other foreicn coun- nies. President Gotnpers in his annual ad- dress mad e an exhanstive argument for the ei^t boor law and recommend- ed that it be mad e the chief subject of discussion and action by the federation and affiliated unions.\ He protested against any modification of the exist- ing Chinese exclusion law and against the introduction of Cliinese into our in- sular pos^iessions or upon the isthmtis as laborers on the Panam a canaL In re^rd to the relation of labor to finance Mr. IJomi^rs said: -Already it Ls discerned that finance has been ianrely dethroned from its all controlling power over labor and in- dnstry. Up to a decade ago if expo- sures had bet-n mad e as have been I i , re.-ent pa-t of p«,-u;ation P<«erity for the poor.\ , tiS ^ \I battalion as well a. Sf^niation and of the wr * \ \ \ dunbtrtl. and the situar;on . ruptins inflnen.-es of -hi^ finance- a MetrojK)l!tan Life Insorant-e ma y be r-sar>lr.l in every wa y as des- , financial panic involving an indn-trial ^^s a witn.-ss at the resumed Ui-ar ] crisis and stasmation. with all its at- , in.iuiry in Ne w York. His salary. News of A Week PRICE THREE CENTS. **There are 1S,000 de-^^rted wires In Chicago,** Mj-s Lester Bodlne. superin- tendent of compulsory edocation cf that city. -Larire families and small salaries are ressponsible in a larsr^ measure for thL« wife abandonment. Th e real bistory of the average wife abandonment ca.^ wben .«lfted to it« component parts reveaL< larce families. Ion? hours, smalj salaries and esime^t but futile efforts on the part of the : Amou e the rontril j wklow. to <Jtner relatives ano $90,000 to eight Chicago charitable in- stitutions and a hospital in Pasadena, the late James C. Kinsr of Chlcajro set aside the residue of his $3.500.c00 es- tate to build and endow a home for old men -^t-ho have been unable to provide for thems^ves. Secretary of Agriculture James Wll- son wa s bitterly denounced by Richard Cheatham of Atlanta. Ga., secretary of Ae Southern Cotton Growers* associa- tion. when the 3gricuitura! def»Rrt- ment*5 cotton crop n^rt wa s i^ jed. Mr. Ch-«tham says? tne S4?NTetary it actuated by -hatred toward the co'ttou produceis.** T o insure united action in irivins financial aid made nei-essnry by the of Jews in to the Jewish i-eople of .\mer:«-a has h^n Issued by Adolph Kraus. i.r.-siilent of the Tnilej>erideut • •nier of B'nai B'rith. day \at Kej-port. N, J., where he bad been vlsitine. Bi^op Merrill, whose home wa s In Chicago, wa s eighty years old and was to a great extent a sell made man. He wa s a fine speaker and an able writer. Clarence Gray Dinsmore has died in New York- Mr. Dinsmore wa s bo m in New York in 1S47. He wa s a son ot the late William B , Dinsmore. one ot the founders of the Adam s Elxpress company. Mr. Dinsmore wa s one of the most noted and prominent patrons RETURNS IN OTHER PLACES of the automobile In America. I Th e Right Her. Thomas Fredecick' Davies, D. D., LU D., bishop of the, Democrats Carried Pennsylvania and RESULTSOFELECTiOH McCIellan and Jerome Won In New York, but Former's Vic- tory Is Disputed by Hearst. Ohio and Republicans Were Success- ful In Massachusetts and Ne w Je •ey—Colby Swept Essex County. I J.—^uild Governor ef Bay State. Election returns >how that the Dem- htisbaod to sustain the family in moderate condition of comfort.' I um I not an advoi-ate of race suicide, but in • the poor •jnaners there are too man y < births. Wo are no w suffering from too: much prosperity for the rich and too • Episcopal diocese of Michigan, died of pneumonia at his home In Detroit. Mich., on Tbm^ay, Bishop Davies wa s seventy-four years old and bad been head of the diocese since ISSS. General Francis T . Sherman, chief of staff of General O . O. Howar d in have carried the mayoralty cam J the civil war. is dead at his residence' paigii in Ne w York city, the ?tate tick After posing as a man for rifty years! ^^ Waukegan , 111. He wa s eighty years, et In Peunsylvauia. the state ticket in •*Cbarles~ K. Baul.au;ih has l>een j j Virginia and the city ticket In Louis found to be a woman. Tbi'j startlina! William Tod Otto, formerly district j vUIe, while tlae Republicans have made discovery wa s nuide at San Rafael I judge of Indiana, friend of Lin- ^ dea n sweep in .Massatiiu<etts and hospital. Trinidad. Colo. Luring the! coin, educator and author, died at bis ' chi.-ago and Co-.k u-ountv and have car- Of 'Jitious has iH-en one ; ' i»y .Andrew Tr.Hr, • ^ .. years Bauhaugli has been a home in Philadelphia, aired eiglitv-niiie herder. President Lmcoln assistant secretary Thron^ih the t?onfes«ioRs of nine bov-. of the interior. J ' ' cnsis an a stasmation. with all its at- ance in.iuiry m .New lork . Hi s salarv. . ----- ^ dLstress cau..ed by tendant evils, would undoubtedly have' ^\ic h w.,s f :,,... np to is j nineteen years of o, , The strtte to become acute. There is i been inevitable.\ na e j^uleut Heceman admitted ! Tj'Tn , .•\•-I-'\'\ ; iLXiiic. X re>iueui tiesremau aamittea ' . n i . ^n^l ai^ a general sctin-ity of food_ j Of the union Iat<,r outlook President' that 51 in-r .-ent of all the policies in i r7 T I ^ Jf'^-fa »«vhants fear their stor« Gomper>. said la..t ni=ht: - t^e industrial department lapsed with- wi n be pUIa^ despite th^ govern- -.Never have the pros, e.-ts for o-gun- ^^ ^^ ^^^ -U-hat a ' fi:dang^rv,l a carlo;,,! o. < xnent proT^non. Tb^ v have barri^d- holder ^t wh^r. i-™-;. passengers. La< i>nn.*vM etl tbtdr bouses, and nearly ail mem- \Neve r hav e the fros| evts for organ- ized labor bwn as good as the pre^^ent time, and I ci.u>itler this a propitious moment for pushing forwanl the trade movement. 1 i-an see a vast improve- ment in the c*»n«lition of the worksne cla.s5 through the inausruration of an «gh t hotir day. We will i-ontinue to. riear that mau y otS.-ials . preach the eight hour dav .nnd will see. interest. j art in sympathy with the p.>Iirii-al pro- | that it is enfor.-ed wherever laws are I >tayor To m Johnson of <'levi>land. 1 ^mme and that a formidable armed ; enacted to that effei-t.~ i <>- alamie^I at the offi«-iai rei>ort that rlsing^ wm be prevented only by the | = there have b«-en eichrr-sis s^i.-ides in continuati«i nf martial law. Tb- Pol- • ^EW YORK'S HORSE SHOW. ' ^^ ^he la^t nine months, has . appointee! a commission wht»se dutv it Equine Exhibition Has 1.7C0 Entries bers of Jewish families are anx>ed. They watrfi their stores ixicht and day. Th e revoJnTit»iiary societies oontiane^ to meet openly and pnirtirally eonm*! the civil gDvemment there and in Lo>Iz. It seems . the Industrial department lapsed with- in tbf? first year, -mia t a i»ol5. y holder ret whe n the pall*-y Mr. Hushes askeil. -Nothing.- repHetl ' Mr. Hegeman. .\raong other interest- ^ ing testimony by President Heg»»nian : wa s the statement that his company «Ie- posite*! himdre,Is of thousands of'.lol- lars in thanking iti.«titutions without NEWS OF OUR Nfi GHBORS. Allegsitious that hfrfi ried their ticket.s iu .le-rsey. Rhode Island. Nel.niska and Maryland, hi CHiio the returns indicate tLe election of I'artisi.n. ti^e iHrmocratit.- cnudidate for governor. Complete n-tums of iLe eNi-tion oTficials In the Venzue- <-Jreater .New York pv e the election of Ian govemm*«u have deliberately attempted ^ ^ , , to extort money from the compauv— ^^^''\^'•-\^titbe sum of made in a court iu Ne w York city lias hai-ile.! f down a dei-Kiou athrnihig tile jisd;:- i ment di.-niK-hi;: the t-onipl.-iiifl in the case of Jolai K. IMutt ai.M:ii<t Hanuab Ish altotors f»ar that the «;ennaa em- pemr will «end s«»li]iers into th»» prnv- Inev* when fighting becins. THeex-xm.-* fn»m interior i»<>Iists re- port the tse«t.-»r»rt.»a of i»nler in o^yrix all ciiie* anil town.*, t.nt in some Hties. notably St. PeTer^il.nnr an.I Mo^w. the- better of the i»«»pul3iiiaa are ervatJy dL^mrtNad *vwing to rbe- ram..n* of approa«-fainc aTtark- ..a tbr J^w s a^ LTSprai- by the ~ma.-k HrawlretL\ cotnpoj-^l of th»» mo~t ign«»ranT rlas'-^^ of - the- pnpitlatV. Mv^al I-aw In Cronxtadt. Ifartiar Uw l»-en «I.»-Iapi-d in Cronstadt. where mntiueers frT*m th»- fieet deC»-»r the <-zar*s t»V>p-». Tb ^ out- look tbat there wiH more- «eri.m~ riotixijc. the ioyalry \»f man y s,.iillers Ls tiC^XMHied. Tb e t-ity L-^ tw#w •ju-^'t- Th e mnrinon^ have snbtuitteil. and the leafier*, several huu«lr>^l iti all. twee «Iet«»rTetL It is no w kztown that tbe «Sresnle^J weaJth of ii^ :t> large i.uWit atteuflaxi- e and Lu tile uiimlrtrr au»l tht value of i-s eii:r:-> it L;'.s never bw?:: eticaieit. Twv liimdn-d uud fifty tuui-*- th.iu tt-ere ia>t y»-ur are • •a the }p.t. l.TiV ol the t-lf.Mi-t; ..f .\.iufri«.-ai- j-fal.Je-' and ST*M-K FANUS - .\E;GIII\.»N:I G STALE S AR E re;.re>en;ed. auil iu th*- cvnui'^-t.iirtua- arv steeiLs Lave Iwn l.ruugh; from the o«>t and from ti»t souT bland. Amon g the visitors »,»f the first day were MLss Rix»seveit and Itiare Louis of BattenU-rg. the visiting Ecit- _ Ish admiraL Mi>s IU>t*!-evelt rev-eived xnterventiou of »;ennauy in tbe Kn.-^ i a great amutmt of aiteution. aiwl ilie •Ian. rrts» ha^ «n>me. Tb e kai>^r when roj al guest 4»f the city was grwte^ will to attempt to dissuade wou M be su:cide< from taking their o»-rn i:v.-s. Every man or woma n in Oleveluud who is ••'•uTeiuplatiuic sttXvide is inviie'l to write a letter to the antisuicide o. m a- ever l^fore -M-eu in ihi-j bL« or hfr tronble*. Xn the aixl th» meniT».'r« of the ev»mmission wjl Social Success Assured. New V^.rk. Nwv. l-l.-.ludged from every •-tan«tard. no sut-h show as the one ju-t oi>ened in Ji^iiiar*- <;ardeu ^xiiuttry J effort to r»*move the tro he learned of the Cronsfndt riots •enr a. wtreie-'* to tbe --xar •ffer In^ to plact* tb«»- fierman xi;»rt3>«rm with applause. Tb e hotels «f the eity for the last week »iave ln-en «-!n.»wded by th»>>^ vrito »<|nadron at his di'^-osal. TSve ^-rar j at this season the year fiml Ne w York a Mt-cca. IVaetically all the coun try botj>es are .-Ktse*!. and it is uow about the elJiir^ in the shadow of the Giralda r«»w»-r that the -<.«-ial begin.-*. M'CALL TO REFUND. sent Uae^ a of thank*. It Is ti«>t kno-wn wUetber tbtr wflTer beyonil safeeuardins: tbe t-i^'s bm- ina.«mu<-h as s» ^^r man worship bad been sTati<n>«<d «tlT Peterbof for several days fi»r tliis por- poae it X-s inferT»-»I that Empen»r Ull liam's pmfKxi] has a wider casce. ' President of Ne w York Life To Repay Eriilenre ar-i-umulates that bofb j ^^^ Spent by Agent Hamdton. man y atul Austria have given Uos^ j New York. .Vov. 14.—John A .Mt-«'aLL a^uranc^wf supiH>rt. l.ut of what iia- ' president of the New York IJfe lu-ur- tare cannot be leame-L Both are inter- j ance ct>mi»any. revalleti to the witue«vs ested. ea.-h bavins a PolL-^h problem na { stand at the legislative insurance iu- tand in not rvtsins tbe PoZL-b hopes of { vestigiition. de»-lared that if Andre' then n-.a Me. Th e W.-j-h ug'-.n I*OST says; -Xo gen eral river JMM I Ijarfw.r bill win l»e pass- ed by « :it tbe appnsH-hing s*^ sloii. Tli»re ;»re two «-»nr»-nt for not eria.-tiir.; J*^'sIation next win ter. a«-«\.»!-i.:!ig to Uepn'seutative Bur- ton—fir>t. !^-au.s«.' a lar;rv !»ill pass^l Ia<t s»-«sj,,u 4-arried appropriations for all proje.-ts de-.erv1t»g ..f Immediate at- tention from «-ongress; see^jnd. the ne- cessity of holdinz dow n appropriations to the lowc-»t figures to pr»'vent if pos- sible anoth*-r denc-it tu tbe tre;isury.\ In St. I.ouis I'nited jstates Circuit Jndge Ad»tui.^ grantei! a restraining or- der preventing Saj^lntendent of In- surance W. 1». Vandiver from enforc- ing his order revoking the license of the New York Life Insuraui-e company in Missouri, ruder the dei-ision the Insurance eomi»any can continue busi- ness in Missouri uuiiJ Nov. -Jo. at which time the qucstlou of making the in- junction permanent will be argued in tbe federal ct»urt at Jeffers<)ii City. James L. OnL assistant superintend- ent of constru.-ti.Ki for the Western Union TeJegnipb *^rm«any. is. it is as- sertt-il. the sreat-irr:in«lsou «>f Kinc Ge^inre IV. of Knglaod and Mrs. .Maria Sn.ythe KitzlierJwrt. His lineage is: indubitably prov»Hi by the rv^-onls and j Elias. whi.-h aitrai.-tt.nl mn.-h atten tion sou:^' tiuie :ig«». President Sells ,.f tlie :.Iau:Ton and Pike's Peak r-.^ r.iilri>.i«l bas close-.! contni.-ts for in which glass will l,^ u-^-i exclusively fro»i tht fioor to the n-.f. The will afford I'elter slglitst-^i:jg fa.-iKtle^ than :hc pres<>nt In his ail«lre>-. l»ef.»re the Aui»-r'.-nis Hard wan- M;itinfa«-t»ir»-r'.' a—t'-»ij la.st 'ITmr-^iay rhulrmun Tli-.^l.-n- P. Shonts of The i^thniUu: t-anal .-un.iui- siou de«-l:'r*-.l that tbe w-.a!.! surely im^ balJt and wou W i-e bnilt a: Panama. -H e is ir.y fri^-nd. Tla- Iti . c a I»ark of lies, but Old Ni. k alw-ys :,.>!- the trarh.\ -itid MeiTia:i. .Nl. ius. -a • -it rracriiur ..f l».-:r-»it. «! wa s defeiuling a -latue of w:, Ite has mneile^l 'u front of hi-. h.»n llie g.»venini»-iit i-r««p rej».»rt that tbe com. I.ii.-kwheat Miitl riai;«—et; crops iniprovemfiit over lii.-^t yea? as reg.tnls yield jn-r acre auvl quality while the iM.»tato. h.iy and toba-vi-' croi>s show Former Governor Levi I'. Mortou wil bnikl au imiustrial home and readin;: nxmi in the village of Rhinecliffe. N. Y. at a <-c»st of alwut Mr. Mor ton's summer homa, EllersUe. is ueai Bhinei-liiTe. President Roosevelt has Informe*! a delegation of residents of Oklahoma that be would recommend In bis forth- coming message to iimgress single statehoo.1 for (»klahoma and Indian Territory. Private .Mi. h.-iel M . .T.in-^n, at Fo n Ethan .\llen. Vt., h.is fallen heir t. hy his f.^iher. who n)ove-» to .^ustrali.-i -<i.\te»-ii years a-jn> and be came wealth.v ju the i-attle bu-ine!«. William U. IJeniington of Tanton ha- been apjw>!iitetl a i-omnnssiouer of New- York state Nuinl of charitie-^ b> George Krintou .M4-4'len«u as mayor by a plurality of .T4N- over Willianj Randolph Hearst. The full figures an- Mci.'lelliin iTatunmny. i; Hearst tMunlcipjil «>wj;ersbip». Ivins tR''puMic:in». i:>7.»'4:». Mr. He.ir^t. who charge^ l.r:b»-r>- and ballot juggling l.y Tamman y othcials. will coare>t Mayor Mi-i^lenHn-s e4ev- tion. Bird S. Coler. the victorious Hearst t-andidate for president of the l-?n.iugh of Bro<.klyn. dei-lares Ite can invalidate enough McClellau ballots in BoHiklyn alone to seat Mr. Hearst, tiat the fev..r was br«u=ht to Havuu;; ! Ta,„m.^„y ll^Il l«ders d^-iare ,b:,t b.v mosquitoes fn-,m .N'ew Orlenn.. i \ ^ ouiy that rf a dis- _ _ gruntJeil an.i defeat*-ii man cal, Tbe German l..*comotive l.ulklers are i statement an \au.laeious pubU^bed preparing' to comi^te with American of tlie defeate,! candidate to concerns f..r supplying niilways in ..verthroxv the w:5l of the i>eople Mexi<-o. The tjermans siiy tbev are j TjHin the .-aiuJ: la -r of >ir. able t\ futniish }o«-\>moti\es <.-hea«'e. wk-^ iht than the Anieri«.t!ns. ' New s was re<-eive»l fn«m :ha: ' tbe rnltfHl States Stet»l .Nni.iMiny imd ; pun-hase»l the famous -olid ir.«n nioun- i tain at IHtnni;:o. s;tid to the ri- l.-e-t statement given out by the Ne w York and Bermudez .Asphalt comi«any in ref- erence to the suit brousrbt by the Vene- zuelan govf'-rnmeut for damages for aiding in the Matos rebel- lion. Several cases of yellow fever have developed in Havana, hut the health experts are hopeful of che-kiug the spread of the disease. It is believed documents «»i»ened a few da.vs ago in Governor Higgins in pla«-e of .VewtoL restoratHin of the anrient kin->lom at p4>laxnL The revolt amon g tbe pea«airr« spn^iL* thr»«eninrfy. Th e military atttboritir^ are ntsbing troops and ma- chine cuns int« tbe affecte«I areas. To restore- or«W and public sermrity in the pmvinres chiefly affected by agrarian dL«onlers it has been decided to Mod to tbe pcBTinces of Saratov, tlieml^ v an d Tambcrr aids-de-caxnp of tbe- 4-xar wtdx almost dictatorial power. They will have not only the ri^ t to report direetly to the czar, but Also to sap#T?*ede aH local otBcials and cake fan conm^ Handred.« nf soidiem fs the Sweaborg fuiUam. which commands the dtj of Helsinsfors. Finland. maTtnlerl because they rtalm they bare been kept in swice tKTo OP ilu.ce yeaza longer tiwiti lh« miBctsy la w peqnired. Tbe mttti* Bcers dmre all ciTBIans ftvnn the for- ircaa an d tbrew beds, cbaiz* and Utch- cn appaxxtns otxt of the windowm. The y then opened xreicDtiatio&s wfih General Kalptidarff an d Goreroor XjIandK. wh o prmlse d to remedy tiieir srier- aaees ano to si-re Oem eealer terms aX Jariri— btertain Brit^ SaiiM KHr York. Nor . 14.—For all those mentt maA eaoeigrtons mccarded. to them Xa. tw o years tbe enlisted Mi oC tte iMTth AtiantSe sqnadron aade reCBB to their Bcixiib brotheo at teMVk pkt 1H<« w Ooy Island, hit Tv^^re- bSBdzvA Afnerican Mkie^ vete the boM s mt Brit- vlBim. Fchn Iflttis* B« Admi- m Sms mi li e ii^i I'w of boch aft- -vlML TWr Mptmt above mjOtO for the K b y tbe 1 I of bocb Sceta. C . Hamilton, the legislative ageut uf the ojmpany. ba^ not rei»aid to the company before Dec. 15 tbe S'Sir..tnji) which, it has been shewn, he paid out for tbe comi»any without rendering any aecotmt be (McOUi will repay the •amoant himself to tbe New York Life before Dec. 31. Fro m the line of investigation pur- sued b y Mr. Kugbes it wa s evident that tile committee Is determined to leave no stone oattimed to discov^ all tbe TarioQs details in connection with tbe efforts of tbe bis instirance companies to inflaeoce Iegislatic« affectinr insur- ance tbrottghoot tbe XTntted States dur- ing tbe past ten jttmn. OuarantiM Agaifist Havana. Washingtcm. NOT. 14.—JUI order wa s issued by the public health and marine hoapltal service reqnizinr that a U pas- sengera from Havan a takitic passage on vessels botiZMl for ports in tbe Unit- ed States ivMztb of tbe sombon bound- axy of Maryland have certifieates of Immtmlty from yrtlow terer. Th e ordo- also extends tbe coast qtiarantine sea- sen so far as Havana, is concerned un- til fortilier notice-. GmmrmI Martcata. Ne w Tork. Nov. tt. FLOtTK-Don axMl barety steady: Mfame. Ota. pAtcsts. S4.6aS.aB: wiater straicbts. trCal.S; winter WHEAT—Opene d easier because of a larce increase oo paasase. pit aeUiac ax»d tayocsMe Arseutioe weather:'a rally oa jteilne was followed hy later wcakoesa Bder Uqaldatta: £»ecember. aS)^ riS-lfie.: 3Cay. CaSSS-lSc. COBSr—WeakeiMd sharply by larce werVs etmwiHiits. talk of lacxMslas re- CBipta nad SqnidatioB: Ifecoember. STfim B«Kc.: JaBBary. SSiaB%c. ^'ourt's bank in l^^ndon, whi'-b inci dentally i»r»>ve hiui heir to an estate Of .Mr. Ord lives m Chi- cago. <-*bristian Hauge. the 4 -b.-»rse d'af- faires of Norway in Wasbinsnon. has been ap|»ointed minister to this «-oun- try from the ne w Norwegian nation. Semiofficial «-ontinnation wa s given at the state dei*artment of the report that H. D. Peirce. third assUcant se«-retary of state, would be made minister to Norway. Fridtjof Nansen. tbe arctic explorer, has been appointed Norwe- gian minister to Great Britain. • Tb e New Jersey state board of as sessors has filed with State Comptrol- ler Morgan a schedule of tbe annual taxation of railroad property. Tb e to- tal assessed valuation is and the total amount of tax to be paid 9S.092.44L Of tbe taxes f95L634 so to the state and SL14a30 6 te to be divided amon s thoiie localities in which there are sec<Nid class railroad property. Announcement bas been made that James Si »eyer of New York has given to the tmstees of Columbia university. New York, tbe snm of SoO.OOO to endow the Theodore Roosevelt professorship of American history and institutions in the Univentity of Berlin. Th e Germa n gDTcnunent in retnm will establish at O^ombi a oniversitr a professorsblp of OerxDan history and institntiona. Secretary of the Nav y Bonaparte states that the recent occorreDo at the Annapolis Navml academy result- ia c !n tbe death of WMAtptw^ Branch wffl be thimsshly biTestisatad. Tb e death of the yoonc ma n is said to bare Twultwl after partSclpatioa in a prise JWbt. Tb e coort martial of Mldiblp- Jferivetber, wh o fooght with Braaeb. bas been ordered. After hrqneathins flOO.000 to his Aldrieh of <;ouvemeur. resigned State Suj>eriutendent of Public Works Franchot has anuouu«-eiI that he ha- fixed upon Nov. at midnight as tin date for the otficial closing of the New York state canals for the s».'ason. Governor Higgins of Ne w York has appointed Surrogate Louis W. Mar« u- of Buffalo stipreiae court justu-e in th« Eighth judieial district in pla.-e of E d ward W. Hatch, resigned. A t Memphis. Tenn.. Da n PaT4-h champion pacer, in an exhibition lutU lowered the world's itacing reconi without a wind shield by seoouds covering the mile In 1:5S. In New York city Judge Glegerk-b iu the supreme court b:ts handed down a decision in which be holds that tht Kew Tork state mortgaire tax law constitntiona L. Irish and Germa n societies in New T<»'k city planned demonstrations tc show their disapproval of the cuurte ales shown to Prince Louis of Batten bers. Mrs. I.^nldas Hubbard. Jr.. wh o ba.-> been explorinic in Labrador and foi whose safety fears were entertained has reported the succeM of tbe expedi- tion. Th e Grand Arm y of the Republic vet- erans of All^fa^ y cotmty. Pa^ are tc have a fine memorial halt to cost not lesa than fLSOaooo. Govertkor Pennypacker bas called an extra session of the Penn.cylrania leg Islature for Jaanaty to consider reforto legislation. of its khul in the worM. Millers in M^'xi'-o pr^-^TSt the :n!:»»»r tation of wh-ut fp>:n The riiitf^l Stat*-s on a Jan:e -^-ale. Wljt^at there. :iud 'S.ru Is than for a long tliue. FOREIGN NOTES .\dv1<-»-s fr»»m Can'on Sijy that tlte unti- tense. A lady bas l»eeu .spat np;>u in a j J: la -r t.f >ir Jer.>uj»- iuter<^t of iLe ojuutrv at large a- jis that of <;r*-ater New York. StandjRir. as be did. for the i>e.»- pie against the N»s.«es. he was the tar- Set for the ^-i.mbined atxa. k of Tam- many. His victory after a fi-.rt3t against su'*h gresi! <Mds is the -^pe.-tiiiUJar fea- ture of the election. City. o»tmty and asseujbly e;e»\tiou< through Ne w y. i»rk state resulte*! geii- enilly m favor of KepuhM.-an «-and:- dates. ex<-ept that the n:ajorit:es «-,-rr genenilly nuj.-h lower than th«»se of the Hoo^evelt titlal wave i»f last year. Sex-- en»l eities retumetl l>euj«-ratic m.ty- ors. Buffalo leading iu thi'^ re>jH land %vas defentetl overwhelmingl.v street. »ud .be .Uneri« n ..onsuL Julius i .'\ 1 Tnion .au.ii- letter tbreaieninc his life Bishop Stephen M. MerrUL one of the leaders of tiie Meth- odlst£piscopaI cborch, te dead.* Bi s death occim-cd on >Iati DEATHS OF NOTED PEOPLE. f the irn- prisi>ne«l lK>y«.-otters of .American go>Js are not released. Dr. Machle. tbe .V.meri>>au iiii<-»«mary wh o es<-ai»ed the massacre at Llau«-hi»'i. confirming the previous a<n.-ounts of the outbreak, adtls borrif.ving details of the atrocities t-ooimitted on the .vmericau women. Th e trouble in Lian«4i«>o aud its vicinity i> spreading. Villagers art rei>orTed to J>e arming. It Is iH-lieveJ missionaries there are iu renewetl daa ger. I»atas. the man with the woinlerful meuior,v. who wa- enc:i:r»>*l for twelve mouths .nt The I'ala«-e tbeiiter. I..i»ndoa. has -u^Vtl bis bmin for to an -American s.VH.I;«-ate a ! bn»:u sinn-lal- Lsis. Tlie Prin»-*' and Primness of Wales arrivt-^I in Imlia on 'I'bursday. CRIMES AND CASUALTIES.! Th e grand jury of Suf folk county (Boston.) bas reported indict ments against Dr. Per- cy D . MoLeod. who bas been held in connection with the suit case mystery, tbe Indictment cbarsing that he wa s an accessory after the fact to the abortion which resulted in the death of Susanna A. Geary, tbe Cambridge cboms girL Indictments also were returned against Louis W. Cmwfor d and William E . Howard, alias Hunt, wh o are under ar- rest in New York In connection with the affair. Tb e grand jury failed to indict Morris Nathan of Boston, snitoi of the Geary sirL Coroner Scarborongh of Mount Ver- non, O.. bas fotmd that Stuart L Pier- son. tbe Kenyon coII^e student who wa s killed by a railroad train while belns initiated into a fraternity, had been bound at the wrists and ankles to the railroad track or ties in suc^ a manner that be could not extricate himself and while so tied wa s run over by an engine. Th e coroner also states it is impossible for him to de- termine wh o the guilty parties were. In Lake City. la.. George W. Bm- trick and William Jackson were burn- ed to death in the city jail by a fir>» started by Buttrick. \Mth J. L Hippie and Isaac Alien the two men were ar- rested for caronsins. Soon aft^ the four were lodged in Jail sm<Ae wa s seen issuing from the cell occupied by Buttil ^ an d Jackson. Marshal Miles arrived in time to rescue Hippie and AOcn . hot tbe other tw o were dead vbe n the. officer reached their celL ! In l^lladelpbia tbe gooil sf»^«'rnment forces, led by .Mayor John Weaver, won a sweet>lng victory all «Iong the line, electing their ticket bv a pluraJltv of 4-A.XSS. This terrific upheaval WHS dire*.-t.xi at the Republican orgaulzntlon in Phila- delphia. whi.ii two y«»ars ago irave Matbeus for state treasurer majority. William H. Berrv*. Demoi'ratjc and fu.«yon eandidate for state treasurer. c:irrieil tin* rii.v an«l stat*\. In Ne w Jersey the r»»siilts of the ehN-tion iu. rea>e,l the Kepublu-an hold tipon the state Jee;sl«ture «nd makes it iui]*os.si|.le for a |»emo<-rai t«. I'nitt^l States .'<<»n:ttor .T«»lin V. I>ryd»-n in i;«»T. In the state -.eiittre the' Re- publi.-uns mrtde a s-.un of thre.\ t- ; lug Itepnl.H«-Jiis from «;)ouci-ster. Sa- [ lem and S.inier>^t connties. which for I the last thr*-e years have had I>emo- ; oratic senators. Only four of tbe twen- i t.v-one state se nators will l ^ Demo- crats. Everett rolby, the itnlependent R.^ publican in Es>4»x ctmniy. whttse firfjt against the machine attracteil wide in- terest, was j.wepf Into office by a ma- jority whii-h approached that wbi<*b bis county gave a year ago when tbe local ticket had the help of tbe national ticket to carry it along. Mr. Colby won by a plurality of 19.S47. He carried his ticket through with bim. In Connecticut the election wa s COI H flned to Brkige|K>rt and Ansonla. where tbe regular city elections were held. The Democratic administration which had been In power for four yeara» or two terms, were defeated in both pUces. tbe Republicans making almost a clean sweep. In Massadkusetts TJeutenant Govern- or Curtis Guild. Jr. (Rep.), wa s elected governor by a plurality of 23,116. re- ceiving nearly tbe normal Repabilcan off year vote. His ronnlns mate, Eben S. Drap^. against who m the reciproci- ty leaders made tlieir mcirt strentious efforts, wa s elected by 1,996. Child Found Parmts Dud. Scranton, Pa.. Nov. l-L-Seren-year- o)d Elsie Jones on returning from sdKwI to her home in South Scranton found her father and mother lying dead on the kitchen floor. Th e mother had been shot in both eyes and the father in the left temple. A 38 caBber iwoIt- er wa s clnt<^ed In tbe father's right hand. Th e shooting wm ' dbahtiaaa done by tbe father, Frank Jones, aathtt outcome of a qnarrel. ••'sa

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