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Norwood news. (Norwood, N.Y.) 1878-1941, September 24, 1919, Image 8

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V I C«tf ft >V ^^^^•^-^ ^ ''; •' WEDNEv Wl ' =—_*==- j •-4. Entered f ,J Etit the post oth u i ^ta March 19 1 j ^ THE NOKWOOD NEWS, NOKWOOD, NEW YORK, SEPT. 24, 1919 IVRXS RENEW WAR UPON ARMENIANS Very Existnce of Nation Is in Im- minent Danger, Says Appeal . to America. - Norwood > Single cop •';•• Foreign su ( t • •'•.. No'rvyiroa • $'2.00i in a 10,000'U, S. TROOPS ASKED. ;ot$ ; ' A hoe 1 * liti^.' w eds a* Nbr-N. • 00, h If thei I ___!-> *.ng, lef ' lent je id qpi ctor k •- .;40tll I 3hi v .V,S tlj t ' New York.—The\ Turks have resinn- ed their .attacks .upon the Armenians, and the very existence of the nation is in danger, according to a .cable message received by tlie American committee for' the independence of Armenia and made public here. The lui'.ssajj'e was SPIII liy' flie Paris repre- senative of the Armenian republic, transmitting in formation, received from (lis government. Forces'of Turks, Tartars and Kurds are surrounding Armenia, the message *ays, and the Armenian soldiers have yeen compelled to surrender one bor- der province after a hard struggle.? An urgent appeal is made for 10,000 American soldiers and the necessary equipment for 30,000 Armenians. /Mustapha Kemal, who was arrested ,ast January and charged with being responsible for' massacres of Greeks in Asia Minor,- is at the head of the Turkish forces. The message said: \Telegram from Armenian gbvern- ment states that Turkish-Tartar threat against Armenia is under way of re- alization. Mustapha Rental's regular troops, assisted by Turkish-Tartar yands and Kurdish crews, have started surrounding the Armenian republic. i » o^ '/here j is \shin 1 t net,;. -jer.%ith ' ;iy a X th< a dle. , s\ ot ' Som .Fash-ums (1 j clia 0 ened -•S* It i' 3ft but n ; for m \Wio tn.t Th' \ «',-furs covei It t • fixed 'a Ui ^ it. '.SOI *' ( AS othr ,j . sens, •A tra * _L *& ' f the i gr *** go tl< ' * 1 •'< # .- w •' si t % 'i, £ f Fresh Carload of Horses • September 25. Co'me early as our. last load went rapidly. Carload Buggies Saturday We can save you 20% if you buy from load—©ttHast of the season. We have steel and rubber tired jobs. Star Barn Equipment . Have taken on this line of barn equipment' and are prepared to make estimates. Write us for.prices. « Syracuse, Ward and Curtis Plows. Having purchased the output of the Curtis Plow Works -we are prepared to name the lowest prices on plows and give the best service. See us for plows and repairs. Belting Best grade 5 ply, 6 inch, 65c. per foot Best grade 5 ply, 4 inch, 35c. per foot 1920 Maxwells Ready to deliver. A truly new model—76 improvements .—Three -3-ye-ar-old heifers, -extra nice, blarlra'nd $75.00 each. H. M. : Norwood and Winthrop, N. Y< \Our troops woro forced to abandon Nalch-Itchevan province (southeast of Erivan) after a hard struggle on ac- count lack of munitions and owing to jienemy superior forces. Population this province recently returned to its 'homesteads now at mercy of invaders. Two divisions Xii Mustapha Kemal at- tacking Sari-Tiamisch and Kaghisman, Tartar and Kurdish bands attacked Koulp, which was exaeuated by Armen- ian forces, retiring oh Igdir, which also now threatened. •\Owing to- advance Turkish forces population of Kars , district, together with refugees-living th°re, escaped jta- ward Erivan. Occupation of all this district by Turks Imminent:'' '• \Our numerous, steps with the con-' ference have remained fruitless. • We now, ask your committee to appeal' 'to the great and noble American'people and. government so that everything possible be done to assist us at once. Urgent that 10,000 soldiers be sent im- mediately with necessary equipment for organization of Armenian army of 30,000. If acted upon at once sit- uation can be saved. Very existence' and future of Armenian people depend upon your answer. We await most impatiently-!' Agreement Reached to Send 10,000 French Troops Into Armenia. Paris.—Ten thousand French troops are to be sent into Armenia, through Mersina and A'exaridretta, according to an understanding reached by the British and French for a realignment of their forces in Asia Minor. These troops will replace the British troops for the m.ost part and while the mim- her is not large enough to keep up a line of communications far north into Armenia, it is generally .agreed that the French will have a steadying effect on the Armenian situation, even if they do riot proceed, far north of Murdin (Mardln?) and the line of the Bagdad railway. UUHDQ IH II § .JBHIHIH I I'Miiiliituiurairai\''''! ,«.,«, —«« — «———— -~--~---~m*»*r- - 4-'4 i * +'+ +*+++#+*+ +-+ *• AMERICAN DOLLAR WORLD'S COIN UNIT. Paris.—\The dollar probably will be worth ten francs short-, ly,\ says the Agence Econo- migue et Financiers, a leading Paris financial organ. \The dollar Is rapidly becom- ing the _jmonetajry_. unit... of-i.the--*K wo'rid. It already has usurped •*• the place of the'pound sterling, * which no longer is the interna- + tional monetary standard.\ •*• t + 1' + vT+v'!- , !\i' , i\! ,, !\}T + Absolute Limit. \A man. ain't renched'-de full human Capacity foh laziness,\ said Uncle Eben, \until he gits too lazy even to Invent excuses fob it.\ American Help Wanted ' .1 , :, „„i..n iin.iiiniintiwmii'mmiitnnmtt:. „, B „,J*»««»«—^ I 1 Girls and Women TO DO Hand sewing and Sewing Machine Operating ON Men's and Young Men's Clothing SHORT WORKING HOURS SATURDAY HALF HOLIDAY Experience not necessary. We teach you and pay you-good wages while learning. Our day- light shops are modern in every way. Work is clean, pleasant and interesting. Apply hy Letter or at — ~— v_ Kincaid & Kimball, Inc. FAMOUS FOR FINE TAILORING Formerly Brandegee, Kincaid & Co. 330 Main Street Opposite Union Station, UTICA, N. Y. l , ;< '* American Girl$ and Women as Hand Sewers or jewing Machine Operators on Men's Clothing High Wages Short Hours Saturday Half Holiday Steady Employment Experience is not required. Good wages paid While learning, and fine chance for ad- vancement. \ Fhvestigate this opportunity to obtain clean pleasant, healthful and interesting employment under good working oon- dit ons and-among agreeable companions. This pleasant, steady employment at high wages and short hours in a big city affords many opportunities ,* for recreation, for entertainment, for education'and for saving. . 1 A fine public library and night schools offer chances' to read and learn. Parks, theatres'and the best of .moving picture houses offer variety of pleasures, Fine Trust Companies!, Sav- ings Banks, and Building Loans Companies inyite yoa to save a part of this high wage for ,a rainy day,' '', Write or Call for Particulars ? • ' .\'•'' Roberts -Wieto Company 16-20 Catherine Street SftjCkSy #*'.YV: NOTICE. At the biennial town meeting to be held Tuesday, November 4, 1919, in and for.the,^&wn of Potsdam, N. Y., the following, questions will be sub- mitted to the tax payers of said town to be voted on by ballot: QUESTION NO 1 • Shall the sum of $S,„O06 a year for two years be raised by tax for the purpose of breaking and crushing stone and paying the' expense of operating the stone crusher in the town of Pots- dam, N. Y. - QUESTION NO 2 Shall the sum of $1,500 a year for two years be raised by tax for the purpose of repairs and supplies of stone crusher and other road machinery in the town of Potsdam, N. Y. QUESTION NO\. 3 Shall the sum of $1,000 a year for two years be raised by tax for the purpose of removing obstructions caus- ed by snow in the town of Potsdam N. Y. . QUESTION NO. 4 Shall the sum > of $100 a year for two years be raised by tax for benefit of Marsh Post G. A. R. in the town of Potsdam, N. Y. QUESTION NO 5 Shall the sum of $50 a year for two years be raised by. tax for benefit of Priest Post G. A. R. in. the town of Potsdam,. N. Y. QUESTION NO. 6 Shall the stim of $1,000 a year for two years be raised' by tax for the purpose of installing a steam heating plant in the town hall in the town of Potsdam, N. Y; . QUESTION NO. 7 Shall' the sum of $3,500 for one year or so much thereof as may be necessary, be raised by '•tax for-the purpose of purchasing a gasoline truck to.be used for highway purposes in the town of Potsdam, N. Y,. Fred E. Baufti, Town Clerk. PLAN WESTPHAMAN REVOi-T. Reported Wfbvernent to Be Lfed by „ Bolshevists Pfdm Russia, . AmSterdpri. -~l'be'\ Cotofiiunists of Westphalia,; the Prussian, province ly- lnf between.Httnover and the #hine regfoiv AH planning, a reyplutioii for this anfuita MM$t the leadership t>£ jrijis^ion>B'oisMy|jfii Jied <jdmpnhies J :n'#:'Are 4Wtit% fI»enTi8elv<es ^'<jr<SHy ;. ^<j :*?&«$- jfeip. t% mimeW Will b<T' 'pyeft,. b* wkinmH-'aixtM-i general' : :fl^pf|4»;; ;...;!; '••,''' i( .-V\'- • , \- - mmmmmnt Sensible Si • ' at ;': Sensible Prices A SUIT or over- , coatwhosetrim,; : neat. lines drapey • •';•• your figure witii? ; grace and distinc- tion, and is sold at rnoderatecost, isthe v . noblest. handiwork 0 the tailoring handicraft. That ? s the k ofl&nroeGothes,; alii ideal realized, as alookataMonroe; Stilt ; and its'price- rxiaii: at once •youV'-\-. ..give • Ne^'l'otksi s^$at|ls;best^ give -it td you at j pftel&uile^u^ed^r MOlhe^ of si -*\?•»' ^****«iMtiuJ^^

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