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j)£ -paltebttfjji VOL. KXXI, No. Plattslnn^li, N. Y., Tuesday, January 2 C ), l')29 WHOLE No. 3412. NORMAL SCHOOL RE-OPENS TOMORROW HOOVER SENDS < WIRE BRIEFS COASTGUARD TELEGRAM TO L:r=^. •.;;:; TESTIFIES HE Fill PC PA At ITir 1 !? I Bickon - 77 ' toda y announced their FID Eft A TP f* A D rKlh. lUUUUbfc •nr* L^IT™!\*;. rW) Al IAK Coast Guards Tried for Killing Expresses Same Views On Cruiser Bill READJNSENATE Believes Clause Providing for Im- mediate Construction of 16 Warships Be Eliminated WATERLOO, N. Y., Jan. 28. i/JV- Mrs. Mina Dimock, G4, and Basil Rickon, 77, today announced their marriage by a Geneva clergym^i. This is the bride's third and the groom's second marriage. ' . Manslaughter Case Growing Out of PENN YAN, N. Y., Jan. 28. (/!•)— Death of Jacob The body of' Curry A. Beyea, 50, Hanson was found floating in a vat of boil- — - tng water at the plant of the Guile- ELMIRA, N. Y., Jan. 28. (/P) — Windgale Basket factory here to- Coast Guardsman Glenn Jennings, day. He was working alone on a who with Boatswain Prank L, Beck machine that dipped logs into the is on trial in Federal Court here for vat and evidently had lost his bal- manslaughter in connection with anee. the fatal shooting of Jacob D. Han- ;;on, took tile stand in his own dc- WASHINGTON, Jan. 28. </l'i—A fensc today and testified that he bill to build a new cadet barracks fired at the Hanson car \deliberate- at West Point at a cost of $825,000 ly and with premediation\ because was introduced today by Represen- he believed it contained contraband tative Laguardian, Republican, New and was attempting to escape. York. The measure would provide Hanscn, secretary of the Niagara (hat the new building be erected on Falls Lodge of Elks, was fatally WASHINGTON, Jan. 28. i/lV-A telegram from President - Elect Hoover expressing agreement with the views of President Coolidge was read in thc senate today as discus- sion on the cruiser bill was turning to Mr Coolidge's insistence that the clause providing for immediate con- | ^ site of the old cadet mess hall, wounded by Jennings May G. near Btruction of the 10 warships be I Tenawanda, while returning home. eliminated. FALL mVER - Masii ' Jan - 28 ' ( The communication wars address- \ -Three of the five children of Mi ed to Mr. Coolidge and was sent to i Mary Massa died of suffocation and the senate by the president's sccre- j the motlle i tary, Everett Sanders. It was read! burned when in the senate by Chairman Hale of the naval committee. Last night Chairman Britten of thc house na- val committee, had issued a state- ment representing Mr. Hoover as being in favrr of regaining in thc pending <n>uer bill the provision, j. lid c j own his key until rescuers arrived, a gold conducting the defense, Jennings re- ! medal will be presented tomorrow i [ Beck, who was in Niagara Falls • at the time of the shooting, and indicted because he issued the t was probably fatally i shooting order, followed Jenningo fire destroyed their ! on the stand. He said he had oi - home in a three tenement house i 'lered his men to shoot if cars fail- hre today. All had' been trapped; ed to heed their command tc halt, on the third floor with the only exit! but said he had cautioned them to blocked by fire. j shoot low and not endanger the liveo , ! of thc occupants. NEW YORK, Jan. 28. I/PJ —In re- | Under questioning of U. S. Attoi- cognition of his valof in sticking to ' ney Richard I-I. Tcmpleton, who is that the : laps mu:;t before July 1, 1931. \My attention has been called to , pending I erators ' Association lated the events of the night's pa- statement respecting tiight by the Veterans Wireless Op- ; trol which led up to the Hanson to Nunzio di : shooting. He said that the patrol AMERICA'S ASSURANCE GIVEN OF NEW AND CREW GIVEN ! MODERN NORMAL BUILDING RECEPTION Dr. Dearborn Repeats to Pittsburgh People Promise Made in Albany on Saturday — Tells Luncheon Guests That Education Department Machinery Will Be Placed in Operation at Once — School Opens Tomorrow in Pittsburgh City HalL \ sil Gives Assurance of Legislative Action Presented With Purse at City Hall in New York CREATLYIURPRISED Mayor Walker Presents Scrolls and Medals to Ocean Heroes With the elapse of only two work at once so that there would days since the passing of the dis- , be no delay in the payment of tlxe NEW YORK, Jan. 28, (/Pj—Eleven • astrous fire which caused the com- j insuran ce. It was planned to use m who \only followed the call of ; piete destruction of Pittsburgh I thi s money O r ^ much thereo * *. 2 . . might be necessary for equipment immediately This fund would Jfe '.< duty\ and so wrote one of the most thrilling chapters in the history of sea rescue were hailed as heroes in their home port today. Brought from Hoboken, ,,»^^. , ship was docked after rescuing 32 have a new Normal Sch00 1 ™ soon committee and a treasurer to fe .' „„ 5 * .„ -i»™:~.n.. «.,- . : appointed - -^ This assurance was given at the* Dr. Dearborn receivea Normal scnooi. i morning, there is every assurance by the school. i that the school will continue unin-; placed in local banks and be where • terru P tedl y and that thi s city will tributed under the direction of as it is physically, possible. Glenn Jenn ngs U S coast guard / hquo i laidn v lio is o p i tiia l i n fed - / eia l coiut . t Lli.ni a J ' Y irr the f men from the sinking Italian teamer Florida in an Atlantic gale , on the City Tug Macom Capt Fried ! lunchecn meeting at the Witherill reception when he arose. He spoke of the United States Liner America ! HoteI y esterda y calle d b y Ma y° r of his meeting with Mr. Pierce to Chief Officer Harry Manning and John R McGaulle y and attended Albany on Saturday, the day of the eight men who helped him ef- I b y a larg e and representative ga-,the fire, and of the result of the* lect the rescue in a 30 foot lifeboat' tnerin g o f citizens - a11 o f whom ; conference. He told Mr. Pterce *fc and Chief Radio Operator Nelson : too k a vita I Phonal interest in that time he would do all in & Smith were escorted up Broadway j the P r °ceedings and who left the power to see that Plattsbjirg& r S to city hall. see that uncheon perfectly satisfied and as Normal should be replaced as There illuminated scrolls were | sured tnat i n vie w o f the F eat dis , as Possible and that he would COllft ; presented, speeches of eongratula- i aste r th W had s o recently faced to Flattsburgh at once. This lpi tions were made, and rewards were i thing s cou] d not b e bette r and that di d and brought with him the «* \ seldom if ev «' was a situation met' surance to the people of this $$£ * anc l attacked so vigorously. |that he had already given Bfr As' was announced yesterday the; Pierce. He said that mads from a fund by public sub- scuption. I just want to say,\ Captain J cruiser legation appealing in this j Gan ^ wil ' eles s °P erato r on the j of - which hc and Chris Dew weic morning's press.\ Mr. Hoover's tele- \alian freighter Florida. The pre-• members, was ordered to stop all ,, i. T ,,„„« •*,«,*« „„ «,,w^ sentation program will be broadcast J cars coming over Lewistou Hill from j from 9:15 to 10 o'clock. gram read. \I have made no public i sentation progra or private statement upon this I *™\ the studio o f station question further than appeared dur- ing the campaign. \I have stated universally to va- rious calls that it would be improper for me to express any views on cur- vent matters of the administration. I regret if this reticence should re- sult in misapprehension. As you know I warmly support your views and you may so inform others if you wish to do so.\ Immediately after reading the Hoover telegram to the senate COASTGUARD COTTERS RACE TO SHIP'S AID WOR j the direction of Canada. He told of i stopping one car soon after going I on duty, but finding nothing. Some 1 time later another car came up the i hill and failed to halt, he said. He ' admitted firing .several shots after | this machine in an effort to halt it but failed. Then Hanson's car came along. He said Dew, who was attired in ! the regulation uniform, jumped in- , ' to the middle oT the road and waved j Hash light at the approaching j chine. It gathered speed and as lie ran down the bank to the road-' men m couit Jennings has several times foiled photogiapherb by tin ow- ing his overcoat over his head. This picture was taken by a cameraman concealed in a parked auto. Hanson, the-victim, was secretary of the Niagara Palls lodge of Elks. He mistook the coast guardsmen, dressed in rough clothes, for highwaymen and did not stop. The bullet entered his brain and caused blindness. He died sevral months later. There was no Jiquor in his car. Chairman Hale read a communica-' n , e m r4ll ir , r . , T , , .. uon from paui v. McNutt. comman: Fate of Two Other Vessels i ™ y - Jcmung s - sald he heard three der of the American Legion, warmly j endorsing the cruiser bill and de- j Glaring that the former service men I desired .\steel ships and not paper ships.\ The reading of the two commu- nications one after the other drew a protest from Senator Brookhart, Republican, Iowa, who said it was ( obvious tht the chairman desired to offset the president-elect's views with those of the American Legion. Furthermore, Brookhart declared j sequies of Former Sen- ator From Alabama shots. He did not know whether ! they came from the car or Dew. He, ' took up a position in the road and I as the car came into view he waved [ his flash light. He wore a sheep - | skin coat and overalls over his uni- BIRMINGHAM, Jan. 28. Cutters Racing To Assistance of form. j body of Oscar W. Underwood, for- j png-agement Made After | As the car gathered speed, he said ; mer United States Senator from ! Makes Statement He Would • he fired and it came to a halt about; Alabama, and .statesman of inter- : 20 yards away. > national repute, was buried here to- : When/he reached it the motor | day with a quiet dignity that sceiu- Unknown GALE SWEPTATLANTIC Disabled British Steamer Silver Maple BOSTON, Jan. 28. <,T'>—The fate oi several vessels lay in the wintry clutches of the gale-swept Atlantic ; lie service. Mr. Underwood died j he did not believe that all the mem- j tonight as speeding coast guard cut- ; time.\ were Hanson's only words, '• Friday at his Woodlaw, Va., estate, j hers of the American Legion were in j tprs racec i t o Lh e assistance of one he said. With Dew's assistance he A j th(? IndepelKlen L Presbyterian! favor of immediate construction of< an d anxious owners and crew rel- helped the injured man out of the ( . huiT h whm . the body lay in state! the cruisers, declaring he doubted ; atives waited for word ol two others, car and went for aid. A customs I 1o r two ])0Urii preceding the funeral! whether the former service men j Another had cheated death today patrol came along and took Hanson j , ervice s u t n 0 nl> The gl . ej . t> ihe ; would support \such a bloodthirsty ' when sh c w . as d o ckcd after 7 days to a hospital in Niagara Falls. ! near great and just plain people proposal.\ The communication from Mr. Hoover supporting President Cool- of almost hopeless encounter with After Jennings and Beck had tes- the elements. Far out to sea. the coast gi lined lhe defense rested and the ird | State called Joseph F. Steam, of killnie cl Jacob Hjn'on ol Nugar i IVills by funif into Hanson's auto uJU'ii Hanson igimucl a command to lull is shown abo\e at the left Immedmtch behind Juinmg.s i o 1'iank L L-ia'k dnci'iei coa.si guaul whose ease \\f<, dismissed v hen it was shown that hc did not fun t h —,- L ,-. LL .....— - „— - .,- „, fatal .hot At thc u^ht is Chns Dcv, a witness \jbuluvi'Ts -J S Di.stnct, ' rncd\old Mayor James J. Walker, j Iuncneon was fo r tne purpose of-al would be placed in operation r ^.',1 Attorney Rithaul PI Tcmpleton of BufTaio, defending the coast guaids-j .. tha t we a j] thank you and to fur-| lowin S interested citizens to meet once, that Legislative action §» '« T \ ' \' ' \''\\' '\\ \ ther state that in doing our duty on S Dr ' Ned H - Dearborn and confer taken on replacing the school M\ the high seas we are doing no more I wit h him a s to ' wa y s and means of soon as it was humanly possible' than you do in your several walks [meeting the situation with which and that the new school would fcg.jfc , of life. It is expected of us to do the cit y was - face d and discussing larger and far better school tha£ V. these things and we try to do the : wa y s and means lor getting the the old one in every way. ! best we can.\ - | Normal on a firm working basis at born expressed himself as - . | Chief-Officer Manning then spoke ! a s earl v a da y. a s possible. S in. accord, with, the arrangemeafe I in similar vein. 'T,\ he said, \only. There was little need for general which had been made for the |jpr v j did my duty, the best I knew how.\ i' di scussibn, for when the assemb- sumption of classes, in the City ^ti&f,\ Captain Giuseppe Favoloro of the 1 la S e heard what the speakers had and congratulated the people Of foundered Florida, excited as one| t o say as to what had been done Pittsburgh on the manner in official after another spoke in praise and what was about to be done, which they had met and overcome - of the America's men, x-ushed across I there was nothing left but to con-' the blow which had been dealt the aldermanic chamber and threw gratulate those who had labored them. He gave them the assur- • his arms first about Capt. Fried and j s 0 hard since that terrible morn-. ance oi everything in his power ifc • then about Manning, kissing them; ing of Saturday, January 26, 1929. | their behalf and was leaving with ioundly on the cheeks. \ Hon. Wallace E. Pierce, president the impression that the disastrous \I have soemthing to give away,\' of the local Normal visiting board, affair had been met in a manner j Mr. Byrne announced, after telling! acted as chairman of the meeting., worthy of people who believed in j who had raised the fund \Coin in '• Mr. Pierce has been one of the their school and believed in theft- ; the realm. And so I hand you, Cap-« niost active in the labor of placing '. selves. | tain Fried, the sum of $5,000 to j the school on a working basis as Hon. Charles D. Munsil, meuaijeS: ^ I the kid himself (it was Manning- to 1 early as possible and in an effort to'of Assembly from Clinton county; j whom he thus referred) $2,500; and have the school replaced at the ear-1 when called upon, stated that he Hoover j here I have $4,500 for representa- liest possible moment. Briefly he, would do everything in his powe* i tives of the crew of the lifeboat and told what had been done by 'the^to expedite legislative action ofc tfce Be Glad to Meet Smith > the wireless operator in the sums of j committee and called upon Mayor' new school and in the work of pu|r* — — '$500 each.\ i McGaulley as head of the city gov-;ting thc temporary school on :k, Byrne said that the subscription j ernment, to state the situation sound working basis as early as fund was .still open and before it;from the point of view of the com- posible. Mr. Munsil said that.he was closed there would be some- j munity. Mr. McGaulley told of. would devote himself entirely to [thing for every member of the Amer | the wonderful co-operation he had this work until he found that every jica's crew from bridge to the boiler | met at every hand and the eager-1 requirement had been met. Elect Hoover ui Lhe Pre-Inaugural jvoom. ' j ness all had shown to be of help, j C. S. Johnson, president Of the . homo on Belle Isle. ' | Cupt. fried and his men were at j The mayor stated that the off er | Pittsburgh Board of Education, The engagement was made to-; work at routine duties this morning' of the City Hall for school pur-' was called upon and said little, but . night on behalf of the former Gov-j when the Macom called for them, | poses had been gladly accepted af-jthal little was most effective ^Jid; ernor by John J. Raskob, Chair- j fOT they must, leave again on Wed- j ter Dr. Hawkins, principal of the j carried the assurance that all i^ man ol the Democratic National • nesday and a liner's hours in port j school, and members of his teach-' facilities of the Board of Edueaticto BURIAL IN VISIT HOOVER BIRMINGHAM THIS MORNING Service Marks Ob-1Believed it Contained Con-! traband JENNINGSITATES —The MIAMI BEACH, Fla,, Jan. 21 •us stopped and he found Hanson c d a fitting climax to his long pub- I _ Formei . Govcr , lo r AIfmI E . Smjth ounded. \Just a minute, give me • _--... of Ne wYork, will call tomorrow morning o :it 11 o'clock! President- ' his adopted state filed by the flower banked bier by the hundreds to pay idge's opposition to the time clause cutters Tampa and Mojave plowed I arrived at a juncture in the discus- I through mountainous waves in their sions in the senate when it appear- j ed as if the advocates of immediate 1 \bled British'steamer Silver Mapl Niagara Falls, to the stand. Stearn, j had They weel; ago. iy be* held Lawrence construction of the cruiser: sufficient votes to override the pics- j Ulci! \ & ident as was done in the house last From St. John year. Whether the frank statement ] of upprehensioi of the incoming president's viewj th - (1 t0;i 1 lader tend to diminish this .strength re- | Cochrane which mained to be seen but Chairman Hale and others leading the move for enactment of the cruiser bill showed no apprehension (hat it would turn votes from their column when a motion to eliminate the time clause reaches a vote. As soon as the Hoover telegram has been read in the senate, Repre- sentative Britten wienl Mr. Hoover that he wa,s sending to Florida a copy of the press release 1 he (Brit- ten) gave\ out representing Hoover who was the driver of the car which j tance of the dis- \ Jennings admitted shooting at i ceding th dieted the coast, guardsman': sicn of the shooting. final tribute to the late Democratic ! Committee. [are busy ones. But they took time! ing staff had view the City Hall .would be at the 'disposal of leader. j Decision of t he democratic stand I ou t t o ritl e across the bay for New i and found it most satisfactory in' Normal School until such time Following the reading of passages' 111 '^ bearer in 1928 to call on his vie York's official and popular greet-1 every detail till many hours from N. P.. came word jver the fate ol .steamer George eh left Sydney, N. S., Possibility that she by ice in the Gulf of tended lo alleviate safety. iner. witli a. week over- wa.s veluet- from the Book oi P.salms, bv tl Hanson affair, contra- j R(>y Dr R | VCV \ I of the chu • of Mr. Underwood, the bronze cas- The State will call one more wit- j v-< flcTrfvhich the «'a.se j ^ W f ' unera l proce , sl0n proceeclod oiTow - last time and niiti.i We ii.; a speed of sevc rd of the Silver • sj)eeding n knots. Maple was .'l-s to- The steam tiawl(>r Si crew of 20. more than ; clue to Groton. Conn., antly being included in the lost ships in shipping cireli She was last seen oil George January 13. radioed day by the master of that vessel. He' reported that a northwest gale, which had endangered the crippled list of! ship, was moderating, s here.; The Tampa was still more than •j Bank, I 200 miles west oi the Silver Maple iry M. Edmonds, pastor : i3 ° m e church and personal friend '• V SUi:d Underwoc 11, I across the southside of Birmingham : hapi \ to Elmwood cemetery. Police 1 led : M j Lhe way and overhead two airplanes : live J from the 10th Observation squad- j to ct Alabama. National Guard, dron- torious opponent was made tonight, fiours after Mr. Hoover had a public statement in which ic said lie would be glad if the or mer governor could find time to t he would be might again be housed in its otfri ing. | Dr. Hawkins was me next one building. They reached the Battery during i called and was greeted with tre-, Superintendent of Schools George the noon hour and from the sky- j mendous applause. He told some- M Elmendorf had already gtve'ft scrapers thousands had poured to' thing of the history of the old that assurance. Indeed, he had welcome them. Under military and \ school in which nearly forty: years been among the first to come for- ' d bf he k hd | Hove • him: will to bai ed out a farewell from the ai At, Elmwood. the canopiee. was the mecca for hundreds, body was committed to thc without a eulogy, the simple tin vould be made vliich will be th his execu- follirenoon ers, but he : rlemoera- • home on ile Isle. 10 pictures e metieng, ; of the lute enal.or md hi The T h as in favor of retention of the ilinc'' lvr - was Lowe d clause. Britten informed the piv«i-1 lodu - v - Fc)1 crippled se:hooner ton. out of Glouces- int.o Halifax. N. H.. •n days \hv crew had dent-elect that he was doing this in the hope of clearing up and to demonstrate that had been intended in statement. The Weather Mostly lid Wednesday; Hi pi •old. puinped continuously in an e-iiort to slop the inflow o!' the sea through the damaged hull. Somewhere' in I he' vicinity ol :v.>:.l'A north and 50.48 west, south ot the trans-Atlantic steamer Lanes and 41!0 miles northeast of Bermuda, the Silver Maple was moving- cau- tiously through the 1 .sea. Her steer- her lo broadcast an SOS Saturday tonight. She reach her su The Mu.jau- same course <\ miles nort The Sil h •ve to platfun York eil lime tomorrow ' spoke from the Carnegie Hull, u-ly 8 years ago •most; l JOU( ' e escort they rode up Broad-; o f his life had been passed. He ward, before th smoke had t|OQer j way through a white storm of torn ' referred to the Commercial Depart rising from the old Normal and*of- • paper and ticker tape showered j ment which had been established, fering all the aid in his powei\ clown upon them by admirers from • by himself and which had develop- | There* was no further discussion the many storied buildings of Broad j ed the school into one of the out-.'as it was apparent that all that way. | standing educational institutions in could be done had been done. Wife (the state. Dr. Hawkins appeared the higher branches in the City 'to be deeply touched with the re-'Hall and the Primary Department ception he received and which he in the Broad Street School and the so well deserved. He has been suf^ Elm Street School on Wednesday ifring under a tremendous strain it is evident that the Normal will ' since the fire and has worked al- have taken its first step in its new life. TWO BROTHERS DROWN WHEN ICE GIVES WAY TROY. N. Y., Jan. 28. .74'i—Two j l » os t incessantly i iroihers drowned and another boy j niu i tiO!ne \^ n; |BABE HERMAN KAYO'S M^^'ftw ,, f I FORMER 'GHETTO GHOST' ellin the Tampa, I torly i Silver ! Oraii. 1 York. men. Line. Jyntu She is owned by the | Ltd.. and sailed iron ry J5 bound lor Nev NEW YORK. Jan. 28. •d down for the count • in round. Babe Hem V) - Knock- f 9 in thc d $;i,000 d eph Ardei es irom M;i- iiily h; >aired, \w. RED CHAPMAN LOST BY A KNOCK OUT PHILADELPHIA. Jan. 28. >.V. — Benny Buss. Philadelphia, knocked out Rod Chapman. Boston, in the lirst miaul ni their scheduled 10- The lighi h:ici goiie M seconds when ' (Jiiaomnsi. weiu down claiming a 1 foul, but Frank Floyd, referee, count , e-d him oi'.l as hc .knelf on the v.is.s. Both weighed 129 pound; effort to lease whereby the, resume as early as ..-,.-,_ pri ,-, stated that he had AWXlt I I TllLl SAFETY OF STEAMER ,ied after the three had ( school could through thin ice on which I possible. lie -re playing on the Hudson ' looked over the City Hall and had j found it most satisfactory for his j purpose and made the positive: statement that it would take up i ST. JOHNS, N. F., Jan. 28. (fP)— its work where it had left off on Anxiety was felt here today for the Wednesday morning- at nine o'clock : safety of the Steamer George Coch- Before introducing Dr. Dearborn, I rane which Ifet Sydney, N. S., a broken ! they vi River ncai Green Island today. Andrew Sparno, 9, and Louis. 7, his brother, were swept under the • ice by the river current. August | Augustine, the other boy, was res-! cued by Hubunder Brannan, also of ', Green Island, who swam to his aid; Mr. ai!cr thc ic<> had given way under ' ; oni ! ' him when he ran out on it. The lion. The city has been paying the\ coast where the vessel might have t rcviL-ued boy was taken to a hospital j premium on $87,500 of insurance on ' taken shelter have been fruitlss. It in Troy. The Sparno children were : the school. He said that the ad-' was thought by some maritime au- sens <;i Mr. and Mrs. Patsy Sparno, • justers were already on the ground thoriiies that she may be h*ld by j C.rcen Island. \ and were going ahead with their ice in the Gulf Of St. Law Pierce took occasion to state; week ago, eoal laden for this port. :thing of the insurance situa- j Inquiries at various places on the

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