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Helping You Beat The Cold When Old Man Wmter rips his way through Central New York, even the hardiest cold climate residents take certain precautions against the on­ slaught of the blustery winds, driving snows and frigid temperatures of the days ahead Just in case you haven't as yet ton tern plated any winter survival methods, some local residents offered helpful suggestions to aid you through the cold, hard battle Betty Shedlock of Pompey recommends fleeing to the sun-dren- i hed beaches of Florida but seriously adds, \our fireplace is going all the time and I wear a sweater \ There's a lot of comfort riding in the car with the heat turned up high,\ says Peter Rowlingson who resorts to the warmth of his automobile's heater as he battles all kinds of weather while supervising deliveries for this newspaper. DeWitt Town Clerk Marion Dean and her family keep warm by \cutting collecting, hauling and burning\ wood in their stove This will be their second winter with the stove which also keeps up their hot water supply A four-year Syracuse survivor and former Buffalo resident braves the cold with \fuzzy footy pajamas and lots of gut-warming spirits.\ Susan Rainbow of the Manhus police department reminds UH that keeping our heat low not only saves energy but is also healthier Officer Allen Seeley, also of the Manhus police, recommends using \lots of wood,\ while officer Joe DiPeter's advice is to \dress ap­ propriately for skiing and wear long underwear \ Keith Morgan, Manhus supervisor, suggests \drive as little as possible to save fuel, walk for your health, and keep your home just warm enough so the pipes don't freeze \ But a life long Manhus farmer summed it all up when he looked at his wood lot on the horizon and said \Spr ing always comes \ ?Eagle ~i8uUettn Wednesday October 17, 1979 Vol. 90 17 No 42 • •• • • 30C Copy SPORTS PdGeS 18 TO Q1 fOOTMLL 90COSR, Tennis m> SWIMMING Protest More Houses Residents of Glencliff Rd in the Village of Manhus are preparing to oppose further development at the end of their road The plans for about 162 family units is titled Ridge Run Development The petitions in opposition will be presented to the Manlius Village Planning Board at its October 22 meeting. Developers are Robert Ball way and Joseph Cicci. who filed the State En vironmental Quality Review (SEQR) report with Manlius Village Board October 1 Their proposal calls for a total of 162 single family units on 71 acres beyond the present end of Glencliff Rd Theprojeet would be constructed in a series of eight phases with final completion set for 1 989 The first phase calls for build ing 17 single family units, in the vicinity of the stream The developers have already deeded 13 acres of land to the Village for construction of a dam to control excess water flow. This 1.1 acres are in eluded in the 71 acre total for compliance with density re quirements, according to Village Trustee Tom Sails burv Due to a glacial sinkhole in one section of the acreage, the developers will ask for zoning variances in that area to preserve as much of the natural environment as pos sible Part of this section will be used as a park for residents of the development. PROPOSED * DEVELOPMENT /// ANLIUS Smelly Problem The sewer problem on Euclid Dr. \has been pretty costly to the neighborhood,\ Frank Welch. 109 Kuchd Dr , told the ravetteville trustees Monday Mr Welch claimed the laterals on the north side of the street from the houses to the •-ewer line are at an eighth of .in inch pitch per foot instead i >f a quarter inch \There was a very serious engineering error w hen the sewers were put in 10 vears ago.\ Mr Welch main tamed To develop a solution to the problem, \we'll have to go back t<> O'Brien and Gere,\ Mayor Russell Parnell said, referring to the firm that handled the sewer project The Board will request representatives of the firm t«> attend the next village hoard meeting, with copies of the ^ewer plans and the contracts Sign Pact A contract for $A:>M tt>* has been signed with < '.m.istnta < ontractors to build Fayetteville's new pubh( works garage on North Manhus St. just bevond the village limits The contract includes an ad ditional $4,000 over the bid amount that the contractors sought because of 'rising costs \ The contractors said they are willing to absorb any extra cost* over the $4,000 This area off of Glencliff Rd. will fill up with houses over the next several years if the Ridge Run development planned by Robert Ballway and Joseph Cicci is approved by Manlius Village officials. More Traffic Woe? Firman rate* a laddtr tO0«t the chimney at tha Ebaria ceuead amoke and watar on the roof as thay race toaxtingutah ftreiothe weU near moa in-Eagto :Y »aoa w Tha plaza about 2 p.m. Monday Traffic was the topic October 9 when the Manlius Village Board held a public hearing concerning the impact a McDonald's restaurant op­ posite the Swan Pond would have on Fayette St. traffic. Because- several residents asked the Board for more time to study the reports discussed at the hearing, the hearing has been continued until 8 p.m. Oc­ tober 23. The reports are available for Btudy at the Village Clerk's office. According to Richard Schechter, McDonald's at­ torney, the Village can only deny McDonald's request for a special permit if it is proven the restaurant would have a more detrimental effect on traffic than woo Id another commercial usage. 'The proposed use is a good one. It will not have an ap­ preciable traffic impact,'' commented James Napoleon, Syracuse city traffic engineer who conducted si' traffic study in Manlius for McDonald 's. Mr. Napoleon cited what he called the 'excellentdesign\ of the proposed McDonald 's driveway. He also noted the low accident rate in this area after reviewing accident statis­ tics for. nearby intersections. However, the statistics used by McDonald's were termed \outdated and irrelevant\ by William Morris, North St., who questioned the accident figures, pointing out that most of them were from 1971-2. Mr. Morris noted that since than the number of homes and commercial basin esses have increased and said it was an \extreme hazard\ getting out of Manlius Mart at the present time.

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