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Road Routes For Future Kvervthing from \'blue sky\ ideas to a \do nothing\ alternative are in the more than 2 0 transportation proposals developed bv the state's studv on Kastern ()non daga traffic I n for m a 11 on on the proposals will be distributed this week and will be available Thursday November H when there will be a public meeting at Wellwood Middle Schools in Fayetteville A table with in formation will be available an hour before the start of the meeting The alternatives are all based on what studies show w ill be needed to accommodate traffu expected in 200\) , not necessarily what is possible to build. according to m formation consultants The meeting next week will be to sample community reac­ tion to the suggestions t\ determine which ones deserve more evaluation and study One solution identified by planners is an \arterial\ route that would be at grade with controlled intersections rather than expansion of the limited access road such as Rt. 690 or Rt. 481. This route could be created by increasing the width of existing roads, such as Rt 290, Rt .\> or Rt. 92, or created on an entirely new location in the vicinity The new routes would be aimed at reducing traffic through Lyndon (already over­ loaded at peak hours) reducing traffic through villages, reduc ing accidents and reducing energy consumption However, Ann Ketter who is coordinating the study locally , said careful consideration must given to the community's reception to these ideas \Solutions such as widening a road may look allright on paper, but not when you get to the actual location.\ she em phasized In addition to the highway alternatives, the study also c onsiders the cost benefit ratio of public transportation such as an express bus operating on an exclusive right of way. On the 22alternatives listed only about six will be chosen for further study The data collected during the past year has led planners to conclude that highways east of the Green I^akes-Duguid Rd axis are adequate for traffic ex pected up to the year 200fS Although the study focused in detail on the east-west traf fie carried by Rt. 5, Rt. 290 and The new section of Rt. 481. seen here from the southbound lane, is expected to be open for traffic sometime during the first two weeks of November. The new section, which runs from Jamesville to the south side of Syracuse, is expected to reduce the amount of traffic on Rt. 173. Rt 17 \, statistics collected showed that north south routes such as Uuguid Rd , Rt 2.Y7 and Woodchuck Hill Rd would feel Ike impact of in creased traffic if there was im provement of any east west route The studv identified several intersections and mute* that are overloaded at peak hours but in several cases such Rt H2 in Manhus. traffic w.i- able to move free I v during non peak hours Non-rush hour travel iden titled as representing percent of the daily trips is e\ pe< ted to be ( ongestion free t«>r the torsee.ible future, the - t udv i i>nc Itides County, Town Decisions Tuesday biyeen FoT Everyone By Sipkhari Dugan Wonder shone in the eyes and wu reflected in the faces of over 100 delighted children at the \Journey in Time\ Halloween party October 27 at the First Baptist Church in Manlius. This was the fourth year for the party, given by Young Adults International, ac­ cording to Bob Holtz, one of the organizers of the party. \One of our members went to Bogata once,\ Mr. Holtz said in order to explain the title of the group. Previous parties have taken the children into outer space and under the ocean, ac­ cording to Mr. Holtz. \It's a creative alternative to witches and goblins,\ he commented. \We get alot of satisfaction out of electronic gizmos; party given by Young Adults : r gDmps« of Iff* among tha they're big- toys,\ Mr Holtz added These \electronic gizmos\ which make the yearly partv so different from other Halloween parties also take more work to put together Members of the organization began putting together the \time machine\ m July and were still working on it a few minutes before show time Initially, the parties began as a service to local churches but have expanded to include any local children between four and 12. The time machine itself was a 20 minute show with three skits depicting life among the cavemen, during the 1950s and in the future. The machine in eluded a huge digital clock that counted the years. Sound devices and visual effects were also included. The \Journey in Time - ' party also included movies, costume judging, games and refreshments. Most of the plans for the time machine were formulated in a local reitaurant where Members of Young Adults International meet every Fri­ day.'; evening after playing voBeyball at the Baptist CHarch, according to Mr. Holtz. About 40 people come to the Friday night gatherings. \The average age is 25, but the range is 14 through 35,\ Mr. Holtz commented. The group is loosely organised and \the ma­ jor thread ii born-again Chris­ tianity,\ Mr. Holtz said. With this year's Halloween season quickly drawing to a close, the group will soon begin on plans for next y Almost :U ).()00 persons are eligible to vote in thus year's elections where attention is focussed on \ToTjnty and town contests Late registration figures compiled on Friday, showed 14,014 registered voters in Manlius, 13,525 in DeWitt and 2,207 in Pompey. Polls will be open from 6 a.m. to 9 p.m. Tuesday November 6. Local election results will be available in next week's newspaper. The first office on the ballot for supreme court judge is one that has had little publicity. David N Hurd of Rome. a Democrat, is running against John P Baho of New Hartford. the Republican Conservative candidate. Interest in this vear 's campaign h a s been focussed on the race for county executive, pitting in cumbent John H. Mulroy, a Republican. against Thumiis Young a I )em< K r.i t Next across the machine are the county offices of dia trict attorney and comptroller, followed bv the county legislator slot ~ Town candidates begin with the supervisor, town clerk, town justice, and councilmen, and highwa\ superintendent. In Pompey, where asses sors are still elected, there are four year and two year terms at stake.. In Manlius,ijie question of using federal funds for purchase of town park land has drawn rising interest in the past week. A second proposal to allow \games of chance\ events for non profit organizations such as parochial schools and firemen has been placed on the ballot by those interested in fund raising DeWitt and Pompey ballots are without local is­ sues

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